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Happy New Year, differential nostrillation, and Facebook

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! My personal idea of a great New Year’s Eve celebration is a nice nap, after which I get up, go up to my office, and light a new pillar candle to work by (the new one is white, scented with—it says on the bottom—Japanese Cedarwood. A very subtle and unobtrusive scent. The old one—which expired the night before, with excellent timing—was dark blue and reeked of cinnamon.) (I learned something Extremely Interesting recently, btw, speaking of smells. You know how sight can vary between your two eyes, with one being, say, 20/40 and the other 20/200? Or how your hearing may be more or less acute in one ear than the other? Apparently the same thing is true of nostrils. I was somewhere on a book-tour (believe me, the only way I know where I am, after the third day or so, is to look at the schedule), had escaped momentarily for a quick walk, and came across a huge tree that was dropping fruiting […]

Happy New Year – Top 8 of ’08

Top 8 of ’08 I had some difficulty coming up with a good list, largely because I like all kinds of things (dachshunds, murder mysteries, Audi SL6′s, hickory-smoked barbecue…), but not necessarily eight of any of them. On the other hand, I do like to eat. And cook. So here’s a list of my favorite eight recipes. As time allows over the next couple of weeks, I’ll actually post said recipes, but for now—I spent eight hours today driving to and from Indio, CA, to pick up my new dachshund puppy (name still up for grabs, though it might be Homer), and am consequently about to head for bed. ENCHILADAS MACHACA CURRY CHICKEN WITH MUSHROOMS IN ORANGE SAUCE DRUNK CHICKEN PASTA SALAD BROWNIES HOLIDAY FUDGE GUACAMOLE WITH HOME-MADE CHIPS Happy New Year! –Diana