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Reminder – Great American Read (PBS)!

Rosie The Riveter and the Great American ReadWell, alrighty, then… So, the voting for your favorite book(s) in the PBS “Great American Read” series goes on until October 19th! That’s a whole lot of voting, and I hesitate to urge anybody to DO it every day…. but I feel that I should tell you that you can if you want to. <g>

You can vote for as many of your favorite books as you want, every day. But—

You can vote ONCE PER DAY PER VOTING METHOD for any given book. (So you could vote five times per day for any given book(s), though I must say that sounds like a lot of trouble…)

As for HOW you can vote… the many possibilities make my head swim. Choose your favorite(s):

Method 1: Voting Using Social Media (Your Facebook and Twitter Accounts)

An easy way to vote for my OUTLANDER series (if you use Facebook and/or Twitter) is to create an original Facebook post (on my Facebook page, your Facebook page, or anywhere else on Facebook) that includes the hashtag:


You can do the same thing via Twitter—just add #VOTEOutlander to one of your tweets that day for another vote.

(Note that if you don’t have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, you cannot use these voting methods.)

Click here for a list of hashtags for all of the 100 book finalists (PDF format).

Method 2: Text Message (SMS) Voting

Uncle-Sam-GrAmReadPBSSend a Text Message (SMS) to 97979 with a unique hashtag for your favorite book in the message. For OUTLANDER, it is:


Click here for a list of hashtags for all of the 100 book finalists (PDF format).

Method 3: Phone Voting

Each of the 100 finalist books in the Great American Read has an assigned toll-free number.

To vote for OUTLANDER, dial (855) 443-6574 (U.S.A., U.S. territories, and Canada only).

Method 4: Vote On The PBS Great American Read Website:

Visit the PBS voting webpage for the Great American Read where you can vote for multiple favorite books each day by pointing and clicking. (You will need to log in to the PBS website to vote using your account, by email address, or using your Facebook account login).

In your web browser application, go to:


Scroll down and click on a book, such as OUTLANDER, and select all your favorites.

Note that after choosing your favorite book(s) you must click the Confirm button for your votes to be submitted and counted. You will asked to log in if you haven’t already.

Information on all the ways you can vote is on the PBS website at:




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