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Well, THIS oughta take your minds off the election for a little while…

“Well, THIS oughta take your minds off the election for a little while….(don’t forget to vote, though!)….

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  1. I was hoping for HBO but Starz was my second choice. So all is good in the world. I hope it’s soon on TV.

  2. Can’t wait, can’t wait. Almost, I STRONGLY SAY ALMOST, as excited about this as MOBY. I hope the casting and story stays true otherwise there will literally be millions of unhappy fans.

    • I agree. There’s nothing worse than a much-loved book series being ruined by poor casting and neglect to follow the story line once it’s transferred to the tv screen. Of course the characters cannot be perfect (I have yet to see live yet accurate rendition of the Jamie in my head), but we can hope for as close as possible!

  3. Whoooo Hoooo! My hubby asked, “I guess we’ll go out to the theater for that one, right?”
    To which I replied, “No. We’ll paid more to DISH so we can see the entire thing at home.” ; )

  4. The link doesn’t work – it retains the characters of Diana’s blog. The URL for the news story is:

  5. Remember, Diana Gabaldon doesn’t have a say in the production of the series. So not her fault if fans are unhappy. I can’t wait!!!

  6. YIPPEE!! YAY!!! HIP, HIP HOORAY!!! If I could turn cartwheels, I would do one now!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! I will be paying more for DISH too. (If my husband can pay for extra sports , I WILL have Starz!) This is wonderful news to hear.

    I know that everyone has asked for years about a motion picture or a mini series. A weekly series would be even better! Can you imagine Jamie and Claire EVERY WEEK.!?!? (What a wonderful thought!) Hopefully, this will be in production soon.

    Congratulations, Ms. Diana. I know you must be very happy. But here’s wishing you happy writing…this doesn’t let you off the hook for MOBY! (g)

  7. Sign me up for Starz!

  8. Any idea if STARZ has a Canadian subsidiary? I’d really love to be able to watch this series! STARZ is not listed (nor is Encore) in my satellite provider’s line-up :(

  9. Oh WOWWWIE…………. That will be wonderful! Congrats. Quite took my breath away!

  10. OH NO! I am soooo excited but at the same time very sad as we can’t apparently get that channel here in Canada…What are we to do Diana!!!!!!! I can’t stand the thought of it being available but not north of the border!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sharon: HBO Canada/The Movie Network picks up shows from STARZ (or at least they picked up Spartacus) so I think we will probably get it in Canada!

  12. This is amazing news – as long as you’re going to be overseeing what they do, I’ll be contacting my cable company! *cautiously optimistic*

    • Dear Tracey–

      I will _not_ be “overseeing what they do,” believe me. A) it doesn’t work that way, and B) I have books to write. [g]


  13. I am thrilled that it will be a series. The story os just too big for anything else. I will be keeping a close eye for when it starts to change my cable package. (To our friends north of the border, with any luck, they will put it out on DVD as soon as a first season is over? a little late, but better than nothing?)

  14. Too excited! This will make me get cable, with Starz, of course. Please keep us updated on whom they pick for Jamie! I sincerely hope they let you have absolute veto power on the Jamie and Claire actors.

  15. I hope I’m not the only guy that has read these books, they are awesome. I’ve loved every page. The characters truly become dear old cherished friends by the end of book 7. I can’t wait for book 8 and I really hope that STARZ does justice to the work of the author. They did a “decent” job with “Pillars of The Earth”…it could have been better, but they didn’t ask me! I can’t wait to read the collection of novella’s I have always wanted to know more about Rogers parents and other things…LOL.

    • Don, My husband loved the books too. I kept saying, “I think you would like the history in this series, but there’s a lot of romance….”. He loved all 7 of them and read them over and over.

    • My husband read all of them and loves them as much as me!

    • Don, my husband has read all the Series, and the Lord John books, and the Companion as well. We both love these books. So no, you are not the only guy.

    • Wayne
      Don, you are not alone! I have read all seven of Diana”s books from cover to cover four times and I still find things that I missed in previous readings. Not to mention all of the Lord John series! The Scottish Prisoner was a real pleaser since it tied the Sir John series to Jami in a direct way. I await the Fall of 2013 with great anticipation. I hope that Starz does Outlander credit. The potential is there based on a truly great novel!!
      P.S. I will soon begin my fifth reading beginning with Outlander, I had been waiting for the announcement of “Written in My Own Hearts Blood”. I am a fast reader so will finish long before the publish date but will be prepared to be up to date with the history to that point.

  16. I have mixed emotions about having it go to a cable network, however to be restricted by the antiquated standards of broadcast television would not do the series justice. Like with GAME OF THRONES, I will purchase the Blu-Rays when they come out, but also beg friends with the channels in their cable line-up to burn a DVD for me so I can watch it! May it go on for years like GALACTICA so as much of the story as possible can be properly displayed…anything less would be unworthy of the series!

  17. Actually I am really looking forward to the Lord John mysteries, instead of the Outlander. Personally I think Outlander will be way to long to ever translate into small screen, years and years of it. But I could be wrong.. they are currently doing Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.. those were big books, approx the size of Diana’s.

  18. I’m excited about a series – but – I’m also very worried. I have my own ideas of what the characters look like , and sound like since I’ve listened to all of the audio books as well. The books are so long and so very detailed and wonderfully sexy that I just don’t see how it can all be in the series. We’ll just have to see!!

    • Thank God I think I’m going to be able to post!!
      I say that because I’m a blind user of a service called netbyphone.
      I’m geting a late start, but I’m learning computer.
      Such awesome news!
      Now maybe my daughters will watch and understand my obssession.
      I find myself listening to the books again and again.
      Wow!a serries.
      We too will be upgrading our package at any price.
      Now maybe I’ll get over my depression over House ending.
      I too hope they stay true to Diana’s story.
      Sorry for the long post, but as a blind fan I’m wondering about the novellas.
      Will they be offered by audible?
      Thank you Miss Diana for the best lovestory ever.
      Thanks also for such an accessible website.
      It’s not easy these days to find sites that work well with netbyphone.

      • Dear Carrie–

        Thank you! I’m really glad the site is accessible to you. [smile]

        Yes, the individual novellas will be available in audio form: “The Custom of the Army” is already available, read by Jeff Woodman, and I expect “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” to be released in audio form pretty much at the same time as the ebook, which will be out Dec. 3rd. The others will all be released as the rights revert to me–”Plague of Zombies” will be out next April, and so on.

        Hope you’ll enjoy them all!


        • Witam Diana. Jestem z Polski.Przeczytalam wszystkie części Outlander.teraz czekam z niecierpliwością jak wszyscy na 8 część. Przepięknie napisana powieść,czytam już po raz drugi i podziwiam Panią za wyobrażnię jak i znajomość historii w XVIII Szkocji. Cudownie opisana jest milość Jamie i Claire,teraz to rzadko można spotkać taką WIELKA MILOSC. Gratuluję i serdecznie pozdrawiam.

          • Let me translate it for others, Magda.
            Hello Diana.
            I’m from Poland. I’ve read all Outlander books. I’ve been patiently waiting, as everybody else, for book 8. The story is written wonderfully. I’m reading
            the books again admiring you, Diana not only for your imagination, but
            also for you immense historical knowledge about 18th century Scotland.
            The great love story of Jamie and Clair is beautifully told.
            You can rearly come across such transcendental love anywhere now.
            My congratulations and warmest greetings.

  19. Dear Diana ~

    Looks like the planets aligned and the right guy and production people are converging harmonically to make this happen. And I’ll be able to tap Netflix for it. Looks like a win-win-win-win-win-win !

    You have worked long and hard for this, Diana! Congratulations – it is my fervent hope they do your body of work ( . . . _”Nice, substantial things. . . . an accomplishment to be proud of. . . . Maybe not so compact . . . weighty, authoritative.”_ . . . ) the honor and justice it so deserves.

    All because one day you wanted to try and write a book. :)

    Elaine from MI

  20. Well, dang it! I have Showtime. Dang it, gonna have to sit down and think about this one long and hard. But on the upside, at least it’s coming to fruition!

  21. I was a young woman when in June of 1991 “was transported through the stones”…Now I’m an old lady….
    Please, just let me live long enough to see my dream movie/series become reality. I used to worry about who would play Jamie, now I’m just so estactic I don’t care – just want the new book to come out on my birthday and the series about the same time – WHAT a birthday present that would be!

  22. Congratulations Diana! Wonderful news. You must be so proud and happy. I guess I’ll have to switch out my HBO subscription to Starz! I’ll do anything to get my Jamie and Claire fix.

  23. Eeek, so excited. Started reading the books at 13, and now at 30 still think of them or the characters or… when the next book will come out, so I can read all the books from the beginning again… at least a couple times per week.

    Starz… thumbs down on Pillars. Thumbs up on Spartacus. Thumbs up on Strike Back. So… they need to get better at the love aspect of stories, huh.

    Seriously. All good things. Super stoked, but mostly for the next book!

  24. Oh, and several people have posted about Dish… this isn’t a Dish exclusive, is it? If I have Starz on DirecTV, I’ll be able to see it?

  25. YES!!! Hopefully the series will be in DVD as soon as possible for us in other countries…

  26. When I saw the picture of of Ron Moore, I thought it was the casting for Jamie, of course with a new hair color coming soon. And I thought Yum, this is going to be good :o) Hopefully they will choose the actors well.

  27. Lady Diana is right, this does take one’s mind off the election. How exciting!

    Just took a three week trip to Scotland (the Motherland) in May and June of this year.

    At the gates of Culloden field, a woman approached me and said..”you look like somone who has read the Outlander series”. To this I replied, “I sure have”. “Well”, she said, “there is someone here I would like you to meet…this is Jamie Fraser…”…I must have looked very strange to her then as a Jamie Fraser in full tartan with a Fraser pin (je suis pret) shook my hand. I had to have a picture of that! This was quite serendipitus (sp?) considering how somber we were feeling as we headed out on Culloden field.

    Thought you would get a kick of that!

    Keep it coming, we love it.

    Bethia of Nova Scotia

    • Dear Bethia–

      How odd! Where is the picture?


      • Hi Lady Diana

        I do have a picture, is there somewhere to send it? I have to go through a few hundred to find it so it might take me a day or two but I would be happy to do so.

        Am re-reading An Echo now , just can’t do without this work and can’t wait for the next one.

        Kindest regards,
        Bethia of Nova Scotia

    • If there is any way that the picture of Jamie Fraser can be shared we would like to see it. I would have been speechless when introduced to Jamie.

      • Hi I have not been able to insert or upload a pic here. This Jamie was quite a bit younger than the real deal but it was still a unique experience!


        • I’m sure it was an unique experience & I’m glad that you got to experience it. That’s ok about the picture. Thank you for trying. Thank you, Kathleen.

  28. P.S. The hunk in the picture–not a bad rep of Jamie, is he the writer or the actor who will portray Jamie?

    Bethia in Nova Scotia

  29. I have to say I am extremely excited by this news and a bit worried……..I have read all 7 books numerous times….and will reread them again before book 8 comes out…..and I have a certain picture in my head of each character, setting, voice and feeling…..the thought of someone putting their ideas of those things on film feels weird to me, what if its not what I pictured or felt? will it change how I feel about these books? God I hope not! what would I do with Jamie, Claire and the rest…….
    that being said, no one anywhere will be able to stop me from watching this show, probably over and over and over again!! I am beyond excited to be able to live this story visually rather than just in my head….
    I see many girls nights with large bottles of wine in my future!

  30. Oh hooray Diana !!!!!
    I can hardly wait to for the first series to start.
    Hopefully they will give us some tidbits along the way.

    I may have to add a channel to my dish network though.

    I will just have to read the books again.

    Thanks for the information,

    Have a nice day !!!

    susie o.

  31. Congratulations! That’s so great!

  32. Hi Diana,

    This is great news. I am up here in Ottawa, Canada so I am hoping that by the time the series is made this channel will be available here. Or, if not, there will be the DVD.

    My good news is that A Trail of Fire arrived a week earlier than was expected and I spent a nice weekend immersed in your lovely writing. You are a great story teller. Many can write, few can tell a story. You are truly gifted.

    For those who are debating the price of UK postal costs, I have posted a review at Goodreads.

  33. Beyond excited. They must pick Jamie very carefully. Starz will surely profit from this venture, true Outlander fans will not want to miss the series.

    • Wonderful news! I realize it may not work for a younger Jamie but since the beginning I have envisioned Jamie as Kevin McKidd :) (he had me when he did Rome and Percy Jackson).

  34. I must ave missed something. When will the series on STARZ begin?

  35. Truly Diana,
    Can it be filmed in Scotland?

  36. Actor for Jamie must have a solid Scots’ face. The illustrator for The Exile, Hoang Nguyen, had Asian faces on the tips of his fingers. Use a photo of late author, Nigel Tranter, to compare. Also, don’t make mistakes like makers of Rob Roy and William Wallace. Huge William Wallace was played by relatively short Mel Gibson; Relatively short Rob Roy was played by huge Liam Neeson. Roy is an Anglicised word for ‘red’ and Rob MacGregor had red hair. No excuse for not having actor with red hair – it could have been dyed or actor wear a wig.

    Authenticity is in the detail!!
    All the best,

  37. So glad it’s a series and not a movie, that way we get way more details from the books integrated.

  38. Carnavale! I loved it! Carnivale was not really sci fi. Like Outlander, it didn’t really fit into any one category. Ron Moore had a big hand in creating that show. I have a feeling that he will do a terrific job with Outlander.

    Cable channels have been doing wonderful things with book series lately. Sookie Stackhouse series was made so much better with True Blood. Dexter was made better too. I haven’t read or watched Game of Thrones but I hear great things. It is not possible to make Oulander better, but I think that the series will be intelligent and beautiful.

    Don’t expect the series to be the same as the books though. Different interpretations, creativity choices and necessary changes for time will effect the end product . Think of the series as an alternate reality. There will be similarities but many differences too.

    What great news! Thank you Ms. Gabaldon for your books and this blog too. I don’t know how you keep up with everything but I appreciate everything that you do. You go above and beyond time and time again.

  39. Dear Diana, I’ve been thinking of writing you for about a year, when I finished re-reading all the Outlander books to date (and most of the Lord John books), but I imagine it is too late now. After the last book, I had a strong feeling that you brought Jamie back to life too quickly. Of course, he had to return, especially for his son to meet him, and also because there was too much grief in Claire and John.
    It would be a big shift for the series, but actually, I’ve been more and more interested in Lord John, and I thought the “pillow talk” between him and Claire was fascinating. I’d like to see more of them together, and after all, they did marry. Their relationship could not, of course, be as sexually satisfying as it was for Claire and Jamie, but as I get older, I realize that genuine friendship can be grounded in something quite else, and the friendship of Claire and John is fascinating.
    For Jamie to die, it would have to be something all three of them consent to, like for example, maybe he gets both his legs shot off, and no longer wants to live so maimed, begging them both to let him go. (You’re the novelist, and I’m sure can think of something more creative than that, but that’s just a hint of the direction I imagine.)
    Anyway, I’ve had the sense that you too have been increasingly interested in Lord John, and that perhaps the magic of Jamie and Claire had run its course creatively, but that new juice might be invigorated by a shift of that sort. As I say, I’m sure I’m too late,since the new book will soon be out, but for whatever it’s worth, here’s a devoted reader’s reflections.
    I eagerly await what comes next. shalom, Norvene

  40. Diana,

    I just started reading your books a couple of weeks ago. I should’ve read them a long time ago, but I was getting a graduate degree in Eng. Lit and the snobbish, all consuming world of academia leaves very little time for pleasure reading. If I ever mentioned science fiction or any genre fiction I enjoyed, my profs and classmates looked at me as I had committed some great sin. I am a Mexican-American Anglophile raised in the Southwest, so discovering you and your work has inspired me tremendously. I have had to defend my love of British literature, film, tv, and music so many times!

    As a longtime “Doctor Who” fan, I wondered if you had ever seen the series and were inspired, even in a minor way, by my favorite Doctor companion, Jamie McCrimmon. When I found your Wikipedia page, I was delighted to see that “War Games” did inspire the setting of the series and the character name was an homage to the kilt that started you on this literary journey. I have always wanted to see the episode titled “The Highlanders” which introduces Jamie as a character on “Doctor Who” (and takes place during the Battle of Culloden), but the BBC shamelessly wiped over their original tapes of the episode in the 60s.

    I cannot wait to read the rest of your work and look forward to the television series. As a fan of “Battlestar Galactica” and the webseries “Blood and Chrome,” I think Ron Moore is a great choice to lead the series and if he could get Kevin Mc Kidd of “Rome” fame a shot at the lead male role, I think many female fans would be eternally grateful.


  41. Hmmm, “Battlestar Galactica” and “Star Treck”….. I hope he doesn’t focus too much on the time travel and lose track of the interpersonal relationships. “Battlestar Galactica” is one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows, but that is NOT the central point of “Outlander.”

  42. Diana, I got so caught up in the series that this summer, my 19 year old daughter and I visited Scotland! We had a wonderful time and am ready to return. My heart is in the highlands!

  43. Wonderful News!

    We don’t get STARZ in Israel (we get other stuff)…will there be other broadcasting options for your international fans?

  44. Ms. Gabaldon,
    This is the best news I have gotten in a long time!!!!

    I hope the Starz folks take into account your opinions of how the actors look and portray your characters. Although I like both Kevin Kidd and Jason Issacs previous performances, I don’t think either one of them would be good choices, they are both too old for the begining of the series and it would be too difficult to de-age them.

    I’m sure there are several wonderful actors out there who can play the characters and fit the pictures in our heads. I know it would be possible to find actors with real Scottish accents to play the parts, it is amazing how many actors we see on TV who are British, even scottish and we don’t know it until they do interviews.

    I can’t wait to see the series and I will be watching every episode over and over! And I will also be reading all the novellas and re-reading all the “BIG” books again.


  45. Not to take anything away from the news about the show, but as I was at work today, contemplating my manager’s shortcomings, I found myself wishing that there was a book about Jamie’s leadership – The Leadership Secrets of James Fraser. If Diana ever tires of writing novels, this would be a great subject. I’ve worked for a lot worse managers than my current boss, but he suffers in comparison to Jamie.

    Just a thought.

  46. So thrilled to learn about the series. I know how beautiful this could be on screen, with location shooting and genuine actors. Can. Not. Wait.

  47. By “genuine”, I believe I actually mean “authentic”. Sorry, it’s late and I am tired, plus so very excited about the series.

  48. While I have been more than content to immerse myself in the stories with my imagination providing its own cinematography, I am ecstatic to hear that I might be able to see these wonderful characters come to life on film. My friends and I have been waiting to say this and given this opportunity, here goes – we think Chris Hemsworth could play the part of Jamie. He is the person I picture whenever I read the books. My other comment is that given the constraints of writing a screenplay for any media, the characters are the enduring centerpiece of any production. People love the stories, but they fall in love with the characters. I have loved them from page one and no matter who ends up playing the parts, as long as the essence of the character is there it will be wonderful.

  49. well, I am really, really excited about this, but I was hoping that it would be a mini-series instead of a series….I remember how much I looked forward to watching the Sword of Truth series (books by Terry Goodkind). Seems like some of the episodes ended up being made up of boring “adventures” that happened while they were traveling from one place to the other, some of them weren’t even in the book. Where, if the story is a mini-series, they already know pretty much how much time they have to tell the story and end up sticking closer to the actual authors written adventures and characters. Much like HBO did with the Game of Thrones, first year. Also, if it’s a mini-series, they have a chance of getting bigger stars in the lead roles. A lot of actors don’t like doing a TV series, it takes up too much of their time when/if a movie opportunity comes along.

    But, don’t get me wrong, Dianna! I am sooo excited. : ) Somewhere along this story-line it was mentioned that Chris Helm…??? (played Thor) might be Jamie….everytime I see him, I try to imagine him with red hair. ggg

  50. audible.com has The Scottish Prisoner on sale for $4.95

  51. I have been waiting for something like this to happen for for-ev-er! Awesome!

  52. I am very glad to know that there will finally be a movie–disappointed it will be on Tv not the big screen, but that’s alright….I really can’t wait.

    Pn another note! Since this next book about Jamie and Claire has already not made other dates; ALL I wanted for Christmas and last Christmas was for the new book to come out in the fall as promised! I am “sorely” disappointed. Will try to stick around until next fall so please try to finish it. Some of your fans
    are not getting younger,

    Loved the last Lord John book!

  53. I wish Joss Whedon could be involved. His sense of humour, poignancy and timing would be so perfect for the characters. Plus he’s such a great advocate of strong female leads. I really REALLY hope they don’t detract from Claire, Brianna, et al, by focusing too much on the guys’ perspective. Les sigh.

    And Claire’s hair!!! If Claire’s hair is not at least partially its own character, I’ll be sorely disappointed. Haha!

  54. So interesting to read all of the comments regarding a ‘series’ – since I have my own ‘pictures’ of the Fraser family in my head it may be difficult for me to transcend to ‘movie images’ – I must confess I have read the Outlander series (all volumes) at least 3 times. Something about your writing, Ms Gabaldon, captures my imagination and I keep learning new information each time I read. I am a retired community college psychology teacher who has wanted to write a novel all my life – maybe if I put down your books long enough to write my own I may yet accomplish that task. :-)

  55. What a great choice you made in having Ron Moore pitch your beloved work to Starz. I guess this will free you up for a bit of time for your writing. Congratulations! I am looking forward to see how things shape up with the directors and casting. Again, best wishes.