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The Third Advent Candle

GAUDETE – The Third Sunday of Advent

The third Sunday of Advent is called “Gaudete Sunday,” from the Latin word meaning “rejoice”:

Gaudete in Domino semper: iterum dico, gaudete. Modestia vestra nota sit omnibus hominibus: Dominus enim prope est. Nihil solliciti sitis: sed in omni oratione petitiones vestræ innotescant apud Deum. Benedixisti Domine terram tuam: avertisti captivitatem Jacob.

This may be translated as

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice. Let your forbearance be known to all, for the Lord is near at hand; have no anxiety about anything, but in all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known to God. Lord, you have blessed your land; you have turned away the captivity of Jacob.

— Philippians 4:4–6; Psalm 85 (84):1

A traditional Advent wreath has three purple candles and one pink one: on Gaudete Sunday, we light the pink one! We pause on our spiritual journey to lift up our eyes and see joy approaching—hence we rejoice (before settling back into penitence for the last haul toward Easter).

And the “candle” for today was chosen as an illustration of hope and the promise of joy, emerging from mourning. Hope you enjoy it!

Copyright 2012 Diana Gabaldon
[Please don’t repost or reproduce this, but you’re more than welcome to link to it if you like.]

[A conversation in the woods between Ian Murray and his (more or less) betrothed, Rachel Hunter.]

He squared his shoulders and gave a great sigh, then met her eyes directly.

“D’ye want to hear about every woman whose bed I’ve shared? Because I’ll tell ye, if so. I’ve never taken a woman unwilling—though they were mostly whores. I’m no poxed, though,” he assured her. “Ye should ken that.”

She considered that for a moment.

“I think I need not know the details,” she said finally. “But should we ever meet a woman thee has bedded, I wish to know it. Thee does not mean to continue fornicating with prostitutes once we are wed, though, does thee?”


“Good,” she said, but rocked back a little on the log, hands linked around her knees, holding his gaze. “I do wish to hear more about thy wife. Emily.”

He could feel the warmth of her leg, her body, close beside him. She hadn’t moved away from him when he’d said about sleeping with whores. The silence grew around them, and a jay called, somewhere in the wood beyond.

“We loved each other,” he said at last, softly, eyes on the ground. “And I wanted her. I—could talk to her. Then, at least.”

Rachel drew breath, but didn’t say anything. He took his courage in his hands and looked up. Her face was carefully expressionless, her eyes intent on his face.

“I dinna ken how to say it,” he said. “It wasna the same way I want you—but I dinna mean to make it sound as though…as though Emily didna matter to me. She did,” he added, very softly, and looked down again.

“And…she does?” Rachel asked quietly, after a long pause. After a longer one, he nodded, swallowing.

“But,” he said, and stopped, looking for the way to go on, because now they were coming to the most perilous part of his confession, the thing that might make Rachel stand up and walk away, dragging his heart behind her through the rocks and brush.

“But?” she said, and her voice was gentle.

“The Mohawk,” he began, and had to stop for a breath. “It’s the woman’s choice, about being married. If a woman should take against her husband for some reason—if he beats her, or he’s a lazy sot, or smells too bad when he farts…” he stole a glance, and saw the corner of her mouth twitch, which heartened him a little. “She puts his things out o’ the longhouse, and he has to go back to live wi’ the unmarried men—or find another woman who’ll have him at her fire. Or leave altogether.”

“And Emily put you out?” She sounded both startled and a little indignant. He gave her a wee smile in return.

“Aye, she did. Not because I beat her, though. Because…of the bairns.”

He felt the tears come to his eyes and clenched his hands in frustration on his knees. Damn, he’d sworn to himself that he wouldn’t weep. Either she’d think he made a show of his grief to win her sympathy…or she’d see too deep; he wasn’t ready…but he had to tell her, he’d started this on purpose to tell her, she had to know…

“I couldna give her children,” he blurted. “The first—we had a wee daughter, born too early, who died. I called her Iseabail.” He wiped the back of his hand viciously under his nose, swallowing his pain. “After that, she—Emily—she got wi’ child again. And again. And when she lost the third…her heart toward me died with it.”

Rachel made a small sound, but he didn’t look at her. Couldn’t. Just sat hunched on the log like a toadstool, shoulders drawn up around his ears and eyes blurred with the tears he couldn’t shed.

A small warm hand settled on his.

“And your heart?” she asked. “Yours died, too?”

He closed his hand on hers and nodded. And then just breathed for a bit, holding onto her hand, until he could speak again without his voice breaking.

“The Mohawk think that the man’s spirit fights wi’ the woman’s, when they…lie together. And she willna get with child, unless his spirit can conquer hers.”

“Oh, I see,” Rachel said softly. “So she blamed you.”

He shrugged.

“I canna say she was wrong.” He turned a little on the log, to look at her directly. “And I canna say that it would be different—with us. But I did ask Auntie Claire, and she told me about things in the blood…well, perhaps ye should ask her to explain it, I wouldna make a decent job of it. But the end of it was that she thought it might be different wi’ another woman. That I maybe could. Give ye bairns, I mean.”

He only realized that Rachel had been holding her breath when she let it out, a sigh that brushed his cheek.

“Do ye—“ he began, but she had risen a little, into him, and she kissed him softly on the mouth, then held his head against her breast and took the end of her kerchief and wiped his eyes and then her own.

“Oh, Ian,” she whispered. “I do love thee.”

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  1. Beautiful.

    Thank you Diana.

    • Thanks, Ian and Rachel deserve to find happiness together. Thanks for the excerpts from your book . It makes the waiting easier.

    • I have been waiting anxiously for such a long time!! I consider the Outlander series my favourite books ever, right up there with The Thorn Birds.

      • Me too! along with my other “nonalogy” favorites by robin hobb! I eagerly await the next book in the wonderfully down-to-earth Claire and her surgical practice of the “dark” ages! love and thanks, m.

    • I can’t Waite ! Love the little bits we get!

    • Eeeeeek…….I’m going to go crazy waiting till the fall. Time to reread An Echo in the Bone……….again.

      • I’ve just finished An Echo in the Bone for the 2nd time, having already read the entire series multiple times waiting for that one! Now I’m ready for the 8th book and just dying for it to be published…PLEASE PLEASE hurry – this suspense is killing me!!

    • Hello!

      Just wanted to join in the praise. I am reading the series over (again) in prep for #8 in the fall. Cant wait. Diana, I wondered if you picture Jenny Murray as looking very much like you b/c I do! Random thought. :-) Thanks for these wonderful novels. My mother and I are always in awe of your knowledge of words and languages.

      Happily in the middle of Drums of Autumn yet again,

      A fan

      • I’m glad I’m not the only who pictures Jenny as Diana as well! Diana, I’ve read the books at least 4 times, and will continue to read it over and over again. I always find something new! Thank you!

      • Too funny… I’ve had that exact thought! I see it too. And when I’m reading or listening to the books (by the way, these books are wonderful to listen to as well) I picture Diana as Jenny.

      • I realize I’m writing this reply quite a bit later however… I do not see Jenny Murray looking like Diana. It’s funny how we all get different pictures in our head about someone we are reading about. I see her as someone with a sort of thin heart shaped face with a dimple in her chin and large luminous dark blue eyes and a mouth that looks ready to smile. However I have never been able to picture the faces of Ian or his father (Ian) or Jamie. And yet I can see Brian’s face at about the time when Jamie was whipped in prison.

      • alright, i’m young but these are my favorite books of all time, don’t judge me but i’ve read the series at least 27 times, i own the series which makes me happy :) but i’m soooo anxious to read the new book!!

    • I’ve enjoyed the excerpts, but I’m ready for the book! My books are falling apart because I’ve read them so many times! (I think 8 times) This series has made me want to visit the land of my ancestors!

    • I love the books. I have read Every part 4 times. So I am à real fan. I can not wait To read part 8.

    • I just finished the last book, and am going through severe withdrawal. I miss the characters so much. I listen to them on audio, and Davina Porter is enchanting. She has brought the story to life, and I feel like I really know these people. I can’t wait for the new book to be released. Missing Jamie

      • I too am on my 4th round of listening to to books. Davina Porter really brings it to life. Can’t wait until the next one comes out!

      • I also have read all the available Outlander books. The characters have become like dear friends to me. I will start reading my favorite parts over again. I cried through Brianna’s trip with Ian through the wilderness so he could vent his sorrow over the loss of Emily. Can I wait for December to get my copy of the next book? Only time will tell.

    • Someone said it makes the wait easier! It just makes me want more, but I like it! My Mother (95) and I love, love, love the Outlander Books! I just finished reading them a second time ( in preparation for the eighth) & the novelette ” A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” (Roger’s parents). I intend on having the eighth book as a 96th Birthday gift for my Mom! Can hardly wait! Diana Galbaldon rocks!

    • Hurry quickly. I can not wait

    • Your books are so wonderful. When I read them, I feel like I am right there standing in the background watching them interact with one another. I am taken right into the middle of the time period, experiencing all energy and life you breath into them. It’s an amazing place to go! Thank you for bringing these characters to life, so that many of us can sneak off and enjoy.

    • I have read all your books and have now started listening to them through audible. Can’t wait for this one to come out. Watching for more excerpts like the one above. It was wonderful.

      Thank you for sharing.

    • I was really hoping the book would be out by Christmas 2013. Which is what I was told. I cannot wait to revisit my old friends, all the characters in your books. Many thanks. Susan

    • Think I am wishing my life away roll on 2014 can’t wait. I feel like they are my family. Have read the whole series of books 4 times.

  2. I have loved this gift of reading these excerpts! Thank you! (but I am also feeling a little tortured waiting for the book to come out- Ha!) Can’t wait!! Your Outlander series has been my absolute favorite reads ever!

  3. I have just finished re-reading the entire series and can’t wait for number 8 to be published. This sneak preview is more than enough to wet the appetite. Can’t wait.

  4. What a gift, again… I wish every Sunday of the year would be an advent Sunday. Thank you Diana.

  5. Gaudete indeed! I think Christmas has come early this year for me!

    Thanks so much for the excerpt.

  6. Diana, you write so beautifully and you can feel the emotion in one’s own heart. How perfect for today. Thank you.

  7. Ian makes me cry. He’s so sweet. I try to avoid these excerpts because it makes me want MOBY horribly. I love your stories, though.

  8. Hi Diana,

    “dragging his heart behind her through the rocks and brush”

    Oh……This gave me such a visual picture I had to stop reading and collect myself.

    I absolutely love the way you write abut these two.

    This excerpt is a perfect example of rejoicing


  9. Thnak you, Diana, for the post and photos.

    You are my favorite writer and I read each line I am more thrilled and in love with your characters. Jamie, Clair and Ian are like members of my family, every book I rediscover the joy of the family!

    Merry Christmas and can not wait for the new book!

    All the happiness in the world for you and your family and thanks for all the gifts which your talent has given us in each book!

    PS: sorry for my english, I’m brazilian.

  10. What a gorgeous photograph!

  11. Thank you so much! Outside of Jamie and Claire, Ian is my absolute favorite character. He has had so much heartache, I hope in MOBY he will find joy. But the essential conflict that you created here is that Rachel is a Quaker.. and Ian is a bloody man. And Willie likes her too! We’ll find out in MOBY.

  12. I wanted to let you know that I just recently began to read the series..I am still on the first book. I wanted to thank you for providing me with an escape. With all the sadness and difficult times going on in our country it is nice to know that I can escape to the world of Claire and Jamie! Sometimes we all need the opportunity to just get away from all of the negativity in the world…thank you for providing me with that escape!

  13. You unwind these layers, so carefully, so lovingly. We are all pulled along as each character is revealed. I too await the next book with eagerness.

  14. Oh come on, already! I don’t think I can wait almost a year for more of this!

  15. Diana,
    Thank you for this sweet passage!
    Gotta love Ian!

    Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  16. Dear God, I DO love these people. Please hurry as best you can.

  17. Beautiful! Ian has always been one of my favorites. He’s so sweet and good. I’m glad to see that things are going well for him (at least for now) and I like the pairing of him with Rachel. I’m so looking forward to the new book. Please don’t ever stop writing! Merry Christmas, Diana.

  18. Wow… this is amazing… I cannot wait until its on the shelves in Australia to buy… I’ll be waiting with anticipation for its arrival…

  19. Cannot wait for this next installment – I absolutely love the detail in all the books comprising this series – the characters are so vivid, so real – Ive recommended to so many people

  20. What can I say? Thank you. Every scene is a gift to savor.

  21. Thankyou so much Diana ! BEST.SERIES.EVER. Have a lovely Christmas with your family ! Season’s greetings from France. (Hope your knee is OK).

  22. Ok, I am hoping someone can help me. I just finished reading A Leaf on the Wind on All Hallows. And what fun! In the author’s notes at the end Diana mentioned that if you want to know more about the men who rescue Jerry Mac that more can be found out in Echo. My question being, is there a specific section of the book I can go back to? Or is it just Echo in general? I’d like to get the other point of view of the scene while I have it fresh in my mind. Any help would be appreciated. Now off to the bus stop to pick up my son!

    • Nicole,

      At the end of Echo, Roger and Buck are headed to Craigh na dun. That’s what Diana is referring to.


    • My question too. After reading the book about Roger’s parents, I re-read Echo in the Bone all the way through to find a clue to who sent the downed pilot back. Roger and Buck would have been in the 1960′s, not the 1940′s. .???

      • Dear Sharon–

        Nobody “sent” him back. He crashed near a circle of standing stones and walked through them by accident.


      • Actually Sharon, Roger and Buck left the 1980′s not the 1960′s. You forget that Roger and Bree were in the 1760-70′s for several years so when they came back through the stones it was the late 1970′s early 1980′s. It was Roger and Buck who went back to rescue Jemmy who they thought had been forced through the stones again. Apparently Roger and Buck went to the same time that Jerry accidentally went to and Roger recognized him and helped him get back to his own time, though too late.

        Hope this helps!

        • Thanks Terri. Can you tell me which books you are referring to?

        • I’m so lost……which book did Roger and Buck find Jerry Mac in? I love these books they are my favorite series of all time.

          • Dear Stephanie–

            It’s a novella, called “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”. You can order it as a standalone (i.e., cheap [g]) ebook here. (Yes, it’s also available for Nook and Kobo–and you don’t need an e-reader to read it, if you don’t have one; there’s a free downloadable app for your computer or smartphone that will let you read it that way.)


          • Ooh, thanks so much for the info on “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”. Now, I can read another new story, while waiting for #8! Kindle has it, BTW for only $1.99! That’s a deal, for sure. Also, I can’t help noticing that the readers of your books, Diana, are all very literate in their posts. Such a joy, considering what I read most of the time online.

        • not too late – Jerry saved wee Roger in the underground [g]. Where would we be if he hadn’t done that ;)

  23. Ok, that time stamp is a differnet time zone! It’s only 3 in the afternoon here, I swear!!

  24. Thank you again for the treat visiting my favorite fictional family. I look forward to next weeks installment.

  25. Awwwwwwww….”sniff.” that was lovely.
    Toby Neal

  26. Rejoice, indeed! Thank you for the early Christmas gift. I have great hopes for Ian and Rachel.

  27. Thank you, Diana. What a lovely gift to all of us. Just beautiful!

  28. But what happens to Jemmy? I don’t think I can handle the suspense for another year!

  29. Thank You for the lovely gifts to read each week.
    I have really enjoyed reading a peek into the next book.

    Merry Christmas to You & Your family !!!!!

    Susie O.

  30. Gracias Diana por hacernos sentir tus personajes.Espero con ansias el próximo libro, para los que leemos en español la espera es más larga pero releyendo los libros anteriores disfrutamos más el siguiente.FELIZ NAVIDAD para ti y los tuyos.


  31. Even these few brief words transport me to the world of “Outlander”. What a gift you are, Ms. G! Thank you SO much for these lovely, lyrical tales. Keep them coming

  32. I love the Outlander series. These excerpts are wonderful. I can’t wait for the official publish date for the next in the series so I can start re-reading the other books for the Nth time and be ready to start the new book when it’s out.

  33. Ms. G,
    I want to tell you how grateful I am that I can share the world you’ve created. You are amazingly generous! Over Thanksgiving, just last month, I met my 88 year old aunt for the first time (I’m 62!). We talked about things that were important to us, and she started telling me about Outlander, and Claire and Jamie, comparing her story to theirs (except the time travel, of course). We never met before, but we both shared your world! We had just one question: why do awful things always happen to Roger?
    Thank you very much! Toni Collins

  34. Beautiful, just beautiful…..I love your Outlander series and have just started An Echo in the Bone….You make me feel as if I know them all….Thank you for your wonderous story telling style. I am gripped from start to finish….

  35. I am so eager for the next book in this series I can hardly stand it. The books have provoked me into doing research into my family’s Campbell Clan history…..though not all of what I have learned is indeed something to be proud of, from a Scottish point of view, it was exciting to relate in a much more personal way to these books. How I will have to satisfy my craving for more Outlander by continuing my quest for knowledge as I practice patience awaiting the release of your new book.

  36. I absolutely love this series. I am completely addicted to all of your books. I am chomping at the bit for anything new to come out. My nook is loaded with your books, and I am getting ready to read this series again while I wait for MOHB/MOBY to come out. My husband and I spent out seventh wedding anniversary in Scotland a few years ago and it was wonderful to visit the sites in the books. I can’t wait to take my daughters to Scotland with us to do a full fledged Outlander tour.

  37. I can hardly wait for this one to be published. Wow just that little and once again I was enthraulled. Thank you for such greatr stuff.

  38. I first picked up An Echo in the Bones and admit I was a little confused at first and wondering about the previous books so when I finished it, I bought the rest and started at the beginning. I couldn’t wait to start the next after finishing each one. I eagerly await the next in line.

  39. These wee bits of the new book are wonderful and keep me going. cant wait for it to be released.

  40. Oh dear thank you Diana, but I have to stop reading, crying, laughing and general passion for your great writing, as I am only starting ‘An Echo in the Bone’. Dang, love Ian and this was so heart warming, thank you again

  41. Diana you are an amazing writer, I started the series on #4, it was a gift and I just kept going rather than going back.. (which I shall eventually do). I am gald that there will be a bit of a break before the next book as I do not recall staying up all night (many nights) reading books in years:-) I do appreciate all the research you put into your books, you are an amazing woman, what determination, what a mind! I so appreciate the excerpt.. I am excited for the new book. Happy New Year

  42. Thank you! I love this series and have just named my first “wee one” Ian.

  43. Hello, Diana: I’ve really enjoyed reading the entire series of Outlander, etc., and look forward very much to the next novel. The exerpts are great teasers; although I must say that what has gone before will guarantee that I will be purchasing the next book at any rate. Your website is most enjoyable, and the interraction between yourself and the readers must be very gratifying.
    I have been playing with the idea of writing for a good many years, and, like my passion of painting, have for some reason been keeping it all on the back burner. Now, being exposed to your terrific talent, thorough research and engaging writing style, perhaps it would be anti-climactic to attempt my own writing style. Can’t imagine enjoying writing my own stuff, as much as I enjoy reading yours.
    At this point in time, the current feeling is that as I am now quite a bit older, perhaps the viewpoints might be more well rounded, and inclusive of others.
    At any rate, please keep writing, and I’m sure we’ll all keep reading.
    God Bless, and have a great 2013!

  44. My heart is eased to read this tender passage between Ian and Rachel. Thank you, Diana. I’ll be waiting with eager anticipation for the for the whole story. Please don’t ever stop telling stories!

  45. Hello Diana,

    I am getting really excited to get the next book in the Outlander series, as it was what really got me into reading again.
    I hope that the book is in Canada soon, as I am excited about the next book as I have been for all the rest of the Outlander series. You are a great Author. I only wished that I could get your autograph, but I have not been able to go any of your signing place when you are there, as I live to far way to get to any of the places that you have been.

    You are a very good writer, the information that you put into your books is excellent. My husband has even tried to read some of your work as well.

    Thank you for your books as they keep me going everyday.
    Your most devoted fan.

  46. I too have reread your Outlander series to hold me until your next book is published. It was great to refresh myself with all the characters and to help remember where everyone is, since traveling geographically and through time goes on.

    This interaction between Ian and Rachel is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it, and please ask your publisher to hurry.

  47. This brought tears to my eyes, I cannot wait for this book!

  48. I’ve loved this series since it first came out. I work in a bookstore and cannot begin to count the number of coworkers and customers I’ve gotten hooked. Recently, when I learned the next book is getting closer, I was talking about it w/a coworker and was so excited I got a customer walking by excited, she started the series right then! Can’t wait!

  49. This scene between Ian and Rachel was beautiful. Having bought the book of short stories and letting my daughter borrow it as soon as they arrived, will now have to borrow them back to get my DG fix before I re-read the series in preparation for next book. You are a fantastic writer Diana, your imagination has me enthralled.

  50. OMG! I can’t wait to read what happens next in the 8th book. I absolutely love the Outlander series. I was especially interested your inclusion of medical and nursing situations. I am a RN so I love reading Clair’s perspective about treating the people. Also what passed for treatment is interesting. Thank you so much for writing.

  51. Us Elaine’s must think alike. I also cannot wait until the Autumn (not Fall, as I am from Devon, England) and will read again ‘An Echo in the Bone’ or maybe the whole series.

    I don’t know whether the excerpts make the waiting easier or not. They certainly whet the appetite.

    Thank you for such lovely books – pure escapism.

  52. My step-daughter recommended I read this Outlander series — Once I picked up the first book, I haunted the book-store for the next book ! The detail , the surprises, the involvement this reader has w/ each character is amazing.!! Sometimes you DO things to your characters that makes me sad, angry, wondering WHY this happened this way ?! but the story goes on and is fleshed out, fulfilled, and it all comes together ! YOU are a brilliant writer. I am like all your other readers , waiting for ,anticipating w/ bated breath the next book – MOBY – in fact I’ve put my name in at our local bookstore to be #1 on their waiting list for this last book ! I wish I had started reading this series BEFORE we took our dream trip to Ireland and Scotland ! But the trip was beautiful and we have wonderful memories.
    Thank you again for this GIFT in this series — these are books I do NOT give away.!! Have a wonderful upcoming February 2013 with GOOD HEALTH and GOOD LUCK.
    Sincerely, Patti Z. from Michigan

  53. Thank you Diana,

    Patiently waiting! I’ll just have to re-read the whole series again….Don’t mind at all, I always find a little surprise that I missed from reading the books to fast before.

    Your the best! God bless.

  54. sorry!


  55. I can hardly wait to read your new book. I have just finished reading your whole series of the Outlander books. I wanted everything fresh in my mind for when I get to read it.
    The whole series are keepers. I will be reading them all again someday.

  56. I just finished An Echo in the bone this morning! Oh I can’t wait to find out what happens next!!!

  57. I have had such a hard time finishing An Echo in the Bone because it’s getting close to ending… and I cannot bear it that it will end someday! I want your books to go on and on… I will miss Claire & Jamie and all the other characters when it’s over.

  58. Thank you. Your books are my favorite dozen books ever, Lord John series included, although with the comments/reply under Best Before …2013, your blog, and at the top of this excerpt, I shall revisit the wonderful idea of a nightly reading from the bible and maybe you won’t feel badly if it jumps up somewhere into the top ten.

    I’ve been avoiding reading any excerpts — sometimes one resists the sweet tease to savor the thought of it for the future. I am going through some troubles, Mom is finally going to pass over the next week or so, from Leukemia. Financial troubles forcing the sale of our home. Legal troubles with the Ex causing additional troubles with the current marriage, which should be a good, long solid everlasting marriage. One kid with academic problems reaching a crescendo. Enough stuff which, if well written, could be integrated into a decent novella, I suppose, but unfortunately, in the living of it is just tedious, trying, and more.

    So, I finally thought I would stop by your website and look up an excerpt. I read this one with Ian and Rachel. I could not cry for myself, but reading about Ian and Emily and feeling his pain, I finally had a good long cry. It is too early to say if I feel better and thank you, Diana. You help a lot of people with your writing in ways that you will never know. Peace, Bobbylev.

  59. I sooo love these books. I live in Spain and cannot bear the wait from the despatch until the arrival here. Prolonged agony waiting for the next installment, but always well worth the wait.

  60. Thank you Diana, for giving us Jamie and Claire and all those who make up their lives together.
    It is with a hungry heart I wait for the next book, knowing that my winter will be enjoyed all the more as I begin Written In My Own Heart’s Blood. God bless you and your family.

  61. Gracias por esta maravillosa saga. Han sido el séptimo cielo para los sentmientos..Espero con ansiedad el próximo, espero que los españoles no tengamos que esperar demasiado
    Diama mis mejorees deseos para ti y tus seres queridos. Estoy muy agradecida.

  62. I want more. I can’t wait until the book comes out.

  63. I, too, cannot wait until fall. I consider the Outlander series my favorite of all time. I have gotten many people hooked on the series. My dream is to go to Scotland one day. Thank you Diana. I just left my religious community and relish the bit of extra time I have to reread the series. I don’t know how many times I have read each of the books.

  64. Every now and then, I step away from your blog for news by Clarie,James and other protagonists of this fantastic series . Tonight I have read of Jan and Rachel,so sweet and moving. Please Diana do not make us wait too for the next book. For me you are the best ever.

  65. I just finished the 7th book Echo, I now feel down . :-(
    I have learned so much about the Scots history and traditions from you as well as Early American istory and customs. Thank You Diana
    Cant wait untill the fall!

  66. Oh one more thing Diana, please dont let enything bad happen to Rollo :-)

  67. It’s so wonderful to hear these characters again! The only problem with your books is that they come to an end! ! I’m eagerly anticipating the next one…can I make it until Fall?

    • Hola Diana! por favor no podrían traducir al castellano el avance de la conversación entre Ian y Raquel, no me hallo capacitada para hacer la trasducción. Muchas gracias.

    • Like the rest, I am waiting with anticapation for the next book. Since my husband has trouble with his eyes, reading is hard for him. I decided to start with Outlander and check the audio books out of the library. We listen to one disk each evening instead of watching tv. We are ready to start Dragonfly in Amber, so at the rate we are going, we will be ready for IMOHB. He is your newest fan.

  68. I’m just finishing L’écho des coeurs lointains, tome 2, the French version of An Echo in the Bone. I read all the books in French and I have to say the translation is excellent. Hats off to your translator, Philippe Safavi. When can we expect the French translation of the next book?

    • Dear Manon–

      I’m delighted to hear that the translation is so good! I’m afraid I have no idea when the French translation will be ready, save that it will (naturally) be sometime after I finish writing the book in English–which will be this year, but probably toward the end of the year. [wry g]


      • Y en castellano,cuando? En España, también somos muchos los seguidores de la saga.

        • No hay alguien que pueda traducirme el avance de Iann y Raquel?

          • Si gusta mandarme su email puedo intentar traducir lo. No prometo que sea perfecto pero lo puedo intentar. Akirech27@aol.com

          • Dear E.–

            ¿Por qué necesito mi correo electrónico a traducir? Pero, gracias!


          • I’m sorry Diana,

            I meant to reply to M. Elena, she has been asking if anyone could translate the excerpt since she could not understand it. I said I could try to translate it for her , that I did not promise it would be perfect but I could try and if so if she could send me her email.

            I only meant to help out a fellow fan of your work, I hope this is ok?

          • Dear E–

            Oh, I see! Thank you, I didn’t understand what you meant. [g] By all means, if you’d like to do that for Elena, I think that’s fine, and very kind of you!


  69. Dear Diana,
    My mother and I both love your books. She has been waiting for this next one.
    Her health has deteriorated and she is very ill. What is keeping her going is your next book.
    She keeps asking me when it will be out. I will be placing the very first preorder I can for her.

    Thank you for your gift and what you do for others!
    Dawn and JoAnne

    • Dear Dawn and JoAnne–

      Thanks very much! I hope you’ll both enjoy the new book when it’s done. In the meantime, my best to your mother and I hope she feels better soon!


  70. I just finished the 7th book and could not stand it. I came to the website to see if there is a release date for the 8th and got such a surprise!!! At least I have a little to hold me over until the Fall! These books are amazing, I have so enjoyed reading each and one and just can not wait for the next!!!

  71. Hi Dianna and other fans,

    I notice little comment from male readers so I thought it was time to add my thoughts.

    I am a big reader of women writers and have followed many over my life of reading.

    Jean Auel which was disappointing from about book three.

    Sara Donati which was brilliant and incorporated a little bit of the “white witch and Jamie” and so sad when all the “Wilderness” characters were gone in the last book.

    And this ” Outlander” series, which is such a brilliant read.

    I can’t wait for the next book and can only thank you for the continued writing excellence and excitement that this series has given me.

    Like many readers I have read and re read your books until the characters are like old friends.

    I would like to thank my wife for putting the writings of Sara Donati and you into my library.

    Thank you so much.

  72. I’m hooked, can’t stop reading these books. Written In My Own Heart’s Blood won’t be published soon enough!

  73. Eagerly anticipating the next book. You are my absolute favorite author, and your characters come alive for your readers. I’ve read the other books two or three times, and will read them again. I thank my Aunt Pat ( who now has dementia) for introducing me to Jamie and Claire 20 years ago. Best series I’ve ever read and I recommend it to readers who also love it. Thank you for the sneak peek!

  74. I was so depressed when I finished the last book not to see another one waiting for me. It will be hard waiting for the fall for the next installment. I guess I’ll do what everyone else has been doing…start over again.

  75. I just love this series and I can not wait for the next one to come out! Thank you Dianna for writing such an entertaining and well written series. I read all the time and a little of everything but these books are my favorite!

  76. Thank you for the excerpt. I too am enamored with these books and look forward to book #8. I’m so enamored that I’m finally getting to take a trip to Scotland, something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a teenager. Thank you for making me realize my dream.

  77. I also love the outlander series so much!! My favorite books of all time. I actually took a trip to Scotland last summer and visited some of the places mentioned in the book. It is so beautiful there and so rugged. When I looked up into those mountains and valleys I could imagine Jamie and the rest of the Highlanders hiding out from the redcoats. The most poignant place I visited was the battlefield at Culloden.
    Thank You Diana for your wonderful books and I can’t wait for number 8. I only wish there was Outlander the movie or mini series.

  78. Amazon just posted a “Question of the day” for their Facebook followers, asking folks to name their favorite book series of all time. You would be SO pleased to see how many times DIANA GABALDON, OUTLANDER SERIES! showed up in the comments I read. (Most of the time in all caps, as if we just can’t contain ourselves.) I will continue waiting patiently for the eighth…. It is not easy, but it is always, ALWAYS worth the wait. Thanks for the excerpt. I am especially fond of Ian and Rachel.

  79. I just finished the seventh novel of the Outlanders series. I can hardly wait for the eighth one.

    I was a little disappointed in the last book. Where was the humor and the tears? \

    Please don’t abandon the original people after all they were the heart and soul of the whole series. Jamie, Claire, Brenna, Roger, Jemmy, Young Ian, Fergus, Marisali, Lord John Grey and Jenny are the heart of the series. Please don’t leave them behind.

    The first six of your books made me laugh and cry and the same time. You have a knack for humor like no other.
    What would be great is them all ending up together. I’m a fan of the happy ending.

    Have you given any thought to Jamie going to the future? It would be hilarious and a rare chance for Brianna to show her dad things she had described to him. Maybe you would think it would be too gratuitous.

    • Dear Belinda–

      Where was the humor and the tears? Errr….you want page numbers?

      Tears? Ian’s _death_, maybe? (Sheesh….as my late father used to say)

      And what on _earth_ do you mean by “Please don’t abandon the original people…Jamie, Claire, Brianna (not Brenna), Roger, Jemmy, Young Ian, Fergus, Marsali (not Marisali), Lord John Grey and Jenny…”? Ummm…who the heck do you thing AN ECHO IN THE BONE was ABOUT, for heavens’ sake, if not exactly those people?

      Possibly you were reading a book by someone else, and _thought_ it was AN ECHO IN THE BONE?



  80. I am so happy that Ian has found love again!! My heart ached for him so badly :( Echo In The Bone is just as wonderfully written as all well as the previous books. It did leave me hanging, dying to know…will Jemmy find his parents…whar will become of Jaime and Claire…will Roger’s ancestor make it back alive through the stones??? Bless you Diana for characters that are alive in our hearts and minds!!!

  81. I’m holding my breath for the next book. Have reread the entire series in anticipation. Tried to buy Trail of Fir without success. I’m going to France in June with an airport stop in the UK. Hope to buy a copy then! Turning blue with waiting!!!!!

  82. I am so ready for more. Thank you for the peek!

  83. Diana -

    Your writing is filled with wonder and emotion…. I don’t know how you learned to put words together, but you are a MASTER!! Can’t wait for the next book!! Having read through the series twice, I only wonder how many times I can read through it without the volumes falling apart?? You are a blessing to us all!

    Connie Sue

  84. Diana,
    Prior to the release of each new edition to the Outlander Series, I begin at the first book (my first exposure to Outlander was through a paperback I bought in Bristol under the title, “Criss Cross”) and read straight through to the last page in anticipation of the new treat that awaits me. Thank you for this wonderful adventure!

  85. HI Diana,
    I adore the Outlander books! I began reading them in the fall 2012 and I just finished An Echo in the Bone last night. I am a great fan of long books and several writers in particular, Trollope and Dickens–I have read everything they’ve written. Your Outlander series is the first beside Trollop’s Barchester and Palliser series which are as engrossing as well as each book being of a wonderfully comfortable length. I am sorry the 8 th will not be out until the fall but very glad there will be an 8 th as there are so many characters whose fates remain to be known! I do plan to buy a copy of Trial of Fire. I am living in Paris and can get it from GB.
    My cousin was Sylvia Beech whose shop in Paris was such a literary Mecca, and I wish she were here today to appreciate your novels. Your characters are so vivid and their adventures so imaginative and well written I don’t think there is anyone, besides people who read agonizingly slowly, who would not be thrilled by your books. I am a nurse practitioner and am fascinated by Claire’s medical skills as well as every character’s spirit and special Talents. I have become so fond of each of them as you clearly have yourself. Brava, Brava!
    Thank you for changing so many careers and arriving at AUTHOR at last.
    Brooke Kaufman

  86. When I became infected with Lyme Disease I lost most of my memory and cognitive thinking skills. A horrible chronic condition that has knocked me off my feet and changed my life. Antibiotics clear things up for a while, then I relapse again, and again, and again. The only up side of all this is that I can reread the Outlander series after each bad episode, not remembering a single thing, and enjoy the whole adventure all over again!!!
    I am married to Scot, three generations removed from the motherland, who strongly reminds me of Jamie in every aspect. After reading a book or two, my husband, reaping the benefits, always asks me in his best Scottish brogue “Which book are ye on, Lass? Come tell me the tale, Sassenach.” And I do.

  87. OMG,
    I just read today’s posting. Now the question is – How far back did he really go? I have to say that you, Diana Galbadon, have a wonderful mind. These books are amazingly complex and they are wonderful. I just hope I don’t get sick and die before this next book comes out.
    Decided not to go on and on about how wonderful this series is. I am only missing one book. I lent the first book to the lady who introduced me to the series and haven’t quite bought another one.
    Ian deserves happiness and I am so glad you gave him some.

  88. Made me cry.

  89. Diana, Thank you for this amazing story – I feel as if Claire and her family are part of my own.
    I can hardly wait for more. have read series three times already. Its my feel good
    read. picks me right up. Please continue… xxx

  90. Hello Diana,

    I just wanted to give you my experience with this series. I initially bought Outlander mostly for how thick the book was (I read so much that I have to usually have more than 300 pages to really fall in love) and then the description on the back caught my attention. I immediately fell in love with the story. The descriptions were rich and vibrant and it was everything a historical fiction book was supposed to be. Ever since then, I have fervently read the books and cannot get them out of my head. This really is one of my favorite series and I just can’t get enough. I am an aspiring writer. That is my goal in life to to write stories. I hope that whatever I write in the future will be just as amazing as what you have given us. I am inspired by you and I want to thank you for the life of Claire and Jamie Fraser. I hope that some day I will be able to pick your brain about your writing process. I can’t wait for the next book!


  91. Thank you, Diana, for the glimpses into the next book in the Outlander series! I, along with a lot of readers, are wishing 2013 to pass quickly so that we can read Written In My Own Heart’s Blood in its entirety! I have read through the series several times and guess my summer reading list will include them again so I can be “up to speed” when it is published. I love these books and am so glad that you have shared your gift of storytelling with us through them! What a treat your books are to read! I am so looking forward to the next one!


  92. Like everyone else, I am waiting with great anticipation for book 8. I have been reading this series for many years, reading and re-reading them. I actually ordered your Four Outlander Tales, A Trail of Fire, from Amazon in UK, since I could not get it here in Canada yet. It was interesting to find out that little tidbit about Roger’s father. I also have a Scottish husband, Ian and I am lucky enough that we go back to Scotland about every 3 years. It is absolutely beautiful and it is fun to imagine all the characters in those beautiful places. We rent a car and drive for a month. Thank for all the years of great reading. Can’t wait for the next one and can’t wait to go back to Scotland!!

  93. Ian and the lost babies: I understood that the last child/her first born, a boy that Ian named was his…he can’t have forgotten.

    • Dear CarI–

      [g] Sorry! The small “i” in your name looked like a lower-case “l”. Blame it on aging eyes.


    • C Taylor—I wondered about that, too. Then I decided he, Lizard, was the child of Ian’s spirit as referenced. I also decided we are meant to ponder that. Wily author!

  94. well if they are moderating…there is a TYPO.
    the name is Carol Taylor, sorry.

  95. Your books are much anticipated. This one sounds like it will be a good one. Frankly, I have been disappointed in some of your latter books, but I keep buying and reading them.

    I have read all of them (and kept them). However, I have a question. Where is the explanation given of the man she sees out her window mentioned in the first book, while she is in Scotland with her husband??? Would appreciate someone cluing me in.

    • Oh, I bet it’s Jamie. I have always thought so. Probably waiting for her.

    • It’s Jamie’s ghost, checking on her to make sure she’s safe and happy…probably also to see Frank, after a life time of curiosity about him

  96. I am in agony waiting here! An acquaintance introduced me to Outlander about 3 1/2 years ago and I am so addicted! I have read them all at least 3 times. I have loaned them to my mother in law and my own mother, and we are all waiting with bated breath. Hurry, please!

  97. Thank you for this piece of the next book! I am eagerly waiting its release :) I am re reading the series… again!!! I love your characters and I recently had a little boy, and called him… Jamie :) xo

  98. Do us audio listeners a favor and release the audio version at the same time as the book version. Thanks… love the books and the lady who reads it brings it to life.

    • Dear Debbie–

      The audio versions always _are_ released at the same time as the hardcover print version–or as close as they can get (occasionally, a manuscript will be delivered so close to the pub date that the recording people need an addition few weeks to finish their own production, since they need to schedule both studio time and the time of the appropriate actor/actress).


  99. I can’t wait for the new book also. I am re-reading the series. That was a nice excerpt. I am dying to know what happened with Loaghaire though! What did Jenny see?? It has been killing me forever!

  100. I am reading the series “Outlanders” and are thoroughly enjoying them. I cannot wait to be able to purchase a copy of the book Written in my own blood as the last book Echo in the Bone has left me wondering re James and Claire and whether they will find each other again which I am sure they will. Wonderful stories . Once I start reading them I cannot put them down.

  101. I love the outlander series and have read them over so many times that I have lost count as to the actually number of times I have read them – never has any book held my interest so much that I have actually read them a second time. I have now read the last book “echo in the bone” over for the third time and the cliffhangers were killing me – haha. Imagine my joy at finding these excerpts from the new book. Not only have they answered some of the cliffhangers that were bothering me so much but have actually made me wish time was go a little faster so that I could finally read the entire book. I am a true fan of all your writings about this series including all of the ones about Lord John Grey – I find him very interesting and loved that you have seem to enjoy that character also since you have written so much about him. Of course, Jamie will always be my favorite of all…..my red headed hero…….

  102. Loved the books i just finish An Echo in the Bones, left me open mouthed and itching to know what happens next. Though i can’t wait for My Own Heart’s Blood to come out, i do believe that you should take your time on it. Until you feel that its ready to be published and ready to be read by your viewers…

  103. I have tears in my eyes….I sooo LOVE this series…..I can barely wait for the next one.

  104. When is it coming?! When when when, I have am empty hole where Jamie should be!!! <3 this series with a passion.

  105. My daughter hides my books from the Outlander series…she is NOT a fan of my attention being taken away from her for the extended periods of time required to read, re-read, re-read and then spot read all my favorite snippets. If I had a dollar for everytime she has opened a door to find me sobbing with one of Diana’s books in my hand, we could afford a trip to Scotland! This won’t happen for us, but I have been blessed with these endearing characters finding their way into my dreams! I have awoken many mornings heart racing and calling out.. ” Look out Jamie!” If I could have one wish it would be that I could have been a sister to Diana and been privy to all her story telling since childhood. Man, I’ll bet she had some whoppers! How awesome would that have been?? I love all 4 of my brothers, but…..I’d trade my childhood of good natured torture and teasing in a NY minute.

    • I just now realize that my comment makes me out to be a horrible mom hiding from her daughter! I feel pressed to attempt a brief explanation to ease my mommy guilt. My daughter is 17 and wants very little or nothing to do with me most days. Surviving adolescence requires a warrior attitude and I look to this Outlander series for tips on being the warrior I need to be as well as the escapism necessary to endure it.

  106. We are waiting with my mother that we get hold of the new book and immerse ourselves in the world of Fraser.
    This is the best therapy for a busy life.
    Thank you!!!

  107. I have read and reread all 7 books at least 10 times. Each and every time I am so immersed in the story that I feel as if I am watching (and living) the story myself. I always find passages and parts that I did not truly appreciate the first through every time around. My father started me on this series – years ago. I had been able to get him a copy of “An Echo in the Bone” that he was able to finish reading before he was incapable. I was reading “A Fiery Cross” when he passed. My father traced our family history back to the Stuarts which made our interest, I think just a little more, as we are so far removed but still query our history. I didn’t know at the time, but my father would often refer to my (then) baby daughter as “Spalpeen” (forgive me for the spelling as I cannot find the page reference this moment) but with affection much as you use “Sassenach” . I look forward to your newest book! Thank you for the wonderful entertainment and the lasting memories!
    Robin Hutt

    • Dear Robin–

      I’m so sorry that your father’s no longer with you–but really glad that you were able to share and enjoy the books together. [smile]


  108. Can’t wait for this book! I have missed them so much! Outlander was the first book that made me bawl at the end :) These are truly my favorite books and I tell everyone I know about them :) These books are the reason I love being a book worm :)

  109. Thank You Diana for such amazing books. I love all the characters and after reading the last book, feel like they are ‘family’. I can hardly wait til next August …

    I lived in Scotland on a US military base. I have been to many of the places you mention in the books. My husband was born at Bridge of Allan, at Sterling Castle in Sterlingshire. Its where they sent the English Army wives to have their babies during the war in 1942. It is now a college. Brought back lots of great memories as well. Also I’ve been to Edenton, NC

    I love history – these were amazing stories…
    Again Thank You

  110. Hi Diana;

    I’ve been reading your “Outlander’ series for years and I just totally adore them. Can’t wait for the next installment either!
    Thank you so much for sharing that piece from the new book with us. It is so moving and beautiful. It’s just perfect!
    Anyone who loves books and reading as much as I do, I will always tell them about your series and talk them into reading the first book! I’ve gotten quite a few people started on them that way!
    So thanks once again for all you’ve done and all you’ve yet to do!!

    Take care,
    Nanci ;-)
    P.S. Another reason they are so interesting is that my husband and I have been living since 2006 in New Bern, N.C.!

  111. I can’t decide if it would be better to have just discovered your books, and so have 7 stories to devour all at once, or to have savoured them one at a time, as published (which is what I have done). It’s the “Hallowe’en candy” conundrum!

    I have enjoyed this series immensely!

    Of course, Claire is living my dream (no, not just the “Jamie” part!) -the chance to go back in time. I am deeply immersed in uncovering my family’s history, going back through the 1600′s in Scotland. It has long been my desire to “meet” my ancestors, and with your novels, it seems I can! Thank you!

  112. Добрый день,Диана!
    Я живу совсем в другой части планеты- в России, но мне очень интересны Ваши книги.
    Любовь это вечная тема, а любовь с преградами-она завораживает. Понятные доступные выражения и фразы еще больше привязывают к прочтению книг.
    Постоянно мысленно ассоциируешь себя с Клэр, с радостью находишь много общего.
    Спасибо за замечательное произведение и удачи!

  113. My mom got me hooked on this series about 10 years ago and the books were an escape for me as at that time my son, who was in his mid-teen, was going thru many cancer treatments and these books helped while away the many hours I spent in assorted waiting rooms. It got so each trip we had to make to the KY hospital (we live in IL) for his treatments my son would ask “how many pages does this book have?” Son is doing well.

    I am very worried about little Jemmy what with Roger going back thru time to find him when Jemmy may not go back in time at all, and then Roger and Brianna will be stuck in two different times wondering what is happening to the other. If Jemmy does not go back how will Roger know so he can come back to the future??? And if Jemmy does go back in time how will Brianna know that Roger and Jemmy will end up in the same place to find each other and return to the present?

    Can’t wait for the next book but will have to re-read Echo to refresh myself.

    • Dear Pat–

      Glad to hear your son is doing well! [g] As for the rest…Fuirich agus chi thu! [“Wait and see” in Gaelic. [g]]


  114. Diana,
    I have just finished reading the complete series, to date, for the second time and loved is just as much as the first time around!! Can’t wait to read this new book your characters have such vitality!! So excited to see the TV series. I always thought the books would be perfect for a series or movies.