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Quick Dog Update

For those who’ve asked after Homer and JJ, I’m pleased to report that all is well.

JJ (the idiot) ate about a quarter-pound of kapok pillow stuffing a month ago. Kapok is not the benign fluff they fill dog-toys with. Four thousand dollars and a foot of small intestine later, though, the hound is fine, and the house once more resounds to the thunder of racing dachshunds and the crash of what my son describes as “puppy-Sumo.”

(That’s JJ standing on my lap, and Homer wallowing on the floor, in our living room in Santa Fe.)

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  1. I also have two long-haired daschounds named Cinnamon Elizabeth and Nutmeg Belle. So far, they've eaten mouse poison and bags of that silicone stuff that is absorbs moisture. Two emergency vet trips later, all is fine and the vet taught me how to make little pups throw-up quickly. Heh.

  2. Lady C–

    In case I ever need to know, how _do_ you make pups throw up quickly?

  3. Diana- You get a plastic syringe and 2 or 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide (call your vet to make sure of the amount depending on the weight of your dog) and squirt it in their mouth so they swallow it. They throw up about 30 seconds to a minute later. It really does work. :}

  4. Diana – glad the pooches are fine… and a BIG thanks for always making me chuckle with your quick wit and shares… congratulations on the new book – I cannot wait to fork out my cash and get my grabby hands on it!!! Yay! You rock! (I've emailed you before and used to live in BC, I met you in White Rock for a book signing – you are a treasure!) Cheers, Sally (exclamation mark girl)

  5. Happy to know the dogs are ok. In Echo you thank all your dogs…do you really have that many dogs?

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