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New Season Six Trailer and Art from NYCC

New York Comic Con 2021 - Day 3

Left to right: Myself, Maril Davis, and Sam Heughan at NYCC on October 9. (Image Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for ReedPop)

I had a great time at New York Comic Con (NYCC) in the Big Apple on October 9!

An exciting new trailer for Season Six of the Starz Outlander TV series was unveiled during a special Outlander panel discussion with Maril Davis (executive producer), Sam Heughan (the actor who portrays Jamie Fraser) and myself in person. Joining us virtually were stars Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Skelton, Lauren Lyle, Cesar Domboy, and John Bell. Please scroll down to view the new trailer.

2021-come-what-may-crop New tidbits about the TV series discussed included:

  • Come What May… New graphic art for season six was released at NYCC (see below and at right). It features snow, which is appropriate since these new episodes are based on A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, the sixth book in my OUTLANDER series of major novels.
  • “They’re such a weird little family,’ Sam Heughan teased about the Christie family joining the show. If you’ve read my books, you know that the trio will be causing trouble in North Carolina.
  • Season Six of the Outlander TV series will be released by STARZ in early 2022. Season Seven will begin filming next year with a future release date to be announced. And,
  • Check out the article by TV Insider for more of what was discussed at this panel.

Here is the new Season Six trailer released at NYCC:

If you are having difficulty viewing the trailer above, click here to view it on the Starz website.

The Outlander TV series is produced by the STARZ network, and is based on my OUTLANDER series of novels. It is shown in the U.S.A. on the STARZ network, and on multiple cable and streaming channels around the globe.

Links and References:

‘Come What May’

Below is a new Season Six graphic for Outlander released by STARZ earlier this month at NYCC. Click on it to view the full-sized image.

Season Six graphic for Outlander released by STARZ in October, 2021.

GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE, the ninth book in my OUTLANDER series of major novels, will be released in the U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., and Germany on November 23, 2021 or soon after.

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  1. I think I preordered Bees but its been a while. Could you please check for me? Thanks, Nancy+

    • Hi, Nancy,

      Diana does not handle the actual selling of her books at all. That is the job of booksellers and her publisher.

      You will need to contact the vendor where you pre-ordered the book, whether it was an online book dealer, your local bookstore, or a copy that will be signed by Diana from the Poisoned Pen bookstore (U.S.A.) or Waterstones (U.K.).

      Diana’s Webmistress

  2. Love the book and show, my husband and I watch and rewatch continuously. It has made a difficult g to one bearable and gives us something to look forward to in this terrible pandemic.
    Going to an event next year featuring Murtagh (my husband’s favorite character) and Jocasta. Can’t wait!
    Would love to see Murtagh again either in “earlier times” or maybe his death was faked to get Teton off his trail and he was spirited away to Canada… where J may end up as well… just daydreaming but would love to see more about them.❤️

  3. Dear Diana — I am 85 years old and doubt I will live to see the end of your remarkable series (will there be an end?) I am reading synopses of seasons 1 to 4 and enjoying them very much. I am in the middle of Voyager, the part where Clare returns to Jamie after 20 years in the 20th C. When she discovers that he married whilst she was away she is devastated, fights with him etc. Are you aware of the Enoch Arden laws in most US states that say that when a spouse is absent 7 years with no contact or news, the deserted spouse is free to remarry? This is from a Tennyson poem called Enoch Arden about that very situation. I do not expect total realism in your wonderful stories but Jeez Louise, what did Clare expect? Jamie didn’t even get a postcard for 20 years! Clare throughout the books has been a pain in the ass, but in this she hits bottom. I will keep reading your books and am still a fan, but this is a serious misstep. i guess in such a long and extremely complicated series of books it is easy to get tired and mess up a minor detail but it changes the way I look at Clare… Looking forward to synopses of the rest of the books…Warmest regards, Shayna

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