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Deal with Sony Pictures for Adaptation of OUTLANDER for Cable TV Series



and here

and here

etc., etc., etc., as the King of Siam might put it. [g]

Really, if you Google “Ron D. Moore OUTLANDER”, you’ll find a _lot_ of announcements like these. most of them reasonably accurate.

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  1. Wonderful news! Saw “Snow White and the Huntsman” as well as “Thor” and “The Avengers” with my best friend and super Jamie/Claire fan, and we couldn’t help but think that Chris Hemsworth would make a great Jamie. And has anyone considered Rose Leslie from Downton Abbey for Claire? Or Gemma Arterton?

    I really hope this comes to pass!!!!

    • He’s the only person I can see as Jamie!

    • that is so funny! the second I saw Thor, I thought: “oh my, it’s Jamie Fraser”. And then Snow White came out and he not only resembled him more, but he also had the accent….I’m pretty sure I melted :) Glad I’m not the only one to think so. But even if we can’t get Chris, I hope they choose the cast wisely.

      I’m so excited for the show. I’m too cheap to have HBO, etc… but I would gladly fork out the dough for this!

      • Dear Annie–

        Um…I feel compelled to point out that Mr. Hemsworth has a (very noticeable) _Australian_ accent, not a Scottish one. People would notice. [cough]


  2. Great news! I’ve been hoping for this to happen for ages… And I agree, a TV series ist so much better than a movie!

  3. I am really excited to hear they are going to do the story as a series. I just don’t think you could do Outlander justice if it were in a movie form. I am so excited for you Diana, I think if Game of Thrones is any indication of how well they can tell a story that is very complex, Outlander should be wonderful. :)

  4. I am excited and also glad that Moore is a fan. I hope they keep the spirit of these books. There is so much amazing writing in them. I am looking forward to seeing this but nervous. So many times so much is changed and story lines go in crazy directions when going from a book to screen. I have read the Outlander series so many times I lost count. Finally got them on audio to listen to while I worked, cleaned house, and exercise. Never thought I would like audiobooks but really brings them to life a bit more.

  5. Its’ about time!! Congratulations Diana……
    I have had this series on audiobooks for years and have enjoyed them over and over again along with my coworkers and everyone I have introduced this series to, even my 92 year old father-in-law.

  6. I’ve had these books for over 5 years (when there were only 6). And just decided to read them.

    I couldn’t have timed my reading these to coincide with this announcement – - – what luck!

    Diana – I love your writing because your descriptions are so detailed, I feel like I’m right there standing next to the characters and I feel like I’ve been transported through time along with Claire.

    I am only on book 4 and can’t get through them fast enough to find out what happens next.

    Thank you for this wonderful escape into another place and time.

    And Congratulations on the movie/series! Well deserved.

  7. I was so excited about this at first… but then I started thinking about the Jamie and Claire that are in my heart and mind. I’m so worried that whatever they do – TV series or movie – won’t mesh with the way I see them. That it won’t live up to my expectations….
    Anyone else feel this way????
    P.S. I re-read the series every summer. I’ve read Outlander over a dozen times. It’s like reconnecting with old friends. Nothing else comes close!! :)

  8. My heartfelt congratulations, Diana, though I daresay all the kerfuffle might be filed under ‘Mixed Blessings’. But it should detract people from asking if the ghost is Jamie for a while. :)

    I’m happy to see this at a time when good series are being created from good books ~ Game of Thrones, Pillars of the Earth, etc… If they are wise enough to take the HBO approach, I will be happy to wait eagerly for what comes out because I know that, at least, it will be a good story based on characters that enchant me in times that echoes in my own history.

    And, at best, it will be something that draws me into that world and makes me believe. :)

    Either way it will be like welcoming old friends. What the heck, eh?

  9. I have long thought that Diana’s fabulous characters and beautiful stories would make wonderful cinematography. Congratulations! And lucky us!

    I am slightly concerned thought- the first article say Jamie Bamber and James Callis are being considered for roles. At 5’8″ and 5’9″, I am not sure what roles they are considering these gents for?

    Please, please Diana- don’t let them make Jamie a shrimp!

  10. I am so happy to see your post! This is the news we have all been waiting for!! Congratulations!! <3

  11. What great news! I will absolutely upgrade cable to get this. I’d hoped that somehow the series would get picked up by Peter Jackson for film – I don’t think anyone else could have done Outlander justice – especially with his ability for casting & having the georgous New Zealand scenery to use as Scotland. But a cable series with the right person – couldn’t have done better!

  12. I am SO excited about this! I just hope it doesn’t end up on a cable channel I don’t get (fingers and toes ARE crossed!).

    I’ve been loving your words and novels since 1993 and feel all of your characters are part of my family tree!

  13. Congratulations, dear lady. I’m excited for me and for you! :-)

  14. Needless to say, I will add HBO, Showtime, or whatever other pay channel picks up your series. I believe there will be a noticeable spike in subscriptions. Stay healthy, Diana, and keep writing. You are a treasure!

  15. I’m so excited I can’t stand it.. of course I’m sure there’s still a long wait ahead for me, but I agree with the others, they can do so much more with a series than they can a movie. And so encouraging to have a fan making it!

  16. I congratulate Diana Gabaldon on the coup.
    I am leery of allowing anyone to tamper with the imagery in my head from reading the books. By the time it really happens I probably will watch along with everyone else.

  17. Best new for today !!!!!! I pray that soon the french TV buys rights.

  18. Any way to involve Davina Porter in any way. I still hear her voice even as I read the books on my own.

  19. Excited beyond belief. Just downloaded “Outlander” the musical. Cried all the way through it. Hope the series stays true to the books which I love, love, love.

  20. I am sooo excited/nervous about this!!! These books are so close to my heart and a tradition amongst the woman in my family:), the series better live up to the books or I’d rather it not be done at all. Anyway, has anyone thought of Laura Prepon(Donna from That 70s show ) for Briana? She has the build and if she goes back to her natural hair color she’d be a good physical match… Although I’m not sure if she’s every played in anything that wasnt a sitcom.


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