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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

It’s Official!



Network Will Team up with Sony Pictures TV

Series Based on Diana Gabaldon’s International Best-Selling Novels

Beverly Hills, Calif., June 25, 2013 – Starz Chief Executive Officer, Chris Albrecht, announced today that Starz will partner with Sony Pictures Television to greenlight “Outlander,” an original series adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s international bestselling books. The network has ordered 16 episodes of the series which will begin filming in Scotland this fall. It is slated to premiere in 2014.

The series adaptation for “Outlander” will be written by Ronald D. Moore (“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”). Moore is best known for his work on “Battlestar Galactica,” which won him a Peabody Award in 2006. Ronald D. Moore and Jim Kohlberg are executive producers of “Outlander,” which is produced by Tall Ship Productions, Story Mining and Supply Company and Left Bank Productions in association with Sony Pictures Television.

“We were drawn to ‘Outlander’ because it centers on a complex heroine who becomes immersed in an epic time-traveling tale,” said Starz Chief Executive Officer Chris Albrecht. “Ron Moore is the perfect showrunner to bring the rich world created by Diana Gabaldon, which generated a global fan following, to life. We are thrilled to partner with Sony Pictures TV on this project.”

Moore added, “I’m very excited to have the opportunity to bring these books to life. Diana’s created a rich and textured world filled with intriguing characters, and I believe that Starz is the perfect home for her story. I think we’ll make something that the millions of fans of these books will enjoy and recognize as ‘Outlander.’”

Diana Gabaldon’s seven-book series has sold more than 20 million copies and has graced the New York Times best-sellers list six times. The eighth installment of the “Outlander” series is slated to be released March 25th, 2014.
The “Outlander” series spans the genres of romance, science fiction, history, and adventure in one magnificent tale. It follows the story of Claire Randall, a married British combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously swept back in time to 1743, where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened. When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate affair is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives.

Starz will retain all domestic multiplatform pay TV rights to the original series.

“Outlander” TV Series Online
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutlanderTVSeries.starz

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  1. Pls Pls don’t let them ruin the books!

    • Very, very disappointed. Initially, the release date for the new book was Fall 2013-then it was potsed as December 2013-now it’s March 2014!!!! Again, VERY disappointing for fans!

      • Dear Mark–

        Yes? Well, tell Amazon, then; they’re the ones who post fictitious dates the moment a book’s existence is announced (and, not infrequently, before…).

        I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but the simple fact is that you bloody can’t read a book until the writer finishes writing it. (I’ll be finished by the end of the year, but it’s certainly not done _now_.) I know people do assume that simply because Amazon lists a book for pre-order, that means that the book is ready to go right then….but it ain’t true. Sorry!


        • Diana,
          Don’t worry about your faithful readers waiting impatiently for your next book. A writer, and generally speaking an artist can not be rushed while creating
          a masterpiece ( that would be the masterpiece number 8).
          We can always keep ourselves in touch with our beloved characters by rereading
          the Outlander Saga 1through 7. It works for me.

          P.S. I hope the series doesn’t disappoint us.

          • P.S. No.:2 I meant the series adaptation of ” Outlander”.

          • I have reread these wonderful books. I just can’t get enough. I have even begun to read the Lord John series.
            I look forward to being able to eventually purchase the series on DVD.
            (cable isn’t an option in our area)

        • I love that you appear to be all Claire, or she you, but one reason fans, not necessarily yours, bet disappointed is that some writers make promises and never keep them. Fortunately I have never seen a promise from you that hasn’t been fulfilled.

          My respects dear lady, your fan and admirer

        • Diana,

          Your being an a**. You know very well everyone was expecting the book to be released this year in the fall. If you knew you were not going to be finished this year you should have spoken up. Mark is absolutely right and you shouldn’t get such a snarky attitude because he’s disappointed.

          • Dear Kelly–

            I _am_ going to be finished this year. I told the publisher early on that I wouldn’t be in time for them to make an early fall date–and the original date on Amazon was indeed always a provisional one; I wasn’t kidding that Amazon makes them up. (Amazon uk is _still_ advertising–for preorder, under an early working title–a contemporary crime novel that I first mentioned somewhere online fifteen years ago. With luck, I might finish _that_ one sometime after MOBY goes to press. [g]) It’s also true that the publisher didn’t make an official announcement of the pub date (as opposed to Amazon, rumor, and hopeful gossip) until they set the March date–they’d delayed in doing that _because_ I’d told them we were getting close to a deal on the TV series–and that’s obviously a major marketing concern to a publishing house.

            Now…you say I should have spoken up. I’ll leave it to your judgement, looking at the postings I do–pretty much daily for the last fifteen years or so–whether I try to keep my readers informed or not. I do. That doesn’t mean I should tell y’all every fibrillation of policy, progress, dates, etc.–things CHANGE. And for me to recount every change, without some assurance that what I said was likely to _happen_….well, people would be calling me a lot worse things than snarky, believe me.


          • Kelly,

            I’m pretty convinced that Diana’s NOT the one being an a**. Really, anyone who has ever read any of her blogs, website, snippets, Facebook, Twitter, etc., knows she’s very upfront about Amazon announcing books before the author is even close to finishing. I remember her making a joke once ( a few years back) about not daring to call her book-in-progress any type of name, because Amazon would be sure to have pre-orders available for “Diana Gabaldon’s newest, ‘That Book I’m Working On,’” for $19.95 or something like that.

            We’ve had the pleasure of reading some really great books written by a talented writer. She’s made me very intolerant of mediocrity, as a matter of fact, when I read.

            Your “scolding” is out of line and disrespectful. I think she answered you a lot more politely than I would have. Who needs a “fan” like that? Sheesh. Nobody likes waiting. But let the woman do her job, for crying out loud.

          • Kelly –

            Really? _Really_??? Name calling, vulgar ones at that?

            Oh, and sweetie, just for the record —

            “You’re” = you are.

            “Your” denotes possession.

            You have a nice day, hear?


          • Oh Kelly,
            Two things I have learned in life.
            1. Do not anger people who handle your food.
            2. Do not anger the author of one the greatest series ever written.


          • While I agree that Kelly’s comment is inappropriate, it is true that the hashtags on Diana’s “twit longer” posts on her twitter feed have been saying “#outinfall2013″ (until recently). If that wasn’t close to accurate, it should have been “#maybeoutinFall2013″ or #amazonsaysoutinFall2013″. But I don’t know for sure how hashtags work – whether the poster can change them, and I certainly won’t put any stock in them anymore!

            That said – so excited about the new book and the series! So nervous about casting! How are they going to find a 6’4″ redhead with blue eyes who can act, do a scots accent and who can believably age 20 years if the show goes to a 3rd season?

          • Dear Susan–

            I’m kind of figuring that you don’t write novels and possibly don’t know many people who do. [g] It’s not what you’d call a precise sort of job. I mean, if one is a dentist, say, you can tell a person that their bite-shield will be in in two weeks, and be reasonably sure that it _will_ be in in two weeks. If you manufacture car parts, you can advise your customers that Part X451-3321 will ship in three days, and they’ll have it by the end of the week. In both these instances, things might still go wrong; the lab that makes individual bite-shields might have a fire and take an extra two weeks to move to new premises, the supplier of Part X451-3321 might go out of business and you have to go trawl through junkyards to find that part before you can send it to your customer. Things Happen, regardless of one’s job.

            But writing a novel isn’t like most jobs, in that it’s all coming out of your _head_. Now, some people write reasonably short, not-too-complex, semi-formulaic (meaning nothing derogatory by that; just noting that they are the same _sort_ of book every time) books, and they’re generally able to predict that even with the vagaries of one’s mental processes and the unpredictability of life, they should, by and large, be able to deliver a manuscript with a set period of time. I can’t.

            These are big, complex books, and not one of them is like another, in terms of structure, tone, approach or theme–and they do require a lot of research (which is itself a completely open-ended process; there’s no rule of thumb for what’s _enough_ research, I mean; there’s always more that can be done). Ergo, I can NOT predict that it will take me exactly 458 days (plus weekends and holidays) to finish a book. It’s gonna take _about_ three years, I can say that much–but there’s a lot of flex in that. (The additional year between books, you can put down to the “public” side of life; travel and promotion and such small _pro bono_ services as running a regular blog/website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.)

            Anyway, what happens is that somewhere toward the end of Year Two, my editors (US and UK) will start checking in with me, asking how it’s going, and when do I _think_ I might be done? They knowing perfectly well that any answer they get is no more than a vague guess. We repeat this process over the next year or so, them checking with me every few months, and my evaluating my process as I go. But it’s never going to be anything like definite or precise. They aren’t going to have a hard-and-fast date _until the manuscript is complete_. Which, you know…it isn’t yet. I’m sure I can finish the book by the end of the year, but I have no idea whether that means October 1st or December 31st at this point. But that does mean they can be pretty sure about the March date, which they want because of the TV series.

            Frankly, I don’t understand why people get so het up over WHEN will the book be out?!?!?! and have hysterics when the date changes (which it almost always does, often several times). You know…it’ll be done at some point, and when it is, you’ll get it. After which, you can read it at any time and in any way you like. It’s not like you have an appointment with the refrigerator repairman, and if he doesn’t show up on time, your food will spoil, I mean. [g]


            P.S. I’m not at all trying to be snarky here, btw; I’m just trying to explain to y’all how it _is_.

          • Dear Kelly,

            I’d certainly love to see how you would react if someone came into your home and told you that YOU were being an ass (and by the way, it’s “you’re”, not “your”. As in “you are”. “Your” is the possessive, unless you’re talking about Ms. G’s ass, but what that would have to do with a release date would be a bit beyond anyone’s ken at this moment). Somehow, I don’t think you’d take it very graciously and call the person rude. Please remember, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

            I read her answer back to Mark, who was simply stating his opinion, and Ms G was also pointing out the obvious. She did it quite politely, really, considering that he — and now you — have decided that just because Amazon jumps the gun with a timetable that’s not even close to having been confirmed by the publisher, that she — as the author — is required to keep it.

            To paraphrase Neil Gaiman, “Diana Gabaldon is not your bitch!” Just because you plunk down money — don’t we all — doesn’t mean you can step up and demand that she write to your time table, your whims, and your say so. I will muchly prefer that the book is written with great talent, then edited and prepared with great care, rather than have a half-assed product put out. And since you are obviously not a writer yourself, you have no clue how the process goes. And trust me, even the best laid plans of mice and men have often seen delays. They happen. Get over it and wait patiently like the rest of us. In fact, find some other books while you wait. Re-read the ones you have. But do not come here and give Ms. G crap and name call just because of it.

            You and Mark need to take a chill pill, child. And issue an apology for overstepping.

          • To anyone who has never created an original work of art, please try to understand.
            Art takes the time it takes. Diana’s novels, while incredibly well researched, informative and factual, are not merely journalism. And while her novels may thrill and engage us all, they are not merely dramatic entertainment for a waiting audience. Diana is an artist, creating a remarkable epic that will stand the test of time. Please be respectful of her process. She should not be rushed by those who respect her.

          • Thank you Molly…and for those who missed the point: “don’t anger the people who handle your food”………because otherwise you may not get fed!

            To the naysayers, stop throwing hissy-fits b/c you didn’t get your ‘gift’ on time – a gift is not something you can demand, just b/c you want it now! Diana generously shares her ‘gift’ of words with us – while it’s acceptable to express disappointment, it’s completely counter-productive, not to mention rude, to demand that you want your ‘gift’ now.

            Besides, if you’re really this annoyed, then you’re under no obligation to purchase the book; just as Diana is under no obligation to write another book in the series. Thank goodness she doesn’t throw hissy-fits! :) The books have been written over several decades – waiting a little longer will only increase the anticipation. So let’s get on with it – and discuss far more important things….like casting for the series!!

            Diana – thank you so much for sharing yr stories with us over the years. You are appreciated from across the world as a writer and a storyteller. I am using the time b/n books to re-read them all – and falling in love with the characters all over again.

            Cheers from Australia

          • Hello, I too thought your attitude was a bit snarky, you must realize fans are waiting, and we will wait longer, but to be told one thing and NOT have it cleared up by your self, not cool. If you know Amazon does this then a simple note to your readers would have been welcome and considerate, all those “impatient” fans are the same ones who buy your books and so help to keep you publishing new material, which they then buy some more of , I don’t think your readers want every little contract detail, but something alone the lines of a notice saying “unless I give you the date- ignore would have worked as well.

          • Dear Joy–

            I apologize for any snarkiness. I strive for civility and charity all the time, but do fall short now and then, alas.

            As for your suggestion…I, um, _do_ say exactly that. All the time. Repeatedly. Hundreds of times. _Thousands_ of times, over the years. Here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Compuserve, via email, etc. Unless a specific reader happens to be reading in the right place at the right time, though… Believe me, I’d be delighted to line up all the readers and brand the information on their butts communicate the message to them individually, but haven’t figured out the logistics yet.

            (Dear me, there’s that falling short again. Sorry…)

            [g] I really _am_ sorry if you (or anyone) is upset, but let’s look at it, shall we?

            A) It’s a really unpredictable thing. Both on the publishers’ side and (even more) on mine. I do not _know_ when I’ll finish a particular book. I don’t write with an outline, I don’t write in a straight line, I have no idea where the story begins or ends (let alone what happens in the middle), and for sure I don’t know how long it will be. Now, the average writer working today _does_ know at least how long their books are likely to be–and very, very few of them are writing books that come anywhere near the size and complexity of mine. A lot of them–but by no means all–_can_ predict more or less how long it will take them to deliver a manuscript. I can’t.

            What I do is make a series of constantly-improving (or so we hope…) guesses, which I convey to my editor whenever he/she (there are two of them, UK and US) checks in, which they do roughly every 3-6 months. On this basis, as I get closer to seeing the whole shape of the book, they begin to make their own guesses as to when the book might be available. Some of these guesses end up on Amazon as pub dates. Now, they really should say “_estimated_ pub date”–but they don’t. From their point of view, what on earth does it matter? They aren’t going to charge a customer for a book until it’s shipped, so what difference does it make if it ships on a different date?

            B) There are issues _other_ than simple delivery at work. Publishers don’t just say, “Oh, we’ll get the manuscript on June 6th, so six months from then is Dec. 6th, that’s the pub date.” They have summit meetings to discuss when certain books should come out. Some times of year are better for some books (_all_ the publishers like to push their big bestsellers out the door in the Fall quarter, because of the Christmas revenue, while a debut book might do better in the spring, when it won’t be so lost in the marketing deluge). Sometimes they want to avoid putting a bestseller out on the same date as another publisher’s bestseller, so it will have a better shot at a) audience and b) position on the NYT list. So if–for instance–they’d scheduled one of my books and then discovered that Simon and Schuster was putting out Sharon Kay Penman’s new book on the same date, one publisher or the other might move the date. And then there’s the issue of what’s called “co-op” (cooperative advertising). What this is, basically, is how books are displayed in physical bookstores. Every inch of a bookstore (bar the basic shelves) is for rent. For a price, you can get a book an end-cap display, a pyramid on the central aisle table, a ladder display by the “New Arrivals” shelf, or a dump by the cash register. Or several of those things. But with _all_ the publishers competing for the same space…maybe you can’t get good co-op for the date you had in mind, but you can get it a month later. Do you move the book? Or do you say, “Oh, my GOD, we can’t do THAT!! All those readers EXPECT THIS BOOK to be out on October 23rd! They’ll be Utterly Distraught!” –and publish the book on the original date, knowing that half the people who want the book won’t see it in the bookstore because it doesn’t have prime display space?

            [You know, it's just vaguely possible that I really _am_ snarky...dear me...the unpleasant things one discovers...]

            OK. [g] Anyway, the point here is that it’s so common for pub dates to change that it wouldn’t occur to anyone in the publishing industry that it was any sort of problem. My first three books were actually published on the original dates set for them–partly because the publishers didn’t _set_ a date until they had the manuscripts in hand, and partly because they weren’t buying co-op space–but none of the others have been. They’ve _all_ changed–some of them more than once. (Actually, all of them more than once.) And frankly, I’ve never heard any flak from readers before now about a pub date changing.

            So I’m kind of wondering why suddenly it’s a big deal. Clearly it _is_, to you and some other folks. But why? The book will be there for you as soon as it’s physically and economically possible. Are you being damaged in some way? (I noticed someone elsewhere complaining that the delay was “at the expense of your fans”–implication being that the book’s being published in March rather than December was exacting some cost from said fans. So far as I know, being impatient doesn’t actually cause physical harm, or even make you scream at your spouse and put salt in his coffee, but if it does, I certainly apologize.)

            Anyway, C)

            C) is The Unforeseen Stroke of Lightning. I.e., _something_ happens that makes it exigent to move the book. The author is on the next-to-last chapter when he falls off his motorbike and has a concussion. The publisher learns that Another Publisher is bringing out a book on exactly the same topic, by an author with a bigger name. Or–as in this case, it’s a _good_ stroke of fortune, and someone is making a movie or TV show of the book(s) in question. In that instance, naturally they want to reinforce the marketing for both books and film, so it makes perfect sense to move the book to coordinate its pub date with release of said film thingy.

            Now, I mention that specifically here, BECAUSE…the date we have for the airing of the Starz tv series is (surprise!) also approximate. They haven’t even started filming yet. We don’t know _what_ disasters might befall the production. IF everything goes along as planned (and we certainly hope it does)…then the series _probably_ airs in April, and the book comes out in March. But if it _doesn’t_ all go as planned? Then it kinda depends on how much dislocation there is. If the series was delayed for six months, they probably would go ahead and publish MOBY in March. But if it’s delayed for one month? Six weeks? Might just move.

            And if it _does_, I’ll tell you. Repeatedly. In every venue available to me. And dozens of y’all won’t see any of those notifications and will be bent out of shape when they discover the Horrid Truth. I regret that (no, really, I do. This is not actually fun), but it’s sort of not in my control to make it otherwise.

            That’s kind of how it is. So I apologize once more, and leave you with the hope that you’ll enjoy both the book and the TV show, when you get them.

            All the best,


        • In my opinion it is worth the wait. The release date tease may kill me, but not before I read the absolute end of their story! Thank You for such an engrossing read. I am an enthusiastic fan forever!

          • Diana –

            Geeze, I was just taking issue with misleading hashtags! I would never rush your process, considering the amazing results. However, you left us with several HUGE cliffhangers, and it’s been 4 years! I think it’s a little disingenuous to think we would wait meekly and patiently and not be disappointed when the date we expected to get our answers keeps getting pushed back. Now I understand that you are not the source of the misinformation, but why not be flattered that so many of us are waiting with bated breath? My literary refrigerator is full of melting ice cream and spoiled tuna casserole and you are the only repair person in town!

            (And OMG – you replied to my comment!)

        • Amazon has done that to me before. I’m not surprised. It’s all good tho.My b’day is 4 days after publication date and I’m sure my Mom will now buy it for me for my b’day :) I need to re-read the last one anyway so I won’t be going back to it while I’m reading this one. I’m sure you do understand, however, that where you left off last time was as bad as where you left off in Outlander… we are all very concerned about Jemmy and for that matter poor Bree and Roger!!

        • Diana,
          I believe it’s hard enough to have the deadlines pushed by the publishers, and “us fans” need to be patient. Even if the book is promised, I know things come up and the quality as well as length of your books should never be compromised. I’d rather wait 5 years for a book you are satisfied with, and continue to be the excellent quality that you provide. There are so few books out there with such quality of writing!!!

          So, Diana, I am willing to wait and keep rereading the wonderful books you have given us. I can understand the impatience of others (since I am REALLY looking forward to your next book), but they need to relax. Life is short.

          A dachshund and Outlander lover,

        • Hey there!
          Loretta and I grew up together in OKC. She is helping me with my son right now.
          She is very proud of you.
          I had talked to Loretta about my daughter and you also.
          Sent her this link to see if she has a face that fits anyone in the book/Starz.
          Would like to do something nice for Loretta if something comes of it…

          Best of luck for you! My son went to Aberdeen University for masters studies if you need any help or have any questions!

          • Oh, hi, Sandy!

            How are you? Yes, Loretta mentioned your daughter to me. Lovely girl. [smile] I don’t personally have anything to do with casting–I don’t even know who the casting director/agency for the series is/will be. Your daughter really needs a professional theatrical agent, though; it’s not the kind of business where people can just walk in off the street or apply by themselves. Best of luck!


        • Seems to me I read the dates on this site! I don’t use Amazon

        • I have started reading the books for the 2nd time, I become so involved in the books that I feel a part of the era of 1700′s. Please finish #8, I can’t wait. Thanks so much for Jamie and Claire.

      • Get over it people. You can’t rush something so huge just so it will fit into some artificial release date. Yes it is disappointing that it will take longer than we thought, but why would you want Diana to rush it? The depth and quality of her work is not something which can be ‘hurried up’.
        My dad always used to say that half the fun of going on a trip is the looking forward to it. This is the exact same thing. Our gleeful anticipation time is just extended. I am just happy that there will be a next book.

        • I started reading these comments thinking how excited people will be to hear more about the upcoming filming and book. You can imagine how my jaw dropped when I saw attacks on the author. There are way too many feelings of entitlement out there.

          Diana, I have never read another author as talented as you. Your books keep me captivated all the way through and I thank you for all the research and hard work you put into them. Still looking forward to the next one, but until then I’m enjoying re-reading the previous ones. Thank you again…

      • Well, I would like to say you are being the a** . Do you even follow Diana’s page? She posts on it daily, Amazon says anything I usually check her page Bedford making a**umptions cause she’s the boss, aye! So, if you truly enjoy her books you could aT something like “Diana we love you!! Could you please hurry? But, really, take take take all the time time you need!! LOL. You can always reread her books again like the rest of us, or find something new!! Try to remember, without Diana Gabaldon there would be no Jamie and sure! BOOYAH!!

      • Don’t forget that the “TV” series kicks off in 2014. I cannot think of a better promo for the Book and the Series.

        The creation of a film/tv series has been hinted at on this site for years. To me it appears that negotiations took that long; and any financial manager and publisher worth their salt would insist on holding back the release of the book.

        I am happy for Ms. Gabaldon’s success, I’m just disappointed that it is at her fan base expense.

        I just hope that I am still alive and/or coherent (I’m over 60) when everything breaks

        • Dear Carmen–

          Well, I tell you what, Carmen…I’m over 60 too, and I really don’t expect to go downhill all that much in the space of three months. I hope you don’t, either. [g]


      • Dear Diana,

        Apparently, you’re doin’ it ‘rong.

        The Internets

        Seriously, it’s ART people, not manufacturing. A great book is worth a few extra months. And since y’all can clearly spend that time being all dramatic online ‘n’ stuff, it will fly by. Jeez!

    • They can’t ruin the books – they can only ruin the TV production, and if they do we can certainly switch it off!

    • Congratulations Diana and Outlander peeps! I’ll never get over my love for this book and the characters. I knew this moment would come.

    • Hey Diana!
      Just wondering if book #8 is going to be the last book in this series? I’m very excited for the release and can’t wait to see how it unfolds. You’re the best, and thank you.

      – Meghan

    • Diana,
      I am very excited for the new book and just wanted to let you
      know (and I think I speak for most of your readers) that we will
      be waiting patiently and graciously for the next book. You just take your
      time because we know it will be definitely worth the wait. You never
      disappoint your true fans and your books are the best I have ever read!

      Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful stories!

      • Thank you, Chris!


        • So, what is the release date of book 8?

          I’m patiently waiting.

          I can not imagine how time consuming all the research must be


          • Dear Steve–

            Thanks for your patience! [g] If all goes as planned and nobody has a major disaster, the US/Canada pub date is March 25th, 2014, and at the moment, that looks good.


      • @ Chris ……Amen to that.
        It sucks to wait, but in the end WELL WORTH IT!

        @ Diana…..I would rather wait and get the book just as it should be.

        @ Fans……There are some things worth waiting for.

    • So excited to hear a series is finally in the works. These are my all time favourite books and I’ve hoped they would make it to film.

      It’s going to be a tough job for the actors to play Jamie and Claire as you have made these characters so real over the years and we all have our own impression of what they are like.

      Can’t wait for the series and the next book and I don’t care when they get released as long as I know they’re coming.

      I would rather wait for quality than quantity.

    • I am looking forward to the next book from Diana and will wait as long as necessary. I did not read the Outlander Series, I listened to it by downloading the books from Audible.com. Diana has a fantastic reader, Davina Porter, who it from England and who produces so many accents for every character in the series. I have listened to them twice and will again. The series is also available for rent at most libraries.

      I highly recommend that everyone should take advantage of audible books.

    • Just a few comments re casting of Sam Heughan. Was impressed that you were blown away with the audition tape and felt he totally captured Jamie. I looked at the video of Sam’s performance excerpts and wished I could’ve seen the one you saw. My initial impression was he appears almost effeminate. Id have picked him for Lord John. He is attractive for sure but nothing I’ve seen of him captured the warrior Claire fell in love with. I trust his acting must be good based on your comments but am certainly hoping they can make him look more like the amazing deep blue cat eyed red and gold haired hero. I realize the man is an actor but after seeing him portray intense gay scenes it will be difficult to imagine him being Jamie. Sincerely they knock it out of the park picking Claire and that the amazing chemistry between her and Jamie is captured as well as you have written it.

      • hope

      • Dear Pam–

        I think you’ll be surprised–and pleased. [g]


        • Just saw 2 pics of Sam with long red hair and a bit of facial hair. He began to morph somewhat into Jamie. Am getting more excited now. I am surprised as the image of Jamie in my mind is so distinct that I’d almost decided not to watch the series. i thought I’d either be 1) too critical or 2) start to lose my own picture of Jamie. However, I’m actually rather eager for the series to start. If you had not been so thrilled at what you saw on Sam’s audition I’d probably have passed altogether. I am very glad that the series will generate a new group of Outlander fans and more readers of the books.

      • I agree wholeheartedly. He’s just too feminine in the clips I’m able to find online, even when he’s playing a masculine part. Would have been perfect for Jack Randall, though.

        • Dear Lanelle–

          Well, such clips as I’ve seen have largely involved his playing a rather effete (upper-class English) character, or a gay one. I’ve had the advantage of having seen him “be” Jamie Fraser–and I can assure you that he’ll do a wonderful job with it.



    • We can’t get Starz here in New Zealand, so I am wondering when the rest of the world will be able to see the Outlander series. I can’t wait to see it. Sam Heughan certainly looks the part, but I haven’t seen any of his movies.

  2. I wish them every luck and hope that we readers outside the US also get a chance to watch the serial.

    • So excited! That facebook link does not work though. :\

    • As an Australian reader of Diana’s books, I too hope that we get to see the TV series!!!

    • As an Australian reader of Diana’s books, I too hope that we get to see the TV series!!!

    • Yeah to that !! Not only to be able to see the series in the UK, as soon as it is released, but also, maybe to be in Scotland at the time of filming. Which locations will be used ? Do they know yet?
      Good luck in the right choices of actors too – not an easy job, but we all have our own “dream team don’t we?.

  3. I can’t wait to see which actors play Claire & Jamie!

  4. Finally, I am so delighted! I have said this should be a series for TV or movies for many years now. When he was in his 20′s I thought Brendon Fraser could have been the young Jamie and Liam Neison would have been perfect for the role of Jamie when Claire returned and finds him with the crocked nose. Liam woould now be a great Dougal. I really hope they get the casting right! I have re-read the books several times. It was like reuniteing with loved ones and old friends. Congratulations to Ms Gaboldon. Only sorry that the release of the next book is being delayed, as I had preordered on Amazon.

  5. I don’t know what I’m more excited for, ‘Written in my Own Heart’s Blood’ or the ‘Outlander’ TV show!

    • Oh, Danielle! That’s an easy one … while I’m thrilled Outlander is to be made into a series (and a bit skeptical, too), the Very Best will be MOBY … worthy of being read over, and over … can’t wait! Thank you, Diana, for the many “little vacations” in Claireland! Always a great visit!

  6. It’s finally good to have it down in black and white! Now I hope they can get the story and the casting right.

    Maria: Your preorder on amazon is still good and your price is locked in.

  7. How close do you expect the TV series to remain to the original novel(s)? I have been watching a TV series based on a series of novels, and while the initial storyline is the same, as are some of the characters, after a few episodes, the TV series departed completely from the books.

  8. This is excellent news. My mom loves the books. I’m gonna give the books another shot and hopefully I can get into them now knowing there will be a television series. :) Just as long as the writing and acting are both well done I’m sure I will love the show. However, I can’t even imagine who would be good enough to play the lead roles of Jamie and Claire. Maybe Max Irons for Jamie even though he’s on another show right now. But like I said, no idea who could fill Claire’s shoes. Both are pretty big roles for one person. I sure hope they choose their cast rightly. Can’t wait to see the show.

  9. I’m so excited! Maybe after seeing the tv show, some of my friends will want to read the books. I’m really looking forward to seeing who they pick to play Jamie. I’m thinking Chris Hemsworth would be yummy.

  10. Oh. I am excited. Please say it will be able to be viewed in US. I am also somewhat nervous. I pray they do it justice. These are absolutely without a doubt my all time favorite books. I have reread them 5 or 6 times already. I will reread again this year so that when I watch the series I can have a fresh perspective :). Love your writing Diana. I am so impatient for the next installment, but take whatever time you need. I want a good story! LOL

  11. How exciting! Will have to get cable again unless Starz allows episode d/l purchasing. Can’t wait for this & the latest book. No rush despite Amazon’s chainyanking. Better to wait for book done right than get slop in a hurry :)

  12. I have always pictured Breanna as Laura Prepon (from That 70′s Show) with her flaming red hair.

  13. Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing this with us all…what an exciting development. Hoorsy!

    • *Hooray* of course. Sigh.

      • Dear Laura–

        Don’t worry about it. [g] I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And if not…it’s easy enough not to watch, you know.


        • Dear Diana, I’m another loyal fan who can’t wait for both the book, and the miniseries! It’s not your fault that the book isn’t coming out when the bookstores’ websites said. I still have MOBY preordered whenever it comes out! Your loyal fan, Pat H.

  14. So so so SO excited for this and for you!!! Two things to look forward to now! Next book and the show. WAHHHOOOOO!

  15. Hi Diana,
    So excited to hear that you’re working on a new book! Please take all the time you need to produce another one of your gems. The kind of detail and creativity you put into the books is what keeps us fans coming back for more and for folks like Ronald to want to make the story line available to so many more people.
    The Sony pictures announcement came on my birthday no less : ) What a nice gift.
    I’ve had the hardback editions since your first except for the last one which I received as a gift from my daughter as an audio rendition.
    Please keep up the great work and do take good care of your health.
    God bless you and yours.

  16. What wonderful, scary news! Wonderful because it will be interesting to see the books come alive. Scary because people in the entertainment industry so often mess up what the author has so beautifully written. I hope they make the TV series as good as Diana’s books. As people have mentioned, casting is important but even more important is the script and the direction. We will just have to wait and see. And, no matter what happens with the TV series, we always have these great books to read and reread! :-)

  17. I am excited to see these stories take life in television! I am concerned though, that the male role they choose for Jamie could never live up to my interpretation of him. I have fallen in love a bit with that character!

    I am also disappointed in the delay of the next book, however, can also appreciate that the details Diana researches and the process of putting and EIGHTH book in a series together is such a challenge, and delays are not surprising either.

    I am excited and eager to get the book, however, I reread the series from the beginning again, over and over… and that will help me get through the wait!

    Diana, you are truly a favorite author of mine, and I have read all your books that I have been able to get my hands on. If I had to say, I would say top 5 for sure, and I am an avid reader, who reads roughly 80 books per year, not in fiction only, which encompasses more authors than I could begin to list.

    Keep up your excellent work, because your books are always worth the wait, no matter how eagerly anticipated!

  18. I absolutely adore Jamie Fraser and I have since the day I met him in the Outlander book. I can’t wait to see what they get up to in the next book. I also can’t wait to hear more about Brianna and Roger Mac.

    I am thrilled that they are making a television series but I have to say that casting is THE most important part of it. If you don’t get Claire and Jamie just right it will ruin the storyline. I watched a few television episodes made of the books by Terry Goodkind (my second favourite author after Diana Gabaldon), and was utterly disgusted with the casting. Richard Rahl is much like Jamie….larger than life!! The actor they cast was an average sized, ordinary man…..not the larger than life Lord Rahl. I really hope they don’t make the same mistake with Jamie and Claire.

    Diana, I looooove your Outlander series. I have been reading since was 3 and yours are some of the best books I have EVER read. Please continue. :)

  19. So sorry you were called snarky and blamed for the misinformation. I also pre-ordered a book from Amazon and am, of course, extremely disappointed that it will be March before we get our hands on book 8. However, you are, by far, the best writer I have ever read and I’m willing to wait a while longer. I NEVER re-read books and remember very few characters for long but I remember every character in your books including Jamie’s and Claire’s full names and their birthdates and I’ve re-read the entire set 3 or 4 times. I even have my sister hooked on your books and she is one of those who rarely reads fiction. We discuss Jamie and Claire as if they are personal friends. When I first found your web site and read the raves by your fans, I thought, “How ridiculous!” But then, here I am, raving just like everybody else. Anyway felt bad that you got slammed and had to throw my 2 cents in there. Oh, and thank you for getting me through a very bad time after 2007 when both my mom and mother-in-law went through chemo and radiation treatments and died within months of each other. My sister also had cancer late the same year. Needless to say I was extremely depressed and think I would have lost it comletely without your books for relief. Thanks.

  20. Dear Janet–

    I’m really glad the books could be a help to you–and I’m so sorry to hear about your mother and mother-in-law; that’s a terrible blow.

    Don’t worry about the occasional (mild) negative comment. People get upset and post what they’re thinking without pausing to consider–I do, too. [wry g] And after all, very few people actually _know_ any novelists personally; it’s no wonder that so many think that a novelist is just born with a stack of stories in his or her head, like an artistic Pez dispenser, and all you have to do is bonk them on the head sharply enough and they’ll spit one out.


    • Ah, Diana! Thank you for the many gifts of laughter! Yes, writers have that odd gift of imagination … should he go there? Here? With her? The the kid, the nephew? How, and then What Happens … eeeeeee! And you’re expected to make logical sense of the Whole Shebang. And, of course, your readers expect perfection … well, YOU are, right!? (g) Good Luck! Yeah … being so marvelously gifted is an odd kind of handicap. Re-reading Outlander, I always find something new, something that applies to me, that day. So many lessons, thoughts, and educational tidbits. Faskinating!

    • Diana,

      Surely you have heard that Bonk has a whole different meaning in England!


      Click the link and look to the right of the page . :D

    • I wondered if anyone was going to mention cancer and the need for wakeful oblivion? I, too, coped with breast cancer last year, six rounds of chemotherapy, 30 sessions of prone radiation (to help protect the heart and lungs, which almost invariably incur damage, as opposed to the industry standard of supine radiation), weight loss (and the attendant anxiety) due to a study trial for Metformin to minimize subsequent tumors, and anxiety over a second lump found in the opposite breast (found under my Kevlar body protector, worn while teaching), that happily turned out to be benign. Downton Abby was my “wakeful oblivion” for the chemotherapy and radiation, while your Outlander series served these past nine months (read twice) to occupy my thoughts as I passed into good health again. I look forward to the next installment as Lord John does with regard to the white deer: ” Its’ coming is a gift, which I accept with gratitude.”

      I have much more to thank you for as well in your series. I deeply respect your belief in God and the honest portrayal of your characters’ struggles with belief, as well as your deep appreciation of the difficulty of living “accepting one’s own mortality,” and yet “living fully,” as a paradox “worthy of Socretes.” After struggling to keep my Mother alive with 14 infections in 14 months after two major strokes, I know all too well how one faces mortality, relishes life, and attempts atonement, as my Mother’s illness allowed me to do through her illness. Cancer only made that recognition more vivid, although I am a faithful believer as well. Your series has also allowed me to appreciate my husband of 26 years even more. His understanding of comparative religion, and his knowledge of ancient Greek, often remind me to remember “life half full,” not “life half empty,” as your characters do while they struggle. May I thank you, as well, for your deep appreciation of and knowledgeable research and writing on medicine, the struggle of subsistence farmers, our Indian tribes (I’m 1/32 Sioux), travel, the horrific desecration of the clans by the English, mid-18th. history on both sides of the Atlantic in general, bigotry and hatred that was intrinsic to that period, key battles of the American Revolution, the role of the press, ley lines (we lived in Flagstaff, close to Sedona!), and the vivid details that bring to life that period, from the smells, the colors, the textures, the voices and the hourly struggles. I feel that I can touch my husband’s four surviving Mayflower ancestors, and my Viking ancestors who made it to The Shetlands and to Iceland, through the rich panoply of images that you portray! Genetic heritage does, indeed, live on. I can see it over the mantle- piece, with a portrait of Henry Adams Blyte, one of my husband’s ancestors. The London musical and the television series will only reach more audiences, who deserve this sublime touch of history, and the opportunity to take a “Outlander” tour of Scotland next year will make me anticipate the publication of the next book even more! Thank you!

      May I respectfully suggest, one professional writer to another, that I send you tidbits at times on horses, their uses and reactions, if I catch a description that might not ring quite true? I’ve noticed a few in your books, and wonder if they might be minutely adjusted in a reprinted addition? I’ve had the pleasure of emjoying equines as members of my family for 46 years now, and indeed, have run an internationally accredited therapeutic riding program for The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International, for the past 14 years. My knowledge is theoretical as well as practical, and I might be helpful to your writing, in some small part, for all of us who love the sublime equine.

      With many thanks, again, for your contribution to all of us readers, worldwide, over so very many countries and generations, I am, most Sincerely, a devoted fan!

      • Dear Carol–

        So pleased that the books could be helpful to you, in whatever way! And certainly, I’d be most grateful for any suggestions that occur to you in re horses; clearly you’re an expert in that regard, and I always listen to experts. [g]


  21. Dear Diana,
    I am thrilled for you. I’ve begun rereading the Outlander series in order to reacquaint myself with the story. I am enjoying it just as much the second time around. There are so many wonderful characters and story lines, that it’s impossible to remember them all from my first reading. Reading the series again has reminded of a wonderful Celtic song the Rankins sing called, “Ho Ro Mo Nighean Donn Bhoidheach.” The title translation is “my brown nut maiden.” If you love Celtic music, you’ll love this song. (I have no connection to the Rankins, I just love their music.)

    I look forward to the show and the next book.

    Thank you for your creativity.

    All the best,
    Thomasina Levy

  22. Oh Diana the patience you must have to deal with “fans” and their demands of you! Just know that with everyone of those type of “fans” you have so many more that are understanding. And actually listen to what you have to say. You are a human being for goodness sake not a machine. You have given so many gifts to me that I couldn’t ever find the words to thank you enough. Enjoy your summer and remember your writing is worth the wait to those of us who love you!

  23. March? Okay then, I have a new date to look forward to. Luckily we have Starz – which is another item for anticipation.

    The comments here are a joy. I get to see the various (and sometimes) borderline-objectionable comments of those who want their instant gratification and also to see borderline-snarky answers with a wry grin.

    Pez dispenser? Bonk on the head for a new story? I am still grinning, myself. Thanks.

  24. Playing the part of Claire will not be easy, I hope they pick actors that will treat our beloved characters with respect.

  25. Dear Diana-

    Don’t listen to the negative nellies blaming you for the misinformation disseminated by other sources (yes, I’m talking to you Amazon). You just keep making that magic and writing the next book…I’m positive it will be worth the wait, no matter when it is published. Besides, I’m a firm believer that anticipation makes everything in life that much sweeter.

    I have mixed feelings about the upcoming TV series. If it is done right and the casting is spot on, it will be fantastic. However, there are many books I have adored over the years and in most instances the movies or TV series based on them and/or the actors cast in key parts don’t live up to my imagination. Like many other fans, Claire is my hero and I’m more than a little in love with Jamie, so my expectations may be set too high.

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Outlander series since the beginning. Each time a new book comes out, in the months leading up to publication day, I re-read the others and enjoy them more each time I read them! Over the years I have introduced many of my friends to the Outlander series. We are all eagerly awaiting the publication of the new book. And we have endless fun discussing who we would like to see cast as Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger and the rest!

    Thanks for sharing your vision with us and for creating such memorable characters!


  26. I am so excited that your Outlander series is finally going to be made for TV.
    Thank you so much for such a fantastic stories…………..

  27. Diana-

    People are stupid. I am sure you know this already, but I just had to state the obvious. They should be knocked upside the noggin for their ignorance.

    I am beyond obsessed with this series and am currently rereading them for the millionth time. Jamie is….ah..no words. obsessed I tell you. anyway…

    question: in your head..who do you see playing Jamie and claire(unofficially of course)? very excited!

    • Dear Danielle–

      Well, now, let us try to be charitable. [g] Everybody says stupid things occasionally–I certainly do. I know absolutely nothing about actors; I never watch television, and see movies only occasionally. So I recognize the sorts of actors who get their pictures in PEOPLE magazine (that’s why I read it, so I’ll know who the producers are talking about when they mention someone to me), but most of these are movie people, thus not candidates for a cable-TV series. So I dunno, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. I _do_ know they’re conducting auditions, even as we speak, so we’ll hope to have some news before too long.


      • Diana,

        Will you have any say in who plays what character? My mom and I are super excited both for your upcoming book and the series. We are truly hoping they do your work justice!!!


        • I have always thought that Rachel McAdams would make a really great Claire and she is a fabulous actress.

  28. I usually check the blogs I follow every day, but with the Stanley Cup Finals I was a little preoccupied! Now that things have settled down, a little, after our Chicago Blackhawks brought The Cup home I finally came across your post. I was beginning to think I was the only one excited about the series! I’m sure looking forward to it! And you just keep on writing as long as you want since I have so many books I want to read and everything takes a backseat when one of your books come out. I have been one of your faithful readers since the beginning and I know that your books are worth waiting for no matter how long it takes! : )

  29. Hi Diana,

    Thrilled about the series. Anticipation for book 8 tastes like ambrosia.

    Many Blessings.


  30. Diana,
    I was introduced to your books a few months ago and after reading Outlander, raced through all the others. Then I read all the Lord John Gray books and the short stories/novellas which really fleshed out the whole “Outlander World.” Now, I am busy rereading the original books because there is just so much in each one that it is impossible to catch all the detail the first time around! I do not usually reread books, but yours are actually very enjoyable the second time around! What a treat!

    I am very excited about the new cable serial based on Outlander. Soooo much better than trying to do a movie. Shooting the serial in Scotland was absolutely the way to go, too. At least for the first book. But the crucial factor we all know is the casting. Probably, it would be better to use two un-knowns or little-knowns. Big names will probably not have the time available to do a series unless it is in one of the supporting roles. It will be a big time commitment for the two actors who play Jamie and Clair. No matter who is cast, those two have to be true to your descriptions. You refer to their physical features so often that they will be “must haves”: Jamie’s red hair, blue eyes, long nose, large and graceful physique, and Claire’s pale skin, sherry colored eyes, curly brown hair, and slim figure. If the actors do not have the hair and eyes, then they must wear contacts and wigs. Close-up shots with the wrong particulars would really fall flat!

    • Mary,
      It’s as though you quoted me verbatim in your message! Although I read the books for the first time a couple of years ago, at the time that I did they were all available so I didn’t have to wait like some who discovered these right after the first novel was out. I am also reading them a second time. After getting into them at the beginning I devoured them leaving no crumbs. This time I’m decided to take a short breath between bites so that I could catch things that may have dribbled down my chin the first time. Speaking of dribbling, I agree whole heartedly about the character descriptions and actor selection. The descriptions for each and every character are so detailed, a wrong choice in actor or even choosing an actor attempting to change hair and eye color, well let’s just say it’s won’t be an easy job. We’re a demanding bunch with high expectations, so I’m sending good luck, and good vibe wishes to all those who will make one of my dreams (yes I do dream of Jamie!), of a good read come true.

      • Dear Brook (et al)–

        Well…do remember what it is that actors _do_. I.e., they act. [g] A good actor can _become_ someone he (or she) isn’t, in the blink of an eye. I once watched Charlton Heston–during a brief talk on an outdoor stage at the LA Times Literary Festival–go from a diminutive Chinese man to one of Ernest Hemingway’s characters, watching someone bleed to death. And both times, within the first few words, I totally forgot it was Charlton Heston (who was, after all, reasonably spectacular in his own right…).

        So I’d urge y’all not to judge by still photos, whoever they choose. The production people will have–well, actually, they’re doing it _now_; I know, ‘cuz they told me [g]–careful auditions, and I do trust them to do the absolute best they can. So far, they’ve shown themselves to have the greatest respect for the integrity of the story, and I’m sure they’ll do a good job with the characters.


    • Diana,
      The first book I read from the series was “Drums of Autumn” 1997 (it was left by a hotel guest on the Island of Jamaica) I was hooked. it also made me missed my Scottish grandfather terribly; that Hummm that he used most effectively to communicate, that the recipient was never in any illusion to his meaning. You have obviously observed Scott’s, they are a special breed.
      The next book I read was the “fiery Cross” mainly because I wanted to know what was happening with Bree And Roger I didn’t fully realise that there were 3 books prior to that (i can only apologies my only excuse is, I was at university at the time. Walked into waterstones one day looking for new material and there was “A Breath of Snow & Ash” as asked the sales assistant about the book and asked for a comparison between DoA and FC, that’s when I found out about the “others” needless to say fi left waterstones with everything you had ever written that was in stock and ordered what they didn’t. I wrote plenty of pain cheques that week, and even though those bloody books are like bricks (hardbacks, the only way to read) I hauled them everywhere and read them anywhere, even on a crowded tube. Got through them (including any published Lord John books) and thought “more!” I really like, reread them at random and thought “I’m so glad they have not corrupted the books by turning them into movies”.
      Some years on and we are talking TV series!!??. You can normally do more with series (see Game of Thrones I was very apprehensive at first), and as for the casting? I’m a bit baffled that some are concerned that they will have difficulty finding a 6ft 4in, red headed, blue eyed actor with a Scottish accent!!?? Then I remembered, not everyone’s been to Scotland, or to the Edinburgh festival of Fringe. There’s already one on a very popular American TV show although his hair is looking very blond these days and I do agree we need a newbie there are plenty of Celtic descendants across the pond, check north of the boarder too. I would not worry about appearance (makeup artist are masters at what they do), it’s the accent and mannerisms that’s going to be tricky, and sanitising or over romanticising their relationship would, just not work either.

  31. Hi Diana,

    This is very exciting news! Ronald’s work in TV has been extraordinary and STARZ proved they could do justice to a sweeping historical epic with Pillars of the Earth. Can you clarify if the 16 episode commitment is for a single season? Following the recent road map set by Pillars, World Without End and Game of Thrones, this would seem to encompass more than one season. Here’s hoping that, in your role as a consultant, your opinion is sought on the teleplay and casting. As much as I’d love to think the strength of the source material would overcome the rest, I find myself remembering Congo, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, The Time Machine, Sphere, Bloodwork, A Sound of Thunder, Eat Pray love, Dune, The Time Traveler’s Wife, etc. :o)


    P.S. Keep those novellas coming! There’s nothing quite so fun as surprising my sassenach with a Kindle download while she anxiously awaits the Dec….er, March release. :o)

    • Dear Patrick–

      Yes, the sixteen episodes _are_ for one season! Very exciting. [g] There’s no guarantees in the film business, of course–but I’m _very_ encouraged by what I’ve seen of this production team’s work so far!


  32. So bloody excited!!!!! I’m researching the casting directors, for sure–I have to at least *try* to submit myself, right? Ha!

    I tried to get to the Facebook page listed, but it doesn’t appear to exist. Please keep us updated on when they have that up!

    I’d also like to say I’m a little disappointed in some of Diana’s fans. She’s not the one in charge of the publishing date…and even if she were, we should respect that. She and the publishers know what’s best for the series. After Diana finishes writing, it goes through so many more steps before it gets put in our hands. Yes, we’re all impatiently awaiting the continuing story, but I’d rather that story be perfect than have it rushed out to us. Give the girl a break!

    Oh–Diana, are you considering putting out another Outlandish Companion that encompasses all the books that have been published since the last companion (to include MOBY)? That companion is so helpful…full of Happy Goodness for us. :)

    Best regards,

    • Dear Christa–

      Yes, there will be an OUTLANDISH COMPANION, Volume II. [g] It’ll cover books 5-8, and likely also the novels in the Lord John sub-series. (Possibly the short pieces, too; haven’t decided that, yet.)

      I’ve been working on that sporadically over the last couple of years (I normally do work on more than one thing at a time), and it’s pretty much accumulated [g]–I’ll need another six months or so of concentrated work to beat it into shape, though–and I really can’t do that until I’ve finished writing MOBY. But with luck, you might get the second COMPANION soon(ish) after MOBY comes out.


      • Dear Diana

        Thank you so much for your books. I find it really hard to get into a book but , your books I have a really hard time putting down. I have been through them all twice. Looking forward to the eighth. Thanks again so much!!

      • Oh, wonderful!!! The Companions are perfect for new releases…I don’t always have time to go back and read all previous novels before the latest comes out…ha!

  33. Congratulations on the Starz series! I will certainly be a new customer once the series airs. I was very surprised to see it will be 16 episodes since most cable series are around 10 or 12. Are they one hour or half episodes? I hope one hour, the more I see of Jamie the better.

  34. Sorry, meant half *hour* episodes, not half episodes.

  35. Hi Diana,

    Oh that is great news. I can hardly wait for book 8 ‘MOBY’ and some more news about Starz – ‘Outlander Series”.

    Thank you so much for letting us know this great news.

    I know the book and tv series will both be Excellent !!!!

    Take a break, and then back to our beloved Characters !!!!!
    Only You can create them.

    Have a good Summer !!!!

    Susie O.

  36. i cannot wait for book 8…i am re reading the series now…and i especially waiting for outlander series…i was introduced to this series by a coworker and a friend..i am so glad that i read them..one of my favorite series…i have every one of the book covers..my two friends and i are planning a trip to scotland and i cant wait til we get there…many many thanks


  37. The Outlander series is my favorite set of books. I reread the entire series every winter, and so does my mother. When you go to sleep, and dream of the characters, you have read a winner. I love Jamie and Claire, and can hardly wait until MOBY comes out. Thank you for having such an imagination and for giving us such wonderful characters to love.

  38. Diana’s Outlander series has to the BEST series of books I have ever read. I await her next book (due for release
    April 2014) with eager anticipation and if a TV Series can be produced, equal to the high standard of the books,
    the world will see the genius of this lady. About time!

  39. Diana,

    Thanks for sharing this great news with all of us. You are such a “LADY” for taking in stride the asinine comments of some fans. You truly dealt with these people with more grace than the average person would have but then that just goes to show the civility of your character. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the next book and the TV series. I thank you because as much as I (like everyone ) want the book now,waiting gives me something very good to look forward to. It WILL be worth the wait. Remeber people…quality takes time!


  40. Diana,

    If I had to wait 5 more years to read your next book, I would gladly do so.. just so you could have the time to develop the characters and story line for the book. I would rather be disappointed by the delay in having the book released then to have you rush it and give me less of the magic that makes the books what they are. I bless the day I found your books and the faeries who guided me down that aisle of the book store. :) Don’t ever give less then you do, the you that you are is what makes us love you!!!!


  41. Diana, First of all Amazon does give a date of 3/25/14 for the books publication date and the overly anxious fans should just remember how many hands the book will go through before it ever gets into theirs. Also S–T HAPPENS! Get over it. After watching “DaVinci’s Demons” especially and Spaticus you can see what a superb job they do in the casting of the characters so I doubt if any of us will be overly dissaponted in the choices made. Right now I’m relistening the audio of “Fiery Cross” in my car to and from where ever, thank you for giving us such a wonderful actress for the audios, she truly is your voice for me and I hate the radio so thanks again! As Jenny says reading a little of a book every evening gives you something to think about during the day, well your books definately live up to that and just to let you know all the cliff hangers at the end of the last book have been driving me Nuts!

  42. I totally agree that good casting will make the series. I would really like to see some wonderful but unknown actors getting these roles – people we haven’t seen before, or at least not often, so we can watch without seeing them in our mind’s eye as someone they characterized before. Case in point – The Bridges of Madison County….one of the most badly miscast films I’ve ever watched. I love both Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood – but that wasn’t the movie for them and they just ruined the story for me…but that’s just my opinion, of course.

  43. Thanks for your Outlander series of books. I have been reading and rereading them since the first one was published and have waited fairly patiently for each one since. I really like that they are nice long books, but unfortunately even the best binding don’t seem to hold up after several rereads. Am currently trying to super glue the pages back into A Breath of Snow and Ashes. It is a hardback and not the book club edition. Guess no binding can stand up to 700 or 800 plus pages and multiple rereads. Am looking forward to MOBY whenever it is released. Have mixed feelings about the TV series. Have usually been disappointed when a favorite book is made into a movies or TV serial. The characters don’t look like I have pictured them and frequently it doesn’t stick to the story line. Hope you don’t melt in the heat. I saw that Phoenix was 119 degrees last Saturday. Am glad that I no longer live there. Twenty-four years was enough. The winters were nice, but the summers sucked. You have had a busy year with weddings in additional to book signing and other events that you have had to attend. It is a wonder that you have managed to do as much writing as you have.

  44. Hope I am not repeating myself, just saying thank you ,Diana for sharing your amazing talent with us. Yes, Chris Hemsworth would make a verra fine Jamie.

  45. So excited to hear this news! Now, I just have to order Starz from Direct TV Donovan watch it. I have loved the epic love store of Jamie and Claire since I first read Outlander. This brilliantly written series is on my summer read list every year. And is ALWAYS the series I recommend to friends/family when they are looking for book suggestions.

    Diana, you are awesome!

    • ***And watch it….I am not sure where Donovan came from (as, I am not so far gone to have named my DirectTV, lol). Damn autocorrect strikes again. This is why I am not allowed to post after midnight!

  46. Hi Diana

    So pleased for you that you will see your wonderful characters on the small screen and we can’t wait to share in that with you.

    Given that youi will need an ending for the TV series, can we presume that MOBY will be the last in the Outlander series?

    I don’t have satalitte tv because our lovely BBC fills all of my tv needs usually but if needs be I will be putting up a dish next year on the side of my house!

    best regards to you


    • Dear Diane–

      No, MOBY isn’t the last; there will be (I think) nine books in the main series.


      • Thank you for your frankness, I am very pleased to hear that Diana


        • Thank you! This was the same question I was going to ask. Now we can look forward to the Starz series, book 8 AND book 9 :o)

          And I appreciate that the book release was moved out until March.

          1- Because we want to read the story as YOU need to write it, however long that takes.

          2- Honestly I know once it comes out I will be glued to it, and March is the perfect long, dreary month in which to escape with Jamie, Claire and Ian. No excuse not to rake the leaves this fall!

  47. Diana, You are the only author I know who puts herself “out there” and gives so much to the fans. Thank you for being so accessible. The other authors I follow on blogs hold something back–probably so they won’t get criticized!
    I have a personal question about your writing style. Do you know at the beginning of writing the book how it is going to end? In other words, do you have a general path you follow, even if it’s only in your head?
    I’m just curious if the story and the ending open up as you are writing. I know you have said in the past that you don’t use an outline.
    I always thought I could write better than some contemporary writers (it’s easy to criticize bad writing and grammar), but I don’t have a single story in my head, so don’t worry about any competition. Ha! As if.

  48. I am very excited for both the book and the series. The hours I’ve spent reading the Outlander series have been wonderful. So, I thank you Ms. Gabaldon, for the gift you’ve given me.

    P.S. I just introduced another friend to the series. She’s angry with me because everything else in her life has been put on hold and she’s feeling guilty. I’ve told her to relish each moment. Ahh, to be an Outlander virgin again!

  49. Diana: Thank you for hours of enjoyment, and re-reading pleasure without end! I have also you to thank for my German pen-pal, Monika (Barbara’s mother) who (whom?) I met in Inverness in 1999 when we stayed at the same B&B. I am proud to possess one of the silky scarves depicting you and Monika walking along a woodland trail in Germany. Looking forward to Written In My Own Hearts Blood and the prospect of a tv series. I recommend your Outlander series to anyone interested in a good read! Thank you again, and keep on keeping on.

  50. Well, as I am about to toss Showtime for Starz, I am fair chomping at the bit for this. It’s been a long time coming and I’m truly excited. A new book and a new series in the same year? Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  51. I am so excited to hear this news! Half way through book ‘An Echo of Bone’ and can’t wait to read MOBY. Thanks for the wonderful books Diana! They make my day brighter!

  52. Diana,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful series so far! My grandmother got me hooked on the books years ago, and to this day, Jamie, Claire, and the others are a frequent topic of conversation for us. We’re already making plans to watch the new tv series together. Congratulations on the series order!


  53. This is a fantastic news!!!! I know we have been going over the list of potential candidates for Jamie and Clair’s roles for soooooo long and I am really excited to see who finally gets chosen (unless they have already been chosen and i just missed it).

    I did the audio books first time along for all 7 books and now i am reading the paper version (also because i can not bear not to have these books in my library). I am grasping another aspect of your fantastic writing this time along. When first time i stared with your books my daughter was 9 months old and i identified with Brianna in Drums of Autumn and Fiery cross and things she was going through and now that my daughter is 3.5 I see my sweet baby in Jemmy at that age and the Brianna and Roger’s emotions when they found out about Mandy’s condition and anything you are willing to do for your kids (my little one had 2 surgeries last year and due for another in 2014 or 15). the fact I can identify with so many different characters in your books based on different places I am in my life is amazing and shows depth of your writing.

    O well! in short you are brilliant and i can not wait for the TV series and MOBY

    • Thanks, Rohini! [g]

      Actually, _one_ reason why the books take a long time to write is that I need to have lived long enough to actually understand the emotions and responses of the characters. But that also is one of the reasons why the books can be re-read at intervals, and the reader find something new and different. If you wait five years before your next re-read, I guarantee you’ll identify with someone or something completely different on that go-round.



  54. OMG! This is fantastic! Yay! I so can’t wait! I’ve already mentioned it to hubby and we’ll need to subscribe to Starz! Woot! Thanks for the great news =)

  55. Hi, Diana.
    Congratulations for this awesome news… It just puts a huge smile in my face. I’m a big fan of Outlander series so I can’t wait to see this fantastic production on TV.
    It will be a great success, I’m sure! :D

  56. Diana,
    Your books are not only a pleasure to re-read, I have learned that they are terrific to listen to while I walk each morning! I honestly think that is why I drag myself out at 5am (I also live in AZ), just so I can enjoy the next segment. I am almost finished with Voyager, and am happy to give you most of the credit for the weight I have shed along the miles!
    Your imagination and storytelling make the time pass so quickly.
    Thanks again,

  57. Hi Diana,

    Congratulations! You deserve the exposure. I wish you much success.

    Could you clarify a point for me? Since it is a “series” and not a “miniseries” will the 16 episodes focus only on the first book? If not, what time period will it cover?

    Looking forward to the series and MOBY,

  58. Hi Diana,

    I am ecstatic to hear that someone is finally bringing your enthralling saga to the screen! Can. Not. Wait. ;o)

    I can’t help but think that Rupert Grint could make an interesting Jamie. He certainly has the look and is a true ginger. What do you think?

    Do you have any say in who is cast in the roles?


    • Dear Maria–

      No, but I gotta say, I don’t think Rupert Grint is it, really. [g] Too short, for one thing. (Besides, hair color is irrelevant; _anybody_ can be ginger in half an hour, max.)


  59. Diana -

    Just gotta say, I love you lady!

    You are so giving, not only of your brilliance in your writing, but in the time you devote to fans…. this website and FB being prime examples, not to mention all the time you spend travelling to meet your fans and sign books (even if it takes you into the wee hours of the morning!) You go above and beyond my dear! It is a wonder you can find time to write. I generally read 1 or 2 books every week, but keep coming back to yours to re-read and savour.

    Hopefully you have got some downtime planned for the summer before the final frenzy sets in. I believe you said your Eldest Daughter is getting married this month. I hope you get some time off for good behavour!

    Very best regards,
    Look forward to seeing you and Doug in Fergus,


  60. Hello Diana,

    Your Outlander series holds a very special place in my book-loving heart and I cannot wait for MOBY as well as the series adaptation! Thank you for writing such amazing books and for bringing to life such wonderful characters! Jamie is irresistible and I’m really curious to know who they’re going to cast!

    As for Randall… There is one actor who could really rise up to the challenge: Richard Armitage. If you don’t know who he is, check him out in the BBC adaptation of Gaskell’s “North and South”!

    Thanks again and enjoy your daughter’s wedding day!!! My best wishes to you and your family.

  61. I am so excited! Go Diana!!! Yeah for you!!! I hope you make piles of money ;)

    • Dear Danine–

      Well, not so concerned about that (I probably won’t starve. Still have a Ph.D. in science I could dust off, if necessary [g]), but I _do_ hope the series will draw more readers to the books. I don’t write for money (though _having_ written, I’m all for getting paid [g])–I do write to be read.

      Thanks for your good wishes!


  62. Ms. Gabaldon,

    I’ve read all the Outlander bundle books and look forward to the next installment. You weave great stories. Love the vocabulary of new words for me, or at least words I’ve not used or often seen or heard. I also commend you on the excellent use of actual historical events, people, etc. I find myself researching more about these events.

    I have a biblical citation observation. It is found in An Echo in the Bone, Part Six, Chapter 80, “Oenomancy,” where Claire is warning Michael concerning the nature of the French Revolution. In her mind, Claire is thinking she is like Jeremiah being placed in prison following his prophecy concerning Nineveh.

    There is really not a connection between Jeremiah and Nineveh; Nineveh itself is not mentioned in that book. Jeremiah prophesied after the fall of Nineveh and the enemy at hand is the Babylonians (sometimes called Chaldeans in the Bible).

    Jeremiah was imprisoned in Jerusalem because he advanced the guidance that Judah should not fight against Babylon, as Babylon was the Lord’s chosen instrument of divine judgment. Needless to say, that was seen as treason and false prophecy. The accounts of Jeremiah’s situation are found in Jeremiah 32, 33, 37, 38, 39. Chapter 38 could imply a “well” since there was mire at the bottom.

    If Claire meant to think of “Jonah,” rather than Jeremiah, since Jonah did prophesy against Nineveh, there remains a problem since Jonah was not shut up in a well.

    I didn’t know if there was an apocryphal account you had used or if it was simply an editorial oversight.

    Anyway, thank you for creating such engaging characters and bringing to bear so many historical and theological discussions! Doug

    • Dear Doug–

      It’s just Claire. [g] See, _you_ know that, and _I_ know that…but Claire’s is not a particularly devout person, nor does she read the Bible regularly. She has the usual half-remembered muddle of Biblical references that people _do_ have when they’ve grown up in a culture where such references are common, but not formally studied.

      Thanks very much for your good opinions and good wishes! Much appreciated. [smile]


      • Thank you for the prompt reply! I understand Claire’s conflating the two biblical narratives. Rest assured it does not lessen in the least my admiration of her (big smile). Thanks again.

  63. Dear Diana,

    I am so excited to hear about the upcoming Outlander series on Starz. I guess I will have to subscribe to their service now. For you I’ll fork out the extra money. I’m anxious to see who is cast. I can’t wait to see this wonderful world you’ve created come to life.

    I have been following you since the first book came out and have always been deeply in awe of your talent as a storyteller. The amount of research you put into each and every one of your books is staggering. I have not only gotten hours of enjoyment delving into Jamie and Claire’s world, but I have learned so much as well about history, daily life in the 18th century, medical practices, herbal remedies (not that I’ve tried any), and historical figures (though I realize they have been fictionalized), etc. I can clearly see why it takes so long to write each book and they are truly worth the wait.

    As far as amazon.com goes, I admit I did pre order the 8th book, with the full understanding that the publishing date may not be accurate. I know I will eventually get the book when it is published and they don’t charge until it is published so no harm no foul. Anyone who can criticize you about the publishing date is beyond me. No one who understands how much work goes into writing a book ever would.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and for the many hours of enjoyment you have brought me and all your readers.

    Best wishes always,

  64. Dear Diana,

    1. I do not know how you get anything done at all when you spend so much time responding to nonsensical people, although I do appreciate that you do respond to your fans.

    2. I think you have the patience of Job to answer illiterate, argumentative people who obviously have not been paying attention over the past year (regarding publishing dates).

    3. I’m so happy that the actor cast as Jamie pleases you. What you wrote about seeing him onscreen is intriguing, and I can’t wait to see it.

    4. I have booked my trip to Bubonicon and can’t wait to ask you a few questions .

    Thanks so much for creating such great characters and plots.

    ~ Terri

  65. I enjoy the Outlander series, the Lord John series, and the snippets you post on Facebook for MOBY. I don’t follow every possible posting in which you “pontificate”. (You don’t really “pontificate”). I enjoy reading and rereading your series and other authors series.

    From reading Elizabeth Moon’s Paksenarrion blog, I have gotten a good idea of how her creative process works. And also how life can interrupt the creative flow. Granted she usually has one book in process at a time. She also let’s the readers of her blog know when the proof pages come, the process for correcting the proofs, and returning the proofs to her editor. She also at times gives snippets of the story, which do not give away any of the major plot lines.

    Why do I mention her process is such detail? I do this to show that different authors have different ways to touch their fans. The author cannot always keep a deadline.

    Your fans do not always know why a tentative date is put out for a publication date. The date may have been slipped because of conditions which were out of the author’s, the editor’s, or the publishers’ control. Your fans will patiently (or impatiently) wait until MOBY is ready. We want you to write the best story you can write. Life gets in the way. It always as, and it always will. Put your best out here for us to read. We will always devour whatever you write, whenever it comes out.

    May God keep you and yours safe while you are in your writing mode.

    – Mary Elmore Kellogg Cowart

    PS Keep the good characters and plots coming.

    PSS Good luck on the Outlander (TV series). I am looking forward to seeing it.

  66. Dear Diana,
    As I write I listen to ‘The Fiery Cross” on talking book and someone has just been giving Claire a “firm but languid” touch on her foot after Jacosta & Duncan’s wedding.
    I wait with bated breath for MOBY and I wonder many things about the coming story, some of my wilder imaginings are:
    Is Fergus revealed as being able to travel through the stones- as the son of a fellow traveller this could happen?
    Does Roger get someone to write the letter that is written in an unfamiliar hand – does it tell Brianna where he has ended up?
    What dastardly plans does the Comte St Germain have for Claire & Jamie?Will his influence reach across the oceans to America?
    Look forward to reading MOBY and hoping that it will not be the series end – i would be happy to wait again for another instalment.

  67. Dear Diana,

    Excited to hear your new book will be out, of course the sooner the better. The anticipation is half the fun!

    I’m hesitant about the TV movie version yet keeping an open mind. As far as who will play Claire and Jamie goes, we all have our visuals about who would be best.

    The other day at church I saw a man that fit my vision of Jamie to a tee. He was about 6’4″, red hair with a ponytail, short beard, muscles and most importantly a kind, handsome face. He was helping a handicapped person up the isle during mass. It took all my willpower not to exclaim “JAMIE, you’re alive” !!! Quite like I exclaimed when reading the first of the series, Outlander.

    Thank you for sharing your brilliant talents with us.

    B.C. Craig

  68. I, along with millions of others, had to wait almost six years for George R R Martin’s fifth Game of Thrones book to be released, so waiting four years is nothing. I love the way Ms. Gabaldon’s mind works and am very grateful to have these wonderful books to read.

  69. Dear Diana:

    I’m 66 years old and driven to write my first fan letter. This note is strictly for information, so, feel no pressure.

    MOBY will be released in my 67th year, as will the televised Outlander, in 2014.

    Following the same pattern, your 9th book will most likely be available in my 71st year, hopefully 2019, as will (again hopefully) The Fiery Cross on television.

    2023 will be my 75th year, and time for the (probably) last televised book, if the series runs to conclusion.

    I think I can make it. Just sayin’.

    Thank you for many enjoyable reading and listening hours.

    Sue Carter Moore

  70. Since I always re-read each of the books before the new one comes out, I’m kind of glad March 2014 is the publication date! The pile I’m ready now is about a foot tall, and need to get through it first!

  71. Greetings once again Diana!

    I was wondering if you know if the TV version of Outlander will be available to purchase in DVD format (for those of us who would prefer to watch it without commercials)?

    Kind regards from Nova Scotia

    Bethia MacPherson

    PS It’s verra important that Jamie and Claire receive our undivided attention…

  72. Hi Diana – I have never, ever entered anything like a blog or twitter or facebook, etc, so I hope I am doing this correctly…

    I was introduced to your series by two unaquainted but very enthusiastic friends, so I was intrigued before I even read anything. The Outlander was unlike anything I had ever read and I was hooked…I quickly went through the whole series (my housework suffered, hahaha) and was chuckling to be disappointed to not be able to download the last book on my ipad immediately. I hope you don’t think I am weird, but the next few weeks were almost like being in what I imagine withdrawal must be, from the stories and the characters.

    I am grateful that I only recently read your books and so my patience was put to task waiting only for the next novel and not each one as it came out over the past number of years.

    It was only after being out of material to read that I delved into your own history and life and was delighted to learn more about that. What a wonderful writer you are and an inspiration to so many people on so many levels and professions.

    I was happy and surprised to learn that you will be coming to Fergus, Ontario, Canada in August. You will be so near and yet so far…I am a nurse and scheduled to work 12hr midnights on the Fri/Sat/Sun…so no hope of ever trading shifts with anyone for that weekend. I live in Brigden which is close to Sarnia and I would’ve loved to see or meet you. I know that weekend will be a huge success and lots of fun for you.

    Thank you for giving me some wonderful ways to pass the time, to enrich my heart and soul and to share with other people.

    Just saw “Jamie”….now I am excited about the TV series…amazing!!

    all the best, Sylvia

    • Hi, Sylvia!

      I’ll be sorry to miss you in Fergus! Really pleased that you’ve been enjoying the books, though, and I hope you’ll like WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD when it comes out in March, too!


  73. I have read your books several times and am thrilled with the plans for the mini series. Can’t wait. The way you portray the characters brings them all to life. I don’t know how you do it, but am so thankful that you do. Your books have brought me solace when my life was not going well. And they will continue to do so. I have taken so many trips to Scotland, France and the U.S. without ever leaving my home and my world was in chaos. I am looking forward to the next book and the mini series. Thank you

  74. Hi Diana,
    When I discovered Outlander 4 years ago, I think I read all 7 books within a year. I was so excited to get to the next book to find out what has happened with the characters. I love how we have been following them as they grow up. What a great imagination you have!
    I am really excited about your next book and miniseries to come out. Even if I do have to wait until next March it will certainly be worth the wait. I only hope that my television programming in Canada gets the show.
    I will be rereading the series before the next book comes out so I can familiarize myself with the characters and story again.
    By the way, great choice on Jamie, he is perfect! In more ways than one. ;)
    Happy writing,

  75. Diana,

    I am another devoted fan who is waiting every so patiently for the next book in the Claire and Jamie saga. I have read and reread them all and will never tire of the series, or the Sir John books. It is the only series of books that I have read like this (and I read a lot).

    I am also looking forward to the TV series and yes hopefully the writers and producers will do the books justice but I must say that the fellow chosen to play Jamie is much too clean cut and pretty (in a male sort of way) to suit me, Jamie’s character should have been played by someone like Eoin Macken; now he’s Jamie!

    All the best and please keep those books coming.

    Diane Cleveland

    • Dear Diane–

      Oddly enough, Eoin Macken looks _very_ like Jamie’s father, Brian Fraser.

      As for Sam Heughan…well, all I can say is, I’ve _seen_ him be Jamie Fraser. He’s one of those chameleonic actors who never looks the same way twice–and he looks completely different (much rougher and sexier) when he’s being Jamie, believe me. Or don’t believe me [g], but wait and see.


      • I am a believer, for sure. When I clicked on the “It’s official” link and saw the photo of Sam Heughan I said, out loud, “OOF DAH, yep, there’s Jamie!” I’m 100% sold.

        • Nah. Jamie is bigger and had red hair and a fuller face. This guy does not seem to fit the part at all, at least in mind’s eye. Bad casting me thinks.

          • Dear Jimmy–

            Ah, but you didn’t see him act, and I did. [g] Extremely Good casting, as you’ll see, I think.


          • Perhaps the eye in your mind needs glasses. Or not. Either way no one will ever satisfy EVERYONE because we all have our own idea of what these characters look like. Diana brings the image to life in her description of said character but the final image is something we create individually in our own imagination. How can one man be everything to everybody? It is an impossible task and I feel sorry for Mr. Heughan for all the criticism he is facing! If the creator, the originator, the AUTHOR for Petes sake says he IS Jamie then I for one trust her word on it.

  76. Hello Diana,

    Meet me at the Beaver Street Brewery for dinner? I’m buying.

    Love everything about your books, and your even prettier than I could
    have ever imagined.

    Thanks for the greatest reading adventure ever!

    • Dear Judd–

      Appreciate the thought! [g] Don’t know what my husband would think of my meeting strange men for dinner, though…


  77. Hello Diana.. I absolutely love your books and fell in love with several of your male characters immediately! I have the first three books of your Jamie/Claire adventures.. have read them over and over.. I have read the others but do not own them yet.. thanks for the great stories you write and for the many times they have been my bedtime stories.. I hope they go on forever!

  78. Hi Diana,

    I love your work. I think I have re-read the books 10 times over. I started reading them around the time I lost my husband- I was 27 so really relate to Claire and Jamie when they lost each other. The depth of the emotion you show through the characters is amazing. I can’t wait till your next instalment. You have amazing talent

  79. He’ll do. I had visions of other established actors that would have been a mistake. I am also a fan of the Walt Longmire series written by Craig Johnson. When it finally came to TV you couldn’t recognize the characters because they were different people completely. Please don’t let this happen to Outlander. Thanks.

  80. Whenever your next book is ready, I’ll be there to read it!! Am I going to be able to get a signed copy????
    Enjoy writing because I know I will enjoy reading!!!

    Hope you also have some time to enjoy your summer,


  81. Ms. Gabaldon,

    Hello from Canada! I am such a HUGE fan of your work, and now I’ve found I’ve only read some of it! I have read all of the ‘big’ books, up to and including A Breath of Snow and Ash. I am looking forward to continuing on with Echo In The Bone. You are an exceptional, incomparable author and I admire you so much! I can’t wait to see the books interpreted on screen and have no doubt that the series will retain the heart of Outlander.

  82. Dear Diana,
    I picked up Outlander to read when I went on maternity leave for my second child in 1992. I figured I would be home for a bit before she was born and it was thick enough to keep me busy. WELL-I couldn’t put it down! I read until 4 in the morning sometimes, even knowing I had to get up soon with a 3 year old! I totally fell in love with Jamie and Claire. So much so, that I named my daughter Claire Elizabeth! I actually didn’t know that Claire Randall Fraser’s middle name was Elizabeth when I named her, so imagine my surprise upon finding that bit of information out!

    Then, imagine my utter glee to find out that there were (or would be) more installments in the Jamie and Claire story! I have never minded waiting for your next book because I never knew when it would be the last, and waiting allowed me to keep Claire and Jamie just a while longer. Now, I’ll have the TV series! I’m so happy that they decided to go with unknown actors and I think Sam Heughan is just perfect for Jamie! The rest will just fall into place, I believe.

    Diana, keep up the good work. You’re an amazing writer and no other book or book series has captured me the way yours have!


  83. I would never, ever watch a series based on outlander. I am afraid it would ruin my ‘image’ of the books, the story, the persons… no. sorry… It’s the same reason why you never should watch a movie first and than read the book (and then , worse…).

    • In complement of my response before: I am a very very big fan of outlander and read the books all over again and again….

  84. Diana,
    Your books are wonderful. So much depth and detail. I am really excited about the series. I hope the director makes it mandatory for the actors to read Outlander, so they can fully grasp the depth and passion and connection that Jamie and Claire have.
    Thank you also for other author recommendations you have given over the years. I read Darlene Marshall’s books because of you. I have read Mary Balogh’s books because of you. I love their writing.
    Blessings on you and your family.

  85. I remember when they announced the Harry Potter series had been optioned for the movies. My children and I had definite ideas of what Harry and the other characters looked like -and were worried that poor casting would “ruin” the books for us. Fortunately, our worries were unfounded – though my own image of Harry was quickly erased by Daniel Radcliffe! The relatively unknown actors meant that they were not being “upstaged” by their previous roles.
    I hope that the same route is taken by the people in charge of casting the Outlander series. While nothing could detract from the books for me, they would be wonderfully enhanced if their Jamie bore more than just a passing resemblance to the imposing redhead I’ve imagined! I understand that you often have to sign off on casting when you sign over the rights, but I’m betting you kept something in the contract allowing you to have some say!
    I keep remembering Lee Child (author of the Jack Reacher novels – a character similar in height and breadth to Jamie) – Child said he was “OK” with the casting of Tom Cruise in the part! This kind of error is more often made in Hollywood – in Britain they often hire “actors” rather than “stars”. Hopefully these folks will follow along this line of thinking!
    As for the release date for the book – it’s ready when you’re done! No one wants it out before you are satisfied with your creation.

  86. How can I get an audition (or even just send in a headshot) for the role of Brianna? She’s been my dream role since I read Dragonfly!

  87. Oops! I just read in a previous comment that you have nothing to do with the casting. Sorry to bother you with that

  88. Oh my gosh! I am so behind in finding stuff out. I just logged on last night and found out about the Starz green light and the casting. I have been bugging my BFF for a few years now to get her to read the Outlander series. Finally, yes finally, she started it this week and she cannot put it down. Now i have someone to squeal with over Jamie .

    When i called her this morning to tell her about the show being produced, we have already scheduled a BFF night to watch it together without fail. As an avid reader, there is nothing you dream of more than seeing these characters you love being brought to life. I spent hours imagining Jamie and Claire and Furgus and Ian….but mostly Jamie.

    I am having a hard time fitting the actor to the man in my head, but thats because the man in my head morphs and changes from time to time depening on what he is dealing with. Jamie is oddly one book character that i cant shake. Others, you tend to think about while you are reading them and then forget. Jamie is memorable, almost alive to begin with because he has such a BIG personality. So Diana, if you say this actor is Jamie, i believe it. Your writing is what brought him to life in such a memorable way. His entire demeanor is your creation. So who better to judge than you. I cannot wait to see it.

    Thank you so much for creating a wonderful world. When i start to read them again, i do find new moments that stand out. I also re-visit old favorites. I loved the fact that one scene the actor had to read was the punishment scene. That scene makes me go through so many emotions right along with Jamie, that i think it was a wonderful choice to test the actor with.

    I am doing my best to drag anyone I know into this great story!


  89. Diana,

    Can’t wait for 8th book. I’ve read first seven twice, and I never like to re-read a book or watch a movie twice, except Dr. Zhivago and your books.
    It is going to be painful at the end of Claire and Jamie’s lives.

    But, the guy chosen to play Jamie is UGLY. Makes me not want to see it. Sorry.

    Your books are awesome. Wish I had half your brain.

    • Dear Lin–

      So don’t see it. [rolling eyes] Entirely your call. (Actually, I thought he was ugly, too, from the still photos I was seeing. Then I saw him act, and instantly changed my mind. The guy’s a chameleon.)

      Enjoy the books, and if you later change your mind…the show will be there for you.



  90. Diana,
    I am so irritated that people are being rude and getting off-sides about the release date of the next book. Until it is published on here and I read it from your blog I pay no attention to dates or rumors of things like that. Fandom must be neat but it certainly seems like it comes with some definite irritation.
    I am digging that Starz is going to release the books as a show, are you at all able to have creative guidance? Maybe you have answered that question, if so my apologies.
    I think in your shoes I would be excited but have a tough time sharing creative “say so” for the series to go forward. I have followed you for years and I marvel at the schedule you keep to stay in touch with your fans and sign books. I think that fans should take into account all that you have to do other than write to keep us all in_the_know!
    Much love from TX,

    • Dear KC–

      No, I don’t have creative control on the show–I’m a “consultant,” meaning that they’re courteous enough to ask my opinion, but under no legal compulsion to take it [g]–but I’m very much encouraged by what I’ve seen so far, and have a good deal of faith in Ron D. Moore’s being able to make a faithful and visually exciting adaptation.


  91. Please tell me they do not plan to cram all the books into 16- 1 hour episodes. Talk about ruining the stories! I only wish I had the love between Claire and Jamie. I love the stories so much and thank you GB for giving these books to the world.

    • Dear Perrin–

      [slight eye-roll] So who _did_ tell you that? And if nobody did, why on earth would you assume it? No, of course they’re not proposing any such thing. They’ll do a first season (presumably including mostly material from OUTLANDER–possibly bits from DRAGONFLY; I don’t know), and if it does well…well, there’s plenty more to be going on with.

      Hope for the best instead of anticipating the worst, you know? [g]


  92. Dear Diana, I read Outlander a year ago and continued to read all the books. I have book 8 on my reader and dole out chapters when I need a C&J fix……making it last until book 9 comes out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing!
    The Lord John series was fab. John is such a likable character. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure
    and for stimulating my imagination. I have all my friends reading your work and they all feel as I do about your
    amazing stories. I will be attending the Fergus Highland Games and I am so looking forward to hearing you
    speak- men in kilts can’t hurt either. Sam rocks Jamie!
    This is my 1st fan letter!

    • sorry- got the book numbers wrong. I am reading An Echo In The Bone very slowly, relishing every word and waiting
      (I love the anticipation) for book 8 in the Outlander series. I may as well use this as a plug for a book 9
      HINT HINT.

  93. Is there any chance this series will come to Netflix? I have not had cable in over two years and I’m sorely tempted – JUST for Outlander. But my families budget says “no go”

  94. I love the anticipation of the next book…it’s like a surprise Christmas at any moment. Then I will, once again, live vicariously through those beloved characters!

    The beauty of a book over a movie is my personalized interpretation overall versus someone else’s. IF you are one who is usually disappointed in the Movie then I suggest you not watch and stick to re-reading the novel. But if you can watch with an open mind, then do so.

  95. Dear DG

    Reading all the crazy people flipping about book release date “changes” made me want to write a quick note-

    I first picked up outlander when there were _only_ four books – way back when. I loved them, treasured them, shared them. I owned about 26 DG books just so I could lend them out as necessary (no e-versions then).
    I cherished them and reread them through college, peace corps, post-bacc and med school. I took my most worn copy of each in my one suitcase to Africa and left them behind as my lasting contribution to the pc house library. I imagined I was Claire Fraser (minus the big handsome Scottish husband – mine’s Irish), going to med school late in life, traveling the world fighting infectious disease.

    Each time a new book was coming out, I was excited, curious, nervous and the date was marked on my calendar. Circled in red you might say. Which I did today <> new event on my e-calendar :)

    And if that date changes, it’s all cool because I can wait for the next installment – I’ll be excited and curious whenever it arrives. Until then, I’ll be working on the patience to read it slowly, which I have been unable to do with the last 7 :). And I’ll keep busy with residency – somebody said they were going to create work hour-restrictions . . .

    Thank you!

  96. Hi Diana,
    I have just started reading your wonderful Outlander series ! I was just telling a friend of mine that we need to have a movie but I will happily take a tv series (very very excited).When I am reading I feel like I am watching a movie, your mind and imagination are amazing.Thank you !

  97. Hi Diana

    Well, we have our Jamie.. when is Claire arriving!

    This is so exciting isn’t it. I can only imagine how you and your family are feeling about this recognition of your work.

    I do hope you come to Cambridge for book signing when you release MOBY as it would be amazing to thank you in person. I know, running before we are ready to walk here!

  98. Dear Diana,

    I can’t thank you enough for the tremendous enjoyment you have give me (and a lot of others). I have read the Outlander series twice now, often with a wee dram of Glenfiddich hand. I feel so lucky to have just found (and finished) An Echo in the Bone. Now I don’t have to wait too long for the next book.

    I was really thrilled to find we have a middle name in common… probably the only thing except a love of Jamie & Claire, et al.

    Laura Jean

  99. Dear Diana,
    Your Outlander series is by far the most exquisite thing I’ve ever read. I started reading the books when my son was an infant and my time was spent doing little more than nursing him and reading your books. The first few I sped through but I had to eventually slow it down because I couldn’t stand for it to end. I even read the graphic novel which was pretty fun. It was a very happy time in my life. So….that being said. I take a lot of offense to the comments from others about the release date. I, of course like all other fans cannot wait to get the next book in my hands to satisfy my own selfish Jamie and Claire needs. But I respect you and the quality of your writing and I’m happy waiting as long as it takes. Because all other dedicated fans out there know you’re creating nothing short of a masterpiece!

    And p.s. great choice on Sam Heughan! I’m so thrilled about this series. I’ve been dreaming about it since the day I set my sights on the Outlander books. I just hope they don’t disappoint (there better be plenty of “good” love scenes)!

  100. Dear Diana,

    I’m a BIG fan and have gotten many others hooked on your books. I saw who is going to play Jamie in the Starz series and just have one thing to say…he really needs to begin to bulk up. Jamie is supposed to be very huge (like my hubby), not fat, but, huge. This guy is slim. Can you get him to start lifting and working out? Sounds stupid, I know, but I’ve been reading since Outlander came out, and Jamie can’t be built any other way. Thanks for your time!

    Your faithful fan,


    • Dear Sherie–

      Personally, I think Sam Heughan looks fine as is, but he tells me that he _is_ bulking up some for the part. So I think you’ll be happy. [g]


      • We just talked about the same thing here at work with my colleague. She´s started to read your series too.
        We said the same thing about Sam Heughan, that we have pictured Jamie a rough man on the outside, handsome but in the rough way and a man that has been through many battles. Sam (in youtube wideos) looks that only batles he´s been through are those, that what is the color of socks today. :D
        But we allso hope, that maybe he will bulk up and maybe makeup can make a difference. ;) Maybe he can prove othervise and grow to the role of Jamie. OR…maybe the older Jamie in the future will be someone better… (I see with the eyes of my soul, Gerard Butler as Jamie…. ;P )

        • Dear Susanne–

          Until you see him “be” Jamie, I think you’ll just have to take my word for it that he can. [smile] In the meantime, though, you and your colleague might enjoy this: it’s a video of the “fan event” that I did this last weekend in New York with Ron D. Moore (the executive producer and show-runner). It includes a brief “behind-the-scenes” look at the show’s preparation, and about 45 minutes of Q&A with Ron and me.


  101. Dear Diana,

    uh, what a shock! To have strange men looking at me from the front of your page – and to read then that Frank/Jack Randall looks /this way/ and that Jamie… ooooh, no! If I had only had the choice! Never, ever in my life would I have looked voluntarily onto pictures of the characters of my favourite series in books! *laughs about herself* You know, that’s what I like most about books – and about your books especially – is that and how you paint all these lovely pictures, sometimes soooo detailed – and that nevertheless I am still able to imagine them myself.

    Yes, I can imagine that many of your readers who are looking forward to seeing a miniseries (or whatever) want to see the faces. But to be honest: I would be sooo grateful if you had allowed me the choice! And I will try to forget the pictures, and hope to be able to open the next book and find “my” Jamie and “my” Frank. ;-)

    Would you please be so kind to consider taking the pictures down from the front page and just leaving big, shiny, sparkling links to them, easy to find for those who want to, easy to avoid for those who want to? Same thing if there’s a Claire.

    Last question – and I know how this must be getting on your nerves, sorry! – amazon states the german translation of MOBY will be out at February 8th and the english original by March 25th – they are making these dates up again, aren’t they?

    Thank you for reading – and thank you soooo much for writing. (Not here, of course. *g*)

  102. Dear Diana,

    Sam Heughan is going to be a gorgeous Jamie. I just watched “First Light” and he was great. I will be looking for his other movies/shows.

    Not to put down the others voicing their complaints but . . . can anyone else really claim to do the amount of work you obviously do. You probably never sleep. Take all the time you need and by all means keep those pictures of “Jamie” coming. In the meantime, I will just keep listening to your audiobooks. Its much easier on the eyes, lol.

    Thank you so much. Cyndy

  103. Dear Diana,

    First, I must mention that I have read through many of the posts above and find it extremely disappointing to find many readers (most likely who happen to be readers with no writing experience) rudely chastising you for not having the book out on the shelves at the very moment when they need it most. You should not feel, ever, that you must justify your schedule, your writing, or anything else that is personal and intimate in your life. Your books, your stories, and even your research is that for you, personal. Yes, perhaps you may wish to apologize for misunderstandings and such, but please don’t let these judgmental people discourage you.

    Second, I cannot post here without telling you that your books have changed my life. Literally and in every sense of the word, changed my life. I won’t get into that here, but I do wish for you to know that you have made a positive and eventful affect on my existence. I hope that I am able to accomplish that most profound goal in my life before it is my time to leave. What’s more is that I know that I am not the only person who feels this way.

    Next, and finally, I have an opportunity to write an article for an online book magazine and I will be writing about your ‘Outlander’ and the transformation of the book to the ‘small-screen’ as I like to call it, and the affect of this on the reader. I hope that my story is one that you would be please with seeing in the virtual world. If you would like, I could allow you to review it before submission.

    Thank you for your inspiration, dedication, and beautiful writing,


  104. I have followed your books since Outlander first came out. I have loved and cryed with them all. How many more books after “MOBY” and when do you think we can expect Jamies Parents story? I think you should tell eveyone who get in your face about how fast books come out to walk a mile in your shoes.I have been waiting since 1991 for this story to end, i can wait alittle longer. You amaze me with all the details and i cant wait to read about Jamies parents and the story of Dougal and Colum and who hit Jamie over the head. It has been a fun 12 years and look forward to many more of your stories.

    Thanks for the ride

  105. Diana,

    I also am a new, and completely glued to your books, fan, I know that the first comment that you received from (“Mr Mark), do seem very inconsiderate, I kind of understand, I am now on book 4, I am so hoping when I have reached the last book, the next one will be ready for purchase, he’s a huge fan.
    Can’t wait to see it on tv,, congratulations on all of your hard work, it is in your books, Love Love your writing,and I am in Love with Jamie, as well as 20-30 million other people, please do not stop writing!

  106. Diana

    1. I have re-read the series a number of times. Each time it is new. Each time I discover something that focus my attention. This time I find myself fascinated by the craft inherent in the way you use language. I also amazed that Claire is a vibrant personality for me without my having a clear physical picture of her. I have a sense of what see might look like physically rather than an crystal clear image of her. I think it fine writing craft to accomplish this – creating vibrancy and immense life in a character without tying the character down to a specific physical image.

    2. I just realized you were in Fergus in August. I live just down the road in Elora. Guess that is what I get for not following you more closely on the web.

    3. I write to my own sense of standard too. Bravo for you doing what makes sense to you and giving your fans a place to express their disappointment as they wait. “Waiting increases the sharpness of one’s appetite”, at least it does for me.


    Roelf Woldring

  107. Diana, I am a very recent convert to your Outlander series. My cousin knew that I love time travel books, so she told me to read Outlander. I have been hooked ever since. I started reading Outlander at the first of January, this year, 2014, and I have finished that and all of the remaining books, and also Scottish Prisoner. I have read several posts where people are upset over publication dates. I don’t think it’s that they are upset, but rather that they just can’t wait!!! I know I can’t wait to see what happens next. Please keep them coming. I will most likely die, though, having to wait 3 years in between books. Lol

  108. Cricky , give the woman a break.
    It’s a book people, not a life saving operation …… Good things take time, patience is a virtue etc etc
    Here’s a concrete pill……so you can harden up

    Will wait with patience and decorum till the new book comes to New Zealand x