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BEES (Book 9) Publication Date!

Social Media Hashtags: #DailyLines, #GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE, #YESYESYESYESYES!!!!, #WeHaveAPubDate, #And #It #Is… #NOVEMBER23rd #2021 #AndYesThisYear #YesInTimeForChristmas! #Hooray!!!

2021-04-15-BEES-PRH-US-coverFor those cavalier souls who don’t read hashtags—Penguin Random House has decided on a publications date for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE. (That’s it, right there in the Social Media Hashtags banner overhead.)

The book will be released on November 23rd (yes, this year, yes, in plenty of time for Christmas), which is tidings of great joy, to be sure, but also—

You can pre-order the book now, should you want to!

Check out the announcement in an exclusive Entertainment Weekly’s aritcle:


And YES, of course there is a link for ordering information for our U.K. readers:


(No, I don’t have pub dates yet for the non-English editions; those will be set by the individual publishers in each country.)

Visit my webpage for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE to access excerpts (aka “Daily Lines”) that I have released from this new book:


Links to other vendors who are accepting pre-orders, including new hardcover ediitons signed by me, are also on my BEES webpage.

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  1. Thank you for your work! I am happy that the wait is over. My anticipation for Bees was exceeded only by my excitement (years ago) when the next book in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series was released. Such wonderful characters and worlds you have created! I will enjoy reading and rereading the Outlander books for years to come.

  2. Congratulations, I know that it will be a great success like all of the other ones in the series. Will the wonderful Davina Porter narrate this book as well? If so, is there an estimated date for it be released? Thank you and congratulations.

  3. Yay! What a great way to start my Friday. Already placed my pre-order, and this gives me just enough time to re-read An Echo in the Bone and Written in my Own Heart’s Blood (provided I am willing to forego any other activity for the next seven months).


    • I’ve been holding up reading the last few books (have them) so can do a block read – probably from start – but I perhaps read faster – question now is how long will Diana need to research and write the final novel – and will there be any more lord John books ?

      • Hi, Mark,

        Sorry but my crystal ball isn’t working right now… :-)

        Seriously, not even Diana will give a definite estimate on how long it will take to write Book Ten, which will be the last major novel featuring Jamie and Claire. As for more Lord John books, she hasn’t announced any so far.

  4. Receiving the news, of the publication date of “Bees”, was so exciting yesterday that I could not pre order fast enough!
    In dong so, I found your home Book Store “The Poisoned Pen”. Placed my order and now wait with great anticipation !!!!!
    Truly appreciate your work …. which I am sure you hear all the time …. but it does dilute the fact of how much your story line means ……
    Thank you!

  5. All ready preordered a signed copy yesterday! How in heaven’s name do you find the time and the stamina to autograph what has to be thousands of books, Diana?! Which brings to mind, how is that shoulder that you broke last year – was is your signing arm?

    God bless you and thank you!

  6. How incredibly awesome! You’ve made me so very happy. I could barely pre-order fast enough. Merry Christmas to me. Hallelujah.

  7. Preordered the Kindle version on Amazon! I’ve been on maternity leave for the past 6 months… in that time I discovered Outlander. I read all 8 books…twice! My introduction into this world could not have come at a better time! Alas, I am back at work and miss my days with my baby, Jamie, & Claire!

  8. I am SO excited! I just whooped and my whole family came running wondering what was so wonderful! I pre-ordered. Thank you Diana for creating the amazing friends on page that I have spent so many hours with… I can’t wait to continue on the journey!

  9. Wondering why my comment wasn’t printed. I’ve never commented before – is something wrong?

    • Hi, Nancy,

      I checked and your web comment was approved and is posted. You made a comment about another blog post from Diana, not this one, and your first comment appears there:


      Diana’s Webmistress

      • I have never wanted to join Facebook. Is there any way for non-FB readers to join the Outlander book group or receive the information and excerpts?
        Thank you.

      • Hi, Nancy,

        If you’re talking about the Outlander book group that is sponsored by Random House, that will be on Facebook only. And you do have to have a facebook account to join that group. More information will be posted later today on Diana’s website about this new book-reading group.

        As far as the excerpts (Daily Lines), when Diana posts them on her facebook or twitter accounts, they are also posted here on her official website. All excerpts are accessible on Diana’s official BEES webpage at:


        The excerpts are listed on the right-hand side of her BEES webpage by temporary title, in the order that she released them.

        As for the Random House Facebook group, they advertise some “exclusive” excerpts. I’m not sure yet whether they can also appear here on Diana’s website. Will let everyone know what I find out.

        There is also a new book Outlander book group on The Lit Forum, which Diana is involved in. We’ll be posting a write up about that soon, but it is easy to find on TheLitForum.com.


        Loretta M.
        Diana’s Webmistress

  10. Oh wow! Such good news, made my day. That’s my November birthday present sorted! Just hope I live long enough for Book 10.

  11. Can’t wait to start reading BEES! Wanted to make sure you saw page 17 of the 22 April 2021 The Scotsman news
    Paper. It mentioned (and had a photo of) beekeeper Meik Molitor, who is placing hives on the roof of a hotel on George Street in Edinburgh! The Western Honey company has partnered with large and small businesses to place hives in the city.

  12. The publishing date could not have come at a better time– my mom’s birthday is November 26th, so it’s the perfect birthday gift! We both love the series so much since discovering it last year, and we’ve been waiting anxiously for the next installment. I did wonder, though, it’s been said that the series will likely be 10 novels long. After finishing Bees, does it appear like that hasn’t changed, or will an eleventh book be needed?

  13. https://www.facebook.com/239013442824650/posts/4015529868506303/

    Scotland’s people is a records search site, I believe operated by the Scottish government.
    This Facebook post is in reference to changelings! One documented changeling in the records!
    If it had been Buck McKenzie I might have eaten my hat!!

  14. Diana, I believe that you have written one of the best series, in book and film, that will last forever. Thank you for all that you do and for inspiring me as an Indie writer, BTW, I am descended from the Hay Clan in Scotland and The Hayses from Northern Ireland. Best Regards,

  15. Will there be a book tor, and could Diana please make Austin, TX one of the stops. My daughter and I are wheelchair bound and it is very difficult for us to get to Dallas or Hoston. Thank you very much.


    Sherry Kumbera

    • Book tours are scheduled and planned by Diana’s publishers and their marketing pros, not Diana. So if you want her to appear in Austin, contact your local bookstore, who can request a stop at their store and city in any upcoming tours directly from the publisher.

      Why publishers choose the cities they do is part of the Great Mystery of the Universe, though. :-)


      Diana’s Webmistress

  16. Most of the time, books in swedish are translated about 6-7 mounth after the english publishing. So I will wait until next year. I think just before summer.

  17. I’m so excited! Is this release date include electronic books as well ?

    • Probably, those available for Kindle, Nook, on Apple, etc. They are usually released the same day as a new printed book is released.

  18. I think I could keep reading this story for the rest of my life. What do you say? Will you keep writing it?

  19. The other day I told you that I could keep reading this story for the rest of my life, if only you’d keep writing it. One caveat: You have to slow the tale down some! Otherwise Jamie and Claire’s story will reach its natural conclusion far too soon, and I’m far from being ready for the next generation to take over!

    • Leiann,

      Diana has said that the last book featuring Jamie and Claire will be Book Ten (no title yet), which she will write after BEES is published. And after that will likely be a prequel about Jamie’s parents, and a novel about Master Raymond. :-)

  20. YAY! Great news we finally have a release date! Question, will there also be an audible book released at the same time?


    • Audible books are released by different publishers than the hardcover and paperback versions. When known, those dates are added.

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