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Outlander TV Series News Page

Claire-and-Frank-crop2Starz has released new images from production of the Outlander TV series, including a photo of Claire and Frank Randall (portrayed by Catriona Balfe and Tobias Menzies) set in the 1940′s (shown at right), and a tantalizing glimpse of Jamie (actor Sam Heughan) having a wound tended. Also this month, in an interview Executive Producer Ron Moore talks about adapting the OUTLANDER book into a TV series, and discusses comparisons of the new show to The Game of Thrones, and his other projects. Read these stories and more on Diana’s Outlander TV Series News Pages.

New Outlander Teaser From Starz

Starz released a new 25-second “teaser” preview of the Outlander TV series on March 20, 2014. Click here to view the Starz teaser video on YouTube.

Diana’s Cameo in the Outlander TV Series

2014-DG-stones-set-smIn early February, Diana visited the Outlander TV series production sets in Scotland to film a cameo! Several lines were written especially for her in a Gathering scene from one of the first-year episodes. (Her role is a secret!) At right, Diana poses next to a standing stones set.

Click here to read “My Brief Career As A TV Actor,” Diana’s account of filming her cameo.

View a slideshow of photos taken during Diana’s visit to Scotland and the sets for the TV series, from the Starz network. Or visit Diana’s TV series news page for information about Diana’s cameo and for links to other news stories.

2014 Appearances and MOBY Book Tour

Diana’s book tour appearances for the release of WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD in June, 2014 have been announced, as well as other events she will attend in 2014. Go to Diana’s Appearances page.

Outlander the Musical

Several years ago, a lovely man named Mike Gibb came to me in Scotland and told me that 1) he was a lyricist and playwright, with a number of musical theater productions to his credit, 2) he’d fallen in love with my novel, OUTLANDER, and 3) with his friend, composer Kevin Walsh, wanted to do a stage production of “OUTLANDER: The Musical.”   As I recall, I laughed and said, “That’s the screwiest idea I’ve heard yet–go ahead.”  So they did, and the results were stunning.
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When Will the Next Book Be Out?

I am busy working on book eight in the story of Claire and Jamie, which is titled WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. Note that as of November 15, 2013, the release date for this book in the U.S.A. has been changed to June 10, 2014. (The publication date is no longer in March, 2014.) Why the delay? Please click here for my answers.) Continue reading ›

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