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Outlander TV Series News

Jamie-Claire-TV-STARZWhat’s going on in the making of the new Outlander TV series from Starz? What’s the buzz?

Here is a (non-comprehensive!) look at the history and happenings of the STARZ OUTLANDER TV series, which features interesting highlights that you might have missed…

April, 2014

The biggest news this month is that the OUTLANDER cable TV series will resume its first season broadcast on April 4 in the U.S.A. on the STARZ network. Episodes 9 through 16 of the first season will begin airing weekly on the STARZ cable network in this "split season" format. (The first eight episodes of the first season made their cable debut in August through September (2014) in the U.S.). And here are other selected news items about the TV series for this month:

Previous News

To read more selected news about the Outlander TV series from previous months, please click on the links at right under the Related heading.

DVD and Blu-Ray: Season One, Vol. One

Currently, the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of first eight episodes of season one are available in stores and online in the U.S. and some other areas, and bears the title of "Season One, Volume One."

The second eight episodes will be released on a future date as Volume Two of Season One.

Where and How To Watch

2014-07-28-Ron-Diana-NYWhen will the Outlander TV series debut in countries around the world? When will it be available online as streaming video?Is this information listed together anywhere?

Unfortunately, a comprehensive global list of when the OUTLANDER TV series will debut in different countries and areas is difficult, due to the complexities of bringing the series to numerous broadcast areas (which involves complex legal and other issues). For some of this information, check out my Where/How To Watch webpage.

If you have some information to share about the series in your broadcast area or country, such as what cable provider will carry it, you may share it with Diana’s Webmistress. Thanks!

Links – Outlander TV Series

Top photo: Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Catriona Balfe) in a tender scene from the STARZ OUTLANDER TV series. From STARZ.

Lower photo: Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore, left, and moi at an event on July 28, 2014, promoting the new TV series in New York. Released by Starpix. Photo: Amanda Schwab, AP.

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