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Bubonicon, DragonCon – and an Excerpt

Ooookay. THIS weekend (August 26-28) is Bubonicon, which takes place in Albuquerque, NM, at the Airport Sheraton Hotel. I’ll be there from Friday evening through Sunday, and will be doing several different appearances:

8:30 PM on Friday night—a panel on “Beyond Goddess/Whore”

1:00 PM Saturday–a panel on Jules Verne

4:00 PM – Mass Autographing (with other authors) – I _think_ this is open to the public, but can’t swear to it, and

10:00 AM Sunday – a 70-minute talk/reading (with Sam Sykes)

I’ll also be taking part in the Sunday afternoon tea, and will just be generally around most of the time. See you there!

Or if not at Bubonicon….

NEXT weekend (Labor Day weekend, Sept. 3-4), I’ll be at DragonCon in Atlanta. I’m doing two appearances there:

Title: Whiskey, Haggis, & Madmen: Myths & Reality of the Scottish Highlands
Time: Sat 08:30 pm Location: International BC – Westin (Length: 1)
Description: The stories that made Scotland famous: why kilts, why Braveheart was an inspiring fairy tale, and how the Scots invented everything. Yes, everything.

Title: An Hour with Diana Gabaldon
Time: Sun 07:00 pm Location: International BC – Westin (Length: 1)
Description: The best-selling author discusses her time-traveling Outlander series, and more!

Now, I’m _not_ doing the Decatur Book Festival this year, but with due regard for Atlanta-area folk who might want to see me and get a signed book, but don’t want to fight their way through the DragonCon zoo {g} (or pay for the privilege of doing so)….I _will_ be doing a talk/reading/signing event in Decatur (about three miles from downtown Atlanta):

3 PM Sunday – Talk/reading/Q&A/signing
Eagle Eye Book Shop
2076 N. Decatur Road
Decatur, GA 30033

This is a free public event, so for any of y’all that can’t make it to DragonCon (or turn pale at the thought {g})—I’ll see you in Decatur!


Righto. Now, with business out of the way, I did promise to post the excerpt that made tents full of people gasp in Fergus last week. {g}





(still with me?)

(OK, then….)

Excerpt, Book Eight: Roger in the Past
Copyright 2011 Diana Gabaldon

[You may recall that at the end of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, we left Roger embarked on a quest through the stones to find his son Jem, whom he believed had been taken into the past. From Craigh na Dun, Roger goes immediately to Lallybroch, figuring that if Jem had managed to escape from his captor, he’d head for home.]

His heart rose in spite of his anxiety, when he came to the top of the pass and saw Lallybroch below him, its white-harled buildings glowing in the fading light. Everything lay peaceful before him; late cabbages and turnips in orderly rows within the kailyard walls, safe from grazing sheep—there was a small flock in the far meadow, already bedding for the night, like so many wooly eggs in a nest of bright green grass, like a kid’s Easter-basket.

The thought caught at his throat, with memories of the horrible cellophane grass that got everywhere, Mandy with her face—and everything else within six feet of her—smeared with chocolate, Jem carefully writing “Dad” on a hardboiled egg with a white crayon, then frowning over the array of dye-cups, trying to decide whether blue or purple was more Dad-like.

“Lord, let him be here!” he muttered under his breath, and hurried down the rutted trail, half-sliding on loose rocks.

The dooryard was tidy, the big yellow rose brier trimmed back for the winter, and the step swept clean. He had the sudden notion that if he were simply to open the door and walk in, he would find himself in his own lobby, Mandy’s tiny red galoshes flung helter-skelter under the hall-tree where Brianna’s disreputable duffel-coat hung, crusty with dried mud and smelling of its wearer, soap and musk and the faint smell of her motherhood: sour milk, fresh bread, and peanut butter.

“Bloody hell,” he muttered, “be weeping on the step, next thing.” He hammered at the door, and a huge dog came galloping round the corner of the house, baying like the bloody hound of the Baskervilles. It slid to a stop in front of him but went on barking, weaving its huge head to and fro like a snake, ears cocked in case he might make a false move that would let it devour him with a clear conscience.

He wasn’t risking any moves; he’d plastered himself against the door when the dog appeared, and now shouted, “Help! Come call your beast!”

He heard footsteps within, and an instant later, the door opened, nearly decanting him into the hall.

“Hauld your wheesht, dog,” a dark man said, in a tolerant tone. “Come in, sir, and dinna be minding him. He wouldna eat you; he’s had his dinner.”

“I’m pleased to hear it, sir, and thank ye kindly.” Roger pulled off his hat and followed the man into the shadows of the hall. It was his own familiar hall, the slates of the floor just the same, though not nearly as worn, the dark wood paneling shining with beeswax and polishing. There was a halltree in the corner, though of course different to his; this one was a sturdy affair of wrought iron, and a good thing, too, as it was supporting a massive burden of jackets, shawls, cloaks and hats that would have crumpled a flimsier piece of furniture.

He smiled at it, nonetheless, and then stopped dead, feeling as though he’d been punched in the chest.

The wood paneling behind the halltree shone serene, unblemished. No sign of the saber-slashes left by frustrated redcoat soldiers, searching for the outlawed laird of Lallybroch after Culloden. Those slashes had been carefully preserved for centuries, were still there, darkened by age but still distinct, when he had owned—would own, he corrected mechanically—this place.

“We keep it so for the children,” Bree had quoted her uncle Ian as saying. “We tell them, ‘This is what the English are.””

He had no time to deal with the shock; the dark man had shut the door with a firm Gaelic adjuration to the dog, and now turned to him, smiling.

“Welcome, sir. Ye’ll sup wi’ us? The lass has it nearly ready.”

“Aye, I will, and thanks to ye,” Roger bowed slightly, groping for his 18th-century manners. “I—my name is Roger MacKenzie. Of Lochalsh,” he added, for no respectable man would omit to note his origins, and Lochalsh was far enough away that the chances of this man—who was he? He hadn’t the bearing of a servant—knowing its inhabitants in any detail was remote.

He’d hoped that the immediate response would be, “MacKenzie? Why, you must be the father of wee Jem!” It wasn’t, though; the man returned his bow and offered his hand.

“Brian Fraser of Lallybroch, your servant, sir.”

[end section]

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  1. Oh please please please finish soon!!!!!!!! :) I have been looking forward to this since the last page of Echo – and I’ve read it three time since then!!!

    • Sooo Good!!!, I love Roger but he sure gets the raw end of the stick

      • I agree, he has the worst luck in the series. Something terrible always happens to him and he ends up in the worst situations. I really hope things can work out for him.

      • Finally…someone else who thinks Roger always ends up in terrible situations. I get the worse anxiety over this character! I LOVE Roger, and do wish that such horrible things wouldn’t happen to him.

    • I have just read the little taster of things to come and I am never going to sleep tonight ……………….I am an ozzie fan from Queensland Australia

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    That’s wonderful.
    If I wasn’t waiting for the next book before, I really am now.

    Time travel is such and inexact science isn’t it.
    thank you so much for sharing.

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    • Omg is right. Echo was a tornado at the end and now Roger goes back too far?….the trouble these Scots find themselves in…..go figure :)

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  10. My first response to this was: “Holy crap!…he is goes back even further and gets to meet Jamie’s father” Please don’t let anything happen to Roger…I have continually felt that he is always at risk of something not very nice.

    Oh…the tangled web you weave Diana!

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    All in the Family huh?!?!

  13. Holy bloody hell! We get to meet Brian and Ellen!
    Can. Not. Wait.

    • I’m wondering if we get to meet Ellen after all. I’m sure Roger was thinking of Jem when he went through the stones, and since Jem never went through, the next closest person would probably be Jamie as a child (since Jem looks so much like him). Sort of similar to when Claire went through the first time, thought about Frank, and ended up in Jack Randall’s time. Just speculation of course, but maybe Jenny is the “lass” Brian is referring to?

    • It’s raelly great that people are sharing this information.

  14. Secound read of An Echo in the Bone, thought that was what happened to Roger and William. Can’t wait for book eight. But amazed that he goes back so far. Take care of him ,Brianna needs him.

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    I can’t wait for Book 8 :-)

    I wish I could make it to DragonCon. It looks like fun.

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    It seems your plate is overflowing with appearances, signings and talks, this is why your fans love you, you produce amazing stories and then are so generous with personal availability with signings and readings.

    Wish I was in Albuquerque this weekend instead of next month! Thanks for the name of the shop in Sante Fe, we go to Sante Fe whenever we are in the area to place flowers on the folks graves over looking the San de Cristo mountains. Now I have an excuse to go shopping too! My DMIL would have loved it!

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  41. oh my goodness – holy MOTHER OF GOD – it was bad enough when you left the poor child in the cave but now you’ve gone and put poor old Roger in the wrong time zone (even if it is fascinating to meet Brian Fraser) Can I echo the plea to mind Roger – he is the most battered of your characters – be gentle with him Diana please … Great excerpt though.

  42. OMG!! WWWOOOOWWW!!! Absolutely brilliant–unbelievable and exciting! The hair on my arms stood up, too! You are THE most gifted and amazing writer and we love you for it! Can’t wait for Book 8 and I wish it was ready to print today because I will go absolutely crazy waiting! Thank you for the excerpt–awesome!!!

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    Ok Bubonicon, only ladies with lovely Bubbies? Hmmm its time for the West coast…except I want you to go home and rest…and then write….please…

  45. As others have hoped, I too want so much to meet not only Brian and Ellen, but Jamie and Jenny as kids, and especially Willie! This is the perfect opportunity to let the reader become acquainted first-hand with the older brother Jamie always had such deep love and regard for (maybe we can even get a peek at him carving that little wooden snake that Jamie always carried with him). Diana, I hope that after Labor Day your schedule settles down to allow you plenty of writing time… even waiting another year for this book is going to be very hard!!!!

  46. How would Jem get to Lallybroch from Craig n’Dun? I’m confused which is nothing new.

  47. I haven’t been reading the forum and such lately but had a sneaking suspicion and checked your website this afternoon. Thank you much for the excerpt…I do have to say, though, that I knew it…I knew it…I KNEW IT!!! I just KNEW Roger was going there. Even so, it was great. Now, I go back to waiting for the hurricane.

    Kate in Maryland

  48. Dammn that was good.

  49. Roger tumbling around the universe through time without Bree, Jem, and Mandy. I can’t wrap my mind around it. Guess I’ll have to wait and see. Tomorrow is not soon enough!! Thanks Diana for your wonderful books.

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  52. As if I was excited before now! I just can’t get enough. I can’t wait!!!

  53. IF the “lass”-preparing supper- Brian refers to is indeed Jenny it would probably mean Ellen is no longer alive. The big question is -one of many- why did Roger ended up that far back????… I don’t see this as a spoiler, on the contrary, is a huge incentive to read the book, as if I needed any.
    This is getting intense !!!
    Diana Gabaldon YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!

    • I also think it’s Jenny making dinner because Ellen has already died and a young Jamie may yet wander in.

      It’s my belief that because of the rule of TT (a body can’t physically exist in the same time period, twice), Roger & Buck had to go back before Buck’s time line began, so prior to 1745 (or thereabouts) since Geillis was preggers with him before Culloden. No just how FAR back….that remains to be seen! :-)

      (Reference “Leaf on the Wind of All-Hallows” for more info)

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    You are the best. I am so excited! Now I have to hurry through my re-reading of the series to be ready for 8!! Thanks.

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    I’m so much waiting for the next book now, if not before XD
    I’m surprised Roger didn’t spot the Fraser blue eyes right away XD

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  65. I work in a bookstore, where I periodically check the blog… I caught a few customers off guard when I read this excerpt with my very audible “whoa…” Am excited to read on and hoping Roger is able to reunite with his family sometime soon…

  66. Thank you so much for that! Any updates on when any new books are going to be coming out? Sorry, this makes me just get more excited for the next one. :)

  67. Oh, hell…

  68. I can’t wait! Will the Eagle Eye Bookshop be your only signing stop in Atlanta? Or will you be doings signings at DragonCon as well?

  69. @ @ OH…MY…GOD!! Wow.

  70. Oh, not another book narrated by Roger!! Others may not agree, but I’ve never cared for him, don’t understand how Brianna puts up with him (other than for the reason that he is taller than she) and find him an all-around wuss. Wasn’t it enough that we had to be inside Willie’s head in Echo and left with so many balls in the air when that book ended…..
    I’m just hoping that Diana may be using this to venture into the “back story” novels of Brian and Ellen that she said she would write when the Outlander saga wrapped up. It’s very surreal to be now because the first book came out while I was pregnant with my daughter, who just turned 20 this past week, and now she has her own set of the books too!!

    • Ferrrrr real?!!!!!!!! Not_care_for_Roger?!!!! I’m shaking my head at you. And not like Willies insight to the story? Tsk tsk madame.

    • Poor Roger…he is the most beat up in this series and you don’t see what Brianna see’s in him? Sigh….But we all have our likes and dislikes about characters and there are times that Claire makes me bat sh*t crazy!

      • Agree totally…love Roger, feel bad for him…and occasionally so tired of Claire (and Bree). The theme seems to be that modern women can travel back in time and be VERY useful, while the modern man is only a burden in the past. Not sure I can agree with that as I imagine if I were to travel back, I would be completely (ok, maybe not COMPLETLY) useless. And I think Roger is the most “relatable” of the time travelers.

    • I like Roger but it’s Brianna I can’t stand! I’m rereading the series, just finished DOA and she was so irritating!! Now I’m on FC and with her impending marriage to Roger, she’s becoming tolerable!

  71. Oh crap! Sitting here gasping…happy to read it and mad that i did…cuz now the wait is even longer! sigh…love your twists and turns! Was honestly worried about where he would end up, and of the places…with Jamie’s dad is probably the best!

    Since you don’t seem to tour south to where I live and my chances of meeting you are slim…I vote for more writing and less signing! lol have a great trip…can’t wait for #8!!

    • “Oh crap! Sitting here gasping…happy to read it and mad that i did…cuz now the wait is even longer! sigh…love your twists and turns!”


  72. Will you be doing a signing at Dragon*Con? I don’t see you listed in the autograph section with D*C’s information, but it may not be up to date. Thank you!! See you there :)

  73. O..Emmm…Geee!!

    • Oh, but then, oh my, this excerpt has been going round and round in my head, and i just thought… what about Rogers so-many-times great grandfather, he went through with him as well. did he not make it and die, did he go to some other time… im sure he went through, coz bree gave them both some of the brooch she chopped up, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM? Jesus Christ on a peice of toast, you know how to keep us hanging! This is going to haunt my every thought for a while now, but GOSH i love it :-D

      • They both made it through. In Diana’s short story, “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”, there is a brief segment about Roger and Buccleigh. It’s really a very sweet story, and answers a few questions related to Roger and his parents. The usual Gabaldon mix of sighs and gasps!

      • Hello Amy,

        You have to get a hold of ‘Songs of Love and Death’ an anthology.

        In Diana’s included short story ‘A Leaf on the Wind of All Saints’ somethings that happened as a consequence of Roger and his G.G.G.Grandfather passing through the stones are explained.

        Now if that poignant story doesn’t haunt you I don’t know what will…….

        Warmest regards from
        Antipodean Janet

        • Where do you get these short stories..?? I need moere to read!!


          • Ooooh Thank you, will have to order it over the net, my local bookstores are cr@p, so they dont stock ANYTHING besides the series! Fishpond or Amazon here i come!

  74. I love your writing and have seen trailers of a forthcoming movie is there a movie due soon

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  77. The excerpt threw me for a loop and I’m amazed at the comments of those who saw it coming. I love Barbie’s theory of introducing a young Willie and giving us a glimpse of a young Jamie and Jenny, but I think that’s too much to hope for. I do hope the lass doing the cooking is Ellen though, and you did say you wanted to tell Brian and Ellen’s story, so does it follow that it will appear in this book? The wait has become even longer. Nevertheless, I love the little teasers and look forward to reading more while we anticipate the outcome of all those cliffhangers from EITB.

    • Ah, the Big question (other than will Roger get back to the time he left), is–Will Roger blab to Brian after all and swear him to secrecy (maybe let B see him go Through), or will Roger keep his trap shut and think up something plausible and get the you-know-what out of “Dodge?”

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  80. The sun has finaly come out in hurricane ravaged NJ and I can breathe easier. But now I’m anxious over Rogers predicament. I am a big fan of Rodger; Oh, please, please, be easy on him and get him back to his family!

  81. Woohoo! So glad you’ll be in Decatur! I’m planning to be at Dragon*Con Saturday night (you convinced me to go and now I’ve got friends joining me to boost my bravery) but if the crowds are too bad to meet you on Saturday night (or if I cannot last that long after a full day), it’s so good to know I can catch you in a more intimate, less-crazy setting the next day! I’m thrilled and really looking forward to this weekend!

    Amy in Atlanta

  82. So, I was in Barnes and Noble today, looking over the Bargain Books, and found “How the Scots Invented the Modern World” by Arthur Herman. So, having read this blog, I of course, had to buy it. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, I know you didn’t make it up.

  83. WWWOOOOWWWW!!! Totally blew my socks off Diana! When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? When is Book Eight released? Lol just. can’t. wait.

  84. I couldn’t sleep last night after reading this, not a good thing with a newborn baby! =) If Roger feels compelled to change anything in the future (his past) please let it be to have his beautiful singing voice back. Please, please, pretty please!

    Danger doesn’t even begin to describe his situation, he has the potential to delete his whole family. As for Buck, I assume he is either dead as per his family chart, or he has landed in his own time as he would have tunnelled towards Morag.

  85. Ohmygosh !! goosebumps all over.

  86. Ohmygosh !! Goosebumps all over !

  87. I haven’t thought much about reading for months. Last night, like a flash of light – BAM! I remembered…..When is # 8 coming out? So there’s some time to pass here…I’m gonna read your Lord John series!. Thank you for the excerpt and thank you for taking the time to make your books so incredible :) (But I really don’t want to wait..pout pout.)

  88. I’ve spent my first summer as a newly retired teacher reading and re- reading the entire series (3rd time around) and because I could not stand the thought of having no Gabaldon to read, I read all the Lord John’s too. How will I make it till book 8 comes out? I just know Roger is about to meet young Jamie if “the lass” is making dinner! How will Roger move ahead to get to the right time? aaaaaagggghhhhh! Please take pity on us poor readers and hurry!

  89. Ahhhhhh! You did it again, I gasped out loud. Holy Crap it’s Brian!!!! And will it be Jamie and Jenny there or Ellen?? :)

    Love, love, love it!!!!


  90. DIANA!!! I didn’t see this S/L coming. But when the panel was unblemished, my mouth fell open and stayed that way through the end of the read. I couldn’t wait before (heck, I never could!), but this will be simply amazing. Black Brian and Ellen…are you practicing for your prequel? Please stay home and write, as you are killing me. Love from Tucson.

  91. Holy Smokes! Don’t tell me he just met Jamie’s father?! Well, now I’m going to worry about whether Roger can make it back to Brianna! Oh, the waiting….

  92. THANK YOU !!!!

  93. That is an excellent twist. LOVED IT!!!

    All the implications, he could meet Jamie as a child or even just before he is taken by the English. And Brian dies watching Jamie while he is flogged.

    Holy Cow the possibilities are amazing. I can not wait to read the book.
    Not to rush you or anything but, write, write, write…

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