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Yes, the Green Slime _will_ have THE EXILE excerpt

Image copyright 2010 Hoang Nguyen

Just a note to answer the question about the graphic novel excerpt (I have no idea why, but the blog won’t let _me_ post comments now). Yes, the new (green) US trade paperback edition does indeed have an eight-page, full-color excerpt from THE EXILE.

THE EXILE, for anyone who wasn’t plugged in over the last six months or so, is the official title for the graphic novel based on OUTLANDER. This is being billed as “Jamie’s side of the story”–and it is that, though Jamie’s is not the only viewpoint. The bulk of the story is told from Murtagh’s viewpoint, but that’s obviously a harder sell for the poor marketing people. [g] And we do indeed get to see all the things that Claire _didn’t_ see, wasn’t privy to, or didn’t understand–which means that there’s a whole new storyline weaving through the events that you’ll recognize from OUTLANDER.

And all of it _gorgeously_ illustrated by the remarkable Hoang Nguyen.

Edited to add an image of one of the pages (now that I figured out how)–this is one of my favorite “takes” of Jamie, down in the last panel, and gives you some idea of how the dialogue is handled. (And no, Jamie doesn’t have pointed ears; his hair is just overlying the top of his ear.)

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  1. What is the release date of The Exile? Also- as I have never looked for graphic novels before, do they carry them in Borders and Barnes and Nobles or do I have to go to a more specialized store to find it?

  2. My blog is NOTHING like yours….But I soooo Pimped you out. Love Outlander and am just finishing Dragonfly in Amber. I do intend to read them all!!! Thanks so much for such a great read.

  3. When's the release date? I never buy graphic novels (DD does) but in this case, can't wait!

  4. I can't wait for Exile's release!!!
    Talk about "methadone"!

  5. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like fun! :)


  6. Arrgh…. I just ordered Echo in hardback the other day! Oh well who says you can't have two right :) Just don't tell my husband. hehehehe

  7. Amazon has the release date as September 21, 2010. YEA! :)

    The graphic novel purchasing around here is usually for the kids. But this one is going to be for Mom! Can't wait to experience Jamie's side of the story!

  8. Such incentive to buy my first graphic novel! I look forward to reading the story about the beginning of it all and can't wait to see how you tie all the pieces together in the style we've become so accustomed to.

  9. Just ordered my copy of The Exile today and will pick it up at your Kansas City event in September. :)

  10. I ordered my copy from The Poisoned Pen, can't wait!! But I will have to get the paperback edition just to complete my collection of the other books. Oh DH will be so happy! :P

  11. wow, Jamie looks gorgeous in the last picture!
    But one question…doesn't Jamie have very short hair at the point where he takes the punishment for Laoghaire? I remember that Claire met him with short hair, b/c he just came home from a monastery…
    Nonetheless, I've ordered my copy long ago and can't wait til september!!!

  12. Dear Lisa–

    His hair _is_ short here. Besides, it's had approximately four months to grow out.

  13. I've preordered The Exile and am looking forward to reading it although it will mess with my image of the physical appearance of Jamie and Claire. I already know that Claire, as depicted in The Exile doesn't have the masses of curls she has ITB's. And Jamie…all I have to do is close my eyes…no one resembles my dream Jamie…

  14. Don't wanna nitpick but wasn't Jamie's right shoulder dislocated?

    It's interesting to see Hoang's pictures (and interpretation of how women were dressed then – nice bosoms ;)

    Nevertheless I am really looking forward to the "new" story =)

  15. I'm excited to read it (if Jamie & Claire are in it, I'll read it) but I have to be honest and say I don't love the illustration. No offense meant to anyone, just mho.

  16. I'm so excited! Now to convince the hubby that I do, in fact, *need* the green version, even though I have the hardback. :D

    I love the artwork, my goodness.

  17. I adore the artwork of this upcoming book even though it may not fit 'my' inner images of Outlander. I adore the colours of Jamie's and Rupert's hair! almost got my eye poked out by the lady's boobage on the left by Calum's knee – surely thats not Letitia?

  18. I adore the artwork of this upcoming book even though it may not fit 'my' inner images of Outlander. I adore the colours of Jamie's and Rupert's hair! almost got my eye poked out by the lady's boobage on the left by Calum's knee – surely thats not Letitia?

  19. I can't BEGIN to tell you how cool I think Exile is going to be!!! It's too much!! :) And I love Murtagh….not as much as Jamie, of course! Wouldn't have been too hard of a sell for me!!

  20. Wow, this excerpt really got me! The look in Jamie's eye on the lower right? Amazing to me that that look could be captured so perfectly. PS – My husband (who wearily supports my Outlander habit) thinks it's "pretty neat that there will be an Outlander 'comic'". What's this? Common ground?! Excellent!

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