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What’s your line?

Recently, I saw a thread in which people presented/discussed their favorite sentences/lines from the OUTLANDER/Lord John books. Everyone has their favorites, from the funny to the touching, the dramatic, or the philosophical. And sometimes just because they like the way it sounds. {g}

Here are just a few that I’ve seen quoted as people’s favorites:

“…but it all comes right in the end. So it did, I thought–though often not in any expected way.”

“…for I was gromished from the fall and my right ankle gruppit–and was just about to call once more when I heard sounds of a rare hochmagandy…”

“You’re no verra peaceful, Sassenach… but I like ye fine.”

“And what was the ransom, then, that would buy a man’s soul, and deliver my darling from the power of the dog?”

“And if thee hunts at night, thee will come home.”

“Holy God.”

“And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours. Claire—I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you.”

“Seems I canna possess your soul without losing my own.”

“That’s all right,” I assured him. “We’re married. Share and share aline. One flesh; the priest said so.”

“Only you. Because ye will not let me lie – and yet ye love me.”

“Whatever (your feelings) are, though, they must be exigent, to cause you to contemplate such drastic expedients.”

“Don’t buy any peaches.”

“On your right, man.”

“Ye scream like a lassie,” he said, eyes returning to his work.

“Come to me, Claire, daughter of Henry, strength of my heart…”

“Stand by my side, Roger, son of Jeremiah, son of my house…”

“You are my courage, as I am your conscience,” he whispered. “You are my heart—and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone.”

“That’s the Third Law of Thermodynamics,” I said. “No,” he said. “That’s faith.”

“What is it about ye that makes men want to take their breeks off within five minutes of meetin’ ye?”(coupled with) “Well, if you don’t know, my dear…I’m sure no one does.”

“Ian, … Ye, sound like your mother. Stop”

” I canna tell whether ye mean to compliment my virility, Sassenach, or insult my morals, but I dinna care much for either suggestion.”

“Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.”

“I am the son of a great man”.

“I mean to make you sigh as though your heart would break, and scream with the wanting, and at last to cry out in my arms, and I shall know that I’ve served ye well.”

“Dinna be afraid. There are the two of us now.”

I do (naturally enough) like all of those, but my own particular favorite is probably the last sentence from THE FIERY CROSS:

“When the day shall come that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

Now, I like that one particularly, because I didn’t write it. It’s something my husband actually said to me one day, quite casually, looking up from his Wall Street Journal (minus the Scottish accent). I do know a good line when I hear one, though.

(Doug, having seen this, says he appreciates the credit, but would rather I mention that he is the source of the advice on how to get rid of crabs (of the pubic lice variety) that Murtagh offers in DRAGONFLY IN AMBER.  This is true.   The part where Jamie is teaching his young nephew not to pee on his feet, remarking, “It’s hard when your belly-button sticks out more than your cock does,” is also one of Doug’s lines, along with the bit where Jamie (after a drunken night) wakes up, sniffs his oxter and remarks that he smells like a dead boar.  And people wonder where writers get their material…some of us marry it.)

People always do ask me “Which book is your favorite?”—and to me, it’s all One Huge Thing, so I can’t really pick. But I’m in the habit of saying, “The one I’m working on now—because that’s the one where I don’t yet know everything.”
I’m now in the Final Frenzy phase of SCOTTISH PRISONER (this is where I know Everything, and it’s a matter of how long I can sit at the computer without interruption and/or stopping to eat {g}), so at the moment, I’m in love with this book. Just for fun, here are a few of the lines that I particularly like from it:

“I haven’t seen a cove that sick since me uncle Morris what was a sailor in a merchant-man come down with the hockogrockle,” said Tom, shaking his head. “And he died of it.”

“He at once felt better, having taken action, and smoothing his crumpled neckcloth, went in search of fried sardines.”

“And then I heard other noises—screeching and skellochs, and the screaming of horses, aye, but not the noise of battle. More like folk who are roaring drunk—and the horses, too.”

“Distracted by the vision of amphibians in their thousands locked in slime-wrapped sexual congress amid the dark waters, he caught his foot in a root and fell heavily.”

“Abbot Michael was talking of neutral things: the weather (unusually good and a blessing for the lambs), the state of the chapel roof (holes so big it looked as though a pig had walked across the roof, and a full-grown pig, too), the day (so fortunate that it was Thursday and not Friday, as there would be meat for the mid-day dinner, and of course Jamie would be joining them, he would enjoy Brother Bertram’s version of a sauce, it had no particular name and was of an indistinct color—purple, the abbot would have called it, but it was well known he had no sense of color and had to ask the sacristan which cope to wear in ordinary time, as he could not tell red from green and took it only on faith that there were such colors in the world, but Brother Fionn—he’d have met Brother Fionn, the clerk outside?—assured him it was so, and surely a man with a face like that would never lie, you had only to look at the size of his nose to know that), and other things to which Jamie could nod or smile or make a noise. “

“Behind him, he thought he heard the echo of wild geese calling, and despite himself, looked back.”

[That's the cover for the Dutch edition of SCOTTISH PRISONER, and if you can figure out what it's supposed to be, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.]

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  1. My favourite line? From The Fiery Cross, when Jemmy asks if Jamie has balls, and Jamie replies “Aye, lad, I have … But your Da’s are bigger.” Lord, how that man warms my heart!

    • A Eucharist wafer… wrapped in a bit of kale for travel? Food for both the soul and the gut.


      “And if Time is anything akin to God, I suppose that Memory must be the Devil.”

      -prologue, A Breath Of Snow And Ashes…

  2. My favorite line is from Outlander, an observation from Claire that was so directly applicable to my own life when I read it that it made me laugh out loud: “Not for the first time, I reflected that intimacy and romance are not synonymous.”

    That cover is green crushed velvet in the background, with a gold silhouette of a rearing horse and some birch(?) trees between the two parts of the gold medallion.

  3. These are my favorites from Voyager:

    “It might,” I said, a little faintly. “What am I supposed to be doing while you do this?”
    “Well, ye might moan a bit, if ye like, just to encourage me, but otherwise, ye just lie still.”

    “But here,” he said, so softly I could barely hear him, “here in the dark, with you…I have no name.”

  4. Vote for Doug’s line. I will always *love* that line. ; )

    • Yeah, I’ve loved Doug’s line since you first mentioned it.

      As for the cover … I copied it to Irfanview, and can discern there’s a rearing horse at the bottom left of the split in the circle, and two trees at the right. If it were A Breath of Snow and Ashes, I might think that Willie was off somewhere to the left, out of sight, having been thrown by the horse. ;)

  5. It’s a raring horse on a hill with tree’s, in front of a mountain.

  6. All of those are great, but my favorite comes from Dragonfly: “I’ll leave it to you, Sassenach,” he said dryly, “to imagine what it feels like to arrive unexpectedly in the midst of a brothel, in possession of a verra large sausage.”

  7. Re: the cover — looks like a horse…rearing…facing a wooded hill, probably in winter? [shrug] Did horses and scraggly trees scream “SCOTLAND!” to the German publishing company?

    I quite enjoyed that thread. I can’t wait to read the book, although in all fairness, I have to read all the previous LJ books first.

    I’m particularly taken with the frog chorus snip you’ve posted before, though. Looks like I have my reading cut out for me this summer! [g]

  8. You are so blessed to have a husband who could say something as romantic as that! Maybe he should be a writer too as he has such a lovely way with words! :)

  9. I particularly love the part where Jamie compares Claire’s hair to a beech tree gone silver in the rain. That’s Voyager.

    And I love the passage about the second sleep in Snow and Ashes! :)

  10. I can’t believe no one mentioned this line from “Dragonfly in Amber.” I’m not sure I’m quoting it verbatim, because someone borrowed my copy, but Jamie says something to Claire like, “You are my soul, and your face is my heart.”

  11. Favourite line…just one? Can’t I just say “all of the above”. Reading the favourites tossed me back and forth through the books and brought different scenes brilliantly to mind. I do love Doug’s line though, my husband has said the same, although not quite so eloquently.

    Just finished re-reading “The Haunted Soldier” and I love the language, but I am very happy not to have lived in that time.

    Looking forward to “The Scottish Prisoner”, but do take time to eat!

    Warm Hugs

  12. Well, I love all the books, but the one scene that had me sitting straight up in bed, tears streaming down my eyes and my heart thumping was in Breath of Snow and Ashes, when Jamie was searching for Claire, who had been kidnapped.

    “He was saying something else, urgently, but I couldn’t manage to translate it. Energy pulsed through him, hot and violent, like the current in a live wire, and I vaguely realized that he was still almost berserk; *****he had no English. “****

    I can sort-of imagine my husband going mad with fear if something like that were to happen to me. He’s a man of few words and so this particular sentiment…that he was so BEYOND crazy with madness that he couldn’t even talk right, rings true.

    I love your books so much….*sigh*. Don’t ever stop writing.

  13. Awe, you listed some gems in this post! Other top favorites of mine:

    “gingerly” … I didn’t realized just how much you use it to describe a characters action until I listened to the series on audio (picked up on a lot of stuff actually, that I missed the first two times around reading the hardcopies). But I love it, I find myself using it now! =)

    And nothing beats “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”

    • All the books are full of some great lines, some that make you cry and some that make you laugh, but I have to admit to having adopted “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ” as one of my choicer epithets (especially useful as I can’t bring myself to say the “F” word, even when sorely provoked!)

    • Funny, I have been so immersed in these books for so long, I recently muttered “Jesus Christ!” and my grand daughter said, “You forgot the Roosevelt, Gram!” LOL

  14. My all time favorite line is from “A Breath of Snow and Ashes.” I can never remember all the words but it is something that I think of every time someone I know dies. It all brings back memories of a difficult time in life. The line starts out with “All death is one…” It makes me think of how going through the death of a loved one – or even being with a close friend that is dealing with the death of their loved one – brings back all the same feelings from deaths I’ve experienced.

    • Dear Marnie–

      That _is_ a good line, but I can’t take credit for it. {g} Jamie is quoting John Donne, who was Exceedingly Good at quotable lines. (That is, btw, from the same sermon that says, “No man is an island…”.)


  15. On every readthrough I I get shivers at “Lord, ye gave me a rare woman….”

    But as for one not yet listed here, I truly adore “I’m a Roman Catholic and I believe in vitamins!” I’m not exactly Brianna’s biggest fan most of the time, but I love that one.

  16. Oh, there are some great ones in there. Just reading that list takes me back through the books again. Sigh…

    My fave line is “You’re tearing my guts out, Claire!” The depth in that scene and in those words stuck with me.

  17. All those quotes are so great. A group could spend days picking out all those that have touched us one way or the other. I must add of course to the growing list.

    “My God,” he croaked. “You’re huge.”
    “Balls, what’s balls?” I laughed I cried at a babes innocence with this one.

    I’ve lost count with how many times I’ve read the Outlander series (i may be bordering on the obsessive) but i love these books and remain in wait for the next and the next after that etc.. As someone above said please don’t stop writing.

    Fan Always

  18. I am afraid that I can’t quite remember which book it was but I loved the conversation between Jamie and Claire about the endurance of his love for her where he was explaining to her that when she had gone back to Frank and modernity that although he had been dead for 200years he still loved her….. Sigh….. Oh and in ‘Dragon Fly in Amber’ when Claire asked Jamie to cut her, to leave his touch upon her…. And then from ‘Voyager’, “Oh, Claire” he whispered. “Oh, God, Claire.”

    • lol i might be a tad obsessive myself i started reading the books in 9th grade ive read the first 5 books 6 times the 6th 3 times and the 7th twice now lol i also have a tattoo on my back of a fairy sitting on my three fave books and outlander is one of them that series has been my fave since 2002 and there are far to many quotes that i love to even begin lol

      • I have been contemplating a tattoo for many years and cannot decide what it should be…to many choices…but as my kids can attest…one leads to more! My husband already has decided what he wants…he has a 1973 VW Thing…we also own Spudnut donut shop…so his tat is going to be Mr. Spuddy sitting his his Thing.

        • After surviving a long, bitter divorce, I have Misneach (Gaelic for Courage) tattooed on my left hip bone. Not everyone can see it, but it’s a constant reminder of what I went through and the courage I needed to keep going until the end. I got it a couple weeks before I met Diana at a book festival on my birthday.

  19. My very favourite line is the one your husband said to you!

    When the day shall come that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

    I also love the way Jamie talks about ‘the germs’.

  20. The only quote I have ever written in my journal is the one from your husband. It makes my heart hurt every time I read it.

    “When the day shall come that we do part,” he said softly, and turned to look at me, “if my last words are not ‘I love you’-ye’ll ken it was because I didna have time.”

  21. Gosh! There are so many to list…but I do have a favorite seen and its from Dragonfly in Amber when Jamie and Claire use the sausage in their escape…I laughed for hours! Also I believe when Jamie turns 50 and he is taking himself into account he mentions something about being fairly in one piece and still able to have a cock stand in the morning. I again laughed for quite sometime after.

    Your husband as I have said sounds like a very wonderful man and my husband too has said things to me that I have had to take a pause…one day out of the blue he said this to me (and he is a man of very few words) “Sometimes L. you can be so irritating that it gets under my skin…sigh…I guess its not a bad place to have you sometimes.”

    Keep writing Diana!

  22. Doug’s is my very favorite of all time, too. But probably my next favorite one hasn’t been mentioned yet. From Outlander: “‘Aye, I believe ye, Sassenach. But it would ha’ been a good deal easier if you’d only been a witch.’”
    I love that whole scene–get shivers down my spine every time I read the part where Claire recognizes the scar on Geilie’s arm, then all the high drama of Claire trying to decide whether or not to go back, then it ends with that wonderfully funny, deflating statement. Perfection!

    • Oh yes Jean, that is also one of my all time favourites. The ‘art of the understatement’ delivered with such dry wit. It is without a doubt Diana’s brilliant sense of humour and irony that dramatically enriches her storytelling magic. Diana is a wordsmith extraordinaire!

  23. Dear Diana,
    After reading all these scenes I feel like rereading all of These Books again and again….
    Do you ever reread Books?
    Is the German Version of Scottish prisoner going to be published this Fall too?
    Best wishes

  24. one of my favorite lines at the moment ( im re-reading the books for the maybe 100th time), from “an echo in the Bone”, Fergus and Jamie talk about the Beauchamp and that the Baron Amandine could be Fergus Father, and Fergus answered:
    “Then I grew older and knew this was not true. No one would come to rescue me. But then- “He turned his head and gave Kamie a smile of surpassing sweetness.
    “Then I grew older still and discovered that, after all, it was true. I am the son of a great man.”…
    “I wish for nothing more”

    LG Petra

    • I am reading “Echo” for the third time and have just read that particular quote, it moved me to tears. Thank you Diana for so succinctly putting into words emotions that we experience throughout our lifetime.

  25. My favorite line(s) comes from the wedding night scene in Outlander:

    (Referring to Jamie’s statement that male snakes have two cocks) “That sounds terribly uncomfortable for the female snake.”

    “Well, she appeared to be enjoying herself. Near as I could tell, snakes havena got much expression on their faces.”

    • Oh my gosh I LOVE that line!

    • Just started reading this book series and finished the first volume, and having been raised by a herpetologist and having been around snakes all my life, that line cracks me up to no end (snakes have no cocks, just a cloaca, but the males do have “spurs,” vestigial limbs that they use to spread the female open and stimulate her, and the thought of someone thinking they’re penises not only seems correct for the period [amazing detail to period thinking by Dr. Gabaldon], but is HILARIOUS).

  26. On Fraser’s Ridge, when Claire has her microscope (either Fiery Cross of ABOSA). When Jamie finds Claire looking at his sperm on the slide and he jumps back startled, then admires how fiesty they are with their lashing tails… and suspicioulsy asks Claire where she got them.

    I woke up in custody of them this morning…

    Also in Outalnder, when Jenny describes childbirth.. how the child who is born to you is not the same child you have loved in your mind during the pregnancy.. and how for a short time, that is sad.

    Second Sleep passage in ABOSA and

    When Jamie asks Claire if she would have wanted the Beardsley baby… and she says no, she’s raised her child and her job is done.. that giving herself the OK to move on with her life. That comes back to me often.

  27. There are so many excellent quotes, but this is one of my favorites from Drums:

    “But a man is not forgotten, as long as there are two people left under the sky. One to tell the story, the other to hear it. I am one, you are the other. He is not forgotten.”

  28. “To live in,” he’d said, smiling, but given away by the gruffness of his damaged voice. “When ye need a hiding place.”

  29. I love every word you write, Diana, so picking a singular quote is impossible, but your husband’s words are so touching.

    I think the graphic is of a horse in the Lake District, where Jamie is a groom?


  30. Diana,
    You are such an amazing writer and my favorite quote is in Dragonfly in Amber. THe chapter of To Grasp the Nettle, after Jamie admits to Claire that he knows she went to the King to free Jamie. “Never. Never another but me! Look at me! Tell Me! Look at me, Claire!” then goes on to say in the next paragraph “for you are mine. my wife, my heart, my soul.” Jamie is such a man and his love for Claire will withstand any hurdle that comes his way. God how I love your books Diana!!!

  31. Loved reading all the favorites…so many good ones thoughout the series…one of my favorite scenes though is when she has traveled back through the stones and sees him again for the first time in his print shop….that one gets me everytime! Of course I anxiously await hearing his responce to why John has “been with his wife”!! Keep writing and eating!!

  32. Diana,

    I would be willing to stop by several times a day and feed you if that will help you get finished any faster!


  33. Here’s one of mine from Voyager…….

    “It gets a bit easier with practice, Sassenach,” he said. “Try living wi’ me for a time, and ye’ll find yourself spinning silk out of your arse easy as sh–, er, easy as kiss-my-hand.”

  34. When Claire shows Jamie his “spunk” under a microscope he asks “Can ye not take them out and give them a decent burial or something?” Too funny. I had a Monty Python flashback to the “Every sperm is sacred” song. Hockogrockle sounds like something a frumious bandersnatch would would catch. Did whoever tripped fall in the breeding pool and interrupt the amphibian orgy? There was a guy from my herpetology class that would walk behind girls and say “Amplexus” (mating embrace) in a froggy voice. Entertainment galore.

  35. “We have nothing now between us, save – respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies.”

    And if my husband said what Doug did, then those would be my favourite too.

  36. i dont have a favorite line but my favorite scene is in Outlander where at his sisters house he tells Claire why he married her.
    O and my sister when she got a new female cat named her Sawney

  37. I think my favorite line depends on my mood or what in on my mind. I love the line from your husband.
    Two more that really stuck with me are:

    1. “I love you, a nighean donn. I have loved ye from the moment I saw ye, I will love ye ’til time itself is done, and so long as you are by my side, I am well pleased wi’ the world.” (The Fiery Cross)

    2. “If one day, a bhailach, ye should meet a verra large mouse named Michael–ye’ll tell him your grandsire sends his regards.” (A Breath of Snow and Ashes)

    Thank You for giving us our favorite lines From your pen to our hearts.

    Oh, and I’m pleased to see Tom again. I love the way you write about his facial expressions especially when something happens to Lord Johns coat. It just cracks me up!

    • sheesh, that was supposed to be what is on my mind. (I think it is time for bed)

    • Ahhhhhhh the Mickey Mouse line! I’m pretty sure every line from every book is my favourite, but the Mickey line is an extra special one. I can’t really put my finger on why–maybe it’s the way Jamie describes Mickey, or the emotions of the good-bye, or some deep-seeded connection to Disneyland and my own grandfather… That is a super great line.

      On the comedic side, I think one of my very favourites is from Voyager, during Marsali and Fergus’s wedding: “Name,” he said abruptly. “I have to have a name. Can’t get married without a name. Just like a cock. Can’t get married without a name; can’t get married without a c—”

      • Fergus and Marsali’s wedding is one of my favourite scenes in the whole series. The way it starts off with side-splitting farce, and then unexpectedly veers into poignancy when Jamie gives Fergus his surname.

        And ends with Claire’s tender reflections on how Marsali’s determination to be with Fergus, and the obstacles she had to overcome, reflect her own struggles to be with Jamie and the love she has for him.

        “He was looking down at me; I could feel the weight of his gaze, dark blue and tender as the sea at dawn.
        “What are you thinking, mo chridhe?” he asked softly.
        I blinked back the tears ans smiled at him. His hands were large and warm on mine.
        “What I tell you three times is true, ” I said. And kissed him as the sailors’ cheer went up.”

      • I never realised that was a reference to Mickey Mouse!!


        Guess it’s because I was never a fan that I didn’t pick up on it. Don’t recall him being on TV much here in Australia :)

  38. my favorite quote has always been “For where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary”

  39. I do not have a favorite line from any of the books, what amazes me is the enduring passion and love between Jamie and Claire espressed continually.
    After reading the blog from VickiB from May23,11:08 I am wondering about The Haunted Prisioner. I have not heard about this book. Tell me more. sat

  40. Hi Diana,

    Those are all fantastic lines and many of them were my favorites, but I was searching for my all time favorite in there, and it turns out YOUR favorite was MY favorite TOO!! Cool, eh? What a great line. My hubby liked it too :) Thank you for such beautiful, memorable, inspiring reading material :D


  41. I can’t remember the exact words but:

    “With an arse like that, what does it matter if she has a face like a sheep?
    “Jamie Fraser, are you telling me you married me for love?!”
    “Have I not just been saying so?”

    totally cracked me up.

  42. I struggle with a favorite line, too many to list. So if I a may, can I add a scene that I love ?

    I love the scene in Outlander ( or Crossstitch as it was called here ) where Frank and Claire are in Scotland before Claire goes back in time. Frank is outside their accommadation and sees a man, in full highland dress, looking up to the bedroom watching Clarie brush her hair. Its only after the man walks past him he realises that the man may be a ghost…

    At the time, very unimportant or so it seemed. The ghost was Jamie .. he was by Claire’s side just as he told her would be even after death.

    Love it !

  43. Hi Diana,

    I’ve recently had quite alot of time of work due to a surgery and the recovery period, so I have been re-reading the Outlander series like a fiend (my Fiery Cross book just fell apart from so many re-reads!)
    The favorite line is a hard one, there are so many and the series is so large that I believe I have quite a few in each book.

    I’m currently reading Voyager though, and this one part always sticks out to me and always makes me very happy. (It’s a tiny bit bigger than a line)
    “He splayed a hand out over the photographs, trembling fingers not quite touching the shiny surfaces, and then he turned and leaned toward me, slowly, with the improbable grace of a tall tree falling. He buried his face in my shoulder and went very quietly and thoroughly to pieces.”
    It’s amazing, the complete joy of having Claire back again and knowing that the pain of the last 20 years was worth it. Love it to bits.

    So thank you, for your books and your writing, I feel as if these characters are all distant friend’s and I eagerly await finding out what happens to them in book eight.

    Most important though, look after yourself and eat!

    Larrissa Marie

  44. I have a few favorites, one of which was in the group you posted – “Dinna be afraid. There are the two of us now.” Another one of my favorites was the one you said is your favorite. I LOVE that line! Good job to your husband!

    The list could go on and on. Most of my favorites are sweet and romantic, or just plain hilarious. However, one of my favorites is the last line after they hang Roger in The Fiery Cross – “A brilliant light blazed up behind his eyes, and he heard nothing more but the bursting of his heart and the distant cries of an orphaned child.” That was just so well written. It gives me chills every time I read it. It is also one of the hardest parts of all of the books for me to read. You write so well and make it seem so real and really bring the emotions to life. That’s what that line about Roger does – it brings the emotions to life.

  45. One of my favorites was in Voyager just after Claire returned and found Jamie again.
    ” He glanced down at the floor between his leg, frowning. Did you lose something? I asked, surprised. He looked up and smiled, a little shyly. I was afraid I’s lost hold of myself altogether and pissed myself, but it’s all right. Ive only just sat on the alepot.”

    and another
    ” Oh, aye,” he said “Well you speaking to the only man in Scotland who has a terrible cockstand at the sight of a plucked chicken.”

  46. I like these 2 lines from Voyager:

    “To say ‘I love you,’ and mean it with all your heart”


    “Ye know, I seldom wanted to go home to Laoghaire,” he said contemplatively. “And yet, at least when I did, I’d find her where I’d left her.” This was after Claire got injured by the pirates that boarded their ship. She was supposed to be below deck with Marsaili but ended up climbing the rigging to get away from a pirate.

    I have re-read your books many times and like the short stories in the anthologies that give us more insight into Lord John and Roger’s parents.

  47. I love all of the books and especially all of the romantic ones listed above. The one that struck me funny was when Claire said: “Get your finger out of your nose Ian, you look like a dimwit”.

    My husband liked the part when Rachel told Young Ian “That dog is a wolf, is he not?”
    “Aye, well, mostly.” A small flash of hazel told him not to quibble.
    “And yet he is thy boon companion, a creature of rare courage and affection, and altogether a worthy being?”
    “Oh, aye,” he said with more confidence. “He is.”
    She gave him an even look.

  48. Maybe someone has already guessed what it is on the cover, but to me it looks like a horse rearing up and some trees to the right, in the shadow of the moon.

    Doug has some great lines, I do appreciate them very much. :)

  49. Maybe not really a line, but when Bree and Jamie are preparing to go out to hunt the great white bear and Bree is singing Yogi Bear’s theme song, that made me laugh ou loud.

    • Oh and the tune of ‘Yellow Submarine’ being whistled on the verandah of Joscata’s Plantation.

      • I got the yellow subamarine, but I dont recall the yogi bear bit… a re read is called for :) any excuse will do for a re read :)

  50. Diana has always described how she writes in “chunks.” Rather than favorite lines, I have favorite chunks from the books, and often think how satisfied she must have felt when she wrote them. Two favorites, for their poignancy — they always make me cry:

    - From Voyager, when Jamie tells Willie good bye. Just the loveliest, most touchingly perfect scene.

    - From Dragonfly, when Jamie sends Claire back through the stones, telling her “Tomorrow I will die. This child … is all that will be left of me — ever. I ask ye, Claire — I beg you — see it safe.”

    And Jamie’s wonderful dream in ABOSAA, seeing Jem and Bree and Roger in Fiona’s house after they left the past to save Amanda. Thank you, Diana, for giving us the comfort of Jamie and Claire knowing that their dear ones made it safely back through the stones to their own time.

  51. Diana – we are like twins you and I. :-) Your favorite quote is also my favorite and the most romantic thing I have ever heard. My 10 year old daughter asked me just this week why I thought so and I just couldn’t put into words how the love between Jamie and Claire is pure and perfect. They are not perfect, but their love is!

    As for the list of quotes, I custom made a “skin” for my Kindle last month and put all my favorite Outlander quotes on it. Of course the “…dinna have enough time” frames my Kindle screen and “Da Mi Dasia Mille” is right above my keyboard. The back is filled with all the names of the books and the rest of my favorite quotes. And, I named my Kindle “MacKenzie” cause there is no other Jamie than yours!!

    So you think I’m obsessed?? Yep, I love Jamie and I love my Kindle too!

    Have a great day,
    Dallas, TX

    • Awww, I named my Kindle ‘kittlehoosie’ because I just love the word.

    • When we were getting our new puppy last year and THOUGHT we were getting a boy I had him prenamed James. James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser for when he was bad. But alas, we ended up with a girl puppy. And her name is Elaine Benes. She just didn’t look like a Claire. ;)

  52. I love all the quoates listed, but did not see my favorite.
    It is just before Jamie and Claire’s wedding, when she is describing how well Jamie looks in full Highland dress. Something about ‘how wonderful a Scotsman looks in full Highland regalia.” I can only imagine!
    I have always loved the books, and though my husband is not 6 feet tall, he is a red head and I can often relate to the ‘man of few words’ and a hot temper. One thing I have always missed in the books. Jamie is never described as having freckles, which every red-head has, and in some ‘interesting’ places….

    • There are indeed spotless “gingers”. I knew a brown-eyed red head (female) with milky white skin and nary a freckle in sight even in a bikini.

  53. There are so many good lines it’s ridiculous. Almost everything Jamie says is a gem whether he is funny, angry or romantic– he is so honest!

    When I saw the new Thor movie I could totally picture that kid as Jamie. (=

  54. so I can’t pick just one.i think that’s what I love the most about your writing. About a month ago I was curled on the sofa reading one of your books while my husband was watching one of his reality tv shows (a normal thing in our house)…….with in 1hr you had me from tears to laughter…..my husband actual stops staring at the tv and looks at me during my recent chuckle and says “ok,i don’t know what your reading , but I think I should get jealous!”
    After reading so many of these qoutes I feel the need to start reading Outlander again!

  55. I have lots of favorites, but two that always stick out in my mind…

    From Voyager: “You’re real.” *Jamie faints*
    Fiery Cross: “I knew ye weren’t a fairy, Auntie Claire!”

  56. Hi,

    This has nothing to do with a favorite line, I am rereading the series….. again, and i thought i would ask, in Outlander, Claire meets with a “waterhorse” next to the loch, now she says its different from the modern version, what is it? I would usually just google it, like “Merde” but as i have no clue what to google, thought i’d ask :)

    Amy from Australia

  57. I’ve seen at least one snippet taken from Jenny’s letter … one of my absolute favorite excerpts is the entire letter Jenny writes to Jamie forgiving him, in The Fiery Cross.

  58. I always love & laugh out loud when Jamie want’s Claire to at least give his sperm a decent burial!

    Your number one fan,

  59. One thing that has stuck in my mind is the quote from Lady Sarah Fraser’s headstone – “My turn today, yours tomorrow. And thus passes away the glory of the world.” DRAGONFLY IN AMBER

    Love, Love, Love your books,


  60. “Does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you?”

  61. One of my favorites is in Outlander –

    “Jesus Christ,” I said. There was a faint chuckle near my ear.
    “I only said I ~felt~ like God, Sassenach,” he murmured, “I never said I ~was~.”
    (~ taking the place of italics!)

    And about the sperms, I like when Jamie proudly observes that they are “verra fierce.” :)

  62. There are so many that I love. I love the dry wit that Claire has and one of my favorite lines/scenes is from Voyager when Ian sees her for the first time at the brothel.

    “I’d always thought the descriptions of what people did when seeing ghosts rather exaggerated, but had been forced to revise my opinions in light of the responses I had been getting since my return to the past. Jaime had fainted dead away, and if Ian’s hair was not literally standing on end, he assuredly looked as though he had been scared out of his wits.”

    I also liked Claire’s description of the “uneventful” rest of her journey to Leoch in Outlander…

    “The rest of the journey passed uneventfully, if you consider it uneventful to ride fifteen miles on horseback through rough country at night, frequently without benefit of roads, in company with kilted men armed to the teeth, and sharing a horse with a wounded man. A least we were not set upon by highwaymen, we encountered no wild beasts, and it didn’t rain. By the standards I was becoming used to, it was quite dull.”

    Can’t wait for the next book!

  63. Estimada Diana
    Adoro todos tus libros!!! Quería mandarte un especial saludo en español ya que somos muchos los latinos que te seguimos, me encantaría poder leer la web también en este idioma.
    Un abrazo fuerte

  64. I haven’t seen my favorite. It’s when Claire and Major McDonald are sitting on the porch sharing a jug of beer. Rollo comes running out of the woods, heads back, comes out… I’m not sure of it exactly, but it was something like Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, frigging Timmy is down the well again.

    I laughed ’til I cried.

    I’m with a couple of the others in that I’ve adopted Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ as a personal epithet.

    • Too funny!!!! Can’t you just hear her??!! I had tears in my eyes, as well!!
      I am truly grateful to Diana for sharing her gift of words with us all. I have been so touched by this saga……………..how about .. “Da mi basia mille….” — found inside her ring (sigh)

    • Yes, yes, yes! Timmy is down the well made me laugh out loud.

  65. So I was just randomly looking you up on the internet, see if there’s new stuff out and such, when I stumbled in here.
    Now, I’m actually from the Netherlands and the first thing I thought when I saw that cover was: What the?! How do you (the blog software stuff) know where I am?!

    I must say, by the way, that it does look more interesting than the other Dutch covers I’ve seen. All the Dutch versions I have look like this: http://omslagen.nrcboeken.nl/omslag/afbeelding/250×300/9789022535950.jpg
    I’m not even sure why most of the pictures are on there, they don’t make a whole lot of sense.
    By the way, that’s the cover to book 2, Dragonfly in Amber. Translated, the title would be: “Back to Inverness”.

    Another odd thing about the dutch books: Book 1, Outlander, is called “De Reiziger”. Translating that back to English, you get: The Voyager (or Traveler).
    This makes it very confusing to talk about the books with people who’ve read the English versions! :P

    And that is why there’s no favorite line in this comment!
    I got An Echo in the Bone in English though, I hope I’ll eventually have all the English versions because damn is there a huge difference! I liked the books in Dutch already, but the orginal English versions are just SO much better.

    • Oh hey, I just noticed the covers on the site also all look like that. I like my version of Echo way more though, I have the leaf-y one.

      The colour of the entire cover also seems to be off on the Dutch versions though… no idea why.

  66. There are so many good ones, but a favorite from Outlander is “Does it ever stop? The wanting you?” His hand came around to caress my breast. “Even when I’ve just left ye, I want you so much my chest feels tight and my fingers ache with wanting to touch ye again.”

  67. I recently retired from 30 years of teaching high school students how to read and write. Ironically, I rarely had time for my own pleasure reading since most of my time was consumed by grading student essays. I mentioned to a friend that I was anxious to return to my love of reading and she recommended The Outlander. After a few chapters, I was absolutely hooked! Oh how I wish I had known about you when I was struggling to excite young writers! ( I know that the sexual passages would not have been appropriate but I could have used so many others!) You have such a gift! Have you considered having a movie series made from the books? I vote yes and recommend Chris Jericho to play sweet Jamie!

  68. So many favourites. Here’s a small selection -

    - from Drums of Autumn when Jamie & Claire find the site of Fraser’s Ridge
    ‘It’s a rare plant,’ he said, touching the sprig in my open hand. “Flowers, fruit and leaves all together at the one time. The white flowers are for honour, and red fruit for courage – and the green leaves are for constancy.’
    My throat felt tight as I looked at him.
    “They got that one right’, I said.

    - Lord John when William falls down the privy
    “What news from the Underworld, Persephone?’

    – And from Mandy

  69. Here is my favorite.

    It’s from “An Echo in the Bone”. This is after Jamie has gone to see Laoghaire and comes home ans asks Claire “Have ye ever been in the slightest doubt that I need you?” Claire answers “No, to the best of my knowledge, you needed me urgently the moment I saw you, and I haven’t had reason to think you’ve got any more self-’sufficient since.”

    I love Jamie but I understand Claire!

  70. This is not a line but a scene that always comes to me when I think of the series. It is in the darkened chapel when Lord John nearly (literally) stumbles over Jamie. It made me both laugh and cry and is haunting to me.
    Most of the above lines I,too, have loved and remembered. Diana, thank you for all the hours of pleasure and enlightenment. It is so hard to wait for the next two!!

    Sincerely, Donna

  71. I love all the quotes everyone has put up…some of them had me laughing out loud. I love the parts of the books that aren’t always people talking. Diana you write in such a beautiful way that I don’t always need the conversations between character… the character’s very thought and actions are lovely in a way that make me feel them too. Some of my few favorite that i can recall are….

    I stood still, vision blurring, and at that moment, I heard my heart break. It was a small, clean sound, like the snapping of a flower’s stem. (Dragonfly in Amber)

    I was alive, though. Alive, and with a small feeling of certainty, like a tiny glowing sun beneath my ribs. He was here. (Voyager)

    Suddenly the inn door opened, and the sun came out, in the person of James. If I was a radiant bride, the groom was positively resplendent. (Outlander)

    Last two paragraphs of Chapter 29 Perfectly Fine (A Breath of snow and Ashes)

    The entire Chapter Loth to Depart in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. The first two pages of chapter 6 in Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade. The way John describes Jamie and what his very existence is for John, you can feel the love John has for him. I love, love, love John!!!!!

    Thanks Diana for all your awesomeness (Is that even a word? My kids use it all the time.)


  72. RE: Dutch cover. If the circle was unbroken, it would represent a prison. One solid entity with no exit, surrounded by a wall. However, broken apart, there is a stallion rearing up and the outline of trees. The green background is dynamic and seems to come through the broken circle. It reminds me of when John sends Jamie to Hellwater as a groom. It’s the only freedom John can give him – to be with the horses and in the green pastures. So, it’s John’s way of breaking Jamie out of prison. Back to the circle imagery though, two circles often also represent wedding bands. As you written Jamie and John’s stories so far, this act of John’s takes Jamie from prisoner to a place where the men are able through time and circumstances to form a friendship based on trust and respect. The events that transpire at Hellwater becomes the glue that then binds John and Jamie for life through the shared responsibility of the child, William. Also, rings show up repeatedly in both the Oultlander and Lord John series: John has Hector’s ring which ultimately he gives to Jamie to save Bree and her family; Claire’s two wedding bands, Jamie’s father’s ring with the ruby, and so on.

    Well, I’m probably very off base with these musings, but it’s early and I’ve only had one cup of coffee.

    Love, love, love your work.


  73. MY FAVORITE LINE – from Voyager (page 393, paperback, midway down.)

    “Me?” I said in surprise. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

    “I don’t?” He dropped my arm and rounded on me, glaring. “I dinna need to worry about ye? Is that what ye said? Christ, I leave ye safely in bed waiting for your breakfast, and not an hour later, I find ye downstairs in your shift, clutching a corpse to your bosom?…………………………

    This passage left me laughing til my sides ached.

  74. To me it’s a reared horse in a wood set in a broken medallion…

    but that’s just my opinion. :)

  75. “And if thee hunts at night, thee will come home.”

    I vote for this line from the end of Echo in the Bone.

  76. I am currently read An Echo in the Bone and I just read the following line by Claire and thought it was hilarious! This is after she finds Jaime on a battlefield, injured.

    “Yes, that! You- You-oaf! How dare you do that to me? You think I haven’t got anything better to do with my life than trot round after you, sticking pieces back on?” I was frankly shrieking at him by this time.

  77. I like the discussion Lord John and Jamie had In Voyager regarding authors and characters:

    “A Lady Novelists remarked to me once that writing novels is a cannibals art in which one often mixed small portions of ones friends and ones enemies together, seasoned them with imagination and allowed the whole to stew together into a savory concoction.”

    I think I am familiar with that “Lady Novelist” ;-)

  78. Great to be reminded of all these wonderful lines! I hope I don’t make too much of a hash out of this, because I’ve lent out my Dragonfly in Amber book and can’t refer to it for the exact quote……but it’s from the scene in Paris after Jamie has returned from the Brothel. Claire is pregnant and I think she finds love bites or something on his neck. They proceed to have an ugly fight with Jamie saying something like “What would you do if I slept with one of them…slap my face?…turn me from your bed?” And Claire says, “I’d KILL You.” And Jamie says something like “Jesus…If you did that, I’d kill him, not you” and Claire says something like ” Just like a man to miss the point”.

    I love how the passion in this relationship is conveyed. There isn’t much that goes unsaid between them.
    Thanks Diana!

  79. I am an avid reader. After my sister-in-law introduced me to the Outlander Series a number of years ago, I cannot think of an author or goup of books that I have enjoyed more than this series. Chesapeake and Centennial by Michner, Lonesome Dove by McMurtry, Mists of Avalon by Marion Bradley, Cold Mountain by Frazier, and ShoGun by Clavell are on my list of favorites. But up there with those books, but surpassing them all in humor and delight are the Outlander Series. Please do not ask me to consider a favorite from just one of the books from the series. I consider them all one HUGE book, simply divided into the individuals for convenience. It would be a rather large one to carry around, wouldn’t it?

  80. Doug’s line is also my favourite :)

    BUT I love the scene, I think it might be in ABOSAA, where Jamie picks Claire a bunch of flowers that remind him of her, and “she clutches to her chest the silly wee thing” (sorry don’t know the exact line…). Brings a tear to the eye! *sigh*

    • Oh one of my favorites too. It was the Fiery Cross – they had just got home to the Ridge from the gathering.

      “welcome home;, he said, and held out the small bouquet of leaves and twigs.

      “Oh, Jamie — they are wonderful”,

      He felt pleasantly foolish, and foolishly pleased with himself. {I LOVE THAT LINE!}

      and then later (snicker)

      “YE MIGHT HAVE TOLD ME, Sassenach: Jamie glowered at the table —-. THe bright, blotchy red of the posion ive glowere, even in the dimness of the firelight.

      “And ye might get rid of it, too. D’ye mean to mock me?”

      And Claire’s reply;

      “That’s the only posy you’ve ever given me, and I don’t imagine I’ll get another;: I mean to keep it.”

      {I know what she means! Oh, dear I am also obsessing, but it is fun!}

      • Your line you are remembering is’

        “Oh, Jamie— they’re wonderful.” She came up on her toes and kissed him, warm and salty, and he wanted mroe, but she was hurrying away into the house, the silly wee things clasped to her bresat as though they were gold.

        But the pleasantly foolish, and foolishly pleased { I have seen my husband trying to please me so many times, just like that and that describes perfect how he acts, and I just know that is how he feels too}

  81. Hi Diana,

    Below is a link to a website that features daily photographs of the Lake District. The photographer is a former postman who lives in the area, and has been taking shots during his daily walks. The scenery never fails to awe.


  82. I have so many favorites, I couldn’t pick just one .
    However I can’t believe no one said the line where Jaime says something like ” Not want ye, Christ Claire , I have burned for you for 20 years” !!

  83. I love reading everyone’s favorite quotes and scenes.
    Good quick way to revisit and share with others something I really enjoyed.
    But the one that got me in trouble because I laughed so hard that my husband stopped watching television and demanded that I share was embarrassing too.
    Thanks Ms. Gaboldon for getting me in trouble, by the way.

    And that is the whole scene involving Lord Lovat and his prostate.

    “And you’re needing such attentions, Grandsire,” he said. “I’ll see to it myself.” He spread out his hands on the tabletop, broad and massive, each long finger the rough diameter of a pistol barrel. “it’s no pleasure to me to be stickin’ my fingers up your hairy auld arse,” he informed his grandfather, “but I expect it’s my filial duty to save ye from exploding in a shower of piss, no?”

    Then the sterling picknic set with the dented spoon. All to look like they were supporting the Bonnie Prince but maybe not rich enough to get them in trouble with King Georgie.

    “Spell ‘prostatitis’ for Gideon, would ye, lass?”

    It is the very best!

  84. I hope not too late to add my favorites to the list:

    “Who the hell is John Wayne?” (probably misquoted…but definitely from Outlander)

    One of the (tso many) moving passages in the series is when Brianna recites the “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” to Roger..on the 18th of April of ’75… Diana, you brought history and poetry to life.

    • The best of THAT passage for me was Claire’s response,., “Who the hell is John Wayne?” her reply: “YOU are!”

  85. John Wayne was a great line!

    and so was the final exit of William from the Great Dismal Swamp, after nearly being struck by lightening, carrying around only a cast iron frying pan, with a fever from a piece of cypress tree stuck in his arm.

    “Oh good,” William said, with what vigor he could muster. “It’s not hell after all, then— only purgatory. What’s another thousand years?”

  86. I have been a fan of Jamie and Clare since 1999. Being part Scott, their adventure has been the most enjoyable, and educating, read! Once I discovered them through a co-worker at a law firm, I instantly became a solid fan. I am reading “Echo in the Bone” now, and absolutely thrilled that another one is in the works. I have read all the Captain John books, also. Today, I happened to catch the last two seconds of a commercial announcing of the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Outlander.” Since I had NEVER seen or heard a commercial for the series, it caught my attention. Went to this site, and, among other things, discovered the musical for the first book. After listening to a couple of the songs (and almost breaking in to tears at the sound (being part Scott)), I ordered it instantly, and cannot wait until it comes in.

    • I can’t help but point out that it’s LORD John and he is a major not a captain. Big difference. Captain John would be Black Jack Randall the most sadistic SOB in fiction that I have ever come across.

    • Karen – sorry to be pedantic but People are called Scot or more commonly Scottish – Scott is a formal surname. You are part Scottish – and it is a heritage to be very proud of, believe me.

      • Gael:
        It is a time warp thing.

        I grew up hearing the word Scot and even though my eigth grade teacher was Mrs. Scott, and my sister’s best friend was Patsty Scott, her daughter – we still used the word Scot just like Karen did.

        Of course we are from the Applachian mountians were language of past dialects are still in use.
        I can see that a lot in the spelling of how Jamie pronouces things.
        Like ” she is marrit” yeap, we never use a ed ending because it requries more work for the mouth.

  87. Abi;
    Do you know why he is called Lord in the first place? His older brother I thought was the Lord but would not take the title because it was their murdered/disgraced father’s title. But I thought the Lord title went to only the oldest son even so???? I am confused on that.

    • Benedetta,
      When their father died, the oldest son Hal should have been Duke because that’s what their father’s title was. Hal choose not to take the title of Duke until after their father’s name got cleared…he was murdered because someone thought he might be a jacobite sympathizer, which would make him a traitor in their eyes. So, Hal took the title of Earl, the highest rightful title he thought he could take in the circumstances. Being a Grey, and just as stubborn as his older brother, John decided to keep the title he was born with, and continued to call himself Lord John. Most all the younger sons of a duke or marquess would be called lord.
      Now the colonel, major and captain titles are strictly military. Hal was colonel and John was a major. Both in the same regiment and both with a higher military ranking than Black Jack who was only a captain and in a different regiment…thank goodness.

      Hope I helped:)

      • Yes you did. Thank You for your time and a good response!
        I have always been confused on English/European titles, never cared untill I read these books.
        So, Hal wether he claimed it or not was a duke because he was the oldest son.
        All younger sons were Lords.
        I Got it, finally.

        Now military titles I did understand, and yes indeedy, thank goodness that Black Jack was “only” a captian but still too high of a rank for one so evil.

  88. A little late to the party, but I don’t see my favorite line/scene, which comes from Outlander. This gets me everytime, even if it just crosses my mind while I’m doing something else:

    ‘Horrocks!” I exclaimned suddently sitting bolt upright in bed.

    “Hah?” Jamie, startled out of a sound sleep, shot sideways out of bed, ending on the floor in a crouch, hand on the dirk he had left on top of his piled clothes. “What?” he demanded, staring wildly around the room. “What is it?”

    I stifled a giggle at the sight of him, crouched naked on the floor, red hair standing on end like quills.

    “You look like a fretful propentine,” I said.

    “You couldna wait ’til I woke to tell me that?” he inquired.

    “You thought it would make more of an impression if ye woke me out of a sound sleep by shouting ‘Hedghog!’ in my ear?”

    • Haha, that is too funny about the hedgehog thing!!! Even better than the version I’ve known so far.

      I do own all books starting with “The Drums of Autumn” in both German and English, but Outlander I have only read in German…backtranslating it into English, in the German version he says to Claire: “You thought it would make more of an impression if ye woke me out of a sound sleep by shouting ‘HORROR!’ in my ear?”

  89. I have been transformed from the moment I picked up Outlander in the bookstore 20 years ago. I have too many favorite lines and scenes to recount here, but I bawled nearly all the way thru Echo. (I generally avoid movies and books that predict tears since I actually hate to cry.) And hard as it is to believe, there are a couple that aren’t listed here.

    Roger recounting something the minister had said to him – “If ever you find yourself in the midst of a paradox, you can be sure you stand on the edge of truth,”

    another – when Ian is near death and he and Jamie are saying their goodbyes. Jamie asks him if it is ok to bury his finger with him and Ian says “I’ll keep it safe ’til you catch me up.” That whole conversation had me bawling my eyes out!

    “To see the years touch ye gives me joy, Sassenach,” he whispered. “_for it mean that ye live.”…….”Come to me. Cover me. Shelter me, a bhean, heal me. Burn with me as I burn for you.” (Fiery Cross)

    Tom Christie to Claire in ABOSAA – “I have yearned always,” he said softly, “for love given and returned; have spent my life in the attempt to give my love to those who were not worthy of it. Allow me this: to give my life for the sake of one who is.”

    Like I said – too many! Can’t wait for the next one or the next Lord John installment either!

  90. My favorite line also, Diana. When I read it, it brought a tear to my eye, and I wanted to share it with my sister, but she is behind me in reading the books, so I had to let her come across that jewel herself. If you are married to a man who says such romantic things, you are a lucky woman.

  91. Diana,

    The part in the second book where Claire has had the hair removed from under her arms and she’s describing the experience to Jamie — this is when they are in Paris. I don’t have my book now because it’s on loan to yet one more friend who I’ve managed to turn on to your books!!

    Anyway, she describes the hair removal process to Jamie and then says something like “the hair comes off and bob’s your uncle”. Jamie then comes back with his usual clever repartee something like Bob not being a very nice uncle, whoever he was!! I laughed so hard my husband wanted me to read the lines to him. I did but he’s not read the books so there was no way he could understand the characters or the humor!!

    I’m trying to be very patient while I’m waiting for the Scottish Prisoner and book 8 but as every day goes by that is getting more difficult. I ordered the 20th year edition of Outlander and have been rereading that YET AGAIN, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve done that. The book itself is beautiful and has made a wonderful addition to my library!!

    Thanks for your wonderful stories and especially the love story between Jamie and Claire!!!

  92. One of my favorite lines that I haven’t seen posted yet…from Voyager…
    “I don’t know how long we sat there on the dusty floor, crying in each other’s arms with the longing of twenty years spilling down our faces.”
    You have such a gift for translating emotion to words…

  93. I love the scene when Roger and Brianna get married – and everyone puts on their “happy faces@ – and end up like a bunch of grinning idiots

  94. You do know a great line when you hear one. That line tore at my heart like no other. Brought me to tears! I’m not sure I could handle hearing that in person.
    I love all the comments posted here. I’m literally waiting on tenterhooks to read the next new books. I love Lord John. I’m not quite sure if it’s for him, himself, or for his love of Jamie and Claire.

  95. There are So Many favorites! But one of mine is at the opening of “Voyager” when Jamie tells Lord Melton, “I dinna want to go home! I want to be shot!” Only Jamie can have a plan go so utterly wrong that not only does he not get killed on the field at Culloden, he gets found by an English lord with a sense of honor…

  96. The Scottish Prisoner is in at my local library branch! I just got the notification in the mail today! *jumps for joy*

  97. Help!

    In one of Diana Gabaldon’s books — when they are in the Americas — Claire describes Jaime as, “He’s a Man…and that’s no small feat.”

    Can anyone help me with the book and the chapter/page number?


    • Dear Stacy–

      “He’s a man–and that’s no small thing to be.” I think it’s in A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, but no idea what chapter. You might check Amazon.com’s “Look inside” feature for it, though.


  98. “Ye could raise me from the dead for that, Sassenach, and I wouldna mind it.”

  99. In the first book of Outlander series ( Stitch in Time ) it mentions Frank passing a dark stranger in highland kilt whilst standing in mist watching Claire brush her hair ( he had red hair???) – who is this character – could it possibly be Jamie??? is there anymore ‘Bulges’ as so aptly put in you new book “Trial of Fire’ that explains this??? I’m more than curious…

    • Dear Tanya–

      Nowhere does it say he passed a “dark” stranger. And yes, of course it’s Jamie. (We’ll explain that, but it will be the last thing in the last book, and we aren’t there yet. [g])


  100. I have a lot of favs… But just read this one and it’s great description….
    (Snow and Ashes) Mr. Bug speaking about how he lost his fingers…
    “A bow’s like a good-wife, aye? Knows her master, and answers his touch. An ax, though”. “An ax is a whore. Any man can use one— and its works as well in either hand.”