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The Methadone List

The Methadone List is my response to people who write to me asking plaintively, “So what am I supposed to read while I wait for your next book?”  The List is a selection of books that I particularly like, especially books that are unique in some way.

Now, whether any of these suggestions appeal to you will probably depend on which elements in my books appeal to you.  I.e., people who enjoy the time-travel and scientific elements (and/or who don’t mind blood and gore) will love Christopher Brookmyre’s PANDAEMONIUM, while people who are more into the relationship issues…probably should pick something else from the list {cough}.  Not that Chris Brookmyre doesn’t do really excellent relationships and characters (wonderful love story in his SNOWBALL IN HELL); it’s just that some of the other elements might overshadow that aspect for you.   You’d be better off with A.S. Byatt’s THE CHILDREN’S BOOK, I think.

The first installment of the Methadone List was published in THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, but I’ve updated it at intervals on my blog—and will continue to add to it here, whenever I encounter (or remember) another excellent book or series.

Anyway, I thought that when recommending books, when possible, I might include a small bit of text so as to give a taste of an author’s style (NB: An author’s works are copyrighted, but quoting a short passage for review purposes is considered “fair use”).

Click on the author or title link to read more about each methadone list entry: