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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


Which is….


(I still want an octopus on the cover, but we’ll deal with that later.)


Now home from DragonCon!! Had a good time, but good to be back. Further info on title, pursuant to questions:

Y’all are assuming I _know_ everything about that title, which is not the case. {g} I do know a _few_ things, though:

First off, it has to do with the printing trade, the written word, and its effect on the American Revolution (and the effect of the Revolution on the printers and writers, for that matter). That’s why it specifically needs the “written with…”–

Though that part has also to do with Roger, but I’m not going to tell you why.

And as I said (I think) earlier, it has to do with the Gaelic term “A chuisle,” meaning, “my heart’s blood”–to refer to a beloved child. (You recall that Jamie uses it of his adopted grandchildren as well as those who really _are_ of his physical blood.) Ergo, possibly—you think?–to do with family relationships, of which there are One Heck of a Lot in this book.

I can’t think why some folk assume there’s anything ominous about the title. It just means that something’s done–e.g., written–with passion, not that someone’s stabbing themselves in the chest with a quill and going GAK! on their desk. Have we never heard of imagery or metaphor, for heaven’s sake?

And no, it certainly doesn’t give any intimation that this is the last book. What about it sounds like “THIS IS THE END?” IF it should turn out to be the last book, I’d tell you straight out. At the moment, I’m thinking the odds are against it being the final one, but I won’t know that for a few months yet.

As for the person who thought someone was going to die in this book….well, I can give you pretty good odds on that one. I’ve never written a book that didn’t have anybody dying in it. (And fwiw, Jamie’s _been_ dead for at last part of every single book in the series. It isn’t necessarily fatal, you know. {g})

And as for not sounding like the other books in the series–it has the same number of words, the same number of syllables, and the same rhythm as A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES. Most of the books are paired, in terms of title structure: OUTLANDER/VOYAGER, DRAGONFLY IN AMBER/DRUMS OF AUTUMN, A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES/WRITTEN WITH MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD (I’m leaning toward “Heart’s Own,” if only because “HOB” is easier to pronounce). Only THE FIERY CROSS and AN ECHO IN THE BONE are unlike the others. (I didn’t do this on purpose, btw, with the exception of DRUMS OF AUTUMN–that one _was_ chosen specifically to echo DRAGONFLY (and is subsequently the weakest title of the bunch).)

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  1. How exciting! I love it. I had been thinking just last night when book eight would get a title. The #DailyLines are always a treat and now book eight will be able to have a name like the others. And it means publication is one step closer!!! Yeah!

    • Diana – agree it should be heart’s own rather than vice versa. I’m still wondering…How is the seer’s prophecy fulfilled in contemporary Scotland- someone from the line of Fraser will be a significant change agent. So many ends to tie up. Can’t wait!

    • I am new to this site but not new to the books. Really glad to hear that a new one is cooking – and that it may not be the last. 2013 is a long wait but I guess that leaves me ample time to do what I always do before the new one arrives – re-read all the others. It’s taking me longer and longer…
      That’s a thought – is there a record for the quickest read of every book in the series, in order???
      PS Love the new title

      • Claire,

        When I first read (I’m saying first,because I have read all of the books multiple times so far) The Outlander,which is named De Reiziger in Dutch it took me 3 days.
        By the time I was half through,I ordered the second one,so I’d have it in time to keep on reading once I’d finish the first one,which took me 5-6 days to read,by that time I had discovered I there was a third book even!! I went to the bookstore and ordered it right away..
        after the third book I had to wait for 4-5-6 & 7 to be published here.
        Every time though,before a new book comes out,I re-read all of them..
        I don’t know if that’s a record,but heck,I’m doing my very best =)

      • Sept. 26, 2011
        I have been an avid reader of these books for many years. I not only have each in hard back but on cd and now on my Kindle. I remember starting the series years ago and waiting inpatiently for the next in the series to be out. I read and re-read them over and over again. I got my friend hooked on them too and she was just asking me if I had heard anything about the next one and when it was to be released. I am hoping it will be soon. I already have the new John Grey on pre-order too. I hope you keep writing and we will keep enjoying!!

      • I am the same way. In anticipation of each new book, I have re-read the entire series. Can’t get enough of these books.

      • Me too! cant wait!

      • I am with you on the re-reading of all the books before the next one comes out. They just keep getting better and better. So many more details are brilliantly clear to me with each reading. I find that I get very little sleep when I start as I just can’t put them down!

        Thanks so much Diana for the writing of them!! The new title is wonderful.

      • Glad to know I’m not the only nut case who rereads everything between new books. Can’t wait ! Aloha

      • I read them this summer. May to August.

      • I read all of them the week of Thanksgiving last year! I know that has to be the record. I couldn’t put them down.

        I started Outlander again last week and plan to re-read them slower this time. Great series!

      • I can read all the books in 2 weeks :) don’t know if thats a record or not… my hubby is scared of the speed at which I read but I love reading and have since I was a child

      • Oh, my goodness I thought I did well in 1 1/2 months working full time. I would think that is a record.

      • My local Librarian turned me on to this series when I was complaining of not having anything worthy to read. We live in a small town on Lake Champlain in Vermont, by backyard is Mount Independence and I can look across the lake at Fort Ticonderoga. It is now the end of September, I began the series on the 1st of the month …. I have finished book six this evening. I cannot even begin to explain how wonderful these books are to me and how I cannot wait to get home from work, feed the family, do the chores, get everyone to bed so I can read and read and read and be lost in the world of Jamie and Claire! I am borrowing book 7 tomorrow and cannot believe that another book is due out soon …… I completely and utterly lost to the 21st century when I read these books ….. I think I might be so sad when I finish book 8?! Thank you …. for making me read like I did as young 4th grade girl who wanted a fantasy to believe in :)

      • I truly hope that this anticipated book will reveal why Jamie was in 1945 Scotland outside of Claires window!

    • Being one of your greatest fans here in The Nehterlands..When will it be available here??

      • Dear Eva–

        Probably six months to a year after it’s published in English; it takes time to do the translation of such a long book. Hope you enjoy it, though!


    • Wonderful! I love all of your books and I will patiently await the next one.

      I am currently in my second year of law school so a 2013 release date is actually perfect =)

    • I love the Title for Book eight. As a Scot, Written with my own Hearts Blood, talks to me about love, family and fate. In view of the contents of your stories I think this a wonderful Title and perfect!
      As an avid fan, the wait till 2012/2013 is fretful but always worth it. As a non American, the History of America is interesting, but sometimes too detailed. However I am looking forward to gaining insights in to the history of USA with the continuing story.
      Keep up the good work! Out here in “Readers Land” we hang breathless on your every word!

    • It thrills my heart to know that book eight is just around the corner. I have just finished listening to all of the seven novels narrated by Davina Porter and I am so excited that the next book will be out soon (I hope) The title sounds perfect. When the original books came out I was in awe of finding a writer who captured my imagination so thoroughly and even more impressed now that I have revisited them in Audio.

      • Maybe I’ll try the audio too. I’m a slow reader, it takes me a couple of months to finish one of these books, nevermind re-reading all 7! Plus keeping up with my other reading. Thanks for the idea.

      • Davina Porter is brilliant. Couldn’t be a better match for the outlander series. She flawlessly goes from character to character and you know exactly who is speaking. I just finished the Scottish prisoner (purposely reading slowly knowing the 8 th book would be a while in coming). I was thrilled to read the excerpts and now must re-read book 7 as I had forgotten the contents! Hearing the series read by davina is a special treat and I enjoy listening while I am working around the house.
        Anxiously awaiting the end of 2012 so I can start on book 8!

  2. Oh, that’s going to make us all think.
    and why can’t you have an ocotopus?? It’s your book! LOL

  3. But does it have a release date?? Even ballpark?

    • yes… release date?

    • Dear Angela (et al)–

      No, there’s no release date–I won’t finish _writing_ the thing before the end of next year! Having a title is progress, don’t get me wrong {g}–but it’s a good long way from the book being done.


      • Sooo… are you sayin’ 2013, then? before it goes to publishing? Time to re-read, re-listen and wait…..,

        Thanks for the great great story

      • Although it will be a painfully long wait to find out what my favourite characters have been doing, I’m glad to know an approximate release date. Now I can get all my chores caught up, so I don’t have to listen to my husband complaining that,” I’ve had my nose in a book all day!” LOL!

      • Well, let’s see, BOSAA in 2005, and EITB in 2009, and she’s given us some Juicy excerpts-anyone see the pattern? My best guess is 2013, probably After August sometime–say October? Just making an educated guess, but that’s what IIIII’m thinking (extras I’s on purpose, btw).

      • I agree, although I just finished reading book 7(read all 7 this summer). I am having withdrawals. At work I think about all the characters and wonder about poor Jem and Mandy! Happy to hear there will be a book 8! I too will get all my chores caught up! lolx2

      • It’s so funny to hear that someone read book 7 during the summer. A woman from work told me about a book called Outlander and said I might like it. Well, I went out and bought it, then found out it was a series.
        I finished the series in 1 1/2 months. I fell in love with Jamie, Claire, wee Ian’s loss of innocence, his finding it through Rachel, and all of the other characters. Oh, I don’t want to start on Brianna and William. I have never been so engrossed by a book before, let alone a series, but the series is phenomenal. But now I feel lost because there is an 8th book and I just can’t pick it up right now. Waiting is going to be difficult.
        I must say though, I sure wish I were Scottish and had a verra highland scottish accent. :)

      • Just finished reading book 7 (took me all summer to read 7)! I loved the series, and I am going through withdrawals now that I don’t have a book to read, totally worried about Jem and Roger! Thank God there will be a book 8! I too will get all my chores caught up!! LOLx2

      • OMG… LOVE IT.. :)

        On another note i think that if you ever do a movie .. you cannot cast any of these pretty boy actors as jamie.. The Best person for the job IS Andrew Galloway AKA Drew McIntyre from the wwe have a look he is everything you describe about jamie With the only eception he doesnt have red hair, he is scottish , Tall absolutly stunning.. lol….

        Thats all i have to say xo Love your books i started reading them last year and have re read them now four times i can not find another book that appeals to me i love to read all the time and i need a book to have me hooked by atleast the first 50 pages or i cant read them … i was hooked from page 1 with outlander…
        I can not wait for book 8.

      • @Alita… No ! I want to keep my very own image of Jamie, Claire, Lord John and all other characters…they’re just perfect as I imagine them !

        Thank you Diana for those wonderful books ! I’ve read them in English and French (out of curiosity translation wise…except for the Lord John series which I’ve read in English only) and they’re both just as good. Looking forward to reading your next book !

      • You are right. He would make a great Jamie! On a side not, i had my daughtr Sept. 7th and named her Claire after, who else, Claire from Outlander series. So in love with these books! Happily and almost patiently waiting on book 8.

      • I met a new person today and she said something about Jamie and Claire. We hugged. We talked about the books. Diana needs to go nowhere until the next book is finished. I so love her series and it is horrible to hang like this. Hurry. Hurry. forsake all others!!

      • Diana you take your time I’ll keep rereading your books, buying them in paperback hardback and audio and enjoying every minute of them. My recent Outlander obsession is who will play Jaime. I used to think Gerard Butler would be perrrfect. But my recent Jaime fantasy has Chris Hemsworth’s face on it. Cat eyes and all. What’s your thought?

      • Feel the same way as everyone else- read all of the books with a passion – casually mentioned them 10 years ago to colleagues at work and have now converted half of Liverpool UK to the series. CANNOT WAIT for the next one – and good idea to re-read on kindle – thats just what I might do to get me through the next twelve months.

  4. Aaah!!! I can barely stand the anticipation!

    • I just started this series, and am almost done with the 7th book. Can’t believe I have to wait to see what happens to this family. Oh well it will be worth it!

      • I started reading this 20 years ago when a coworker let me borrow her book. I finished it in 3 days and have been reading and re-reading this series since. Now I have it stored on my Kindle as well as having the books :). I just finished the series for the umpteenth time and now I am waiting (not so patiently). But in order to pass the time, try to read the series again. You would be surprised at how much you either passed or forgot along the journey!

  5. I love your books. I started reading them by accident really. About 13 years ago I sent my Husband to the store and he came home with Dragonfly in Amber. I put it away for a long time before I read it, not thinking that I would like it. I mean my husband picked it and I didn’t truely think he new what I liked to read. How wrong I was. Several months past and I found it stashed one day when I was bord. Once I stared I couldn’e put it down. I really read all of the books up to and including Drums of Autumn before I even read Outlander. I glad a finally did read it it gave more background. I’m reading A Breath Of Snow And Ashes now. One of my guest at my job came in with your newest one. All day I was thinking…”When is the earliest day I can get to the book store to get that?” Thank you so much for this wonderful story. Keep up the great work.

    • You know that is funny, I had bought Outlander and let it sit for like.. months! I didn’t know if id like it and I don’t remember what made me pick it up in the first place. Any who, when I finally sat down to give it a chance I was hooked and never stopped reading since. I can’t wait for the next I’m just sad that we all have to wait till the end of next year.. But oh well it will be worth it.

  6. Oooh, that sounds just devastating!

  7. I feel a crying jag coming on with that title! Which only makes sense, since every single book from this series causes at least one good crying jag…

  8. Love it! Heart wrenching.

  9. Brings to mind all sorts of heart-rending situations. I also predict a crying jag.

    • Excuse my ‘down under’ ignorance but what is a ‘crying jag’?
      P.S. I’m currently re-reading the entire series. If I go slowly enough I could possibly string it out until the release of Book 8.

      • Webster’s defines a jag as “a period of overindulgence in an activity.” This series has moved me to tears on a number of occasions… sometimes to the point of overindulgence.

      • No worries Mary. I have never heard of the term either. I love your idea though! I plan to do the same thing next year…not sure my husband will be very thrilled about it though. He threatened to hold a funeral service for me last year when I read all the the books non-stop, back-to-back, since he felt like a grieving widower. Great news is, I discovered he really does know how to cook and fold laundry!

      • A crying jag is the sort of spasmodic crying that doesn’t let go-it sort of subsides and then builds up steam again and can leave you cleansed and elated or downright exhausted.

      • My husband wasn’t pleased, either, when I got hooked on the series. I did the same thing–read the seven books in about six weeks. I KNEW I would have to read them again, so I bought a Kindle. He has no idea what I’m reading! The Kindle is password protected.

      • What you do is get your husband hooked on the books too. Thats what I did, told my husband to just start Outlander and see if he liked it. Of course he did, he couldn’t put it down! He has now re-read all the books in the series as many times as I have, as we re-read them every time a new one is about to be released so the story is fresh in our minds. We have a friendly argument every time a new book comes out as to who will get to read it first. I love being able to discuss the things that happen in the books with him, it great.

  10. We are getting closer and this is good.

  11. Oh wow. That’s very evocative – I like it!

  12. Aye, that one is verra promising.


  13. I love octopi! i hope you get your wish!

  14. So excited! I can’t wait to read more about Jamie and Claire…no other books quite measure up to these!

    • Have you tried Through a Glass Darkly (Karleen Koen) or Song of Songs (Beverley Hughesdon)? Former part of an incomplete series, latter a one-off. Both are in my all time top 10, along with ‘the Jamie books’, as my sister and I refer to them!

  15. Just a hint of a month, a year! We are dying here!

  16. Oh, I do like that. A portent of things to come. Time to do the annual re-read soon.

    • I am on my annual re-read actually cos makes me feel closer to the new book coming out…. I thought I might be the only re reader!!!

    • I’m rereading the series right now. I’m one third into Fiery Cross. I’m like a lot of others here-I reread when a new book is about to come out and that’s Scottish Prisoner. Two more to go, I timed it good!

      • I re read all the time. When I feel stressed or down I re read Outlander and I get back to my happy place again, I cannot wait ( seriously!!!!) for Written with my Own Hearts Blood!!

    • I’m re-reading them too!! I first read them in spanish and now i’m re-reading them in english… THANKS GOD the Kindle has a dictionary!!! LOL… Saludos

      • Every year I re-read the series. Echo came out when I had surgery. It was all I could do to stay awake and read. I await book eight with baited breath.

      • I also re-read the series from the beginning before the next installment. I also alternate listening to the audiobooks (unabridged only of course!) and they are excellent. I really appreciate hearing the gaelic pronounciations. I have been forcing myself to wait to listen to them all again because I own them all except The Fiery Cross from Audible in an easy to listen format instead of 47 CD’s. FC should be available in November according to the latest update from Diana and I want to be able to listen straight through!

      • I also have been re-reading them every year, and this time, for the first time, it’s been on audio-books. I’m loving hearing the pronunciation of words I’ve been pronouncing wrong “in my head”. I’m almost ready to start Drums of Autumn, so I went to Audible to see about purchasing The Fiery Cross, and was very disappointed to see it’s not there! When I googled it, I found that it looks as if it’s only available on cd, and very expensive! Is there any plan for this to come out in digital format?

      • Dear Kelly–

        Yes, Fiery Cross will be available from Audible.com in November. I’ve explained why several dozen times and if you poke back through the blog posts, you’ll probably see one of them. (g)


  17. Hooray!!! Gettin closer. Sounds like something either Jamie or Claire said???

  18. Cannot wait. I read books 1-7 starting in January, ending at the beginning of Aug. So excited for the next one!

  19. An impassioned title indeed, just like your work.
    Why an octopus though?, is it because is Book ‘Eight ‘or is it in relation with the books contents or all of the above?

  20. Thanks for the bits you shared with us at the Eagle Eye Book Shop Sunday afternoon! Although, I don’t think you shared the title with us. Regardless of the name, I know it will be great.

    Thanks for being generous with your time at events like those in Atlanta this weekend.


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