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Well, THIS oughta take your minds off the election for a little while…

“Well, THIS oughta take your minds off the election for a little while….(don’t forget to vote, though!)….

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  1. I was hoping for HBO but Starz was my second choice. So all is good in the world. I hope it’s soon on TV.

  2. Can’t wait, can’t wait. Almost, I STRONGLY SAY ALMOST, as excited about this as MOBY. I hope the casting and story stays true otherwise there will literally be millions of unhappy fans.

    • I agree. There’s nothing worse than a much-loved book series being ruined by poor casting and neglect to follow the story line once it’s transferred to the tv screen. Of course the characters cannot be perfect (I have yet to see live yet accurate rendition of the Jamie in my head), but we can hope for as close as possible!

  3. Whoooo Hoooo! My hubby asked, “I guess we’ll go out to the theater for that one, right?”
    To which I replied, “No. We’ll paid more to DISH so we can see the entire thing at home.” ; )

  4. The link doesn’t work – it retains the characters of Diana’s blog. The URL for the news story is:

  5. Remember, Diana Gabaldon doesn’t have a say in the production of the series. So not her fault if fans are unhappy. I can’t wait!!!

  6. YIPPEE!! YAY!!! HIP, HIP HOORAY!!! If I could turn cartwheels, I would do one now!!! I CANNOT WAIT!! I will be paying more for DISH too. (If my husband can pay for extra sports , I WILL have Starz!) This is wonderful news to hear.

    I know that everyone has asked for years about a motion picture or a mini series. A weekly series would be even better! Can you imagine Jamie and Claire EVERY WEEK.!?!? (What a wonderful thought!) Hopefully, this will be in production soon.

    Congratulations, Ms. Diana. I know you must be very happy. But here’s wishing you happy writing…this doesn’t let you off the hook for MOBY! (g)

  7. Sign me up for Starz!

  8. Any idea if STARZ has a Canadian subsidiary? I’d really love to be able to watch this series! STARZ is not listed (nor is Encore) in my satellite provider’s line-up :(

  9. Oh WOWWWIE…………. That will be wonderful! Congrats. Quite took my breath away!

  10. OH NO! I am soooo excited but at the same time very sad as we can’t apparently get that channel here in Canada…What are we to do Diana!!!!!!! I can’t stand the thought of it being available but not north of the border!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sharon: HBO Canada/The Movie Network picks up shows from STARZ (or at least they picked up Spartacus) so I think we will probably get it in Canada!

  12. This is amazing news – as long as you’re going to be overseeing what they do, I’ll be contacting my cable company! *cautiously optimistic*

  13. I am thrilled that it will be a series. The story os just too big for anything else. I will be keeping a close eye for when it starts to change my cable package. (To our friends north of the border, with any luck, they will put it out on DVD as soon as a first season is over? a little late, but better than nothing?)

  14. Too excited! This will make me get cable, with Starz, of course. Please keep us updated on whom they pick for Jamie! I sincerely hope they let you have absolute veto power on the Jamie and Claire actors.

  15. I hope I’m not the only guy that has read these books, they are awesome. I’ve loved every page. The characters truly become dear old cherished friends by the end of book 7. I can’t wait for book 8 and I really hope that STARZ does justice to the work of the author. They did a “decent” job with “Pillars of The Earth”…it could have been better, but they didn’t ask me! I can’t wait to read the collection of novella’s I have always wanted to know more about Rogers parents and other things…LOL.

    • Don, My husband loved the books too. I kept saying, “I think you would like the history in this series, but there’s a lot of romance….”. He loved all 7 of them and read them over and over.

    • My husband read all of them and loves them as much as me!

    • Don, my husband has read all the Series, and the Lord John books, and the Companion as well. We both love these books. So no, you are not the only guy.

    • Wayne
      Don, you are not alone! I have read all seven of Diana”s books from cover to cover four times and I still find things that I missed in previous readings. Not to mention all of the Lord John series! The Scottish Prisoner was a real pleaser since it tied the Sir John series to Jami in a direct way. I await the Fall of 2013 with great anticipation. I hope that Starz does Outlander credit. The potential is there based on a truly great novel!!
      P.S. I will soon begin my fifth reading beginning with Outlander, I had been waiting for the announcement of “Written in My Own Hearts Blood”. I am a fast reader so will finish long before the publish date but will be prepared to be up to date with the history to that point.

  16. I have mixed emotions about having it go to a cable network, however to be restricted by the antiquated standards of broadcast television would not do the series justice. Like with GAME OF THRONES, I will purchase the Blu-Rays when they come out, but also beg friends with the channels in their cable line-up to burn a DVD for me so I can watch it! May it go on for years like GALACTICA so as much of the story as possible can be properly displayed…anything less would be unworthy of the series!

  17. Actually I am really looking forward to the Lord John mysteries, instead of the Outlander. Personally I think Outlander will be way to long to ever translate into small screen, years and years of it. But I could be wrong.. they are currently doing Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire.. those were big books, approx the size of Diana’s.

  18. I’m excited about a series – but – I’m also very worried. I have my own ideas of what the characters look like , and sound like since I’ve listened to all of the audio books as well. The books are so long and so very detailed and wonderfully sexy that I just don’t see how it can all be in the series. We’ll just have to see!!

    • Thank God I think I’m going to be able to post!!
      I say that because I’m a blind user of a service called netbyphone.
      I’m geting a late start, but I’m learning computer.
      Such awesome news!
      Now maybe my daughters will watch and understand my obssession.
      I find myself listening to the books again and again.
      Wow!a serries.
      We too will be upgrading our package at any price.
      Now maybe I’ll get over my depression over House ending.
      I too hope they stay true to Diana’s story.
      Sorry for the long post, but as a blind fan I’m wondering about the novellas.
      Will they be offered by audible?
      Thank you Miss Diana for the best lovestory ever.
      Thanks also for such an accessible website.
      It’s not easy these days to find sites that work well with netbyphone.

      • Dear Carrie–

        Thank you! I’m really glad the site is accessible to you. [smile]

        Yes, the individual novellas will be available in audio form: “The Custom of the Army” is already available, read by Jeff Woodman, and I expect “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” to be released in audio form pretty much at the same time as the ebook, which will be out Dec. 3rd. The others will all be released as the rights revert to me–”Plague of Zombies” will be out next April, and so on.

        Hope you’ll enjoy them all!


      • Witam Diana. Jestem z Polski.Przeczytalam wszystkie części Outlander.teraz czekam z niecierpliwością jak wszyscy na 8 część. Przepięknie napisana powieść,czytam już po raz drugi i podziwiam Panią za wyobrażnię jak i znajomość historii w XVIII Szkocji. Cudownie opisana jest milość Jamie i Claire,teraz to rzadko można spotkać taką WIELKA MILOSC. Gratuluję i serdecznie pozdrawiam.

      • Let me translate it for others, Magda.
        Hello Diana.
        I’m from Poland. I’ve read all Outlander books. I’ve been patiently waiting, as everybody else, for book 8. The story is written wonderfully. I’m reading
        the books again admiring you, Diana not only for your imagination, but
        also for you immense historical knowledge about 18th century Scotland.
        The great love story of Jamie and Clair is beautifully told.
        You can rearly come across such transcendental love anywhere now.
        My congratulations and warmest greetings.

  19. Dear Diana ~

    Looks like the planets aligned and the right guy and production people are converging harmonically to make this happen. And I’ll be able to tap Netflix for it. Looks like a win-win-win-win-win-win !

    You have worked long and hard for this, Diana! Congratulations – it is my fervent hope they do your body of work ( . . . _”Nice, substantial things. . . . an accomplishment to be proud of. . . . Maybe not so compact . . . weighty, authoritative.”_ . . . ) the honor and justice it so deserves.

    All because one day you wanted to try and write a book. :)

    Elaine from MI

  20. Well, dang it! I have Showtime. Dang it, gonna have to sit down and think about this one long and hard. But on the upside, at least it’s coming to fruition!


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