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Happy Release Day to the UK!

Theoretically, THE SCOTTISH PRISONER was released in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand today (well…December 1. I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still Dec. 1 for me). I _know_ it was released November 29th in the US, because we had a delightful launch party for it, and people have apparently been enjoying it ever since. Hope y’all enjoy it!

I did hear from several people that they had received emails from Barnes and Noble, informing them that their books hadn’t shipped yet, “because the release date had changed.” {ahem} Far be it from me to say that a respectable large bookstore chain lies like a rug, but I also have a number of photos sent me by readers, proudly showing off their new books–not a few of which sport B&N “20% Off Bestseller” stickers.

Now, they may possibly not have ordered _enough_ copies, and thus be trying to prevent people canceling their orders and buying the book elsewhere while they scramble to get more–I’m sure couldn’t say as to their possible motives–but I _can_ say that the book is out.

Hope you enjoy it whenever and however you get it!

And Many, Many Thanks to Elenna Loughlin, who provided the beautiful author’s photo–which I include here, because the UK readers tell me it isn’t on the trade paperback edition that they mostly get, and they should get to enjoy it, too.

Now, for those of you who’ve already reached the Author’s Notes, there is a note there to the effect that we have sound files of the Gaelic bits, _and_ phonetic pronunciations, and those will be available here. They _will_, but probably not before the end of the weekend–I’m madly finishing a novella (“The Space Between”) and the wonderful Cathy MacGregor is working on the pronunciations in the interstitces of her own work. But they _will_ be up here, as soon as we can manage it!

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  1. You you look stunningly beautiful! Congratulations on the release of the Scottish Prisoner! I look forward to reading more tales of our favoritie men!

  2. Lovely picture of you on the back…I received my copy from the library on Tuesday…I was surprised that I was first on the list but nonetheless thrilled. I started reading last night as I had to finish another book first (always finish what you start is what my momma use to say). Happy writing and Bright Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Diana,

    Congradulations on another fabulous book.

    I finished The Scottish prisoner last night. Loved it. I always loved the character of Lord John Grey but was not sure how a story would work with both Jamie and John as main characters; I was afraid one would over power the other. But, you pulled it off famously. I am now hoping to see more John and Jamie buddy mysteries. Hopeful Hint.

    For your information, I ordered my book from Amazon Canada as I am here in Ottawa Canada and recieved it on Tuesday the 29. So they would have shipped the book before the release date for which I was of course delighted as I thought I would not have got it before the end of the week. Your Canadian fans are at least well served.


  4. I pre-ordered my copy on Amazon.com and I’m still waiting. According to the tracking it should be delivered today. I am jealous of those who read it already.

    • Me too! I like pre-ordering from Amazon but it does take a few days to ship. I should have mine today which is perfect timing – I will be reading all weekend!

      • Well I just checked tracking AGAIN and it just shows ‘In transit” and “has left the sellers facility”, that’s all, I was so hoping for an “out for delivery” but NOOOOOO. Grrrrrrrrrr ! I wanted to start reading tonight !!!!… I have pre-ordered books with Amazon before and I always get the book on the release date, WHAT HAPPENED TIHS TIME ????… I need a tranquilizer. :)
        I’ll just have to get it on my kindle,which is NOT my first choice as the books I get in the kindle format are the ones I am not crazy about –the “average”(on MY personal category)– no choice about it though. I feel like they spoiled everything.
        Aye well…

    • Evidently I was so anxious to receive the new book, I pre-ordered it from Amazon in August, September and October, and sure enough all three copies arrived today – finally! I’m about to crack one of them open and expect to resurface some time tomorrow! Can’t wait to visit with Jamie again! Thanks Diana.

    • I ordered my copy several months ago from Amazon and I still don’t have it. I was hoping to receive my copy on the release date. I’m in Alaska and things just take a few extra days. I was hoping Amazon might take that into consideration. Oh well, I will enjoy the book when I get it. Something to look forward to. If I can wait, I may read at the cabin over Christmas!

      Nice picture, Diana!

  5. I’m part of the way through as my daily obligations don’t allow as much time for reading as I would like. I was able to download Scottish Prisoner right away and am happily awaiting my signed copy from The Poisoned Pen. Thank you for another wonderful installment in the lives of both Jamie and LJ!

  6. I stayed up till midnight on Monday to see if my kindle version would download… at about 12:02 a.m. it did. One of the many things to love about a kindle! I thoroughly enjoyed the book! There are many things I’d love to say, but don’t want to give any kind of spoiler for those who might not have started, or finished, the book yet. I do have to say, though, that I love how Claire is always with Jamie, and sometimes that made me laugh, but it tore at my heart too.

  7. Looking forward to receiving my copy soon. Love the photo of you.

  8. I ordered from Amazon and got my copy on Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. I got started reading it but as I had no power until late last night, I am savoring it slowly….
    Also Loved the photo!

  9. Hi Diana,

    I finished the book just yesterday at midnight and I enjoyed every single page. Thank you very much.

    Kind regards from Germany

  10. Dear Diana:

    LOVED the book! You did it again–another outstanding adventure with our beloved Lord John AND Jamie–could not have been a better combo! Great story and as always, another fantastic tome by the best author ever! Love the back photo, too! Where was the photo taken?


  11. I visited my nearest Chapters/Indigo on November 29th to pick up my pristine copy of Scottish Prisoner. I have it sitting on my nightstand at the moment, unopened, as I finish my umpteenth re-read of Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber. I have, of course, read the preview (wow!) and so – I hear the siren call of Prisoner several times a day, even as I toil away at work, several miles away – LOL. As it’s now Friday in wintry Calgary, I hope to spend all evening – into the wee hours if required – soaking up the story with no irritating restrictions such as an early morning rise. I DO love a good read and your books are like a treasure trove for my imagination. Thanks, Diana. I look forward to many more years of enjoyment.


  12. Hi Diana,

    Congratualtions on the release of Scottish Prisoner !

    Yes I was one of those who received that email from Barnes & Noble. I replied and told them they lie like a rug . It also didn’t help that you are prominently featured on the home page of B&N online under books we’re talking about. They finally shipped my book today (Dec 2) after numerous phone calls and email rants. Now they are blaming it on their system not updating something to do with warehouses.

    Anyway due to the extreme kindess of a friend and fellow DG addict (Maria V) I am reading it on her Kindle. So far I absolutely love it. The interaction between Hal and Jamie is wonderful. I’m just back from lunch where I read Chapter 9. All I can say is Oh…….my…….


    • Sheila!

      Really glad you’re enjoying it! I don’t _suppose_ it’s company policy or anything, but I sure get a lot of people telling me that B&N clerks tell them one or another of my books is “out of print” (none of them have _ever_ been out of print. Occasionally out of stock, if the reprinting didn’t quite keep up with demand, but never out of print). I think they’ll just say anything to avoid being blamed for not having a book. Very strange.

      Re Chapter 9 ….{g}….oh, my! indeed.


  13. Dear Diana:

    Love your Outlander series! I am a very new reader, your series was past onto me by another fan! I am wondering if in 2012 you will be coming to the midwest for any book signing appearances? Would love to meet you! Again, thanks for a wonderful adventure!


  14. Another one out of the ballpark! I finished my copy this morning and, wow, I … wow! The only thing I can say without spoiling it for others is that it is a fantastic stand-alone oeuvre that thoroughly whets the appetite for the next novel in the Outlander series. Thank you!

  15. Diana,

    Thanks for letting me know that I wasn’t alone with the Barnes & Noble debacle. My book still hasn’t shipped. But I sent them a nasty gram indicating that I believed they were deliberately misleading their customers. As I’m a bit behind on my reading material, I don’t NEED it right now, but I want to have it.

    Misery loves company and it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

  16. Diana:

    Just a lovely book. It was a very satisfying read (finished by 5 pm on the 30th). I adore Lord John every bit as much as I love Jamie, and thank you not only for creating such enchanting characters, but also for all your research. I learn new things in every story. Great tide-me-over until the next Very Big Book in the series.

    Blue is your color. I noticed the author photo on my copy and once again thought that you are a beautiful woman who always wears such perfect fabrics.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours,

  17. We were in the local Costco this afternoon, and as I always check the books section, I was very pleasantly surprised to see the new book on the table. Hand moved very fast to grab it up! I’m looking forward to a most enjoyable read (as always!). Congratulations on the new book.

  18. Diana – I have been a fan for many years (anxiously await nezt release) and have shared Clare and Jaime with many friends and even strangers – when I see a copy clutched in someones arms we make eye contact and nod as we are in the same club and share the same dreams. We are immediatley soul sisters. But I wanted to share with you I recently purchased Outlander in CD form and have been listening on my new drive to work every day and I have fallen in love all over again. Your words are so rich, the scottish brogue delightfull to listen to. Jaime and Clare – I am discovering them all over again. Thank you for all of it from the very bottom of my heart. It is all very very special to me.

  19. Love , love this book.. am looking forward to more of the lost years… about John, Jamie and Willie…
    It was like seeing family that you hadn’t seen in awhile and catching up.. Thanks so much..absolutely love
    your story telling… :-)

  20. You look lovely Diana. The book is just great, as I expected. It follows on very nicely from LJG and the Brotherhood of the Blade, which I finished the other day (and before that The Private Matter) and both of which I very much enjoyed. It was great to meet Percy in those books also. Thanks so much and all the best with the next book’s. It’s all so very exciting waiting for them. Have a good week.

  21. Got mine this afternoon in NC from Amazon via US mail, tracking all the way. Oooh. Minnie!

  22. Diana, congratulations on the release of the Scottish Prisoner! I just finished it…loved it..and can’t wait for book 8 in the Outlander series. I hate to bring the topic up…but the world as we know it is supposed to end in 2012. (hee hee) Get with it gal, I need to know what happens to Jamie, Claire, William, Jemmy, Roger, Bree and Fergus before we all go up in flames!

  23. Got mine from Amazon today. It was shipped on the release date. :)

  24. Ordered from Amazon, it arrived on the 30th. I hold it in my hands but i have not started reading it yet. Once I do, I know I will not put it down until I finish it! Then what do I do? I want to savor having it for awhile (I am an addict delaying my fix). Will there be an audio version coming out? I am listening to Dragonfly in Amber in my car right now (going through the series for the fourth time – takes about a year to get through all of them, depending on traffic to work).
    The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, so I will get to it soon! Better hurry and finish the next book so I will not go into withdrawl.

  25. Thanks for using lovely Elenna’s picture. She did a spectacular job with your photo! (Course it always help to have a beautiful subject.) All her Ladies of Lallybroch buddies are SO proud of/for her and the picture’s inclusion! “Savoring” my way through S.P. and loving it! Thanks for all you do to entertain us! With affection!!!

  26. I’m still waiting for my copy from Amazon — very impatiently, I might add!!! If it was not so cold outside, I’d go stand and wait beside the mailbox.

    Your picture is lovely — and — blue is certainly your color!!!

  27. That is a beautiful picture of you Diana, and a special shout for Elenna for taking it.

    I ordered my signed copy from the Poisoned Pen, do you know if they have shipped yet?

  28. Diana,
    Congrats!! I hope to get the book soon! Thank you so much for your books… and thanks to Judie for the LOL website! Through those, I met Elenna about 3 yrs ago online. We have become close friends! I have yet to meet her in person, but it is my dream to do so one day!!
    Vicki (aka Piper Mom)

  29. I was so pleased to see the photo on the back of the book–Elenna had told us to look out for it–she is quite the photographer as well as being a truly lovely person! I got to meet her in 2009 at the Inverness Games (and we both ended up in your promo video!) :) I’ve had SP since the 29th (thanks to Amazon) but have been restraining myself.

    I hope to crack the cover tonight and not surface until sometime on Monday. :)

    Thank you, Diana!

  30. I ordered my copy from Amazon.com & recievied it on the 29th. I had it read in 3 days, loved it. I love that John & Jamie were both main characters great job!! Keep them coming .

  31. Love the book so far. Taking my time reading this one as I usually power through them and end up rereading them as soon as I’ve finished and find new things that I missed the first read through!

  32. Got my copy from Amazon.com Thursday (Dec. 1) and finished it this morning! Very rich and satisfying treat. I always think that it is so terrible for we readers to devour a book in days when it takes a writer months to write it, somehow it doesn’t seem fair. Love the history of your books in addition to the characters and places…and a new country in this one. Your picture is fantastic. Are you sure you don’t have a portrait painting in your attic?
    Looking forward to the next one!

  33. MMMMM, that was an excellent read. I cheated and read the book eight excerpt first. Thanks for including that too.

    The photo on the back is of a lovely lady, in a lovely garden wearing amazing clothing….or is that an amazing lady in a gorgeous garden wearing lovely apparel….all the adjectives are interchangeable!

    I have a feeling this book hit #1 on the best seller list on the 30th of November.


  34. Diana, and All –

    Thank you each so much for your kind words, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the photo, and its inclusion on the cover of The Scottish Prisoner. It was a delight and honour to serve as photographer that day at Culloden House, and a number of very lovely photos resulted (with such an amazing subject, and setting, how could they not!), from which this one really is the gem. Besides its own appeal, it just suits the cover art so well, creating a completely gorgeous book!!

    All that aside, I Know the story is going to be as excellent as always, and I’m hoping to be able to dive into it soon!

    Dùrachdan dhuibhse!

    • Dear Elenna–

      Thank you again for the beautiful photo! People have been praising it all over the place. (See, when I have my picture taken by a professional photographer and makeup by a stylist, I come out looking like I’ve been inexpertly mummified. Always!)


      • *looong laugh* Aye well, you are more than welcome to come back anytime, and let this amateur with the mediocre camera (and a wee bit of a knack) have another go…and I promise to only adorn you with sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair, and I think it will be well enough. :o)


  35. Hi Diana,

    After reading all of these posts it makes me want to cry. My family has absolutely made me promise not to buy myself a SINGLE thing until after Christmas, and I would guess a Diana Gabaldon book would be at the top of the list. sniff….ah well, if I waited this long I guess I can wait another 3 weeks, but believe me when I say that I am counting the days until Christmas like one of my little grandchildren.

    ” How long until Christmas Nana? “….”Just 20 more sleeps sweetheart, then Santa will come”.

    How can 20 more sleeps sound so much like an eternity? But all kidding aside Diana, you have made me look forward to Christmas as much as Santa ever did a lifetime ago.

    Thank you……(((Hugs))) Fran

  36. Diana,

    I also had a bit of a snafu with Barnes and Noble. I went to my local store to pick up a copy on the 29th and they hadn’t even put it on the Octagon yet! I had to have a very frazzled employee go to the back and grab a copy for me. This isn’t the first time they’ve had to do that for one of your books. Not sure what is wrong with that chain but they need to Get It Together I think next time I’ll have to go farther afield to find a bookstore that cares to stock your books the day they come out.

    I finished the novel today: it was absolutely lovely as always and gave me enough of a Lord John and Jamie fix to last me until Book Eight.



  37. Hello Diana!

    German reader here. I found my copy (after hunting through several bookstores since the day before) on the 30th and have already devoured the whole thing. Wouldn’t have minded if it had a couple (thousand) more pages. *g* (Your novels are so incredibly addictive, I barely remember to eat or sleep while reading and fidget through my unbearably long and book-less hours at work.) It’s now been handed over to my grandma, who decided she couldn’t wait till Christmas, after all. Now I’m waiting for the German edition to come out so I can discuss it with the Outlander-loving among my friends as well.

    Apparently, Germany gets the UK edition, since we were sadly deprived of your beautiful author’s photo as well — thank you for providing it here!

    As to the contents… Not to spoil anything for the blog-readers who haven’t read the book yet, but I have to say, I loved it so very much!

    So many great moments of joy and heartbreak alike — and your writing is always a delight, of course! And much as I love Claire’s POV, I’ve come to relate to John so much that I find I’m actually a tiny little bit more excited for his books these days. The shared POV between him and Jamie works a charm, too. And I’ve long felt the two of them need more “screen”-time together — they make a great team.

    Perhaps the aspect of the book I loved most (besides the puppy, because well, puppy!, and John and Jamie’s amazing chemistry) was the constant tension between the roles of Jamie-the-laird and Jamie-the-parolled-prisoner, internally, as well as to the outside world.

    Well, to cut my happy ramblings short, I’ve waited for this book a long time and it was worth every minute. Thank you for sharing!

    Sincerely, Julia

  38. Loved it! This is my first time with a “new” book, having discovered and devoured your entire library (a few times over) during the past year.

    It is such a delightful experience to read and listen to your books! Thank you for adding so much pleasure (and history) to our lives. Love, love, LOVE having this experience as part of my life.

    Will you also someday do backstory on Claire/Brianna/Frank during J & C’s time apart? Med school, motherhood, teen years, (Brianna) learning guns, shooting and horseback riding, Disney, etc? And Claire’s grief and mourning and Jamie being always with her? Was she still “hot pants” with Frank anyway? Will we see him as the good man that Claire says he was?

    I love Claire (as we all do) and would love more of her story, feelings, experiences.

    Thank you, congratulations and big hug!

  39. I had a dream last night that we were all in a large theater watching “Outlander” and Diana got up to leave so I followed her out and asked her for a ride home. She said “sure!”. She took several of us to her home (which happened to be in my home town, which is not where she lives) and from there we had other drivers take us where we needed to go. One person lived in Washington DC, one in Florida, and one in my state, but farther west. I thought, what an amazing person Diana is– giving all these people free rides all over the country. Diana said she would have done the driving, but had to get her makeup done (!???)
    Anyway, I’m half through the Scottish Prisoner and enjoying it immensely. After being raised on Davina Porter, I don’t like the the reader for Jamie on this one.

    • No one can better Davina Porter’s renditions.

      Davina’s brilliant British, Scottish, French, Latin, female, male, accents and delivery are peerless.

      Davina doesn’t’ simply read the words quickly in an single accented monotone, she acts the dialogue; bringing it to life.

      I do hope that Davina can be contracted to do MOBY. I would be heartbroken otherwise.

      Warmest regards
      P.S. Reading kindle version of Scottish Prisoner at present because I can’t wait for my pre-ordered books from the fabulous ‘Poisoned Pen’ to arrive. Loving and savouring every word. Sigh…..

      • A few months ago I dreamed that Davina was not available to do MOBY and I woke up heartbroken. Ruined my day. :)

        Fingers and toes crossed that she can not only do MOBY but the next one as well (if…)


  40. Dear Diana–Thank you for another glorious book! I’m one of the lucky ones , I live abroad and so got SP early.
    Its infinitely touching and yet hilarious — who can forget “lucky fish”???
    A truly great storyteller makes her character so real that you find yourself inhabiting their world; welcome to the 18th century!


  41. Amazingly, I was in the first batch to be able to check out the book from the library and got it on Dec. 1 (thank you Henderson NV for reserve listings in October!) Half way through, and would be farther if it weren’t for end of the semester grading. Wonderful as always!

  42. I finished it on December 1st and had to immediately pick up Voyager. I will not give details as to why I had the urge to do this but…I just had to.

    Thank you, Diana. I have been happily living in the Outlander world since May of this year and I still refuse to leave it!

  43. Hi Diana,

    I just fihished The Scottish Prisoner today…I’m always a bit sad when I finish one of your wondeful novels. I feel like I have to leave the land of Jamie to resume real life and I miss all of the characters.
    I spoke to you briefly just after you arrived at the Breadalbane Inn in Fergus…you were still toting your suitcase, pausing to watch the parade. You assured me that I would enjoy The Scottish Prisoner and you were spot on! I loved this story of Lord John and Jamie….lots more insight into both of these enigmatic men.

    So, thanks for your fantastic brain that holds all of these engrossing tales.

    Kind regards,

  44. When I got the package in the mail from Amazon I couldn’t imagine why it weighed so much. I was delighted when I opened it and saw the size of S.P.! Got it on the 3rd; finished it on the 4th. I am (always) rereading THE series, and had just finished Voyager. Good timing, eh?

    I was fortunate to visit Ireland (stayed in the best B&B just down the road from Athlone) several times in the 90′s, and felt like I’d gone back for a visit in the parts of S.P. that took place there.

    Beautiful picture of you on the jacket. Such a beautiful garden in such a sorrowful place.

    Thanks again for another great read. I had read Blade and Private Matter and will admit to always wanting more of Jamie on the page. S.P. was, for me, a lovely balance of Jamie and John.

    Thanks also for the history, and for always providing us with information in the book or on the blog as to where you take little liberties with timelines and possibilities so we know what’s what.

    Now to time it right – reading the series, with S.P. in place after Voyager – and finishing the last page of Echo just before MOBY arrives!

    Moran taing!

  45. Word of caution.. I was so anxious to read this .. read it so fast, a blister has formed on the white part of my eye! My daughter says its from the fiction friction …. and now I have to go to the eye Dr. No spoilers here though!

  46. Please don’t tell my friend Trishy who lives in Warwickshire! I ordered her a signed copy from the Poisoned Pen and plan on shipping it to her from Michigan for Christmas;)
    Thanks, Diana, for offering to sign so many copies.
    BTW – I was one of the winners of the 10 free paperback Outlander, and have gleefully passed them out to many friends and acquaintances :) Thanks for that too!

  47. Diana!

    Loved The Scottish Prisoner – burned through it in 2 days! Seems you cannot write fast enough for my Outlander addiction – lol – otherwise your blessed digits would be worn to nubbins.

    I have turned several family members and friends on to your work. My sister is on her third run through the series, and reports that she discovers new things each time – I only told her about them last year.

    Read the preview of the up and coming one at the end of The Scottish Prisoner, and will pre-purchase as soon as it shows up on the list of Kindle books available.

    I’m so grateful for your work, and that you are still such a young woman. You are giving me a great perspective on my genetic background (mom was a Robertson). Doubt that I’ll ever make it to Scotland, but you bring it alive for me in your work.

    jump up and live
    long life
    honey in the heart
    no evil
    thirteen thank yous


  48. I was home today due to a scheduled doctors appointment and so wishing I had set the appt. for Thursday when Amazon said TSP would finally be here. While checking my email, I came across the one from Amaz0n that said they had shipped the book and here was the tracking link. Thought I would double check. Miracles do happen. It said ‘Delivered’. My mailbox is 1/4 mile away, uphill, both ways. I made it in record time. So enjoying my afternoon and evening. Lovely photo of you on the back. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible storytelling talent with us.

  49. I started looking for the UPS man the day before the release date. I got it when promised (I ordered in Aug) but I had talked about it so much my sons and husband played keep away with my copy until I used my best teacher voice and threatened “No Dinner” until I got my book back…..I got it back, called for pizza and ran upstairs to dive into the next Jamie & John adventure….Thanks Diana!

  50. I suspect that I will get a copy of “The Scottish Prisoner” for Christmas and so looking forward to reading a Diana Gabaldon novel again ! Love the Daily Lines and keeping up to date with what’s happening, where you are going and the books you are working on !

  51. Diana,
    I just finished The Scottish Prisoner – really enjoyed it. Thank you. And a big sigh of longing for book eight.

    Your talent as a writer amazes me. I think it would be quite something to know you.


  52. Hi Diana,

    I am (unfortunately) almost finished reading SP, I love it so much that I can’t put it down! I’ve blasted through it (like I was starving) that I’m now sad that I’ve only 20 pages to go! I’m going to reread (for the billionth time) the series again when I finish. I love to lose myself within the world you so brilliantly bring to life.

    Thank you so much for bringing these wonderful characters to life. As a *very* novice writer myself, you do inspire me to grow in my own sphere of fiction.

    I can’t wait for the 8th book to come out and I echo the thoughts of others in saying that I’d love to read about Claire’s life before she went back to Jamie.

    • I can also imagine an novella about the British Intelligence aspects of Frank Randall’s time during the Second World War. Rodger’s father Jerry’s short story left me hungering for more.

      I would also love to see ‘MOBY’ or ‘book 9′ look into how Frank Randall dealt with Claire’s initial disappearance, and what he learned after she returned pregnant with Brianna. I imagine Frank knew a lot more than Claire ever realised he did, particularly as he seemed to have devoted time to preparing Brianna for a life in the wilderness, (hunting, shooting, etc).

      Kindest regards

  53. What a stunning photograph, and a gorgeous outfit! Such a shame we won’t be seeing it on the UK edition. I’m hoping for mine for Christmas – Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Diana Gabaldon novel to snuggle up with and read at the expense of feeding my children…


    • I loved it!!!! I pre-ordered it thru my Nook Color and it was waiting on me when I woke up on 11/29!!
      The only part I didn’t like was the “Sneak Peek” to the Next Outlander Book!!! ARRRGGHHH!!! I cannot wait for it to be out!!!! Another wonderful job, thank you!!!!

  54. Diana,
    My “copy” of The Scottish Prisoner landed magically on my Kindle on November 29th and I am happily getting my Jamie “fix!”

  55. Hi Diana,

    I hope that your book will be translate very soon in french ’cause my english is poor (specially the gaelic accent and terms!) But I know that is very long to have the translation so I think that I will try to read it. I can not wait 1 year to read it!! I love the caracters and the romance in all the outlander serie and you makes me dream! I don’t remember how many times I read all your books and I really hope that the next will come in the next year!! Thanks to share with us your talent and imagination!!

  56. Hi Diana,

    Not a fan of B & N, gotta say. I went in to arrange a book signing with them for my latest book, which they carry in stores (they had three copies at that bookstore) and online, and they told me the don’t do book signings with local authors apart from once a year (had to apply to be included in that deal). I replied, but you want locals to support the bookstore, right? Sooooo? How’s come you don’t want to reciprocate?
    Another author friend of mine was given the cold shoulder-of-mutton treatment too, so boo sucks to them, I say.

    I have Scottish Prisoner on my iPad. Love the beginning. You are such a great writer.

  57. Hi Diana,

    We in Ashland, Oregon are blessed with an amazing bookstore, Bloomsbury Books. It may cost a bit more, but I always have your latest the day after publication.

    Thanks to your blog, I discovered Sara Donati’s wonderful Into the Wilderness series. I must admit to total confusion as to how she could have known in 1998 (when ITW was published) that Jamie had been wounded in the battle of Saratoga when An Echo in the Bone wasn’t published until 2009. I hate being confused and hope you can explain. Thanks for the countless hours of reading bliss.

    • Dear Norma–

      I knew Rosina (Sara’s real name) years ago, on the Compuserve Literary Forum (we’re now the Compuserve Books and Writers Community), and those of us who wrote would often talk about what-all we were doing in our books. I mentioned that I would at some point be using the Battle of Saratoga (which I did…I just didn’t get to it for a number of years ), as I knew Jamie had been wounded there (I actually wrote the scenes concerning his finger more than ten years ago, and just plugged them into ECHO when I finally got to the right place for them). She wrote that little scene in which one of her characters (in 1795) is reminiscing about _his_ experiences at Saratoga, and put in the brief mention of Jamie, Claire and Young Ian–as though they had been real historical characters who were there–showed it to me, and asked if I minded. I said I thought it was a nice in-joke, so let her do it.


      • Dear Diana,

        I’m so glad you let Rosina do it. Seeing Jamie, Claire and Ian pop up so unexpectedly gave me quite a rush. I’m hoping that Jamie and Claire will still be around in 1795 (and Ian and Jenny, of course), old though they would be.

        I’m well into The Scottish Prisoner and enjoying it thoroughly.

  58. Diana-

    I have loved your Outlander/Lord John books for years! The new book did not disappoint, but…now I am needing to know the story of Lord John and how he ends up marrying Lady Isobel and raising William! Also a story of Hal and Minnie’s adventures in courtship sounds very intriguing as well!

    Thank so much for sharing the Outlandish world!

  59. Hi Diana
    I’ve asked for Scottish Prisoner for christmas, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed and very much looking forward to reading it!!
    On another topic, I’ve been reading the Cross Stitch series again and remembered a question that i’ve been wondering every time I read Dragonfly in Amber. When Jamie has just killed Dougal, and Murtagh and Claire have signed the deed of sassine, Murtagh says ‘Let it be your own folk, not the English’. I don’t get it.. what does he not want to English to be? Am I being dense?

    Thanks, from Emma in Fife :)

    • Dear Emma–

      He–and Jamie–both think Jamie’s a dead man, and Murtagh is urging him to let it be the English who kill him (in battle), rather than the MacKenzies killing him when they find out he’s done for Dougal.


      • Thanks so much for that Diana! I’ve been wondering for years what it meant. And (I think) its the only part of any of your books that didn’t make sense to me. :) Hope you have a merry Christmas when it comes!


  60. Dear Diana, When my daughter -in-law handed me your Outlander books, she said we couldn’t be related anymore if I didn’t like them! I loved them..you are a gifted writer.Thank you .I am going to start The Fiery Cross shortly but am reading a book from a local author,Jeanne Treat called Dark Birthright .I must say I feel like I’m cheating on you!…….one little thing I noticed in your characters especially Ian,old and young,Jenny’s husband and son you call them homely in describing their features .As if only Jamie and Claire are the beautiful people..just an observation..Sincerely,Susan HoenNowak

    • Dear Susan–

      Er…noting that a father and son a) resemble each other and are b) homely in an attractive male way, hardly implies that only Jamie and Claire are “the beautiful people.” Literally dozens of other people in the books are described as good-looking in one way or another. Ian and Young Ian _do_ have rather long, bony faces, but are still very attractive men, as surely is obvious from the way other people see and respond to them. Goodness.


  61. I´m sorry if my english is not too good. I would like to know if the scotish prsioner will be translate in spanich lenguage. Only the book A private matter has been traslated… and i would like read all the book about John Grey.

    • Dear Marija–

      I don’t know–though if they translated PRIVATE MATTER, they almost certainly have BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE and SCOTTISH PRISONER under contract as well, and those books will emerge in time!


  62. Hi Donna,

    I got my copy at CostCo, it was waiting there on the 29th! Sadly have not had time to start reading it yet, making dolls clothes for the grand and great-grand kids. Love your beautiful picture, Diana. I also got the anniversary OUTLANDER book (again at Costco) and have decided to re-read the series — yummy reading for me after the holidays! Thanks so much, Diana, for all these fabulous books


  63. Hi Diana,

    Received my Scottish Prisoner on my kindle on the evening of the 1st December Australian time. What a great book u have written, well done again girl !!. Read it in under a week, couldn’t put it down, stayed up till late reading. Sadly i had to go to work during my daytime.

    Merry Christmas to u and ur family also .


  64. Hi Diana,

    Imagine my delight when I was able to pick up a copy of The Scottish Prisoner on the 28th November from a book store in Liverpool, UK….I was happy dancing all the way home !!

    For Jamie Fraser devotees, Scottish Prisoner is like a gift from the Gods –

    With eyes aching from weariness, I stayed up long and late in order to finish, and yet dreaded reaching the end….I’m so grateful that because of your skill as a story teller, I have been allowed a glimpse into the life of this charismatic Scottish prisoner…

    Thank you , Thank you, Thank you !

    Merry Christmas


  65. Due to December-holiday-full-schedule I only got to buy the book a few days ago in my local SF/Fantasy bookstore in Stockholm, Sweden.
    I’m maybe halfway though (again, holiday season and still full time job prevents me from reading all nights…) but I just want to tell you I love it. Deep characters with true feeling and lots of wit, my fellow commuters are looking strangely at me when I laugh on the train to work… Only too bad it’s not as long as some of your other wonderfully heavy pieces, it won’t last me long enough!

    Thank you again for writing books I want to read and re-read over and over again!

  66. Diana,
    I just received The Scottish Prisoner from my daughter for Christmas. I was so looking forward to it since The Echo in the Bone. I have read just a few pages, up to page 50 roughly, and I know I will enjoy the rest of it. I have loved all of the Outlander series. I have come to discover that alas, The Scottish Prisoner is not in the Outlander series. It is more aquainted with The Lord John Grey series. I am just a little disappointed. I was so looking forward to finding out what happens to Bree, Roger, and Jemmy, let alone Claire in her current predicament, that I am having a hard time appreciating The Scottish Prisoner. It does drive me crazy to abandon a book so I know I won’t do that but. I was sure looking forward to finding about the rest of the story after The Echo in the Bone. Do you know when you will be releasing a continutation ( I hope!) for that book?
    I do love your writing style and it is my #1 recommendation to anyone when they are looking for something to read. I am just so curious to find out about the rest of the 20th century clan.
    I have read and re-read your books over and over again and will continue to do so.

    Your eager reader,

  67. Hi Diana

    My 70 year old mother and I are such big fans of yours and we love reading about Jamie and Claires adventures. My mother has read the Outlander series three times already and I’ve just started a second time around. We are both hungry for the next book and try to keep the power of the characters alive by reading the series over and over again.

    PLEASE from us (mainly my mother)… don’t kill off Jamie and Claire. Can Jamie perhaps step through the stones to be with Claire? Or live on through Roger and Briana’s adventures?

    from two Hopeful Romantics

  68. I just wanted to say that i have just finished the first book, “outlander” and i LOVED IT!!!!!!! I have never read a book that effected me so deeply. It is an incredible love story and i have such a deep connection to the characters. I can not wait to begin the book. i was introduced to the series from a co-worker who is on book seven, i think. I have to admit that the beginning was a bit slow but i am so glad i stuck with it. The part that really started to “get me” was when jamie brings Claire back to the rocks after learning who she really is….. i was so upset thinking he would send her back with out a word. What a selfless act of love. Thank god she stayed ad realized she loved him too. Anyway, i really hope you continue to write because from what i have seen so far, this is an amazing series. I also wanted to comment on the prospect of a miniseries or movie. I too feel that either would really bring the characters to life and i hope Essential Entertainment does something with this….soon!!!! My feeling is that a miniseries would be better than a movie given that you would get more of the detail from the book that would be lost with a movie. Finally, i realize you have no say in who would play jamie, but my vote is with Kevin McKidd. He is scottish, redhead, left handed and a burly kind of guy. i also think that he could totally pull off a 22 year old jamie. Back in that time, everyone looked older anyway due to the harder way of life.