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Happy Birthday, Claire!

In honor of Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser’s birthday–October 20, 1918– here’s Claire’s first scene from WRITTEN IN MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD. (NO, I don’t have pub date for this book. I’m not done _writing_ it, for heaven’s sake. When it’s done, I’ll tell you, OK? (I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of 2012. Meanwhile, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER and Jamie will perhaps help tide you over–that one comes out next month–November 29th))


Copyright 2011 Diana Gabaldon

Mrs. Figg was smoothly spherical, gleamingly black, and inclined to glide silently up behind one like a menacing ball-bearing.

“What’s this?” she barked, manifesting herself suddenly behind Jenny.

“Holy Mother of God!” Jenny whirled, eyes round and hand pressed to her chest. “Who in God’s name are you?”

“This is Mrs. Figg,” I said, feeling a surreal urge to laugh, despite–or maybe because of–recent events. “Lord John Grey’s cook. And Mrs. Figg, this is Mrs. Murray. My, um…my…”

“Your good-sister,” Jenny said firmly. She raised one black eyebrow. “If ye’ll have me, still?” Her look was straight and open, and the urge to laugh changed abruptly into an equally strong urge to burst into tears. Of all the unlikely sources of succor I could have imagined… I took a deep breath and put out my hand.

“I’ll have you.”

Her small firm fingers wove through mine, and as simply as that, it was done. No need for apologies or spoken forgiveness. She’d never had to wear the mask that Jamie did. What she thought and felt was there in her eyes, those slanted blue cat-eyes she shared with her brother. She knew me, now, for what I was—and knew I loved—had always loved–her brother with all my heart and soul–despite the minor complications of being presently married to someone else. And that knowledge obliterated years of mistrust, suspicion, and injury.

She heaved a sigh, eyes closing for an instant, then opened them and smiled at me, mouth trembling only a little.

“Well, fine and dandy,” said Mrs. Figg, shortly. She narrowed her eyes and rotated smoothly on her axis, taking in the panorama of destruction. The railing at the top of the stair had been ripped off, and cracked banisters, dented walls, and bloody smudges marked the path of William’s descent. Shattered crystals from the chandelier littered the floor, glinting festively in the light that poured through the open front door, the door itself hanging drunkenly from one hinge.

“Merde on toast,” Mrs. Figg murmured. She turned abruptly to me, her small black-currant eyes still narrowed. “Where’s his lordship?”

“Ah,” I said. This was going to be rather sticky, I saw. While deeply disapproving of most people, Mrs. Figg was devoted to John. She wasn’t going to be at all pleased to hear that he’d been abducted by–

“For that matter, where’s my brother?” Jenny inquired, glancing round as though expecting Jamie to appear suddenly out from under the settee.

“Oh,” I said. “Hm. Well…” Possibly worse than sticky. Because…

“And where’s my Sweet William?” Mrs. Figg demanded, sniffing the air. “He’s been here; I smell that stinky cologne he puts on his linen.” She nudged a dislodged chunk of plaster disapprovingly with the toe of her shoe.

I took another long, deep breath, and a tight grip on what remained of my sanity.

Mrs. Figg,” I said, “perhaps you would be so kind as to make us all a cup of tea?”

[end section]

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh….just enough to keep the DT’s under control until November…..sigh ;-)

    • Oh the sweet torture!!!! I can’t wait! I’m off to go re-read (for the nth time) to prepare for the new one.

    • Love this comment! It is an addiction isn’t it? LOL!

    • The waiting is near unbearable. I am so excited! Happy Birthday, Claire!

    • I cant wait, you left me hanging with Echo.. take a big breath and keep writing please xx

    • Wonderful that there will be another book in about a years time , so awful to wait for it. It will be worth the wait I am sure. I have never enjoyed reading so much.. Thank you Diana!!!!

    • LOVE LOVE LOVE it….. a true teaser ….. can’t wait !!!!

    • oooooooooooooh! I can’t wait!!!!!!

    • Oh, please come out before the end of the Mayan calendar 12/21/ 2012. I don’t want to die without knowing how it all turns out!!

    • Fabulous, just fabulous :)

    • Must be a nurse…and I completely agree!! ;)

    • I guess that I gonna re-read the books again and again till the new book comes out!!!
      Guess that I gonna bye the English book first and later the German one can´t wait to read it!!!

      Greetings from Germany


    • Happy Birthday Claire! ( I named my border collie Emily Claire after Ian’s Emily and Claire). When’s Ian’s birthday maybe we can have an excerpt about him and Rachel. :)

    • I can’t stand it! If I could only go through stones and end up at the end of 2012!!!!!

    • I am going through withdrawals big time waiting for the next book! I haven’t enjoyed a series of books like this since I was in grade school. I think I was in shock when I turned the last page and realized that I didn’t have the rest of the story and wouldn’t have it for sooooo long! I actually feel depressed when I think about it but just reading the excerpts about Jem and Jamie helped…a little bit. I have been trying to find another book that helps but every book seems boring…like a soap opera or worse. They say it helps to vent…..PLEASE FINISH THE BOOK #8! This feels better! ahhhhhhh feel your pain Ladies! Are there any men that read this series? I just noticed that it is all woman responding! LOL I totally would love to see this series as a movie….not sure about it being a play…

      • None that will admit to it……..darn ! I just did ! ;-)

      • I was going to write the self same thing, we must be on the same wavelength. I can’t believe all the cliff hangers on the last book, I feel like I’m in the middle of things and everthing is in limbo until help comes – which it will in the new book – BUT A YEAR!
        Glad everthing is on my Kindle and I can just go happily though them all again, that should last for at least a month, then back to paceing the floor.

    • Hey, November 29th is almost here everyone!!! Don’t despair!

    • Awh man,,,, your killing me, I know I know, you can’t rush perfection.

  2. So looking forward to November 29th and the continuation of your wonderful story! I never thought I would learn so much history from a marine biologist and be so well entertained at the same time.
    Thank you for sharing your gift.

    • what happens on the 29th?

      • Dear Jacq–

        Er…did I not say? November 29th is the pub date for THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. Hope you enjoy it!


        • Already have my copy on pre-order through Amazon! Not to wish time would go faster, as I have so much to do, but November 29th can’t get here soon enough.

        • I’m so glad that Jenny is in America now. I’m sure her feisty personality will fit in well with all the hijinks that Claire, Jamie, and Ian find themselves involved in, and she’ll be able to spend time with Ian to make up for the years they spent apart.

          What is your favorite place in Scotland? I’ve been twice, and find that it has a way of drawing you in. The people are wonderful, and the history is amazing. Being the ancestor of Highlanders, I get a sense of coming home when I’m there (not that I don’t love the US). How did your daughter come to the decision to have her wedding there?

        • I love Lord John sooooooo much! I am so excited for The Scottish Prisoner. You can’t get better than Jamie AND Lord John together in one book!!! I have read every excerpt over and over.

          Thank you, Diana for your wonderful work.

          • I am a descendant of Clan Ferguson and my ancestors were Jacobites. I have read and re-read your novels countless times. I must say “Echo” left so many unanswered questions! I cannot wait to see how all of them are resolved!

  3. It feels so wonderful to hear Claire’s words again…although I kind of feel homesick. I miss her & Jamie!
    Happy Birthday Claire!!
    Can’t wait for your return ;)

  4. This just gave me goosebumps! I cannot wait for Written In My Own Heart’s Blood and am excited to see more of Jenny, not to mention every other character I feel like I’m friend with. I wonder if I have time to reread the whole series before this one comes out?

    • Yes!! You have enough time to read the series I think. I re-read all the released jamie and claire books last year in about 7 months…. and that was with working a full time job, a part time job, having 2 teens in the house needing rides here there and everywhere, 2 cats as well as a needy husband!!!

    • I’ve read the series 4 or 5 times already waiting for the latest one to come out! It’s just as good each time!

    • Oh certainly you do. I re-read them all this year. Of course, I had to get my reading glasses a bit stronger. The end of 2012, huh? I don’t think I can wait that long. And my husband might not put up with me reading the whole Claire/Jamie series again. (It’s a good thing that he loves to cook.) I’m so glad Jenny is in America now. And she and Claire have found peace with each other. I’m so looking forward to The Scottish Prisoner.

      Happy Birthday, Claire!

      • Try the unabridged copies on CD through your local library. The adventures of Claire and Jamie are always on in my car and pass time quickly on long rides!

      • I re-read the series at least once a year also. My sister and I are planning to get a lot of meals stockpiled in the freezer for when Written in My Own Blood is released. Our kids nearly mutinied when Echo in the Bone came out because of all the cereal they had to eat. :D

      • I’ve pre-ordered The Scottish Prisoner and will be anxiously waiting for the mailman on November 29. I have the whole series in three forms, now. Hardcovers – for my own book shelves; paperbacks – to share with friends; and on my Kindle – to reread anytime, anywhere, with the print big enough to make it easy on my eyes!

        Diana, thank you for being so generous with your excerpts. Mrs. Figg sounds like an excellent addition to the unlikely and wildly entertaining cast that springs fully formed and totally alive from your writer’s imagination.

    • Jessica, I agree and have already decided that I am to try. I all the books in hardback and the first thing I did when I got my Kindle for Christmas was to download the entire series!

      • That’s hilarious. I have read the entire series every time a new book comes out AND have duplicate copies in hardbound, paper and kindle…I guess that would be triplicate. I even buy cheap paperbacks of “Outlander” to give to people that haven’t heard of it.

        • Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. My dad is always teasing me that I’ve read them 20 times (it’s really only 8 times). I love them more every time I read them. :) Don’t have a Kindle yet, but I have the entire series in hardcover and paperback. And at least 4 extra copies of Outlander already passed out. :)
          Already so excited for Written In My Heart’s Own Blood!!!! End of 2012 CAN’T come fast enough …

      • What a great idea, I must request this from the family..

      • I love this series. I started reading it 2o years ago when a friend gave me “Voyager” to read while I was at the end of a difficult pregnancy. Little did I know that it was the 3rd book in the series. When I discovered this I went on a mad hunt for “Outlander” and “A DragonFly in Amber”. I own all the books, both hardback and paperback. My daughters and daughter in law gave me a kindle for my birthday this year and they had downloaded “Outlander” and then gave me a $50 Gift Card. My Purchases were the whole “Outlander” Series ( minus “The Outlandish Companion” ) I am finishing up “Echo” and will just have to drive my family crazy looking for the new book. I really do not think I will be able to wait for 2012.

        December 21, 2012 is going to be a very busy day, hopefully during celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary and waiting for the world to end (ha ha ha) I will be reading “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood” I just have to know how badly Jamie is going to beat the stuffing out of Lord John for “having had carnal knowledge” of Claire.

        Diana you are truly one of the world’s greatest authors.

    • I have the hard copy books, but I also have them on audio. Purchased from Recorded books. They are great. I listen through the whole series once a year. Davina Porter is wonderful. Can’t wait for book 8 to come out !

  5. Happy Birthday, Claire!

    I cannot wait for this book, Diana!!!

  6. I’m so excited for this book. They just get better and better. :D

  7. I can’t wait. I love your Outlander’s series so much and I love Claire and Jamie. Your books got me through a lot of turmoil. I felt like I had fallen through the stones right along with her and just could not put the books down. I wanted to see you so bad this year at Dragoncon, in Atlanta, but never made it to where you were. there were just so many people there. If you are coming next year I am going to try to find you , so I can tell you how much I love your books. I will be waiting for this one to come out. good luck finishing it. I know it will be a big success just like the rest of them….One of your biggest fans from South Carolina….vicky

    • Vicky, You have to be ‘ONE of the biggest fans’ in SC, because I am CERTAINLY the other!!! Seriously, I know lots of folks who are addicted to the books (no other word fits so well as addicted). I’ve re-read the series every time a new book comes out. Own the hardbacks, (which I do not loan), paperbacks – which I travel with. Always take one of the Outlander books to read – or maybe 2, depending on how long I’ll be gone. I’ve bought ppbacks at flea markets to give to folks. Don’t have a kindle yet…but when I do…oh boy! Another source of Jamie & Claire. I read Dragonfly first, and quickly realized there HAD to be a 1st book. Library did not have Outlander, so I had the local bookstore order BOTH the books so that I could read them in sequence. Was I ever hooked. And the amazing thing, to me is, that each successive book is as good as the previous book. One doesn’t find that often. Enjoy MOBY, and Scottish Prisoner.
      A fellow South Carolinian

  8. i can’t wait to read the rest ………….happy birthday Claire !! give John a big hug from me, my son is also gay, and John gives me (as his mother) the hope that it will all come to a good end xxx love you Diana !
    sorry if my English is not without mistakes, buth i did my best.

  9. Finally, the next book! Yay! I started reading “An Echo in the Bone”, and stopped part way in. It is like I cannot finish one of these books until I know another will be out! I atarted the series when the first 3 books were out, and it seemed to take forever for the fourth! So now, I go slow, savoring every word, and stop part way until I know another one is around the corner! Lol! I see people reading a book like the 3rd or 4th, and ask if they have read the series, and most don’t even KNOW it is a series! I say heck yeah! Stop reading that one now, and go get “Outlander”. I mean come on! How on Earth can you know WHAT is going on if you don’t start from the beginning!!!

    • I know exactly what you mean. Its worse than the day after Christmas. Trying to read only 1/2 chapter a day of “Echo” because I dont want to go through Outlandish detox.

    • How on earth do you stop reading partway in??? You must have more self-control than anyone else on the planet!

  10. More, please :)

  11. Thank you so much! I have been hungering for this new chapter in Claire’s wonderful life. I know you said it hasn’t been written as yet, but I am having a tough time waiting. There was so much left to my endless imagination that I had to stop thinking about it. Good luck in writing this and thank you for your effort and your talent.

  12. I have loved all your books!!!!! Wished you wrote faster, LOL!!!! Have loved books all my life because they let you dream. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your creativity! Happy Birthday Claire!! May all your dreams come true! Thank you, Diana!

    • I wish she could write faster, too but, after reading “Outlandish Companion” and seeing how much research is required (not to mention book signings, editors, and having a life), I have new respect for Diana as an author. It will be tough, but I’ll be patient…I know it will be worth the wait!

  13. Happy Birthday Claire….

    am still absolutely in shock over the whole Claire and Lord John situation……..can’t wait for Written in My Own Heart’s Blood to answer a few cliffhangers!

    • I’m in shock too. And not only about the Claire/John/Jamie/William situation. The separated Mackenzies in Scotland in 1980 and somewhere else …? have left me reeling with the possibilities that they may not be re-united again for many years and scenarios as to how they may be re-united in either the present or the past or the future..? Jem in the tunnel can only go back into solid rock or … Have just read the entire series again in a few weeks flat only to be flabbergasted that the next one will probably not be out till 2013. I know what I’ll be doing this time next year.

  14. my mother talked me into reading the outlander when it first came out, i kinda avoided it for awhile, but gave in, and have been forever greatful to mom and diana since. i had my own “jamie” and lost him to cancer 10 months ago, but the series gives me comfort, and my mother, (at 80 years of age is still an avid reader) and i, look forward very much to WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD

  15. Diana, that is such a teaser!! We know how Lord John told Jamie about him and Claire and now I can’t wait to hear Claire explaining to Jenny, of all people, what is going on.

    Mmmm let’s see..”the young man you just happened to see rip out of here is actually Jamie’s illigitemate son whom he’s never told a soul about execept me. And then Lord John is Jamie’s best friend who raised his son and by the way he happens to be homosexual, and then because John and I thought that Jamie had perished at sea and I was about to be arrested as a spy I ended up marrying said Lord John, AKA, Jamie’s best friend and now Jamie has just abducted Lord John, AKA, William’s stepfather and William has just found out he’s not really Lord Ellsmere but the bastard son of a Scotish prisoner and I’m not sure where he’s gone. One lump or two Jenny?” LOL to be a fly on the wall. Can’t wait to see how this will all work itself out but I’m sure it’s going to be one hell of a good story.

    Saw you this summer in Fergus and it was an honour to speak to you and to your wonderful husband. I`still buying books that you have writen anthologies in and collecting them all for my next meeting with you to get them all autographed. You signed 11 of my books this summer and they will be with me forever.

    Like it or not the Frasers, McKensies and Murrays and all assorted characters including the author are now part of my extended family. May it continue to grow for as long as you continue to write.

    You are universaly loved by all of your fans . an;t wait for the end of November for the Scottish Prizoner.

    A huge fan……Fran

    • I cant wait to find out what Jamie did to John, and if he forgives Claire.

      • Dear Debbie–

        She hasn’t done anything to be forgiven for, has she?


        • Dear Diana and Debbie:

          Well NO! Claire hasn’t done anything wrong.


          • she only married John and had “relations” with him…. Yes they both thought Jamie was dead at sea…. But Jamie __doesn’t__ share….and John only married her to protect her….idk…we’ll see….

    • Fran,
      Thanks for the laugh – your summation was brilliant!

    • LOL over that summary. I’d also like to be a fly on the wall for that one. Are you paying attention, Diana?

      Another point, though, which no one seems to have picked up on…
      “the minor complications of being presently married to someone else.”
      Technically, Claire’s NOT married to Lord John. Even though she *thought* Jamie was dead, he wasn’t, and that makes the marriage to LJ invalid.

      Or will that be addressed later?

  16. Diana. You’ve absolutely ruined reading any other books for me.



    There, I’ve said it. After reading your entire series before “An Echo In The Bone” was published, I was completely distraught. I couldn’t find anything else worth reading. Oh, I tried. I rattled around through a few books, and finally gave up and read your entire series for a second time.

    Then I tried again, and rattled through a few more books. But then I heard that “An Echo In The Bone” was soon to be published, so I decided I should brush up on the series again so that once it was published I would have just finished “A Breath Of Snow And Ashes” and be ready for more. My poor paperbacks are so dog eared now; I went out and bought the entire series in hard cover to put in my family’s cabin for others to read.

    Well, you must realize you nearly killed me with the ending… how could you leave such a cliff hanger like that? So, what did I do? I read all the Lord John books, then read “The Exile” (which is rather strange to see your characters drawn in Japanimation style). Well, I just couldn’t stand it, so I read the entire series again…… this time on my iphone. It goes everywhere with me so I really never have to put it down!

    But now I wait….. very (im)patiently I might add. How a single person can be so gifted as you, I have no idea. It’s not fair. But on the other hand, I am so glad you are who you are and write what you write, because you have made my life so much richer for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now, quit reading your fan mail and write!

    • Jan, it is so true. Nothing compares. Nothing is quite as good. I did love Sara Donati’s Wilderness Series which has the same feel because it spans a families lives but while it was good it wasn’t Outlander.


      • Sara Donati is right up the alley for a fan of Diana’s. The Wilderness Series is not as good but a heck of a lot better than anything else. I strong recommend The Wilderness Series. I’m presently taking turns reading all of Diana’s books (my sixth rereading) interspersed with The Wilderness Series (4th rereading).

      • Jill I too have read Into the Wilderness…my second choice after Outlander…just finished that series again…but sad that it has ended …so now I wait with others for Diana next book.

      • Jill, I read those books, enjoyed them immensely, but as you say, JUST NOT OUTLANDER! I was sorry to see the end of the Wilderness series though. Donati is a good writer, and I was so thrilled to see Claire mentioned in one of the books. It was sort of like meeting an old friend, “Oh I KNOW HER!”.

      • I also love the sara donati series but NOTHING beats Diana! I have read all my books so many times the pages are falling out and my best mate gave me a leather bound first edition of “the fiery cross” which she got Diana to sign Ahhh! Someone said it will be devalued if she signs it, but not to me! My books are so precious I have told hubby if there is a fire tell the kids to run for it and then GET MY BOOKS!!

        • Dear Deb–

          My pleasure. {g} Fwiw, an author’s signature increases the value of a book–though if the book is personalized, it’s usually somewhat less valuable than the author’s signature alone, _unless_ the person it’s autographed to is also notable in some way. For instance, if I signed a book for Pope Benedict XVI, that would likely be more valuable than if it had just my signature. {g} Still, bibliographic value is _all_ relative–a book is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and no more.


    • I tried reading other books, but none of them could compare. My friends suggested a popular vampire story, but apparently, I cannot kick myself in the butt hard enough to finish it before the movie comes out!! It is asking too much of me (sigh). I wanted to wait after that to start rereading “Outlander”, but I need it, now!! I have goosebumps just thinking about it. Un délice!

      • Ladies, as a die hard Gabaldon fan I have had the same dilemma. But try Karleen Koen. She comes in a close second. Start with Through a Glass Darkly. You won’t be disappointed. Happy reading!

        • I agree with you all, nothing comes close to reading and re-reading the Outlander series. Haven’t found a book yet to compare. Do you know I dreamed about them for months and even wrote myself in to the story in my dreams. Hint, hint, Young Ian is or was single…. although nothing will top the Outlander Ken Follet’s Pillars of the Earth and World Without End was fabulous, Pillars has a mini-series out and they are working on one for World Without End. Both were great books and almost as good. I also loved Doomsday Book by Connie Willis, its fabulous and another time travel book. I will just have to keep on searching until 2012….. and thanks for the Wilderness Series suggestion…. I need a new series….. Hurry Diana……

          • Try the Matthew Shardlake books by CJ Sansom. There aren’t many books that meet the standards set by the Outlander series, but the Shardlake books really are excellent and are wonderfully evocative of Tudor England. You could also try Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, ostensibly aimed at the younger reader but well written and enjoyable. Haven’t read Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth for a good few years but was completely sucked in when I did, so that’s a good recommendation from Shannon. I also very much enjoyed Wilkie Collins’ Woman in White and The Moonstone when I read those. There are books out there to read while Diana’s writing her next one, you just have to look for them and word-of-mouth recommendations from other Outlander fans are as good a way as any of finding them!

          • Also try “Blackout” and “All Clear” by Connie Willis, which started out as one book but got so big it had to be published as two volumes. Sound like any other writer we know and love?
            They take place in wartime London, so perhaps Claire and Frank and Jerry and Dolly are there in the background somewhere!

          • another good author is Edward Rutherfurd…London, The Forest, Sarum, Rusika…and lately his new one is New York…he spins a great tale of people and families taken over time in one spot…Loved the London one, but New York was good as I could link some time similar to the Outlander.

    • Waiting a couple of years or so isn’t too bad. It gives you a chance to indulge in the whole series again. And again.

      Although quite different, another series I have re-read over and over is Jean Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series, (Stone Age brought to life). Can’t remember how many years I waited for the last one of that series to appear, but, as with Diana, the years of research only make the stories more compellingly realistic.

      Looking forward to more little excerpts… (Hint, hint!)

      • Kirsty, I’ve read all those books, and the first ones in the series were very good reading. I did not enjoy the last ones as much, and was quite disappointed in the very last of the series (Painted Caves). That is another reason I was so impressed that each of the Outlander books has remained as spellbinding to read as the very first one. That is rare in my reading life, and I’ve read a lot of books! I re-read Clan and Valley at least once a year (also Gone with the Wind and a few others.) None has ever held my attention so well as the Outlander series..Wilderness came a close second. There are some others mentioned here that I am not familiar with, but I intend to find them.

  17. P.S. Happy Birthday Claire and many, many, many more!

    BTW please excuse gramatical errors on previous post. My fingers go faster than my mind, or maybe the other way around but I sometimes goof up the spelling and punctuations.

    ;C) Fran

  18. My sister and I can hardly wait for this book! In the meantime, Happy Birthday Claire!

  19. I would like to say a heart felt thank you for these wonderful stories you write!
    My Mother introduced me to Outlander about 10 yrs ago and I have been hooked ever since!
    I have lost count the amount of times I have read these lovely books!

  20. Once again I am amazed that you carry all these people around inside of you, and am delighted that you have found the way to share them all with us…and we have found them and you. Thank you.

  21. Happy 93rd. Birthday, Claire! Love reading all of your books, Diana, keep up the great work! I, also, love the fact that you added Lord John’s own stories, @ Veerle R., my first born, who also happens to be named John, (well, actually, Johnathan, but he uses John,) is also gay and he is now 39yrs. old and a sweetheart…he turned out really well, if I do say so, myself…lol! Don’t worry about your son…he’ll be ok…and you will be as proud of him as I am for my wonderfully, gay son…wouldn’t trade him for the world! Lord John is one of the most intriguing gay charaters I have encounted in my 56 yrs of reading books…thank you, Diana for intoducing this character to the world!

  22. i cannot wait to the end of 2012 its just to far away im greiving for jamie and claire and the rest of the family xx

  23. Ack! Too short of a snippet! *big grin* But then again, nothing would ever be long enough.. I desperately need to go back and read the series again, especially the last book..I think I sped through it too quickly. Thank you for the tidbit and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE!

  24. Thank you. Mx

  25. Sigh……….thank you for this and all the other peeks..I never thought I would be as attached to some fictional characters as I am to Claire and Jamie…oh, and especially Ian…

  26. Ah Claire…a part of myself and her darlin’ Jamie….. happy birthday dearest Claire…cant wait to hear more of you really soon…

  27. Thank you so much for this bite that is going to be another one of your wonderful books. I love them so much and they have so become part of my life and heart. So much so that I have gone to Scotland for the last two years, and have fallen in love with it as much as I do them.
    Thank you Dianna for your words and your love of the land that I have come to love so much. Can’t wait for the next installment of this next wonderful book.

  28. This is fantastic! Happy Birthday, Claire! I will be getting the new one as soon as I can! Thanks, Diana, for giving us this snippet. The imagery comes right back…I love it! Waiting patiently! Love ya!

  29. I have so missed Claire’s turn of phrase :) I cannot wait to see what happens with the next generation…I miss Brianna and Roger, and cannot wait to see what you do with William…let alone continue on Jamie and Claire’s long and arduous road together….Thank you Diana….there is no other series that I have enjoyed more xxx

  30. Happy Birthday, Claire! …shaking finger at Diana… that snippet is just overloaded with teaser questions… LOL

    I’m going to start reading the whole series again, just because I miss them all so much.

    I was at DragonCon, in the Madmen panel and got to see the kilt demonstration – it was awesome!

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful world for us to enjoy.

    • Kilt demonstration? Kilt demonstration?!?! I was fortunate enough to see Diana G. at the Tucson Festival of Books earlier this year and there was definitely NO kilt demonstration!

      • Dear Christie–

        The kilt demonstration was at DragonCon. We had a panel at which one of the gentlemen in the audience got into a heckling match with the moderator. He was wearing a great kilt–a belted plaid–and I invited him to show the audience how one takes one of those off and gets back into it–and he graciously accepted my challenge. {g} Kept him out of trouble for the next half-hour or so…


        • Did anyone take photos of the kilted heckler they could post? If he conformed to the traditional lack of undergarments, it must have made for an interesting demonstration. Fun mystery titles: “Kilt Dead” and “Dead Men do Wear Plaid”

  31. The perfect healing moment between Claire and Jenny! Thank you!

  32. I love your books and echo all the comments posted here. Thanks so much for sharing your gift

  33. ‘married to someone else’…’abducted by ___ ‘. This is going to be interesting! Write quickly, please! :D

  34. Happy Birthday Claire!!

    Those of you who are on Twitter can help celebrate Claire’s birthday by tagging your tweets today with #Happy93Claire. We did something similar last year, and had a lot of fun with it.

    Many thanks to Diana for creating such an amazing character!


  35. Happy Birthday, Claire!

    As much as I’d love to meet you, Diana, we really must keep you home so you can finish Moby! Thanks for all the snippets.

    • I agree with CherylT. As much as I enjoy Diana’s regular participation on her website, blog and Facebook page…. I’d rather read her terrific books!!

  36. Diana, I think the way you write is a psychic/super power. Talk about containing multitudes. You give that line a whole new meaning. I miss our people so much between books. It is magic how a few lines brings one right back into the story as if the book had just been put down for a moment. Thank you. And Happy Birthday to Claire.

  37. Happy Birthday, Claire. Diana, I also look forward eagerly, if not patiently, to the next book. Thank you so much for sharing your work and talent with us.

  38. Ooooohhh, you can´t leave us just with that, come on! ;DD
    No, serious: it´s great to be back in the stories and it´s great to have Claire back, thank you Diana for your fantastic continuing work. I love Jamie and Claire and Brianna and Roger and Jem and Jenny and…. you get the idea ;)
    So: happy Birthday, Claire!

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  40. Happy birthday indeed! Can’t wait to read both Scottish Prisoner & In My Heart’s Own Blood! You make words sing!

  41. Happy Birthday Claire. Did you arrive on this day ny accident or plan?

    Diana, Reading your snippits on Facebook is a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you.

  42. Happy Birthday to Claire :) And many thanks to Diana for creating these beautiful characters! Truely an amazing series… love them all!!!

  43. Great Great Great. You are such a wonderful writer. I am waiting desperately for your next book. I need a good book to read. Thanks.

  44. Happy Birthday, Claire!

    I have a love/hate relationship with these snippets. I love and savor every little bit and then hate it when it ends. Diana, you always leave me wanting more. I’m rather sad, though. I have started Echo again but have been unable to sit and read. I have started back to school to get my MLIS and unfortunately I am left with little pleasure reading time. I have tried to read just a little bit here and there but I need *time* to read your books. I can’t put them down so reading a little bit here and there just isn’t very satisfying. That said, I do read every snippet you post :)

  45. Love all of your books! Can’t wait for the newest one, but of course we all will!!! This bit gives us a taste of the opening & direction of the next part. Thank you. I read & re-read all of your books for me & my late husband. He loved them too!

  46. Well I must say you’ve made me cry once again, not that I am complaining, i’d always hoped that Jenny and Claire would one day be close.
    Happy Birthday to Clair where ever in the universe she is !

  47. I’m still a bit peeved at Jenny, mainly for the whole Loghaire thing. Been re-reading the series. I’m on Drums, but Voyager is still fresh in mind…….

  48. Happy Birthday Claire! Along with Jenny, I’m sure the two of them will knock some sense into those men.
    With Mrs. Figg as back-up, this extended family will sort things out. On pins and needles.

  49. take all the time you need Diana, i am in no hurry for this journey to end for Jamie and Claire, if this should be the last book from the Outlander…

  50. OMG! i just can’t wait for the book to come out DG. Am sooooooooo addicted with all the Outlander series. You are amazing with the way u write, totally awesome. IT’s like i am also there witnessing all what’s happening to all their lives. xxx

    Happy Birthday Claire! xxx

  51. Jamie and Clarie…helped get me through after my brain surgery….reading this snippet brings tears to my eyes..they feel like long lost friends that I have missed so much. It felt like hearing their voice but not getting to see or touch them…please stay home and write. I would even come clean your house and cook your dinners if you would just sit and write all day! Perhaps offer you a writters haven to closet away from everyone…I have a home away from home just this side of heaven in Maine on a river if you need a hide away you would be welcome to it…as long as you write! You are truely gifted! Thank you for providing the escape I so often crave.

  52. Happy Birthday Claire :)

    Thank you Diana for this wonderful series. You have created such amazing characters, I feel like they are my family and friends. I discovered the Outlander series 2 years ago, and I’m almost finished my 4th re-read. I have passed my books on to my sister and a few girlfriends, who are now all addicted too :) I got myself a whole new set of books that I don’t lend to anyone, they are my treasures. I absolutely love my copy of the 20th Anniversary edition of Outlander. I also adore Lord John, and I have read all the novels too. I can’t hardly wait for my copy of The Scottish Prisoner, which I have pre-ordered :)
    All the best to you, and thank you again for sharing this wonderful story with us.

    Tracy – Glenmore Park NSW, Australia

  53. Happy Birthday Claire ! This week I decided to read the first book Outlander again. Make me feel good. Thank you for sharing this part.

  54. Its so nice to share the same month for my birthday as Claire! Happy Birthday Claire!

    And Diana…once again you give us a piece that keeps our minds racing in all directions…I am so happy to know that Jenny is going to have a larger role in the new book! Love her too! Keep writing and as I said on facebook…Good things are worth waiting for!

  55. Happy Birthday, Claire. I’m praying you live so long in fact–that should equate to more than one book to follow WRITTEN. :)
    (I figure Diana, being the energetic person she seems to be, will last that long. We love you.)

  56. Happy Birthday Claire! I’m about 1/3 through Echo … for the 3rd time through the series. Schoolwork HAS to replace this wanton, selfish reading habit. (At least until early 2013… ;-) )Thank you Diana.

  57. Happy Birthday Claire! This is absolutely wonderful. Waiting has been a kind of torture to me. But I can survive. Sorry if my english is not appropriate.

  58. This is wonderful, I can’t wait (but will have to, {sad}). You have a great way of weaving events and people into complex situations. HURRY! I’m on pins and needles. Oh well, think I’ll start reading the series over again.

  59. Great snippet! Just a taste to whet our appetite… I must say I’m having a hard time waiting for the next book. They are well worth the wait though. Looking forward to reading it so much.

  60. I cannot wait for the new book. For over 12 years, I have been completely enraptured with this story and the story writing. Never thought I would re-read a series as often as I have this one. I cannot wait for the book in November. It will definitely be a bandaid for the longing I have for the continuation of this series.

  61. Fantastic start to the next saga. I’m soooo looking forward to reading what happens next to Jaime and Claire.

  62. Happy birthday, Claire. When I found the Outlander series several years ago, the first 5 books were published. I love history and the possibilities in the universe that science can’t explain. I’ve introduced Jamie and Claire to another friend who loves them as I do. We talk about Jamie and Claire like they are real people. Now my daughter and her partner are reading the series. I love that my children love to read. After reading Echo in 2009 and being left with so many cliff-hangers, I knew I had to re-read the series again to satisfy my craving for more. I know it is generally 3 years between books, but they are worth the wait!

    I even found Sara Donati books when I was in Lake Placid, NY and read her series based on a comment from you, Diana, on the cover. I loved the cameo appearance of Claire and Jamie in one of her books.

    I love your books, Diana, and am anxiously waiting for “Heart’s Blood” publication. I may have to read them all again. I downloaded the Kindle version for my second reading, so while my daughter is reading the physical books, I can read them, too. :)


    • Marge, I too found Sara’s book based on a comment on the cover by Diana…and too was surprised and delight by the “cameo” appearances by the Outlander cast…
      Really enjoyed these too.

      • I just bought Into the Wilderness based on this recommendation – can’t wait to read it! Although I can’t imagine anything being able to hold a candle to the Outlander series!!!!!

  63. Oh l can’t wait to read the next book ! Have to get the one you just wrote. Thank-you for keeping me happy for these last couple of years! You rock!

  64. Happy Birthday from me too, Claire. Diana — this tantalizing amuse-bouche is really making me clamor for MORE. It’s wonderful. Thank you for the glimpse. Can’t wait for 2013 (right?).

  65. So on facebook diana said she hopes to have the book done by the end of 2012 so with all the proof reading,corrections,design,etc it looks more like mid 2013 before that book is released.unless she means that the whole thing should be done & printed by the end of 2012. Diana can you please clarify this?what is the turnaround time from when you finish writing to book release? Thanks. Lisa, Eureka, Ca.

  66. Many blessings on you birthday, Claire!

    Dear Diana, no matter how many times you post excerpts, they always pull a smile on my face. Thank you, and have fun in Surrey.

  67. Happy Birthday to one of the most bad-ass, no-nonsense chicks in literature, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser…Grey. Wow. Didn’t see that coming when I started that sentence. :-)

  68. So proud to share a birthday with Claire! That litle snippet sure was short! Absolutely LOVE your style of writing. I have all of your books and the audio too! It took me from October to March to listen to the whole Outlander series. Everyone should try the audio version. The narrator is soooo good and everything just seems that much more! I suppose I could go back and listen again just to keep me happy until the new book is out. When I heard the last line in Echo and then nothing, I almost cried. It was such a ooooompf feeling!

  69. Happy Birthday Claire! To a woman who is everything I think every woman would like to emulate, and to the woman who created her, my heartfelt thanks. I feel like I am a part of Claire and Jamies’s family and am dying to hear from them them again. Diana, thank you for creating series of books that can transport us all to another time and immerse us in the lives of the people you create. I realize how exhaustive it must be to produce one of these masterpieces, but it is SO painful waiting for the series to continue. I guess I will have to start from the beginning, once again, to ease the pain.

  70. Ok wait… married to someone else? I am not entirely certain I can bear her married to someone else… or Jamie for that matter, surviving their separation the first time was entirely taxing enough, thank you very much! :-) Help us and grant me the stamina… such amazing writing! (And of course, Happy Birthday Claire, the most realistic heroine I have ever encountered!). Cheers!

    • Dear Charlotte–

      Have you not read AN ECHO IN THE BONE yet? Ooooo……


      • I read it as soon as it came out, but I don’t remember the part about them getting married either. I really want to go back and read it again, but I remember how upset I was at the end of it, so I think I will wait until it’s closer to release time of Written in My Own Hearts Blood. :-D

  71. Happy Birthday to Claire! Thank you Diana for the wonderful world of Jamie and Claire. I too am excited to see more of Jenny. Enjoy Surrey also!

  72. Happy Birthday, Claire! Diana, how much do you usually write per day? I’m not asking because i’m thinking you write too slowly or something. you write the way you write. It works, obviously, because the result is great. Just curious.

  73. Happy Birthday Claire! I’ve lost track of her age…….she is timeless to me. I just love this series and can’t wait to read the rest.

  74. Have read your series twice and can’t wait for more. The characters become your friends and you are truly interested in their doings. Thank you Diana for great writing and giving me more!!!

    PS. Happy Birthday Claire.

  75. Happy birthday, dear Claire. And thank you Diana for this lovely character who has become a friend to so many. You have such a gift which you have shared with the world!

  76. Squee! Happy birthday, Claire!

    “Merde on toast.” Thanks for the giggle. :-D

    PS – I’m on my second reading of the Outlander series and have convinced my husband to read the books, too.

    • I urged and nagged my husband until he complied and read the first three books.

      Then the cheeky scoundrel went around telling everyone who would listen that they were; bonk, fight, bonk, fight, bonk, books!

      I think my husband found Diana’s books to be a guilty pleasure. He did devour the books after all, and stayed up much later in the evening reading them than he would with other books.

      Regrettably my husband jibes me all the time about how I might prefer him if he had copper/bronze/golden reid hair and was 8 foot tall. I think he has become vaguely intimidated by Jamie’s character.. Silly men!

      Glad your husband enjoyed the books.

      Look at the number of deliriously excited posts all in just one day. Millions can’t be wrong.


  77. I wish some of these people would get a life and stop living through Jamie and Claire. Though I love the Outlander series, there are other fine books out there to keep you busy until Dr. Gabaldon completes her latest book whenever that may be. May I suggest “The Help” for starters. Really people, this obsession with the characters in the Outlander series, as facinating and real as they are, is not healthy.

    Good health and good reading to all.


    • Dear Anne–

      Oh, I’m sure that people who read my books do indeed read lots of others. {g} It is, after all, quite some time between books. I haven’t any objection to readers looking forward to a new release, though–I do that myself with series that I enjoy.


      • Dear Anne,

        I know it may seem like we are obsessed with J&C’s story, well I guess you could be right. Before Outlander the last time I read a book had been at least 15 yrs. Loved reading as a young girl. My best friend said read this (the Outlander series) and now i haven’t stopped reading. Discovered other authors that have intrigued me, but not quite like Diana does, but are still wonderful reads. I’m usually not able to picture what is being described in books, but with the way Diana writes, I’m able to do that.

        Don’t be to hard on us, I’ve gotten back the one thing I used to love to do and now my daughter is reading just as much as i am ( be a few yrs before she can read this series tho ) =)

        Glad to know somebody is staying grounded, help keep the rest of us in touch with reality!!! hahahahahaha!!!!

      • Which authors and series are your favorites? I need something to get me through until MOBY arrives. :-)

      • Geraldine Brooks is rather good if you are seeking ‘Gabaldon’ methadone. You might enjoy Geraldine’s latest, ‘Caleb’s Crossing’, ‘People of the Book’, or ‘Year of Wonders.’

    • Definition of obsess : preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually,intrusively, and to a troubling extent.
      The waiting, the anxiety and the expectation certainly makes it troubling. YES, it fits. YES I AM happily and must definitely obsessed !!!
      Yes, I love, LOVE the Outlander series.
      I am now reading Pat Conroy whose style I also love. I’ve read many, many other books, but I always, always go back to Jamie and Claire.
      Happy Birthday Claire, whenever you are… and thank you Diana.

      • definitely agree! Definitely obessed! Having no problem with that… LOVE the books. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • Well Anne, I must say first of all that The Outlander Series has been one of my favourites for A GREAT many years, I do enjoy other GOOD writers. I also like the unsual genre of books. I was a HUGE Harry Potter fan before I ever read Dianaà books., by the ever enjoyable J.K.Rowling, and lately have gotten hooked “On a Discovery of Witches” by Deborah Harkness. ( I’t makes me wonder if he’s the vampire person someone menstions.) But he may not be a 6′ 4″ warm blooded and redhead, but by the sounds of him, I wouldn’t be pushing him out of bed for eating crackers.mm
      Deborah brings out her second book in 2012 also. What intringued me was that the heroine “Diana” (now how appropriate is a time walker.lol…. You don’t acctualy do any time walking to get your ideas do you Diana? lol
      Both these authors are world class authors in my book. Any author who leaves me wanting more gets my vote. My shelves are filled with the fun escapist books I`ve read over the years and there are pleanty out there. I’m also reading “The wilderness` series by Sara Donati, she’s not Diana but by George it’s a good book.
      All you have do is look and there are a gazilion books out there and I’m sure one has you name on it. Don’t give up hope, just do like the rest of us, read something else then go back to the Gabaldon family for refresher courses. We have a book readong at least once a month, when a bunch of us take turn at each other`s houses, no kids, no hubbies, just good glean fun and giggles, and bring our favourite, chapter, loves scene, suspense, etc… and we read excerpts from them. A bit of wine, a few munchies and good laughs and fun all around. We invited new members and also get them hooked. Since the “ladaie’s of Lollybock” was already taken we’ve been searching around for a name. Any idea’? I guess we could addopt` Gabaldon’s Guttsy Gal’s `but I would never use iher name without her consent.
      Ah Well…we here at home, still nameless will continue doing what we are. Never know, and idea could be in the making right now, and for those of us who are homebound, or too far away wwe could get toghether online. Get together some friends and try it out. You may all like it LET`S SEE IF WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

      Whatcha think Diana? I’m not too savy am I encroching on any sessitive subjects?…..Fran

    • We like to think of it as an addiction, not an obsession….. and we can stop anytime …… if we wanted to……

    • Dear Anne —
      Not sure “obsessed” is the right word, though — and “living through Jamie and Claire” for me is the interest of a family member — as I’m sure it is with so many — as indicated in the comments.
      I have been reading other books, Sara Donati has an interesting series of six or so, as well as non-fiction about Scotland, but I always go back to the Outlander series, re-reading, & marking with “stickies.”

      Reading the Outlander series has sparked an interest in my own families history; thus the Scots non-fiction of Bruce, Stuart/Stewart. And from so many comments, this is similar to many others.

      DG’s series must be doing wonders for the tourism industry in Scotland!
      I have started a “Scotland fund” for an extended trip to Scotland in 2013!!

  78. Happy Birthday Claire!! Can’t wait for the next book either. I love Claire’s outlook on life and her dry British humor.

  79. What am I replying to? I just left a response and it is undergoing moderation??

    Best wishes,


  80. Happy birthday Claire!!
    And I can’t wait till this book is out!! Hehe I’m excited to see how everything turns out!!

  81. Hi Diana,
    I have just recently come from Scotland and visited some of the places where Jamie and Claire lived. Something about that area just calls me home.. although all of my family is from Ireland. Thank you for the hours and hours of pleasure sharing their story !! Jenny is a true to life character all by herself.. and I love that she is going to be a featured person.. Keep writing and Happy Birthday Claire !!!

  82. Happy Birthday, Claire!!!

    Jenny Murray has always been such an open-minded individual that I’ve often wondered why Claire didn’t tell her about herself long before she actually did. I am so pleased to know that the bond of friendship these two women shared before Culloden has finally been restored. Thank you for the excerpts and daily lines; “Moby” promises to be another thrill ride.

  83. Brings tears to my eyes (Claire and Jenny’s reconnection of hearts) and chuckles ( Claire’s how to explain this). Oh what a tangled web you weave…… Love it!!!!

  84. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the next installment. Happy birthday Claire!

  85. It makes my heart happy to know that Jennie and Claire reconcile. I to, feel like these characters are family that I have been missing. It’s good to hear other people feel the same. People who have not read the books just don’t understand.

  86. Ah, Happy Birthday Claire! I so miss you all!

  87. Thank you Diana, for giving us so many outstandingly heroic characters to find solace and inspiration from. What an amazing gift you are to all of us who long to feel connected to the tangible functionality of living that all of your characters resonate. I often find myself reflecting on them and asking “How would Clair deal with this? Or What would Jamie do about that?” They never fail to add a bit more iron to my own back bone and help me to get things done.

    For all of your devoted fans, I find that having the books in unabridged audio versions is excellent when feeling the need of a bit of brogue and inspiration. Davina Porter has been the best narrator in a long running series ever.

    Much Love and Appreciation for all you do!

    • Davina Porter is absolutely brilliant.

      I never thought that I would enjoy audio books; that they were somehow a cop-out for those too lazy to read. BUT….. They are marvellous, the perfect combination of one’s own imagination and a ‘voice’ with the characters so honestly rendered that it is just like reading.

      Davina Porter will always be the ‘voice’ for the characters in my head now. Her English, Scots, French, Latin, Native American, Gaelic and American accents are outstanding.

      I have hard cover, paper back copies, e-book, and audio versions of the entire ‘Outlander’ series.

      They are a wonderful addition to one’s ‘Gabaldon’ library.

      I listen to my ‘Outlander’ audio books in the car, while I clean the house, while I iron, and in bed at night to drown out the noise of my husband’s snores!

      What a life saver!

  88. I love Claire. She is one of literatures greatest heroines. When I saw this quote I thought for sure she had spoken out of the pages at me. I bought a t-shirt with it on it.

    “Well behaved women rarely make history”
    - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.

    Cheers Diana, have an awsome time in Vancouver!

  89. I invested in both books and CDs, which means I can listen on my 35 minute commute to work. 3rd time through. You know the characters have been genuinely crafted when you get mad at them, in the car. I get a litte carried away and make hand gestures, etc., which is somewhat embarrassing when you’re stopped at a light and the next driver wonders what on earth is bothering you. “Quit being so pig-headed you big lout!” Umm, not you driving the Prius, I’m talking to Jamie!

    Happy Birthday Claire! A Libran, naturally!

  90. A Taurus (Jamie) and a Libra (Claire)? I’m not much of a horoscope reader or believer, but can’t imagine the combination! Anyway, am looking forward to the new book. It’s funny how just reading that small portion of dialogue brought it all back in a flood.

    Thanks Diana for the relentless work ethic and overactive creativity…it’s kind of like managing a football team isn’t it?

  91. This is what I called sweet torture, can’t wait to read the rest, thanks Diana.

  92. Thank you for bringing the world of Outlander to me. It was something I shared with my Mother while she was ill. For my 40th birthday she sent me a hardbound copy that you had signed. Though we were miles apart we read them together. My Mother passed not long after I received the signed copy.

    I re-read them often through our long Wisconsin winters. The stories are so very rich in content and character that it makes the time pass quickly. Thank you for your talent, your time and your effort.

  93. WOW, what a teaser! Happy Bday Claire, miss your sarcasm.

  94. Happy Birthday Claire, I can not wait for the next book!!

  95. My mother handed me a copy of Outlander ten years ago, and I have yet to put it down. Every year, usually on the first day of snow (here in Alaska) I will pick up Outlander and re-read and I will re read the entire series, always grateful that my library has grown. I LOVE your books. The story lines are amazing! So creative and accurate, historically. I am an avid reader and have read many many books. Some I re-read over and over again; So many talented people in the world who are able to bring stories to life for us.

    As a stayhome mom of five kids and a wife to a man who works away from home, weeks at a time, my books are my fondest companions and the characters you have created have become dear friends to me. No matter how many times I re-read, the story never gets old, never gets mundane and it always gives me something to look forward to. So thank you, Diana, for sharing your talents and your God-given gifts with the world. It’s truly a blessing.

    Keep them coming~~

  96. ♫ Haaaaapy Biiiirthday Tooooo Yoooooou, ♪
    ♫ Haaaaapy Biiiirthday Tooooo Yoooooou, ♪
    ♫ Haaaaapy Biiiiiiiiiiirthday Deaaaar Claaaaaaire, ♪
    ♫ Haaaaapy Biiiirthday Tooooo Yoooooou! :D

  97. Not finished writing til the end of 2012? So that means – basically – two years from now til publication????? Sigh…. I guess I will just re-read everything and keep buying copies of Outlander to give to everyone I know!

  98. Oh My Goodness!! I’m so thrilled that this is coming!! It’s absolutely wonderful and torturous at the same time to read this and then WAIT!!! Hurry up!!! It’s like waiting for a group of your very best friends, long absent, to show up at your door! Happy Birthday to Claire! Now I need to finish my current book and re-read to get ready! Spreading the word to all of my similarly addicted friends that I got started on these fabulous books!

  99. Happy Birthday Claire!

    OOh this is such a teaser but thank you Diana. I can hardly wait to see how Jenny will really fit into the whole storyline in the new world. What will she think of Lord John and his friendship with her brother? Of course she will take one look at William and know there are many secrets about her brother she doesn’t know about (I don’t remember Jamie telling Jenny and Ian about William). Will she find a love interest of her own? At the end of book seven I wondered how she could leave her children and granchildren behind but there must be a reason.

    Would you like a cup of tea Diana? It might help the writing go easier so we can all find our sooner!
    (Sorry that was selfish of me wasn’t it?)

  100. Just enough to leave us wanting more… So looking forward to the next book – currently rereading the whole series! I was wondering if anyone knows if the Scottish Prisoner will be released as an e-book in November, or just in hardcover?

  101. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful excerpt! It is wonderful to see Jenny and Claire interacting on a civil level. I for one miss their friendship.

    Happy Birthday to our favorite heroine!

  102. THANK YOU! I’m re-reading the series for the 3rd time, and just turned a good friend of mine on to them for the first! AND I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY ABOUT THE BOOKS! She calls me every few days to discuss what has happened. She says she doesn’t know what to do when she gets to the end of what’s been written so far. I reassure her — “You can do like I did the first time, START OVER!” Your books are such a blessing. All of them — I LOVE Lord John, too. Take care of yourself and don’t pull a Robert Jordan on me!

    Jane Calton

  103. Diana, Thank you for this delightful gift on Claire’s birthday.
    Bonne anniversaire, Claire!

  104. Just read your preview, thanks to the postings on Facebook … love it, just love it! Wouldn’t want to interrupt the writing … but do you have any appearances on your schedule for the Salt Lake City area?

  105. Ahhh… my radar is working well, I see. I have logged in just in time to get SUCH a lovely teaser! makes me happy. Diana… could we convince you to give us small teasers, say…. once a month till your ready to publish? I know I must be dreaming, right? It’s a nice idea, anyway. and to all those who reread again and again, as I do… try the audio versions! they are truly spectacular, I cant get enough of Davina Porter’s voice. I agree with you Diana… her voice embodies Claire to a T. Happiest of Birthdays to Claire. going to check out the info on the musical!

  106. This isn’t an excerpt, it’s bait! -and you have me firmly on the hook! I am eagerly awaiting WRITTEN IN MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD and THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. Thank you Diana, from the bottom of my heart, for all that you do to make your books so real.

  107. Thank you for posting that tantalizing opening on the new book you’re writing. It’s like an appetizer, and I can’t wait for the main course. Meanwhile, I shall whet my appetite on Lord John Grey and The Scottish Prisoner.

    I hope you will keep enchanting us with these wonderful tales until you’re at least one hundred and three.

  108. Happy Birthday Claire!

    “cracked banisters, dented walls, and bloody smudges..”

    Uh Oh! What happened before this???

    Thanks for the scene, Diana.


    • Dear Melody–

      Ah, you haven’t yet read AN ECHO IN THE BONE, I see. {g}


      • I flew through all the others like a mad woman. Then started reading AN ECHO IN THE BONE and realized I’d have to wait while for the next so I put it down and started a slow reread of the series.

        But I haven’t made it back to Echo yet. After reading disussions elsewhere I sneaked a peek at a certain scene with LJ and Claire

        I started with the paperbacks but have the Kindles and some of the Audios, too. Though I have read others books and series in between I think I might have an obsession with Outlander :-D

  109. I also cant wait to see the whole Roger Mac and his Dads part in this.

    • Dear Debbie–

      You don’t have to wait for that. I told the story of Roger’s parents in a short story titled “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows.” It’s in an anthology titled SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois.


      • I was FINALLY able to get the book from the library and started reading last night…I was so surprised to read that Frank made an appearance…you have such a way of weaving this epic story that I am always on the edge of my seat.

      • Yay!! I had no idea- ordered. :)

      • Martin and Dozois are pretty good, huh? I read Songs of Love and Death and really enjoyed it. I am about halfway through Down These Strange Streets, and it is equally good, I must admit I like the level of commitment found in the short story. When you know the book you’re waiting for is on the way, it’s nice to have something distracting but light to entertain yourself with! Any recommendation from those two?

        I have been working my way through the methadone list, and I have found many of the books very different from Outlander, but interesting. I tend to follow authors, I did Stephen King, Frank Herbert, Robert Holdstock, and the like. This is the first large body by a woman that I have enjoyed enough to follow avidly. I have a casual relationship with Nora Roberts and Patricia Cornwell, but nothing as driven as my current focus, dg.

        I like the gift of a model relationship where each member’s feelings are okay, honesty is expected, and passion is forthright. I know more what I deserve and should look for because of these novels.

        My previous post is gone. Not sure why….

  110. Unfortunately, I think we need to update her name to Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser Grey.

    • Can she really be a Grey? If Jamie never died, Claire was not legally wed and is therefore still a Fraser! No offense, Lord John, but Claire belongs with Jamie.

      • I agree wholeheartedly Kris! The marriage to Lord John has to be null and void since Jamie is not deceased! And Claire and Jamie were born to be together.

        • Perhaps for both Jamie and Claire’s safety they are better off pretending that Jamie went down with the ship. Claire was about to be charged with treason and might have been hung as a spy were it not for Lord John coming to the rescue. Maybe the trio need to maintain the subterfuge until Diana can knit them out of their current troubles.
          Can’t wait to read about Jamie’s response to Claire in the full knowledge that she has had carnal knowledge with Lord John.

  111. I have to be very careful when reading these books, I don’t get any thing done. This series is dear to my heart and has been my favorite for many years. Thank you for sharing today,this glimpse into the new book; I know it’s Clair’s birthday but I feel like I just opened her present. Happy Birthday Claire and thank you Diana.

  112. I just love Claire and her “let’s have a cup of tea” attitude when chaos is all around.

    Although it may seem that “some of us should get a life”, women have always had rich fantasy lives. I think that’s what keeps us sane and strong. This series fulfills that need for fantasy, because, well, some of us are not married to a dashing, strong, violent, tender Highlander from the 18th century. Oh yeah, and he totally cherishes his Claire.

    Let me join the Diana fan club and say that you (Diana) have gotten me through a very, very tough year and I thank you for it.

    Oh and I have a request. If this series should ever end, PLEASE DON’T KILL the characters. Just let them ride off into the sunset or something…

    • Oh I totally agree! Please just let Jamie and Claire get old somewhere and spend their last couple of years in quiet so we can pretend they live forever!

      • Or how about a re-run where Claire intentionally travels back as her young self to before she meets Jamie, and tries to change the history they lived together; no torture at the hands of Black Jack, no 20 year separation.
        Or perhaps Jamie dies, moves into the spectral realm becoming ‘the ghost’ and like the end of the classic film ‘The Ghost and Mrs. Muir’ waits for Claire’s heart to find him.
        Or …….
        I am certain that Diana is too kind (yes we know Black Jack Randall is in there as well) but Diana is too kind to wound us so cruelly at The End.

  113. Happy Birthday Claire!! ;-) I enjoyed this snippet quite a bit! I’m glad Jenny and Claire are friends again. Makes a birthday better to have a good-sister!! Well, my bf didn’t bring me a book from AZ, and I will have to make him bring me there someday. I would love to see the Brazillian Steakhouse, and The Poisoned Pen! Thank you, Diana, for all of your efforts. I am now reading the other stories in Down These Strange Streets, and they are almost as good as the Lord John story. Blessings!!

  114. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CLAIRE :o) my English is terrible, but i muss say, i love your person in the books and i love Diana, because she present me a wunderfull time, if i read her books. And i will hate the day, when the book series is end. I hope that never happend, hihih. As i said before is my english terrible and i hope diana understand, what i try too say :o))
    i love your books, thank you for line by line :o)

    Kerstin from Berlin

  115. I have enjoyed this saga more than I can express, Here is a picture I did of how I imagine Jamie, I hope you like it!


    • Dear Barbara–

      That’s lovely–thank you!


      • I am glad you like it, Clair is more of a challenge…..I hope to get her right some day :)
        Be well Diana

        • Barbara and Diana,

          This is exactly the way that Gerard Butler looked when he played Attila in the TV movie — and that’s why I think he should play the older Jamie in Voyager!!!

    • I love the picture, Barbara, very near to how I picture Jamie.

    • This picture is perfect! Just as I see Jamie!!

    • Wow- truly lovely! You are very talented, and I definitely see Jamie in that, myself!

      You are indeed talented– thank you!

    • I can’t download the picture. I am sad.

    • Oh my! That is lovely, thank you.

    • Ohhhh…. Barbara!!!

      This is absolutely stunning! You have totally captured my minds vision of Jamie!!!!
      This is truly a work of art…just wonderful.

      Kindest Regards,

    • Now, go google Chris Hemsworth! Have his hair dyed with all shades of red…..there is MY Jamie! Perfect! You have captured this remarkable image in my head, now on canvas! You are a very talented artist! Thank you! Of course Diana is a VERRA talented author! Thank you both!

      • Oh wow! I agree with you Lisa, he has that young sexy look that is Jaime in all of the early novels. Being of the ‘older’ generation I can’t seem to keep up with all these wonderful new young actors, but he does definitely fit my idea of what Jaime looks like in my mind’s eye. Yum….might be old but my memory is as good as ever, great looking young man and now I will just have to see him act in his film THOR. Now how tall is he?…and could he carry the Scotish burr?

        Barbara, what a great gift you have, I, like many others wish we could take pen to paper and bring out all of the characters of Diana’s books to life as you have done so well. I can’t wait to see your rendition of Claire, and maybe young Ian and Brianna, Roger, Fergus…etc, etc….you could make yourself a wonderful scrapbook to add to your own personal library and maybe with Diana’s permission continue to share them with us.

        Keep up the great work.

        :c) Fran

        • Hey Fran! Great minds think alike! Well from what I understand is that Chris Hemsworth is 6’3″ or 6’4″, so perfect there. If you have seen THOR then you know what his body is like! perfect there. He is an Aussie, so maybe a little work with a dialect coach and he would be good to go! He has those beautiful cat eyes too, the ones that squinch up when he smiles! He is playing the role of the Huntsman in the new Snow White movie…cant wait!


    • Beautiful drawing / painting! Moves your heart to see it

  116. Oh, I loved this, thanks for sharing. I do love it and can’t bear to wait! Oh, how I miss them. I keep listening to the audio books and intending on taking it slow… I’m on Echo now, :/ my plans thwarted by amazing writing. I was reading a thread on GoodReads where everyone was lamenting about living long enough or their children living long enough to read the entire series. Haha!

    Happy Birthday, Claire!

  117. Mercy me! I came late to the Outlander party and I still have to finish #6 and #7! Hopefully this will keep me going until the you can finish #8! Thanks for the tease!

  118. Well, you have at least one male fan. Thanks for the tease. I too am in love with your Outlander series. Though I am not a fan in general of British historical fiction, science fiction, time travel and Scottish culture, imagine my surprise when I was sucked into Outlander (recommended by my best reading buddy) like a vortex.
    I finished the entire series before reading anything else.
    You are such a talented storyteller! Your characters all all memorable and delightfully painted, even the most evil ones! There is nothing more comforting on a cold winter day than sinking into my favorite easy chair by the fire with one of your volumes. After reading them all three times, I can pick up any one, open to any page and feel right at home.
    Many times after reading a mediocre book or even a good book, I turn again to one of your great books in order to cleanse my pallet.
    Again, thanks for the tease. It quickly brought to mind the exciting scene that preceded it as well as the other major cliff hangers with which you left us. Now stop reading all of these complements and get to writing and editing; your anxious public awaits!

    • Dear Ron–

      Many thanks! I do in fact have quite a few male readers {g}, but a lot of them are service-men, and thus less inclined to surf the net and leave comments. Really glad you’ve enjoyed the books so far, and I hope you’ll enjoy the next ones!


    • Dear Diana
      I too, like Ron have read all your books 3 times. I think they are fabulous and that you are an amazing storyteller in whatever genre you choose.

      Keep writing and I’ll keep buying. Mostly I borrow from the library, but not your books. I want to have them on my shelves with the likes of Chaim Potok and Dickens.
      Glad I found your books. Rosalie


  120. Love, love, love this scene!!

    This is going to be so exciting with Jenny here with them.

    Happy Birthday Claire! I think we got the present though. :)

  121. Happy Birthday Claire!!!

    Buon compleanno Claire!!!
    Adoro questa donna che riesce in mezzo a quel caos a tentare di prendere le redini in mano, con il proprio sarcasmo, per aquiettare la situazione con una tazza di the.

    It’s more much time for to wait the end of 2012 for to read a new book.
    I read your books for the second time, because I love its.
    Thank you 1000, Diana!

    I hope to see you in Italy next time.

  122. For many, Jamie is the best character in this serie, but for me, the best character is Claire.

    Happy bday Claire and thank you Diana!

    • Got to agree. Claire is my favorite. One of the best characters in literature. Smart, spunky, lots of mad skills- she’s an excellent role model in ever so many ways. An admirable creation and appreciated by reams of readers ’round the world. You rock ladies (Claire and Diana)…write on!

  123. I have always been an on & off reader. I got all wrapped up in the Twilight Saga, finish the books, then reread, at least 10 times, then was lost. So Christmas 2009, a family member got me Outlander & Dragonfly in Amber, I picked them up, here, and there, then thought, She wouldn’t get me something horrible to read, well long story short… By New Years Day, I was starting Dragonfly, it was done, and I panicked, went to barnes & noble, got the rest of them, except Echo in the Bone, which had just come out around that time. I read that one, then called Debbie, and said what the hell is going on, how is she going to end it this way? She then told me a bit about you, and that this wasn’t going to be the end, and that now, I’d have to wait for the next book like everyone else. I love your book & you for opening my life up to your writing! My Husband, and my Children, they hate when I am reading one of your books, they say I’m crazy obsessed, and that their going to suffer, and have burnt dinners, or frozen dinners till I’m done with my book, luckily for them I’m a fast reader. Lol. But Thank you, you have also taken me through some tuff times, when I’ve been bedridden and didn’t even mind having to stay in bed, because Jamie, and everyone else was there with me too! I’ve lost numerous amounts of sleep due to your books, and haven’t minded once! My Husband said It’s like im on a drug, and I’m up tweaking all night reading! Love it’s, and thank you….

  124. November 29 can’t get here fast enough. Diana thank you for the intro to MOBY and for everything else you do for us. Great travels and hurry home and write (:


  125. I have always been an on & off reader. I got all wrapped up in the Twilight Saga, finish the books, then reread, at least 10 times, then was lost. So Christmas 2009, a family member got me Outlander & Dragonfly in Amber, I picked them up, here, and there, then thought, She wouldn’t get me something horrible to read, well long story short… By New Years Day, I was starting Dragonfly, it was done, and I panicked, went to barnes & noble, got the rest of them, except Echo in the Bone, which had just come out around that time. I read that one, then called Debbie, and said what the hell is going on, how is she going to end it this way? She then told me a bit about you, and that this wasn’t going to be the end, and that now, I’d have to wait for the next book like everyone else. I love your book & you for opening my life up to your writing! My Husband, and my Children, they hate when I am reading one of your books, they say I’m crazy obsessed, and that their going to suffer, and have burnt dinners, or frozen dinners till I’m done with my book, luckily for them I’m a fast reader. Lol. But Thank you, you have also taken me through some tuff times, when I’ve been bedridden and didn’t even mind having to stay in bed, because Jamie, and everyone else was there with me too! I’ve lost numerous amounts of sleep due to your books, and haven’t minded once! My Husband said It’s like im on a drug, and I’m up tweaking all night reading!lol. Love it, and thank you….

  126. Happy Birthday Claire! I’ve missed you. I’m on round two of the series and biding my time.

  127. Happy Birthday Claire! and many thanks for the teaser, Diana. I’m patiently waiting…

  128. Happy Birthday Claire! I hope at 93 you are still enjoying your garden (as my 93 yr grandma does) With your love by your side, and this evening have a luxurious relaxing bath.

    Diana, Thank you for Claire’s first scene from WRITTEN IN MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD! I had a huge sigh of relief for Claire and her “good sister”.

    BTW I do read a lot but I am perfectly fine and happy with my Outlander obsession : )

    • I am with Fawn.
      There’s nothing wrong with having an ‘Outlander’ obsession.
      Problem, what problem?

  129. LOVE IT!!!!! AND CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I first met Jamie & Claire. Your books are so wonderful on so many levels, it’s no wonder we can’t get enough. My father’s family left Scotland and settled in the mountains of North Carolina even earlier than Claire & Jamie, so besides the great stories, the books give me a very clear picture of what my ancestors’ lives would have been like. My birthday is one month after Claire’s (Nov. 20), so “The Scottish Prisoner” will be my gift to myself. (Stephen King gives me a new book every year for my birthday, wish you could do the same lol!)

  131. Diana;

    I just wanted to say Thank you for writing the Outlander Series or as I call them “my Jamie books”. I was first given Outlander to read when I was fourteen years old (I am now twenty-eight) and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read the entire series. My mom was the person who suggested I read Outlander and she encouraged me to continue reading the whole series. (After she read them them first of course!) We have a formed and special bond through our love for Jamie and Claire, and we cannot wait for the next installment. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

    Happy Birthday Claire!

  132. Happy 93rd Birthday Claire….and Hapy 113th Birthday Ellen Elizabeth Vail (my grandmother) LOL
    Looking forward the next “installment” by re-reading the first seven. :-) Thank you so much Diana.

  133. This is why I spotted double rainbows over Vermont!!!! TY, so very much, Diana. Happy Natal Day, Claire oooooooox

  134. What? That’s it? Really??
    It’s almost not fair to just give us that much. That’s just a tease, now isn’t it? Not to be ungrateful, you understand, but we are desperate to find out how all of this turns out. Thanks for the fun peek. And write fast, please. :-)

  135. Just a note to say how much I love the series which I have read over and over always finding something I missed, always find a place to laugh or cry. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    I have seen some of the suggestions of who to play Jamie and my vote would go to David James Elliott. I have seen him in a kilt and he would be perfect.

    Happy Birthday Claire!

  136. I really miss Claire and Jamie. I am so glad another book is coming up in November. I love the Outlander series. I will download it in my Kindle and read it again.

  137. Happy Birthday Claire! I started this series with “Dragonfly in Amber” it seems like forever ago and have the entire series now. I have had to replace the first 3 books because unfortunately I read them to shreds! I love the characters, history and the way it is all woven together. I tend to re-read the entire series after I buy the newest book but before I read it. This let’s me keep everything fresh and keeps the anticipation building. With other authors and series this often ends badly, not with Diana and the Outlandish series. I downloaded Echo to my Thunderbolt this summer and always had it with me but wouldn’t even ‘crack’ it until I read all of the others. Oh, the torture!

    Please keep writing about such amazing lives for us, Diana. We love you, Claire, Jamie and the family! Thank you and your family for the time and effort you put into these wonderful stories.

  138. I LOVE the Outlander Series!!!! I have never read a book that makes you feel that you are in the story along with them. You feel every emotion as its happening in the book. THANK YOU Diana for sharing your wonderful gift with us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!!!!!

  139. Dear Diana, there’s no words to describe my love for your work, thank you for the passion, dedication, love and hard work you put into each book. I feel alive because of your books. If I was granted only one wish, it would be to meet you (even though I would pass out before We shaked hands) because of your story I wish I was Claire and wish I had Jammie. Sending you genuine love and wishing Claire Fraser (Sassenach) a happy birthday! Your fan, Yarah

  140. I was so excited when I found out that Claire and I and my second daughter all share the same birthday! I have gone back to read these books several times, some more than others, but they are the only series I reread on a regular basis. Thank you so much for the hours of pleasure they have given me.

  141. Happy Birthday, Claire!!
    Thanks for the excerpt, Diana! :)

  142. Thank you Diana for the excerpt, I can tell that it’s going to be good!

  143. Thank you Diana for your wonderful writing and the “gift” to us of lines from the continuation of the Jamie/Claire saga. Your writing is by far the most superbly “real” fiction.

    I read everyone’s comments, and they all express my own feelings and thoughts (except for one). Now I know that I am not alone in re reading all your books, craving more and praying the series will never end. My dream is to be able to visit Scotland someday and visit all the places with standing stones.

    You have blessed so many people all over the world with your talent. I fail to find the words to convey the extent of my feelings. You are much loved and appreciated. Now to thank my friend Shirley, who told me to read “Outlander”. Diana, you have surpassed every other author/book I have read. Blessings to you, dear Diana.

  144. Happy Birthday to Claire… Ever lasting thanks to You Diana, and thanks also to all the other avid, obsessed fans… I knew I couldn’t be the only crazy person out there who loves this series so much that re-reading all the books can still be such a source of joy!!!

  145. Dearly love the Outlander series. Diana, I’m 65 and hoping I’m around for the last book. If it takes you two years to write a book, I figure I’ll be around for five!

  146. Love it, Diana! Am rereading the series right now.

  147. Dear Diana,

    I like reading your blogs (and the books of course!!!) and often wonder how involved you are with your fans. I´ve never found such a commitment by any writer in Germany. It impresses me on how many ways you get in contact with us. How often fans ask the same questions you always answer them so politely and patiently over and over again. Thank you very much for that!!!! In my job I have to tell people all day long the same things, so I know, how hard it can be to do so (g).
    While looking through the photos on your website I found some which were taken in Trier. That is where I come from. You seem to have been here. Funny! In Germany they say: sometimes the world is a village. Hope you know what I mean.
    Thank you,


  148. Thank you for the Happy Birthday Claire tidbit! I hope Claire got a great present too, since her fans did. :)

  149. A friend of mine saw me reading an Isaac Asimov book at work (I’m a Sci-Fi freak). She said “I have a book you might want to read” The next day, she brought in Outlander. I was so hooked that I read in a day and a half. I’ve been a fan ever since, I have them all. I know before every new book comes out, I can take the time to read the previous one to keep up to date. My latest one was your short story in Songs of Love and Death. OK, I’ll admit, I bought it because you had a short story in it and it was amazing, but, all the others were great! I’ll be patient, I’m glad Jenny is back with Jamie and Ian.
    Happy Birthday Claire!

  150. I suppose one could say that I had the serendipitous occasion of stumbling upon your book series just last year. As a lover if historical fiction too, my mother recommended Outlander to me. Since this time last year, I have read all of the published Outlander and Lord John books, sometimes at the price of a sleepless night just to see what would happen next. I had the luxury of not waiting in between books and even for a bit, the assumption that the series was complete. The last three months of no reading material left in the series has left me feeling a bit depraved, since I could read without cessation all the time previous.

    Now I kind of live vicariously through the friends to whom I have recommended your books as they share their excitement, and continuing the love if your books for a younger gender generation who were not yet birn when the series began.

    Thank you!!!

  151. Wishing you all the best on your special day Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser.

    My friend Sahar and myself are in love with the Fraser’s.

    We are both avid readers but Jamie & Claire are written in our hearts forever.

    Thank you for the many hours of escape your novels have provided.


  152. Diana,

    There is nothing left to say as everyone here has said it all. You are an amazing woman and I thank you for giving us this book to look forward to. In a world where life is so hectic and serious it is nice to have an escape and that is what you have given us. Thank you a million times over. Like all the other fans I too can’t wait for the book to be finished but I understand that you are only human and can only get it done when it is done. In the mean time I will re-read the series for the third time in anticipation for the new book.

    Happy Birthday Claire!!!!!!!!!

  153. After scrolling through hundreds of responses that all reflect my same feelings of love for your books and characters, along with feelings of angst, longing, excitement and pain waiting for the next one, I know that I am in marvelous company! Your writing is amazing, and the characters have woven their way into my life. I, too, have read the series more times than I can count and have to force myself to put them away and read something else, but I always feel the pull to come back! Eagerly anticipating the new release in November and loving the Daily Lines on Facebook. The new book can’t come soon enough…Diana, order Chinese food for the family and keep writing! Please!

    Happy Birthday, Claire! My own Claire, nearly ten, was born Nov. 1!

  154. ohhhhhhhhhhhh hurry! hurry!

  155. I keep going back to the first part of “Outlander” where Frank runs into Jamie’s spirit, and wonder how that scene will fit in with the finished story. Since 1997 I’ve been wondering! :) Truly, no other book I’ve ever read has entranced and grabbed a hold of me like these do. Thank you for writing and sharing your imagination with us!

  156. Could someone please clarify for me if “Written in my Own Heart’s Blood” is book 8 in the Outlander series? I love the littel exerpts I get on facebook but am confused at to where this book fits in. Thanks!!

    • Dear Debbie–

      Yes, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (“Moby” for short) is indeed the 8th book in the main series.


      • So many reading recommendations buried in these comments.. is there a way to add a section to the blog to keep them all in one place? Maybe separate from the methadone list or next to it?

        Thanks for the excerpt !

  157. Have been reading your books since Outlander was the only one but I do read other books as well. Don’t really like audio books as they are distracting. When I read words, I am hearing them in my head and someone else’s voice doesn’t sound right. Have reread the books when each new one has come out, and maybe an extra time or two. You gave us this teaser a while ago on your works in progress. I was delighted to finally meet you at the Eagle Eye Book Store signing in Decatur, Ga. during Dragoncon and appreciated your signing two of my books: The Exile and the anniversery copy of Outlander. Also, enjoyed the talk before the signings. You must have been a very popular professor for Anatomy and Physiology. I don’t remember my instructor holding everyone’s attention as well as you did. Hoave the Scottish Prisoner on order and did enjoy Lord John and the Plague of Zombies (as well as most of the other stories in the book). Happy Birthday to Claire. Don’t think I have seen so many responses in so short a time before.

  158. Dearest Diana,

    Firstly, Happy Birthday to Claire! Someday I plan to write to you and explain how your writing has changed my life! There are so many similarities between your characters, settings, and other weird associations which are woven into my own life, that I cannot help but wonder if there are really some other forces at work? There is too much to go into, but I will start with this introduction, and simply express how you have ruined me for other author’s writing, as they leave me empty since I read your first book, “The Outlander”, many years ago when you had just completed the trilogy. I had sought out your work, after reading a book by another female author, (sorry, cannot remember her name) but that was her first book, and you assisted her, I liked the book, and then I found “Outlander”! You have to be so strong, and I do not see how you can cover all of your ground, as you do, maybe their is something to those standing stones!


  159. Happy Belated Birthday Claire…I just checked your website today. October 20th is also my wedding anniversary – it’s 27 years now – how time flies! I didn’t remember her birthday being that date but now I do, smile.
    Now, it’s interesting when I read your blog above… you wrote “…first scene WRITTEN IN MY HEART’S OWN BLOOD…” and then below your excerpt for the next book “WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD”… it makes me smile. Which title will it be? I kind of like the first one – my heart’s own blood.
    It does not matter to me which title you choose, they all are terrific titles. Take all your time in writing and don’t mind those who want you to hurry… they have no idea it takes time to write an excellent story. You are truly special. Thank you.

  160. Hello Diana,

    I didn’t know where else to post this. I wanted you to know that you are a wonderful (and fastidious) teacher, and that the three hours flew by on Thursday. (So relieved to find out that “Sex AND Violence” are legitimate themes.) I feel so fortunate. (It seems to be what falls out of my head and on to the page.) (As well as digressing in paranthese).

    Looking forward to writing with your guide lines and examples.
    The Devil sits on my shoulder.

  161. Ah, Diana! Thank you for the treat! Outlander is a great vacation escape for me! Happy Birthday to your Claire! That woman is an inspiration! As are you!

  162. Reading the first sentence and standing in the floor of Lord Johns house……


    The last book……the last sentence of the series?

    Greetings vom Hamburg/Germany

  163. Ahhhhhh…Happy Birthday Claire…we are really sisters separated at birth…I’m an RN and an herbalist and I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIana’s books, they are BEYOND fabulous!!!! What a lovely little teaser…have THE SCOTTISH PRISONER on pre-order….what a delightful thing to anticipate!

  164. *laughs like a loon* I can just see Claire rubbing her forehead while trying to think of how to handle this mess…

  165. I read this on compuserve a little while ago but at that point it was still “book 8″ – when I saw the title ‘Written in my hearts own blood’ I got a little teary-eyed! It’s the little phrases like that which are so well-crafted that make your books so special. Love the way Claire expresses herself.


    Ps I hope one day the ‘ghost’ in cross stitch is explained! I can’t work out if it is Jamie ‘dreaming’ like he does with jem and Mandy or if it’s really him waiting for Claire 200 yes later…

  166. Just to assure me that my mind has gone on the far away trip you fear will be at your door . I believe I got some 20-25 years, Just a sweet tease, how delecious. Jenny finding a beau perhaps?

  167. Thanks for the excerpt Diana! Happy Birthday Claire!

    I am just finishing up ABOSAA after the nth re-read in preparation for the Scottish Prisoner which I will pre-order real soon. I’m so glad to see Jenny and Claire reunited! That was one of the issues from Echo in the Bone that worried me.

    I have to say that I’m able to read other books after the Outlander re-reads. What’s ruined me after Outlander is all the bodice-ripping romances featuring Scottish lairds! It’s real hard to get into those after Jamie and Claire! I used to read those just for the entertainment. Outlander is on a whole different level.

    Patiently waiting for MOBY! Judging by how quickly this year has gone by, we’ll arrive at MOBY publication day before you know it!

  168. Oh, WHAT TIMING! I just finished re-reading the entire series (again) not an hour ago! lol Happy Birthday to Claire – and THANK YOU Diana for keeping it going! I’ve had 5 surgeries in the last 4 years and spent an awful lot of time “off of my feet” so to speak – it was wonderful to have the Frasers, MacKenzies and Murray’s to keep me company :)

    Am going to get started on the Lord John books in anticipation of the Scottish Prisoner :)

  169. Happy Birthday Claire
    Thanks for the snippet , Diana
    Not enough ! Sigh…………………….

  170. Hi!

    My name is Valérie. I don’t speak english at all but, I read the saga until «An echo in the bone», in french, and i would like to know: Diana does a French official website? When will the next book?
    Sorry for the poor quality of my English.
    J’adore cette série! Je l’ai fait découvrir à ma tante et elle a adoré aussi.

  171. Oh, so many questions!! I want to know why Jenny is there, where they are, why is Claire married to someone else, what has happened to them all???? What a great tortuous way of getting us even more hooked, Diana! I don’t think I can wait until the end of 2012 to read it!!
    Happy 93rd birthday, Claire :).

  172. Oh my birthday too! Happy Birthday Claire and thank you Diana for the wonderful gift of more of your books.

  173. I have loved the story of Jamie and Claire and can’t wait for the new book! I was divorced after 23 years of marriage and then last year ran into my former fiance (we had broken up shortly before our planned wedding 25 years ago, although we had been very much in love). We are back to together and I find my life feeling very similar to Claire. I am also in the medical field and my friend reminds me very much of Jamie. I can’t wait to see what is next for Jamie and Claire (and us)!

  174. You are so gifted Diana. That first line of the excerpt was so incredibly vivid and descriptive. Who else can put that much imagery into one sentence and make it work so beautifully?! I have been reading your books since I was 16 and literally have you to thank for half the words in my vocabulary.
    My personal favorite: discombobulated.
    I guess I must content myself with re-reading my 25th Anniversary copy of Outlander while I wait for more excerpts..
    Happy Writing!

  175. I’m so excited!
    Happy Birthday Claire! :D

  176. Someone gave me OUTLANDER shortly after the death of my first husband. It was a wonderful way to stop the circular thinking and panic that had been disrupting my life and robbing me of sleep. I was instantly hooked, and own the entire series. Since I have a (in my opinion) realistic idea of the time and effort needed to write such books, I have contented myself with re-reading the entire series (so far) every winter. My enjoyment never wanes, and I still get that sense of peace and removal from the pressures of my own life every time. Thank you Diana.

  177. Ive only recently discovered the Outlander books. I’m tearing through The Drums of Autumn right now. Im completely spell-bound! How dull my own life is now! I’m going to be a 45 year old grandma with a dirk in her purse before I know it!! Thank you Diana G for so much entertainment!! The most fun reading I’ve ever had!

  178. Happy Birthday Claire!!! She’s about a month younger than my Gramma…give or take the extra 200-ish extra years.

  179. What a treat to find an exerpt about Claire and Jenny. I (and my sister and many of my friends) cannot wait for the new book to come out. You have a wonderful gift that you share with all of us. Happy Birthday Claire.

  180. I have been an avid reader for many years, but over the last dozen years or so have turned mostly to non-fiction. My dear daughter began talking about the Outlander series every time I talked to her on the phone. My intital thought was “I am so not into anything involving time travel.” However, eventually I decided to read the first book just because it is wonderful to have something to share in common with one’s adult children. I have been completely CAPTIVATED to say the least. The course of the last two years have held some deep personal challenges that have greatly contributed to health issues. These books have been such a blessing! They could be marketed as a “pain relief” substance :-).

    Thank, thank, thank you Diana. What a wonderful mind with which you have been gifted!

  181. I’ve read the series three times ( reading book 7 for the second time). I’m from Norway and my sister introdused me to this AMAZING story of Jamie and Claire,and I’ve loved it ever since I opened the first book :) Unfortunately, they stopped translationing your books into norwegian just before book 7 was released. So I’ve been reading An Echo In The Bone in english. Some of the woords are difficult to get good substitute for in norwegian,so I don’t always get every little detail right. My friends and family can’t belive I’m reading these books over and over again,but I discover new tings every time :) And I like that you use authentic history as an background for this lovestory. You make Jamie and Claire alive and I can’t help myself from crying and smiling as they struggle to survive. And they REALLY have to struggle!!!!! Cant wait for book 8 and how everything ends. Well,actually a part of me want’s you to keep writing because I don’t want to let go of J & C, they have a special place in my hearth :)
    You’re a GREAT writer !!!!!

  182. I am guilty also of re-reading the Outlander series several times over as I wait for the new editions. I have never been so addicted to a series or author. It never gets old and there is always something I missed in previous readings. I have loaned my copies out to family and they are all just as enthralled as I. Looking forward to the eighth book in Outlander as well as Clair’s writings.

  183. I can’t believe I almost came to tears. I love Jenny and I can see them both standing there. It is wonderful. I was dying to know how that was going to play out. Thank you. Can’t wait for more.

  184. Hi Diana,
    I am pre-ordering the book today, but I wanted to ask you please to come back to the Surrey Writers conference next year! I was unable to go this year due to a broken collar bone and was devastated!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Nova Scotia sometime again too!

  185. Thank you for that brief bit. Now, back to Drums of Autumn…..reading all again.

  186. Listen Outlander fans, I adore the series and have read it at least three times. I wish I was a young women and could accidentally run into the handsome hunk who is Jamie in whatever century he could be found. I would keep him for a while and then give him back to Clair and then return through the stones to my husband (maybe). Not much chance though since they are characters in a book. Anyway for those who took exception to my previous remarks about thier obsession with Jamie and Clair, it’s none of my business how you get through the day and if thinking about this really great story helps relieve the stress of everyday life and starts some people reading again, have at it. I was feeling grouchy that day, or so my husband tells me.

    My husband likes Dr. Gabaldon’s writing because she is spot on with her historical facts. Jamie does not turn him on, Clair does. So, health, wealth, and happiness on your 93rd Clair. Looking forward to the next book in the series.


    • I am a terrible speller – their obsession – T H E I R – BELONGING TO.

    • Anne,

      I would like to recommend two wonderful books to you – The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns. Both were written by Khaled Hosseini, an Afghani-American. They are amazing stories – I suspect your husband would also enjoy them.

      I discovered the Outlander series just this year. Count me as one who is mesmorized by the story of Jamie & Claire. It’s a delightful escape . This is what reading does for many people. If you have read it three times and counting – I rest my case.


  187. I love your series of books.
    I received “The fiery cross” in a box of books given to me and loved it but knew it was not the first in a series and when i asked learned, the one i had was the fifth one. Within the week i had all the book and within 2 1/2 had read them all.
    That was a year ago and have now read the series 6 times.
    LOVE YOUR WORK…… So can not wait for the next one

  188. Sticky situation indeed …. ahh …. will love to see how it turns out, like everyone else of course! While we all eagerly await news of Jamie, Claire, et. al, like children on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa to come … I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season with your family!!

  189. I came to Outlander late and therefore was able to read all of the books one after the other (one weekend after the other to the detriment of the household, oh well). I just love the characters especially Young Ian, the history is fascinating and appears to be so well researched (history major). I’m reading book #7 and so love Jamie and Claire’s progress, as well as their relationship (sex rules!). I’m thrilled that they will continue.

  190. The series is exceptional…I can’t wait for the next book…when i finished echo…bone, i yelled out and slammed the book closed…then i went back to the beginning of the last chapter and read to the end again because i coulldn’t believe it…Diane, you are amazingly talented…thank you

  191. I LOVE it. I am so excited for this book! Patiently excited, mind you – write at the pace you need. :)

  192. OOOOHHHHH what a torture. I just read the whole series for the, well quite honestly, I do not know how many times I already read it …… I have recently bought a tablet PC which made me buying the whole series again ( english and german ) even though I have to say, the german kindle edition of the books have quite a few errors and sometimes they are formatted a bit weird ( especially ” An Echo In The Bone ” ). I love the series and can not wait until book 8 gets released. Now i might have to buy the Lord John Series as well. Such an addiction :P.

    One thing though, is there an email address to contact Diana? I would like to send an email to her ( you )

  193. As many others, we are really looking forward to the next Outlander series’ book. Diana, your are certainly a very gifted writer. I know you are tired of hearing this, but if a movie is ever made, here are two suggestions of actors who could play Jamie & Claire:. My first choice Chris Hensworth and Emily Blunt. Just a suggestion. Thank you for sharing with us this amazing journey!!!!

    • I know there have been so many opinions on which actors/actresses should play Claire and Jamie, but I don’t think there’s a better “Claire” out there than Alex Kingston (she played Dr. Korday on the old TV series E.R.” She has the crazy hair, the English accent, the same general build…AND she’s an amazing actress. I haven’t “found” a good Jamie, yet…but Alex gets my vote hands-down for Claire!

  194. …HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  195. I am anticipating this book with all my heart! I cannot wait to dive in to bed with this book clutched to me…. I am doing my best to be patient… one cannot rush perfection!!!! Ah, Jamie…. I miss you so……

  196. I know this may be mean and some people will disagree but, “I don’t care about the side stories!” lol. I would totally vote for not writing anything else until the next book in the main series is done! I hate waiting so long for a new book to continue where the last left off. I don’t check the site often because it usually takes so long for each book but today I stopped in and saw the big count down timer and went crazy! I was so excited that the next book was FINALY coming out. . .

    then I read the description and found out it was yet another book that does nothing to continue the story in my opinion. I couldn’t care less about Lord John and his little side story, and I don’t want to read a story about jamie back between the second and third book. . . to me that story was already told and i don’t want to see it expanded and possible changed or show inconsistancies with what was already written. I have given prequels a chance before and they always disappoint.

    Just finish the story you started then if you must go back and add all the others once the original story is finished.

    i will step off my soapbox now. . .

    • Dear Jennifer–

      Well, you’re entitled to your opinion–but it doesn’t work like that. I.e.,…I _can’t_ “finish the main story and then write the others.” I don’t plan the books out in advance, I don’t write with an outline, and I don’t write in a straight line. The story (all of it–and it _is_ all one enormous story, whether you personally want to read only one part of it or not) emerges for me in disconnected chunks, I write concurrently with the research, and the chunks that emerge are not only not in order, but quite possibly not from the same book. Besides that, I learned long ago (before I ever started writing fiction) to work on multiple projects simultaneously, because that keeps me from ever having writer’s block {g}, and it also ups my productivity considerably.

      What this means is that I’ve been working simultaneously on WRITTEN (the book _you_ particularly want {g}) _and_ SCOTTISH PRISONER _and_ “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” (Roger’s parents’ short story) _and_ “Lord John and the Plague of Zombies” during the last year. WRITTEN is by far the biggest and most complex piece, so it rather reasonably takes a good deal longer to finish. I _think_ it’ll be done by the end of next year, but I’m not guaranteeing anything; I can’t predict what will happen, either in the story or in my personal life. {g}

      Anyway, the smaller pieces obviously come out sooner, but the fact that I’m writing them doesn’t in any way slow down my progress on the longer/larger books–and as I said, all the small pieces are in fact part of the larger, overall story. If you ONLY want to read about Jamie and Claire, that’s fine, but I think you might be missing a few bits that you’d really like to have. Your choice, though.


      • Please just keep it coming – any of it – all of it!!! Side stories, prequels – your stories are so intelligent and compelling and addicting. I feel like these characters are part of my family (or I am part of theirs!). Thank you for sharing them with us all. LOVED A Leaf on the Wind . . . :-)

  197. I found the series last winter and am now re-reading them. I don’t usually re-read anything unless it’s YEARS later. It’s not just that the books are engaging, fun, witty, wise, and full of suprises…………………….but since I now know how events have unfolded, I enjoy seeing how you have “built” the plots and how those little hints are there to move the story in one direction……………or another!

    Another “plus” after finding your books, is that I feel more connected with history. And that is even though I know that the stories are fictional! I guess you’ve written so many actual real details into the stories that I feel like the characters COULD be real and maybe they really DID do what you have written? I’m starting to ponder the history of each of us, our parents, earlier ancestors, and actually seeing our lives and struggles reaching up through past generations

    As I watch (and read) to see the story unfold, it seems that Claire and Jamie’s world is maniplated in such a way that it’s like watching a chess game unfold. And as I spend so much time with your chess game, I’m starting to see my own life in the same way. As a result, I’m looking around and paying more attention to details and wondering more about peoples’ motivation and actions.

    And all this from your fiction! I love it!

    And please please hurry on that next book………………

  198. Diana Gabaldon, you are the worlds biggest tease! Now I’m anticipating the next installment in the lives of of Clan Fraser even more! Happy writing you amazing woman, you!

  199. Thanks for the tease!!! I had just about gotten over the severe withdrawal pangs when I saw on Amazon that they were taking pre-orders for THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. I’ve placed my order and now, I can’t wait!!!! Reading the snippet was a breath of fresh air. Please hurry with MOBY, we need to get everyone back where they belong.

    P.S. I haven’t been able to successfully find a replacement series either. Other authors just don’t compare!You have such a talent.

  200. Teaser is too accurate for this little bit!

    Happy birthday to Claire, and to my own (twin) brother and sister! Unfortunately I am the only one in my family who knows they share a birthday.

    Thanks for the snippet! It just makes me realize how much more I love these books :)

  201. Ann Kristin
    October 25, 2011 • 4:20 pm
    Dear Diana!! Love,love,love the Outlander series!!!! J&C becomes almost alive right in front of me when I read about them I’ve read the series 3 times,but,as so many of you reading people out there,I have unanswerd questions 1) How did black Jack Randall end up dead on top of Jamie at Culloden? Did they just happend to meet during the fight or did Randall search for J at the battlefield? And who killed Randall? Was it J that killed him in the end,wanting to do that for so long? 2) Will William ever get to know that Jamie is his biological father ? 3) Claire,Brianna and Roger can travel back and forth in time assumingly because they put all theire thougts on someone they love in the time they want to travel to.What about Mandy,who’s so little when they go back to the 19th century that she probably can’t focus on anything?
    love to hear from you

    Ann Kristin,Norway

  202. NOOOOOOOoooooo! Too SHORT!! That’s just plain mean!! I NEED more!! sigh…. I’ve got the Scottish Prisoner pre-ordered, but I’d rather have more of this one!! (Of course if it isn’t written yet, I’m just going to have to wait) But it’s HARD!!

  203. Oh I am so happy to hear a new book is coming out and soon!! I enjoyed the picture that Barbara posted. Funny how in my mind I couldnt picture him. I knew he was hot though, I was mostly attracted to his personality, size and how others viewed him. Ahh Jamie!! If some of you are looking for a series I would like to suggest “into the wilderness” by Sara Donati., of course when youre not reading Dianas wonderful books!!! I met Diana in Victoria, British Columbia a few years ago when Echo came out, she is very nice, signed a few of my books and is photogenic unlike myself! I tried to act so cool and calm but inside I was thinking wow.. she created these awesome books. I sent her a card and letter about a year before and for some stupid reason I thought she would remember it, as soon as the words left my mouth I kinda giggled and said well you must get a ton of letters i dont know why I didnt think of it before!!! Thank You Diana You are truly blessed!!! And so are we because of it!!

  204. Je viens de relire pour la Nième fois toute la série et j’attends la suite (comme d’ailleurs chacun des autres livres) avec impatience. Cela devient une véritable addiction . Dans chacun des livres, nous avons l’impression de vivre l’Histoire en direct et de vivre l’histoire à la place de Claire: le retour à la réalité est souvent difficile et la reconnection avec le monde réel tout autant. J’aimerais , en fait , connaitre la suite tout en espérant qu’il n’y ai jamais de fin.Un grand merci à Mme Gabaldon pour l’immense plaisir qu’elle nous offre à chaque livre

  205. I have been meaning to write you about the wonderful work you have done with The Outlander series.

    Having been recommended your book by a work colleague many many moons ago now I’ve read the whole series every year since then and run through a fair few copies. Yours were the first books I bought when I moved to London as I couldn’t cart them all with me from New Zealand and thus I have 2 sets on opposite sides of the globe, both very much cherished. I’ve just picked up ‘An Echo in the Bone’ once more and can’t wait to relive it all over again. To say that when I first starting reading them they fast became an obsession and I would read till the wee hours or literally walk down the street with my nose in one of them. Actually I still do that from time to time. Your books have been top of my own recommendation list for years now and at times my friends and I find ourselves in excited chats when we see that one of us has picked it up again.

    Fair to say that for this avid reader the way you tell this story is eloquent, beautiful, shocking, addictive and no matter how many times I read it I always find myself laughing with them, my heart breaks with them and I’m forever surprised at the joy it gives me to curl up with a cup of tea and let their adventures envelope me. You’ve truly brought this story to life and I’m sincerely hopeful that it will never end.

    Your loyal and eternal fan.


    • Dear Melodie–

      THANK you! {beam}


    • Melodie, You expressed it so well, and your comments are exactly the same way as I feel about the Outlander series, and DG’s writing. Her dialogue is captivating, her descriptions ‘take you there’, and as another avid reader, that is not always the case – with even very good writers. Sometimes descriptions can bog down. DG’s never do. They move the story along, and I never get bored. Even after countless re-readings, and I’ve been reading these ever since the first one came out! Thanks for saying what you did, much better than I could have.

  206. Love all of your books and I can hardley wait for the next one(Claire and Jamie) you are a fantastic writer and you should be required reading for anybody who loves those time periods.
    Your personal dirk maker ,Ron Gates

  207. I agree 100% with Melanie!!! I was introduced to your books several years ago and still recommend them to everyone I know who loves to read! I told a friend about your books and he polsihed off all 7 books in about 2 months!! Very impressive! I even recommend them to my students (high school).

    I have found so much joy in reading these books. They have taught me about history, which is something I have come to love as an adult. I have become a better reader and find that other kinds of books just don’t measure up. And so, I along with everyone else I anxiosly await the next books. Thank you Diana for giving me a wonderful adeventure to lose myself in! :)

  208. I can wait. I can be patient. Each book brings us closer to the end, and I don’t know if I can bear that. I just want this story to go on and on.

    Yes, I too have many unanswered questions. Who was the young girl mentioned in chapter 94 of An Echo in the Bone who died in France “as a result of his lust”? Was she the woman who Jamie saw raped when he was soldiering in France and told Clair about on their wedding night? Was she another “reason” that he married Clair?

    And why does Jamie not remember those last moments on Culloden field, and how Jack Randall came to be lying dead on top of him? Why does Claire tell us in chapter 40 of Outlander that Randall died under the “hooves of my revenge”? Did she somehow circle back from the stones at the last moment, mount a horse and strike him down, or was it simply her prognostication of his date of death that was her curse of revenge on him?

    I want answers … but then again, I don’t. Keep it coming Diana!

    • The girl in France features in ‘The Exile’ graphic novel – a young woman Jamie thiught himself in love with in the innocence of his youth, and for whose death he blamed himself. i think this is also mentioned in the ‘Outlandish companion’ which I am reading at the moment. I wonder if there is a second ‘Companion’ to come out relating to kater books…

  209. OMG’sh! Oct. 20 is MY BIRTHDAY TOO!!! I’m honored to share a birthday with Claire! Can’t wait for this book to be finished…waiting with bated breath.

  210. The story just keeps getting better with age, like fine whiskey I suppose! :)

  211. Arg-g-g…I feel like I’ve just been given the finest piece of chocolate ever made and now told I have to wait a year to have another!

  212. Dear Diana!! Love,love,love the Outlander series!!!! J&C becomes almost alive right in front of me when I read about them I’ve read the series 3 times,but,as so many of you reading people out there,I have unanswerd questions 1) How did black Jack Randall end up dead on top of Jamie at Culloden? Did they just happend to meet during the fight or did Randall search for J at the battlefield? And who killed Randall? Was it J that killed him in the end,wanting to do that for so long? 2) Will William ever get to know that Jamie is his biological father ? 3) Claire,Brianna and Roger can travel back and forth in time assumingly because they put all theire thougts on someone they love in the time they want to travel to.What about Mandy,who’s so little when they go back to the 19th century that she probably can’t focus on anything?
    love to hear from you

    I’ve posted these questions earlier but didn’t get any respons,so I try again :) Is there anybody out there who can answer me? I’m really curious!! :) :)

    Ann Kristin,Norway

  213. Diana,

    I not sure what I’ m going to do for the next year. I hoping you surprise us and complete the book sooner; in the mean time please continue with the excerpts. I also hoping against hope that somehow Jamie is able to travel with Claire to present time so they end up with Brianna and Jamie gets to see all that he has heard about.
    I know this is your book; not mine; but as you see, I am a little obsessed with the series and spend a lot time thinking abut it.

    Ruth H, Chicago