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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


A couple of publishers asked me this week to write a brief bit of catalog copy for them, describing MOBY–so I did. For those of you wondering What to Expect from the eighth book in the OUTLANDER series:

WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD is the eighth novel in the world-famous OUTLANDER series. In June of 1778, the world turns upside-down. The British army withdraws from Philadelphia, George Washington prepares to move from Valley Forge in pursuit, and Jamie Fraser comes back from the dead to discover that his best friend has married Jamie’s wife. The ninth Earl of Ellesmere discovers to his horror that he is in fact the illegitimate son of the newly-resurrected Jamie Fraser (a rebel _and_ a Scottish criminal!) and Jamie’s nephew Ian Murray discovers that his new-found cousin has an eye for Ian’s Quaker betrothed.

Meanwhile, Claire Fraser deals with an asthmatic duke, Benedict Arnold, and the fear that one of her husbands may have murdered the other. And in the 20th century, Jamie and Claire’s daughter Brianna is thinking that things are probably easier in the 18th century: her son has been kidnapped, her husband has disappeared into the past, and she’s facing a vicious criminal with nothing but a stapler in her hand. Fortunately, her daughter has a miniature cricket bat and her mother’s pragmatism.

The best of historical fiction with a Moebius twist, WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD weaves the fibers of a family’s life through the tapestry of historical drama.

NB: I’m still _writing_ this. With luck, it will be published in fall of 2013. (Update from the webmaster: This book will be released by the publisher on June 10, 2014, in the U.S.A.) Hope you enjoy it! (In the meantime, if you’re the sort of reader who likes to see bits and pieces as we go along, I do post brief snippets–from this book and other works in progress or coming up for release–most days, on both Twitter (my ID there is @Writer_DG) and Facebook.

NB2: I told my editor I want an octopus on the cover of this book. (There are eight main characters whose stories are told–and they’re all linked together.)

NB3: I call the book MOBY for short. My Own Heart’s Blood = MOHB = MOH-B = Moby. Geddit?

From the webmaster: Visit the MOBY home page for the latest information.

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  1. Please please get Jamie and Claire back together again. They have to be together again if you are going to end this series. I hope your books are made into a television series. I am sooooo there.

    • Claire marries someone else?!! I read all of the books and do not remember their marriage dissolving in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I don’t think I could stand them not being together! Everytime they were separated by circumstance I would lose ALOT of sleep reading until they were reunited again! I just don’t see how if Claire’s love for her Jamie is so strong that she could remarry! Even if he were dead, I would like to think that Claire just could not bear to be with anyone else. The Outlander series are my absolute favorite books of all time and I hope they are made into a series as well. I just hope that whoever picks it up does a really REALLY good job!

      • Dear Cheryl–

        It’s not what you think [g]. But I think you must have missed a book. AN ECHO IN THE BONE follows A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES.


        • Why all the talk of a “TV series” or “movie”? No need. No one alive will ever match Jamie’s sophistication, good looks and wit in our minds’ eyes… he’s bloody perfect residing in our imaginations; why ruin it? Forget the screen; embrace the “real” Jamie, made in Diana’s mind, nurtured, raised to perfection in ours….

          • I agree with you, Vickie. I think that it would be almost impossible to find actors who can embody the main characters. However…. does anyone else picture Jason Isaacs every time they read about Frank Randall, John Randall, and Alexander Randall??

          • oh my goodness, YES. Jason Issacs came to mind at once for Frank and Jack Randal.

          • I agree VIckie. Diana gives us so much insight into the hearts and minds of Claire, Jamie and all the others. TV or movie can’t come close to bringing all of that out. Besides, I am sure each and every one of us has a mental image of each character (especially Jamie!) and I, for one, don’t want MY idea of Jamie’s appearance to be replaced by a movie/tv star, no matter who it may end up being.

          • That is so amazing Michele! I’ve always pictured Jason Isaacs as the Randalls. The closest I’ve come to mentally casting a Jamie is Toby Stephens. Still, any director/producer who takes on this project is going to have to be incredible to satisfy the fans.

          • I agree with you, Vicki. I hope that a series or movie will ever never be made of these books. I don’t think there are actors out there who can be EVERYONE’s idea of Jamie, Claire, Young Ian, Roger, Brianna etc.. These are the best books I have ever read. I always feel a little sad when I finish another one of these books because I can’t read it again for the first time.

          • I always thought the guy from Thor (Chris Hemsworth) would make a good Jamie.

          • I am looking forward to the SHO series coming up next month! I have read every book, bought and listened to every audio book, and now I can’t wait to see how the upcoming series interprets the work of this wonderful author. I hope Diana had creative control..

          • Dear Bruce–

            I think you’ll enjoy the show a lot, Bruce! I didn’t have “control,” but the production team were amazingly good about including me, showing me scripts and footage, asking my opinions (though under no legal compulsion to take them [g]), etc. I think they’ve done a fabulous job.


        • Claire did marry someone else. Lucky you! You have another book to read before the next one comes out. I have been left somewhat content after each of the 1st six books, then I read “Echo in the Bone”. What the hell? There are so many “cliffhangers” and the next book keeps getting farther away. I can’t wait!

          • I totally agree with you… finished Echo In the Bone and can hardly wait for the next book. At first I heard early 2013 and now it’s late 2013 ? Soooo love this series!

          • I totally agree with you PJ, I rfinished Echo In the Bone and can hardly wait for the next book. At first I heard early 2013 and now it’s late 2013 ? Soooo love this series!

          • I totally agree with you PJ, I finished Echo In the Bone and can hardly wait for the next book. At first I heard early 2013 and now it’s late 2013 ? Soooo love this series!

          • PJ, I have just discovered the outlander series and listen to them all on audio. What a wonderful experience! I could not wait to get to the next book and now after just finishing echo in the bone, I feel like a part of me is missing its upsetting I want to continue reading(listnening) to the books but then again I dont want the story to end. signed anxiously waiting for written in my own hearts blood.

            I hope Ian and Rachel end up together. I’m so pleased William has found out. Where is Roger? Jem? I want Briana to and her family to go back and get re-aquainted with William. And why do they need to go thru the rocks to get the gold. Im sure its in North carolina 200 years later.

          • If there is another book after MOHB, I might not live long enough to read it, so please no cliffhangers.

        • please tell me all will be well with Jamie and Claire

        • What fantastic news for Cheryl! There’s another book for her to read while waiting for MOBY to come out! In one way I feel lucky to have come late to the series because I could devour the books one after the other without waiting (except for An Echo in the Bone…brief wait). Waiting for this next one…oi…It will be fun to rush out & get it.

          • Hahaha I did the same thing! My mother has been talking about these books for years and I would always look at them and run away because they were so long! Not realizing that there was still another one, I bought all of them and read them in a few months! I think I read the second book in 2 days…I can’t wait for the last one…please hurry!! :)

        • Not related to the answer you gave, but just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed this series.
          It has grabbed my attention like no other. It sent me in search of my Scotthish Graham family connections. Imagine how silly but exciting for me to find the Frasers in my family line.
          I have now gotten one of my daughters reading Outlander and she is hooked.
          We are both awaiting the 8th novel.
          I read the series the first time just drinking it in, the second time because I loved it so much and this 3rd time to really delve into each character and try to space the time until the 8th comes out.
          Thanks for such a wonderful tale.
          I must admit that the men, primarily Jamie, but Roger and Ian and Lord John and Willie also are wonderfully written. You have a knack in writing male members of your cast. I love the women also, but the men….yikes, good job, keep it up.
          Ruthann Ingman (Graham)

        • Diana, you and Ken Follett are my favorite authors. You do so much research for your books and I feel this is the only way to learn history. You have an amazing depth that renders your characters so real..aye, they are all real to me!

          I love how you let them tell you what happens next. You are truly gifted. Thank God you had to try writing a book by writing Outlander. I have read and/or heard them all several times, and of course, can’t wait for Written in my own hearts blood. Divina Porter is a fabulous reader and I think does your novels justice. Please have her do the rest of them!

          I am travelling to Scotland to discover places in your books. Is Lallybroch a real place? We will hire a local guide, David Laidlaw, to show us the wonderful towns and castles in your novels. If you know of anyone else who may guide us, please let me know. We are so glad you became an author, no matter your other many accomplishments!

          • Dear Toni–

            Hugh Allison is a wonderful guide. If you look under the “Resources” tab at the top of the Home page here, you’ll find several “Outlander”-related tours and their operators listed; Hugh’s contact information is there, if you’d like to get in touch with him.

            Lallybroch? Well, let’s put it this way–if it _was_ a real place, I wouldn’t tell you where it was. [g]


          • Thanks sooo much for getting back. I will contact Hugh as well. Is there a chance (ever??) that you could come to Bend, OR for a signing? We have a great library and avid reading community with loads of book clubs. Please let me know if that could ever be on your radar and I will contact the library and book clubs!

            I imagine you escape to another “place” in the universe to create your stories. I have turned my whole family and many friends onto your novels. Here’s hoping the TV series happens!!

      • You didn’t get An Echo In the Bone…its a for sure cliff hanger… read it slowly. :)

      • You missed one! You need to read An Echo in The Bone

      • You need to read Echo in the Bone.

        • I need to reread An Echo In The Bone, I don’t remember the dissolving of their marriage!

          • Gerard Butler as Jamie….oh yes!!!!!!!! Glad to know that book eight will be coming out this year. Felt very frustrated at the end of book 7.!!!!!!!!!

      • I have just finished An Ech0 in the Bone. Wonderful. Just when I thought I couldn’t be surprised any more you have done it again. Claire and John together…… too good. Now ofcourse I can’t wait for MOBY!!!! I agree with other of you fans, get Claire and Jamie back together, but it is fun to throw twists in. I certainly hope it does come out in Fall 2013 because waiting any longer would just be cruel:)
        Diana thank you for writting these wonderful books. I have the whole series and reread the whole thing every time you publish new volumn. I am looking forward to the whole adventure again.

        • I have reread these books from beginning to end each time a new one comes out. I’ve purchased new paperbacks because the old ones wore out and now I’ve purchased the series on Kindle. Just finished the series again and cannot wait for the next one. These books are like a GOOD addiction. Thank you Diana for your imagination and writing skill!

          • They are a good addiction!! I also have had to replace certain ones as they have become worn. I enjoy having all of Diana’s works “in the flesh” so to speak on my bookshelf but find myself reading them off of my smart phone . Easier to hold up in bed at night and comes with its own light! ;) Google Play books store has all BEB’s and others. :)

        • senior citizen new to internet browsing but am reading Outlander series for 3rd time while waiting for 8th book.wonderful reading thank you so very much Diana for the most exciting books i have ever read I agree with all comments made please do not ever stop writing.

        • I am so glad I am not the only one who starts from the beginning every time a new one comes out! I had to buy another copy of the 1st book, as my first copy started to fall apart !!! cannot wait for MOBY ~

      • I have read and listened to all the books multiple times. I love them!! However, I hated Echo in the Bone! I found it so boring and incredibly disappointing. I agree, Claire would never have remarried. What a horrible storyline. I’m not sure I want to continue on.

      • Cheryl: You REALLY need to read “An Echo in the Bone”!

    • The first Outlander book I read was a Breath of Snow and Ashes – just stumbled upon it. I had to read the first chapter over again to finally realize this was a time traveller book. Loved it so much had to go back to book number one to start the series properly. Im now back to Snow & Ashes and look forward to the next two (or three??)
      I know for sure that when I have finished the series I will re-read the whole Outlander series again – it is just so rich! Also most other books you have written, so keep writing Diana!!

    • I have just finished reading today An Echo in The Bone, thinking it was the last book in the series.

      Now I can’t wait for the next one – but guess I have to!

      Please can you stay up all night to finish writing Written In My Own Blood,

      Many thanks


      PS: Found your series when we went to visit where the battle of Culloden was fought, when tracing a very distant relative from our family tree, Scottish side.
      Love your prose and congratulations of your extensive research, you certainly bring the era and characters to life

      • First time I read Outlander, I literally stayed up all night! Just could NOT put it down! It’s been that way with all of them so far. I love character-driven novels, and these are by far the best I’ve read in 40 years. (I’ve been a book junkie since elementary school.) I an champing at the bit for Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. Too many cliff-hangers to be addressed from the last novel. Also – enjoyed the Lord John books, but they remain a side dish compared to the Outlander series as a main course.

    • I fell in love with Jamie and Claire, I would love for this to be a television series! Preferrably on a channel like sci fi.

      • I agree Sci-fi would be a great channel for it. Choose the actors carefully because Claire ages beautifully in your books and so does Jamie.

    • I read the first novel when I was in the ninth grade my mother thought I’d like it cause I was into paranormal stuff at first it want really my style but twelve years later I’m still reading it and re reading them the first one was the best but I still re read the while series every time you come out ith a new one our sonn sometim just for the sake of reading it again. My husband thinks I’m nuts but when it comes out on tv or in a movie I’m sure he’ll love it as much as I do I can’t wait top tell my mother about the tv series she’s gonna be thrilled! I can hardly wait I have seen a couple videos on you tube on casting ideas and the funniest one is that randall is played by the guy that plays the lesser of the dragoons in the patriot and thats how I always pictured him. There was alot of videos with Jamie as Gerard Butler but Jamie had to have red hairsome people don’t part attention I’m sorry. I babble I’m just really excited that I stumbled across this site I never knew it was here before.

    • Thanks for the great books!

      I’m currently reading them fourth time right now (just finished Drums of Autumn) and anxiously waiting for MOBY! Outlander is my absolute favourite, but I love them all.

      About the movie / tv-series; Chris Hemsworth would make a great Jamie!

      I just saw “The Avengers” and my first thought was “Jamie Fraser!”, when I saw Chris in the role of Thor. :D

      Keep up the good work! ;)

      • I have to admit that I can picture several actresses in the part of Claire, but Jamie has always alluded me.
        The only actor I ever seem to be able to place in his part is Liam Neesom and he is to old to play a young Jamie any longer, maybe his Uncle, but alas not Jamie.
        I have a hard time putting a face on him, but it is not any of the mentioned actors…oh he may just always remain a mental image for me and that is ok too.

      • You know alot of people have said on here they want to keep Jamie for ourselves in our minds as we see him, and for the most part I agree. Now taking all into consideration I love Chris Hemsworth and he definitely has the body image down just need to color his and viola we would, might hopefully have our Jamie.

    • Do what I am doing to refresh yourself and start reading them all again in sequence ready for Written in my Own Hearts Blood, just can’t put them down, at times I realise I am holding my breath.

    • I just found out about the series on starz but cannot find a date! The Outlander series has me sitting on edge waiting for the next book june cannot get here fast enough! My sister and I are devoted fans! Thankyou Diana for giving us this wonderful escape from the daily grind and for bringing my sister and I closer than before! We are planning tv time together to watch the series!

  2. Diana,

    I bought all 7 books and I loved everything.
    This is the most beautiful story I have read and I read many books in my life.
    Congratulations! You are magic.

    • Dear Elaine–

      Thanks! If you’re looking for something to read until MOBY comes out [g], I’d suggest trying the Lord John novels and novellas–these are _part_ of the series, though structured differently from the main novels. (You might like THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, in particular, as that’s half-and-half Lord John and Jamie.)

      Oh–and you can get “The Custom of the Army” (a Lord John novella) as a stand-alone e-book for $1.99 [g], if you’d like to try him out.


      • Diana. I keep re-reading all your Outlander Books, and everytime, I find something new or revealed.

        These are a great series of books which I have recommended to many of my friends.

        Can’t wait for the next book.

        Are you not afraid that there is so much detail in your books that a min-series can’t cover it?

        • I agree about the mini series, don’t think it will do her fabulous books justice. I am still holding out hope for a big screen movie series. Hugh Jackman as Lord John?

          • Hugh Jackman can’t be Lord John unless he bleaches his hair (Lord John is blonde). How about Brad Pitt? HJ would be a good one to star as Roger. He can sing and he is tall, dark and handsome! But I am hard pressed to think of who could star as Jamie and Claire. Ideas?

        • Outlander ???? The series isn’t called that in Australia. None of thee books are called that so I think we call it the Crossstitch series?? Why the difference??

          • The first book was called Outlander in the US and Cross Stitch in Australia (and, I think, the UK) due a publishing/marketing decision. I don’t think the series was ever marketed in Australia as a series and I’ve have never heard anyone here call it the Cross Stitch series either.

      • I have also read the Lord John stories… very good indeed… even the ones hidden in short story collections (Down These Strange Streets & Songs of Love and Death – George Martin). Found them while searching for any Outlander related material I could find. :-) Good enough to tide me over until MOBY is released, but Lord John just isn’t “Jamie”. (swooning now)

      • Oh Lord. What happen to the new one coming at the beginning of 2013? Now it’s fall? I’m going to be dead before I can finish these books and probably wait another three years if this is not the final one. I hope I’m alive – or at least that you can read books in the hereafter.

        • I fell in love with Gabaldon’s writing way back in 1993, so yes, I too hope (that if I perish) the hereafter includes the ability to access the continuation of Claire and Jamie’s story.

          And I too have been through all of the books countless times. I not only have a complete set of the hardcovers, but also the paperbacks and audiobooks. In fact, I think the audio is my favorite; I can listen at home while I knit and take the disc along in the car if I have to run errands. Davina Porter, who doesn’t merely ‘read’ the books, is amazing. Check your library and give them a try!

          Although I have a couple of other favorite authors, all too often I’m disappointed that a “popular” author just isn’t as good as Diana Gabaldon.

          • I discovered the Outlander series in the early 90′s, after I had gotten Voyager first by mistake. Luckily, I saw that it was the third in the series, and searched to find Outlander, devoured that and then begged my hubby to find Dragonfly for me as soon as I finshed it. (I was huge pregnant with our second daughter-who’s now almost 19 and going off to Univ. of WA). Diana’s writing is magical. She brings you into the stories with ther character development and vivid descriptive language. I especially love her descriptions of what it feels like to hold, squeeze, nurse, smell and kiss a baby, *sigh*…I have read the books and listened to Davina Porter’s amazing narration countless times. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I feel like Jamie and Claire are like personal friends. Their relationship makes me appreciate my own marriage even more. I have all of the books in hardback and audio CD, and now have them all on my ipod. The audio versions are my fav too. I start them all over again when I finish the last one. I listen to them when I am cooking, cleaning, going to sleep at night, in the car, etc. (Yes, I’m obsessed) I have to draw the line at work-drats! I can’t wait until the 8th comes out. My kids roll their eyes whenever I recommend the series to others, but I am envious that they get to read them for the first time!

            Thank you , Diana, for the the gift of countless hours of pleasure and escape your books have given me.

        • I am with you. I thought it was beginning of 2013!!! Very disappointed…

        • Joanne,
          I know just how you feel. I am not getting any younger and am terrified that I won’t be around when the next couple of books come out. I haven’t heard anyone tell me that there is the definite ability to read in the afterlife. Diana, some of your readers are getting older. Please spare us!!!!

      • Just finished scottish prisoner + downloaded custom of the army. Thanks for the tip, Diana. Her books r an addiction! Finish one + it leaves u craving for more. I drive my family insane while going thru withdrawls!

      • Diana- I am praying that Showtime or HBO will proiduce this series of books.There is no other way to do justice to the series. I look forward to each & every book you write…..I am still looking for some of the shorter stories about Lord John. I even have the illustrated book of the 1st meeting between Jamie & Claire.
        HUGE FAN!!!
        Best regards.
        Kim P

        • I re-read these books every year starting in the Fall- then I reread LOTR- then I make do with other author’s books until you write something else great.Not that I don’t have a life:), but I really love to read.

      • I just finished reading The Scottish Prisoner (again) and did it in one day. Once again these books are responsible for me failing to fulfill any other of my responsibilities – no time with family, no cleaning, no shopping, no work for the business – just a wonderful day of rest and transportation to another time and another place. Thanks for the break!

  3. The synopsis is great. Especially Mandy with her miniature cricket bat. I can just picture it.

    Can’t wait until the fall of 2013.

    Love the picture!

  4. I am only on book 4 and I accidentally read the synopsis of bk 8. My poor heart is aching, I love the characters so much. Diana Gabaldon, you are driving my friend and I crazy with this story, but we are slaves to your writing. We love all of the twist and turns and “oh my god, I can’t believe that just happened in this book”, while we read. I am excited to read bk 8, but can you speed it up, I don’t think I can wait until Fall 2013!

    • Dear Laura–

      If you’re only on the fourth book, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy from now ’til MOBY is out. [g]


      • I am now just so excited that YOU actually read my blog and responded! So, I guess I will wait until Fall 2013 (since I don’t have much of choice). I will try to read slower, but your books make that impossible sometimes. Hope you have many productive happy witing days, and I will have to check your book tours in the future to see if I can meet you one day.

        • I think it may be impossible to read these books slowly the first time. I would thoroughly recommend re-reading from the beginning and savouring them the second time round. That should fill in some time between now and Fall 2013!!

          • I re-read the entire series atleast once a year, i think i may have read cross stitch atleast 30 times or more. Love your work Diana, thank you so much.

          • Thanks, Jodie Lee. It’s good to see from time to time that others suffer from the same affliction: can’t-turn-the-pages-fast-enough-the-first-time-I-read-these-books syndrome. I’ve now read Outlander about 7 or 8 times, a couple less for Amber, 7 or 8 for Voyager, and the other 4 at least 3 times each. I had feared “early 2013″ was going to become fall of 2013, since that’s when the big push is on for Christmas sales. Now that I know it, I will go slower this time; Drums is next. Happy reading!

          • I am on book six, second time through in a year. It really is almost like reading a new series the second time. Knowing the characters a bit and remembering the story but either forgetting or missing so much in a rush to find out what happens next the first time…you develop a whole new relationship with the novels and characters. Once I finish book seven this time I am going to HAVE TO force mys
            elf to read other works by other authors. I truly think if I don’t, I will just read this series over and over forever. And whatever will I do if there is no book nine? Oh my, Diana, what have you done to us????

          • Dear Jodie Lee:

            You’ve nailed it.The first time through, Diana’s books are pure stay-up- until-three, I’ve gotta see what happens next page turners. It is only on the second (and subsequent) readings that you begin to realize her artistry.
            Little thing jump out, like the little girl, when allowed out of steerage, who “hopped about like demented chickadee”-so vivid, so seeable.

        • When u finish the series, start over. I have read the whole series at least three tImes and they r detailed and complex enough to enjoy over and over. Go Diana.

      • Diana,
        Please push to make the Outlander movie starring Chris Hemsworth as Jamie! He is perfect

        • Excellent casting choice for Jamie, but who for Claire? Tall, with a force of will to equal Jamie’s, and the credibility to be seen as a physician as well……hmmmmm, maybe someone like Marcia Cross???? But not. And, who will be them as they age. I can also see Hemsworth as William in book 7…. I love the character development in these books. I’m a 64 year old surgeon and have followed breathlessly with the rest of you as this saga unfolds. Even my 85 year old aunt is in love with Jamie. Possibly the best books I’ve ever read. Lost count of the people I’ve turned on to this series. I can’t see how TV can do justice to this, however. It would take years to tell this tale on the screen….and that would only cover the first three books. What would any of us cut out for TV?????
          Don Breech

          • Don,

            I totally agree with you. How can TV possibly do anything but massacre the amazing story Diana has gifted us with? Even the Harry Potter series was not done justice by it’s 7 movies. How could the Outlander series with its depth of character, breadth of story and myriad details not be shredded to pieces, similar to the abridged version of the audio books?

            As a previous poster states: “…. No one alive will ever match Jamie’s sophistication, good looks and wit in our minds’ eyes… he’s bloody perfect residing in our imaginations; why ruin it? Forget the screen; embrace the “real” Jamie, made in Diana’s mind, nurtured, raised to perfection in ours….”

        • I so agree with Chris playing Jamie (bonus that he is Australian) and Emma Stone for Brianna, can’t wait for the next book!

      • I’m afraid that some of us who are truly ADDICTED to this series don’t take that long to read the books. I’m currently doing a re-read of the whole series (can’t remember how many times I’ve read them all), and I’ve now read Outlander through Firey Cross in the last 5 weeks. I should be through book 7 by the end of September. I had HOPED that book 8 (MOBY) would be out by Christmas, but I guess that’s not going to happen given what I’ve read here. SIGH! It’s just so hard to wait for more . . .

      • i CAN’T read them slower. when drums of autumn came out i literaly took to my bed and read it in 16 hours. i’ve taken to listening to them on audio just to slow myself down, lol.

    • @ Laura
      I’m in the same boat. I’m on page 419 of Drums of Autumn. I don’t know why I read that synopsis. My heart aches as well. I trust Diana’s writing to know that it will all end well. Right, Diana : )

    • Read them all again. I’m pathetic but they’re basically the only books I read!! Those & the only other decent authors works…Anita Diamant. Over & over & over! Sad aren’t I ?

      • It takes me less than 2 months to read the entire series. I am struggling to wait until 2013 to read it again. However, if you haven’t read The Wilderness Series by Sara Donati, you should. The Outlander is my favorite, but The Wilderness is a very close second. The writing is similar and actually there is a reference of Clair in the first book, “Into the Wilderness”.

        • I absolutely loved the Into The wilderness series!! After reading all these comments I will have to start re-reading Outlander series again!! Love Claire and Jamie!!

        • Thank you for the recommendation of the new series. I have just downloaded 3 of her books. I hope I like them:) It is so hard to read short, shallow books after reading Diana’s. I did notice that Diana wrote a nice comment in her book review.

        • I agree, I’ve read the Outlander series 4 times and can’t wait for Diana to finish MOBY. I just know she is going to have lots of twist and turns in the next book. PJ is right The Wilderness series by Sara Dontai is great and a really good read, Pillars of the Earth and World Without End by Ken Follett is also good. So all you fans out there while your waiting try these. I hope that if Diana’s books turn into a mini-series they pick all unknown actor’s, I know it took a long time when they were looking for Scarlet in Gone with the Wind, anyone taking on that project will not just settle . I feel in my heart of heart’s there’s a perfect Jamie and Clair out there. Can’t wait Diana, love the series time to read it again. Beanz

  5. Excited for Moby! This synopsis gave me chills! Keep up the good work, Diana!

  6. Cute sextupus ;)

    Also, I might need to stop reading your blog posts till I’m caught up with the series – having only discovered it a few weeks ago, I’m on Voyageur right now… and feeling a little upset about someone having married Jamie’s wife. lol

    • As great as these books are, Stef, I recommend reading something different between each. I read straight through the first three and started the fourth when I first found Outlander. You know that overstuffed feeling you get before you get to dessert at Thanksgiving? Drums of Autumn was that way for me. Just couldn’t finish. However, when A Breath of Snow and Ashes was coming out, I could read them all and really enjoy them, just not one after another! JMO-YMMD

  7. Just thought I’d drop in and check the status of the 8th book! Glad I did! So looking forward! Love the synopsis!

  8. The purple critter has only six tentacles. Hmmm.
    I was hoping for a spring release date so you could tour all over during nice weather. Really want to meet you in person!

  9. I.can.not.wait.
    I’ve just re-read the entire series for the third time in eager anticipation for the release of the next book. I keep telling all my friends to read this series as it’s the best I’ve read…and I typically don’t enjoy historical fiction…but let’s be honest – it’s all about Jamie!! Thanks so much for your timeless efforts to engage us, your readers.

  10. I’ll be counting the days until I can read it! Wishing you many happy writing days!

  11. I am on my 5th reading of the series and hope that I live long enough to read MOBY! Do I love the story??? Whaddya think!

  12. Not to be persnickety Diana, but you cite “Written In My Heart’s Own Blood” in the first paragraph of your copy (which if I remember correctly was one of your original choices for the title) instead of the correctly worded “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood”…just happened to notice…

    • Dear Ladydi–

      Fixed it! Thanks!


    • Hello Diana,
      I first read one of your books 15 years ago. I think it was Drums of Autumn. I loved that book so much I ran right out and bought Out lander. I passed those books around at work and everyone who read them wrote their names in the back of the front cover, we filled the whole page. I have read all your books and loved each and everyone. Then I read a book by a different writer which I also liked in which Clair appeared or was at least alluded to. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first but I soon figured it out. Now I can not remember the authors name. Please if you know what I’m talking about ,remind me of that writer so I can read it again . It would help pass the time until Fall 2013.
      Lov Ya, Ariea

      • Ariea
        You are probably referring to Sara Donati – she wrote a similar series in which she mentions Claire. I enjoyed her series but cant wait for MOBY!

  13. Thanks for the LOL! The purple octopus caught me off guard. I loved the last snippet on FB with Brianna and Mandy. Mother Bear syndrome strikes again!
    You are so generous with your works in progress, I can’t but envy those who have only recently started the series. On the other hand, those of us that have been reading from the beginning…well, near the beginning.. ( I started out with Dragon Fly and discovered then that there was a previous book!) , watched the characters grow, reach maturity and some of them , die. It has been a wonderous journey filled with laughter and tears. It has been a great 20 years and I, along with so many others look forward to the continuation of the adventure.

  14. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG that plot line sounds amazing!!!! I can’t wait to read this when it’s out. Yes, I can be patient and wait until next year, but dude! Exciting!!!

    When are you coming to New Zealand again? ;-)

  15. *thud* You’re killing me, KILLING ME. Fall 2013 is one hell of a long ways away. But at least I get to spend the next year on my 5th read through the series and my best friend is joining me, her first go around! Finally I’ll have someone to talk about the books with!

  16. Oh my. Oh wow. Your facile imagination and wit and talent are amazing. These characters, these stories have been such a part of life these past decades … and now we get more, more, more! Thank you soooooo much.

  17. Diana,

    I have read all of your books at least three times and I will likely read them all again before MOBY is released for publication in the fall of 2013. I can hardly wait to re-read them all again and again. It never gets old for me and every time I read them, the characters become more like family, wishful thinking.

    Jamie and Claire are very real characters who live in a unsettled wild country in reality similar to today…hahah I’m thinking the corporate jungle here..

    I’m proud of the people who settled the new world and I can imagine the hardships they faced. It’s amazing how our ancestors faced the chalenges of that era. They accomplished so much with so little. I am sometimes ashamed that we take our lives for granted nowadays.

    I love the fact that they live and love in the wilds of early North Carolina hisotry. The love of my life (not Jamie, but a red head just the same) lives there, I sometimes think they could be related… chuckling to myself here). Living in western Canada, I appreciate the historical descriptions throught all the books and enjoy the thought of love eternal, thank you for sharing their lives with us.

    I have all of your books, Lord John series included. I have them all in physical form as well as my
    E-reader (I love it). I am anxiously waiting for MOBY. I love your writings Diana as you have provided me with many thought provoking hours of entertainment.

    Thank you again,


  18. Wait a minute.. what’s Jamie doing coming back from the dead? Everyone was alive at the end of book 7. Did I miss something?

    • Dear Jo–


      Slight provision of backstory, there; Jamie did come back from the dead at the very end of ECHO. That fact has significant repercussions in the new book, though, so folk need to know about it.


      • Ok – I really need to re-read Echo in the Bone because I do not remember anything about Claire remarrying. I do rememeber her and John together…was marriage only implied and I missed it?

        I’ve read all the Sir John series. They do pass the time while waiting for Outlander. I guess I need to scout out more reading to keep me busy for another YEAR! I was hoping 2013 meant January…

        Please, please Diana no more new Sir John books pushing their way to the front of your busy schedule! We’ve been on this cliff hangar too long!

        • Dear Norma–

          I think I’d better allow enough time for you to go back and read the books again, since plainly you missed a few points the first time. [g]


      • Can’t wait for MOBY and am so worried about little Jemmy! Those who have not read Echo in Bone need to before they freak out more about Clair and John. What a cliff hanger!

  19. I hope the publishers use your purple Octipus I LOVE IT, i lol my hubby gave me a strange look but didnt ask why.

    • Dear Sandra–

      Well, aside from other considerations, Mr. Purple there is slightly defective for my octo-purposes, in that he has only six legs. He’s just meant to provide visual interest; he’s not really up for the job of cover model. There are a lot of pretty octopuses in the world, though. I can’t post the picture, because it’s under copyright, but if you Google “blue-ringed octopus image,” you’ll see a gorgeous example.


      • LOL! I just figured that two of the legs were hidden in the back. :)

      • Dear Diana,

        Oh dear!

        Now my grey coggs are working overtime and I’m sitting wearing out my wee brain trying to figure out how a current-day George Bain would have created an octopuss-delight for you in celtic artwork??????

        Please do get your publishers to ‘Google’ George’s work for ideas (as we wouldn’t want to distract you from writing MOBY) :o)

        PS: It was lovely to meet you In Strathpfeffer when you were over for ‘Echo’ signing – my friends were very pleased with their copies.

  20. Mmmmph!
    I came to this Blog from a link on Barnes & Noble, after downloading Book 7, An Echo in the Bone.
    So, having not yet read, ” AEITB, perhaps a bit of SPOILER ALERT would help at the top of this Blog page for others who follow the link?
    I know everyone eventually dies, and Jamie certainly has a few cat lives left… …and while I was hungry to read about book 8, it was definitely a disappointment! Still, I look foreard to next Fall, and pray you suffer very few “sticking points.”

    • Dear DorothyAnne–

      [slight roll of eyes] 1) ECHO has been out since 2009, which really seems like sufficient time that it shouldn’t be considered a “new” book in need of spoiler alerts. And 2) the blog post starts right out by explaining that I was requested to write catalog copy for the _eighth_ book, and did. The blank space after that statement should probably have been enough time for you to stop reading, don’t you think? As in, 3) “catalog copy” is by definition a brief summary/come-on for a new book. It customarily tells you who, where, when, and–to a very small degree–what, but is no more a spoiler for the book than a movie trailer is for a movie.


      • Dear Diana,
        (Red-faced following deserved chastisement…)

        I understand now. I’m 61, never Blogged or sent a “Fan ” email ever before this, ” straight-from-the-heart” reaction!

        For myself, thesee wonderful books are brand new and practically every moment of my spare time is spent reading your delicious and vivid descriptions. My younger friends are now beginning the series as well, and that’s how I was introduceed to the Nook. It’s much lighter than “AEITB” and it fits into my Nursing lab coat pocket for breaks and lunch periods. We are that hooked! (AND, TRUTH BE TOLD, I enjoy being able to increase the font size!)

        Those of us just introduced to your books are so lucky to be able to read themnone-after-the-other. WE are the Spoiled ones!

        Thank you, and i’ll be filling the next year with the Lord John and other companion books while I wait.


  21. I can’t wait until Fall 2013! (So I daily follow the excerpts.) Diana, please convince your publisher to release it before the fourth quarter. (Yes I know you haven’t finished it yet but if the writing ends at the end of 2012 as you hope could we not hope for a release in the Spring? (fingers crossed)

  22. i’m blind and when i found your first book in our library i start listen audio book then i read next and next. later i start again later=) i make thinks in our visual impaired radio and i make topic about your first book and you have now much more fans in Finland=) it is so intresting to hear about skotland history and i love jamie=) it is intresting that im not only who is thinking that travel in dreams other places is possiple or something=) like jamie can come to future with dreams. i write also novel but it is not so good that you are. your books are so hmm your storys are so living and it is so easy to close eyes and see to what is happening. i hope you dont never lose your hmm now i dont find that english word but keep that feeling and fantasy you give so much to us blind!

    • Thanks so much, Terhi!


      • That…was a very tender post, it made me feel so blessed. I agree that you write, and we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste what is put before us in your books. thank you for the series.

        on my 5th time on unabridged tapes…(yes..tapes, many batteries and scotch-tape to repair the mishaps in the Sony walkman)

        with baited breathe,


  23. Diana,
    Can’t wait till MOBY comes out! Finally….something really worth waiting for! I’ve read the other 7 (in order) and each one has attached to my heart and soul. Not a fan on rereading a book. I just refuse to do it. Have even dropped a book as if it had caught fire in discovering I had read it before. However, I’m breaking my rule and starting all over with Outlander.

    Never say never,

    • Dear Cindy–

      I’m flattered! [g] I do, in fact, kind of design the books to be re-read. They have layers within each book, and little attachments and references _between_ books, so that–quite aside from the changes in a reader owing to increased age, experience, etc.–you should be able to get more out of an earlier book, because of reading the later ones. At least I hope it works that way. [g]


      • It definitely does work that way, Diana! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such care to make reading and re-reading your books such a rich experience.

        • I agree! You have to re-read the books (in my case, multiple times) to really get all the slight nuances that are there. For me, I’ll be starting the series over in June of next year, and that way finish just in time for MOBY!

  24. I hope it is published sooner than later 20013. I keep looking on amazon for per-order

    R. Rarkins

  25. I hope it is published sooner than later 20013. I keep looking on amazon for per-order

    R. Parkins

    • Dear Richard–

      Well, that would be nice [g], but the fact is that I write very slowly–and it just won’t be published before I finished writing it, no matter how much I might desire that.


      • Hi Diana,

        I have enjoyed your books greatly and as with all of your readers am waiting anxiously for the next book, MOBY, as you nicknamed it. I really enjoy the complexities of the historical aspects of the story line. I REALLY like how your characters come alive and become part of your actual daily thoughts.

        I usually read them over again before I read a new edition to just familiarize myself with some of the details again. I especially am going to read Echo in the Bone!

        I can’t imagine how much time, thought and effort must go into your books when you are writing them. I see how I become involved with reading them so I can only imagine how you feel.

        So take your time on MOBY and we will enjoy the book even more!!!

        Thank you for all of the years of entertainment!


    • Richard…Richard…Richard,
      Don’t rush her! Just as a perfect aged wine, can’t rush it along. She’ll put her golden touch on it, you’ll see. Will be so worth waiting for. That’s one of my most favorite things about her, she takes her time! Nice…thick…long lasting books!


  26. I`m really dying to get MOBY into my hands. I have read each of the books including the lord John stories and enjoyed every bit of it. During so many pages you made me laugh and you made me cry and that’s what a good book should do in my opinion. To be honest, I cussed rather fluently when I finished book seven and so many threads were quite brutaly cut, leaving it to my imagination what would happen next. In particular the cliffhanger with John and Jamie. Oh my god !!! Well I`will have to take patience and just wait another year. Meanwhile I’ve visited Scotland myself and to put this trip into one sentence: They highlands are pure magic, simply heartbreaking beautiful.

    With kind regards form good old Germany (yours books are quite popular here, but you know that allready for sure)

  27. I am so excited to read MOBY that I decided to reread the series. I am currently reading Dragonfly in Amber. I had forgotten all those small details of Jamie and Claire’s earlier years. Having also read all of the Lord John books it is amazing how many additional tid bits you can pick up. I urge anyone that is waiting for the next (and hopefully _not_ last) book in the series to reread them!

    Thank you so much Diana for bringing these wonderful characters to us! I have turned over ten others into diehard fans and we talk about these stories all of the time. You have such a gift to place your readers directly into the story with your detailed descriptions.

  28. Hi I do love all of your books. I not a romance novel reader but Outlander was recommended to me and I just could not put it down. My favourite book is Outlander. Can’t wait for the 8th book, Fall 2013 seems so far away!

    I just have one question regarding the Jamie and John. Would we ever read John confessing his love to Jamie? Not in a memory of Jamie reflecting but a scene with him and John. I do love them both.


    • Dear Sally–

      That’s OK; I don’t write romance novels. [g] As for Lord John and Jamie, I don’t know–I kind of _doubt_ it, but you never know.


      • Dear Diana,
        Didn’t John already confess some feelings to jamie? Badly, in that they were sexual images that brought back vibes of jack randall, but for John that was somewhat a confession?

        I was lucky enough to meet u at a signing in my area, do u hv plans to b in the suburbs northwest of chicago (or anywhere close) anytime soon? My husband told u about my visceral reaction to Outlander ( I threw the book as he entered the room-narrowly missing his head). Like all the others who hv posted here i am addicted to your books + suffer withdrawls between books. I hv toyed w the idea of Hugh Jackman as Lord John, your thoughts?

  29. Love the expert of MOHB and can’t wait for book 8 in the fall. Fall 2013 seems so far away!

    I have one question regarding Jamie and John. Before the end of the series would we ever read John confessing his love to Jamie? I mean an actually scene between the both of them, not a reflection.


  30. So glad that you’re writing the 8th book. An Echo In The Bone really left some cliffhangers!

  31. Dear Diana,

    Fall of 1992, Google maps and TripAdvisor being non-existent, I was in the library with my fiancé looking for maps of England and Wales and Scottish inns, all in preparation for a trip overseas. Being not so interested in maps of roads ne’er well travelled, I found myself looking for a book to read on the flight. I found Dragonfly in Amber. It never made it to that flight as I read it through that same day. Non stop, no layovers. Returning home a month later, I pestered another poor librarian into finding me as much information on you as possible and discovered Outlander. I’ve been reading and re-reading your books ever since, and yes, I repeated the whole series yet again this summer. Historical adventure mixed with a complex dose of humour, chaos and passion. Wonderful. Any author that requires me to pull out my dictionary once in awhile and brings to mind road trips to Culloden and Stonehenge, is a good book and worth the read. Fall of 2013 will be my 20th wedding anniversary and there’s no need for three guesses to figure out what I’d like as a gift. Well, that and a cruise to Australia with a stop in New Zealand to bungee jump over the Nevis River.

    I wish you much joy in the process.

    With sincere thanks,


  32. Aarrgghh….FALL 2013!?!??!! And here I was hoping…praying,even…for spring or summer at the latest!!

    Fall has never been a season that I anticipate. I know winter is only around the corner. But FALL 2013 will be HIGHLY anticipated with joy and bated breath!! It makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about opening up the pages of MY OWN copy of Moby! I know I will feel like a kid at Christmas! (And my husband need not expect housework or hot food until I am finished with the very. last. page!)

    Write on, Diana!! You are the greatest!

  33. I was hoping for a very early spring 2013 release for book 8 instead of fall. Oh well, guess I will need to reread the other books yet again and get copies of The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination (I did see a picture of the cover somewhere) and the Dangerous Women anthologies. I know he is not an actor, but I have always pictured Lord John as looking much like Anderson Cooper (of CNN). I have enjoyed the books since Outlander first came out and have reread all the previous ones as each new book came out. While I do really love reading about Claire and Jamie, I am also very fond of Lord John. I have the four Lord John books and the anthologies where Customs of the Army and The Plague of Zombies appeared.

    • Interesting, Anderson Cooper as Lord John. I see Alan Cuming (actor who does the intros this year to Masterpiece Theater on PBS), with a blond wig, and of course, taming his native Scots accent to English. Oh, and blue contacts, too.

  34. As I have read all your books right from the start, and reread them all as well several times, I am eagerly anticipating Autumn 2013. However, I am now 82, so I am going to have to keep going for quite a bit longer!

  35. Dear Diana,

    very late I`ve started reading your books and I´m really sorry for that. (Where have I been for the last ten years?)
    I discovered your story about Jamie and Claire in April 2012 and now I´m already in the seventh book on page 473.
    Meanwhile I` ve already read the first of your Lord-John-books and the next is waiting on my bookshelf. You see in the last four month I nearly didn`t do anything else than reading (my poor family) and I enjoy it so much. Now I`m in panic, that I should wait until next year when your book 8 is coming out (and I will have to wait until it comes out in German).
    As a pharmcist I`m only wondering, if Claire could really know everything, that she tells about genetics and blood, when she was leaving about the end of the sixties to get back.
    But in the end it doesn`t matters, because your story is really fantastic.
    Please plublish the landcards of Scottland and America in the german books again, because it is very intersting to follow your story if you can follow the persons on their routes.

    Best wishes for you and stay healthy to continue writing, we are all waiting!

  36. We must wait while you finish and pretend to be patient. I know I am not alone in hoping that you finish quickly but know that we will all be rewarded by you taking your time – your stories have a finish date all their own and you are a slave to their timetable. This is me biting my nails in anticipation! Thank you for doing what you do so well.

  37. A co-worker knew I spent my lunch hour reading and brought the complete series in for me to read. I could not put them down!! I have since gotten the series for myself and I am reading them again and have been passing them on to family and friends. You are truly an excellent story teller and I have to say I have fallen a little in love with Jamie. I can’t wait for Moby to come out and to see what happens next!

  38. I picked up Outlander this year when Borders Book Store went out of business. I’d never heard of the series before. What caught my attention actually was the beautiful cover to the 20th Anniversary Edition and thought what the hey! I absolutely fell in love with this story! I’m currently on Drums of Autumn and have a hard time putting it down to tend to everyday life, leaving me daydreaming on events I had just read.
    I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten so wrapped up in a book. Awsome writing!!

  39. Ive been reading – and re-reading – this series since I was in high school, so for over 10 years at least! My aunt got me started with Outlander, and then my mom got into it as well. Whenever a new book came out we’d all rush out and buy it – which is how I’ve ended up with two copies of both The Fiery Cross and Snow and Ashes. Sadly, my aunt who introduced me to your writhing passed away in February. On her last visit we talked about how much we both couldn’t wait for the next book to come out, and I’m sure she’ll be with me when I’m reading it. That may sound a little cheesy, but she started buying me books when I was 2, and I feel closest to her when I’m reading.
    Anyways, it’s a beautiful series that only gets better everytime I read it. Right now I’m halfway through Voyager – I read the series again ever summer. Can’t wait for the next one!

  40. I discovered Outlander last January and I’m ready for the 8th book. I can’t wait for fall 2013, the books are wonderful.
    Thank you.

  41. I was given the first Outlander book right after my son was born, and I have devoured them ever since. I am currently re-reading the series for the second time, having hoped the next book would be released just as I was finishing Echo. Buts since I’m about 800 pages from the end (again), I guess I’ll just start re-reading them again right before your next book comes out :-) SO excited to see a mini series type show is being made!!! That’s the only way I could see these books on the screen. A movie would be too short!

  42. Diana,

    While I have never “read” any of your books, I have “listened” to all of them three times, and I only have two requests:
    1. That you insist that Davina Porter read MOBY. Her voice takes your words and makes them come alive.
    2. That you don’t let the screenwriter for the mini-series destroy the story line. Too many wonderful books have been butchered and have fundamentally changed the story that it no longer resembles what the author intended.

    Thank you for the wonderful hours I have spent listening to your creations.


  43. I too have read all 7 novels and am a devoted fan. I had foot surgeries (2) this summer and so have read the entire “Lord John” series. I loved it–especially ” The Scottish Prisoner”. I am SO looking forward to MOBY and am re-reading the Outlander series to keep myself occupied until it is published. Also, it was very exciting to read that your series may become a cable tv series. If they are faithful to your books and do it justice, it will be wonderful!
    I recently gave my daughter who is a registered nurse a paperback copy of “Outlander” so she could read it and then share it with her nurse friends. (I refuse to share my wonderful 20th anniversary hard copy!!) I hope some day in the future to travel to Scotland and visit the highlands, Culloden field and perhaps Craigh na Dun (is there really such a place?)
    Diana, you are a wonderful writer. Your beautiful descriptive writing transports the reader right into the scene.
    Congratulations on all your well-deserved successes. I will try to be patient but am very much looking forward to MOBY!!

  44. Thanks for the update, Diana, MOBY looks like another rollicking ride! From reading your catalog copy, it sounds like we’re guaranteed at least one further book – huzzah!

  45. Diana
    Your books are fantastic, and finally they gave me an insight into why North American writers use “verra” when depicting Scottish speech. I’ve seen it in many books and “nae body I ken says that”. It is all in the reading and pronouncing of “A” and “a”. We say verr-ray as in day, way ,say and I was reading “verra” as verr-ah like in Ah Ha!! Hope I have not confused you. Now that I live and work in Canada it has helped me to understand. Thanks again for your excellent works – what a story teller – can hardly wait for the next one to be published.

  46. I am in love with your Outlander books! I have been reading and rereading them for over 15 years now. I am really looking forward to your next book. Your stories are magical.

  47. GO, Mandy! Diana, I (like thousands of other Outlander fans) am SO ready for the next book! Even though I have read the series several times over, I always manage to get something I missed the first/second/etc. time. Thanks for your attention to detail.

    And, I just have to say what a cliffhanger the last chapters of “Echo” contained–I think I actually became quite upset the first time I read it and yelled (scared the stuff out of my husband)! Thanks for making us laugh, making us jump in surprise, and for most of all, making us love Jaime and Claire’s story so much.

  48. Diane, you are a gifted writer. I cannot wait for fall 2013!! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gift to weave fantasy/sci-fi with historical fiction. You are a treasure.

  49. I am so excited about the next book! I discovered the series after Drums of Autumn and got 4 ladies at work hooked. One of my friends even got an Irish Wolfhound because of Rollo. Whenever the subject comes up I’m afraid I sound like a broken record because all I can say about Echo is, “But…She left Jemmy in the dark!”

  50. Hi Diana
    Thank you so much for your series. I have read it 4 times now. This series has seen me through good and bad times. I just love the simple love that you portray between Jamie and Claire. I am at the moment reading The Fiery Cross – this is the book that you signed for me when you came and spoke to us in Wellington NZ.
    Anyway just wanted to say that I love your work and can’t wait for your new book to come out.

    Thanks for keeping me sane!


  51. Thank you so much Diana for these fantastic books.
    As everybody else I’m fascinated by your descriptions of the historic events combined with the love and family story of Claire and Janie (I love him). I’m very excited looking forward MOBY but there is another question left: Is it the last book about Claire and Jamie?
    Could you guess when MOBY will be published in Germany? Perhaps in spring 2014?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes from Germany and ab big hug for your writing!

  52. Maybe the octopus on the cover could wear a kilt and have a dirk in one tentacle and an American flag in the other. Do they even have octopusses in Scotland and is the pleural of octopus, octopusses or octopi?

    This is what I wonder about at 6 am when I should be sleeping.

  53. An octopus? Not a whale? As in a whale of a tale?
    2013 is sure a long way away!

  54. I was going to spend the run-up to the MOBY release re-reading books 1-7… And then I spent this summer re-reading 1-7! I suppose I finished a bit ahead of schedule. I couldn’t help it! They were too good. Ah, well. By my calculations, I can finish the series at least FIVE more times before book 8 is released! (Yes, I KNOW it’s six, technically, but I have to leave SOME time in there for lesson plans! Maybe if I just work them into the curriculum… ;-) )

  55. The octopus looks like Al, the mascot of the Detroit Red Wings.

  56. Fall 2013! Well, at least it will make Christmas shopping for my husband easier! He’s a big fan and has been reading and re-reading the series at least twice a year since he was 15 including all the Lord John novels. I won Christmas last year by getting him a autographed copy of the 20th Anniversay Edition of Outlander. After years of bugging me to read the books, I finally gave in around 2 years ago and have read the series a few times myself. I love them and can’t get enough of the snippets on facebook. Who am I kidding, this book will never make it Christmas. We’ll get it that day and then argue over who gets to read it first!

  57. Diana – I am slightly(mind you…only, slightly) relieved to hear that MOBY will not be published until the fall of next year. I am re-reading the Outlander series for the 2nd time and am only half way through the Fiery Cross. If the God’s are willing..I may even be able to squeeze in a Lord John novel in between. You are an amazing writer…..well worth the wait, for certain! Thank You!!

  58. Hi Diana! I have loved your books for years now, and have probably read them over twenty times!… seriously… I have found that just rereading them is not always enough, and have taken to reading them out loud to my husband. He claims to not be interested in what he has dubbed, ‘chick books’, but there have been several times he has referenced points in the book, or has, in a very manly voice, asked me if I wanted to read some more. This is always followed by, “I mean, you don’t have to, but if you wanted, that’s fine.” Ha! Gotcha! Anyways, for your adoring readers that are looking for a way to pass the time til the release, tell them to start that. Its a lovely together time, and no matter what the guys claim, they just can’t help but love the story as well!

  59. I was extremely excited to hear that MOBY was comming out in the fall….until to my horror I realized it was still 2012! AHhahahaha I just can’t wait! I’ve read the entire Lord John series as well, and have been reading select literary classics to fill my time, but nothing seems to fill that void quite like a good Outlander novel!

  60. Dearest Diana,
    What a captivating novel. I have just finished book seven and I am on tender hooks!!!! I will be reading the Lord John series until book eight and I know I will love these too. I recommend you books to all my clients and they love the stories too. I do hope that the novels will be made into a TV series.
    As an English woman living in the USA I love the usage of language, you have made the characters so real.
    My honeymoon was in the Highlands and I know just how mystical that place can be. Good luck with your future writing, as always I will be ready to read it.
    My admiration to you. Cheers!

  61. Diana – I’m on my third round of your books and other than skipping parts that I don’t have the heart to read again (like Roger getting beat up unnecessarily by Jamie and Ian), I’ll be through long before 2013. Despite that, it will be a great year…MOBY and The Hobbit in the same year! But hurry, last Saturday I found myself following a strikingly handsome tall man with a pony tail around Walmart before I realized what I was doing! He looked about 30 and I’m 57! Lordy, Lordy!

  62. I first read Outlander on a plane ride, picked up that first book at the airport years ago, and I was hooked. I gave it to my sister and she was hooked, and then we read it in bookclub and THEY were hooked. We have the whole collection and can’t wait to read MOBY. I too think Jamie and Claire need to be together!!!

  63. My sister got me started with the Outlander series last fall and I was hooked from the beginning. I have just finished the 7th in the series and cannot wait for number 8!! I absolutely LOVED each and every book. So well written and so descriptive that I could literally just lose myself in those characters and their episodes. I look forward to checking out the Lord John series as well. I am also very excited about the possibility of this series becoming a mini series on one of the cable networks…already trying to picture who would play Jamie, Claire, Ian, Lord John, etc! Please keep us up to date on that!

  64. Oh boy. Fall 2013? That’s a long wait ahead of us. I always re-read the previous books when a new one is coming. In anticipation of an early 2013 release, I started reading all the books again this summer and am on book #5 now. My husband thinks I am nuts and now I will “have to” re-read them all over again next summer in preparation for fall 2013. Oh well, more Jamie, Claire and me time, I guess. Plus they finally started translating the books into my mother tongue and it did not take me long to persuade my mother what a great series this is. She is finished with the Voyager and is anxiously awaiting the release of Drums of Autumn this fall. I just have to be careful what I tell her so that I don’t leak any info she has not had a chance to read yet. Can’t wait for #8. You sure left us hanging :)
    Thank you!

  65. NB2: I told my editor I want an octopus on the cover of this book. (There are eight main characters whose stories are told–and they’re all linked together.)

    You state that a main characters but there are nine listed

  66. Earlier this year, I searched the internet for a ranking of “must read” books hoping to find some gems I’d never read. Well, your books were ranked at the very top for this genre and I’d not had the pleasure, so I began the journey and am currently on #5. From the very first book through number 4, a different librarian at our local branch has told me how much I’d enjoy this series as I checked it out. I guess by number 5, they must have figured I’d finally caught on. Fortunately for me, by the time I catch up I shouldn’t have to wait too long for MOBY. There’s something to be said for being a newbie.

    • Haven,
      I’m a new reader of the series just like you. I also did a search on the internet for “Best Series” and the Outlander series came up. I’m on Voyager and just over Half way through. I am also hoping that by the time I catch up it won’t be long until MOBY comes out. I am trying to read them in order and include the Lord John books in the middle where Diana said they should go. And for Diana…

      Will MOBY explain why Jamie’s ghost is looking up at Claire’s window in Outlander before she takes her first trip through time? Or will that be yet to come? Wonderful stories!


      • Bonnie, I cant wait for that question to be answered! :)

        • I dont know the correct answer to this but if i had to guess, i would go along the lines of…..

          By the time he comes to her in ghost form he would have already met her and been through everything that we have read and if he kept on going on year by year (without jumping through time via the stones) then eventually he will reach the time just before her first trip through the stones, of course he would have died though because you can’t live up to 200 years old…he would remember her but she wont remember him because she was born after they met etc….however if i remember correctly she did think there was something familiar about him when she saw him in ghost form…after all she would have been in the past but just didnt know it because she had been reborn again. (started her whole life from the beginning)

          i guess in some ways it can depend on which time you are reading the story from. if you are reading it from the past then she was technically never alive back then so she has to be reborn on her birth date in the future after they have both died in the past.

          The way I see it, the story could go around and around in circles. she will go back and live in the past, they die, she is reborn in her birth year, he visits her in ghost form, she goes back to the past, they die, she is reborn in her birth year, he visits her in ghost form and so on…..

          I’m sorry, I’m not very good at explaining things but i have done my best with the way i see it. Maybe Diana could explain it better? or even tell us the correct answer?

      • bonnie, your post is old, so you may never see this, but jamie outside the window and frank seeing him stare up at claire has been my main question for a couple decades! i hope i find out before i am dead! there was a post above by a woman in her 80s, waiting for MOBY….i hope she makes it to publication! :)


  67. Absolutely the best books I’ve ever read! Story line is always interesting, characters are believable and endearing, and your writing style is stimulating to say the least. Spot on!
    I’ve read through the series a few times already and also have the audio books narrated by Davina Porter. She really brings the characters to life… the perfect accompaniment to your beautiful stories. I really hope she will be narrating the eventual audio book for MOBY! I commute an hour each way to work every day and generally travel with Jamie and Claire, et al. :->
    Thanks for the heartwarming entertainment (and historical education).

  68. “Claire Fraser deals with… the fear that one of her husbands may have murdered the other.”

    Ha ha! Can’t wait to read that part.

  69. Just finished the Scottish Prisoner. I read it in less than a week. I can’t wait until Fall 2013 for the next in the Outlander series. Just have to re read the rest in the meantime! I am so excited to hear the series will be made into a television series. Who will be cast as Jamie? Can anyone fill those shoes? Anxiously awaiting…..

  70. Oh I am so excited- not original- but true story! You left Echo on such a cliff hanger- I literally threw it across the room when I realized it was over- I just finished the Scottish Prisoner and loved getting a fix of my favorite two guys, and per your suggestion downloaded the Custom of the army- didnt even know about that one! you snuck it in on me! I just turned a friend of mine who said- I need something good to read- on to Jamie and Clair and she in the middle of dragon fly at the moment and texts me constantly wanting to know what will happen- hahaha That is why I LOVE your books- a person really gets to know the characters through all of the details. I cant wait for MOBY and think Ill journey with my friend on a re read to get ready for it. Thank you for your gift and sharing with us all

  71. I await the next instalment of Claire & co. with longing. I have just finished An Echo in the Bone and am delighted to know there is more!
    It’s taken me a couple of years to read all book, because once i get started nothing else gets done, I hardly even sleep for wanting to read. My family complain… so I have to spread them out. Right now i feel as if there’s a hole inside me and I keep peeking at your website to satisfy my hunger for more. I feel like a child who’s discovered where the Christmas presents are stored and can’t stay away but sneaks back to squeeze them guiltily. I’m unsure if I actually want to know in advance what happens in the next book. Nothing could compare to the finished work.
    I’m full of admiration for your skill in writing rollocking adventure with just the right amount of romance thrown in
    Keep at it! I shall look forward to next autumn like never before.

  72. Dear Diane,
    I absolutely LOVE your Outlander series; actually my son bought me the entire set a couple of years ago, because he knows how much I re-read them and my old books were rather tattered! Best gift ever (besides my grand daughter!)

    I simply CANNOT wait for the eighth book – please don’t let this series ever end! I even named my rabbits Jamie and Claire! In many ways, Jamie reminds me of my husband who transcended 4 yrs ago…So I am a little in love with him and Claire is an astonishing icon for womyn everywhere on the planet.

    You are such a talented writer – your descriptions make me feel like I am part of the story…Namaste and thank you for sharing your gifts with us!


  73. My wife, Audette, and I are long time fans of the Outlander series and are anxiously awaiting the next volume. I worked with the U.S. Army for forty-two years, twenty-three years in uniform, most of it overseas. Relaxation is important to us. Your stories contain the historical context, human nature, and touch of fantasy that we look for. We also find the diversity, openess, and tolerance, the reality that all humans are not, nor should they be, of the same set of values, ethics, or beliefs, to be a more accurate reflection of the complexity of “ordinary” life. I believe that God has a keen sense of humour but rarely warns of the punchline. Two authors we look to for for continuing saga’s;you and Mercedes Lackey.

  74. I’ve just finished rereading the series yet again! Eagerly awaiting the 8th in line! I’m getting quite old, but I’ll do my best to see how the new one plays out. I know that you have to write it as it comes to you and no faster, I’m just hoping for some “brain grease”!! Thank you for many enjoyable hours of great story telling! The series stays on my e reader no matter what else goes on there.

  75. Okay…….You covered most of the cliff hangers, and so far there has been one other to mention my interest. What about Jem!?!?!? I think you once referenced that his father, Roger, writes him a letter in what I think (I may be in error) was a newspaper (perhaps Fergus’s?). I also wonder will there be a story line that develops into a book on Fergus and his family. Hugh Monroe’s widow’s family has also tickled my wondering interest, as do many others as I re-read your enjoyable books. I look forward to reading your story on Michael Murray. Life stories, real and imaginary, and how they bump or interweave into others are fun and miraculous (sp) to ponder and explore in my imagination and it is always a treat to see where your imagination and insights take us through the stories and characters you so enticingly craft and share. I don’t care how long you take. I am enjoying the ride like a kid with unlimited access to the rides in an amusement park. Many sincere thanks!
    P.S. I don’t twitter or facebook, so if you covered these questions there I am sorry for re-addressing them.

  76. Dear D.G., I have read all your “Outlander” books starting in 2001. That’s whenI fell in love with Jamie and Claire. Then one day when I was rearranging my book shelf I decided to re-read the whole series again (it is now 2010). The only difference is that I re-purchased the whole series on my Kindle. Even nine years later it was just as exciting to be back with the Fraser’s as the first time. I will never tire of reading these classic books. You are a most outstanding author, and, I recommend your ‘Outlander’ series to anyone who asks me “do you know any good books to read?” Thank you, and I am so looking so forward to “Moby”.

  77. I can’t wait for the next book. I’ve read all seven of them twice. I just finished listening
    to them on cd, and I’ve gotten a whole new perspective on them. These are my all time
    favorite books.

  78. Diana,
    After reading the majority of the posts it seems everyone agrees with what I have been saying for years….you’re books are wonderful!!!! They are the best stories I have ever read or heard in my life. I hope you caught the “heard” part because that is the reason for my post. I have read a few books in my life (mainly way back in high school!) But I listen to tons of audio books as it is the only way I can keep my sanity during my long commute to and from work. You may find this hard to believe but I actually look forward to my commute whenever I listen to one of your books (Outlander or Lord John). The reason for this is two fold: you’re writing and Davina Porter (to those that haven’t had the pleasure Davina is the narrator in the Outlander series audio books). Davina Porter is amazing…It is unbeleivable how she can create a different sound for each character. You must, I beg you, have her do the next book as well. Also if you have any say what-so-ever in any filmed series please push for Davina to be Claire!!! If any of the millions who have read any of the Outlander books would like a real treat they need to listen to one of the audio books….Davina brings each character to life in a way I know everyone will enjoy and are available at The Poison Pen or I have gotten the majority from my local library! Thanks for helping with my sanity even when most will argue that point!!

  79. Did you say all 8 characters were all Inked together?

  80. Wonderful News about Ron Moore and the TV series!!! He’s brillian, your books are brilliant! I am very happy to hear it….been a reader since the mid-1990s. Looking forward to MOBY.

  81. Diana,

    It’s my birthday and my wish is for you to WRITE FASTER! ;)

  82. Diana, I have read all 7 books in record time – beginning this past June. My kids barely knew me this summer. My heart hurts for poor Jamie to find out his wife slept with Lord John!!! He drives me crazy! I can’t believe I have to wait so long for the next book, but I was spoiled by having all 7 at my disposal. Loved them all. Please have Claire and Jamie be okay….

  83. Dear Dianna,
    After reading your books since the late 1990s, I finally went to Scotland from Australia. Our tour group went to Culloden when we were in the Highlands. I mentioned your books to a few of my fellow passengers and found they had also read and enjoyed your books, They were quite envious of me when I told them I met you and had my photo taken with you at a book signing luncheon in Sydney when you were here in 2009.

    I am looking forward to the next book.


  84. Diana,
    I commute one hour each direction, daily.
    I read all the books (so far) but recently downloaded them to my iPod and am listening to them all over again on my drive to and from work. There are days that I am thrilled when there is a traffic jam so that I get more time to listen. I have even sat in the car in the driveway upon arriving at home to end a chapter! I am only sorry that the audio versions are abridged (but well done in this regard). Thank you for the hours of reading and listening to your wonderful story unfold. You have the gift of bringing Jamie and Claire (et al) to vivid life for your readers.

    • What does it mean “awaiting moderation”?

      • Dear Karen–

        It’s just something the website has built in, to prevent spam or flame wars or that sort of thing (luckily don’t get much of that anyway, I’m glad to say [g]). It just collects comments ’til I have a moment to look at them and release them into visibility.


  85. I admire the way you juggle the adventures of each character. I like being challenged as a reader and you do it in spades. Having read all of your books over a six month period a couple of years ago (I accomplished little else and gained too much weight), your continuing accomplishments as an author are a joy to observe. I’m really glad your editors allow you to write long novels.

    Author The Wolf’s Sun
    A Devil Singing Small

  86. Just finished Scottish Prisoner and found Minnie fascinating. Will we hear more about her or have a reflective look into her spying days?

    Can’t wait for MOHB!

  87. Hello Diana,
    Like your other fans I have read all your books more than once and thoroughly love the characters, reminding myself regularly that they are fictional :) You weave a seamless story that we of the long attention span just thrive on! Sometimes I print out one of the many pearls of wisdom throughout the books and put on my bulliten board at work – is so uplifting.

    I want to offer up my opinion to your readers here regarding films made from great books. The story may not be word for word, but the essence will be there. The film should be able to stand alone for there will be movie goers who have not heard of Outlander and unfortunately, if they did would not read one, let alone all 7 or 8. If I go into the movie expecting to see my vision of the book, I will be disappointed. If I go into the movie with the expectation of seeing an interpretation of the story, I will be entertained and probably very pleased. What comes to mind is the many many versions of Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes I have seen since childhood. I loved them all!

    I will also be reading the series again next year in anticipation of MOBY.

    I hope that the ‘dangerous’ Brianna obliterates the Jem napper.

    Sincerely ~

  88. Some say publish soonest, others say OK to wait..I am with the PLEASE publish as soon as humanly possible. :). In order to fill in the time I just went back through the entire series by audiobook and the cliffhangers you left at the end of Echo were just cruel :) The narrator, Davina Porter, does an absolutely fantastic job and really brought all of the characters to life.

    I am heading for the shorter novellas but as with others, I will be extremely close to the front of the line when the next book comes out. This has to be the only series that I have ever enjoyed to the point of going through it over and over again watiing for the next book to come out.

  89. Hi Diana,

    I love that your readers are SO enthusiastic…because then I don’t seem so crazy! I love your books, they are my favorites and I average reading a book every other day, of course, your’s are more of a one week read. I always read the entire series again before the new book publishes and re-read books when I am missing my friends Jamie and Claire (I adore Ian too!). I ALWAYS recommend them and give them as gifts. I’m just spreading the fun.

    I love travel and history and would LOVE to visit the Highlands one of these days. My husband is retiring in 4 weeks and we are going to winter in Florida and summer in Minnesota….or perhaps in Scotland!!

    I wish you great joy because that is what your books have given me.

    P.S. – Really, Jamie would NEVER murder Lord John!!!! But I am most interested in finding out more about William and what his character is like, especially when all the secrets are revealed!


    Marianne Cook

  90. The “stapler in her hand” reminded me of Selma from the tv series _Big Love_, whose weapon of choice was a stapler. Another intricately-plotted tale involving two different worlds. Can’t wait for the next book! Love the mixture of humor and drama.

  91. Diana,
    Thank you so much for allowing me to escape my reality for a few hours, through the loves, adventures, battles, triumphs, travels and lives of Jamie and Claire, as well as the rest of the characters of our beloved “Outlander” series.
    I’ve read them all twice and I purchased another collection for my mother, which she loved as much as I did. I actually recommend these books to anyone who will listen to me:>! During the 27 years I have been married to my husband Chris, I have never seen him read anything more substantial than a magazine. While I was reading “Voyager”, he must have had ENOUGH:) Laughing, crying, sniffling, sighing, groaning, asking why….even beginning to speak with an awful version of a Scottish brogue! Chris started asking questions about what I was reading, the next thing I knew he had picked up “Outlander” and now has read every one of the books. He was recently telling a friend about the books, trying to explain the dynamics of the relationship between Jamie and Claire, so listing Jamie’s virtues, strength, mannerisms, integrity and love for Claire, he simply said “Toni is in love with Jamie, but then again who isn’t, I think I am too”!!

  92. Hello Diana. There are not so many guys writing in with their appreciation of your work, so here I am.
    I have heard the term “Wordsmith” used in the past and I rate you as such.
    Wonderful reading, so much pleasure, will my heart stop with worry for the characters?
    Thank you. I am waiting for 2013 with happy anticipation. TV series? Oh YES!

  93. Having had a strained relationship with mother my entiter life, but always feeling disappointed by it, your Outlander series has been the perfect solution. We live 1000 miles apart. I got her a kindle, and gave her much of my own library on it. I suggested she start with Outlander… While we can talk about almost nothing personal without ugly disagreements, we can talk about your amazing novels, and your fantastically well developed characters and settings and plots and sub-plots several times a week with no emotional baggage brought up between us. It is really quite remarkable! Not only do we both absolutely adore the Jaime/Claire story, but she loves reading about history so she is so grateful that I got her a kindle and gave her these books. She bought a hard copy of Outlander to send to my sister who lives 500 miles away… I think that your books have built a bridge for a mom and her daughters… Thank you so much Diana Gabaldon…. if we can just manage to not burn it…(metaphor…the bridge!) I love your books!

  94. Hello Diana,

    please can you tell me when a new roman about Jamie Fraser and Claire will come out. The Highlandstory is so great I am a junkie of it:-) I hope you will write more books about them. God bless you and I send you a big hug from Germany.

  95. I have all the books in hard cover and have discovered the audio versions, most narrated by a wonderful woman named Davina Porter. I feel like the books are old friends, and I visit with them on a regular basis. I am so looking forward to the next in the series. Thank you for such wonderful books. They just get better and better.

  96. Ditto to all of the other comments. I’m on my first re-read of the series and certainly picking up on details and connections between the characters that move in and out of the story lines that I missed before. I’ve read the Lord John outtakes and have a new respect for the very likable character.
    As for movies or series, someone in a conversation suggested Julia Roberts to portray Claire, perhaps because of the wild hair. While she is a great actress in her own right, I say, “NOT!” It would almost have to be an unknown actress at this point. We all have our own images of each character; to successfully glue one image to each character in a movie is going to be difficult at best. With that said, I would probably re-watch any production as many times as I will re-read the series!! Most enjoyable–I have never been attached to characters as I have with the Outlander series. Many thanks!

  97. Dear Diana,
    just finished An Echo in the Bone, please please hurry with the next book as u have left us with a real cliffhanger and l cant wait to get my hands on the next one.. got all the books now , Thankyou for being such a good writer. Please write faster,,,, Thankyou for so much enjoyment.

  98. hi, you are my favourite auther, and my daughters, we love all of the series, so much that i just keep reading in a continueous loop. sorry about the spelling. i love reading your daily lines and look forward to them; and i like how much like Jenny and Claire little Mandy is; and i loved reading about Ellen and Brian. you are such a gifted story teller, thank you so much for the gift of Jamie and Claire. :)

  99. Wow… this sounds like a real page turner! I’m looking forward to the twists and turns with an excited realization that perhaps to tie this all up there is another book in the workings beyond this… I love the idea of a series but there is no way in the world that a single movie could ever capture all that is contained in the books… and the book is always better. Love it, looking forward to MOBY and more. Thank you Ms. Diana!

  100. In 1997, my sister from Columbus Ohio sent me a copy of Outlander signed by you.(“happy housewarming sissy”) I was HOOKED, and read each big bookas they were published . This summer, I stared re-reading the series, and panicked when I discovered that Voyager is missing from my collection. Although I ordered it, I impatiently had to skip ahead. I just finished Snow and Ashes last 20 pages this morning (late for work too). What a FABULOUS story. I shunned most summer socials with my nose in a book, . I find myself saying, ‘ye ken?” in my head all day!

    Cannot wait for a new book . I do have trepidation about a movie though. I am afraid the actors will really mess up my image of Claire and Jamie!

    Ms Gabaldon, you are a genius!

  101. Just re-read An Echo in the Bone because I heard you were publishing a new sequel soon, please sooner than the fall of 2013! I love Ian and I love Rebecca and I hope that you don’t have Ian die, he’s such a great character and so is Rebecca. They add so much to the story and while clearly so different, they are also very similarly plain spoken and compelling as well. Great chemistry! Hope they have a starring role. Right now, I find them more riveting than Brianna and Roger. Please let Ian be happy and in love for a good long time. Slowly he has to come back to the world he left when he became a Mohawk. He has to find happiness that lasts. I like him much better than William who is really kind of an entitled twit.

    I know you find Lord John really interesting and in some ways I do as well, but not compared to the relationship between Jamie and Claire. While a lasting marriage between Claire and Lord John has interesting possibilities the series cannot exist really without Jamie. They have to remain friends and surely Jamie will understand why Lord John married her. What I love about your writing, besides the history, is how intimately you feel you come to know the characters. I love learning their reactions to events, people, how they view their various roles in life and how personally you come to admire and love them. I also truly love the way Jamie and Claire have matured and changed and how their love is still deep and profound but also reflects their stage in life.

    I can’t wait to see how Jenny reacts to the new world. I also love the way you show Roger’s struggles with what it means to be a man both in the 1700′s and present day Scotland. He has really begun to take charge of his life despite the enormous challenges he faces. Was there ever any doubt he would make that trip back through the stones to save his son?

    Finally, as always, you write such intelligent, loving, physically and sexually strong women whom are so different from each other that I want to know them and wish they were my friends. But I suppose they are, re-reading your best loved books will do that for you.

    Please hurry!

  102. Diana – you are a huge timewaster :) each time a new book comes out I have to re-read them all to get my head back inside your world again, so I can tie things up.

    I cannot even fathom how you are able to keep all your threads in mind when they drift apart then you cleverly gather them all up and bring them safely together. I am in awe!

    Always in my mind is the image of Frank’s brush with a spirit, and it will break my heart when I see your vision in print as I suppose it will be either at or very near the end of the epic story.

    I remember one of your blogs many years ago when you said you had attended a Latin Mass in Christchurch NZ (much to your amazement), you may be sad to know that the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Christchurch was irreparably damaged in the awful Christchurch earthquakes in 2011 & 12, and will be demolished. The power of earthquakes has been bought very close to home for us here in Canterbury, once you have felt them, you are always in fear, thankfully they have faded away for the moment (touch wood).

    Happy and productive writing, and roll on 2013.

  103. I am so impatient for this new book. I have just read book 7. Can I ask what is the delay in the book since there is clearly so much written and the plot spelled out already? It’s a testement to how good the books are, I miss the characters already!

  104. Hi Diana

    Just so’s you know, I only started keeping up a regular dusting regime with my bookcases since I got your 7 Outlander books!! Before that, I couldn’t have cared less if all my books were stoury!!

  105. I’d just like to say these books are amazing and when I’m not reading them I actually miss the characters. I can’t wait for the next one to be released. When will there be anotherbook signing in Arizona?

  106. Diana~
    Thank you for these wonderful books! I have read them all( even LJG) several times and have them also down loaded on my iPad and listen to them. Davina Porter has done for them what Jim Dale did for Harry Potter. I am a Children’s Librarian and tell most parents your books are my grown up HP.
    I am listening to them again as I have many summer chores and I just don’t seem to mind when Jamie and Claire are keeping me company. Keep up the good work, I never want them to end.
    Trying to wait patiently,
    Jodi Morrison Muller
    P.S. I was so surprised at Culloden how well you described everything and to see all the flowers.

  107. I hope that the books don’t turn into a movie or mini series or any other form. I like them in their place. where we met them. There is no way you can take those characters out and be that perfect story I am in love with. I would not watch it. I would not even want to know anything about it. You cannot make them leave the pages. Please.

  108. My finding of your books coincided with my purchase of a kindle… Thank goodness because I do most of my reading when I travel and lugging around 800 page novels is tough! I usually read quickly and move on to the next interesting read. However for the past 2 years your novels have had me hooked and I have maybe read one other book in between. Now that I have finished Echo in the Bone and there is not another to follow for a year I’m just not sure what to do! Thank you for writing such beautiful, engaging and entertaining historical fiction. Thank you for taking the time to dive into the details and get it right. I was in Philadelphia recently and could imagine much of what I had read as I toured the city. The best to you and I look forward to.the next installment. I will have to find a way to fill
    my kindle until then!

  109. I have all the books (to date) but got distracted and haven’t read the last couple as it was getting hard to remember all the plot lines and so I decided to wait till there was enough for me to start again from the beginning (as I’ve done for the Wheel of Time books – last one coming soon).

    Looking forward to next installment – and wondering if there is one or two books left.

  110. When the book is finished, I sure hope you come through Houston on a book tour. I’ve gotten a book signed by another of my favorite authors (Dana Stabenow) and would love to get another signed by you!

    • Dear Janet–

      I’m afraid the publisher has never sent me to Houston on a book tour. If you want a signed copy (of any of my books), it’s easy, though–just order one from The Poisoned Pen bookshop (www.poisonedpen.com), and tell them how you’d like it signed; they ship anywhere in the world.


  111. I just wanted to join in the praise for your fantastic writing, i have to confess i never would have picked up these books after reading the descriptions despite living just a few miles from culloden and knowing a lot of the places mentioned. My friend recommended them so i gave them a go and fell in love with claire and jamie, luckily for me i didnt have to wait for the next books and read all 7 in a row! Cant wait for MOBY i really want to know where their story will end. You really are a fantastic story teller, you most definately have the “gift of the gab”! How about a book signing in inverness when the new book comes out? Please please? ;)

  112. I was given Cross Stitch in 2001 when in New Zealand on holiday,by a Scot who lived there. I had run out of books by the second week! I couldn’t put it down…and when I got home to Scotland, tried to find more from the author. No luck anywhere, until in a bookshop about two years later, there was another on the shelf! I’ve read and re-read the lot and just miss my Jaime and Claire fix, when I stop.
    Scotland is a beautiful country to live in and I live very close to where one of the battles took place. On my way to the supermarket I try and work out just where Claire and Jamie were exactly during the action! It feels so real and makes me appreciate my country and it’s history that created the characters like Jamie Fraser who went all over the world. He’s so noble, human, fun, primeval and just so damn sexy that every woman yearns for such a true “man”. You’ve got a lot to answer for Diana Gabaldon creating him…….21st Century man has a lot to live up to! But please keep writing, he brings a lot of joy to a lot of women. Thanks.

  113. I just finished book 7, all on audio, and bravo Diana for an outstanding narrator! Your books came alive to me like no other book or books ever have! Long time King fan and you know stand up on your own to me! Great history, romance, drama, suspense, melancholy, beautiful writing…etc! Your talent does not go unnoticed. Thank you for sharing such wonderful stories! Now I’m headed out for all 7 in hardback!

  114. Diana, I am thrilled with the Outlander series! I recommend it to everyone I can. I am now reading the Scottish Prisoner, as I can not get enough of Jamie and Lord John! And i will continue to real ALL companion pieces until the Fall of 2013. However i will NOT read any excerpts that are posted because it will spoil the surprise..LOL… CAN’T WAIT…and please keep up the good work.

  115. Three quick notes:
    1. Your books have inspired a romantic streak in my husband – I get a Christmas present every year labelled “To Claire, From Jamie”
    2. Our office manager gave me a raise after I gave her a copy of your first novel!
    3. I’m hoping I’ll be on vacation when MOBY comes out – otherwise I’ll get nothing done at work.

    Thank you for bringing these wonderful people into my life!


  116. i have the books over and over. i also have the books in audio book , all seven books. i also listen to them over and over. i glad to hear that there may be tv series on cable. believe you me, that i will be waiting for to come out.

  117. Dear Diana,
    My copy of Drums of Autumn has a gremlin in it. The page numbering is a bit crazy. The book reads well until p. 564 then jumps p. 613. Then at p. 660 jumps back to p.613 and then follows on correctly till the end.
    Its obviously a printing error and have never really cared but I was wondering have I missed any vital information in the 49 pages that I have completely missed?
    Kind regards,

  118. By the way! I absolutely love the series. Can’t get enough and I also re-read the series over and over again.

  119. I would really like to read ” The Scottish Prisoner “. Is it your opinion Diana, that I should be able to read this book having not read the “Lord John” series without being lost? Is it a stand-alone novel not requiring the back
    story from the LJ series? BTW, I have all the ” Outlander” books and am very familiar with all the characters.

    Regards, Robin

    • Dear Robin,
      Sorry, I’m not Diana, but I’m a huge fan of her work, probably as you :-)
      This is my humble recomandation :
      You do not have to read all the Lord John serie to enjoy “The Scottish prisoner (and you’ll enjoy it, believe me !), but it would be a shame not to start with “Lord John and the Brotherhood of the blade” because there are several references to this book in “The Scottish”. Many things happen in the life of Jamie and John in “Brotherhood” with influence in “Scottish”, to my opinion, the lecture is more comfortable in that order.

      Anyway, reading “The Scottish prisoner” will make you want to read the others, so as to start immediately!

      I wish you a good lecture :-)

  120. I stumbled across your Outlander series quite by accident. I was in a Costco and saw Echo in the Bone on sale and thought it would be cool to read something about Scotland, as I have Scots ancestry,(along with German, Irish and English). When I finally started reading it, I felt I had come in in the middle of a movie and had missed the important who, where’s, when’s and why’s, and stopped reading about 50 or so pages in. It took a while before I got to a proper book store and found the beginning of the series and bought all of them, (seeing as I had bought the last one published to start) hoping they would be good, they were more than good, I found them to be excellant and am now hooked! I read them all in about 3 weeks time, and I am not normally a fast reader, but gobbled them up I did! (For me that is very fast)

    I now await the next installment, like most posting here, most eagerly. While I was in the book store I had seen the Lord John books, and now knowing they are a sort of parallel to Outlander, I will get them next time I can. I thought I had found a discrepancy reguarding Clair’s necklace, but will have to re-read the books to see if I can find it again, I was too hungry to keep reading to stop and go back and see if I could find it again. And re-read I will, as I enjoyed them all the first time around (not just to find a small error, to be sure!).

    Is there anything that can describe how some of the gaelic in your books might be pronounced? As I read the gaelic accent I hear in my head the voices from the movie “Braveheart” and see the beautiful landscape of Scotland from that movie in your books. I also see in my head some scenes from the movie “The Patriot”, even though it is set in a different state and different battles. It helps with my ‘seeing’ what you have written so well.

    Thank you,


  121. For those of you like me, who have read and re-read all of the books and are on the edge of your seats waiting for MOBY, can I suggest the audio books? They really do tell the story in such a different way, it’s almost like reading the books for the first time. When you read them yourself you have the images of how you think everyone looks and sounds, but when you hear Davina Porter read the books, it just puts the imagery in a whole new perspective. I’ve listened to the audio books quite a few times now and even though I feel like I can recite the books from memory, I still notice things I hadn’t noticed before. Plus, it’s nice to be able to close your eyes and imagine it all taking place. :-) Davina does a wonderful job.

    Hope that helps! Happy Reading!

  122. Diana: Hurry Up!!!! on on the last book of the series “Outlander” and need to continue. I have started the Lord John Grey series and love it as well so in between will “read-on” and enjoy a fantastic character met during all of the Claire and Jaime series but………there affair/love/marriage is integral to my interest and I believe the interest of other readers. If you are to marry her off to another, there has to be a reunion and reconciliation. Those two are an example of a great relationship with much affection, respect, sex and loyalty that is over-the-top but can happen. Our culture needs this kind of love so….please make sure that the convolutions and labyrinth of life for them leads them back to each other and a positive (perhaps unrealistic) ending that we all need to read.

    Thank you for the great novels and all the nights I’ve passed in total bliss while reading about the adventures of Claire and Jaime.

  123. Diana;

    Thank you for all the wonderful hours of reading! Your books are perfect and fun and interesting and I have read them 5 times so far. I tell everyone who asks about my favorites that you are by far the most interesting
    person, and splendid author I have read. I also enjoy your answers to your many fans, especially the very
    honest and pointed ones.

    I am coming up on my 76th birthday, and really hope I stick around to find out what happens next to all the wonderful cast of the books!

    I wish you a long and happy life.

    Thanks again.

  124. Please please please let this next book tell what has happened to Jem. Last book said he was kidnapped and I have been on pins and needles since this ending. My daughter got me hooked on your books and my kindle has its own Diana Gabaldon collection. You are the only author that has her own designated collection. Please, I need to know what has happened to Jem.

    Love all the books.

  125. I am SO THANKFUL that I didn’t find out about the Outlander series until about a year ago. After the first book, I could not read the others quickly enough. If I’d had to wait 3 – 5 years for each new addition, I would have DIED. I’m having a very hard time waiting for MOBY. I think I’m going to have to reread the series. I can hardly express how much I love this series. Jamie Fraser has become real. I want to go to Scotland!
    PUH-LEASE don’t end this series with Jamie or Claire dying. I won’t be able to take it. However, since I’m already 70 years old, I could well die before you decide to end it. hahahahahaha
    One other thing: I don’t know if the producers of the movie series have decided on Claire yet, but, whoever they pick, she HAS to have a Lot of Curly Hair. Her hair was a big thing all through the books.
    I guess I’ll have to read the Lord John books to try and fill in the gaps while I wait. :)

  126. Hi Diane

    Greetings from South Africa, I fell in love with your Outlander series from the first paragraph. I wait anxiously for the new chapter in this epic tail of true love. I just adore Jamie and in fact named my 2nd son after him.

    You are so gifted to be able to conjure up these characters and I must tell you that I fully immersed myself in all of the adventures and hardships that Claire and Jamie have experienced.

    With gratitude for many happy hours spent reading your script, I thank you.

  127. Hello Diana,

    I too am a tremendous fan of your books, and anxiously await the next. Honestly, I must say that I am not overly excited about a mini-series or even a movie for that matter to cover the amazing story lines of The Outlander series. I much prefer the images of all the characters that I have in my own imagination based on your amazing description of each character and what they look and act like. I will just hope that if this comes to pass, the casting better be spot on, or it will ruin the whole thing for me (as I will watch at least the first part of the mini-series).

    I only say this as from past experience with another of my favorite authors (John Sanford), who provides a very distinct description of the main character in each of his books (Lucas Davenport, who is white with two distinctive scars on his face and throat), and when the first book was made into a TV movie, they cast a black actor as Lucas Davenport. I don’t believe another movie was made from this series…..

    So, I will hope and pray that the casting is done properly – with YOUR input. :)

    Thank you for the wonderful stories that you weave – I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  128. I’ll save time by saying I agree with the crazed fan mail. Me, too, me too!

    As we await no. 8, I amuse myself by imagining what will be the plot, knowing all the while that I will be wrong.

    Since you seem to be able to write more than one book at a time I would love to see the eventual collection of short stories and novellas, perhaps a series of such collections as your list grows.

    I love the Lord John series which have an interesting virtue/fault characteristic: I can read them in a day! I am always impatient to see what happens and am sorry when it is over. Oh, well, all the more reason to use the time to read them and the main Outlander 7 many times, which I have done.

    Do you have a story board? If so, how many walls have you filled?

  129. I had the pleasure of visiting Scotland this June. Our tour stopped at Culloden. Walked the field and thought of your wonderful books. I noticed the Fraser stone had fresh flowers beside it. I wondered if an Outlander fan had put them there. We drove through Inverness and was so disappointed that I couldn’t get off the bus!

    I must tell you that I was telling all the people on the bus about your books. Another couple on the bus kept nodding their heads with vigor. They loved your books, too! I think I got you a few new readers.

    The weather in Scotland was fabulous! Not a cloud in the sky and even rather warm.

    • Dear Kathy–

      Was at Culloden a couple of days ago. There are always fresh flowers at the Fraser stone when I’ve been there–this time, there were two red roses wrapped in cellophane out on the field at the marker where Clan Fraser stood in the lines, as well.


  130. Diana,

    I’ve had two kids since you published Echo In the Bone!

    They’re twins so I’m being a little dramatic, but I’m ready for the next one. I mean the next novel, not another baby! I was hoping to get it for my birthday in September. Now I won’t even get it for Christmas! You’re killing me!

    I can’t wait! I love the series!

    I have learned my lesson, I will savor it and read it slowly. Unlike Echo in the Bone, which I devoured. I think I’ll reread Echo in the Bone to make myself feel better. There is only one novel that I’ve read that I actually read twice…so that is saying a lot about how desperate I am for the next book. I also don’t have a lot of time on my hands. Did I mention I’ve had twins since your last novel? I think I failed to mention I already had an infant when Echo in the Bone was published.

    One of your many faithful and impatient readers,


  131. Dear Diana,
    First and foremost, I must say that your Outlander series is by far and away, the finest series I have ever been drawn into. I say drawn into because once your imagery grabbed me, I have since been stuck in time and have been dragged (happily) along wherever you have brought me. While reading was good, Having the Audible release with me on walks and while driving, has been amazing. Davina Porter has done a brilliant job bringing the feel and emotion of your characters and their world to life. I trust that the release of MOBY will be at the same time as the print version, and that Ms. Porter will once again be our guide.
    Once again, thank you for a brilliant series and a great refuge from our day to day world!

  132. I’m never going to make it until 2013… Argg

    I think the producers from the Tudors would have done a good job with the series.

  133. OMG!!!! I just re-read the catalog copy….Claire has to fear that one of her husbands murdered the other???? Holy C#$P. I mean I can’t imagine that either John or Jamie would go that far, but, well, if pushed too far….This is gonna drive me nuts so I will have to begin my re-read/listen if I only have about a year to catch up before I find out!!

    • There are a few people who are telling ending story lines…give those who haven’t read that far time to catch up and don’t spoil things!

  134. Dear Diana, thank you for your brilliant writing and imagination!! I am an avid re-reader of the Outlander series. It is by far my favourite books. I would love to see Jamie and Claire go back to Claire’s time, so finally they would be at peace and together with Briana and their grandchildren…Any possiblity this could happen? Thank you!

  135. yes!! I think I´m speaking for all of Sweden citizens when I ask if the new book will be translated???? love love love your series:) And loads of my dear ones to!

  136. Just reread Voyager (again!) since so many of the non-Outlander novels and short pieces happen during that time period. And of course that led to re-reading Drums…

    I love the scene where Brianna goes to Lallybroch after she first goes through the stones, how she feels to be greeted and embraced by her extended family. It occurs to me that she and Roger could be trying to find Jenny and Ian’s descendents in the current day storyline. With so many children in the family, some must still be around. Any chance of that in MOBY?

  137. Love your books and always waiting for anything you write. Where can we get Trail of Fire? Is on e-books too?
    I will like to get it as soon is out.
    Your books are always something special, reading them over you always find new insights and new learnings.
    A magical pleasure! Thanks!

    • Amazon is taking pre-orders of this book. The Kindle edition will be released on November 8. I just pre-ordered mine!!

      • Dear Alicia–

        Really? [puzzled look] I know Amazon is famous for jumping the gun, but jeez… Look. I’m still _writing_ the book. It isn’t coming out until fall of 2013, believe me.


        • Oh, I was answering Dalma’s question about where to get Trial of Fire. I apologize if I caused some confusion… : )

  138. I don’t know how I missed the Outlander series for so long, but I found them back in June while surfing through audiobooks at Audible. Love, love, LOVE this series. I just finished Echo In the Bone and am crushed that after spending my whole summer following the adventures of Jamie and Claire I will now have to wait a WHOLE year to find out what happens!!!

    In addition to the audiobooks I also bought the hardcover print editions (I like the feel of a real book) and switched back and forth, listening in the car and on the job, reading at home. For you fans who have not tried the audiobooks I recommend them highly. Davina Porter is the narrator and she does a beautiful job with all the various accents, particularly speaking the Gaelic. Such a beautiful language.

    I can be counted on to be a fan for life and cannot wait for My Own Heart’s Blood…but could you write a little faster, lease? =D

    • I agree completely. Its like going through a period of mourning waiting for the new book. I also love Davina Porters voices. (When I started listening to the Lord John Series narrator I couldn’t believe it wasn’t Davina reading and I can’t quite get used to it) I read the first 2 Outlander books then discovered the audio version and listened on the way to work and home, while cooking tea and any spare minute I had. I didn’t have to wait in between as I could just pick up the next book but After Echo in the Bone its killing me to have to read something else until we find out what happened to all our Outlander friends. I also found it interesting the choices of actors on Utube picked for each character agreeing with some but the picture in my head didn’t quite match others.
      Sorry Diana I agree you have to write quicker to put us out of our misery

      • I often read fan who like Davina Porters’s voice, but I must say that I didn’t. I really didn’t, I know an actor can’t satisfied every ones, but I listen a lot of audiobooks and what I don’t like with Porters’s work is that she is limited in her voices. She can’t make a lot of it “if you listen a book played by Anna Bentinck for exemple you’ll see the difference. It’s not her fault, it’s a question of range. Women have almost the same voice and the men’s voices are huggly. Is there really someone who find Willie’s voice attractive in Echo ?
        So I was so pleased when I listened the Lord John serie without her.
        It must be said !!!! thanks for reading my point of view ;-)

        kiss to all the fan on the blog, I read your posts every day :-)

        • I only read by talking book and I am the opposite – I had to stop reading The Lord John series because it didn’t sound right without davina porter. I think she does the accents wonderfully and she has sufficient range to make all the main characters voices unique – I wish The Lord John series could be done by her so that I could enjoyably access them

          • Dear Nomes–

            I don’t know who the Talking Book (Library of Congress, you mean, I assume?) reader for the Lord John series is, but I assure you, Jeff Woodman (who does the Recorded Book audio versions of the Lord John novels) _is_ Lord John (i.e., he sounds exactly like his lordship actually sounds in my head. Davina, fabulous as she is, really doesn’t sound like Jamie or Claire do–to me, but that’s irrelevant).


  139. Dear Diana,

    My name is Helena and I’m portuguese.

    Your books inspired me!!! Unfortunately, in Portugal, I can only read the 2 first books of the Outlander series =( I don’t know why they’re not available in my country but I hope it changes becauses of the tv series!!!!

    I just wanna say thank you for such a pleasure in all pages. And please, from the deep of me, i beg you to let Jamie and Claire together until they both die… I also love the man of my live with all my heart and I can’t stand the idea of loosing him somehow… I think you also love someone that way so you understand completely that fear.

    Once again,OBRIGADO (thank you)

    Helena Machado

    P.S. I’m sorry about my terrible english!!!!

  140. Dear Diana:

    I’ve never written a fan letter before so here goes: I’m a BIG fan.

    Your Catholic sister,


  141. Hi Diana We will miss you at AJC Decatur Book Festival this year. It’s this weekend but I guess I’d
    rather you be at home writing than speaking to us. Although, it IS very entertaining to watch the men in the audience squirm in their seats when you read excerpts!! Also, I think of you every time I go the
    restroom and someone has left the seat wet! Can’t wait for MOBY Keep up the good work. Henrietta

  142. Stop everything…no more blogs or daily releases…no more appearances…get the next book going faster…it is torture to have to wait until 2013 (now maybe not til fall…OMG)

    • As with every other comment I too cannot wait for MOBY. My friend and I are avid fans but get a little worried we might never get to know the final end to the story……..do any other `mature` readers feel the same?!?! There are so many questions left to answer we may need to live to be a hundred to read the last instalment.
      My husband and I love to visit Scotland but he wasn`t very happy when I dragged him to Culloden to find the FRASER family stone, but it was well worth trudging around in the rain because I Found It and took a photo to prove it!!
      Roll on 2013………

      • Oh wow, I didnt know where it was..Scotland is going to be on my bucket list with the Fraser Family Stone in my sight! thanks

      • Yes! But I didn’t have the guts to mention it first. Thank you, Jean, for doing it. I’ll be nearly 63 when MOBY comes out. I have a Nook, but the Outlander books are trade paper, except Echo, for which I took the day off from work to begin reading it in hard copy (got halfway thru the first day – sleep? fogedaboudit!). But, yep, I do hope I’m around for the end (I hate that word). Otherwise, there needs to be something after this life, and something with a bookstore!

        Happy reading!

      • Jean
        Yes !!!, I agree whole heatedly. Do we know for sure if MOHB is the final book for Claire and Jamie.


        • Dear Lucille–

          No, there will be (I think) nine books altogether–not counting the second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, a prequel about Jamie’s parents, and perhaps another graphic novel or two, time and (publisher’s) desire permitting.


  143. I started reading your Outlander books again and Dragonfly in Amber was supposed to be the next. What happened to the book about Jamie and Claire living in France? I read it and Jamie was helping a Fraser in his wine business.

    • Dear Jeanne–

      DRAGONFLY IN AMBER is the second book in the series. They _are_ living in France during the first half of the book; did you not notice?


  144. Diana,
    i have got to say, your Outlander series is awesome. I went for a long time not knowing there was additional books after the 4th one. When i found out, I made a made dash to the bookstore. I am a fan from the first book and I am looking forward to the 8th in the series. You go girl. And, to know they will be making a mini series, wow!!!

    Thanks for your time,


  145. Oh, I see now. That doesn’t start until Part Two. Thank you.

  146. Several of my friends have tried to get me to read these books for years. Finally, at the end of June, one of them handed me a copy of Outlander and said to just read it – I wouldn’t regret it. She was right. I have been reading the series since June 28. I bought a Kindle midway through Dragonfly in Amber because my biceps were getting unusually large and I had a nasty knot on my forehead from dropping the hardbound library copy on it. This series has surpassed any standalone or series I have ever read. I cannot wait for MOBY to come out! Thanks for being awesome!

  147. Diana,

    I and many of my family and friends have loved your books!!! In my opinion, over the years, the Outlander Series has been my all time favorite. I love history and I love Romance. These books you have created have made me laugh, cry, and feel so emotion. Nothing but the best, but from the description of MOBY I am getting scared!!! Jamie and Claire cannot end without each other and they can’t do the I married someone else again!!! PLease………… They belong together…like the sand and the sea. Thank you for creating such a wonder epic series and know so many just loved it. One day I will find out where your going to be for a book signing etc. however, I am in LA area so you travel so many places I hope one day to meet you and get an autographed copy of your book. Til then keep on writng and I so hope the books really become a movie series. Loved the fantasy characters… they were really accurate with the vision my friends and I see of the characters. God Bless Jamie

  148. Who are the eight characters? For sure Claire, Jamie, Brianna, Roger, Ian, William, but the other two?

    John, the Hunters, Jenny, Jem …

  149. Fall? Didn’t you write somewhere MOBY would be ready in spring 2013? *sigh*

    Not being on Facebook and Twitter obviously is a disadvantage in some ways … I would love to read the “snippets” you post there.

    Thank you for your wonderful work.

  150. Is MOBY the sequel to the 7th book in your Outlander Series?

    • Dear Bette–

      Yes. It’s titled WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, though, which is kind of long for convenient reference, so I call it MOBY for short. My Own Heart’s Blood = MOHB = MOH-B = MOBY. Geddit? [g]


  151. I read ALL THE TIME. Many times, more than one book a day. For many, many years my favorite books were Herman Wouk’s The WInds of War, War and Remembrance, and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Others came and went, but I remained, as the song says “true to you, Darlin’, in my fashion”.

    Then a bomb was dropped on my paper-strewn world, a tall, red-headed, tartan bomb. Outlander and it’s successors are my absolute, hands-down, I swear on my father’s grave favorite now. Herman Wouk and Harper Lee are still wonderful, but oh, my.

    Diana, you had me from Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ.

    Type as fast as you can, and keep the Highlanders coming….why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be typing?

  152. Dear Diana, I have read all of your Outlander series multiple times, including An Echo In the Bone. I just read the short story “a Leaf on the wind…” in the anthology. At the end, you tell the reader to read An Echo in the Bone if they want to find out more about the two men who rescue Jerry in the past. The only reference I could find is when Claire tells Roger that his dad didn’t die over the English Channel and hints that he disappeared through the stones also. I figure that the dark haired one with green eyes is Roger, but who is the other man and what other reference in An Echo in the Bone talks about this event? Thanks, Barb

  153. I hope the Mayan calendar is wrong and the world doesn’t end this year and we all miss MOBY. I am with others who find it distressing when Jamie and Claire are apart. I absolutely abhor it and hope they are together again earlier in MOBY than later. The books are keeping me company as I recover from what can only be described as a living hell of a first half of 2012. I lost my dad and then almost died twice myself after complications from brain surgery. Let me tell you. Spinal meningitis is not fun the first time around more or less the second time through. How would Claire deal with a case of meningitis in Revolutionary War America? When I had it in 1978, the mortality rate was 95%. I did die from it but they brought me back and I survived. This second time around, I at least knew that I had it and was able to get into the hospital much sooner.

    I am reading Drums of Autumn for what must be the 12th time and enjoying it just as much as I did the first. I am to the part where Claire has lost the baby and it made me cry again and again and again. That is some powerful writing when I know it is going to happen and it still makes me cry as I read it. I had to put it down for a day so I could get myself together again.

    Keep writing and I will keep reading. And I will hope that the Mayans were wrong.


  154. Can everyone please stop blogging so someone can get a book done?

  155. Hi there,

    I heartily agree with all of the comments that fans of this series have left in this blog. I have just finished Echo and will begin reading/listening to the Lord John series…While Jamie and Claire are the power couple in the series, I must admit that Lord John is close to being my favorite character because of his integrity and his everlasting loyalty to Jamie and Claire. He provides a constant positive influence in their lives, despite the fact that the depth of his feelings can never be reciprocated in a manner that will completely satisfy him. I just love what he brings to the series.

    I listened to all of the books in the series and I’d just like to know if the fabulous Davina Porter is going to be narrating the final book. This question may have already been answered in this blog but, as it seems to be growing in size every day, I may have missed the answer.

    I cannot thank you enough for the gift(s) that you have given to the literary world Ms Gabaldon. I have spent many a night listening to these books in wonder, amazed by the depth of knowledge and sheer talent that you have in your possession. What a gift, indeed.

    Thanks again,


  156. Diana,

    It is uncertain if I will be able to survive the wait until Fall 2013 for MOBY! I have been panting to the finish of book 7 and now finished, feel like a ship without a captain, adrift. I will read the Lord John series next as you have advised others to do.

    My Outlander journey began earlier this summer when I had a hip replacement and one of my dear friends and room moms (I teach 5th grade in Marietta, GA) gave me a copy of Outlander to read during my recovery. She had read them all several times and assured me that I would enjoy them. At first, I was daunted by the sheer size and length of the novel, wondering if I could ever finish one, let alone seven!

    However, I soon discovered that instead of counting how many pages I had left to read hoping for the end, I found myself counting how many pages I had left to read with great sadness. It was also unfortunate for my family and friends since, once started, I could do little else but read about the lives of Claire and Jaime.

    I am also grateful for the depth of research you put into your novels. I teach American History to 10 year olds and have enjoyed finding the subtle references and nuances that are woven into your stories. It has added another dimension to the enjoyment level.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with so many of us. I look forward to MOBY and your other novellas.

  157. I am a great….? granddaughter of Esra Stiles 7th president of Yale University 1777 and I love history. Esra wrote Warshington and offered him an Honorary Degree. I love your books and I am married to a Scothsman. My family came from Kent in England. One of them was Knighted by Henery the 8th. Eight family members came to Americaon on a ship called the Christian in 1635. So you can see why history of England and America are so very interesting to me, since my family has lived through it all.
    Your books are so interesting and well writen. I can heardly wait for your next book…!!!

  158. Did I miss the date of the release of Written in my own hearts blood.
    I am 70 plus and keep hoping I will living long enough to read the last book of the outlander seris.

    • Dear Mary–

      Fall of 2013. Take your vitamins!


    • Mary,

      I know just what you mean! I’m 81 years and wrote Diana at least a year ago that I would really appreciate if she would hurry on the next book. My gosh, we’ve had a kid in a tunnel
      and then he goes through the stones, Claire has gone to bed with Lord John (totally unexpected),
      Jamie——–well, just how ‘broad minded’ is he going to be! I feel like a kid whose favorite blanket is in the dryer and it’s naptime!

      Well, good luck, and remember those vitamins! ev

  159. I discovered the Outlander Series a little over a month ago. I am an avid reader and series are my favorites. I fell in love with Outlander immediately and have compulsively read all seven books since. I tried to pace myself but found myself so immensed and interested that I could not. So many nights after the kids were in bed I would read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open – and then wake early and head to work! Now I excitedly await the eighth. You are a very intelligent, diligent and creative woman to weave such a wonderful story with such historical accuracy. As Claire has found her passion is to heal, so yours is to write, and how wonderfully lucky for those of us whose passion is to read!

  160. Hi Diana,

    I have to tell you, the books that I have read, do not compare the the Outlanders Series, I am now on book 4, Drums of Autumn, I can not wait to buy the last three, The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and the Echo in the Bone. Just reading about Jamie and Clair, makes me want more. I heard you have another one coming out in 2013, hope it still is about them!

    And what’s this about a Mini Series, I will be watching, could not take me away from the TV!!

    Keep up the wonderful writing you do, can’t wait for more to come!!

    Kind Regards,

  161. Diana~

    What are these cards(land?) that were referenced that show a map, of sorts, following the characters travels in the books published in Germany(I think)?! I love this idea! Can we have that in our books, here in the states? Please?!

    Also, you mentioned attending a traditional latin mass. Can I ask how you liked it? Our family attends the traditional mass when possible-it’s how I was raised and at 42 find the norvus order mass not as…peaceful, I guess.
    Thank you for your invaluable books and time,
    Carolyn Lopez

    • Dear Carolyn–

      There aren’t any map cards that I know of, though I’m sure that would be a wonderful idea. [g] I do plan to include maps in the second volume of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION (the first volume was issue in Germany as DER MAGISCHE STEINKREIS, which I think is a silly title, but the German publisher always changes my titles and I seldom like them).


  162. Dear Diana, I absolutely love the OUTLANDER series! It has two of my favorite ingredients for a book, Scotland and Time travel. I would love to travel to Scotland and England but because I’m disabled and on a limited income, that’s impossible. But your books make it seem like I’m really there. Thank you for that. I especially love how you jump back and forth between the present and the past. I guess I’m going to have to be like everyone else, and reread the series for the umpteenth time-a real chore(not!) Can’t wait for MOBY to come out, and will definitly get TRAIL OF FIRE to tide me over untill the fall of 2013. I know it will be worth the wait! Kindest Regards, Pat Harris

  163. My husband and sons have grown used to your books lying around various rooms in the house. I currently have 4 on the go. Whatever room I am in, I pick up that book and read til I have a reason to leave that room. They think I am crazy. Can’t say for sure just how many times I have read the whole series. Love love love them all and am anxiously awaiting MOBY. We are moving to a house with more rooms and I need one of your books for each of them :) Counting the days…

  164. There is nothing I can say that has not already been said about my best friends Jamie, Claire, Bree and Roger Mac. Thank you is what my heart says. Not to sound pitiful but I have lived a somewhat friendless existance in the past twenty years. Not that I haven’t any friends but they are not close enough to spend time with so thanks to you I have my new best friends to visit with whenever I feel lonely. My daughter in law brought me “Outlander” three years ago for a summer read when she brought my grandchildren for a weeks visit. She had borrowed it from her local library (which is another state) and since she had read it already she left it for me. Being a reader she knew I would finish it by the time she picked the kids up the following week. She was right but I had fallen in love with the book and by the time she came to get the children and the book I was reading my own copy that I had found at the local Goodwill. I cannot believe anyone gave it away but I am so thankful. I could not find any books of the series where I live so I asked my daughter in law for her help. Together we have built a beautiful bond as well as a collection for both of us and the best part..my son started reading the series and he and my daughter in law are now back together after a ten year breakup. Yes, no BS, through Jamie and Claire he was able to not only learn about love but to understand. Coincidence? Maybe. But I don’t think so. Love of the centuries, James and Claire Fraser.

    • Dear Brenda–

      You know…maybe you want to move closer to civilization, if you’re far away both from friends _and_ places where you could buy my books. [g] (Though logic compels me to tell you that if you can read my website, you can order any of my books from Amazon or barnesandnoble.com. For that matter, you can get any of them _signed_ from The Poisoned Pen — http://bit.ly/DianaGabaldonAutographed ).


  165. Diana,

    Stay home and finish WIMOHB PLEASE!!!! I am dying here. I have reread the entire series every time a new one is due out. Please hurry. Have wonderful holiday season.

  166. Diana,

    Have LOVED every book. I know it takes an amazing amount of research and fact checking – incredible and KUDOS to you and your staff.

    Have read the teasers for IMOHB and offer a different version of “schmutzige bastard” in the piece on William Ransom ….perhaps more explicit.

    I suggest “dreckiger bastard” …..Schmutzig means “dirty’ in the sense that one’s face or hands are dirty or something is unclean like one’s clothing – whereas “dreckiger bastard” really does means “dirty rotten” as in scoundrel or dirty dog. It’s may be more in context.

    My German father also used the term “Dreckzack” from time to time – when he was really annoyed with someone. It means the same thing: http://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/Drecksack)

    Have enjoyed the Lord John books too and am REALLY looking forward to IMOHB!

    Helen Gillespie
    Ottawa Canada

    • Dear Helen–

      Thank you! That’s what my German translator said too–I check the German and Latin bits with her [g]–so “Dreckiger” it is!

      As for my staff…I do all my own research (owing to the way I write, it would be impossible for me to tell anyone what to go and find out [g]), but I do have a few nice people who help out part-time with website maintenance (I write the blogs and other material, but Loretta helps keep the front page announcements updated, and looks out for things that need attention here or there), maintain the video lists on the YouTube Channel (thank you, Nikki and Caitlin!), help manage the fan mail (thanks, Janice!) and kindly help with ad hoc stuff like the OUTLANDER THE MUSICAL ordering website (thanks, Michelle!). And then there’s Susan, of course, whom I share with my husband; she takes care of bookkeeping, bookplate requests (she organizes and gives them to me; I sign them, and she lugs them back to the post office), makes appointments, takes dachshunds to be washed now and then (the rest of the time I just put them in the scullery sink and shampoo them), keeps track of where I said I’d be and makes sure I go there, and so on. An invaluable person, indeed!

      But no one does the research, writing, blogging, tweeting, or Facebook posting but me. [g] (Though Random House’s very nice IT department built the Facebook page for me, and occasionally put up things like fan videos. If a posting says [admin], it’s them, whereas if it says [Diana], it’s me.)


  167. Hi Diana:
    I’ve re-read your series several times over the years, and each time I do I find something new to consider. Your characters are so well written that they seem to be real! I try not to look at the fan websites where they vote on who they believe should play the characters in a movie – it spoils the vision I have in my head!

    As an FYI for your Canadian readers you can get the books from Chapters.ca for the KOBO. I have them in both trade paperback and e-books, so always have a copy on the go.

    Keep writing – we are all anxiously waiting for your next tome!

  168. not Rachel for the eigth tentacle, JEM!

  169. Diana -

    I started your series a couple of months ago and I am totally hooked. They are wonderful books.
    I was excited that I was going to be able to go from the 7th book right into the 8th one but have now
    discovered that the time has been pushed to the Fall of 2013. I, like all your other readers,
    will have to wait patiently for it . (but please hurry..) I will starting reading the books again in the summer to prepare for the 8th one.

    Big question – is the 8th the final one? Whenever you do write the final one, I would hope that
    neither Jamie or Claire die. I would like to see them settled back at Lallybroch, with their family
    and loved ones around them where they can live out the rest of their days in peace.

    This has been a wonderful series – thanks so much for sharing Jamie and Claire with us.

    • Dear Kay–

      No, there will be nine books in the main series, all told. There will also be a prequel book about Jamie’s parents, plus two/three volumes of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION. And all of the Lord John books, and the novellas and short pieces are in fact part of the series, too.


      • Thanks Diana! I will look forward to another book after MOBY!! I can only hope that it
        will end with Jamie and Clair alive and well at Lallybroch.

        Thanks again for this wonderful story of loyality, family, passion and enduring love!!

        • Diana -

          I bet you were thinking I was crazy for wanting to see everyone back at Lallybroch. When I wrote the comment above, I was in the 4th or 5th book… I am now in the 7th book – “Echo in the Bone” and realize that Jamie and Clair will never be back at Lallybroch for good and that Frazier’s Ridge is their true home.

          I am anxiously waiting for the 8th book!! It has been fun to see your daily lines on facebook and getting snippets of what is to come.

          I know I am putting the horse before the cart (so to speak), but just curious if you will write the 9th book next or if you will write the “Prequel (the story of Jamie’s parents) next and then the 9th book and if the “Prequel” will be a ‘big’ book or more of a novella.

          Thanks again for sharing Jamie and Claire with us – I can’t wait to start the series over again!

  170. Diana,
    I’ve just finished “2A Trail of Fire and thought it was brilliant. However I’m not sure about the ending of “A leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” and feel that a Strand for MOBY or MOBY plus 1 has been missed. I was looking forward to MOBY early next year but I guess I’ll just have to read all the books again while I’m waiting. Thank you for totally re-readable and believable stories. Roll on MOBY.

  171. Diana,

    Thank you so much for your books. I can hardly wait until the 8th book comes out. It is really easy to get into Jamie & Claire’s life. Your writing makes me feel like I am right there with them. I have read numerous books but yours is by far the best. The research you put into your books makes you feel like you are reliving that era. Thank you again for the amount of time you put into your books. Once you end your books please think about having Jamie & Claire & their whole family back together on the Ridge. During these times we really need to have them together. Their love shines for us all. I hope this comment stays. It seems that every comment I leave cannot be found afterwards.

  172. Diana – These books are my favorite of all time and I am an avid reader. I agree with everything Kathleen S. wrote. The time and emotion you must put into these books really shows in the reading of them. I hope you keep going for a while!
    I know you have nothing to do with the casting of characters in the TV series – but Gerald Butler gets my vote!
    All the best –

  173. I have read the entire series three times and can easliy do it again, I love the books. I truly enjoy the details in each book, every time I read them I find snippets of information that I missed before that enriches the story. My daughter and I have been to Scotland just for a vacation but we did make the tour of Culloden which gave us a very real basis for the battle scenes. (She has read all of the books multiple times also) We both fell in love with Scotland, it is a beautiful country with friendly people and we are hoping to make another trip back. I can’t wait for the next book to come out but I know the wait will be worth it.

  174. I’ve never been a reader in all my life,
    My friend turned me on to the outlander series and have not been able to put them down.
    The love between Jamie and Clair is so strong how could anything bad happen between them to ever tear that kind of love apart. A love that most of us has never seen so strong

  175. Outlander series is awesome. I have one of the first books from your first publications. Have had to purchase reprints as I wear out or lose books.

    This series is so totally incredible, you have me going back through history trying to piece where Jamie and Claire could have been in real life.

    Keep up the great work, I will continue following DG to the end.

  176. Dear Diana, I am very new to your series! My sister mentioned I might like Outlander because it was a story where, “people go traipsing around the countryside on horses”. A completely lame synopsis but it was enough to get me over to the book store to buy your first novel. ( I volunteer at an equine rescue stable where we snatch horses out from under the slaughter-house meat buyers – we bring them back to health, retrain and find loving homes for them. Incidentally, most of them get new and appropriate biblical names like, Shadrach and Lazarus just to name a couple =)
    Sadly I began reading Outlander while spending a week at my sister’s cottage with my two children – I say sadly because after the first chapter I was uncontrollably engrossed in the book. I sat on the dock oblivious to my surroundings, ignored my poor kids (luckily they are good swimmers – heh) and by the end of the week the book was three times its original size as a result of people sending walls of water at me and yelling, “get your nose out of that damn book!)
    I’m ruined I might add, I have become a complete literary snob and can — not! find an author whose writing meets my lofty expectations after having my pallet tuned to the great works you have crafted. I spend a good deal of time at the library looking for promising pieces and then end up throwing them back in my book bag disgusted… disgusted! You see, it’s the delicate balance of a truly meaningful and slightly graphic romance ( I mean graphic in a good way) written around a historical core that gets me – the book has to have good “guts”, something to invest your interest in! And of course the characters have to come alive, even the loathsome ones. So like many others I just keep reading your novels over and over again but I certainly can’t do that forever …. I don’t think!
    There is a point to this post if you can believe it, you have inspired me to write God help me! Joined two writing groups! I never thought I had it in me because I can’t write in a straight line – story-wise I mean. I read a bit about how you write scenes out of sequence and then fit them together – OMG so do I! My professors told me (way back when) I had polluted the writing process, tried to snap me out of the nasty habit so I gave up any notion that my love of story telling may amount to anything even if it was simply for personal enjoyment. I must thank you, I should have known to stick by what felt right for me. I’m a teacher for God sakes, I’ve completely revamped my writing program …. “Throw out your writing plan students, this time we’re starting in the middle!” Well, something like that!
    Ontario, Canada

    • Hello Lorraine,

      have you ever tried Dorothy Dunnett, the Lymond Chronicles?
      - The Game of Kings, starting in Scotland in September 1547
      - Queens’ Play (France)
      - The Disorderly Knights (Malta)
      - Pawn in Frankincense (Mediterranean)
      - The Ringed Castle (Russia)
      - Checkmate (France, Scotland, ending in 1557)

      The main character, Francis Crawford of Lymond, was my favorite Scot long before Jamie and it is very great fun to compare these characters.

      Just have a try and I would love to know your opinion about these books! And I think Diana even mentioned them somewhere.


  177. Lorraine,
    All that has been said about the Outlander Series, Diana’s talent, being ruined and completely engulfed by the books and writing…. I am right there with you. I stop checking to see when the next book may be out because then I get very anxious…. but I have to say …( sorry Diana)….. Michelle Moran also a historical novelist has similiar talents of pulling you in making you wanting more of the history and the story. Nefertiti, The Heretic Queen, Cleopatra’s Daughter, Madame Tussauds all have been used to tied me over until the next Jamie or Lord John book have come out. I agree, I read many other things but Diana has got me. I blame it on sharing her IT background and always wanting to cover all the holes so something is not missed. I have never recommended a single author to so many different people. I have purchased at least 12 copies of the “Outlander” myself to give to others to get them addicted. I wish Diana would write historical novels for middle school and high school students. I believe that they would be so much more interest in history if presented as Diana has presented history with Jamie and Claire. Thank you for the literary enticement and the absolutely absorbing story telling that can take the reader away as if they also fell thru the stones to another place!

    • What a wonderful dream – books for middle and high schoolers would be AMAZING! Of course, Diana keeps a pretty full plate, writing-wise

  178. How long does it normally take for a book to become available for Kindle?

    • Dear Jane–

      It depends on the publisher’s philosophy, but nowadays, most books are published simultaneously in hardcover and Kindle (or other ebook) editions. Mine are, at least.


  179. Kate Winslet – an English born actress, would be perfect for Claire….believable, authentic, could pull of being a physician, ages well, a natural choice.

    Gerard Butler – a Scottish born actor, perfect, would even look good with blonde hair

    You could not possible go wrong with these two.

    • Dear Carole–

      Except that both of them are Way Too Old. Jamie is 22. Claire is 27. Why can people not grasp this when they start imagining casting choices? [rhetorical question]


  180. Diana-
    I am very fond of your writing style. I guess I’m a little different from almost everyone, I skip over all the sexual parts. Not into reading that in the written word. But, I do love the way you can spin a yarn. (as they use to say) I know I probably lose a lot of other dialog skipping over all the bedroom or where ever else scenes, but I do get enough catch up in other parts of the books to pretty much gather what’s going on I think.
    I as well cannot imagine Jamie as most of the characters that have been mentioned….I do picture Jamie with a deeper voice for sure than the guy in the musical. I guess if I was going to pick someone that looked like Jamie that was older it would have been someone who looked a lot like Howard Keel in “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” he had red hair in that film I believe, and a huge smile like I picture Jamie. Anyway If in the present I would probably pick someone blond that could easily dye their hair….I think I would start out as a young Jamie being Liam Hemsworth, and graduate to his brother Chris for the middle books. LOL and maybe I don’t know for the older. But, the Hemsworth brothers definitely would keep you busy for years.
    I am writing a period piece on Scotland in the 17th century started it about 2004 and have been writing it off and on since then. I never read your books until someone referred them to me this last summer and I just finished “An Echo in the Bone”. I love the way you can come up with a twist out of nowhere. I hope my novel will be even half as popular.

    • Really? It’s not porn in the sexual scenes. Live a little!

      • Sorry you took offense Holly, but to each his or her own. What you feel is too much and what I feel is too much is obviously different.
        It’s too bad you felt the inclination to respond to something that was my own personal opinion stating it in my remarks to Diana. There were many compliments paid to Diana on her writing, and story development too bad you couldn’t remark positively about those.

  181. I was hoping for actual “early” 2013! Like, now! I took my sweet time reading the last book in hopes that in reality I wouldn’t have to wait to achingly long! Please, please, please don’t wait until fall! Ugh!

    • Dear Holly–

      Um. You sort of have no choice. As in–I’M NOT THROUGH WRITING THE DANG BOOK!!!! It’ll be done when it’s done and you’ll get it shortly thereafter. Which, if we’re ALL lucky, will be Fall. No WAY will it be done earlier than that. I’m not sitting here gloating over a finished manuscript and meanly refusing to send it to my publisher, for heaven’s sake. [going off muttering under breath]

      Oh–and HAPPY NEW YEAR! [g]


      • Take your sweet time, Dear Writer. This Reader finds new things each time she picks up one of your novels. Yes, I wait on pins, and sometimes think I will burst. So what!

        Don’t let our whining interfere. Disregard every voice that says, “But you said…!”

        Enjoy the beautiful fading light of this day. Let those fabulous characters inform you what they want you to tell us. We might need another few months yet in order to hear it.

        Happy New Year.


        a grateful reader

  182. Diana,
    love your sense of humor, I wish I had that kind of patience with dumb. Very good.

  183. I’ve just finished reading the 7th book and I have to say I especially liked the ending, so many exciting cliffhangers! Out of them, I found Claire marrying Lord John the most interesting (strangely enough). I really loved their interactions, they were all so brutally honest, interesting and I dare say I picked up on some tender intimacy there. They really did become friends over Jamie’s (supposed) death and I hope that doesn’t change in future books. Besides, Claire having another husband (Jamie’s friend no less) is bound to arise some good drama and while I have no doubt that Claire and Jamie will have their happy ending, I wouldn’t mind Claire being Lady John for a little while longer. Every good love story needs some obsacles after all!
    Another thing I hope for in book 8 is more interaction between William and Jamie. Maybe even a heart felt hug between them, after all Jamie can count on one hand how many times he was able to hold is son (whom he loves as much as Brianna) and I always thought that so brutally unfair!
    In any case, I am looking forward to read “Written In My Own Heard’s Blood” and I will shorten the time until then by re-reading the Lord John series.
    Happy New Year to Diana and all of her fans!

  184. Diana,

    Outlander is my favorite book series of all time, and trust me when I say I read ALOT of books. I am glad you take your time in writing, because that can only mean one thing: it’s going to be GREAT. You can always tell when an author rushes through their work, the stories start off good and just fall off at the end. So by all means, take all the time you need! I would rather wait 100 years for an amazing book to continue an amazing series than to rush you into publication and read a so-so story.

    Good luck!

    - Athena

  185. Somebody essentially lend a hand to make significantly posts
    I might state. That is the very first time I frequented your website page and thus far?

    I amazed with the analysis you made to make this actual submit
    extraordinary. Great activity!

    • Dear Barney–

      Er…thank you. I think. [g] If you’re asking whether I write my own blog-posts (and the other stuff on this site), then yes, I do.


  186. I originally borrowed the very first book in series from a very good friend, and i am so thankful that she said ” Read it your gonna love it ” she knew i was a book fiend and cannot read enough. Needless to say i am a very fast reader.
    But with this series i really take my time and read them slowly and absorb them. I have since bought a Kindle and have bought them and have them all downloaded, i love these books and cannot wait for the next one. I just keep going back and rereading these, so Diana please take your time on this next one.

    Thanks for the many hours of exciting reading and amazing stories.

  187. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this!!
    I have never enjoyed reading a set of historical novels so much. I have completed the 7 books in only 4 months, a miracle for me. As long as the Fraser family does not veer too far into the realms of fantasy (or live too long) and we see the echoes of Jamie and Claire in the following generations, I will go on reading.
    I am worried that the story theme and the linked characters will be damaged by taking it into other media. These books excel in the imagination and will drop into the mire of us being shown someone else’s impression of what we as individuals see in our own hearts and minds.
    A diamond has many facets and lives forever, but to put in the wrong setting for the sake of further enrichment will sully its beauty
    Thank you Diana G. for giving me a new sense of my own being in this sorry world. Thoroughly worthy.

    • Dear Pat–

      Thanks so much! That’s a lovely letter, and I appreciate it very much. [smile] As for an eventual TV series or other film adaptation–on the one hand, it would undoubtedly bring quite a few new readers to the books; on the other…you don’t need to watch it. [g]

      All the best,


  188. Diana,

    I just wanted to say, I think you have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Your books are amazing.

    P.s. I do not understand how people can think that Chris Hemsworth would make a good Jamie. I find it upsetting. I know we all have an idea in our minds, but the beauty of your work is how detailed you are in your descriptions, so how can you conjure him up as Jamie?

    • i agree, although i don’t know if i will ever see the film, it would nearly spoil the books for me if someone playing jamie didn’t live up to what i think he should look like. i love your books and am desparately awaiting the sequel to the last which i have to say was cruel in it’s ending when we have to wait so long for the next one. hurry up please!!!

  189. Hello,

    I have never commented on a web-site before.

    I just wanted to say, that I prefer to enjoy your stories in audio-book form. I own all of the unabridged version of course. I love the way Davina Porter brings all of the characters to life. I might have to replace them at some point, because of usage.

    My family can always tell when I have been listening to them. I get a bit of a Claire lilt to my voice and come up with words that make them goggle at me:)

    I have mixed feelings about a movie or TV series. While, on one hand this would make me very happy. On the other character casting could destroy my enjoyment. What a sticky wicket!

    I am waiting as patiently as is possible for story #8. If it as large as you imply, I had better start saving gift card points. I don’t care how much it costs!!

    The ending of A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, was very confusing, thought provoking, & a puzzle that I hope will be solved in the next book. My mind keeps coming up with theories, but I am waiting to see If I am correct.

    Best wishes, but please hurry!!!! Lisa

    • Dear Lisa–

      Errr…what did you find confusing about the ending of “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”? I woulda thought that was pretty darn obvious, myself, but then, I’m naturally biased…



  190. Oh no, my work colleague and I have just finished Echo in the Bone! What an awesome series, each book lives up to the last. Just hoping us here in South Africa don’t have to wait too long for MOBY to get into the shops, I don’t think I can do without my daily fix of Jamie, these South African men just don’t come near him! Thank you for such a wonderful story, and if Jamie is modelled on some man you know, please send him our way…ha ha ha

    • Hello Diania:

      Please, Please Hurry ! I have become so addicted to these books that I have the series at least
      4-5 times and DO NOT LET CLAIRE STAY MARRIED TO JOHN GREY! I am disabled and your books have really helped me through my difficult neck and back surgeries! I have more neck and back surgeries starting in April 2013 and I could really use more Jamie and Claire! Whatever you do, please do not stop writing. I have never connected with an Author and her series as much as I have with you.
      Thank you for writing such a wonderful timeless love story.

      Devoted Reader
      Las Vegas, NV!

  191. i would just like to say that i work in a public library in northern ireland and reccomend your books to anyone who is looking for a good read. your books bring together everything i like in a book, historical content which is believeable, romance and sex scenes which are believeable, medical history which is believeable and just and by no means least a really good story which is satisfying, well written and leaves you gagging for more. and i loved the lord john grey books as well. if you based your jamie character on your husband your’e a lucky woman

  192. Will the audio book publish at the same time as the HC for Written in My Own Hearts Blood

    • Dear Jeanese–

      Yes, they try to get the audiobook out simultaneously with the print version. Sometimes they get the audio out _sooner_; I think someone told me the audio version of “Plague of Zombies” is already available, while the ebook comes out April 15!


  193. These are the most amazing books ever. I, like so many other fans – love Davina Porter. She brings something to your books that makes them come alive. You feel as if you are right there with each character. I cannot imagine Claire and Jamie NOT BEING TOGETHER. They are menat to be together. I think Lord John just needed to look out for her. The sex thing that happened, well-I can almost understand that too. They were both grieving for him. Lord John knows he can NEVER have Jamie in that way; and I think Claire needed to be with someone whom she knew loved Jamie as much as she did (if that does not sound too confusing). Of course another woman would not work. However, Lord John has always “admired” Claire.

  194. Hi Diana,
    Girl, you know you left a lot of loose ends with your last book which is unlike you. You might leave one or two, but not a bunch. So that being said do not let your publisher push you in your eighth installment. We love you! We will wait for it to be 100% correct. How about a novella concerning Brian Fraser and Ellen MacKenzie? Would LOVE to read that love story!

    • Dear Evelyn–

      Go back and read ECHO in cold blood, and see if you think I was pushed. [g] Those cliffhangers were engineered with malice aforethought, and a _lot_ of work went into them.

      But you will hear about Brian and Ellen, in their own novel, by and by.


  195. Dear Diana,

    I love the story of Jamie and Claire. I am so looking forward to read more. Can you tell me when your book “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood” will be published in French. (Sorry if it’s not correct but “google translate”). And…Can I use the Claire’s recipes about the aromatic plants, are these correct ?
    thank you very much to give us dreams.
    Kind regards

    • Dear Armelle–

      No, I don’t know that; you’d have to ask the French publisher(s). The recipes Claire uses are real ones, from the herbal literature; that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily safe or effective. I’d be careful what you use them for.


  196. diana, as i just spent a couple of hours hanging out on this page after reading all seven big books in a row, i am deeply altered and feel slightly that i have come through some standing stones……….anyway, i wanted to say this: first, i hope i live until MOBY comes out this fall (fingers crossed)….secondly, i have noticed that poisened pen is the indie bookseller of choice here in the valley of the sun……..i have been shopping at changing hands since 1979…….i have bought ALL my outlander books THERE, some multiple times (remember when the cover looked like a bad romance novel??? now i have all new hardbacks with the new covers)……..i have also attended book signings by you at CH more than once……….i just wanted to encourage you to include them as much as possible…….CH is a rich and wonderful store, which carries more than one genre and welcomes children…..and gayle and her team are good people………

    thanks for everything you have given us, which includes for me a series i have read at least 30 times….the last page of “breath of snow and ashes” ALWAYS causes me to sob….perhaps it is the brianna-made paper, that the scent of claire moves brianna so much, perhaps it is that i am a mother, and now a grandmother (i was in my 30s when i first read outlander …..)….perhaps it is that you are a genius………

    with respect and awe,

  197. Diana,
    My bookclub decided to read Outlander this month as one of the girls had a copy that fell apart from being read so many times. I went through Outlander, Dragonfly in Amber and finally took a breath after Voyager. It took me a week to read all three and I’m just so in love! Thank you so much for creating these characters. I have sobbed loudly and jumped up and down with happiness and held my breath with hope. I’ve never felt so much emotion for a book series. I can’t wait to see the TV series and glad I don’t need to wait too long until book 8 comes out.

    thank you!!

    P.S. I can’t wait to see how the ghost of Jamie from the first book comes full circle.

  198. I finally (and sadly) just finished An Echo in the Bone. I think reason the 8 books has probably taken me close to a year or two with my busy life but they are the best books I’ve ever read. I don’t even watch TV anymore because nothing compares to the stories that are held in these novels. I can’t wait for the next book and I KNOW Claire and Jamie will be back together. The story wouldn’t be the same without them! If a movie does happen, I wouldn’t mind the guy from Thor playing Jamie (he’s a hottie and more or less what I picture).

  199. Im dumb! I mean 7 books! The best part is I read the last two in a month!

  200. Diana.
    Thank you for transporting us to the Scottish Highlands to the states and back again, it has been a most time-consuming and enjoyable journey! Can’t wait until MOBY comes out; I really need to know what happens to Roger and Jem!

    Go raibh maith agat,


  201. May have missed it somewhere on the sight, but do you know when the “Written in my own heart’s blood” audio book is coming out? I travel a lot for work and have been listening to them non stop for weeks now. I am so in love with this series and desperate to find out what happens next but really want to continue with the audio books (love the vivid accents).

    • Dear Betsy–

      The audiobooks normally come out at the same time as the hardcover and ebook editions–or as close to it as can be managed. Sometimes, if the manuscript is delivered very close to the pub date, the recording people have trouble getting their recording done in the constricted time available (they need to schedule studio time and deal with the actor(s) availability as well), and then it will be a couple of weeks later than the print version–but mostly, it comes out at the same time.

      Hope you enjoy it!


  202. DG,

    You have seriously ruined all other books for me. I am in eager anticipation for MOBY. I know you recommended Into the Wilderness which I read. Do you offer any other recommendations? Frankly, I am left sad with every purchase after your series. And I have read all of your books. Let me know if you think anyone else comes close to your writing style. Because I will buy in a second.

    Thanks and keep them coming!


    • Dear Erin—

      If you go click on the “Resources” tab at the top of the page, you’ll see “The Methadone List.” This is a list of books I can strongly recommend, in answer to questions like yours. Hope you’ll enjoy some of them!


  203. Hi

    I am anxiously waiting for the book to be ready for purchase. I do not read the excerpts as that will spoil it for me!
    My husband was from Scotland and since he died (two yrs ago) I have been devouring your Outlander Series. I can hardly wait!

    When do you think the book will be ready?


  204. hi diana

    was wondering where i might be able to get the 7 chapter preview from in new zealand, i saw info on it on one of the pages and have been searching again without luck, also is moby still due out in fall? Thanks for all the amazing books so far makes you apreciate how easy life is nowadays :)

    • Dear Mel–

      MOBY is due out March 25th–the publishers wanted to time it to come out shortly before the new cable-tv series (which will–if everything goes according to plan–come out around April). As for the 7-chapter booklet, the US and Canadian publishers are using those as promotion for the new book–but the UK publisher is certainly welcome to do the same thing (they control distribution in Australia and New Zealand, as well as the UK). If they do, though, chances are that they’d wait ’til closer to the pub date.


  205. Dear Diana,
    I LOVE the series!!!! I don’t think that I have ever read a set of books so fast in my life or enjoyed them more than yours!!! I can’t wait for the newest one to hit the stores and I hope there will be another to follow the eighth one !!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! Nancy

  206. Will there be an audio version of In My Own Heart’s Blood and when will it come out? Davina Porter does a super job and I’d be disappointed if you two didn’t pair up for this book.

    • I just saw your answer to Betsy above. I’d been look for the answer and hadn’t found it so I decided to post the question. Wouldn’t you know it – as soon as I posted I found the answer.

  207. I`ve just finished reading book nr.7 and now I look forward to read the next adventures of CLaire and Jamie Fraser and family.

  208. I ABSOLUTELY love this series. I just found it and finished ALL 7 books in 2 months. It am now declaring it my #1 favorite book(s), and my favorite books list is long. Jamie and Claire are timeless. You are a master of creating a scene so vivid that I found myself ACTUALLY crying at my desk (as I sneak to read at work). I hated that I read so fast and it ended. I would have liked for Claire to comeback earlier than the 20 years though. I would have liked to see them back together in their mid to late 30s and all the possible dramas returning with Brianna and of going thru a successful pregnancy together. I felt Jamie deserved that after he endured SO much. He never got to raise any of his children. That is truly sad to me. Great work and I thank you for the gift of the series.

  209. First introduced to the series in 1995, fascinated with it, have read every one and always anticipating the next. I had promised myself that one day I would begin at the beginning and read the entire series – in order – and did so over the last 3-4 or so months. Needless to say, with the story “fresh” in my mind, I am sorry to see the delay in release of #8 until March of next year. The level and variety of the research is mind boggling with well drawn characters and – yes the details in every book and how those details blend so beautifully and naturally together. AWESOME! Please: How can I get the seven chapter excerpt? PS: Does the Kathy Lord referred to in the acknowledgements have ancestry on the east coast of the US?

    • Dear Mellen–

      Er…how on earth would I know whether Kathy Lord has ancestry on the east coast of the US?

      I hope you’ll enjoy the new book when it’s out–but you can’t read it until I’ve finished _writing_ it, you know. [g]


  210. Hi when I ordered Written In My Own Hearts Blood, Amazon gave me a December ship date. Was that incorrect or has it been changed?
    I am re reading the series and trying to time my finish with the release of the new book, help…
    I can hardly wait for the release.
    I finally got my older daughter to read Outlander with the…Don’t be offended if I don’t read the rest, well she is waiting for the new novel release also. She couldn’t put them down.
    Love them, got me to search my Scot heritage from my grandma’s Grahams, it has been really interesting. Imagine how surprise I was to be so excited to find Fraser’s in our line also.
    Keep up the great work,

  211. So sorry I dribbled on again about my Scottish family search etc.
    I had forgotten that I had mentioned it all months ago in a previous note to you.
    But hey it has been entertaining to look into.
    I always see older actors in the role…Andie McDowell as Claire, LIam Neesom as Jamie Jeremy Irons as Frank/BlackJack. Not sure I have wrapped my head around the ones chosen yet, but you know the characters best. I trust you with this.
    Get writing girl, I need some new Jamie, Claire and the rest of the group.

  212. Will the new book Written in my Own Heart’s Blood be released in Audiobook version upon release March 25, 2014?

    • Dear Laura–

      Probably–or as close as they can get to it. They _do_ have to wait to get a complete manuscript before they can record the audio version,though.


  213. Hi Diana,

    I’ve just got the information from Amazon that the German edition of Moby will be released on 28 Feb. next year. Is that really true ? If so, how can it happen to be that a translation will be released 4 week earlier than the original ?


    • Dear Kathrin–

      Well, we _hope_ the translation can be done that fast. [g] It’s possible, because I have a very close (and unusual) relationship with Barbara Schnell, my German translator. She’s a good friend as well as a brilliant translator, and we’ve worked together for a good many years. As I work in “chunks” (rather than linearly), some years ago, I started giving her chunks, as soon as I was sure that nothing substantive would change within said chunk. This means she can more or less translate directly in my tracks, rather than wait for the entire manuscript to be finished and go through production–which is the case with all the other foreign translations. This means that the German translation is usually finished very soon after _I’ve_ finished writing, so is able to be released quite close to the English edition. (Not always before it [g], though this has happened once before, with EIN ECHO DER HOFFNEUNG.)


  214. Dearest Diana,

    Your books hold a very special place in my library. I devour each one that comes out in your main series including the graphic novel. I have also enjoyed the Lord John books, they are such great side adventures! I have yet to read the other short stories in the other anthologies but I look forward to reading whatever you publish. Your writing is outstanding and captivating. I am so happy to have found this series. I found Outlander at my local library and bought it for 10 cents! It had a picture of Claire holding the reins of a horse and a scene from the battle of Culloden. What a treasure!!! That was five years ago and I am absolutely hooked. Your characters are a part of my life; crying, laughing and hurting along side them. I look forward to book eight because I am so frightened for Jem and I pray (how silly :-) ) for Roger’s safe passage. I don’t travel much but your stories are a wonderful escape to exciting places I will never go but I can see clearly in my head as if I have seen every place personally. Such description, your words take me away from the humdrum of my life and your humor makes me laugh so much. Sometimes I will think of some quote from your book and giggle at odd moments throughout the day. You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  215. Hello,
    Whatever I say it’s just repeating. But I’ll do it anyway!

    I found in your books a new, wonderful world. Not easy to read/listen to something else, to brake with the dream. But I have to do it sometimes, just to find myself drawn back to your world of here and there, now and then. Of old and new entwined in a catching story that won’t let you go . Of people that are more alive sometimes than the ones I meet, of comments that make me take a secondary look and listen carefully to the world around me.

    Thank you! A deep bow for the wonderful mind and soul all this came from!

    Now, to my question and my heart’s worry: is the new book “WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD” going to be published in audio form too, read by Davina Porter?
    I am afraid of your answer at the same time that I do hope the answer will be a simple YES.

    Thank you for your time and if the energy and happiness your stories give me, can be transferred, I’m sending back lots of love and power so that you can keep this world alive for all of us!

    Keep well!

  216. Is MOBY the last book in the series??

    I started with the first book one month ago yesterday and just bought the 7th book yesterday. I’m trying not to read too many of the comments on this post because I don’t want to read spoilers…a cliffhanger is going to kill me though.

    • Dear Pepper–

      No, there will be a ninth book–but I’m pretty sure that one is the last. (Though there is also a prequel, about Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen.) Hope you’ll enjoy them!



  217. hello help!
    I can not find any information about when ‘written in my own hearts blood’ audio book edition is to be released, only kindle info. Is it coming out in audio book format? Audible have not listed it and I have just re-listened to them all again in preparation!!

    • Dear Debbie–

      Yes, the audiobook will be out at the same time as the hardcover–and Davina Porter is reading it! which is great news. [g]


  218. OH BUT THEYDID find a perfect JAMIE! and a perfect CLAIRE with the first movie and I am already in love with Jamie and Claire just after 3 episodes and cant imagine anyone else playing either of them!! PERFECT CASTING!!

    • the costumes are great.. the scenery is awesome.. the acting is strong.
      but this poor thin droopy breasted girl is not my fiery Claire.

  219. I introduced my stepdaughter to your books in 2010. Much like me, she devoured each word. When she was not attending school, she would raid my library of books, which always included the next book in your series. Due to my own busy schedule, I never managed to read The Fiery Cross. During Spring break in March of 2011, my stepdaughter and her husband came over to the house to share the news that we were going to be grandparents. Before she left the house that night, she grabbed “The Fiery Cross” from my bookshelf.

    I never saw her again after she left the house that night. The home they were renting caught fire in the early morning hours. I have never replaced that book in the series. I guess I keep hoping that one day she will put it back on my shelf.

    I want to take a minute to thank you for bringing my stepdaughter and I closer together. Because of your books, I was able to develop a closer relationship with my stepdaughter. Our relationship was so close that she even told me how I was more of a mother to her than her own biological mother. I have never been able to have children and my stepdaughter (daughter) is the closest I have ever been to being a mom. I just wanted to thank you because knowing now that my time with her was cut short; I am so thankful that, because of Outlander, our relationship was bonded for a lifetime.

    • Dear Jennifer–

      Oh, I’m _so_ sorry to hear about your step-daughter. What a truly horrible thing to have happened! I’m glad(and very honored) that you can remember her with joy in your shared reading.


      • Diana,

        Thank you so much for your reply. It means the world to me and I know Karmin would have been thrilled too!

        Blessings to you,


  220. Hello! I just have a quick question, but I must thank you first! Thank you for giving me/us these stories! I, like everyone else, have fallen complete and hopelessly in love.
    My question is, did you use Sam or Cait’s name in Moby? Someone said you did as a nod to them.
    By the way the show is beautiful too!

  221. Diana, I just finished the series for 3rd time. After reading moby I decided it would have been better if I had re read whole series again before delving into moby… So I read 1-8 after I read #9, and then read moby for 2nd time since it came out!!! I love reading about time travel. Since discovering your books I have read every time travel novel and highlander novel I could get my hands on while wAiting for one of your books! It will be hard wAiting for 9, but the anticipation is so much fun! It’s also great to have something to look forward to! Jamie is an awesome character. I love reading about how they lived in 18th century and how Claire works as a healer way ahead of the time!!! Great job!