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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


MOBY official US cover

I’m pleased to announce that WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD (aka MOBY) will be published by Random House (US) on June 10th, 2014.

To answer a few questions that I _know_ the answer to:

Canada always publishes on the same date as the US.

UK Cover

UK Cover

The UK (and its territories, Australia and New Zealand) usually publishes very near the US date, but not invariably on the _same_ day. It might be, it might be a few days earlier, it might be later, I don’t know. Will tell you as soon as I do.

Germany will likely publish quite close to the same date as the US, perhaps a little sooner. I don’t know about that yet.

Almost all other non-English publishers will publish about a year after the US/English edition, because they have to allow time for translation, and a Big Book takes a long time to translate. (Germany gets much faster translation because I have a close personal relationship with the German translator, and she works with me while I write.)

The book-tour for MOBY is being rescheduled as we speak. The launch party will be held in Scottsdale, AZ, by the Poisoned Pen bookstore, at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, 6-10 PM, June 10th.

That’s ALL I know for now. As soon as the dates are re-set (spoke to the Random House publicist this morning and she says she thinks most of the dates and events previously scheduled will be the same), I’ll post the list everywhere.

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  1. I’ve read, somewhere, that artists do not complete a work, they merely abandon it at a certain point. You don’t feel that you’ve yet reached that point where it can be abandoned, and given how exceptional your previous works have been, I will tamp down my impatience and trust your judgement as to when it is time to abandon your creation.

    I want to thank you for your exquisite attention to detail with respect to the sciences. As a fellow scientist, it is painful to read authors who churn out fiction with a clear lack of understanding of the sciences. I can sleep after reading your books, and the tooth grinding is no more.

    I share you with any reader I encounter, especially those educated in the sciences, who appreciate these works of literature. You know the author is vividly evocative when the scene you’re reading has you hearing the accents of the speakers in your head.

    With warmest regards,
    A Faithful Reader

  2. Hi Diana… I’m super excited about the release of moby…Your books are sooooo worth the wait! In my opinion, it’s quality over quantity any time, and anyone who is pushing you for a faster release date should learn some patience and have some respect for your superior story telling! Keep up the great work – you rock!

  3. I hear tell that your nest release is March 25th, TOMORROW!!!!

    Thank God. Are you on track?

    • Dear Sandra–

      Ummm….how did you manage to reply to this particular post without reading it? The pub date is June 10th. Hope you’ll enjoy the new book!

      Best wishes,


  4. When will this come out in audio? I’d love to pre-order at Audible.com but they have no mention of it.

    • Dear Patti–

      It’ll be out as close to the hardcover as they can make it–but they can’t record the audio version until they have a complete manuscript, which they don’t yet. [cough]


  5. Will Davina Porter be doing the Audible narration? I’ve listened to the whole series with her narration and love her interpretation of the characters. (I’ve read the books too, but enjoy her reading so much more)
    Can’t WAIT!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the series!!

  6. Is there an audiobook release date on book 8?

    • Dear Suzanne–

      No, but I’m sure it will be as close to the hardcover date as they can get. (It probably won’t be out simultaneously, because the audiobook can’t be done until they have a complete manuscript–which they don’t quiiiiiite have yet…)

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy Davina’s fabulous reading when you get it, though!


  7. Any forecast for the audio version? I’ve
    “read” them all hearing Davina’s voice &
    don’t want to change!

  8. Lol really Diana …. It makes me laugh that people bitch you can’t pump it out any faster. Good grief. Your books are always large. I am just happy and excited we get to read yet another book ! Keep up the great works and it’s done when it’s done people !

  9. Diana,
    Whether it’s six months or six years, I will wait. There’s no getting away from Jamie and Claire, YOU ARE AMAZING in how you’ve brought them to life!!
    My husband knows that there will be a full week of no cooking, cleaning, or speaking to me (!), and he’s ok with that. He knows he has no choice :)
    Thank you, for the research you do to bring these stories to life, and give us a chunk of your life while you create.

  10. I have read the Outlander series several times and the wait for the next book is tormenting me!!!!

  11. I did not see any recognizable male names on the response list, so I thought I would write and tell you how much I have enjoyed the series and am looking forward to the June 10 release date. Best Wishes.

    • Thank you, Randolph!

      There _are_ a few men who drop by here [g], and many more male readers who just don’t hang around on book sites online. Always delighted to meet one, though–I _like_ men. [g]


  12. Hi Diana,

    I love your books! My husband and my son (34 years old) and I have read them and we all appreciate your writing and the stories. We think you are a terrific writer! We are looking forward to the TV series and your new book. Thank you for making your characters feel like part of our family! I think that is what everyone feels, but somehow it’s as if you have written them for just us. (:

    There is always adventure in the books, but there is an element of peace and security and everyday living that always comes through with day to day issues and struggles. The balance is unique. We all crave that secure, loving, passionate relationship between Jamie and Clare, & Roger and Briana, but you make it real enough that it feels like our home and family. We are on the journey with your characters. Reading your books feels like an adventure and coming home at the same time. I think that’s why there is so much magic….. as well as the fact that you have history, science fiction, romance, religious philosophy, politics, action, introspection into the meaning of life, fantasy, humor etc. etc. mixed in too. That doesn’t hurt either!

    I have a question for you. Will you be doing an audio book with Davina Porter narrating? That’s how we have read/ listened to almost all of your other books. I drive 120 miles every day back and forth to work…. I am hoping for the audiobook, but of course I will be happy when the book comes out either way.

    Blessings to you and your family,

    Kathy Adams

    • Dear Kathy–

      Thank you! My best regards to your family. [g] Yes, there will be an audiobook, and Davina is recording it even as we speak! Should be out at the same time as the hardcover; hope you enjoy it!



  13. Diana – I am happy that the release is coming soon! Thank you for your amazing, detailed work on this series. I’m coming at this from a slightly different angle in that I tried to pick up the books and read the series several times, to no avail. I finally listened to the series on Audible! TWICE! love it.

    My question is: when will the audio version be released?

    Debora Cox
    Portland, Oregon

  14. Dear Diana,
    I have a library of over 2000 books, and try to keep only the best…yours are included! Such talent! Thank you for your excellent writing! My brother-in-law and I take turns checking on the release date for MOBY and I am stoked to learn it is tentatively June 10. I will re-read in the meantime to refresh myself. I think I have to spring for the side books on individual characters…maybe a Father’s Day gift for him. (But I’ll read them first!) Thanks for letting us know what the hold-ups were and CONGRATULATIONS on your success! I am a member of a N. CA. writer’s club and you are a shining example for us all! My husband is SO jealous of my relationship with your Outlander series! ;)
    With a hug,
    Linda Moscovitch

  15. OMG I have been waiting so long for this, those this meen that the French Canadian version will be out in June 2015?


  16. Dear Diana,

    I’m so disapointed that the release date for your book Written in my own heart’s blood will be at least a year later because it has to be translated in Dutch. I keep on waiting because I really like your books! But still it’s a long time :-)
    I really hope that you will write after this more books in the same historical novel style, because I’m a great fan of that kind of books.
    Best regards and please step on the tail of the Dutch translater :-)

  17. Diana,
    My mother turned my grandmother and I on to the Outlander series. I love it!!! I am currently rereading the whole series so i can be up to date for the new book. As much as i hate waiting, i will wait with a smile on my face because i know it is worth it. The amount of detail in each book blows my mind therefore i admire your ability to stick with it and keep the details straight. I look forward to reading these books for a long time!!!!!

  18. We are an “orphan” group of Brazilian women of Diana Gabaldon, Claire, Jamie, the Outlander series. Upload soon please. We are anxious for defecho. One of our friends has cancer and said he did not want to die without knowing the end of history. We love you. Kisses. (Sorry we litlle english)

    • Hola, amigas! [g]

      We have just signed a new contract for publication of the _whole_ series (with new translations and covers) in Brazil! So be patient; books are coming!


  19. I have just seen that the your latest book MOBY will be realaesed in New Zealand on the 5th May.
    I can not tell you how excited I am to be reunited with Claire, Jamie and co. This could not have come at a better time, I pregnant with baby number two and its just turned to winter here. I look forward to curling up in front of the fire and escaping to a land I love. I think I might just read An Echo in a Bone all over again to get me through the next month.

    Thank you for your stories, I love reading your books and I always reach the end with mixed feelings. Excitement to see just where we end off but a bit sad too that I wont be reading about my fictonal friends for some time.

    Please say this is not the final piece.

  20. Hey Diana,
    I live in a Land Down Under, and have been an avid reader and fan of all your books.
    I am looking forward so much to your next one and probably won’t surface into the “real world” until I reach the end.
    I hope in a way that your books are not made into films which will then spoil one’s imagery of characters and landscapes .
    One creates one’s own perception of these things–on the other hand one doesn’t have to view the films if they are created.
    Claire , Jamie and all the characters are real people to all your readers, and should remain so, to all those who have clear mental pictures of each one.

    Rock on June 10th .

    All good wishes for the future,


    • Dear Marlene–

      Well, you always have the option of not watching the new television show–but I personally think you might be pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen enough of it to be absolutely thrilled, and am pretty sure most fans will be as well.



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