When the publisher asked me to come to New York to record podcasts I said, "Sure! Great idea!" I then hastily emailed my agent to find out exactly what a podcast is.

I'm figuring those of you who are techno-savvy and/or have teenagers already know what a podcast is, but just in case-it's evidently just a really short radio program, except that it's provided in digital form, so that those so inclined can download it into their iPods or mp3 players and listen to it at their leisure. (For those of us who don't have iPods or mp3 players-I believe you can just download and listen to it on your computer.)

Anyway, I did it. I recorded a series of podcasts, dealing (briefly) with all sorts of things, from how I started writing Outlander to my personal experiences with ghosts, my daily writing routine (one of the nice things about writing novels for a living is that nobody makes you get up at 7 AM, wear pantyhose, and go to an office), and a number of other interesting things that I don't remember at the moment. Oh, the shapes of the books, that was one...

So, if you have a few moments of leisure, and would like to debate with your friends whether I sound more like Katherine Hepburn (to whom I've had a few kindly interviewers compare my voice-I think they just mean I talk fast and sound raspy) or Donald Duck (my own personal impression)...click on the links below: (And I hope you enjoy listening! --Diana)


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Episode Twenty-Four, The Voice of the Past (added 11/17/08)
In this episode Diana Gabaldon puts on her teacher's cap and gives a lesson in 18th century slang. Learn what the terms "jingle brains," "fart catcher" and "crawthumpers" mean as Diana explains how she recreates the voice of the past for today's world. Bonus: Diana reads a scene from An Echo in the Bone.

Episode Twenty-Three, Where Scenes Come From (added 11/3/08)
Find out how a friend's adventure with a snake translated into a secret mission in a swamp for William Ronson a character in An Echo in the Bone, Diana Gabaldon's seventh novel in the Outlander series coming in Fall 2009. Bonus: Diana reads a piece of the passage she's discussing from An Echo in the Bone.

Episode Twenty-Two, Places To Which I Am Invited (added 10/20/08)
Diana Gabaldon travels frequently to highland games, various science fiction and fantasy conventions, librarian associations and even prisons. In this episode, Diana shares a snapshot of her experiences speaking to these various organizations and what it's like to attend these events.

Episode Twenty-One, Battlefields (added 6/08)
Have you ever wondered how Diana Gabaldon researches, prepares and constructs a battlefield scene? In this episode Diana provides an in-depth description of the battle-field writing process discussing the importance of the surrounding action, big picture focus, and how she "listens for the echoes" when visiting battlefields.

Episode Twenty, The State of the Wicket (added 9/22/08)
Excitement is brewing in the world of Diana Gabaldon. In this episode Diana gives her "general state of affairs" address sharing an overview of all publications to come including where her stories are heading and when you can get your hands on her next book. Bonus: Diana reads an excerpt from an upcoming Lord John story, "The Custom of the Army."

Episode Nineteen, New Projects and Publications (added 11/19/07)
Listen as Diana reads excerpts from some of her upcoming novels, including a snippet from her untitled seventh novel in the Outlander Series and her thoughts and plans for book eight.

Episode Eighteen,Writing and Clarity (added 3/07)
With her hardcovers reaching nearly 1,000 pages per book, Diana emphasizes the importance of euphony and offers aspiring writers steps on how to maintain clarity for their own work.

Episode , Male Readers and My Novels (added 3/07)
In this session, Diana explores how her male and female readers interpret her books differently and the audience her stories have found among U.S. troops abroad.

Episode Sixteen, My History and Experience with the Web(added 18/07)
Diana discusses her early presence on the web, including her first website in 1994, and the flurry of fan websites and forums that now grace the Internet.

Episode Fifteen, A Glimpse Into My Busy Day(added 18/07)
From her dark chocolate Milky Way for breakfast to her three kids and endless errands, Diana gives a play-by-play of her typical schedule and shows why a "good day" is any day when you get words on the page.

Episode Fourteen, The Character Lord John Grey (added 10/3/07)
In this episode, Diana discusses her new novel, Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, and why she considers her title character, Lord John, a mushroom.

Episode Thirteen, How A Book Is Made (added 9/21/07)
Once a book is finished, that is only the beginning of the story. In this final episode on the writing process, Diana explains how a book is made once the manuscript is finished.

Episode Twelve, Characters (added 9/21/07)
Fans often ask Diana, "Where do you get the characters for your books?"

Episode Eleven, Raising Continents (added 9/21/07)
In this third episode on the writing process, Diana explains the concept of "Raising Continents" in order to build the shape of a book.

Episode Ten, Research (added 9/21/07)
Diana talks about the importance of research when writing historical fiction and methods she uses to gather details, factoids, and resources.

Episode Nine, The Writing Process (added 9/21/07)
In the first of five episodes on the craft of writing, Diana discusses the writing process she engages in to create her bestselling Outlander novels and explains the concept of "chunks" and "kernels".

Episode Eight, Author-Reader Roundtable Discussion
Diana has a wide-ranging discussion with a group of readers about ghosts, dreams, time travel and more in the world of her books.

Episode Seven, Fans and Tours
Diana offers a glimpse into being on the road, meeting fans, giving talks, and the importance of room service the world over.

Episode Six, The Lord John Stories
The popular "spin-off" series was an accident, says Diana, but one she -- and readers -- embrace.

Episode Five, Sex Scenes
The dialogue of a sex scene, with an example from A Breath of Snow and Ashes read by Diana.

Episode Four, Ghosts
Diana talks about meeting two ghosts in her life and having at least one in her books.

Episode Three, On Writing: The "Kernel Process"
Diana doesn't write with an outline and she doesn't write in a straight line, but she does write every day.

Episode Two, What Draws a Reader In
Diana shares what people like about her books, what they tell her they like, and how she uses that knowledge.

Episode One, A Breath of Snow and Ashes
In this first episode Diana discusses the Outlander novels and how they came to be - including the influence of Dr. Who, kilts, why Claire Randall is a modern woman - and glimpses into the story of A Breath of Snow and Ashes.