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And Now for Something Completely Different…

There doesn’t seem to be any way to include a playable mp3 file in one of these blogs, so I’m going to provide a link, here.

What is this? Well…

When I went to Edinburgh last year, I met a lovely gentleman named Mike Gibb, a lyricist/playwright, who said that he’d fallen in love with OUTLANDER, and that he and his friend, composer Kevin Walsh, would like to do a song-cycle–a musical telling of the story in the form of 14 or 15 songs. (There’s a possibility that this song-cycle might eventually be the bones of a stage production, but for now, it’s just songs.)

So this is one of the songs. I’m going to put up a full-scale announcement on my website a little later this week, describing the project, and giving the address from which those interested can order a CD of the Whole Thing, and am planning to post this particular song with the announcement, as sort of a free sample. So I thought I’d try it out on you guys, first.

(Note that the copyright to this song is mine, and I got Kevin and Mike’s permission for y’all to download–and share if you like–this song for free. Hope you enjoy it!)

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  1. Or *bunch* rather… :-/

  2. p.s. Just spotted I've got my very own link on the website now too! No wonder my traffic count has been going through the roof…! :-D


  3. Dear Allan–

    Oh, you thought I was kidding, did you, when I said you ain't seen nothin' yet? You still ain't. [g] Wait 'til the CD's well out.

    But yes, my readers tend to be _highly_ intelligent and perceptive. And they know what they like.

    Brace yourself, lad…

    And while you'd better save your legs for "Desire," at least stub a few toes on Saturday!


  4. Hi Diana,

    That's me back in Edinburgh after the launch up in Aberdeen.

    It all went pretty well, I think!
    First concert was a tad sticky due to lack of rehearsal time but the 2nd and 3rd went perfectly!

    There seemed to be a lot of satisfied audience members and we shifted a fair few CDs (quite a few of them autographed too! Though apparently, according to Mike anyway, my autograph is 'just a scribble'…guess I'd better work on that!)

    The Lord Provost's reception afterwards was lovely too – but with some very odd 'celebrity' types in attendance…

    I really hope this is only the beginning and that today doesnt turn out to be the first and last…


  5. Yay, Allan! (stamping and whistling between teeth)

    Good on yer, then! Heard from a couple of the Compuserve ladies who saw the first show–and loved it! One of them said if she'd known it would get even better, she'd have stayed for the next one, too. [g]

    Yeah, I hope we get some legs under it, too; I'll see Mike on the 4th, likely, and hear what the Scottish government says. Tell you whatever I know when/if I see you on the 5th.

    Have you heard all the songs now, then? Was just playing a couple off my laptop for assorted visiting family–my son says he doesn't believe you're really a Scot, "because I can understand everything he says." (This is humor, mind; his future brother-in-law comes from Strathaven.)

    (Just in case–Michelle got some photos of the show from one of the attendees; they're on the musical website already. (wwww.outlanderthemusical.com) That woman is _fast_!)

  6. P.S. What do you mean "odd" celebrity types? You were there, weren't you? [d&r]

  7. Allan–

    Played the songs off my laptop for visiting family this evening, along with a showing of the pictures from Aberdeen. They all burst into spontaneous applause at the end of "Could I Surrender My Heart", sighed appropriately at "Ist tu fuil…"–and gasped at "Say the Words" (though we waited 'til the young men of the party had gone off to engage in something innocent like a round of "Who Would you rather F—" before playing that one, I not wanting to explain to them in the middle of a family dinner just _what_ was going on in that song. [cough]

    Anyway, _very_ appreciative audience, and the ladies admired your socks exceedingly, though they hope you grow your hair out more by the time they see you again. [g]


  8. Hi Diana,

    Well, up until the evening before the launch my hair was PURPLE so I figured shaving it back to restore my former redheadedness wouldve been more desirable than playing Jamie as an 18th Century punk! :0)

    Sadly tis the nature of my industry that my hair length/style/colour etc are very much subject to change at the whim of various directors and casting agents…!

    Glad to hear there's been such a positive response so far and I hope the meeting goes very well too!

    I'm off now for a dry run of the Royal Mile tour!
    Only 2 days til both it and 'Desire' open….yikes!!


  9. Have you ever heard of Steve McDonald? His Sons of Somerled CD gives me an Outlander vibe. BTW, I like the Mike Gibb music, too. I've just been familiar with Steve McDonald's work longer and I like the ambiance from this CD — check it out! (Close your eyes — the psychedelic video takes away from the audio-experience!)

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