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Deal with Sony Pictures for Adaptation of OUTLANDER for Cable TV Series



and here

and here

etc., etc., etc., as the King of Siam might put it. [g]

Really, if you Google “Ron D. Moore OUTLANDER”, you’ll find a _lot_ of announcements like these. most of them reasonably accurate.

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  1. Congratulations!. I was thinking that, with the success of Game of Thrones, it would only be a matter or time. I think the TV series format (HBO style) will be much better suited to your kind of epic story than a movie would be. Does it make you nervous to see what they will do with your story? I hope that Alex Kingston is cast as Clare.. I was watching Doctor Who the other day and it struck me that she would be theperfect Clare. I have previously read the whole series thus far, and a now listening to them on audio book to prepare myself for the coming of the next book. A perfect thing to do while gardening and painting the house over the summer.

    • I think that HBO will be able to do a great job with the storyline – even the tough spots (Jamie’s rape, etc) – since not too much of the “bad stuff” has been left out of the Game of Thrones series. As for Alex Kingston, she is now 49-years old – too old I think to play the role of Claire as she appeared in Outlander.

    • Will it happen in my life time? I hope so. I love these books.

    • Ditto that – it’s way too powerful for a movie. The cuts they’d have to make would just be brutal! Plus, I’m overall happy with the approach HBO takes, and similar style shows. Good luck and congrats!

    • Love Dr. Who, and it never occurred to me, but you’re right, Alex would be a great Claire. Maybe with a little tv magic it could happen.


    This announcement has made my year!

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  3. Fantastic! A TV series would be much better than a movie. And he could be pitching it this week? I’m hoping they go for it. “Built in fan-base,” absolutely! This just made my day! Congrats, Diana!

  4. Thanks for the links. This is the first time I’ve seen them and I have been busy with google since your announcement. :)

    I noted with interest a comment in your third link: “A lot probably depends on whether this show ends up on Showtime, AMC, or Syfy.” No mention of HBO but this is the only place I’ve seen mention of Syfy.

    (I notice the third link also uses an apparent graphic from “The Exile.” This is done without any attribution!)


    • It’s encouraging to learn that Moore is an Outlander fan (which is noted in many comments around the net).

    • Jerry,

      The image at the top was acknowledged at the very bottom of the piece

      Top image: Panel from Outlander graphic novel, via Suvudu.

  5. It would be awesome if Jamie Bamber was somehow included, like it mentions in one of the articles. Love him!

  6. It will probably take forever to get to the UK when it IS made but never mind – I still have the books and my imagination!

  7. It’s great that a real fan is writing the adaptation to small screen. I hope it is Sci-Fi Channel, although they have picked up many of the series like Sanctuary after too costly for other networks to run them. It’s cool that he has alaid fears for the adaptation by saying it will be faithful; however, we all know that producers have a way of demanding concessions. Still, Diana has created a wonderful story that we all love for different reasons, and Mr. Moore will do his best, I am sure. This is GREAT NEWS!

  8. I am very excited about this!!!!

  9. May have to get cable (and HBO/Showtime!!!) just so I can watch this :D And then will obsessively stalk the store shelves until it is released and break my “no HBO/Showtime DVD purchases” rule :3

  10. This is great news. Have been waiting for this to happen. Also waiting on “My Own hearts blood” as well.
    Need to reread all starting now again for 7th time as to refresh my memory & maybe find something I
    Didn’t see before. So excited about mini series, can’t wait

  11. I noticed that in the second link (AirlockAlpha) that the journalist stated that OUTLANDER arrived in the UK “first” under the title, “Cross Stitch,” but the title was changed to Outlander when it hit American shelves. Um…sounds like they are a bit unfamiliar about where the book was first published since we ALL know that it was the US first under “Outlander.”

    • I have a UK printing of Cross Stitch and I THOUGHT its copyright was a year before the US Outlander printing, but I could be mistaken – anyone clarify?

  12. This is really exciting…

  13. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations, Diana. :D

  14. I am a UK fan so will have to wait awhile for TV series so hopefully by then we will have a film in the making. I am so happy that it will be picked upas has been a great read!!! Cant wait for book 8!

  15. OMG Diana, I can only imagine how excited you must be …I am so beyond excited! I can hardly wait to call all my fellow Outlander fans and tell them! Congratulations…gotta go make some phone calls!!!!!!

  16. Yippee!! I thought something had to be in the works when you were at the Phoenix Comic-Con and mentioned the same person still having the option and channeling Murtagh! So very exciting! Congrats!

  17. Great news! It will be amazing to see Outlander on the screen! Guess I’ll have to upgrade my cable, lol!
    I can’t wait – I’ll be keeping everything crossed that the casting is brilliant!

  18. Not before time,now the great casting debate. Given the subject matter the series should be superb

  19. I just think it is so awesome that it is Ron Moore who is doing this! He is one of my absolute favorite writers! As is Diana Gabaldon – each in their own media! I am SOOOO excited to see how this turns out!

  20. This is the news I have been waiting for!! So happy to hear that some progress is being made and I hope it goes through. Casting will be such a contentious subject, especially given the FB response to that already ;) Can’t wait to hear more!


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