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Quick Update on Christmas Shipping!!

I got the following message from the Poisoned Pen late this afternoon (the 13th):

“We’ve looked at the influx of new orders and even with working in double shifts
I see no way we can accept any more orders for Christmas delivery.

I’d rather be up front than make your fans angry by creating an expectation
we can’t meet.

If you agree, then would you change your website to make the cutoff date midnight
tonight for Christmas, but assure them they can continue to order any of your books
for delivery soon after the holidays.

Will will note this information on the auto response the system generates to those
placing orders, so they will get it from us as well as on your site.

We’ve got over 500 to process with more coming in by the hour and realistically
we can’t ship more than 100 a day, regardless of when the shipping systems shut
down. We’re going to end up shipping some on Monday and eating the extra priority
expense ourselves in our best effort to get orders in place to their destinations.”

[me again]

I’ll be going into the store on Thursday to sign books–and will do more early next week. So you _will_ get your signed/inscribed books, even if not by the 25th. Thought of giving a signed book as a New Year’s gift? Ground Hog’s Day, or Valentine’s?

Our apologies, and we hope you’ll enjoy the book(s), as soon as can get them to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, a Jolly Kwanzaa, and a Blessed Winter Solstice to you all!

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  1. This is GREAT news that they are overwhelmed with orders for your books…I would imagine that most people will not mind waiting…I wouldn’t…good things come to those that wait…but Congratulations Diana on the success of Scottish Prisoner…I read it last week and loved it…wish it could have been longer! Happy Christmas to you and your family and here’s hoping that 2012 will bring blessings and book #8 before the end of the year! A girl can dream…right? :)

  2. Congrats on the overwhelming response; I was one of the first day buyers, having been teased :) with segments on FB (and loving every minute of it)!
    I am structuring a literature course on fiction published serially, and would love to include your latest 21st c approach to keeping us (who love your books!) at bay and satisfied by publishing those pieces on FB. Is there a vehicle you might have (that we could sell to the students) collecting the daily pieces so they could see past and present how this has played/ is playing out? It is such an innovative publishing technique (for want of a better word) that I’d like to include it as the latest innovation in serial publishing….

    • Dear Linda–

      Fascinating idea! Let me talk to my agent about it; we’ve been contemplating the wealth of new possibilities opened up by the changes in publishing and talking a lot about different things; I’m sure he’d be most intrigued by your idea.


  3. I ordered two of each The Scottish Prisoner and Outlander 20th Anniversary Edition on the 4th, I called them just yesterday to check the status and they were AWESOME! Thanks for having such a great relationship with them! I can’t wait to surprise both my Mom and MIL this Christmas! :)

    • Dear Trina–

      The Poisoned Pen is a great bookstore, and the people are Just Wonderful–I’ve known them all for twenty-odd years. I’ve been going in every few days to sign orders, though, and ever since SCOTTISH PRISONER came out, their backroom (where things are collected and readied for shipping) has been so stacked with books (about half of them mine ), there’s hardly any floor _or_ wall-space left. This close to Christmas, they’re literally drowning in books; I can only hope I don’t go in tomorrow to learn that one of my friends has been squashed by a falling tower of OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary editions. {g}


  4. That is wonderful for you and the Poisoned Pen that there are so many orders for SP. As for the suggestion to have the book to give for Valentines or Easter….most of your readers wouldn’t want to wait that long. *G* I’d rather a late Christmas present than have to wait another couple of months.

    Congratulations on being on the best sellers list. I was amazed that it took as long it did. I figured it would hit the list December 1st!

    Have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy the scent of pinion and all the festivities.


  5. So glad that the SP is such a success! Just as a note to all those who may not be getting all their lovely Diana Gabaldon books by December 25 – it REALLY is ONLY the first day of Christmas — with 12 days to follow. Anyway, that is how I usually end up starting my Christmas cards and letter – that may arrive by January 1 or 2. Hope this helps!

  6. Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that the suspense of reading this book is killing me. I actually have two copies of Scottish Prisoner IN MY HOUSE… but they’re not mine. They’re Christmas presents for my Ma and MIL as well, and suffice it to say, I’m having to live off the Daily Lines on Facebook until I can afford to get my own copy. It’s driving me bananas!!!!

    Oh, and Joyeux Noël from Ottawa. :D

    • Dear Nadine–

      You wouldn’t consider just washing your hands real good and reading one of the gift copies before wrapping it? {g} You’re a woman of Strong Will!

      Joyeux Noel!


      • I’m a terrible spine-cracker of books, since I tend to leave them face-down on the open page where I’ve left off. I never really got into the whole bookmark thing as a kid, and I stopped dog-earing pages after a stern talking-to from my mom about desecration of book pages after I dog-eared one of her Grown-Up Novels (IIRC, it was “The Midwife” by Gail Coulter) when I was 9. So I generally leave it open or try to remember the page number. Can’t risk damaging soneone else’s gift! :D

    • Dear Diana, I am so in love with your novels , I am working on several different books of my own about none other than the Jacobite rebellion in scotland of 1745. I have thirteen books planned including short stories, novellas, and spin-offs just like what you’ve done so far. I have to say I’ve enjoyed reading your books through the years and if you can do it— I can too.

  7. I also think it’s great news that the Poisoned Pen has been so overwhelmed with orders! It’s also nice to let you know about possible delays. There’s nothing like a good local bookstore.

  8. Being a small business owner myself, I understand Poisoned Pen’s problem.

    That said, I’d rather be so busy and not be able to fill all orders, than to sit around looking for something to do.

  9. I just finished reading the Scottish Prisoner!!! I was so excited to get it in the mail and enjoyed every bit of it. It was a great escape from the rigors and monotonous reading required from medical students (which I am by the way). BTW, I have managed to get quite a few of my friends hooked on the Outlander series! :)
    To all those who are waiting to get their copy, you won’t be disappointed.

    Also, looking through the website, I realized Written with My Own Heart’s Blood will be released sometime in 2013, if everything works out, so it will be an early graduation gift for myself. :) Yay!

  10. How about gift-giving for the feast of Epiphany, 0n January 6, the holiday commemorating the arrival of the “Wise Men” or “Magi” who presented gifts to the Christ-Child? I always try to buy cards depicting that part of the holiday, since I get an extra couple of weeks to get them out …

    Congratulations on the great sales figures!

  11. Hi Diana,

    I am very happy that your new book is selling so well and look forward to reading it in the Christmas holidays.

    I have a request unrelated to this thread (couldn’t find a better way to ask, sorry if I missed it!)

    I love reading your blog, but I check it only every now and then. Would it be possible to have an archive page which lists your past entries (maybe by Month/year) so that I can go ‘back in time’ and read what I’ve missed?

    I think your old blog used to have this.

    Thanks and Seasons Greetings.


    • Dear Nicki–

      I think they _are_ archived (I know there’s a random list of older blog posts visible to the lower right), but not sure how or where. Let me inquire. {g}


  12. Very pleased to hear your books are doing so well Diana. I’m waiting for my 20th Anniversary edition from you, but there’s no rush, I’ll be so happy when it arrives. I’m not expecting it before Xmas, as it’s coming to NZ. It will be a great way to start the new year though once it’s here.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and plenty of time to rest and relax with your family.

  13. I’m so happy for you that your book is doing so well, due to sircumstances beyound my control I have to wait to get my copy. But I’m so looking forward to reading it.
    I hope you are doing well.

  14. Thanks for the update! I put in an order for a signed Outlander as a gift to my dear friend that introduced me to your books.

  15. I have just reread the earlier Outlander books so that I could refresh myself for the final installment: Echo In The Bone. It has taken me about 5 months to finish all and I enjoyed each one passionately!
    I am looking forward to reading the Scottish Prisoner on my new Kindle Fire. But please hurry….don’t leave Jem in the tunnel too long and I need my next Jamie and Claire fix!! Thank you for the wonderful reading. I didn’t want to turn the final page and have it come to an end. Thank you, thank you.

  16. I am expecting a package that is my Christmas gift from my son, and have all fingers crossed it is coming from AZ!! I told him if I didn’t get “The Exile” for Christmas, I would not be happy. Glad to hear your local independant bookstore is doing so well this holiday!

  17. Just finished reading the SP. Awesome! I enjoy the Lord John Books every bit as much as the Outlander books. Thank you so much for the years of wonderful reading.

    I hope that your schedule allows for a wonderful Holiday season for you and your Family!

  18. I am and have been for years a devoted fan. I have gotten my sister and several friends hooked as well. My daughter in law is from Colombia and now living in Texas. While I was visiting Texas from Pennsylvania in November I went to the Barnes and Noble bookstore locally with her and discovered she enjoys reading. Although her english is coming along very well for just relaxed reading she of course finds spanish enjoyable. We did get Twilight in spanish there but they did not have Outlander in spanish. When I asked if they could order it they replied that they could not which suprised me as I have never had a problem in Pennsylvania with orders. So I went on to your website and found the phone # for Poisoned Pen, called them, and they shipped out the first 5 books, signed, in spanish to me in Texas and they are now wrapped and under her tree for christmas. I know that she will love them as much as I do. Poisoned Pen was wonderful and I appreciate their help.

  19. Diana – this is indeed good news for your sales – not that you have a problem finding an audience now! Is there any word on overall sales for The Scottish Prisoner?

    • Dear Dave–

      Well, the original print run was 120,000 and it went back to press within the first week, so I guess it’s sold that many copies, at least. {g}


      • Diana,
        We got our autographed copy here in Stuttgart today, posted by the Poisoned Pen on the 14th. I can’t wait to surprise my wife! Thank the Poisoned Pen folks for their great service.

        Merry Christmas!

  20. I ordered the 20th edition this past summer when it first came out and now I’m really glad I did. I have all of the Outlander series in paperback but they are getting a bit worn as I’ve passed them around to many friends and relatives. I asked Santa (my daughter and hubby) for all of the rest of the Outlander series in hardcover for Christmas and am anxiously awaiting Christmas Eve when my family all gets together. I’m currently reading SP and loving every word!!! Can’t wait for MOBY!!!

  21. Of course, Doctor Gabaldon, if you receive this e-mail, it is because I have read all of your Outlander’s book and the Lord John series as well, many times over ! You will have notice by now that my first language is French, so please be patient with me.
    I have a question that you may have answered already in you books but obviously, I mist it. So, there it is : In your book ¨The Fiery Cross¨, chapter 48, entitled ¨Strangers in the Night ¨ there is a mysterious man that is titillating the feet ( and more ) of Claire … Suddenly, Claire doubts that it might be somebody other than Jamie and she jerk’s away and he leaves abruptly. Who is this mysterious man ? Will we finally know who it is in your next book ?
    Your last Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner is captivating, to say the least. All your books are a discovery of the 18th century period; we learn to appreciate the way people lived during this time, the hardship they had to endure. We learn the medicine by plants, how women were perceived ant treated. You have the ability to balance seriousness, gaiety, pain, humor and a panoply of other emotions, as well.
    Thank you very much for the gift you give me and the other readers by writing your books.
    My best wishes for the Holiday Season are with you and your family.

    Danièle de Maisonneuve.

    • Dear Daniele–

      That’s Jamie. {g} After all, she meets him immediately afterward, drunk on the stairs.


      • Well…that’s a relief! Always thought it might of been Philip Wylie…little twerp!
        I am really missing the Daily Lines…Why isn’t Twitter letting you post? I know that they are on Facebook…but alas I’m not…missing my daily dose…(-:
        Finished Scottish Prisoner last night…enjoyed it very much. I was pleased to find out the back story about Isobel, and how Lord John made that leap…for her sake, as well as William and Jamie’s.
        Wanted to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas, and New Year! You give us all so much all year long, in escape and unabashed…fun! Hope you relax and enjoy the success of the new book over the holidays!


        • I’m so relieved too, and thank you to Danielle for asking.

          Iseabail, I thought from the smell of powdered hair that it was Phillip Wylie too.

          Ms. Gabaldon:
          I am so grateful for these books and your creativity. This is the truth, I was absolutely not a reader until my sister introduced me to your books. Now I can not get enough. I wish you and your entire team continued success in your endeavors and a very happy holiday season.


  22. Ground Hog’s Day! What a novel idea… My husband and I celebrate this understated holiday every year (stemming from many years ago when he gave me a beautiful bracelet (for no reason) on Groundhog’s Day) Since then..this has been our Valentine’s Day….and we don’t have to share it with all the other romantics. I think I may drop the hint for my gift this year! Thank you Diana! Can’t wait to read all of your books. I am on my second reading of the Outlander series :O)

  23. Yes…but when someone places an order on December 4, and the Poisoned Pen website indicates that signed copies are in stock, one would expect to receive their shipment in plenty of time for Christmas. I called the store this past Monday, and was told my copies would be sent to me the next morning. Then yesterday I get e-mail saying I’m out of luck. While I understand the overwhelming popularity, don’t tell your customers one thing and then do something completely different.

    I’ll have to buy them elsewhere, unsigned. Sigh…

    • Did you call them after you got the email? They really are very helpful. I ordered mine on the 4th as well and mine JUST arrived today.

      Good Luck, I hope you are able to work it out!


    • Dear David,
      We got your email and I answered you personally on Friday Dec. 16. Please check your email regarding your concerns.

      Thank you.

      Susan H.E.
      (Diana’s assistant)

  24. Diana,

    I just finished the Scottish Prisoner and it was superb. Loved the info about Hal and Minnie.
    I thought the scenes between Hal and Jamie very interesting. I’m glad Lord John discovered
    William’s parentage the way he did. I think this was the BEST of Lord John’s books, probably because
    of Jamie’s presence. I really didn’t want it to end. I miss Jamie and Claire so much. Every time
    Jamie prayed for her and the babe, I thought, just wait Jamie. Boy, will you be surprised.
    I got my copy of the 20th anniv. Outlander as soon as it was published. It’s a beautiful book
    and of course I read it as soon as I got it. 2013 seems very far away.
    I now have all your books on my Nookcolor, so they’re always at my fingertips, in addition
    to MOHB, I’m looking forward to the new Outlandish Companion. Diana, you are an extraordinary
    writer. I told my sister if you ever wrote the phone book, I’d read it from cover to cover.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


  25. Diana,

    Glad to know the mysterious man was Jamie, but I always wondered how he could find her in such a dark room. Perhaps she told him where she slept?

  26. I have loved every book in all of your series. Every time a new one is released I go back and re-read EVERYTHING before I can bring myself to open the new one (which generally means I don’t sleep for a couple weeks!). Thanks so much for the wonderful story and all of the intertwining books. Can’t wait to read them all again with the release of the new one!

    • I’m impressed that it takes a couple of weeks for you to read the whole series! I just finished doing that before SP came out and it took me a whole 7 months! About a book a month. But then I only read them at night at bedtime!

  27. I think Hogmanay would be the perfect day to get a Diana Galbaldon book!

  28. Diana,

    I too have the new book in my house as a Christmas Present for my mother, and am dying to read it! I just wanted to send a special Thank You for taking the time to inscribe it for me. I know it will make an extra special gift for my mom. The series is one of the best I have ever read, and we have passed it along to all of the women in the family. I can’t wait until my three daughters are old enough to join in on the journey.

    Thank you again!

    - Kim

  29. I love your books, have every one on kindle. I’m enjoying reading the 20th anniversary edition of Outlander, it’s such a thrill to have an autographed copy. There’s just something about having the book in my hands. Any chance there’s a 20th anniversary edition of Dragonfly in Amber in our future?

  30. I find myself going through Jamie and Claire withdrawals! I hadn’t read since high school (about 16 years). Last Christmas I found myself reading the Harry Potter series. Then at the beginning of summer a friend suggested the Twilight series. Another friend said if you liked Twilight you’ll love the Outlander. Read all seven in one month. I have even gotten a bunch of my clients in my salon to start reading them. I think I’ve started my own Outlander book club!
    Although I like the Lord John series they’re just not the same. Since finding out that I actually enjoy reading I have read close to 90 books this year. But nothing compares to the story of Jamie and Claire. I don’t know if I can wait another year. Probably going to have to read them again and again.

  31. It is wonderful to see such a response for your writing! Please take time to enjoy the holidays yourself! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  32. Diana,
    Just finished SP today and enjoyed every minute of reconnecting with Jamie and John! Completely enjoyed the little surprise excerpts at the end…more reasons we need 8 in our hands! lol
    Congrats on your great sucess and heres to many more in 2012!

  33. Got my sisters birthday book in the mail on Thursday!!! I am going to be her favourite sibling for getting it signed by you!!! :D :D :D but then again now we are even as she is the one who got me started on your books so without her i could still be missing out!!

  34. I thought I read sometime that you wrote a novella about Rodger’s parents. If so what is it published as? I just finished Echo in the Bone for the second time and I am very interested it what happened to his father. Also, of course, I can not wait to read the last book in the series! Have you read the Sara Donati books? I’m sure you know Ian is featured here in.

    thanks, korah

    • Dear Korah—

      Roger’s parents’ story is “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows,” and it’s a short story (more or less {g}) in an anthology titled SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH. Edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois. Hope you enjoy it!


      • Oh I can highly recommend everyone to purchase SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH just for “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” though many of the other stories were delightful too, I did buy it for Roger’s parents story and OMG! I just fell in love with them both and enjoyed the painful journey they were on, right until that very end moment and even though I knew that it wasn’t ever going to change differently (other than getting a little bit more than I expected), I was just heart broken at the end … everyone, treat yourself and read this little treasure!

  35. I read when watching TV and my attention was immediately caught by the ad (which I saw twice) yesterday for Scottish Prisoner! Ads don’t usually get noticed by me and I was so surprised. One question that I do have – Are Dragonfly and Voyager in hardback? I would love to add them to my bookshelf if they do.

    • I bought my hardbacks on e-bay and amazon. But I wanted the jewel-toned covers, so I had to ask many sellers what cover style they were selling before purchasing. But other than the poisoned pen, that is the only option I know of to buy the hardbacks–unless you have a used bookstore around! Good luck!

  36. Dear Diana
    When this new book in Spanis?

  37. Diana,
    My husband bought me a copy of the 20th anniversary “Outlander” for my birthday, and you inscribed it to me. It was one of the best birthday presents I have ever received, and I was jumping up-and-down excited. (This from a person who doesn’t really show enthusiasm while opening gifts.) He then told me of the process of obtaining the personalization, and he said that the people at the poisoned pen were very friendly and helpful. My birthday was Tuesday and the book arrived at my mother-in-law’s house on Saturday, just like they told him it would!
    It’s great that the poisoned pen can offer this, that you go in and inscribe books for your fans. And no matter how overwhelmed the people at the store may be, it truly is a wonderful thing that they are.
    Thanks again!

  38. I received my signed copy of The Scottish Prisoner for Christmas. You inscribed it with a Gaelic word, but I can’t find the translation for it. Help! I’m not sure hot to spell it so that has made the search even harder. It looks like the word is spelled Liveas. Is that even close?? I’ve looked through every online Gaelic dictionary and scoured through The Outlandish Companion without luck.