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OUTLANDER Prequel (Untitled)

Salmon Arm gloaming

Once the story of Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser has come to an end, maybe in book ten of the major novels in the OUTLANDER series, will there be more? Jamie and Claire are the major characters in the OUTLANDER books, but like in real life many stories swirl around each other and are interconnected through time.

Diana Gabaldon has stated in interviews that yes, she is planning a prequel novel in the OUTLANDER series! By "prequel," Diana is implying that the book will tell a story that occurred mostly before the events in OUTLANDER. Diana has stated in interviews that the book will be the story of the parents of James Fraser.

As to when the OUTLANDER prequel will be published, look for it after the last major novel about Jamie and Claire. (And no, Diana does NOT know when that will be as of yet!)

Don’t forget that there are other time travelers, too, that Diana may explore in future works as well…

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