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Publication Date Change – Sorry About This…

Well. I _really_ hate writing this, and I do apologize….but the pub date for MOBY is moving.

Two reasons for this:

1. The first—and by far the most important—is that I began to realize about a month ago that I needed a little more time in order to finish the book the way it needs to be done. I could get the necessary wordage on paper by the end of the year—but it wouldn’t be _good_. Good takes more time. And I’m really sorry, but you’re not getting a book that’s less than the best I can do.

2. The second thing has to do with the new Starz tv show. Two things about _that_:

a. While the original guess as to the date for the series release was April, that _was_ only a guess. In New York last month, the Starz people were telling me (and the assorted fans present; it’s not a secret) that it will be (take your pick), “June,” “July,” “August,” or “summer.” So, you know…later.

b. While I don’t have (and don’t want) “control” over anything to do with the show, I actually am (by contract) a consultant. And while I told the production people that I considered my main job to be staying out of their way, they are amazingly generous about including and involving me. And I am actually required to do promotional things for the PR side of the production. Sooo….am I going to say, “Sorry, I can’t be paying attention to all this fascinating stuff going on, and I’m not going to New York Comic Con, because I have to stay home and finish my novel?” Errr….no. (I mean, really—would _you_?)

So. I would have told you this a week or so ago, but once I’d made the decision that I needed an extra two months to do the book properly, all of the publishers needed to be officially informed. (Publishers hate finding out important things on Twitter or Facebook.)

Now, it’s up _to_ those publishers now to decide on a new pub date. They need to take into consideration all kinds of things, including the new date for the tv show’s release (not that there is an _official_ date as yet—and even if there was, it could move. Stuff Happens, as I’ve told you before), plus the usual considerations—where they can find a good slot in their existing schedule, what’s a good time of year for it, and so on.

I don’t have any idea what the new pub date might be. I’ll tell you the minute we know. But my immediate concern is for all the people I’ve seen this week excitedly making plans to come and see me in Portland or wherever.

Since the pub date is moving….I’m afraid (and my Deep Apologies to the poor publicists) all the tour events will have to be rescheduled, once a new date is chosen.

Now, I know a lot of you have been ordering tickets to the Portland event on April 6th. I’ll talk to the Random House people and the Portland people, and see what can be worked out. I’m happy to go and do that event, even if it’s not part of the official book-tour, if the organizers want that. But that’s up to them. I _will_ do my best to make sure you aren’t harmed by the change, though.

I’m sorry about this, and I thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  1. I’m enjoying reading the series in order for the first time. I’d read part of #5 while visiting, and didn’t know who the author was or the name of the book because I was SO sure I’d remember when I got home but I didn’t. So it wasn’t until last summer when I found The Fiery Cross at a yard sale that I started collecting the lot. So I got them as I found them, and it’s kind of fun to find the full story of some of the things that have been mentioned later. I knew the answer to a question on Jeopardy yesterday (John Burgoyne became a playwright after he fought in the Revolutionary War) because I’d just finished reading about him the day before!! Looking forward to the new one when it’s ready. Thanks for making Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger Mac and the others so interesting and real!

  2. Well that is 40 minutes of my life I will never get back. Why on EARTH did I let myself read the comments? I know why, it is Lent and I have given up Facebook. So here I sit, reading and re-reading all the great little tidbits leading up to the release of MOBY, making jokes in my head about how I will be unavailable for consultation this summer. LOL Diana, you are brilliant and I adore every pen mark, every key stroke. Release dates make no matter to me. Any of the drivel here that says otherwise-pay no attention. If you equal a changed release date to a persons worth and integrity, I’m sorry but you don’t know the meaning of either of those things. I hope to make the road trip to Calgary, Canada after the release. I would hate to have a missing signature in my collection. Your smile, wit and charm are certainly worth the 7 hour drive.

  3. Awesome….like so many of your fans, I have reread the books again (this is likely the 12th time???-usually every 2 yrs) and just finished the last one…so excited to read the next book. I’m so glad that first book I bought for $3.99….at that time I was looking for, not only a good story, but value for my money…I didn’t have a lot of money then so was stingy on what books to buy…what a story! It has had me hooked for 26yrs! :) Thank you for this wonderful gift you have sharrrrrrrrrrrrred with us all! Loving it in Canada!

  4. My dear diana gabaldon
    I must say i am so honored to be able to send this to you. over the years I have heard it said that GONE WITH THE WIND IS THE GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER. Well I must say THE OUTLANDER series is as far as I’m concerned equal to if not surpasses that story and title. I have read the books several times and no matter how often I do I still find myself lost where time is concerned. It has so much in each book and even though each one sort of has an ending each one leaves you wanting more . Each one contains everything Adventure, History, Violence, Love, Lust, Mystery and so much more. I am so surprised that someone finally sees the worth of your books but also wonder why they did not pick up the option for a movie series like they did with others. I cannot wait to be able to read book 8 as book 7 left a greater mystery as to what was to happen next. I also love the Lord John books as they are so much a part of the original series and yet have an identity of their own. Your books have been a godsend to me since my breast cancer diagnosis and during my radiation treatment and I must say thank you for them all as they gave me something wonderful to put my mind to. So I must wish you all the best and hope there is many more books to come from either areas. Take care and good luck with the TV series.

  5. Diana,
    I won’t bother to comment on any of the negative/disparaging remarks I’ve seen here because as expected you’ve done a FABTASTIC job of addressing them.

    However, I did want to make one important point & seeing as how I’m right 95.5% of the time it’s worth aggravating my carpal tunnel syndrome to communicate it.

    I started reading the Outlander series a few months ago when looking for something to read while on the subway during my commute & before bedding down for the night. What a pleasant surprise it was! I’m currently about 20% into Voyager & I find it just as divine as the first 2 books in the series.

    I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life. I know art when I read it & your series is a work of art–I recognize this in literature like yours when every aspect of the story is etched out in my mind’s eye in painstaking detail thanks to your talent/skill as an author.

    ANYWAY! My point is that O to the M G to the petulant folks who feel it’s a slight to wait longer until the artist has perfected the work. It’ll be here when it’s here and it’ll be bloody awesome. So there!


  6. Bonjour Madame Gabaldon,

    J’ai lu tous vos livres avec beaucoup de bonheur, mais je comprend très bien que pour vous les projets s’additionnent. Prenez le temps dont vous avez besoin. Je comprend d’autent plus que mon projet de musée, au début modeste, me demande de plus en plus de temps : nouvelle exposition dont la science est mise niveau, nouveau site web qu’il m’importe de rendre passionnant, s’ajoute conférences, livre de vulgarisation sur le sujet. Avec la renommée tout s’ajoute il me semble. Comme j’ai quelque années de plus, j’ai pour ma part décidé de prendre le temps qu’il faut … et c’est ce que je vous souhaite.

    Andrée Nault

  7. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

    I have enjoyed the Outlander series many times over the years and look forward to the newest. I never tire of the lives of your characters and just want you to know how much I admire your work. I am so happy my son downloaded the entire series epub so I could read the whole series over again on my Samsung Tablet. I can harly wait to read the newest book but I just know it will be worth the wait, you never disappoint.

    Truly A Fan!
    Bobbie Terry
    Welaka, Florida

  8. Are we ever going to see films or a tv series on the Outlander books? I often ponder who I would cast for each of the charactors. It adds to the joy of reading such a diverse fantasy.

    Pam Ferguson
    Southern Highlands

    • Dear Pam–

      Yes. The STARZ cable channel is making a television show of the books; first season will be 16 episodes, and will start airing sometime this summer. Everything I’ve seen of the production so far has been absolutely wonderful; I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!



  9. Dear Diana,
    Thank you for this beautiful journey… Your imagination is amazing. I love all of the characters especially Jamie and Claire.
    I enjoy the love story but also the very detailed, harsh reality of their lives entwined with history. It’s a treat. Usually I’m so hungry to find out what’s next that I will gallop trough about 2/3 of the book and then , knowing it’s coming to an end I savour




    • Thank you, Sherry! [smile]

      The book will be finished in about another two weeks, and be published June 10th. Hope you’ll enjoy this one, too!



  11. I went to find a kindle book to night and saw “Written in my own heart’s blood”. I got so excited I almost peed my pants. Then I saw it was a pre-order. This is getting hard to take!

    I can’t wait!

  12. Diana
    I’m waiting anxiously for your next book. Claire and Jamie and their family have become very real to me, and you left the story on a ‘cliff edge’ – what will happen to Jem?
    I appreciate your need to get it right, but can I put in a plea for your older readers? Time is marching on, and I’d like to be around to read at least the next two of the series.
    Thanks for the immense pleasure you have given me.

  13. Diana,
    I found the first Outlander book on a whim. I had been having some health problems and a LOT of time on my hands. After chapter one of book one I was hooked and got the other six books immediately! I read them all in two weeks. It was like living with your characters, taking me away to a much better place than I was at the time. The Outlander series has taken the place of all of my favorite books in the past. I have a feeling many books will let me down after reading them. Thank you so much for all of the research, creativity, and truly bringing your story to life!

  14. Diana,
    I just finished reading the excerpts from MOBY, I will be able to hold out now, till it is published. I have been a avid reader all my life; I have never been so wrapped up in a story(ies) before! Thank you!

  15. Diane,

    The wait has been long, but I know it will be worth it. And besides, it’s in time for SUMMER READING!!!
    How much fun to have a book for the beach that may actually make it through a lot of the vacation. Keep ‘em coming. Thanks for all your hard work and for the HOURS of entertainment.

  16. Anybody who doesn’t understand your reasons for delaying couldn’t possibly appreciate the amount of work that goes into your writing.

    On one hand, you’re so good we can’t wait for the next book, on the other, being that good means you have a LOT of fans who – can’t wait for the next book!

    You’ve done this to yourself, Diana. ;-)


  17. Your books are so enchanting and well worth the wait. I’ve read them all and anxiously await MOBY but your satisfaction about what you write is more important than getting it done quick. Thank you for a continuing wonderful story.

  18. I’ve read everything you’ve written at a time in my life that I needed to escape from. Take the time you need to be satisfied with your work. I know it will not disappoint. It will be well worth waiting for!!!!!

  19. I just finished the last book and was beside myself for not knowing what happened to Brianna and Roger and their children. Now that I know there is another book on the way I am very excited and happy. You are a marvelous writer and Jamie and Claire feel so close to me as if they are family. Thank you for having brought them to life.

    So thankful! Christa.

  20. I really loved the Outlander Series. I have read each book 4 times can you believe it? The pages are so worn out. I am anxiously waiting for the 8th book. You’re an excellent writer …it makes the reader feel like I’m right there w/ the characters.


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