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Quick Question – 20th-Anniversary Edition

Well, it’s like this:  The new, snazzy, all-signing, all-dancing (well, singing, at least) 20th-anniversary edition of OUTLANDER will be released on July 5th.

On July 5th, I personally will be traveling from New York to Laramie, WY (which is one of those places that you can’t get there from here, so it will take all day, starting before dawn) in order to be the keynote speaker at the Sir Walter Scott Symposium held at the University of Wyoming. What with one thing and another (ThrillerFest, for one–it’s even more impossible to get _back_ from Laramie to New York, taking all night as well as part of the next day), I won’t be back in Arizona until sometime on the 10th.

Now, The Poisoned Pen bookstore has graciously offered to host an event for the launch of this book, if I’d like. The question, though, is really–would _you_ guys like this?

I’d be happy to spend an evening with you and sign your books (and perhaps read a few excerpts from the upcoming SCOTTISH PRISONER and the so-far-untitled Book Eight (I really must come up with a title one of these days), but I don’t know how much demand there might be for Diana Live {g}, given the nature of this particular book. I mean, it’s a _beautiful_ book, and stuffed full of entertaining extra material–but it’s not a brand-new novel, either.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll tell the bookstore in a couple of days.


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  1. Beautiful cover. I agree with Janice.

    May 4, 2011 • 12:31 am

    If you build it, they will come………your fans will come to listen to you read the Scottsdale phone book! If you want to do this, a crowd will gather. Wish I lived nearby; then I could lead the group.

    Thank you for the information on The Poisoned Pen. As soon as I have my paycheck in my hot little hand I will order a signed book. It will make me so very happy to have Outlander signed by you! If you are ever within a few of hours from me for a signing I most definitely would be there!

  2. First–that cover is AMAZING. I’m presuming that’s a hard cover? If so, I’m going to have to break down (poor poor pitiful me) and get it. I simply must possess it, that’s how classy I think that cover is.

    Second–Right, like no one wants to see youuuuuuu. She said, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Lady, if I had the money for the plane fair and a hotel, I’d be camped out at the bookstore’s doorstep. Hells yes, we want to see you. I’d be there to get my LJG books all signed and listen to the excerpts from ‘Scottish Prisoner.’ And listen to you talk about everything Jamie and Claire that your little heart wanted to share.

    If you build it, he will come. If you schedule it, so will we. Trust me, that is a fait accompli!

  3. Diana,

    Seeing this 20th Anniversary Edition makes me wonder . . . will there ever be a release of a complete box set, in hard cover? I know that can’t possibly happen till the series is complete (such mixed emotions just thinking about that prospect) but is it a possibility? Although, can you imagine the size of the box? They’re going to have to manufacture a small steamer trunk!

    Wishfully thinking . . .

    • Dear Megs–

      As my husband said, regarding the possibility of a boxed set: “What would they call it? ‘Gabaldon on Wheels’? ” {g}


      • Hello Diana:

        Funny you should say that…. I’ve been wanting the hardcover books for ages because my paperbacks have been thumbed through and lent out so many times I’m afraid they won’t last much longer, so I’ve been hunting around used booked stores. I’ve checked out my local used book store (which is huge and I love going there – they also sell new books) quite a few times, but they never seemed to have the hardcover copies. They do have a lovely display of all your paperbacks (new ones) just as you walk in the front door though {g}. I stopped in yesterday on my lunch hour just to have a poke round and there they were, six of the seven books in hardcover. I already have EitB so I eagerly scooped up the other five books, whilst the saleslady was looking over my shoulder. I looked up (I was kneeling on the floor) smiled at her and said “I’m just going to empty your Gabaldon shelf”. Long story short… I practically needed a shopping cart to get them to my car. I’ve put my name in for them to keep an eye out for DOA, the only one they didn’t have in hardcover. So, I’m smiling and thrilled and have given my upper arms a great workout. I’m also looking forward to the 20th Anniversary Edition of Outlander. One can never have too many copies!! If I bring it to Fergus, will you be signing books there? I’ve been checking the Fergus Highland Game website for a posting of your schedule, but it still says “please check back”. Any ideas what your schedule is for that weekend?


      • I’ve seen the hardcover versions available at Amazon, but what I am trying to find out is if the other books will also ger the Anniversary treatment. I’ve only read the first book (started in a loaned paperback and finished with buying the 20th Anniversary Edition) and am trying to decide how and when to get the next book.

      • Dear Marie–

        At the moment, they’re not planning to do the other books in an anniversary edition–though I’d really like to have that happen eventually!


  4. I first heard of your book Outlander as a cd going to Texas. I now have Jamie’s and Clair’s voice
    in my mind. I have loved all of the series, and am looking forward to the 8th book.
    May God keep blessing you in your writing

  5. I agree with some of the others…stay home and write (or travel and write) whatever works! lol

    Would adore meeting you someday….maybe when #8 comes out your publisher can send you south to your fans down in South Florida! ((Grin)) You have alot of fans down here!

    Have fun traveling…look forward to hearing about your trips!

  6. I cannot possibly make it to Arizona , dag nab it :( because I live in New York ( very very northern N.Y. ) BUT I will be ordering the new Outlander !!!!! I have All of them and they are my pride and joy. The new book will have suffice until # 8 finally arrives on the scene. My husband used to say that the series was attached to me because I carried one with me everywhere I went.


  7. Hmmm – Not a brand new novel? Surely the life of Jamie and Claire go on………… You have me worried now.

    That aside, it would be wonderful to have the entire series in a special reprint for the 20th – a collectors edition perhaps. The cover on this one is spectacular!

    You’ve given me countless hours of reading pleasure these past 20 years Diana. I thank ye. :)

    • Dear Marlene–

      {rolling eyes} If you look on the very first page of this website, you’ll see what-all I’m writing–including Book Eight!


      • DUH!!! for me……… Guess I should look at more than the blog, eh. lol I’m a happy woman again. Stop rolling those eyes Diana. :)

        HUGS to you for all the peace, tranquility and stress! (excitement in the lives of Claire & Jamie) you’ve given me. :)

        Hey, Happy Mother’s Day to you!!


  8. Count me in among the folks who’d be there if they could! Can’t wait for this edition — looks beautiful! If you felt like coming to San Francisco for a signing, I’d be first on line. Meanwhile, I’ll just hold my breath and keep looking forward to possible book signings for The Scottish Prisoner and #8! Thank you, Diana, for all you do!

  9. I can’t speak about The Poisoned Pen bookstore, but I can say that Loveland is right on the way from Denver to Laramie. You would be very welcomed at our local independent bookstore, Anthology Books. Heck, I would even drive you from DIA to Laramie and back myself.

    • Dear Larry–

      Appreciate the thought {g}, but I’ll be flying from Denver to Laramie–and coming back on the red-eye (I have to go from Laramie back to New York, to appear at ThrillerFest on the 8th and 9th), so being driven from Laramie to Denver in the middle of the night, alas!


      • Too bad you’re not staying a day in Laramie. The mountains in that area are lovely. Vedauwoo is a world class outdoor playground and a 15 minute drive from there, providing refreshing mountain air and renewed energy.

        Good luck with your trip, enjoy the view.

        Keep writing, we all love your work.

  10. I live in Kentucky, and can not attend, but, I am voting that you go Diana, for all your fans that love you! The book is beautiful, (the story inside the cover is the best!), and I want one for my collection!
    As always,
    Your Number One Fan!

  11. Oh, I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new edition! I started out with paperbacks for the first four (a late starter, I missed the earlier release dates), then switched to hardcover for the next bunch. They got too heavy to hold onto, so I got more paperbacks, which also got too heavy; they are now all on my Kindle. I have an entire bookshelf of your books, but I can always start a second shelf for the new arrivals. Since I’ve had the pleasure of being at several of your book signings in Surrey, I’d vote for you to keep on writing instead of a launch party, but really, so many people would love to celebrate with you and show you how much they appreciate your writing. Jamie and Claire’s world is just so comforting to be a part of. Thank you so much for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment your books have given me.

  12. I am planning on being there from Calgary Alberta – heck what’s a day of traveling to see you? Nothing!!! Road trip I say. Also will be trying to convince my crazy pal in Vancouver to come along – EXTRA FUN ROAD TRIP. I know you are writing Book 8 etc but I think you personally should celebrate this anniversary addition and if the Pen is doing a launch- celebrate with your fans!


  13. I would love to come from Mesa to YOU!

  14. I imagine there is always demand for Diana live. Though I also imagine you have very loyal and understanding fans who won’t hold it against you for not doing it – especially if you claim the reason to be that you’re working on future projects! I can’t make it either way, but I know that if I were in the area and knew you were going to be doing a signing and reading, I’d be there!

    When I was a little girl I remember my mom reading these books and she must have told me at some point in time that they were about Scotland and that I’d love reading them when I was older. I just stared at them all my years growing up thinking about the point in time when I would read them – always with Scotland on the brain (I have an obsession with Scotland, though I’ve never been there). I started reading them a couple years ago when I was 22. I love them so much! It’s crazy to think that when the first one came out I was only five.

    Your books are amazing and timeless! I am so glad you’re still writing them. You are an amazing writer and you’re incredible to your fans. I love that you write to your fans and ask us to give our opinions and that you even respond to us. As I said, you’re incredible. Thank you for all your years of hard work!

  15. I wish I could, but like others who have written here, live too far away (Israel). If you ever plan to visit this part of the world..I hope it would include some public speaking engagements which I would absolutely attend.

    On another note…does anyone else think that Prince Harry (William’s brother) cuts a close image for Jamie? The hair, the eyes…the smile!

  16. Wish I were closer to be at your signing. Recently at a restaurant in Naples,Fl I heard a customer telling the waitress to read your series of books. She said there were 5 in the series, I was happy to inform her there were now 7 and the customer was going to go straight to the bookstore after lunch. Keep up the good work. I am on my 2nd go round of the series, it is just as great reading the 2nd time as it was the first time.

  17. Diana

    My husband and I have planned our summer vacation this year to include the Fergus Scottish Highland games in August. We look forward to seeing you there and will certainly have the Outlander 20th Anniversary edition for signing. You are an absolutely “brillo” author and have provided me with so many joyful hours of reading! You are also a most generous person sharing so much of your time with your many fans!

    Wishing you happy and safe travels!

  18. Congratulations Diana…the fact that this series and book are still at the top after 20 years is a testament to you and your skill as a writer. Jamie and Claire’s story is something very special and I am so glad that I stumbled upon your books by accident. It was worth every eye strain and every cramp in my hands holding the books…and yes…sore ears from listening to the audio version! :)

    Some pain is worth the gain…

    Now to the important issue: Stay home and write!

    Bright Blessings,


  19. Diana,

    Last fall, my friend gave me a bag books to read over the winter. In the bag were about 6 or 7 Tom Clancy novels and 3 of your novels; Outlander, Voyager, and ABOSAA. Well, I read the Clancy novels first, realizing that after 3, I could pretty well predict the plots. But I persevered. Then I started on Outlander. I couldn’t put it down. I realized I needed to get a hold of books II,IV, and V. That was this February. I’m on my second read through (Fiery Cross at the moment). You are now one of my favorite authors, along with feeling like you’re my contemporary being as we were born the same year (albeit I was Dec ’52). Please, keep up the good work.


  20. I will travel to have see you in person from the San Diego area. I have done it before and it was one of the highlights of my life!

    PLEASE do a book signing in Arizona.

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