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Novellas and Short Fiction

virgins-hardcoverBesides my major novels in the OUTLANDER and Lord John Grey series, I have written multiple novellas and short stories, sometimes called "short fiction," although some of my novellas have as many words as some paperback novels written by others. <g>

Eventual Links To All My Short Fiction

To help readers locate my short fiction and the editions where they have appeared in print, my Webmistress has begun this page. Eventually it will list and have links to all my Outlander and Lord John Grey short fiction that have appeared in:


  • Anthologies of fiction by numerous authors. Usually these books have a common theme, and and the editor invites published authors to contribute.
  • Collections of novellas and stories by me from the Outlander series of novels and the Lord John Grey series.
  • Standalone special editions of a single novella or short story by me.

This page is currently under construction, so please check back for new additions every few weeks!

To see how the stories are meshed in time with my novels, see my Chronology of the Outlander Series. (That page is also in process of being updated.)


sevenstones-cover1On June 27, 2017, a new hardcover anthology of seven novellas will be published in the U.S.A., titled SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL.

What this is, is a “Collection of Outlander Fiction,” as the cover states. It’s seven novellas, all written by me, and all dealing with the interesting side-stories and lacunae of the Outlander universe.

Five of these novellas were originally published in various anthologies, and in the US/Canada, have then been published singly as ebooks. (Not, however, in the UK/Australia/NewZealand, Germany, etc.) Their titles are:

  • “The Custom of the Army”
  • “The Space Between”
  • “A Plague of Zombies”
  • “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”
  • “Virgins”

The final two novellas of SEVEN STONES, though, are brand-new, never seen in print before:

  • “A Fugitive Green”
  • “Besieged”

More information on SEVEN STONES.

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