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And Now for Something Completely Different…

There doesn’t seem to be any way to include a playable mp3 file in one of these blogs, so I’m going to provide a link, here.

What is this? Well…

When I went to Edinburgh last year, I met a lovely gentleman named Mike Gibb, a lyricist/playwright, who said that he’d fallen in love with OUTLANDER, and that he and his friend, composer Kevin Walsh, would like to do a song-cycle–a musical telling of the story in the form of 14 or 15 songs. (There’s a possibility that this song-cycle might eventually be the bones of a stage production, but for now, it’s just songs.)

So this is one of the songs. I’m going to put up a full-scale announcement on my website a little later this week, describing the project, and giving the address from which those interested can order a CD of the Whole Thing, and am planning to post this particular song with the announcement, as sort of a free sample. So I thought I’d try it out on you guys, first.

(Note that the copyright to this song is mine, and I got Kevin and Mike’s permission for y’all to download–and share if you like–this song for free. Hope you enjoy it!)

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  1. Dear Diana et al,

    Kevin just sent me the final mix of 'Say The Words'…and I actually welled up!

    The ending Kevin has mixed is absolutely heartwrenching…!!

    Really cant wait to hear the rest of the mixed down tracks now!

    Roll on the 31st…!


  2. Dear Allan–

    That's one fine song. That drum! And even more heartwrenching when heard right after the "Blood of my Blood" one, which is how I've been playing it for select people.

    Question about "Say the Words," since you're here–I know little or nothing about how music recordings are put together. Did you and Ross record together on that song? Or each do multiple takes of your own lines on your own? (I know there were multiple takes of most of the music, because Kevin told me.)

    Given the content and circumstances of that song [cough], I don't know if I'd find it easier or more difficult to act/sing it with the Other Party present.

  3. P.S. Though it occurs to me belatedly that of course you'd be singing it together when doing stage performances. Is that one part of the show for the 31st?

  4. Hi Diana,

    We recorded the whole thing seperately.
    Ross had already done his part by the time I got into the studio so I just added my vocals in the gaps…
    In actual fact, I have never met (or even seen) Ross – and, as the live performance is just Sue and I, it is not outwith the realms of possibility that I never will…

    Still, if we do end up fleshing it out into a full scale production, I suspect he and I might be getting very well (and painfully) acquainted indeed…!


  5. Be an interesting experience for all concerned, I expect. [g]

    Thanks for the insight on the recording! No wonder it had an impact, to hear it all together.

  6. Allan–

    Rof,l! I've just heard "Why Did I Marry a Fraser?" I can't imagine what a job it must have been for Kevin to mix _that_ one.

  7. Diana,

    Some of the inserts in that one had to be rattled off at lightning speed just to make them fit in the gaps between the sung parts…a rather tricky exercise indeed! But fun, nonetheless!!

    Just found the promo video on YouTube…very snazzy!

    It's really starting to feel like this project has an awful lot of mileage in it…! :-D


  8. Allan–

    Oh, maaaan…you ain't seen nothin' yet. [g]

    I at least understand the lightning-speed insertion business. I've read books for Recording for the Blind for years, and when some error occurs in the recording, it has to be "read over"–or else the whole track has to be redone. (LOTS easier these days with modern recording software.)

    The thing is that I talk (and read) Rather Fast. [ahem] About twice as fast as any of the other readers (they went so far as to clock me). So if someone had left out a paragraph, a page or whatever…I got to do the re-read, hopefully picking up enough speed in the process as to cram the missing material into the available space. So you have my informed admiration!

    Been going back and forth between "Why Did I Marry a Fraser?" and "The Message" for the last hour or so, laughing insanely.

  9. Oy, Allan–

    What's your Fringe play? And how does one get tickets, just in case?

  10. Diana,

    It's called 'Desire' and is at the New Town Theatre on George St at 8pm from the 5th onwards.

    You can book tickets via the edfringe website – howevera it's a pretty big venue which we're probably fairly unlikely to sell out until we've had a few reviews/PR events so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to buy tickets on the door on the night.

    Either that, or I can simply reserve tickets personally on your behalf if that's easier…?

    Of course, if you end up being too busy (or exhausted) to attend, I'll understand completely!

    Glad 'Marry a Fraser' and 'The Message' have induced a bit of chuckling – it's always nice to have lighter moments to have a but if fun with before the darkness descends…!


  11. Dear Al–

    If you wouldn't mind reserving me two tickets, that would be great; the website declines to accept reservations for the 5th, saying that's a preview night. Can't swear we'll make it,because it's going to be One Busy Trip and Things Happen, but would like to!

    Speaking of matters theatrical, one of our Compuserve folk dug up a link to your castingcallpro files and cv. "Work nude: Only Professionally" (rof,l! OK, I know what you mean, but still. [g])

    Anyway, I mention that only because most of your sound files appear not to be working. The "Sunset Boulevard" video and the "I Am Ready" song do, but not the others. (Not just me, which might be technical incompetence or plugin incompatibility; the guy who found them couldn't get them to play either.) Thought you might want to check them.

    Meanwhile–Kevin's finished the last four songs, and says the Master CD is off to production!!

  12. P.S. We've got a working website up for the CD, at outlanderthemusical.com . It's not complete yet–Kevin's sending song snippets tomorrow, I think–but at least it's got the basics.

  13. P.P.S. I'll come get the tickets regardless.

  14. Hi Diana,

    Thanks for pointing out the issues with the files on my CCP page!
    Apparently the songs from 'Ae Fond Kiss', the Robert Burns musical I played the lead in last year, are all protected so when I uploaded them they were unplayable…

    I've removed them now and am waiting for the company to send me the files in an unprotected format.

    I had a gander at the new website and it all looks fantastic! (although maybe a teeny tiny wee mention for the performers invloved might be rather nice…) :-D

    I shall most certainly reserve you a couple of tickets but please dont worry at all if you cant make it – the tickets will just get re-released for sale on the box office 15 minutes before showtime so it really isnt any problem if you dont collect them.

    As well as my CCP page, it appears someone has also gotten hold of my Facebook account as I'm suddenly receiving friend requests from some very remote corners of the planet…! haha

    Well, I'm off to sleepsville as rehearsals for Desire get seriously intense from tomorrow morning onwards.

    Cheers again,


  15. Allan–

    Actually, I'd just asked Mike ten minutes ago if he could get a head-shot from you and from Sue–both with an eye to further website/blog-posting advert for the show in the 31st, but also for an additional page on the CD website–because yes, the performers definitely ought to get a wee bit of credit there. If you have a short bio you'd like to go with that, by all means send it along–Mike and Kevin both have my private email address–unless you'd like me to work up something from your cv page. (Won't use the professionally nude line, I promise–strong though the temptation is…)


  16. Hi Diana,

    I've just sent off my biog etc to Kevin so hopefully it'll be winging it's way towards you soon.

    I noticed there are snippets of all the songs on the website now – I wait with great intrigue to see what people think of 'Jamie' when they hear him sing after the hugely varied repsonses to him just speaking on 'Blood of my Blood'… :0)

    In unrelated news, of of the other lead vocalists on my current musical got fired today and I've inherited both his characters…no rest for the wickedly masochistic!


  17. Dear Allan–

    Great–Michelle (the website wizard) will get it from Kevin, then and give it to me in usable form for the blog; check this space!

    Congratulations on your increased workload. [g] Being lucky is even better than being good–but if you're both…!

  18. Hi Diana,

    I see my mugshot and blurb has made it on to the site now – many thanks to all those that make the webby bits work!

    I discovered today that there definitely WONT be a Royal Mile Tour on the 4th but there definitely WILL be one on the 5th (which will be the first one EVER – and will definitely be hosted by yours truly!).

    If you can make it, fantastic! If not, it's no problem at all…!

    Had a runthough of the songs for Saturday during a free 5 minutes during Desire rehearsals today – cant wait to don the Ancient Fraser tartan again!


  19. Dear Al–

    I'm hoping for video of Aberdeen! Will put up a new blogpost this evening, advertising the show (waiting to see if we get a matching mugshot for Sue; we have a bio, but no picture yet). And yes, God bless Michelle!

    There's a much better chance of my being conscious and ambulatory on the 5th, believe me. [g] Am packing raincoat and flip-flops, being all too familiar with Edinburgh in August.

  20. Hi Diana,

    Aye, Edinburgh weather is a fickle wee beastie so it is! But it's the 'Kilted' Royal Mile tour…so, whatever the weather, my lower half will be freezin anyway! :-/

    I must say, your readers are a very entertaining buch indeed…I'm getting messages, compliments and even marriage proposals from here there and everywhere! haha

    It's like I'm getting my 15 minutes of fame via internet social networking – how very post-pop-art-chic…! :0)


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