Ordering Books

I'm immensely grateful to all of you who have been requesting autographed books from me lately--also immensely surprised. I wasn't expecting the avalanche of orders we've received lately, and frankly, my husband's poor secretary (who does the actual work of filling these orders--I just show up periodically and sign my name) is about to have a nervous breakdown.

I've always provided autographed copies strictly as a courtesy to readers, and with the recent influx of orders threatening to push my husband and his secretary completely out of their offices, I saw that the Time Had Come to think of a better way of handling this.

Fortunately, The Poisoned Pen--a wonderful independent bookstore here in Scottsdale--has agreed to help. While The Poisoned Pen is principally a mystery specialty store, they also do a large business in First Editions, signed copies, and--most importantly--mail order books.

Since the store is not far from where I live, I can conveniently zip down there once a week to sign copies, and they will kindly take care of all the mechanical drudgery of taking orders, and packing and shipping the books. This arrangement also offers a couple of major improvements in service to customers:

1. The Poisoned Pen can take credit card orders (by phone, FAX, or mail), which I can't, and

2. they also do all shipping by UPS Insured, which means that you will get your books faster and with a lot more security than via the US Post Office, which is what we've been using.

3. They also routinely ship books worldwide, and know all the intricacies of customs forms and IRC coupons (which baffle both me and the Post Office).

4. Another advantage--The Poisoned Pen routinely imports books from the UK, and can acquire UK editions of my books, as long as these are available from the UK publisher.

So--how will the new arrangement work?

Easy. To order any of my books--in hardcover, trade paperback, or mass-market editions--or to check current prices, you can

a) call The Poisoned Pen's toll-free number: 1-888-560-9919

b) FAX queries or orders at 480-945-1023,

c) email the bookstore's staff at gabaldonorders@poisonedpen.com,


d) go to Diana's page at The Poisoned Pen, where you can access the store's inventory and secure online order form.

This excellent new arrangement will go into effect immediately. However, I realize that some people will have book orders in transit to us now. Therefore, any orders received before Dec. 1 will be filled at the rates in effect when the orders were mailed. Any orders mailed to me after Dec. 1 will be fulfilled by The Poisoned Pen, and may therefore be subject to different shipping charges. Thank you, and I hope you'll find the new arrangement as much of an improvement as I do!