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The Poisoned Pen – Autographed Books

A Note From Diana About The Pen

2014-05-Diana-Pen3-smThe Poisoned Pen is my local independent bookshop.  They carry all my books, in all formats (hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market paperback, audiobook, U.S. and U.K. editions, plus some miscellaneous foreign-language editions), all the time. And the Pen ships anywhere in the world. <g>

I normally go by the store a couple of times a month, both to buy books for reading (it’s a great store; mysteries are their specialty, but they carry a number of other things, and have a specialty in signed first editions, too), and to sign my own books that people have ordered.

The Pen usually has signed (autographed with my signature) copies of all of my books in stock, available to ship immediately. Please contact them or check the website for availability. Also, more information from the Poisoned Pen staff about new releases and obtaining books signed (and inscribed) by me is below.



From the Poisoned Pen Staff:


January 16, 2015 (Updated on Jan. 27)

COMPANION-I-RevisedThe new revised and updated edition of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume I, will be released and go on sale on Tuesday, March 31, 2015! The original OUTLANDISH COMPANION was first published in 1999, about 15 years ago, so this new revision will contain many exciting new facts, updates and insights into the OUTLANDER series!

At upper right: Image of the new U.S. cover for the revised OUTLANDISH COMPANION I.

Signed Copies of The Revised COMPANION I

Diana will sign copies of the new, revised OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume I, for the Poisoned Pen on April 7. Please place your order no later than April 1, 2015, to receive a signed copy from Diana’s April 7 signing session. Your new book will be processed and shipped after Diana signs it.

If you order your signed copy after April 1, it will be held until Diana is available again to sign your book(s). (Update from the Webmistress on January 27: Diana will try to sign at the Pen on several other dates later in April… details will be posted here when her schedule is more finalized.)

You will receive Diana’s signature on this new book, but the Pen has asked Diana not to inscribe (personalize) any copies of the revised OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume I, for its first release due to the large volume of orders expected. Inscriptions include requesting that Diana write a dedication using your name or the name of a gift recipient, such as "To Judy," and/or to have Diana write a short, special custom message. We hope that this temporary measure will help us speed up the ordering process for this new book in April.

Please click here to order a signed copy of the new revised version of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION I online from the Poisoned Pen; note that the price of the book is $40.

This new version of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume I, should not be confused with the original version of Volume I which was first published in 1999 and priced at $35, which the Poisoned Pen also has in stock.

Also note that the all-new Volume II of the OUTLANDISH COMPANION has not yet been released.

As ever the Poisoned Pen is always very happy to accept your orders and to hold your books to be signed and inscribed for you as soon as Diana is available. If you have any questions, comments, or need assistance, please contact us by phone or email (listed below). Thank you!

Best wishes,

-The Poisoned Pen Staff

Poisoned Pen Special Orders

Click here for more information about special orders from the Poisoned Pen, such as signed and inscribed books by Diana Gabaldon, and step-by-step ordering instructions.

Contacting The Pen

By phone:
(480) 947-2974
Toll free: (888) 560-9919
FAX: (480) 945-1023

Email questions to: sales@poisonedpen.com.

Poisoned Pen’s Online Store: http://store.poisonedpen.com

Poisoned Pen’s Home Page: http://poisonedpen.com

The Poisoned Pen
4014 N Goldwater Blvd. Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Photo credit: At the top of the page, Diana signs pre-ordered copies of WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD at the Poisoned Pen in June, 2014. Photo courtesy of Barbara Peters.

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