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So….you really want to know what I think Jamie looks like, do you? [g]

Well, Hoang has been doing wonderful stuff on the artwork for the graphic novel; amazing action, terrific characters, beautiful color and composition—just marvelous. And I love what he’s done with Claire ( yes, her hair is somewhat wilder where it ought to be—as when freshly emergent from a gorse bush—but certainly not ringlets, good grief), Murtagh, Dougal, Jack Randall….

Now, Jamie has been a little more problematic, simply because everyone has such a well-defined (if not well-articulated) notion of what he looks like. The descriptions of him are more detailed than those of other characters in the books, because we’re looking at him through Claire’s eyes, and she’s paying close attention. [g] But to take those details and come up with a gestalt that embodies the whole…harder to do.

The consequence of this has been that Hoang’s been working with Jamie in different aspects, looking for a good “look” for him that can be used throughout the graphic novel.
And the poor artist, of course, has little to go on other than my rather fumbling feedback—”Well, this one is pretty good, but the jaw is too heavy…. that one’s nice, too, but he seems kind of thuggish…and that one’s a little too soft, too young-looking, but the hair’s great!” sort of thing.

Well, in the preliminary shufflings to and fro, I’d collected a few photos of assorted actors and models who had slanted eyes of an appropriate sort—and many thanks to all the kind people who sent me their favorites (and isn’t it a good thing for the men of the world that women have such diverse tastes…)—which I’d sent on to Hoang to add to his mental compost pile.

Among these was a photo of Gabriel Aubrey, and I’d mentioned in re this photo that Mr. A. did in fact have a strong resemblance to Mr. Fraser, in terms of facial physiognomy. So yesterday, an enterprising person named Grace who inhabits one of the “Outlander” discussion boards evidently came across my idle remarks and decided to see if she could make something of them. So she dragged Mr. Aubrey into her PhotoShop for a little revision, and….


(sorry; I tried to make a link for this, but it wouldn’t show up in the post, don’t know why. You’ll have to cut and paste the URL, unless somebody else can fix it for me.)

OK. Yeah. That’s very much what he looks like. In case you were wondering. [g]

[I’ll venture out on a limb and make a small prediction here: to wit, that half the comments made here will be along the lines of, “Well, that’s not what I thought he looked like! I thought he looked like Josh Holloway/Sean Bean/David Cassidy/etc.!” [wry g] To each her own, as I said. But do remember that I can see him.]

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  1. This is actor Jason Lewis he is my idea of what Jamie should look like!!! His nose may be a little short, but he’s very cute!



  2. It’s soo close to how I picture Jamie but if only he looked a tad more…scottish/viking.

  3. Spot on. Wow!

    I get so frustrated by the people who *insist* upon Gerard Butler. He is, without a doubt, one helluva delicious Scot, but a Jamie he is not.

  4. I’m with you, mamaraven. I’ve never understood why so many people see him as Jamie. In my mind, Gerard Butler’s all wrong in so many ways, but I guess each to her own.

  5. I just love old movies, not fond of celebs today, and I’m beginning to see Jamie more as a flaming-haired, Scots-accented Errol Flynn.
    Haha. It’s that hint of humor Jamie seems to have about most everything.

    I think if everyone else from that time looks older than they are, then Jamie should too. He’s seen a lot of life at his age.

    Wow, if these were my books and characters, Diana, I would feel so happy that so many people have their own personal images of the characters and they feel pretty strongly about it. That is fabulous, and also ‘my’ dream.
    Kudos to you!

  6. Dear Renee–

    Oh, believe me–I’m delighted! [g] A trifle flabbergasted now and then…but certainly delighted.

  7. Oh that’s verra nice. Heart tingling, too.

  8. He is wonderful. I can completely see this face. I closed my eyes and imagined him in several scenes throughout the books and he is wonderful! I love this. It completed the working image I have had in my head for years.

  9. Such good taste in men you have! I’m going to have to swap the head on the “Outlander-The Movie” poster I did! :-)

  10. Such good taste in men you have! I’m going to have to swap the head on the “Outlander-The Movie” poster I did! :-)

  11. I love it! Just right!

  12. As a mother of five boys, who keep reminding me, “I’m not a girl, I’m a mom,” I have not looked at many of the GQ type men I looked at as a teenager. With that said, “Wow! Gabriel Aubry IS beautiful! And just what I imagined Jamie would look like.” I still think Gerard Butler is a fantastic choice to portray Jamie, since he can act, but I’d give Gabriel a shot at anything he wanted! Thanks Amie and Max! And, of course, thanks Diana for continuing your blog…I look forward to each entry!

  13. I’ve loved your books so much that I convinced my husband to go on a self-led bicycle tour in 2001 through Perthshire, Scotland, to see the countryside and visit castles.

    Recently, I’ve convinced several mommies in my support group for at-home mothers to read Outlander for our book club. That led to what I call the Outlander Cult. And I’ve been adding on to the cult daily. :D

    Love, love, LOVE your writing and imagination, Diana! Can’t wait for the next book in the Outlander series!

  14. Dear felicia–

    Thanks! Nothing like word of mouth! [g]

  15. OMG! Gorgeous fellow, but not quite what I had pictured. “My” Jamie has very broad shoulders, darker, longer hair. But, OMG Mr. A. is fantastic. But, I want to hang on to my image.

    Thank you Ms. Gabaldon for creating such wonderful characters and story line!

  16. I just showed the picture to my husband (to whom I have been telling the events of the novel to). I started by asking him if he had put any thought to what Jamie looks like. His reply was “a big red Norse”. So I showed him this rendition, which he approves, however he did say that he actor looks like Kevin Federline! No offense to Mr. Federline, but I’ll stick with Mr. A and a touch of my imagination

  17. Hi,
    I don’t know if this will interest you at all, but a group of people have started a knitting based yarn swap based on Outlander! We have started a blog at outlandishswap.blogspot.com We are doing trivia based on the book and have all picked names inspired by Scotland. Stop by and check it out if you are interested to see how you have inspired us!

  18. Dear meaghan–

    Haha! That’s great! [g]

  19. There’s a picture of Claire? Where?

  20. What a great visual! It took me a few times of looking at Mr A done up as Jamie to see him as the Jamie I have in my head, but it’s pretty close. As another person wrote, I see Jamie a bit less pretty and a bit more rugged. Still very yummy though…

    On a slight side note:
    It took my mom giving me two Outlander books before I started reading the series. Ever since then I couldn’t put them down.

    The books aren’t the best thing to read in the public buses because I kept laughing out loud and crying in turns.. I don’t care though, the books are just amazing!

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