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Timeline of Events: Outlander and Lord John Fiction

2018-Outlander-Timeline-DG-SchnellBarbara Schnell, who maintains an official German-language website for Diana Gabaldon, has compiled an elegant and helpful timeline of both historical and fictional events that appear in Diana’s Outlander and Lord John series of novels and short fiction.

Barbara has helpfully provided an English-language version at:


Or click on the image of the Outlander Timeline at right.

The Outlander Timeline displays events in chronological order by year, which is useful for a time traveller that hops between centuries!

Timeline Looks Best on Wider Displays!

Timeline-on-iPhone7The Outlander Timeline is a wide-format webpage that might not look right on devices with small displays such as smart phones (such as phones running Android operating systems, or Apple iPhones running iOS.).

At right is an example of formatting errors that occurred when Diana’s Webmistress viewed the Timeline using an Apple iPhone 7. Compare the result with the image above.

The solution is simple! View the Outlander Timeline using your computer or tablet instead of the smart phone or device that has a viewing display which is too small.

Your browser window needs to be wide enough to display the Timeline, also, even on larger displays.

Diana’s Official German-Language Home Page

To visit Diana’s official German-Language Outlander website, click on the German flag on the upper left of these webpages, or point your browser to:


Barbara Schnell, who maintains the German-language Outlander website for Diana, also is the German translator for many of Diana’s novels.

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