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Publication Date Change – Sorry About This…

Well. I _really_ hate writing this, and I do apologize….but the pub date for MOBY is moving.

Two reasons for this:

1. The first—and by far the most important—is that I began to realize about a month ago that I needed a little more time in order to finish the book the way it needs to be done. I could get the necessary wordage on paper by the end of the year—but it wouldn’t be _good_. Good takes more time. And I’m really sorry, but you’re not getting a book that’s less than the best I can do.

2. The second thing has to do with the new Starz tv show. Two things about _that_:

a. While the original guess as to the date for the series release was April, that _was_ only a guess. In New York last month, the Starz people were telling me (and the assorted fans present; it’s not a secret) that it will be (take your pick), “June,” “July,” “August,” or “summer.” So, you know…later.

b. While I don’t have (and don’t want) “control” over anything to do with the show, I actually am (by contract) a consultant. And while I told the production people that I considered my main job to be staying out of their way, they are amazingly generous about including and involving me. And I am actually required to do promotional things for the PR side of the production. Sooo….am I going to say, “Sorry, I can’t be paying attention to all this fascinating stuff going on, and I’m not going to New York Comic Con, because I have to stay home and finish my novel?” Errr….no. (I mean, really—would _you_?)

So. I would have told you this a week or so ago, but once I’d made the decision that I needed an extra two months to do the book properly, all of the publishers needed to be officially informed. (Publishers hate finding out important things on Twitter or Facebook.)

Now, it’s up _to_ those publishers now to decide on a new pub date. They need to take into consideration all kinds of things, including the new date for the tv show’s release (not that there is an _official_ date as yet—and even if there was, it could move. Stuff Happens, as I’ve told you before), plus the usual considerations—where they can find a good slot in their existing schedule, what’s a good time of year for it, and so on.

I don’t have any idea what the new pub date might be. I’ll tell you the minute we know. But my immediate concern is for all the people I’ve seen this week excitedly making plans to come and see me in Portland or wherever.

Since the pub date is moving….I’m afraid (and my Deep Apologies to the poor publicists) all the tour events will have to be rescheduled, once a new date is chosen.

Now, I know a lot of you have been ordering tickets to the Portland event on April 6th. I’ll talk to the Random House people and the Portland people, and see what can be worked out. I’m happy to go and do that event, even if it’s not part of the official book-tour, if the organizers want that. But that’s up to them. I _will_ do my best to make sure you aren’t harmed by the change, though.

I’m sorry about this, and I thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  1. Noooo I’m so disappointed! I’ve been waiting for this for over 4 years now! I started reading these books when I was 14. I can’t wait any longer!
    But I love these books. I hope you can write the ending you like. I’m really looking foreward to the tv series too!


  2. Dear Diana,
    Let it be known that I adore your craft and have much gratitude that your books are narrated by such a talented actress. Will your new book be published in audio as well and by the same narrator?

    With appreciation for sharing your gifts


  3. I will never forget the feeling I had when I finished Voyager…I knew there had to be another book coming, by the way it ended, but had no idea when it would happen…it was like being poised on a cliff about to fall. I’m so excited about Book 8, and beyond thrilled to see your post that there will be a Book 9! Every wait for the next Outlander book has been difficult, but very very worth it. It’s like an extended Christmas Eve, drawing out the anticipation! Take all the time you need. I very much appreciate the fact that you care enough to finish the book the way it deserves to be finished. And Thank You.

  4. Take your time! Not a single line I’ve read has been a disappointment. I don’t for see that becoming a problem now. Do what you need to do justice to these most beloved characters you’ve created. Your works will be your mark on history…

  5. That’s great of you to take control of your book and make the corrections you need! How many books will there be in total?

    • Dear Arielle–

      It’s not a matter of making corrections [g]. It’s a matter of getting the book _written_.

      I _think_ there will be nine books in the main series. But there’s also a prequel volume about Jamie’s parents, a second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, and who knows what else, between Lord John and the ebooks filling various lacunae in the story? [g] Hope you enjoy them all, in the fullness of time!



  6. Gasp! I just finished “An Echo In The Bone” and have just read that the next one is not going to be out until summer! I am glad you are holding off to make the next one just right. I have been so impressed with the ones I have read to this point. Well done, I look forward to the next one!

  7. Dear Diana – please may I call you Diana?

    I have just watched the ‘Outlander Fan Gathering’ online – what a dark eyed, dark haired beauty you are – and what a great sense of humour you have.

    Like so many of your fans, I have read and re-read the outlander books and they will always have a special place in my heart. I couldn’t bear to part with them, and I am very much looking forward to reading the next one when it’s available.

    My friend came along to one of your book-signings in NZ and you kindly autographed a card, which she sent to me in the UK and it sits snugly with the books. Are you likely to make it to the UK at all in the future?

    Thank you so much for giving me hours of reading pleasure.

    With very best wishes,

    • Dear Anita–

      Of course you may call me Diana–everybody does, since they can’t pronounce “Gabaldon”…. [g]

      I think I’ll be in the UK again sometime in late summer/early fall, but I haven’t got dates or places as yet. Will be sure to post any public appearances as soon as I have some.



  8. From the very first Outlander book I was like a junkie that needed a fix, I HAD to have the next book in my hand by the time I finished the last. I didn’t discover this wonderful series until about 5 years ago so I did not have to wait for any of the books except this next one. I’m so excited for it to be published! I have read and re read…and lent them to friends. I cannot tell you Diana how much I admire you! Keep em coming!

  9. WOW! What a legion of fans. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. I say thank you to all you die-hard Diana fans all over the world for giving this most incredible story teller the reason to keep on going. Otherwise I would miss out.
    Although I’m an avid reader (every single day, no fail) I don’t generally read this type of genre. I have to say that of all the books, regardless of the genre, this is the most captivating series I have ever come across. Where and how you pulled this whole story out of your mind is beyond my understanding. You really are a very gifted, talented and incredible author and story teller (not to mention the hardest working) and I would like to thank you profusely for providing this story for the world to behold. I read pretty much every comment here and I know I’m not alone. No other authors’ blog that I’ve read provides this kind of praise. CONGRATULATIONS!
    As for you who opt to get angry about a book delay??!!…well…..I have no words for that kind of silliness. Get a life. Re-read the first 7 books. You’ll have a better understanding of the 8th….and 9th? :-)
    Anyway, Diana, I so look forward to your next extraordinary masterpiece I can wait..and wait…and wait until YOU feel it’s worth my reading pleasure.
    Meanwhile…back to Book #1, with pleasure.
    Take your time….quickly…:-)
    Cory in Canada.

    • Thank you, Cory!

      Can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support of kind readers like you. [smile]


      • Hey! Look Mom…..Diana G replied to me. Bet you’re jealous! I told you we were super close friends! LOL

        So..Diana…got that book done yet?…..how ’bout now? :-)
        As stated above, I’ve begun re-reading Outlander. Just started Part Two and I’m already starting to speak with the ‘accent’. Driving my “Sassenach” nuts….lol.
        Looking forward to doing it all again.

  10. What!? It’s been at least 30 seconds and my post is still “in moderation”? What are you doing……writing a book or something? LOL

  11. Of course I’m excited about all this, but I hope that, if the series is the hit it promises to be, that Herself is sure to plot out the whole of the story in case, for some reason, she cannot finish the books. George R R Martin did this for the producers of GoT and, unless the End is still a mystery to Herself, I hope she has the foresight to do the same. There are enough loose ends in life as it is. But from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Miss Diana, for all that you have shared with us, for all the time and energy it takes to produce such powerful stories, and for your willingness, finally, to say “Yes” to a worthy production of Outlander.

    • Dear Clintondale–

      Nope, sorry. If I’m run over by a bus, y’all are out of luck. I’ve never planned a story yet, and don’t plan to. [g] Maybe you’d best be lighting candles that I stay healthy.


  12. Will the audio recording of book 8 come out soon after the book? I hope passionately that Davina Porter will record it ? Her reading of the other books has been so powerful.

    • Dear Fran–

      Yes, Davina is planning on reading this book, to my great joy. [g]


      • Hi Diana:

        So happy to hear that Davina Porter will narrate MOBY. In fact, I see that it is available for pre-order through Amazon. Do you know if it will also be released to Amazon’s child company AUDIBLE? When I spoke with Audible, they didn’t know of any deal in the works…Please advise, as I would rather listen with my mobile device instead of CDs

        Thanks again for all your wonderful characters! I first picked up Outlander the year it was published, so I’m a long time fan…eagerly awaiting MOBY.

        Loretta Remington

  13. Have deeply enjoyed Outlander series. In the past, I, too, waited for the paperback to come out. — However, over the years I have found myself drawn back to the story and Book 1. Now I look at my bookcase and the paperback version is looking ratty. Have only recently discovered Amazon (I’m 70 years old and not tremendously computer literate, what can I say?) and am going back through the series to obtain Hard Covers starting with the Outlander 20th Anniversary!! Wish me luck that I don’t have to go all the way to the collectibles to obtain the whole set. –Will there be special editions published as the 20 year mark hits on each title??

    • Dear Cecil–

      Er…all the books are still in print in hardcover. Any bookstore could order them for you (or Amazon can usually provide [g]), but if you want them signed or otherwise inscribed, you can order them from the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Scottsdale, AZ. The Pen is my local bookshop and I go by every couple of weeks to sign their orders.

      Best wishes,


  14. Dear Diana,

    I just finished reading the books for the first time…and I loved them!

    Now I am interested to know how long after the publication of the English version of the next book will be available the German one?

    Thank you in advance!


  15. I wish you could lock yourself away for a couple of months so you h e nothing else to think about or to take you away from finishing the book. That’s in my dream world. In the real world I understand you are pulled in lots of different directions. Thanks for the update.

  16. Donna Mary Joyce MacDonnell Romolsoya Bode writes: As a proud Scot, when it’s ready we will enjoy every precious word. Just means we have longer to plan. I set aside time to savor each moment I read the novels. Its a brah brecht moonlecht nect you no and your all recht you can!!!….OK….so my language is weak over the years but the heart is strong…..

  17. I was born in Stirling, living below the castle rock. I still live in Stirling and I have daily views of the castle and the magnificent Scottish hills and mountains. I work near Bannockburn. I lived in Falkirk for some years. I live only 12 miles from where the TV series is being filmed.
    Your books reminded me of how very fortunate I am to live in Scotland and I gained a new appreciation for Scottish history. Your books gave myself and my sisters hours of wonderful discussions about where we were in the story of Claire and Jamie. We read them more or less at the same time.
    I am about to read them for the second time with great anticipation. I am looking forward to the new book and the tv series but I have gained so much from your books already. Thank you.

  18. Take all the time you need. I wish you would have taken more time on the last book. It was awful!

  19. I am very disappointed. First I read fall 2013 then I looked forward to March 2014 now a longer wait. I am very disappointed.

  20. Dearest Diana,

    Thank you for being so gracious with all of us. As for me, the delay will give me time to keep trying to track down a good course on Scots Gaelic for someone who has never before attempted to learn a foreign language. That way I can follow everything they are saying in the books and new series. And yes, I’ve “got it bad” but in my own defense it’s all your fault for being so good at what you do!!! :^)

    Ann B.


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