• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


Someone mentioned to me that ECHO is on the list of Goodreads’ candidates for Best Book of 2009. At a glance, there seem to be a _lot_ of good books listed, and I’m honored to be among them.

If you happen to feel like voting for ECHO or any of the others, the link to do so is


Merry Christmas!

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  1. Done and down to # 4. : )

  2. ECHO just hit #3, with 248 votes total. Keeping in mind that each person can only vote once, that's a pretty impressive jump in FOUR DAYS!

    I still don't understand why they don't consolidate the two ECHO listings. Having people vote separately for the UK edition (26 votes, #46 on the list last time I checked) makes no sense at all to me. Don't the people in charge realize it's the SAME book? (Evidently not.)


  3. The two listings for ECHO have now been combined into one. :-)


  4. Dear Karen and Judie–

    Great! Many thanks for taking care of that!

  5. I just voted for Echo today, too! It is still #3 on the list. Catching Fire is #2 which I recommend to my high school students, but it is certainly much lighter fare . . . The young-uns must be out for it which is good because they are reading and talking about books and will one day discover Outlander!

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