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Graphic Novel Update!

Just to let y’all know that I’ve posted a sample page of the graphic novel script–so you can see what one looks like–and a page of Hoang’s layout sketches. Layout sketches are rough drawings, made so that we can be sure Hoang and I have the same vision of what the page looks like; that he has the composition and perspective I was envisioning, and whether there are any small details that I forgot to include that should be present (or that he’s added, but that oughtn’t to be there for historical or plot reasons).

Yes, that _is_ Jamie in the third panel. And yes, he is young [g]–remember, he’s only 22 here.

As always, I’m fascinated to hear what y’all think!

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  1. Janice~

    That’s actually a really good idea, the Quo Vadis thing, but I’m also content, quite so, to see Diana’s idea of Jamie. She’s gifted us with him thus far — I’ll trust her with the visual, too.


  2. Diana,

    I love the sketches, especially the one of Jamie, even if it is just a first glimpse. He looks so… I don’t know, I guess handsome is the best word for him (in Spanish “apuesto” seems to describe it better). I also loved the one of Claire, and I saw how many comments that one got. I’ve seen more of Hoang’s work, and I just think it’s incredible how he draws and paints. Fantastic! Can’t wait for more of the GN!

  3. This is completely off of the main topic….but, could someone please tell me how to subscribe to the Main Blog here, so that when a NEW one is posted from Diana I actually get a notice? I only get updates if I myself post a blog, then click on the little square that says: Email follow up comments to…
    If I don’t remember to check daily, I get so far behind, and I hate that!!! By the time I want to add a message, everyone is onto the next topic! HELP!
    Sharon ☺

  4. All the way down at the very bottom of her blog, you’ll see Post Atom. That’s an RSS feed. Click on that, and you can add the notice to your google home page or the google RSS reader. That’s the only way I know. And I use Firefox which has an RSS notifier add on so a little icon lights up every time I get a new feed.
    Every time Diana posts on her blog, you’ll get a notice that way.

  5. Thanks, Nightsmusic, I’ll try that.
    I don’t want to miss a word from Diana! :)
    AND I have noticed most of her fans are quite interesting too!


  6. Interesting is probably the polite way to describe us, what with Ode to a Penis and such….


    And you’re welcomed :D

  7. “a mere shadow, a hint of a figure, an arm, maybe.”

    Well, as is obvious from what Ms. Gabaldon has been saying, it would be a buttock. :)

  8. I checked out Hoang Nguyen’s website and he is incredible. And, I love the picture of Jamie. I realize that it needs to be fleshed in but what a great start. He looks beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your work with us. I can’t wait to see more and, now that the writer’s strike is over, anything new on the movie possibility??

  9. Hi Diana,
    Like everyone who has left a comment so far, I love the image of Jamie and the sketches you’ve shown, can’t wait to see the GN!

    Can you please refrain from going to so many engagements (I just checked your appearances on your webiste) and finish the GN and Echo quickly? Can’t wait.

  10. Love the sketches and Hoang’s website. Fascinating to see Jamie. I agree with Crissylass…less public appearances and more writing of the GN and/or Echoes or The Scottish Prisoner [g]. I just love your work. Looking forward to more sketches.

  11. I’m so excited for this! Nguyen’s art looks gorgeous, and I like his Claire, she’s very captivating! But I think her personality comes out when she’s speaking, or gesturing or something [g]. Also, Jamie is making me drool, even as a rough sketch. I don’t know if my heart can take Full-Color-Jamie. I might die, but of happiness, so that’s alright at least. I think this might be better than a movie for the sake of a visual, since you have input and can really get your characters across in the way you see them.

    This is going to be a long, long year, isn’t it? Oh dear. At least I have something to (re)read while I’m waiting!

  12. I’m just tickled that we get a “behind the scenes” peek at the graphic novel. Thank you. :)

  13. Thanks for taking us along for the ride! This is just so neat to see how the process works, and the fun of it all when it’s completed. I can’t wait!

  14. Thanks for taking us along for the ride! This is just so neat to see how the process works, and the fun of it all when it’s completed. I can’t wait!

  15. Diana,

    I love love love the sketches. Jamie is everything I thought he would be and more! Also I dont think you could have found a more capable artist… its so exciting

  16. I love the sketches so far but think Claire should have much more curlier hair.

  17. i really liked the sketches. i love horses and black & white. one of my favorite pastimes nowadays is casting for an imaginary Outlander movie. it’s fun, especially now that i’ve been going through my first Outlander reread (the Cross Stitch version), try and see the scenes with the faces of my cast. i was a little worried with Claire’s picture, that she might end up looking like an anime character. about Jamie, he still seems to be faint in the drawing, not completely incarnated. i can’t see where’s it’s going yet. i just imagined that his hair was shorter. if i’m not mistaken his hair is not that long; at the beginning of Outlander Jamie had shortly arrived from France, the Abbey, here he stayed for four months recovering from Dougal’s attack, and i imagined that the monks had shaved his hair to look after the injure… i may be wrong, i’ll find out soon as i go on rereading :)

  18. Diana,

    My God, they’re gorgeous. Jamie looks great: young and studly and striking. (I’m fine with 22 since I started reading your books when I was just under that age myself.) Love your dialogue and Hoang’s art is perfection.


    PS. The Last of the Mohicans is my favorite film — excellent choice of hair model with Madeleine Stowe.

  19. I know this posting was a while back, forgive me for neglecting to visit for such a long while. I love, no, adore the “S K E T C H” of Jamie. It’s perfect, in every way. An artist myself, I have tried on several occasions to put his face to paper. This is so very close to what I had come up with. He is perfect however because Herself had input on the drawings. I love him. Not too young. Not at all. He is perfect! Nicely done!

  20. Diana:

    I must say that I love the idea of a graphic novel.

    I have to agree with Midge, that the sketches are WONDERFUL!!! Jamie is just as I pictured him, amazing and beautiful. The only thought that I have on the picture of Claire, is I guess I assumed her hair would be curlier? No matter, he has captured her beauty and is breath taking. I CAN NOT wait to see a portrait of them together. It is most exciting to see them come to life.

    Also I read on one of the posts that there is a movie in the making?? Just curious if this is true or false info. I am crossing my fingers that it is true (though casting will be very difficult no doubt)I only say that because, you have painted them already in my mind a set picture of rare beauty, which will be hard to follow.


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