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Deal with Sony Pictures for Adaptation of OUTLANDER for Cable TV Series



and here

and here

etc., etc., etc., as the King of Siam might put it. [g]

Really, if you Google “Ron D. Moore OUTLANDER”, you’ll find a _lot_ of announcements like these. most of them reasonably accurate.

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  1. Congratulations!. I was thinking that, with the success of Game of Thrones, it would only be a matter or time. I think the TV series format (HBO style) will be much better suited to your kind of epic story than a movie would be. Does it make you nervous to see what they will do with your story? I hope that Alex Kingston is cast as Clare.. I was watching Doctor Who the other day and it struck me that she would be theperfect Clare. I have previously read the whole series thus far, and a now listening to them on audio book to prepare myself for the coming of the next book. A perfect thing to do while gardening and painting the house over the summer.

    • I think that HBO will be able to do a great job with the storyline – even the tough spots (Jamie’s rape, etc) – since not too much of the “bad stuff” has been left out of the Game of Thrones series. As for Alex Kingston, she is now 49-years old – too old I think to play the role of Claire as she appeared in Outlander.

    • Will it happen in my life time? I hope so. I love these books.

    • Ditto that – it’s way too powerful for a movie. The cuts they’d have to make would just be brutal! Plus, I’m overall happy with the approach HBO takes, and similar style shows. Good luck and congrats!

    • Love Dr. Who, and it never occurred to me, but you’re right, Alex would be a great Claire. Maybe with a little tv magic it could happen.


    This announcement has made my year!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  3. Fantastic! A TV series would be much better than a movie. And he could be pitching it this week? I’m hoping they go for it. “Built in fan-base,” absolutely! This just made my day! Congrats, Diana!

  4. Thanks for the links. This is the first time I’ve seen them and I have been busy with google since your announcement. :)

    I noted with interest a comment in your third link: “A lot probably depends on whether this show ends up on Showtime, AMC, or Syfy.” No mention of HBO but this is the only place I’ve seen mention of Syfy.

    (I notice the third link also uses an apparent graphic from “The Exile.” This is done without any attribution!)


    • It’s encouraging to learn that Moore is an Outlander fan (which is noted in many comments around the net).

    • Jerry,

      The image at the top was acknowledged at the very bottom of the piece

      Top image: Panel from Outlander graphic novel, via Suvudu.

  5. It would be awesome if Jamie Bamber was somehow included, like it mentions in one of the articles. Love him!

  6. It will probably take forever to get to the UK when it IS made but never mind – I still have the books and my imagination!

  7. It’s great that a real fan is writing the adaptation to small screen. I hope it is Sci-Fi Channel, although they have picked up many of the series like Sanctuary after too costly for other networks to run them. It’s cool that he has alaid fears for the adaptation by saying it will be faithful; however, we all know that producers have a way of demanding concessions. Still, Diana has created a wonderful story that we all love for different reasons, and Mr. Moore will do his best, I am sure. This is GREAT NEWS!

  8. I am very excited about this!!!!

  9. May have to get cable (and HBO/Showtime!!!) just so I can watch this :D And then will obsessively stalk the store shelves until it is released and break my “no HBO/Showtime DVD purchases” rule :3

  10. This is great news. Have been waiting for this to happen. Also waiting on “My Own hearts blood” as well.
    Need to reread all starting now again for 7th time as to refresh my memory & maybe find something I
    Didn’t see before. So excited about mini series, can’t wait

  11. I noticed that in the second link (AirlockAlpha) that the journalist stated that OUTLANDER arrived in the UK “first” under the title, “Cross Stitch,” but the title was changed to Outlander when it hit American shelves. Um…sounds like they are a bit unfamiliar about where the book was first published since we ALL know that it was the US first under “Outlander.”

    • I have a UK printing of Cross Stitch and I THOUGHT its copyright was a year before the US Outlander printing, but I could be mistaken – anyone clarify?

  12. This is really exciting…

  13. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, Diana. :D

  14. I am a UK fan so will have to wait awhile for TV series so hopefully by then we will have a film in the making. I am so happy that it will be picked upas has been a great read!!! Cant wait for book 8!

  15. OMG Diana, I can only imagine how excited you must be …I am so beyond excited! I can hardly wait to call all my fellow Outlander fans and tell them! Congratulations…gotta go make some phone calls!!!!!!

  16. Yippee!! I thought something had to be in the works when you were at the Phoenix Comic-Con and mentioned the same person still having the option and channeling Murtagh! So very exciting! Congrats!

  17. Great news! It will be amazing to see Outlander on the screen! Guess I’ll have to upgrade my cable, lol!
    I can’t wait – I’ll be keeping everything crossed that the casting is brilliant!

  18. Not before time,now the great casting debate. Given the subject matter the series should be superb

  19. I just think it is so awesome that it is Ron Moore who is doing this! He is one of my absolute favorite writers! As is Diana Gabaldon – each in their own media! I am SOOOO excited to see how this turns out!

  20. This is the news I have been waiting for!! So happy to hear that some progress is being made and I hope it goes through. Casting will be such a contentious subject, especially given the FB response to that already ;) Can’t wait to hear more!

  21. Wonderful news! Saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” as well as “Thor” and “The Avengers” with my best friend and super Jamie/Claire fan, and we couldn’t help but think that Chris Hemsworth would make a great Jamie. And has anyone considered Rose Leslie from Downton Abbey for Claire? Or Gemma Arterton?

    I really hope this comes to pass!!!!

    • He’s the only person I can see as Jamie!

    • that is so funny! the second I saw Thor, I thought: “oh my, it’s Jamie Fraser”. And then Snow White came out and he not only resembled him more, but he also had the accent….I’m pretty sure I melted :) Glad I’m not the only one to think so. But even if we can’t get Chris, I hope they choose the cast wisely.

      I’m so excited for the show. I’m too cheap to have HBO, etc… but I would gladly fork out the dough for this!

      • Dear Annie–

        Um…I feel compelled to point out that Mr. Hemsworth has a (very noticeable) _Australian_ accent, not a Scottish one. People would notice. [cough]


  22. Great news! I’ve been hoping for this to happen for ages… And I agree, a TV series ist so much better than a movie!

  23. I am really excited to hear they are going to do the story as a series. I just don’t think you could do Outlander justice if it were in a movie form. I am so excited for you Diana, I think if Game of Thrones is any indication of how well they can tell a story that is very complex, Outlander should be wonderful. :)

  24. I am excited and also glad that Moore is a fan. I hope they keep the spirit of these books. There is so much amazing writing in them. I am looking forward to seeing this but nervous. So many times so much is changed and story lines go in crazy directions when going from a book to screen. I have read the Outlander series so many times I lost count. Finally got them on audio to listen to while I worked, cleaned house, and exercise. Never thought I would like audiobooks but really brings them to life a bit more.

  25. Its’ about time!! Congratulations Diana……
    I have had this series on audiobooks for years and have enjoyed them over and over again along with my coworkers and everyone I have introduced this series to, even my 92 year old father-in-law.

  26. I’ve had these books for over 5 years (when there were only 6). And just decided to read them.

    I couldn’t have timed my reading these to coincide with this announcement – - – what luck!

    Diana – I love your writing because your descriptions are so detailed, I feel like I’m right there standing next to the characters and I feel like I’ve been transported through time along with Claire.

    I am only on book 4 and can’t get through them fast enough to find out what happens next.

    Thank you for this wonderful escape into another place and time.

    And Congratulations on the movie/series! Well deserved.

  27. I was so excited about this at first… but then I started thinking about the Jamie and Claire that are in my heart and mind. I’m so worried that whatever they do – TV series or movie – won’t mesh with the way I see them. That it won’t live up to my expectations….
    Anyone else feel this way????
    P.S. I re-read the series every summer. I’ve read Outlander over a dozen times. It’s like reconnecting with old friends. Nothing else comes close!! :)

  28. My heartfelt congratulations, Diana, though I daresay all the kerfuffle might be filed under ‘Mixed Blessings’. But it should detract people from asking if the ghost is Jamie for a while. :)

    I’m happy to see this at a time when good series are being created from good books ~ Game of Thrones, Pillars of the Earth, etc… If they are wise enough to take the HBO approach, I will be happy to wait eagerly for what comes out because I know that, at least, it will be a good story based on characters that enchant me in times that echoes in my own history.

    And, at best, it will be something that draws me into that world and makes me believe. :)

    Either way it will be like welcoming old friends. What the heck, eh?

  29. I have long thought that Diana’s fabulous characters and beautiful stories would make wonderful cinematography. Congratulations! And lucky us!

    I am slightly concerned thought- the first article say Jamie Bamber and James Callis are being considered for roles. At 5’8″ and 5’9″, I am not sure what roles they are considering these gents for?

    Please, please Diana- don’t let them make Jamie a shrimp!

  30. I am so happy to see your post! This is the news we have all been waiting for!! Congratulations!! <3

  31. What great news! I will absolutely upgrade cable to get this. I’d hoped that somehow the series would get picked up by Peter Jackson for film – I don’t think anyone else could have done Outlander justice – especially with his ability for casting & having the georgous New Zealand scenery to use as Scotland. But a cable series with the right person – couldn’t have done better!

  32. I am SO excited about this! I just hope it doesn’t end up on a cable channel I don’t get (fingers and toes ARE crossed!).

    I’ve been loving your words and novels since 1993 and feel all of your characters are part of my family tree!

  33. Congratulations, dear lady. I’m excited for me and for you! :-)

  34. Needless to say, I will add HBO, Showtime, or whatever other pay channel picks up your series. I believe there will be a noticeable spike in subscriptions. Stay healthy, Diana, and keep writing. You are a treasure!

  35. I’m so excited I can’t stand it.. of course I’m sure there’s still a long wait ahead for me, but I agree with the others, they can do so much more with a series than they can a movie. And so encouraging to have a fan making it!

  36. I congratulate Diana Gabaldon on the coup.
    I am leery of allowing anyone to tamper with the imagery in my head from reading the books. By the time it really happens I probably will watch along with everyone else.

  37. Best new for today !!!!!! I pray that soon the french TV buys rights.

  38. Any way to involve Davina Porter in any way. I still hear her voice even as I read the books on my own.

  39. Excited beyond belief. Just downloaded “Outlander” the musical. Cried all the way through it. Hope the series stays true to the books which I love, love, love.

  40. I am sooo excited/nervous about this!!! These books are so close to my heart and a tradition amongst the woman in my family:), the series better live up to the books or I’d rather it not be done at all. Anyway, has anyone thought of Laura Prepon(Donna from That 70s show ) for Briana? She has the build and if she goes back to her natural hair color she’d be a good physical match… Although I’m not sure if she’s every played in anything that wasnt a sitcom.

  41. Ok…How in God’s name could you not like widows peaks on men? Especially the one that graces Chris Hemsworths lovely forehead???!!! He is the perfect Jamie. Bonnie Wright would be a good Brianna. Claire would be the hardest to cast.

    I love the mini series idea better than a feature film. Way too much to put in a movie. I want to see the mini series go on for years!!!

    • Dear sky–

      I’m old enough that I can’t see a pronounced widow’s peak on a man without thinking of Eddie Munster.


      • Hunh. There was supposed to be a in there, but somehow it posted blank. As in less than sign – snort – right hand sign. Computers…

        And I cannot think of false eyelashes without thinking of Yvonne deCarlo :)

      • Same here, Diana! [g] Even seeing Mitt Romney’s new running mate, Paul Ryan, and his widow’s peak (not to mention black hair and pale skin) I thought, Eddie Munster. Lol.

    • Sorry to be disagreeable but Bonnie Wright is far to small( body type wise) to be Brianna. She is supposed to be a size 14 which probably converts to an 8 by today’s standards. Plus she’s Jamie’s daughter she has to be at least 5’10 if not taller. That’s why I say Laura Prepon:) Physically she’s perfect and shes american so she already has the right accent. P.s I love Bonnie wright just not for Bri:)

      • Very good choice Marcy ! Laura Prepon will make a perfect Brianna. Who do see as Jamie ?

        • That’s a tough one. Sadly I like many chics have such a clear image of him in my mind from the books that I don’t think anyone could live up to it :). I will say that I think it should be someone Scottish and not super well known, and I’ll also say that the idea of Gerard butler playing a 23 year old virgin is laughable:);)

        • One guy I think comes close to having similar facial features and height is Oliver Jackson-Cohen. But I haven’t seen him in anything, so who knows if he’s a decent actor. Plus he’d have to dye his hair:)

          • Ah ah ah, totally agree with you, Butler playing a 23 year old virgin is totally laughable :-) :-) :-)
            I didn’t know Oliver Jackson-Cohen, he is cute but perhaps not enough viril for my own Jamie…I must see him in kilt !
            For me, Jamie looks like a mid between Noah Huntley and Andy Carroll. The problem is that neither is red (for me it’s important, not only for the hair’s color but for the skin’s color), and Andy Carroll is a football playeur, I don’t know if he can play, except to pretend an offense during the match !!!!

        • You know its funny I always thought Ive never seen anyone who looks like my version of Jaime but Good call on Andy Carrol and Noah Huntley:). Oddly enough I had never heard of Carrol or Huntley but I just looked at at the pictures and they are pretty damn close to what I picture. I always picture Gary Oldman(with the Sirius Black look) for Dougal:). Do you have any ideas for Claire or Roger?

          • Hi Marcy !
            I’m sorry to be late, I’m just coming back from holidays !
            I’m so glad you like Hunter and Carrol ! We must share a close imagination :-)

            Claire is difficult to find, for me it’s important that she has not a “classic beauty” but an intelligent look. For playing her in her middle age, I imagine Olivia Williams and sometimes, I imagine a french actress who is naturaly curly and very smart : Marion Cotillard. Both have a strong personnality and could be very femimine.
            For Roger, It’s difficult to find someone with his dreamy green eyes, so I just take Keanu Reeves when he wears a beard and long hair and add green eyes on him !!!!

            And you ? I look forward to hearing your opinion :-) :-) :-)

            PS : very good choice too for Sirius Black look !

      • I agree with you about Laura for Brianna. From Brianna’s first appearance in the series I always pictured her to look like Laura Prepon. Laura is capable of portraying the correct attitude, intelligence and strength that we all love in Brianna.

      • Definitely agree with Laura Prepon for Brianna! And definitely not on Girard Butler for Jamie; he’s just way to old for Jamie. Now I could see him for Dougal though. :) And for Claire I could totally see Kate Beckinsale even though her hair is too dark. She has that Claire attitude. I have no idea who I’d cast for Roger. And am I the only one who pictures Neil Patrick Harris as Lord John? I don’t know why, but I always get him stuck in my mind. It does help that he actually is gay too. Maybe that’s it. But he’s good-looking and polished like Lord John, but alas, not British.
        OH and let’s not forget Black Jack Randall/Frank. The only person I could see playing both of them is Jason Isaacs! If you haven’t seen “The Patriot”, stop what you are doing and watch it. He is totally Black Jack Randall!

      • Hmmmmmmm. Not sure. Isn’t Laura Prepon in her thirties? Brianna is 20 years old when we meet her. I don’t think Laura can pull off a 20 year old. Plus you would have to make Claire and Jamie that much older to match Laura’s look. You need to find someone who can play 22 year old Jamie as well as 50 year old Jamie. Sometimes I wish they left us (the readers) to our own imaginations and not make movies out of every popular book :)

  42. Congratulations, Diana! My hopes are that you are allowed considerable input and are allowed to assist them in the writing process. This series will mean a great deal to so many readers that I believe it’s important that you retain creative control by reviewing the script and/or act as producer on the series.

  43. Good things actually do happen to those who wait! I never believed until now! Can hardly wait!!! Thanks Diana for making it happen!!!

  44. I’ve read all your books several times and would LOVE to see a movie or series! Please consider Ryan Burns as Jamie. THANK YOU!

  45. Oh my!!! This is indeed a blessing! Though I know I would be stepping too far in advance, since I am not in the US I can only wait for the screen adaptataion on DVD.
    I hope for the best for the possible mini-series (or whatever the project might really turn out to be…).

    I became a fan of the books a little over a month ago and I have read all the books in that short period of time because I love the story/stories so much!!!
    Diana, thank you for bringing this story to me… I simply just adore The Outlander Series! Maraming Salamat! (Thank you very much in my native Filipino.)

  46. So glad to hear it will be a miniseries – Much too Much for a single movie ( 8 movie series, may be ) Move Over JK !!!
    Can’t wait ! I did not like reading the GAme of thrones ( not a fan of George Martin’s writing), but I am enjoying the way the video version has been done. As always – some details will be lost – Hang on to editing control, Diana!
    can’t wait! Oh now I will HAVE to get HBO on cable ( or whichever cable channel buys it)

    Patiently waiting for “my heart’s blood”

  47. I am so very happy to hear this news. To see ‘our’ wonderful novels brought to life on the small screen would be complete. I absolutely love the suggest of Jamie Bamber as Jamie and Tricia Helfer as Claire.. they are what I see in my minds eye Diana. I hope you like that thought too! We’re all looking forward reading MOBY when you’re ready to let us.

  48. This is the very best news. I am sure now the Internet will be alight with speculation as to which young hunk will be (or should be) contracted for the role of Jamie.

    I have been a fan since Outlander was first published, and have in turn, made rabid fans out of other friends and family. When in Scotland several years ago, the favorite sport of the other ladies on the tour was to search the Scottish countryside for Jamie. It certainly was entertaining!

    Diana, this is wonderful news, and certainly kudos belong to you for writing a series that has never diminished in quality and readability.

  49. Kevin Mckidd from Grey’s Anatomy would make an awesome Jami

    And Alex Kingston from ER would be great as feisty Claire. Can’t wait for the new novel !

  50. Have read all many times. The very best of stories. Have been wanting to see on screen. How fun to think who we would all like to play the different characters. Most of my favorites a bit old and don’t quite have the right Jamie look. Jared Padalecki. After reading a few bits off your site and the descriptions I have read of Jamie’s features he could fit well. Just not sure of his height. Happened to be watching “Supernatural” on this lazy Saturday evening and thought that he was pretty Jamie-ish.

    This is great fun. You must be thrilled! I cannot wait for the story to continue.

  51. Congrats! Tv makes more sense but i pray they stick to your version of the story. I have up given up on some many novels that are turned to tv/movies because hollywood just destroys the strong e.g. True blood the books n tv show just got confusing. I pray they get jaime n claire right.

  52. Disappointed its going to be a TV series, movies would have been far better…it will just drag on and on and on!!!!

  53. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!!! There are no actors on this earth that could satisfy everyone’s mind’s-eye vision of these characters. They are private and personal to each and every one of the millions of readers who love this series. I would be most unhappy to have mine usurped and ruined. I don’t care how wonderful the director is, no movie or series could capture your vision and characters. I can’t believe you would allow this to happen to your creation.

  54. I would not watch any movie or mini series made of Diana gabaldons books. To me nothing could EVER come close to the complete and total aweSomeness of the outlander books.

  55. YES!!! So excited I could go dance in the street naked!!!!!!! :)

  56. My co-workers and I would like to humbly submit an idea for Jamie and Claire. We think Chris Hemsworth would do very well as Jamie and Racheal McAdams would be lovely for Claire. Again these are just our ideas.

  57. Oh I definitely vote for Jamie Bamber, he is such a good actor, and not hard to look at!

  58. Have to add that I hope the people they choose are British, and not super well known, I hate seeing movie star after movie star. Unknowns are usually better!

  59. GOODGRAVY, it’s about time!!! I’ve been thinking that if HBO and the like can do Trueblood and The Tudors etc. then they damn-well missed the boat on this series (wanted to send them scripts myself for YEARS and BEG them to do it, but then I remembered that I’m not a writer :)
    Congratulations to Diana, and HOORAY!!! So excited it may be considered naughty.

  60. I always emailed this blog post page to all my associates, for the
    reason that if like to read it then my friends will too.

  61. Chris Fountain aka Tommy Duckworth on Coronation Street could definately pass for Jamie….altho he may not be tall enough.Laura Prepon is a good choice for Brianna. And how about Charlize Theron for Claire. I just saw her in Snow White and the Huntsman, she is fantastic!! I love the outlander series,and am now re reading all seven in preparation for number 8. Every time I reread them I get something more out of them. Cannot wait to see all the characters brought to life.

  62. Ms. Gabaldon,
    (I don’t feel I know you well enough to call you by your first name!

    I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your books so much. I recommend them to anyone who is interested “escape fiction” (my term for it). The books take me to a place I wish I could be, especially Scotland. (I spent 2 yrs there in my teens.) I am so glad that a mini-series is in development, and am so looking forward to it and MOHB. I plan on making my husband watch too, so he can see why I have been so engrossed for the last 10 yrs! Thank you for your gift of storytelling!

  63. I am over the moon about this news!! Please not a movie, the books have so much rich detail that would be more suitable to a series I think. And I’ll be biting my nails on casting issues… A friend of mine said the following when we were discussing this “We really need someone who looks like he can cut a guy in half not just with a sword but with a stare!” So true… Accents are very important as well. Gosh, I literally ‘lived’ in those books over and over so many times, I’m crossing everything for right type of casting for our beloved characters.

    When I was thinking who Jamie would be only two names popped into my head so far: Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa – as long as they can pull off the accents. Both have the build and the brutish intensity but also seen both do some amazingly tender scenes in other things they’ve been in. Mmm.. no idea who I would cast for everyone else yet… still thinking :)

    I cannot wait!! :)

  64. I’m very happy to hear that the Outlander Series is finally being adapted to the big screen, and a Cable Series is fine, it’s really too long a story to fit in a movie! I hope the director sticks to the books and doesn’t put his own spin on it like Peter jackson did with Lord of the Rings. I still haven’t seen an actor that is Rugged and Tall enough to play Jamie Fraser, but I think Emily Blunt would make a wonderful Claire! I kind of picture Jamie as a younger and more serious Craig Ferguson…

  65. Bugger. I don’t own a TV. I’ll have to get a TV and Cable now.

  66. Kate Beckinsale would be good for Claire.
    Have all the books from the first, my Mon got me the first two have read all of them three time and also re-read all when the next one comes out.
    Meet Diana at a book signing in Corta Madera Ca. and had her sign both my outlander hard copy plus the new The Fiery Cross. Also found out her husband and I have similar interests.

  67. Yipppeee! I’ll have to save my pennies incase I need to start paying for HBO!
    I can’t wait to see who gets cast. The only one I will have a hard time with is Captain Randall…the ONLY person I can see as him is Jason Isaacs. I agree with the suggestion of Laura Prepon as Bri. She is closest to what I picture her looking like. And for Jamie, who I picture would look something like Max Martini…not sure if he could pull off the accent though.

  68. Dearest Diana, just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for entertaining me for so many years. I await this HBO series with baited breath. You are a remarkably talented writer and hope you have the strength to continue for many years to come. I feel a little out of touch, since I don’t know any of the actors people have suggested for major roles. I will have to trust the powers that be and know that I will enjoy the stories again. Fondly,

  69. This is very exciting news. I just recently bought all new editions of the books because my old set was getting a bit tattered, so when I reread them in anticipation they’ll be fresh and unspoiled. It’s a coincidence but another favorite series, I recently found out, is also hopefully to be made into a TV series. The series is the 1632 books by Eric Flint. His attitude is that while he’s hoping for a good adaptation, it’d just be the icing on the cake for the added attention that is bought to the books themselves. Adaptation is a real crap shoot. The excitement of two of my favorite series perhaps making it to TV is exhilarating. I don’t do mental casting. I never’ll see anyone actually make it and I’m hoping for the pleasant and unexpected surprise to outperform my imagination.

  70. Diana
    A friends daughter recently recommended Cross stitch to me and my goodness talk about a book you just can’t put down. I love finding new authors and was very happy to know I had 7 more fabulous books to look forward to. I have a couple of your books reserved from my local library and have also bought a few on Amazon. I think Kevin Mckidd would make a great Jamie and agree that Jason Issacs would be very well cast as Captain Randall. Will have to read all the books before I watch the series but very excited to see how it will be adapted.

  71. I just looked at a photo of Jamie Bamber and my heart stopped… sigh. That would work for me. I don’t much care WHO he is in the series.

    Yay! YAY YAY YAY!

    So terribly sorry for the outburst. My dancing naked in the street skills have far been left behind with age and a bad knee.

    I am going to go and procure the oldest, peat soakiest, smokey bottle of Scotch I can find and wait for this all to unfurl.


  72. This is the best “Chemo Graduation” present I could have ever received!!!! One more reason to be happy to be alive!! Thank you for your stories DG! How they enrich our lives!

  73. Well, if Tom Cruise can play Lestat and Jack Reacher, he can play Jamie.

    Ok, that was a joke. Put down the pitchforks. ;-P

  74. My all time favorite book series. I am so excited for this and tv vs a movie much better idea.

  75. Murtaugh: Anson Mount.
    No one presently on earth is good enough to play ‘our’ Jamie. BUT, if we had to settle for a mere mortal, James Marsden would be a good place to start, I think. So cute, though a little puny to play Jamie. I don’t know…what we need is a young hybrid of “Rob Roy” Liam Neeson/”Braveheart” Mel Gibson/”Phantom of the Opera” Gerard Butler. Do they make those anywhere???
    I think Reese Witherspoon could probably pulloff Claire. She was amazing as June Carter Cash.
    No one OTHER than Jason Isaacs can play Black Jack Randall.
    Wouldn’t Guy Pierce make a good Frank-although he doesn’t really resemble Jason Isaacs….
    And finally—Missy Franklin for Brienne!!!
    Most importantly though, who we really, really need is Nina Gold(?) who did the casting for Game of Thrones. She nailed each and every one of GRRM’s characters. As such, unknowns would be cool.

  76. Who ever is Jamie HAS to be BIG 6’3″ or 6’4″ 200 lbs hair can be dyed natural accent preferred.
    Ms Kingston or possably Joely Richardson for clair with contacts.
    Bri also statuesque red headed American.
    Roger BIG? Greeen eyes?
    Jason Issacs perfect for Frank and Black Jack.
    Ducan another Big guy, Murtagh small wiry
    Janet??, and Ian??

    OK just my three cents worth

  77. Dear rr–

    I don’t write romance novels, but I agree that many good romance novels would probably make good movies, too.