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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


And the next up, in the line-up of what I’m working on–

GRAPHIC NOVEL (so far untitled)

a graphic novel, for them as don’t know, is a sophisticated comic book for adults. (And I do, of course, delight in my Very Sophisticated Readers.) [g] Ballantine, the publisher for this, asked me for a “new” Jamie and Claire story, set in the OUTLANDER universe—but not necessarily just a straightforward adaptation of OUTLANDER. So that’s what they (and you) are getting: a story that sort of cuts at an angle through OUTLANDER. This story is told from Murtagh’s point of view, and begins somewhat before the events described in OUTLANDER (the non-graphic novel).

Since the story isn’t told from Claire’s point of view, we see things that Claire didn’t see, or saw but misinterpreted or didn’t understand. The effect is that there is a new storyline, that weaves through the established events of OUTLANDER. If you’ve read the novel, you’ll recognize the significant events—but you’ll also get a new storyline.

Now, graphic novels being a good deal shorter than novels in term of material, this graphic novel doesn’t encompass the entire original novel. IF it happens to do well, then I imagine there would be further graphic novels that augment the original novels and their storylines. To say nothing of the cool artwork. [g]

Now, a graphic novel is a collaborative effort. I write the script (which involves usually detailed direction as to what happens in each panel of the story), but this is then brought to life by the spectacular Hoang Nguyen, the artist who’s doing the visual part of this project. (You can see some of Hoang’s work at www.liquidbrush.com – fabulous!)

I don’t know whether I can cut-and-paste a page from the graphic novel script here, so you can see what it looks like. If not, you’ll have to wait a bit for us to get it up on the website. There is one sample page up there now, as well as Hoang’s original take (his very first try, and it came pretty close!) on Claire. As we go on, I’ll be able to post more artiwork now and then, perhaps showing you the evolution of a page from script to pencil-sketch to painting to refined, finished panel art.


We (the publisher, the artist, and me) are hoping to have this ready to be released in July of 2009. We’d like to unveil it at the Comics Con convention, with both me and Hoang present to sign copies. I don’t have a date for Comics Con yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s around mid-July.

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  1. Diana:

    Are you referring to Comic Con is San Diego? If so, that’s one crazy big convention! And it’s only 1 1/2 hours from my house!!! I’l see you there (with a hell of a lot of other people.)


  2. Dear Midge–

    That’s the one!

  3. Yipee!!

    Now I just have to work on losing my FWA.


  4. Well, I am not one really for graphic novels, but this one sounds really interesting!!! I think it is neat to have it from Murtagh’s point of view! I am curious about what will happen. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Hello Diana,

    While I was never a big comic book reader as a kid, I would love to peruse your graphic novel. I would hope (and I don’t know if this is a consideration) that anyone who enjoys the graphic novel form of the work might want to read the full-length version of “Outlander.”

    No Comic Con in New York next year.

  6. Diana,
    THANK YOU!! Keep your work coming! I wish you were coming to Australia at some stage – I’ve lots of books for you to sign.

  7. Oh, I second that thought, ChrissyLass! I had bought Cross Stitch (aka Outlander) along with the next three books, based on a recommendation from an online friend, but not yet read them (I vaguely recall I was trying to work out which one came first, which wasn’t immediately obvious from the covers) and later discovered that not only had our Illustrious Author been in Melbourne, but had even been signing books at my local bookstore, only a week before!
    Then I missed her next visit to Oz, as I just couldn’t get away from prior committments that day either :-(
    However, if it’s a choice between having Diana working on a shortly-to-be-published work and taking time off to visit us in Australia, I know which one I’d prefer!
    Jen in Sunny ;-) Melbourne.

  8. That’s so true Jenereight. Yes I want Diana to concentrate on putting out the next book. But I do envy our American counterparts on having lots of opportunities to meet her.

  9. Dear Ozites [g]–

    Actually, the new UK publisher asked me (during a dinner in London earlier this year) if I’d be willing to go Down Under for the new book–so it’s entirely possible that I’ll be in Australia and New Zealand next year for ECHO (if they don’t decide that fuel prices are too hideous by then).

  10. ooh goodie! Even more to look forward to!
    And for the record, I like Glinda’s line from “Wicked” – “Fellow Ozians… let’s Celebrate!”

  11. Oh, I can drum up a big local audience in Auckland, NZ if the publishers see fit to add us in the itnerary! I too missed you last visit and have kicked myself ever since….

  12. The Comic Con will be running from July 24 – 27 in 2009 (it’s always Thursday through Sunday) and I will gladly pay an arm and both legs if it means we’ll get to see you and the graphic novel there! I’m only half joking about putting the limbs up for ransom – the Con has gotten to be hugely popular with the Hollywood crowd and SD downtown hotel rates typically double or even triple the week of the Con, so if you know people in San Diego, start hinting that you may need a place to sleep!

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