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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Myth and Mountain Birthdays (Repost)

US-ENTERTAINMENT-GOLDEN-GLOBE-ARRIVALSMy birthday was always the coldest day of the year. If not literally true, it was family legend, and everyone knows that myth is much stronger than meteorology, even in the north country, where the snow lies deep on the mountaintops, and houses are built to keep the heat in, not out.

So begins my essay from 1999, "Myth and Mountain Birthdays."
(Reposted on January 11, my 62nd birthday.)

Golden Globes on January 10

The Outlander TV series was nominated for three Golden Globe awards! I attended the awards ceremony on January 10 and other Hollywood festivities with Ron, Maril, and the cast and crew. Check out my blog from January 10, written before the show!

At the Golden Globes on January 10 in the image at right. (Getty)

Golden Globes! Roger Wakefield!

The Outlander TV series was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards in mid-December! Plus the "Roger Watch" is over! Which actor was chosen? Click here for more information about these news items and others on Diana’s TV series news page.

Read Samples of Book Nine!

Click here to read "Cousin Amaranthus," an excerpt of Book Nine in the OUTLANDER series of novels, which I am working on now! Note that excerpts do contain SPOILERS…

To read more excerpts and other information, check out my Book Nine webpage:


(On my Facebook page and in Twitter posts, these excerpts are also called "Daily Lines.") Enjoy!

Autographed Items For The Holidays!

bearsLooking for a special holiday gift, or treat for yourself? Consider a new OUTLANDER "Jamie" or "Claire" Bear from the Poisoned Pen bookstore, which includes a heart-shaped tag signed by author Diana Gabaldon ("pawtographed!"). Also available are OUTLANDER toy figures by Funko with a signed tag, as well as autographed books by Diana. World shipping is available.

Click here for more information on signed merchandise and books from the Pen.

OC II and OUTLANDER Coloring Book

2015-02-25-CompanionII-coverTwo new Outlandish books were released on Tuesday, October 27, in the U.S.A., Canada, and other publishing areas:

THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOLUME TWO (aka "OC II") is the second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, VOLUME ONE. This new book is a reader’s guide to the second eight major novels in the OUTLANDER series: THE FIERY CROSS, A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, AN ECHO IN THE BONE, and WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. More information including purchasing links for OC II.

cover-lgTHE OFFICIAL OUTLANDER COLORING BOOK features beautiful scenes from OUTLANDER, my first book, as interpreted by talented artists. (Note that this coloring book does not have scenes inspired by the Starz OUTLANDER TV series.) More information about the coloring book including purchasing links.

Click here to replay an interview with me from October 11 which discusses these new books.

To obtain a copy of either book, please use the purchasing links provided in these pages or look for these books at your local bookstore. I hope you enjoy them!

If you would like to purchase a copy signed by me, they are available, as always, from the Poisoned Pen bookstore, listed in the purchasing links. And the Pen ships anywhere in the world.

Live outside the U.S. and Canada? Click here for general information about global publication dates.

Methadone List

Looking for something to read until Book Nine is released? Besides OC II, my suggestions of books by other authors are in my Methadone List.


claire-jamie-close2Want to read selected news items about the Outlander TV series? My Webmistress and I list selected stories about the series in my Outlander TV Series News Page. Since good articles can get lost on social media posts, this list is an ongoing compilation and record of the history of the series, and is also very useful to those who don’t use Facebook or Twitter.

No, it’s not an all-inclusive list of each and every story that has come out to date about the series. If you want that, just use your favorite search engine.

Image: Catriona Balfe (as Claire) and Sam Heughan (as Jamie) in a tender moment from the Outlander TV Series.

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When Will the Next Book Be Out?

WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, aka “MOBY,” the eighth major novel in the OUTLANDER series, was released in the U.S.A. and Canada on Tuesday, June 10, 2014. Will there be a ninth major Outlander novel? Yes…

There’s at least one more. I’ve never been willing to commit to more than one at a time, because I just don’t know — I don’t plan the books out ahead of time. So I have no idea how much ground we’ll cover in each book. But there is certainly one more book, because I wasn’t finished telling the story at the end of book eight.

Click here to read excerpts from book nine, and other information as it becomes available. Also, I post the same excerpts on Facebook and Twitter.

Do I know when Book 9 will be finished? No! I am working on it now, and my books take at least 2-3 years to research and write.

About reposting my excerpts, I’d appreciate it if you would not copy the excerpts and post them yourself all over the internet. Instead, please do pass on the links to anyone you think might be interested. Thanks!

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