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Casting Commentary

Sam Heughan and Friend at Outlanderworld

Sam Heughan and Friend at Outlanderworld

Goodness, can’t leave you lot to your own devices for long, can I? [g] Given the amount of traffic I see in the stats for this blog and my Facebook page, I conclude that the Casting Wars are still boiling along.

Well. Look.

1) People are entitled to their own opinions. Naturally, I’d prefer these opinions to be expressed—and received—civilly, but up to you, of course. I believe in the virtues of free discourse.

2) I—of course—am likewise entitled to an opinion. [cough]

Now, my opinion is based on rather more information than most others expressed here, because

a) I created Jamie Fraser and thus—presumably–have a pretty good idea of what he really looks and acts like.

b) While I haven’t yet met Sam Heughan, I’ve seen Rather a Lot of him (about 95%, at a rough guess), both in terms of

a. Photographs, and

b. Film, and

c. Bits and pieces, like audition tapes

Naturally, everyone forms mental images while reading. Everybody. I do it when I read other people’s books, too. Now, I can’t imagine why anyone—having read OUTLANDER—would form an image of Jamie as a 7-foot tall Bozo the clown on steroids, but you know….whatever floats your boat.

Why anyone should expect a film company to a) telepathically extract your personal vision of a character and b) try to replicate that onscreen is one of the Great Mysteries of the Universe, and I’m not about to try to solve it here—I got a book to write, among other things, and there are only so many hours in the day.

So I’m just going to say This about That:

Y’all have not seen Sam Heughan “be” Jamie Fraser.

I _have_.

Now, when they told me who they’d chosen and that they were sending me the audition tapes, I was in the car, driving from Phoenix to Santa Fe with my husband. Unable to get to my computer until we got to Santa Fe, I was madly googling “Sam Heughan” on my iPhone (my husband was driving, I hasten to add).

Frankly, I thought he looked bizarre. He’s 6’3”, that’s fine…very chiseled face, but oddly chiseled, and what’s with the large forehead and cleft chin?!? Jamie doesn’t have a cleft chin and his nose is not all that long, though it _is_ straight…and good grief, I know we wanted somebody who could play a 22-year-old virgin, but this guy hardly looks like he has hair on his behind, let alone the dangly bits…but…


But you know, I _do_ understand what it is that actors do.

(Do you know that, btw? What they do is magic. They can become somebody they aren’t—and their physical outline is just Really Not That Important. (Within limits. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is a long way outside those limits…).)

So I sat down at my computer, sort of looking warily through my fingers. Willing to suspend disbelief if I could, but kind of dubious, you know?

So here he is, dark-haired, in a long-sleeved gray T-shirt, and I’m thinking, “Boy, he doesn’t look _anything_ like his IMDB photos, he actually looks pretty human, that’s a relief…”

And five seconds later, Sam Heughan was GONE, and it was Jamie Fraser right there in front of me. True. No costume, no makeup, no props, nothing but cues from an offstage casting director, and…it was him.

He did two scenes. First, a confrontation with Dougal, right after Dougal’s ripped his shirt off in the tavern.

“Devil take ye, Dougal MacKenzie! I dinna owe ye that!” Blazing blue eyes, swelling shoulders, and…bam. Showed this small bit to a (male) friend recently, who blinked at the screen and said, “Man, he’s powerful!” He was.

Second scene was even better; it’s the scene where Jamie explains to Claire exactly why he’s about to punish her. [g] And he had it all: patience, seriousness, annoyance, patience, humor, menace, humor, and…enough sex to drop anyone with functioning ovaries in their tracks.

Now. In the months since then, the production people have been kind enough to show me the occasional glimpse of this or that. I _have_ seen the red hair in its full glory (it took seven tries—and 27 hours in a salon chair, I was told by the victim), and speaking as someone married to a red-head (himself Jamie’s original body model) and with two more in residence…it’s definitely the right kind of red.

Red hair—as I notice a few red-heads have been mentioning—looks Way Different, depending on the light. Unless it’s truly carroty (and Jamie’s is Definitely Not), sometimes it looks almost brown, sometimes it’s red-gold and sometimes it’s all different colors and sometimes it has almost-blond highlights and sometimes…well, let’s put it this way: it doesn’t look like Bozo the clown or Shamus the Wrestler, it looks like Real Hair, just red. (And if you really worry about this, do go and google “red deer images” and _see_ what the heck a red deer’s pelt looks like.)

But beyond the physical details (which are, um…Really Good, and decency prevents me going further, save to say that while Jamie certainly doesn’t look like Thor (gag me with a spoon), he—and Mr. Heughan—look Very Nicely Muscled indeed)….Sam Heughan can _act_. And he totally nailed it.

So. Feel perfectly free to express your own opinions. (I don’t know quite what people expect as a result. Surely they don’t figure that Starz will say, “Oh, no! Robyn MacGillicuddy Stimson thinks Chris Hemsworth should be Jamie! Get Hemsworth’s agent on the phone!” Or at least I hope they don’t think that…) You’ll change your mind in due course.

Or I’ll pay you a dollar. [g]

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comments about Sam Heughan. Personally, I trust the “powers that be,” to do what they do – to assign parts to people that can act the parts! No complaints here! This is absolutely so much fun — having wonderful characters come to life on the screen. I don’t EVER comment online, but I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for being so accessible and open to your adoring fans. We do appreciate it! I also wait with bated breath for Book #8! (And, of course for Outlander on Starz!)

    • My thoughts on casting are a man cast him that had never read the book Jamie stands out. People notice him. Men and women fall in love with with him. Where are those eyes? I’m thinking more like Chris Helmesworth with red hair. The wrong Jamie will ruin it.

      • Dear Teri–

        Oh, I agree that the wrong Jamie would ruin it. That’s why I’m delighted (and relieved) that we have a wonderful actor who can truly embody the part.


      • Oh my god. I just watched Thor 2. Chris Hemsworth IS Jaime!! Slap some ruddy hair on the man. I swear it’s him!!

      • Chris Helmsworth is a child, Sam is perfect!! Diana knows best!

        • Dear R–

          Well, they’re about the same age, really–and do recall that Jamie’s only 22 in OUTLANDER–but Sam _is_ perfect. [g]


          • Your choice of the two lead characters (Jaimie and Claire) is fantastic. Sam Heughan is magnificient – his body is perfect for the part, but more importantly, his acting is wonderful. He goes from a rather innocent 22 year old who is shy and very gracious to this powerful laird to be with just a flick of his looks. His humor and small smile on his face are wonderful….he is so passionate and gentle and loving and…oh I could go on forever. I’m 71 and have watched the wedding 8 times and the whole series 3 times…..I’m at the end of book four. This Sam guy and Claire gal should get the Emmy for best actor/actress.

            I love them both. Please tell me Sam is not gay…..I don’t think I could take it.


          • Dear Angela–

            No, Sam isn’t gay. He’s played a couple of gay roles, in a stage play and a British TV movie. He’s an absolutely wonderful actor, as are all the cast–the production has had amazing luck (and skill! [g]) in the casting.



    • B.S. Jamie’s hair is red. according to your previous descriptions — do you even remember what you’ve written? Full stop,no question you lost it somewhere after Roses and Ashes. Actually, more likely after “Drums of Autumn.” No one really cares about Brianna and her A-hole husband and her stupid kid…Claire and Jamie are probably dead by now…who cares any more?

      • Why do people feel the need to purposely post negative and hurtful things? If you don’t like her work, then get off the blog! Do you just look for things to complain about? You must be very unhappy with your own life to try to make misery of someone else’s – especially after they have worked so hard at something.
        Diana, I have only read the first 5 books but I loved them and look forward to the series. My friends and I share info on Facebook whenever we hear new info about the production. We have been following the possibility of it happening for a few years now.
        Congrats on your work and your success. Many of us enjoy it and still hold you in high esteem.
        The rest don’t matter.

      • You’re wrong, and there are THOUSANDS of us who care, so go somewhere else and stop being a hater!

      • Bree, Roger, Jem and Mandy are wonderfully drawn characters and the time-travel continuum is written in a masterful fashion–the continuing saga of the Frasers, Mackenzies, Murrays, and Greys as their lives intertwine provide hours of pleasure for thousands of people.

        If the spiderwebs of connection through space and time begin to bore, there are many other writers out there who write with less detail and continuity. As I labor to complete my first novel, the Outlander series has taught me so very much about foreshadowing, characterization, setting, and research. I hope the many strands of the tale continue even after Jamie and Claire eventually depart.

        YMMV…Diana, Bless you and your wide-ranging imagination!

      • Wow!
        Please share your latest publication with us all.
        It seems only fair the “critics” should have a shot at analyzing and critiquing your
        own work.
        …what’s that you say? You’ve never a written a novel (or 8+)…
        I rather assumed as much.
        Where’s the poll that says no one cares about
        the continuum of the Fraser family line??
        Why would anyone post a tantrum?
        That’s right, my children did that as toddlers
        when feeling frustrated or unheard.
        We heard you, maybe you just need a nap.

      • EPCanon,

        who peed in your cornflakes? You’ve got a lot of damn nerve getting on here and ranting like some sort of maniac.

        And I beg to differ, millions care about Brianna and her husband and child, you must be terribly insecure to think you are in a position to critique Diana Gabaldon.

        Go somewhere else with your nastiness and the best of luck to ya!

        • And William! with the latest book, i’m more enthralled with his journey than the others, although i do still care about the others….

      • Wow. Just…wow.
        She lost it? Not to millions of others who do not share your angry opinion-she hasn’t.
        Are you really so shallow that you want the story to wrap up when the characters fall in love and have sex-end of story?
        I LOVE this lifelong love story. It’s deep, and it’s enduring. And yep, they probably WILL die at the end-but don’t we all? And do you want someone spouting “who cares?” when YOU go? I bet you don’t.
        Diana has given us a gift of a marvelous story-a complex and interesting story, full of detail and one I find myself very invested in. The talent of a good story teller is that you forget temporarily-that it’s a story. It grabs you, pulls you in, digs into your heart and mind, and makes a nest for itself there. I never forget a good story that claims my heart. I will never forget this story. I will re-read it many times, and enjoy it differently each time, because I will be a a different place in my own life each time.
        I realize that this rude comment was made over two years ago, and hopefully, in this time, you’ve learned better manners, and a measure of gratitude for a human being who puts forth so much time and effort to produce a highly successful and satisfying tale-and you’ve been able to reconcile yourself to the idea of this story, or if not, maybe you’ve found something else that you prefer. I doubt that. But anything is possible.

    • Thank you for the blog. I’ve thoroughly enjoy the series and I must admit I had someone like Kevin McKidd in mind as Jamie as I read your novels but look forward to seeing the show with Sam Heughan. As you say a good actor will “bring you in” to the story so I’m really looking forward to it. Hopefully it is showing in Canada!! Cheers, Jackie

      • So looking forward to seeing this wonderful story come to life! I follow Jackie’s comment – I truly hope that your fans in Canada will also be able to see the series!

    • First off, it would be hideous to have a Jamie that looked perfect but couldn’t act. Second, once people start watching a program, the actors “become” the characters …. so long as they’re good actors. So I’m biding my time, waiting to see what Sam can do.

      A good example of the “actor becomes the character” is Derek Jacobi’s role as Brother Cadfael in the BBC series of the same name. The author of the books described Brother Cadfael as swarthy with dark hair… which Derek Jacobi certainly is not. However, the moment that Sir Jacobi steps in front of the camera, he IS Brother Cadfael. The author, Edith Pargeter (aka Ellis Peters) said she even changed her own mind about it once she’d seen Jacobi play the part. The power of good acting is as strong as new eyeglasses where seeing a character come to life is concerned.

      However, I will say that I will be disappointed if Jamie doesn’t have long hair. The “first look” photo seems to show him with short hair (I suppose it could be queued, but I can’t tell…). I mean, it’s so easy to create any length “movie hair” with a good hair and makeup person, so it’s not like you’d have to change actors or anything extreme. It’s just that, from a swooning perspective, Jamie’s long hair is part of the whole (ahem) package.

      • Remember, when we first meet Jamie he had just returned from the Abby where they cut his hair to treat his head injury, so he would have shorter hair. Sam will make a perfect Jamie. If Diana says he is Jaimie, he is Jamie.

      • I think that you have forgotten that in the first book. Jamie has short hair due to his head injury.

    • I read the Outlander book series and LOVED them. Now I am thrilled to be watching the TV series. Sam Heughan looks EXACTLY the way I pictured Jamie Fraser only BETTER! He is the perfect choice for the character. He is amazingly beautiful to look at, his voice and accent are captivating, and he brings to life the character of Jamie perfectly. In the Outlander TV series, Sam is strong, sexy, sweet, loyal, protective, honorable and more; all the things Jamie is in the books. And his eyes!!!! OMG! I like all the other characters, but I am watching the show because of Sam. I only wish he was in every scene!!!

      • I am so enjoying the books which I started reading after learning of the Starz show. I begged my husband to order Starz after seeing the first episode on line. I have become completely taken in to the story. I am on Drums of Autumn and can’t put it down. I am so bummed at the thought of waiting until April for the 2nd season. Mary

    • Dear Diana –

      Sam Heughan has been Jamie to me from the start. I didn’t start reading the book until after catching the very first episode on Starz. I cannot imagine anyone else playing Jamie, or Claire for that matter. All of the choices the powers that be made so far are perfect to me.

      I have always been a big reader and cannot even begin to imagine just how many books I have read during my life time. Your Outlander series is one of the best, if not the very best I have had the pleasure to read. From reading the very first chapter of Outlander, I was transported to another time and place, and that continued with every one of the books. I am so hoping that you will find the story needs to continue for several more books!

      Thank you so much for writing them!


  2. You are so right! I just don’t get some of the fans and their craziness. I have not been that invested in a movie version though. Reading is like watching a movie to me. I laughed so hard at the “fans” screaming to see “Brianna” who is not in Outlander at all! I can see Sam as Jamie – he totally works for me. But again Thank you Diana for so many hours of enjoyment with your books. Just this weekend I finished D.I. A. and went right on to Voyager…It is a rare weekend that I spend so much time reading but my oh my was it relaxing!

  3. All I can say is “AWESOME”. When I read what you write I feel it like electricity in my veins. I trust your descriptions, and I “feel” with that same electricity, that Sam is Jamie. Thanks for sharing your opinions and your explanations.

    • I agree with Kristen. When you saw someone is just like the character YOU created. I trust your opinion whole heartedly. A lot of people had their heart set on a famous actor playing Jamie (Like Gerard Butler) and nothing can please them, but I can see Jamie in Sam and I’m so stoked for this show to come out.

    • This is why I am a fan of YOURS and not your characters. You have an impeccable way with words!
      Dont get me wrong….I do love your characters….but I love the way you bring them to life. The same way I know the film makers will do the same.

    • Well said Diana, I had doubts myself for a while, but as I’ve said to my daughter I am waiting for the series. I did Watch a video of an interview with Ron and yourself where there was a few minutes of Sam and Catraina saying hello. I have to admit I got a little of the electricity you’re speaking of. I cannot wait until it starts. And the book is going to come practically at the same time .. be still our beating hearts!

  4. Ah Diana, you’ll keep your dollar I’m sure. If someone does claim it, then they don’t know what acting is about and you’re generous to a fault to offer it.
    Would you give S’Hug a sympathy hug from me for putting up with all the blather that he doesn’t stack up to the real Jamie? Accept one for yourself too, you are amazing!
    Your patience astounds me, thank you on so many levels for what you do.

    • VickiB said it perfectly!
      Thank you for all that you do! Your books are AMAZING, and I for one trust your opinion on the matter, after all you wrote the books ;). I am really looking forward to the show and greatly anticipating MOBY!

  5. Hallelujah. Bozo indeed. I’m loving everything about the production and everything we’ve seen/heard about Sam/Jamie. I adore him already. Shame on all those whiners and complainers and glass-half-empty people. Sit back, relax, and breathe, people! You constantly amaze me, Diana, and inspire me. They can go watch Tom’s version of Jack Reacher if they can’t accept your words.

  6. As witty and to the point as ever. Love it!

  7. You are awesome! And I am so looking forward to see all the actors bring your characters to visual life (they are already alive to me, due to your amazing talent)!

  8. I cannot wait!!! I agree with you; we all form an image in our minds of what a book character looks like. I know your books describes Claire’s hair as very wild and bushy, but in my mind it’s a 1940′s wavy, neat style. So it will take some getting used to seeing it different lol

    • I picture Clair’s hair as that of Alex Kingston as River Song in Doctor Who. I am not saying that I picture Alex Kingston, just that I picture Clair having her hair.

      • We will all probably love the series, and acting and on screen chemistry will have a great deal to do with us ‘seeing’ Jamie and Claire. And of course Diana’s is the opinion that matters, Jamie and Claire belong to her! Nothing we say here will change the casting.

        Why then do we care so much about Jamie’s hair being red and Claire’s being curly and unruly?

        I think its because these fictional people are amazing.. intelligent, adapatable, beautiful, powerful, funny, and they have each other and this cosmic romance! It would be so easy to ummm.. .. well.. to not like them …. because they have too much!

        But the little human touches that make us laugh make the characters so endearing. Like Claire’s curly hair all over the place, Jamie’s red hair that makes him stand out in a crowd, Jamie’s inability to blink one eye, or to sing, even his sea sickness. I think that’s why we care, and why we comment, we don’t want them to be too perfect. We need them to be human, so we can love them and laugh with them.

  9. Thanks for that! I had a frustrating day and needed a good release and that did the trick! You could have a second career as a stand up (not that any of us want you to change careers!)

  10. Thank you!
    I wasn’t all too sure about any James Alexander Malcom MacKenzie Frasier casting, but I knew he had to be good in order to get the part. That’s quite a lot of name to live up to!
    I was honestly more concerned about the casting of Claire.
    How do you feel about the chemistry?

    Love and blessings,

  11. I trust your judgement and I’m looking forward to a girls night Outlander viewing party when it airs! I’ve been so excited to see all the great pictures from the set and to hear your approval of all they have shared with you. Thank you so much for all you write and share with all of us!

  12. <>

    You are such an original. I burst at laughing at this one–in the office. I don’t know how you can make us enjoy the experience of seeing Sam on film when we haven’t had the pleasure, but you do.

  13. Damn, I really liked chris as jamie XD.

    but seriously I respect your opinions and will hold mine until I’ve seen them in action.

  14. Thank you! You’ve expressed exactly how I feel. I know I’m only one voice in a crowd but it’s nice to have the validation of my feelings… :)

  15. All I can say is I am so stinking excited to see Sam as Jamie!! I think he is going to be so amazing. Thank you Diana for giving us all this wonderful story to enjoy. And thank you to Ron Moore and Starz for really taking time to find the perfect actors to bring it to life. I fully trust all of you!!

  16. I think Sam is going to be fantastic, and when I hear you talk about him, I am even more certain! CAN NOT WAIT!!!

  17. So great to read this. Have got so annoyed with people moaning about casting, I’ve posted myself – if Diana supports this – then it should be good enough for everyone! Personally Mr H is my perfect Jamie – first time I saw a pic – it was Jamie’s eyes I saw! Can’t wait to see the series. Thank you for bringing us all these amazing characters and intense storylines that keep us hooked :-)

  18. This is brilliant Diana! You had me cracking up. I’m so glad you’ve finally let that cork pop a wee bit and speak your mind. It’s got to get very taxing to read/hear all the talk about how “my” Jamie SHOULD look! You go girl!

  19. I have been taking your word and defending it already.
    I can not wait to see what you already have. It’s been i
    My imagination so long, to have it realized- *chills*
    Yes, everyone does have a right to their opinion but
    Honestly, when you say Sam is Jamie. I know it’s true.
    Some people just like to hear themselves argue, more trying
    to convince themselves than others that their opinion my have value.

    Thank you for sharing, once again :D

  20. I love this. You are so funny. Btw. I looooove Sam as Jamie ;)

  21. LOL You go girl! Sam and Jamie… both yummy! :)

  22. She said “dangly-bits” heeheehee.

  23. What’s that old saying….. “You can please some of the people some of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time…. BUT you can’t please ALL of Jamie’s followers all of the time”!!!!! Just enjoy people! ENJOY!

  24. Thanks for this, Diana! Like you, at first I wasn’t so sure, but now, I cannot imagine anyone else as Jamie. I think Sam will be wonderful and like everyone else, I am planning my viewing party already!

  25. Last night, I published an article on threeifbyspace.net, where I’m reviewing/previewing the STARZ series, on why I don’t think newbies should read your wonderful books before the show is aired. I am a HUGE fan, and have read all the books multiple times, and of course, have my own ideas of what the characters look like; but I’m quite happy to suspend my own pictures to be able to enjoy what Ron Moore gives us. But to be able to enjoy the TV series, and take the images of Sam and Jamie and Catriona as Claire, and THEN read the books – that could only enhance the love one would feel for your fabulous books AND allow the reader/viewer to enjoy the TV series without reservation. The bickering is pointless and annoying. Why get all up in arms when you have no say in the issue? It only diminishes the pleasure that the books and the TV series can bring.

  26. Thank you…thank you…thank you!!!
    …and THANK YOU!!!

  27. Beautifully, hilariously and perfectly said. As always… and just one of the many reasons I so love your books.

    And thank you for taking the time to write this. I’m appalled at how certain people have expressed their thoughts on the casting. I wish more would have more of an open mind, and wait to save their judgment for when they see the show. I have no doubt that those people are going to be eating their words real quick like.

    Now… next time you do a book tour, would you please consider putting Omaha, NE on your schedule? :-)

  28. I think he will make an awesome Jamie and I totally agree with the remark that the author knows best what the character should look like in real life! What she says about red hair is correct too. Mine goes anywhere from blonde, gold,red, brown and between just depending on the lighting and what colors I’m wearing.

  29. HA! Love it. Thank you, once again, for making things clear. I can ‘t wait to see him (and the rest of the cast) on the TV screen! :)

  30. I think he’s perfect.

    I’m a grown woman with a respectable job and I nearly passed out when they released that Sam in costume picture the other day.

    I’m a grown woman in a loving marriage and I squealed like Sam was Shawn Cassidy circa 1978 when they released the behind the scenes video.

    I’m a grown woman with grown children and I pouted when Sam didn’t follow me back on Twitter (@laughitoff Sam you can still change your mind I hold no grudges).

    I am 100% Team Sam!!

  31. Diana,
    As you are the mighty Creator of our beloved Jamie, why would anyone bother arguing with Herself? If Sam fits your vision, and he nailed it in performing Jamie, then that is wonderful! For myself, I have always wanted a relatively unknown (at least in the States) actor to play him. Someone very recognizable would be typecast and ruin the whole thing because viewers would be distracted and not pay attention to the wonderful storytelling going on. Viewers would be comparing to other portrayals and not “getting” it. Outlanderlovers like myself (I’ve used that screen name often) will be comparing the screen version of Jamie to the book version enough as it is. I can’t wait to see the chemistry between Sam and Catriona.

  32. So excited to see this!!! Really hope it makes it down to Australia. I trust your judgement Diana, after all you did create this magical, manly, mythical creature we all fell madly in love with!
    So excited to read the next installment in the series, will start reading from the beginning this Xmas as I have done every year since I read Cross Stitch in 1997! I LOVE the books and can not get enough of them, they saw me through some very tough times and kept me going. You are a magical storyteller, don’t ever stop!!
    Love and grateful hugs

  33. Oh my. You are a saint to do this… once again… to try and verbally slap sense into the naysayers. I’m sure the majority of fans are willing to take you at your word (well, you’d think so). Mama says Sam is Jamie. Mama is always right. For crying out loud. If YOU saw Jamie. Nuff said. I just don’t get it.

  34. Brilliant! If he’s good enough for you, then I love him!

  35. I trust your judgement completely. You know who your Jamie is and I’m sure Sam will do Jamie proud!

  36. AMAZING is the first word I thought when I read your commentary!! If you say that Sam (red hair or not) is Jamie that’s enough for me! You created that amazing story about the life of 2 person and the consequence that come with the choices they made through life and their love. I’ve been reading this book since I was 15 yrs old and this book was always my go-to book for everything! If you said that they cast the right Jamie and Claire all will be perfect for me because you wrote an amazingly awesome love story than now will become a awesome TV show and there’s nothing more to add!!!


  38. Well said, Diana! I have only been a fan for a couple years now. And couldn’t really picture any actors or actresses as these beloved characters yet. And so far, I’m happy with the cast so far. I totally trust you and everybody at Starz! Its going to be an amazing show.

  39. This is why I am so glad that we get your perspective. What you wrote gave me the (good) shivers. My belief is that YOU created the characters so if Sam and others ARE the characters to you, then that is perfect. Every time I read how much you support Sam in this role my excitement grows!

  40. Diana, you are the best. Thank you. That fact that you take time out of your crazy-busy schedule to respond to the casting insanity is amazing. Most important to me is that this series is ACTUALLY being brought to the screen, and I want it to stay there for many years. Your vision of Jamie is the man we all have fallen in love with, and if you say Sam is JAMMF, I CANNA WAIT to see it myself! Happy thoughts for Final Frenzy- keep doing what you’re doing!! <3

  41. People need something to fuss about. It makes them feel like they own a piece of the story/movie/series, whatever.

    So they’re fussing because they can’t actually fill the time with A) watching the miniseries or B) reading the next book.

    Me, I’ve got so much work to do, and I need to double up so I have the free time to read the next book and watch the miniseries (and maybe catch coverage of the Olympics and college basketball, too — not to mention prepare for the holidays). I can’t take the time to run the universe.

  42. Oh, Diana, you just made my day! I don’t know how you put up with it all. One of the things I most like about you is how you deal with your fans. You are very gracious with your time and wonderful wit and insight and you also are not afraid to set people straight when needed. Bravo! #SamisJamie

  43. THANK YOU DIANA!! Love your ferocity and Jamie Frasier…hehehe couldn’t resist! I’m so very excited with the casting choices, I can hardly wait until Outlander premiers. Thank you for this glorious gift you’ve given all of us in the form of these books!

  44. While I don’t have a functioning set of ovaries I am willing to bet that scene will make my heart stop and other things as well. Very well said Diana. We each have our own opinions of what our “leading man” from any book may be, and we might not alway agree with who gets cast for our favorite characters. Your opinion is the most important as they come from your mind and heart to begin with. We are all just invited travelers on your journey.
    All I hope is that when I see them on the screen that everything I have imagined in my own mind gets created right there on the screen. I don’t care what they look like and I don’t care if they have the right tilt to their head or the same complexion as the characters in the books. I just care that they bring those I have come to love to life and do them justice. I believe whole heartedly they will. And, BTW, even though when I first saw Sam I thought.. hmm, can he be Jamie, the more I hear from him on Twitter and see pictures I truly think he is going to be the perfect Jamie. :)

  45. You go girl!

  46. Thank you Diana for taking the time to write this to all those who seem to be struggling with Sam as Jamie. I believe I had much the same reaction as you. I have been in love with Mr. Jamie Fraser since I as 17 years old….lets just say I read the first book soon as it was published! I think Sam will make a wonderful Jamie and as you said Actors to Magic, your mention of jack Reacher is spot on! We must trust in you and the production team and Sams abilities as an Actor. It will be amazing I’m sure!

  47. I’m surprised you had to justify your choices, it doesn’t really makes sense to me! As a devoted fan of your series, I couldn’t imagine a better gift than to have the author help decide the actors for the series! We all imagine what the characters look like as we read, but I for one am so looking forward to seeing the author’s true vision! Thank you Diana for being more than gracious to some of the ridiculous comments – many of us wonder if these are from people who have actually read the books. We love you, and can’t wait to read “In My Own Heart’s Blood” and to see the Starz series! Cheers!

  48. You know, there will always be someone who will say this or that about stuff they know nothing of, and the simple truth is people are terrified that their internal image of this astounding character will be forever tarnished. For those of us who are enthralled by this story, we are thrilled that it’s being honored to be serialized on film. But for me, this amazing amazing tale sits firmly inside me. Twenty years and still loving it. It has given me years of wonder, and joy, and while I share/encourage people to get addicted like me, my hardback copies never leave my hands. Lol.

  49. I am now at the age when my ovaries no longer function. That is, in most regards, a Good Thing. I contentedly wait for my children to fill my baby cravings. However I am not too old to perceive that Mr Heughan is verra fine to gaze upon. And his voice (swoon) is captivating.
    I had my own image of Aragorn; it was not Viggo Mortenson. I imagined Jason Bourne; I never pictured Matt Damon. Cute as he was, it took several movies before I believed Dan Radcliffe was Harry Potter. I have an image of Jamie, and it is mine, with all due thanks to Ms Gabaldon. No one can erase the man I see in my mind’s eye each time I reread the books. But I anticipate with great excitement seeing what Ron Moore, Sam Heughan and all the fine people at STARZ put on film for us. It will be a quality production, I have no doubt. So stock up on shortbread and single malt and count me in.

  50. :)) What can I add to that. So true. Actors have the power to become all sorts of people. There have been many times where I’ve seen a film and thought, Who’s that? because the actor had transformed themselves so much that they weren’t immediately recognizable. Sam will BE Jamie and IS Jamie end of story. You can’t please everyone but I will add that I am thoroughly pleased. Thanks for such a moving wonderful story.

  51. Oh, that was awesome! I’m someone who can see that Sam will be perfect as Jamie and I am thrilled to bits with the casting! But I have to admit that the naysayers have been getting me down a bit lately. Thanks so much for posting this, Diana!

  52. I must say, when it came to light that the books would really be filmed and with Herself’s input, I was at ease. I wouldn’t tell a chemist, a winemaker, or an architect what to do, put, add or subtract. I’m sure not going to tell an artist (filmmakers are artists) how to create. I will enjoy every second of the series. Just as they present it.

  53. Poor Sam! 27 Hours! I can’t even imagine what he is going to have to go through over the next few years keeping it up for filming. UGH.

    As for you Diana Gabaldon, I can not thank you enough for taking the time to be engaged with fans. Personally I LOVED Sam, the minute I saw him, heard his audio reel, and his video reel. He takes your breath away in everything he does. Please please give him a huge hug from the fans when you meet him.

    Thank you for your writing and for caring about the fans who follow you

  54. I’m surprised you had to justify your choices, it doesn’t really makes sense to me! As a devoted fan of your books, I couldn’t imagine a better gift than to have the author help decide the actors for the series! We all imagine what the characters look like as we read, but I for one am so looking forward to seeing the author’s true vision! Thank you Diana for being more than gracious to some of the ridiculous comments – many of us wonder if these are from people who have actually read the books. We love you, and can’t wait to read “In My Own Heart’s Blood” and to see the Starz series! Cheers!

  55. I suppose folks can imagine Jamie as a two-headed, bald troll if _that’s_ their personal preference. However, to continue to insist that Jamie has physical characteristics that he does NOT makes me wonder if people actually read the books, lol. ;)

  56. The fact that you have been okay with the casting since day one has always made me feel confident in the series. I think people are forgetting that when you’re reading a book, characters are simply these people who we create with our own minds, taking favourite bits and pieces from celebrity crushes, significant others, fantasies, etc. etc. and putting them together to make this completely NON-EXISTENT human being. Now that these books are going to be on screen, you have to find the best fit with what you got. No human being is going to have every single detail to a TEE. Why? Because that person doesn’t exist. And IF, I say IF, you actually do find an actor with a great deal in common with the character physical trait wise, that doesn’t mean he/she can possess the soul of the character and actually BECOME that character.

    Sam Heughan is NOT what I pictured Jamie Fraser as being but now that it’s been made official, I can’t picture Jamie being played by anyone else. Very happy and confident with the casting!

  57. Diane; You are my all time favorite author. I love your characters and the way you bring them to life. Personally, I think Sam looks like a great Jamie Frazier. Being married to a true Scotsmen myself I know about THAT kind of red hair.You are the creator of the series and if you are good with the actors/actresses, that is what should matter. Tyrion in Game of Thrones does not match the description of Tyrion in the novels either, but who cares? The actor brings so much to the character we feel that we KNOW him. The same will be true for Jamie. I am counting down to the release of your next book and the premier of the series.

  58. Thank you! Now, if everyone would just get a life and let STARZ get on with their business life would be a whole bunch easier and less stressful. We should be trusting you to help them get it right and quit whining and jibber jabbering about oh, he’s not right it should be so and so. She’s not right it should be so and so. YOU are the one who knows what YOUR characters should look like and NONE of us! We all have our own image of every character. Enough already!!!
    Love you, love The Books and can’t wait for the new one.

  59. I trust your opinions, your instincts … after all you WROTE the books! Let’s move on!

  60. I am so excited that they are making this series! Sam isn’t “my” Jamie but he’s growing on me and I trust you implicitly since you created him. Thank you for your generous spirit and patience with your crazy fans! We adore you!

  61. I saw the same thing that Diana described when I watched a Hallmark movie that Sam had made. I thought adorable, but seems too finely made, not as she described him. As I watch the websites and photos as they have been coming along I am watching Sam become Jamie. I am also watching the photos and websites bring these wonderful books alive. I am totally thrilled with it all and feel privileged that we have been made such a part of the whole process.

  62. You’re the only one who truly knows what the characters look like and if you ‘re happy, then I’m happy and boy am I happy!! Every cast member is so perfect, especially Jamie and Claire.

    I am lucky to live in the North-east of the UK , not too far away from Scotland and over the past few years have spent most summer holidays in the Highlands, especially in the Inverness, Loch Ness & Fort William areas.

    Your books, like Scotland touch my heart and soul.

    Diana you have made a librarian, of a certain age, verra, verra happy!

  63. I think the folks who are still up in arms about this aren’t reading justifications; they are just reacting to pics. Of course, they are reacting in the same way, every time, but they aren’t going to change their opinions because they aren’t that invested in reading anyone else’s.

  64. Thank you, Diana, for making me laugh during your gentle admonishment of those who just can’t accept that they have no say in casting. Any good actor will make the character come to life, and it just won’t matter if the actor doesn’t exactly match the original description. I am eagerly anticipating the next book and the Starz show. Please don’t let the naysayers bother you!! PS- if you are taking volunteers to hold your clipboard/iPhone/whatever when you finally get to Scotland for filming, I’d be happy to do so!

  65. Just gotta say…. I have loved Jamie for years. Yes I invision him 7 foot tall and hair a deeper red than what I have seen Sam as. But this is MY jamie. I won’t let you take that away. Do I think Sam is Jamie you bet. DG you wrote the book and I will not say you do not know jamie when you see him. I for one can not wait. On pins and needles. I am so excited. Thank YOU Diana for opening my eyes to reading. I devoured you books — and this is some one who got terriblye bored at reading stop signs let alone prescribed reading. I thank you for you art and giving us an amazing read. 100% behind you / beside you!

  66. Yep, fans are snarky. Of course, it is the love of your books that bring those fans hunting you down on facebook and sites like these. Expectations might be selfishly limiting, but emotions are high and worthy of beloved characters. You done good. So excited to see these characters come to life!

  67. Dang straight! Jamie is yours, you know how he’s supposed to look, and the rest of us will just have to sit back, relax and trust that you know what you’re doing, for goodness sakes!
    You haven’t led us astray yet!

  68. Thank you for all you do. I could picture your eyes sparking (with both humor and frustration) as I read this. It’s too bad someone keeps feeding the trolls. Hope this sends a few of them back under the bridge. M&M is right . . . they are both yummy!

  69. I am continually amazed that the dither dather continues. Sam has some totally amazing acting chops! I am planning to enjoy that wonderful acting for hopefully the next several years.

  70. Way to go, Diana! I have just shaken my head at the folks who think Sam/Jamie should have hair like Bozo or Ronald McDonald. Where they ever even got that idea, I don’t know; clearly they haven’t taken note of the numerous descriptions in the books.

    One would think that when the character’s creator is enthusiastic about the choice of an actor, then those doing the casting have likely gotten it right. Perhaps it’s just that so many folks have, for decades now, been in love with their own imagined version of Jamie (right or wrong) that they just can’t let it go. I have a strong feeling that they’ll change their minds the instant they see Sam as Jamie onscreen. The fact that Sam seems to be a truly decent fellow and so good at humoring his new legions of fans just adds to his mystique. I feel that he is about to be a HUGE star, and hope we get to enjoy numerous TV seasons of him as Jamie. (And I think that they couldn’t have possibly picked a better Claire…)

  71. The Heuligans never doubted for a second… ;) And gag me with a spoon is exactly what I said! ;)

    RAH RAH go Sam Go!!!

  72. I LOVE SAM! And I personally cannot wait for my ovaries to be stopped in their tracks! How do I love thee, let me count the ways….I love the hair color, the height, the muscles, the humor, the kindness he shows his fans and just in general from what I’ve seen, the chiseled face, and everything that goes along with it (and did I say the muscles?). HE IS JAMIE. I have not one iota of doubt about that. I’m so glad that he was chosen – and Cait is perfect as Claire too. Just like I pictured her to be. They both seem like genuinely nice people from their contact with us fans thus far.

    Now, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher…. I thought my head would explode.

  73. Well said, Diana! Ultimately, it’s about an actor having the talent to create the character, isn’t it? I never imagined Jamie as a huge, muscled guy either. I’m only 5’3″ and anyone over 5’10″ seems large to me. I think Thor looks fine but he’s a bit wooden (no pun intended) in his acting ability. Plus, there’s the chemistry between the characters that’s important and then the scheduling , contracts and the budget, etc.
    Sam seems to be a good sport about the whole thing and I’m looking forward to seeing his performance. As for the red hair, well, you are so right about the color photographing differently depending on the light and the camera. With my completely red haired family, I take a lot of photos and am amazed how varied all the shades can look. My new Nikon favors the red and I have to Photoshop all the pictures to make it more realistic.
    I’m just hoping for at least a hint of freckles. Pretty please? We live in CO and we have to buy sunscreen by the buckets. No sunscreen in the 1700′s and even though the sun there is much less intense, there must be a few freckles. I am also curious if the people in the 1700′s had the same kind of aversion to gingers that people in the UK have now. My family hasn’t been bullied over here but I understand that it’s a big problem on the other side of the pond.
    Anyway, I have faith that you all know what’s best.

  74. Get ‘em, Diana.

  75. Thank you for remaining patient and gracious throughout this adventure. How trying it must be to be putting the finishing touches on book number 9, while traveling, consulting on the Outlander series, trying to have a life with your family – and – field all the questions and craziness that swirl around you! I now see that there is much more than a just touch of Yourself in Himself indeed. Jamie Fraser may be “the king of all men, ” but you, madam have certainly made Himself in your image! Bravo, Diana Gabaldon, please take a bow!!

  76. Thank you for remaining patient and gracious throughout this adventure. How trying it must be to be putting the finishing touches on book number 9, while traveling, consulting on the Outlander series, trying to have a life with your family – and – field all the questions and craziness that swirl around you! I now see that there is much more than a just touch of Yourself in Himself indeed. Jamie Fraser may be “the king of all men, ” but you, madam have certainly made Himself in your image! Bravo, Diana Gabaldon, please take a bow!

  77. He’s beautiful! He’s a Scot! He’s powerful! What a perfect combination!!!! (…and he CAN act!)

  78. Diana, you crack me up! I love how you deal with people. I wish I had at least a tenth of the command of the English language that you have! (my default stand-by retort being, “oh yeah??)
    Thank you again for these books, and all the in-between treats you give us!!


    I’ve read the books multiple times till the covers are in tatters. Well, I didn’t read “Dragonfly in Amber’” as much as it’s too sad for me.

    Anyway, thank you Diana for writing my very favorite novels !

  80. Thank you Diana,
    It’s sad that people continue to demand their own way. Entitled people makes ridiculous demands. The depth of their selfishness wouldn’t abate even if you handed over Jamie himself in all his kilted glory! I know, you of all people know that… So more than anything, thank you for your patience! I’m afraid I would not handled any of this so graciously! I appreciate your gracious spirit and all you extend to your readers. (Even the me gimme mine, Wackadoodles)
    Yours, Deborah

  81. Thank you so much for everything Diana, including this explanation. I think many people take *this* way too personally and forget to use their imaginations, and to some degree, their common sense. We love Sam. We love Ron. We love you. We love your books. Oh, and I will double your $1 offer to the doubters, if only they agree to pay ME a dollar if their minds do indeed change. I could be a rich woman, aye?

  82. Well said. Jamie is your dream and if you say Sam is Jamie then I am very happy. I have been very happy with what I have seen so far and can’t wait for it to be screened.

  83. I think Sam will make a great Jamie. I can’t wait to see the show.

  84. I absolutely adore you. I’m very excited for the series. I think all the casting has been wonderful. The production company and you – all of you – have been so gracious and patient with us fans by engaging and keeping us as up to date and involved they way you do. What if you suddenly showed up at the workplaces of the unhappy fans and started telling them how to do their job? I think they’d not appreciate it much. Thank you!


  86. Sorry, Diana, never mind the functioning ovaries, ANYONE of the female persuasion, ( and maybe some of the male persuasion) may well stop, drop and flop in their tracks at the sight of Sam/Jamie, and I really look forward to the show coming to TV! Keep up the phenomenal work!


    P.S. I happen to like “Thor” (Chris Hemsworth), but Sam IS Jamie!

  87. Diana, you have the patience of Buddha. And if it didn’t sound COMPLETELY creepy and stalkeresque, I’d write that we could be great friends based solely on our mutual inability to suffer fools gladly–and that we both deal with them by speaking slowly in short sentences that use small words.

    But that would be awkward, so I won’t. *cough*

  88. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! Thank you for the Outlander series, which allows me to get lost with Jamie and Claire at a moment’s notice, no matter which book I pick up. Thank you for the HUMANITY of the characters found therein and the full spectrum of emotion that they can connect me to. Lastly, and most importantly, thank you for your astonishing ability to set the record straight once and for all on your feelings on the casting choices made by ‘the powers that be’. Herding cats while in Final Frenzy and being gracious and considerate to your fans only further endears you to those of us who have loved the Outlander series for so many years and have lived through the endless reads of the books dreaming of seeing them come to life on our home screens. You are a class act!

  89. Seriously, I don’t know from what deep well you’ve pulled your patience from, but it’s gotta be mighty deep!! Gabaldon, when you care to send the very best :)

  90. Hi Diana!

    I love your discussions. And, I’m with you. Were I a casting agent, director or producer, my personal opinion might have had some salt. Luckily, I fully support every casting choice made.

    Thank you,

    those of us no longer equipped with ovaries would stop dead, too.

  91. This is why you have legions of fans!!! You speak your mind in a respectful and honest way. Well said!!

    Knowing you have had the priviledge of viewing those auditions, if you say Sam is JAMMF, then I know Sam is JAMMF. End of discussion.

  92. Oh, Diana, how I have awaited your response to the whining! This is a perfect reply. I have posted over and over, “if an actor is worth his salt, what he looks like won’t matter one whit!” I’m tired of hearing about Caitriona’s eye color, her lack of an arse, Sam’s hair color, etc. Your response is perfect, perfect, perfect! Thank you, as always.

  93. And this, ladies and gents, is why Herself rocks!

  94. Hi Diana.

    And thanks. Like Sam for Jamie or not, just make some kind of sense is all I’m asking.

    Anyways, I’d like to take a moment to mention that there are thousands upon thousands of readers who are pleased with young Mr. Heughan and Co. The production company,the actors and you are very well aware of that and have welcomed us with open arms, and we them. We seem to be in the majority so it’s always nice to have them and you acknowledged that with a little appreciation. You’ve always been that way Diana, and now the series prodcution cast and crew are likewise fun and approachable.

    Everyone connected with this project has been so nice to us fans and I hope we pass that forward to newcomers to the Outlander world on the internet. Yes, people can be uncivil [I don't bother with them] – but sometimes people can simply have a different opinion, be unoboservant or, well, wrong. We can be nice to them too. ;)

    So, once again, thanks. :)

  95. Even for those of us with nonfunctioning ovaries, Sam’s the guy. Actors are the most wonderful of creatures. You are a saint to address this issue yet one more time. Thank you for a great read!!!!!

  96. As you have taken me on the most amazing journey since the very first page of Cross Stitch (Outlander) through to the last in Echo in the Bones I am absolutely trusting your approval of casting for Jamie….also have to say Sam does it for me. Thank you for your brilliant and creative work. I have loved it all and I cannot wait to see your characters come to life on the screen. Cheers x

  97. No one can be the Jamie we’ve pictured in the books, because he’s different for everyone. However, that being said, I’m relieved Sam is relatively ‘unknown’ because I don’t want an actor with former characters getting in the way. I love what you’ve written about this, you said it perfectly (of course).

  98. i ‘hear’ characters more than ‘see’ them – i think he looks very much like i’d imagine Jamie would-i trust the author to know her man though :) now, to hear him -

  99. First of all thank you for taking the time to give us your impression of Sam. After reading what you wrote I for one can’t wait to see the real thing. And Diana you nailed it- producers cannnot be expected to extract our personal visiom of who these characters are – first of all I dare say each of us has our OWN personal vision to begin with, and second- an actor’s job is to make you forget all about your own vision and feel that noone but this person could be Jamie or Claire or whoever- if they do it right- this become your new vision of these characters. I trust your vision Diana, it’s not let me down yet. I would ask though is there ANY hope of seeing even a short clip of Jamie in action to help our new vision along :-) I understand if this can’t be done but never hurts to ask right? I suspect once we see what you saw- even a glimpse everyone will be on board.

  100. Well, call me ignorant or stupid, or possibly both, but I think it will be amazing. I know sometimes Hollywood doesn’t always do the best job (the second Dumbledore comes to mind), but the start miniseries usually are very good. I can’t imagine wasting my time arguing about this stuff, or worrying about it either. I prefer to believe, (in my naive state of being), that they will hold true and the actors will do their best to portray the characters in a way that will bring them from the pages of the story into a 3 dimensional being.

    And BTW, Diana, I am one on those redheads, and you are spot on–though if your husband is then you certainly do have first hand experience. My husband swears I had brown hair when we first me, then said I must have dyed it. :-). Got it from my dad, and he from his mother.

  101. PS,
    I forgot to add that my OVERRIDING thought was “can he act?” That’s what’s going to make or break this. I took Diana’s word for it (I’d say I was 80% sold just on his second photo and Diana’s strong recommendation) but I had to scour the internet for the names of his films because I wanted to see for myself if he could “be” Jamie. It never occured to me to worry about the color or length of his hair – he had to be capaable of BEING Jamie. If you’ve read the book, you know those are big boots to fill – and I’m not talking about physical size.

    It’s so weird that some folks don’t think about that.

    And yes, our guy can act. Oh man, can he.

  102. Once again, as I said when we shook hands in Fergus, I say “Thank you, Diana”!!!! Sam is now who I see in my minds eye as I reread Outlander for the 4th time. I can’t wait for MOBY to come out and I also can’t wait for the series to begin whenever it does next year. You are a wonderful writer, whether you are writing books or trying to make your fans understand things as you see them. Keep on keeping on!!!

  103. Diana, Thank you for your insight. You just confirmed what I have been saying since day one; You made Jamie, you know what was in your head when you wrote about him. We love your books so we must trust your judgement on who plays Jamie and Claire and all the other main characters. It doesn’t matter one bit what we all think or say anyway. We are truly your fans.

  104. _That_ was laugh out loud funny. That you actually typed “gag me with a spoon” is beyond priceless. I may quote you on that.

    who no longer has functioning ovaries. which might explain why she cares more about what is on the actor than what is in the period clothing…

  105. Amen sister!!!!! Yet again your eloquence with words hits the nail on the red-head [g]! The only comment I have is that even those of us without functioning ovaries were stopped dead in our tracks[g]. As the Outlander series of books been a constant companion through good an bad times in my life and have really helped me overcome some terrible situations I am eagerly awaiting their ‘breath into life’. I’m excited to see the essence of the story and the fabulous scenery – it is great to have something positive to look forward to finally.

  106. Well put…take that naysayers…they are your books, you know Jamie better than anyone…can’t wait to see the end result of all the hard work Stars is putting into outlander, to bring it to life.

  107. Oh, Diana, I am in love, Is Sam single? I( desperately need a Scotsman, ever since I realized Sean Connery wasn’t available), I ‘ve had my eye on Jamie Fraser. Tell Sam I said hi :)

  108. Amen, Diana!

  109. OMG! My husband is trying to watch Jeopardy and I’m over here laughing out loud! I’m sorry you’ve had to address this issue–again. For Pete’s sake, you created the characters we all love. And if you think Sam is the perfect Jamie, well, I’m good with that. Bless you for being so patient with the naysayers.

  110. While in my own mind I had an “image” of Jamie.

    Sam nailed it.

    Can’t wait until spring of 2014.

  111. Thanks so much for giving us this patient, serious, annoyed, humorous, patient (leaving out menacing ), humorous resource to use in our battle with the Sam-bashing trolls.
    Frankly, I think we’re damned lucky that an actor (magician?) of Sam’s caliber is willing to take on the emotionally, physically and everything-else-ly grueling role of Jamie – not to mention PT torture sessions, salon chair torture sessions and growing his hair out to that always-in-your-face length without being able to keep it back with headbands or clips (the horror!). With the addition of the casting war, it’s a real credit to the man that he’s still willing to interact with fans, let alone so humorously and positively.
    Thanks again for this great piece.

  112. You are the creator of all these wonderful characters including Jamie’s . the fact we get to enjoy him vicariously through your wonderful books is our great luck and privilege. Bringing your words to the small screen is something long awaited and I can’t wait to see how Ron Moore does this as I’ve enjoyed his previous efforts. I think the casting seems perfect so far but all we can do is await the actual product and in the end am sure all will be right with the world. Thank you Diana !

  113. As I sit here reading excerpts of this to my husband (he’s read the books and so understands my addiction) I am laughing and loving your delivery of a good set down. I for one, and I know there are hoards more like me, trust your judgment. Can’t wait to see this fantastic production!

  114. So, how do you feel about Claire having blue eyes? Is that important or no? From the shots of Claire & Frank that we’ve seen, TV Claire will have blue eyes, unless that’s something they will fix after the fact. Why not contacts … unless it isn’t important?

    • Diana – I don’t think you should have to justify yourself! There will always be rude, entitled, and/or clueless people – best we can do is roll our eyes and move on!

      @Pat Kuralt – I was thinking the same thing actually. Normally, I wouldn’t mind – but Claire’s specific honey-brown eyes are always mentioned haha

  115. Thank you for saying that. Sam is now who I see in my head as I read your books. I believe you, that Sam is Jamie.

  116. As always perfectly stated and as always so much fun to read your thoughts! Love your books and I am sure I will love the production!

  117. I’m glad you took time out to comment on the selection of Sam as Jamie. Personally, I can’t wait to see him in full character. I read Outlander right after it first came out (the first time!). Jamie was never a hulk.. A hunk, certainly. But never ever a WWF creature.

  118. Wish this little blog wasn’t necessary but you have very
    Passionate fans! Thank you for taking the time to
    Share your thoughts. I love them!
    As usual you nailed it!
    Thank you!

  119. Haters are gonna hate.

    I trust Sam is perfect and personally cannot wait to see him in action.

  120. I could never picture the characters’ faces, although everything else was pretty clear. Sam and Caitriona are perfect. This series has some seriously good karma, if you ask me; from the actors to the writers to the producers, it’s shaping up to be something special.

  121. I have personally loved the thought of Sam as Jamie. I always hated the ideas other threw around about Gerard or Chris Hemsworth. They aren’t Jamie Material. I’ve seen other work that Sam did before I found out about his casting. I think he’s perfect for the role! Jamie needs to be someone that is attractive, yes, but also relatable. He is just an everyday lad, that grows to become someone that is a respected and powerful leader. I think it will be wonderful to watch as Sam creates Jamie for us. Also, thank you for confirming that the spanking scene is going to be shown. Haha. I was wondering about that.

  122. Oh For The Love Of Everything, Ms. G. You are Too Much. This. Was. Awesome. Thank you, and #Respect

  123. Love your post! It’s simply perfect as everything you write! This will be a fantastic series, no doubt about it. I have been following everything about it, web pages, Facebook, Twitter, press releases, and everything I read shows great professionalism and care, as your books deserve. I’m very happy for you – and for me as a fan too – to be able to be part of the creation of this series and I wish it the best success! Thank you!

    • I’m so glad you said something about this! I think the casting is great and Sam is PERFECT!! I was feeling bad for him! So much negitive thought! I have so many clients reading your books! You are awesome!!

    • I trust you you created Jane and I fell in love with his character. I am an actress and it is the actors job to creat that character using themselfs. Know I feel casting is very important the person has to fit age,body type to be believed but from that point it falls on the actor and director. Jamie as to be in Sam it is his job to find him. From what you have said he has done that. I can’t wait. It is a prosses that actors go through. I remember seeing Wit on stage it was the best stage performance I hav ever seen. The actress never left the stage yet I saw her become sick and lose weight right before my eyes it was magic. Just like you created majic with your character and stories. I hope some day you now it to Northern California some day .

  124. I agree with Beth and April above! Amen. You. Are. The. Author. and. Owner. Your word that it felt right should be enough! It is for me! Thanks much for sharing so much of yourself with your fans – I certainly appreciate it!

  125. I ignore the naysayers! I feel it in my bones, this is a fabulous cast, with awesome material and it’s going to be EPIC!

    As far as added traffic I know I’m checking your blog, twitter and the like because you are so engaging and entertaining! I love the rapport between you and the cast. I also love the bantering back and forth of Sam, Cait, Donas. You all make me smile and make the days pass quicker until we can get Starz Outlander and MOBY :)

  126. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m thrilled to see your vision coming to pass. And for me, all it took was that one “Come on, Sassenach” in the clip shown in NY to convince me Starz has the right man in the role. Saving my pennies for my Starz subscription to start!

  127. I am just so happy that everything is unfolding as it should and that very soon we will be able to enjoy your art on the screen as well as the page!
    Thank you Diana! Thank you Starz!

  128. PERFECTLY stated, Diana! I completely agree that a good actor can make magic happen. And I believe that Sam will be the absolute best Jamie anyone could hope for. Once you said that he was the right man for the job – that’s all I needed.

  129. Had to say this again even though I said it on facebook :-)

    I absolutely LOVED that – um – ahem – diatribe? You shouldn’t have to take the time to go through all that but it sure is fun to ‘hear’ you do it!

  130. I have been reading and loving your books since Outlander was published in 1991, as has my daughter. Now, my oldest granddaughter (21yrs) is reading Outlander. I am a voracious reader and Outlander is my all time favorite series. Having said that, I am elated about the television adaptation of your book, and have loved Sam as Jamie from the start. I am a bit bemused to find I have become a “fan girl” for the first time in my life! I am a proud Heughligan, which my husband finds quite amusing. So, thanks so much for this post, and hope to see you again next time you visit Calgary.

  131. Bravo!! I admire your patience Diana. I’ve come to adore Sam watching him in other roles since the announcement and just cant wait to see him bring Jamie into my living room each week! *squeal* Thank you. Thanks to everyone involved in bringing this much loved series to us.

  132. *Stands up and applauds*

    I read all over the place – He’s too this, and not enough of that..
    Opinions are like ….. Everybody has one!

    Everybody has this imagined persona in their own mind, but, at the end of the day, it’s up to the casting director!

    If he nailed Jamie in your opinion, that’s good enough for me!

    The books are YOUR babies!

  133. Thanks for writing this Diana. For quite a while now I have felt quite uncomfortable at the obsessive fan behaviour. I feel deeply attached to the Outlander series and am really looking forward to watching the new series, but the seriousness to which some fans are taking it makes me feel a little embarrassed to admit I am a fan at times. I’ve had to stop reading some of the fan pages.

    Anyway, well said and “here,here”!

    Thanks for a wonderful series of books!

  134. Diana,

    Like many, I am a devoted fan of you and all things “Outlander.” I guess there are all types of fans as you well know, and as you said, “people are entitled to their own opinions.” Call me odd, but I really never had an opinion, but more of an indescribable joy for the fact that my favorite books of all time are being made into a TV series. I also had faith that the people involved would do everything possible to bring your beloved characters to life. As the cast was announced and more information came to light about Ron’s vision, the people involved and the shooting locations, I never once lost that faith because I could just tell that it is all going to be just fine. Diana, you have given us a priceless gift and we are so lucky to have these talented, thoughtful, imaginative people on board to raise that gift to the next level. I have had so much fun in the last few months watching the fan sites pop up and getting to know more about Sam, Caitriona, Graham and everyone else via Twitter and Facebook. “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ,” I’m following a horse, a mule and a cat on twitter already! I sincerely hope that instead of picking apart every decision made and worrying about the things that might not be just like in the books, everyone will just sit back and enjoy the ride, and yes – have a little faith that you and the Outlander “Gods” would never disappoint us!

    Thank you, Diana.

  135. I got goosebumps just from the description. I can’t wait to see it for myself.

  136. While reading the books, of course I pictured Jamie i my own mind. MOSTLY I wanted to hear him speak. Sam has the perfect accent. And if he became Jamie for you, I’m sure he will for all of us. After all, as you say, YOU created him. And all the rest. I cannot wait to see the series. I am subscribing to Starz just for it. And I can’t wait to see where you take Jamie and Claire in the next book. God bless you Diana.

  137. As with alot of people I’m sure, I was worried about who would be cast. My main thought was please not a Hollywood actor! Sam fits the bill, very nicely!!

  138. Aw, Diana, the line saying Sam has “enough sex to drop anyone with functioning ovaries in their tracks” got me thinking. I don’t have functioning ovaries any more, but I’m looking forward to seeing this production as much as anyone with a functioning set! :-) I am very sure he’ll be smashing!

  139. Loved your blog. I am loving Sam and as the days go by and as I see and hear more about him to me, he is Jamie. Can’t wait for the series. I have read many fantasy novels but none has moved me as much as yours have.

  140. Jeez what is not to like about this guy. He’s dead drop gorgeous and if he can act to boot then let the filming continue and everyone sit back and enjoy the visual show! Thank you Diana for your detailed explanation.
    ( I can’t believe @ 58 I still can get so excited about a movie!!!)

  141. Cuddos to you, My Lady! Having some background in Drama and instructing young people in the art, I must agree with all you have said. I have watched all of Sam’s work that I can find and in my opinion he is amazing! We don’t cast actors strictly by looks, basic height and stature aside. Hair color and eye color is never an issue…it is normally based mostly on talent. Sam is VERRA talanted and has a great career ahead of him. I haven’t seen what you have, yet I do not doubt one word of it. Thank you for giving us Jammie and Claire. They have given me hours and hours of pleasure.

  142. You said it! I think the casting has been amazing. Sam is a perfect Jamie. Take a look at the picture–even the horse wants to lick him. She’s probably thinking, yeah you can ride me anywhere…

    2014 is going to be a great year with your new book and the series! Can’t wait.

  143. Is it inappropriate to say, “I love you”?!! Nobody mess with Herself! I hope a few of those negative naysayers have read this and are feeling like fools.
    Thank you for your wonderful intelligent wit!

  144. Sam’s looks had me from the first moment. I thought to myself, with some makeup and a dye job, he’ll be perfect. Then, when I saw him act. I said out loud, “boy, he can act, too!” This is gonna be a GREAT production. Can’t wait.

  145. I’m just wondering who Robyn MacGillicuddy Stimson is. :)

  146. LOL! This is why I love your writing and can’t wait to watch my favorite books come to life!

  147. Diana,

    I agree with you totally!

  148. I think it’s sad when people do nothing but complain, they didn’t write the book so how would they know what the characters look like. You are a very talented author and only you know more about the people you have written. Good for you!!! I truly believe that the actors/actresses in the series are a group of perfection that will surprise us all with their talent as you did with the series. BRAVO to you beautiful lady.

  149. Having been an actor off and on for many years I understand exactly what you are saying. Hair , makeup and costuming can make someone look the part but if they do not have the chops to BE the person they are portraying you might as well not waste your money. I think they made a wise choice in choosing Sam H. especially if the AUTHOR of the books thinks he portrays the character well. Oh and Diana you can send the dollar to…. LOL

  150. I absolutely loved reading this, and wish I could post it on every page where I have read people complaining about Jamie. And Claire. And Geillis. And everyone else for that matter.

    But as the most crazy of the craziness has been posted re: Sam as Jamie, all I’ve want to say to them is… “Wait until you watch the show!! If any of us had to pick the perfect person for any role in any of our favorite shows/movies, we would have undoubtedly picked the wrong person. Because we would have gone for the look – but the casting directors go for the whole package. So just trust them!”

    When I heard your comment re: how you saw him at first (I totally agreed with that) and then how you reacted just seconds into his screen test, that was enough… I’ve told more people than I can count, he was your Jamie first, and if _you_ say he’s Jamie, then that should be it.

    I am sooo excited… I feel like I’ve waited since the first book for this, and think it is going to be amazing. (And I’m figuring that there are more of us trusting in the process going on than naysayers. It will be their loss if they give up on it before it’s even finished.) I am so glad you posted this, and hope everyone sees it!!

  151. AMEN Diana! I am so tired of the naysayers! I am sure that once the series airs, you will be able to say “I told you so”. I am 100% behind Sam as Jamie and I cannot wait to see Jamie come to life.

  152. BEST.RESPONSE.TO.THE.NAYSAYERS.EVER!!!!! And I think the horse in the photo above JUST about sums it up….. LOL!!!

  153. Thank you for being the voice of reason, Diana. There are so many of us that are just so beyond thrilled with Sam as Jamie, all the cast, the fabulous production and all it entails, that we needn’t worry about the ones who aren’t with us. They can just keep reading the books. We’ll watch the TV series and everyone will be happy! :)

  154. Diana – you nailed it!!

    He’s your Jamie and you should know. We’re really just the observers. Delighted observers but just observers.

    I think that dollar is well and truly safe!

  155. Right on, Amen, and thank you!

  156. Dearest Diana,
    I give you so much credit for doing this Again!
    Who on this Earth thinks they know better than you, the creator of Jamie Fraser,
    who he truly is and how he should appear.
    You have the patience of a Saint and then some.
    I love you too. And I hope this finally puts all of this nonsense to rest for good and all.
    You crack me up as I have been thinking the same thing about all of those people who do not
    think Sam can be Jamie – personally I think he IS Jamie – However when you said that STARZ would
    just stop all filming because OMG!! so and so doesn’t think Sam is Jamie I nearly fell off the bed
    I was laughing so hard I could barely see for the tears running down my face!! I have been silently
    thinking the same thing. Do those people truly think they know more than you and Ron and STARZ?
    You are the most amazing author and most of your fans are basically sane.
    You are truly a wonderful author who understands history, life, and the characters to whom you have given birth and let take on a life of their own. There is no one else like you and could never be anyone who even comes close to you. I taught myself to read before I was 4 and have been reading everything I could get my hands on since, especially history and time travel. There should be a whole section that just says “Diana Gabaldon” as there is not another author – book or screenplay – who researches and understands her people the way you do. I am hoping that smoky quartz brings you the luck and blessings of Scotland as it is the national Gemstone of Scotland. I should make something for Caitriona and Sam and hopefully it will stop all of this total nonsense. You are amazing to take the time from MOBY to deal with what is basically nonsense.
    My Love and all of the best to you always,(kisses to your little puppy boys too!)
    Susan Berkoff

  157. I would NEVER dare to ask for Chris Hemsworth!! Sam’s my absolute favorite. Lov’ him as Jamie and can’t wait to see the show! Excited greetings! :-)

  158. Well said, Claire!! I have been wondering also why people complains…we all have “our” Jamie in the books and I think you explained it very well, when saying that Sam is an actor. I’m totally sure that all characters will do their best and if someone don’t like it… Hey! You can always turn the TV off…! We still have the books, don’t we? I’m so looking forward to see it all come “alive”.

  159. Oh, I do love your humor. You never fail to make me laugh!!! I am looking forward to MOBY, the STARZ series, seeing Jamie and Claire interacting! It’s true that we all see someone different in our minds eye when reading of these characters. Jamie will now and forever always be SAM and Nobody else but Sam. That being said, I just pictured MY own, personal, hero Jamie looking like Chris Hemsworth! HA! I do NOT see him as JAMMF. I just like to look at and fantasize about Chris. ;) Because, I can. Hell, why NOT!{g}

  160. If DIANNA approves of the cast that is chosen ..great.. as she said ,she wrote the books…who better than her to say what those wonderful characters look like ………………….

  161. Once again, nicely put. I wish people will just move past their preconceptions of what they think what must be, and accept what is. The cast is beautifully put together and most importantly, I’m sure, done for their acting ability, which is the main ingredient to making the show a success at the end of the day. This is such an exciting time for the Outlander universe, we get a series and new book. Please know there are plenty folks out there who appreciate the hard work going into both. So Thank You.

  162. And if that doesn’t put all the non-believers in their place!!! LOL, brilliant Diana.

  163. (Standing up applauding you ) Well said, those people are a minority and their opinions don’t carry any weight, I just scroll right past them.
    I fell in love with Sam, I think he has the sexiest voice, and with his scots, I just know he will
    be terrific as jamie. I see what you have seen and I haven’t even seen it yet!

  164. Well put Ms Gabaldon! I to believe people should have a right to their own opinion, however I’m getting particularly sick and tired of hearing the same bloody complaints since Sam was cast. Seriously anyone who has ever dyed their hair knows that you can achieve any hue you wish if you’ve got a great hair stylist. If they’re not missing and moaning about hair color then they’re missing and moaning about his body type. I was unaware there were so many body experts out there, who knew!!!

    How can people judge others before they’ve even seen what that person or persons can do??
    I for one will wait until I’ve watched the entire 16 episodes before I decide wether or not the book has been pulled off in the form of a tv series.

    Thanks Diana for giving us such a gift.

  165. I encourage everyone to watch Sam’s other works you’ll be surprised. Now if we could get the audition tape…

  166. Love it. Well said. Love your work. .. and your choices!

  167. Love your post Diana ! Awesome ! Thankyou so much for taking of your precious time to write that casting commentary with humor and kindness ! The Starz casting dpt have been doing such a great job !

  168. Dear Diana, thank you for this behind-the-scenes glimpse into the ‘Outlander’ production. I’m very interested in the process itself so these insights are very exciting. Maybe you could do a little write up about Caitriona’s / Sam + Caitirona’s auditions in the future? Nothing too spoilery, just your thoughts and impressions at the time. For example, we know which scenes were picked for Jamie’s and Jamie / Claire’s auditions, but not for Claire’s. That would be interesting to know. Oh, and I think Sam looks perfect as Jamie, cannot wait to actually see him in action next year.

  169. I’ve already got Sam and Caitriona in my mind as Jamie and Claire as I reread the series in preparation for the next book… I love checking out the web sites to see new photos of them. Whatever I used to imagine has been replaced – and I can wait for 2014! Love your work, Diana, and your wit (dangly bits!!)

  170. Beautifully said!!!!

  171. DG he is an excellent choice. As my mother used to say “What Mom says goes…..period” We trust you with the choices made.

    Tapadh leat

  172. Diana,
    I have every confidence that Sam can inhabit Jamie, but, being on the other side of the gender divide, I’m very interested in your reaction to Catriona. Has she hit the mark in the same way that Sam did? Is she the no-nonsense combat nurse bemused by being thrust into a cauldron of eighteenth century Jacobite testosterone?

  173. I am sorry you have to keep commenting on this…but I never tire of hearing about Jamie and looking at Sam! As I reread in preparation for Book 8, Sam is who I see as Jamie. It has been an amazingly wonderful experience to reread with the casting additions coming through and seeing how my mind adapts.

  174. You go!!!!!!! And I’m quite sure you’ve heard that one enough also…………but seriously…………it’s a book/story…………you wrote it…………go with your gut. Personally, I can’t wait to see the end result………….and I can’t wait for the new book to come out……yes, I can…..you do a wonderful job of writing out something so rich and wonderful………..and I end up crying when I’m finished…………….Don’t Ever Stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Hats off to you, Mz G: your excellent writing skills, your wicked sense of humour, your uncommon good sense… you GO girl! :) . I will be splurging on a STARZ channel with alacrity as soon as the show is going to air.
    I started Outlander the month it came out in paperback, when a lady at the book store shoved it into my hands: I said I did not like ‘romances’ as they were too darn predictable and trash. She told me the store put it in the ‘romance’ section as it didn’t really fit anywhere, and if I didn’t love it, she’d personally buy it back from me.
    I now happily own hardcopies of the entire, lovely series, and have ‘converted’ several thoroughly contented readers myself.
    Your bet of a dollar is safe.

  176. Dear Diana,

    I can’t wait to see this production of Outlander!!! I just don’t want to wait that long – been waiting for twenty years!!! I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Can’t wait to see the arguments between Sam (Jamie) and Catriona (Claire). I hope they can do them justice.

  177. Diana,

    It was a breath of fresh air to read your post this morning. I have been wondering how long you could take all the negative comments without responding to them. I get really angry when I read some posts that say you should have written the story this way or that way. It is, after all, your story and a magnificent one at that. I cannot imagine not having your books to read. I am like a number of your fans that say they cannot get into another author’s work after reading yours. I am on my 8th re-read of the series. In fact, I am listening on audio and reading along in the book at the same time this go round. I am amazed at the detail that I missed on other re-reads. If someone does not like something in the books, they don’t have to read it. The same with the TV series, they don’t have to watch it.

    You are very generous and patient with your fans. I have never known of another author that interacts with everyone the way you do. I appreciate reading all the news, excerpts, and opinions that you have. Like you say, everyone has an opinion but some of them should be kept to themselves and not try to foist them on everyone else !!

    Keep up the good work, Diana, I, for one, will be waiting (patiently or impatiently) for the next book,
    next TV series, next post, etc.

  178. You go, Diana! Well said…

  179. I don’t know why anybody is bent out of the frame over this guy – I think he was a great choice. In fact, everyone I’ve seen cast so far seems “right” after that initial moment of adjustment that it takes to reconcile the character you’ve imagined with the person in the photo. A big “well done” to the folks in the casting department. All the grousers need to relax and have a little faith.

    As much as Jamie (or any other character) “belongs” to each and every reader, we have to remember that absolutely first, foremost and forever, these characters *actually* belong to Diana, and if she approves of the casting choices, then that, my friends, is the end of the argument.

  180. I love you Diana. That was just brilliant. You can’t hear me, but I am clapping. Sam definitely looks as though he could pull off Jamie, and I for one can’t wait to see him on my screen!

  181. Truly, you are a patient woman because I’d have been at the “Oh, FFS, shut UP!” stage day one.

    Long overdue and still classy, which is so much your style. One can hope you do mentally smack the supremely imbecilic as often as we do for you, just for fun.

    If he’s good enough for you, Sam simply *is* Jamie. That’s all I needed to hear the moment he was cast.

    Now…….please stop responding to ignorant people who clearly haven’t read Outlander or seen a red head in their lives and get back to MOBY! :)

  182. THATS telling ‘em! I think it will all be fine….we have great actors. I also absolutely agree about Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher…I couldn’t even bring myself to go see that or rent it. Thank you again. Diana. From the bottom of my heart.

  183. Diana, Thank you for your humor as you respond, over and over again, to the casting “debate”. This is another reason I admire you.

  184. I am so so excited!!! I know lots of your fans have probably done this (and told you so), but I’ve read the series several times over and have loved every single book every single time. (I think my favourite scene is when Claire goes back the second time to meet Jamie/A. Malcom and he turns around and sees her…)

    Anyway, as far as actors go, I think people always whine about actors and books and it’s silly. I admit, I’ll often think, “hm, ok, not exactly what I imagined,” but then as soon as you see it, the actor’s version and the version in your head kind of meld together and everything is fine again. So I’ll bet that’s how everybody will feel once they see the first few episodes.

    ALSO, I will admit that I’m a little scared for the TV series… I want it to succeed so badly but I’m having a hard time imagining how your books will play out on screen. Really hoping it gets pulled off and is awesome.

  185. Patience and faith are required. Patience to wait to decide what you think until you’ve seen the finished product; it is art afterall and what you see in the coming together is very different from the final product. And faith. To believe in the visions and talents of the creative people to do what they do and to do it well. Oh and trust – that too. I trust Diana, who afterall created Jaime and the world of Outlander, to know her character better and more fully than I. YMMV, but I am incredibly grateful and excited that this show is actually (1) getting MADE (2) by an incredibly team with a truly great track record (3) by a network that actually cares about and loves the source material (4) with the full blessing and even enthusiastic approval of the author and (5) in a format that gives them all a lot of time to faithfully tell the story. Oh and I like the choice of Sam Heughan too. Color me excited, happy and optimistic. The patience bit is very hard – can not wait to actually see this come to life!

  186. Keep your dollar. Every single one of them. You’ve earned them! I know you and your dollar bets. They don’t deserve them. Those who nay say and who “can’t imagine Sam as Jamie” for this or that reason can go blow something…. {eg}

    I admit, I’m on my umpteenth re-read of the series (somewhere over 11) and even now, with Sam and Cait having been cast and having seen pics of them in their period garb, when I’m reading I don’t “see’ them. It’s not a bad thing. No evil critique here. Very rarely do I ever have a solid image in my head of a character when I read. I have a general gist but no “Oh that is what he looks like”..! I grant that this may change once I SEE them in their roles next year! (SO Excited!)

    That being said. The minute I saw pics of Sam I said to myself “Oh! That’s Jamie!” the same goes for Cait for Claire. Contradiction much? LOL

    You are a wonderful writer and woman and must have the patience of Job or are you biting down on the leather strap MacRannoch gave Jamie? Either way thank you for YOUR patience and your poignant and calm opinions so we (those who believe) can share it (I have already – many times).

    Because of you, because of these books my sanity has been saved (more than once) because Jamie and Claire gave me a safe place to go and just LET GO. Because of you, because of these books I’ve found a family, a clan, a whole fandom to relate with and obsess with. I thought I was alone until about a year ago and now I have thousands of brothers and sisters who “get it”.

    Thank you Diana. Just thank you. I could never list all the things I thank you for in my heart.

    Sap novella done now. {g}

    Be well. And I hope one day to meet you and thank you in person.

  187. Thanks for taking this bull by the horns. It’s been a bit disconcerting seeing people say things such as “he doesn’t have red hair”… or “I thought so and so was older”. I was beginning to wonder if there was a need to pull out the dictionary and provide the definition of ‘actor’. I, for one, am totally enthralled, in love with the cast so far! This is going to be an awesome show!

  188. Diana, you are a very patient and kind lady. Over the past few months since Sam was announced I have read your consistent comments reflecting the Casting Commentary. Initially I was one of those who balked as all I had seen was some Glossy pics and brief video of Sam. I too thought him unusual looking and wrote some of it off to unflattering hairstyles. Even though the video was brief, I could tell he could act. But I was one who felt that Chris H. (who by the way doesn’t himself resemble Thor – he has brown hair and had to put on massive amounts of weight and muscle to do Thor and then promptly lose it all to play James Hunt in Rush, then pack it back on for Thor 2, then lose for Heart of the Sea). Lord. Anyway not that it matters but he has a wonderful voice and did extremely well with the English accent, and the eyes are spot on, deep blue gleaming cat eyes. He has that ability to be serious but funny. As I said though doesn’t matter. Once you said Sam morphed into Jamie before your eyes I was good. And you were transparent about your initial misgivings. Can’t imagine how you felt knowing Jamie was your character. I’ve since watched some of Sam’s movies and think he is quite capable. When I watched the clip from NYCC I nearly drooled over him. He was adorable. I LOVED the part where he was practicing Gaelic with his lovely red hair. And he and Cait were electric together. And of course everyone that has been cast looks amazing as well. The only problem now is it is SOO long before we can watch. Although when I see what they are doing and what has to be done to create all this I can’t believe they will be through so soon. Recently returned from my first trip to Scotland. We went to Edinburg and Stirling but didn’t get up to Inverness area. I am in love with the country and the people. Would go back in a minute. Am fair jealous that you will be going soon and will get to meet everyone and watch filming. Am thinking you will appear in the film also. How exciting. Thanks again for your recent comments.

  189. Hi, Diana –
    I discovered your series a few months ago and am reading “Drums of Autumn” now – although I wish I had discovered the series earlier, I rather enjoy being able to start the next book as soon as I’m done inhaling the one before! My husband thinks I have gone mad. Maybe I could teach him a little Gaelic…… I am thrilled to be reading these before this series starts, and like everyone else, I hope I can stand the suspense for the next few months. I am devouring everything that comes out about this series.

    I have two questions for you: 1) do you know what Sam/Jamie is saying in the NYCC clip when he’s practicing his Gaelic? and 2) Do you think STARZ would consider having some sort of promotion where fans could register to WIN A TRIP TO THE FILMING or THE PREMIER? That would be awesome! I really wonder if these fabulous cast members realize fully what they’ve gotten themselves into? When I heard the bagpipes in the clip, I started crying. Oh, dear….here I go again.

    • What a great idea – to have a drawing to win a trip to filming or premiere!!! Perfect!!! Wow!! Reacted same to the NYCC video as you. Even the simple theme kept running through my mind for days after. Some days I feel I cannot possibly wait. So I keep rereading and listening to Outlander in meantime as well as any other tidbits of news etc.

      • Yes, I find myself thinking the most ridiculous things – A bagboy assisted me in loading groceries last week, although I insisted I did not need help (he obviously wanted to escape the grocery store for a moment), and when I drove off, I thought to myself “Aye, he was a braw laddie…” and caught myself! LOL! It just creeps in…

        • LOL Lori, My parents were from Edinburgh and I’ve listened to the accent since I was born and even say certain words the way my parent did (though for 40 years I’ve worked to correct it). During/after reading I have to watch myself closely because I will revert back; husband and kids just look at me funny.

        • Lol. That’s great!!

  190. Did anyone notice the horse? He/she ‘s doing a tongue ttthhhppp to people who complain about his/her friend Jamie/Sam. One comment I’d make to those complaining is…………..do it better yourselves if you can. 27hrs just to get the hair right…………that’s dedication from both sides of the chair.

  191. I am so freaking excited for this. I’d LOVE to be a part of it in some way, shape, or form, but just knowing that I get to immerse myself in the world while sitting on my sofa will have to suffice. (Once I figure out how to get the STARZ channel…)

    I think Sam Heughan will be bloody fantastic, as will everyone who was cast. The casting process is arduous and I never envy the CDs (casting directors) having to make the decisions.

    I would be FURIOUS, though, if they had gotten a name…because I know of NO A-List actor who would be a good Jamie. None at all. (Not even my beloved Cillian Murphy. ;) )

    I. Cannot. WAIT!!!

    Much love to you, Diana!

  192. I’m so sorry that you even have to say anything. YOU _ARE_ JAMIE! So, you can pick whoever the hell you want! “My” Jamie is actually kind of blond (this is due to the fact that there was a very good looking landscaper building a stone wall in my yard when I started reading Outlander…hee hee), and I’ll always picture him MY way when I’m reading. That’s the gift you give when you write – it’s all open to a certain amount of interpretation (and it’s a gift because you can’t take it back from me :)
    I’m not expecting the series to be a perfect version of the books…I’m expecting them to be something different and awesome in their own right. If people expect it to be exactly what they’ve been imagining all these years, they’re going to be extremely disappointed. It can’t be helped. If it’s ok with you, I’ll picture MY Jamie when I read and YOUR Jamie when I watch.
    Anyway, I’m happy for you and your success. Congratulations! And keep up the good work!

    • Ha ha – blonde landscaper. MY Jamie – sadly – is more like Billy Connolly. He was the first Scottish male that came to mind when I started reading! And poor Brianna is the cartoon character in Brave. No matter how hard I try they are firmly in my minds eye. I’m hoping Sam can erase Billy and I’ll be left with the right Jamie. And it’s a absolute must that Starz do a second series cause I really need that cartoon character gone too!

  193. Was so pleased when you indicated you liked Sam Heughan for the role of Jamie. Certainly if he fits in large part the vision of the author then the fit must be good! Starz will gain a new subscriber when the series begins next summer.

  194. My love is for the literary masterpiece that is pictured so vividly in my minds eye. Diana, your writing is truely a joy. I am excited to see your vision translated onto the screen. My vote of confidence is with you and I trust your heart and put you have had with casting, screenplay, and production. Each of us, as a reader, already has a version of the characters and events. Hopefully, everyone will discover something new to appreciate in its own right when the series begins.

  195. It sounds great! I am grateful that you as the author are involved in the creation of the film. I am convinced that JK Rowling’s involvement made the Harry Potter movies classics to equal her writing, though the cinematic botch-up of the first Twilight movie makes one wonder if the creative decision makers ever read the book or understood the story. They completely botched the pivotal scene that was supposed to be in the meadow.

    But it sounds like you have your hand on the pulse of this “grandchild” of yours, as the book itself is your baby. Anyone who wants to criticize should just turn away. It IS your child, and I admire your integrity for speaking up. I hope I never have to read any response like this again. Best wishes for all success to you and pure enjoyment of your storytelling gifts by the rest of us. :)

  196. I am sorry that you are getting so much flack about Jamie Fraser. You responded eloquently to the issues at hand. I am looking forward to viewing Outlander when it airs. Stick to your guns. It’s your baby no one else’s.

  197. If they start making you crazy take a break, honeyapostos.blogspot.com. Saturday Night Silliness:Random Musings of a Writer Lady and Her Cat.
    Feel free to delete this if this is inappropriate to you in some way. It’s no problem mon. ;)

  198. Diana – isn’t it wonderful to know that as a writer so many people express such passion for your characters? They all seem so real. I cherish those characters every time I pick up one of your books. No matter what is put on film, I will always have MY Jamie and My Claire.

  199. Diana, I know this is far down in the comments, but I just wanted to say I am so looking forward to these artist bringing to life your very loved characters.
    I think of Davina Porter doing Jamie’s voice in the audiobooks, and I do not see a woman talking, I hear Jamie plain and clear, she has brought Jamie to life for me. I think the same will happen with Sam.
    I am so excited for you and the fans who are waiting, not so patiently, for the show.

  200. Diana, I think I have a girl crush on you. I hang off EVERY written word and I believe everything you say. I’ve never had any doubt in any choice you’ve made, even when you killed off a fav character. BRING ON 2014 I SAY

  201. A while back, after all the vitriol towards another author, including death threats, I posted somewhere that I was worried about how you would deal when ‘fans’ decided you had personally assaulted them by your choices in your characters. Many people rushed to reassure me that you would have no difficulties putting them in their places. I see they were right. You rock!

  202. Diana, some people aren’t really imaginative if they want absolutly the perfect Jamie. but, imagination is mainly the essence needed for the type of book you are writing.

    Je suis prest ! Maryse

  203. Nothing personal about Sam, I’m sure he’ll make a perfect Jamie, as we eventually warm up to him. It’s just that we’re overtly protective of “our” Jamie and as such, it seems no one will ever be “perfect” enough to play Jamie, you ken? :)

  204. In a way I find it difficult to believe that anyone is actually complaining about this, but then again some people aren’t happy unless they’re miserable. I for one am grateful that this series is being made, after so many years of wishing and hoping. And Sam looks fantastic to me.

    Great stuff, Diana. Virtual hugs to you, and Sam, and everyone involved. :-)

  205. You made my day with this post! I sat here grinning for far too long, then browsing the commentary.
    The fans crack me up with their opinions, the stronger then better – because then you will take them to task.
    Come back to the Decatur Book Fest when your schedule frees up!

  206. Since I can’t wait until 2014…I think I may need to see Sam’s audition tape for myself ;). Just to see if what you say it true.

  207. I just thought that my husband was the perfect Jamie (and of course I’m Claire!). But guess what my new screensaver pic is? (sigh) Can’t wait for the movies! Diana – you are my hero.

  208. Hi! To heck with the rest of the world – I think Sam is an excellent choice to be Jamie! His pictures alone show the right extremely “intense” expressions I always imagined Jamie to have.

    AND, from the little bit I saw of Sam and Caitriona together…well…oh my…uh-huh…yeah, they’ll do!

    Where I am a little worried, however, is in the casting of Black Jack Randall. I have some good faith in the casting people (they did find Jamie!) but I can’t help but wonder if Tobias Menzies will have enough, um…well enough of the bone-deep-intensity-of-evil to pull off the one man who could haunt Jamie forever. I’ve only seen his online pictures which I know isn’t enough to judge anyone by. But still, for the character trifecta of an absolutely amazing story to work, Black Jack has to be one heck of a charismatically scary-sexy individual to make it all work out well. ok. i’ll say no more on that.

    Anyway, all the other selections I’ve seen so far are excellent! Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh? Okay, that might work. Graham McTavish as Dougal (BTW – McTavish…uh-huh. How weird is that?)- yup, I’m in. Yum!

    I’m just so excited to see this happen! I can’t wait. And thank you so much for an excellent story!

    So far so good…you’ll have no complaints from this quarter! :)

    • I’ve wondered about Tobias for a bit as well, knowing he would be an awesome Frank…then I looked at him again and realized the look of him disarms a person (remember Claire’s reaction at first?). He will carry it off because part of Black Jack’s cruelty stems from the fact his looks and public mannerisms are so directly opposed to his private life. That is what makes him totally terrifying, and something in Tobias’ IMDB profile shows that kind of depth as a possibility–Macbeth, anyone?

      I’m wondering if we will meet the young Lord John Grey???

      I’m so excited about this whole production!

  209. I KNOW WHAT JAMIE LOOKS LIKE….I dream of him every other night. xoxo

    The Voyager series was loaned to me by a friend who knows my likes. I will be forever in her debt….Diana Galbaldon = gifted

  210. I think the casting on the whole looks fantastic, especially Jaime, Claire, Jenny, Geilis and Laoghaire!

    I would like to see the actress playing Claire to wear contacts to give us the right eye colour, though – it just would be the icing on the cake, for me.

    So much will be down to the characterisation, but so much care has been taken with the casting, it gives me a really good feeling about the dramatization of what is, for me, the best book of the entire series.

  211. Even without functioning ovaries, Jamie Fraser makes me swoon…do wish we had Starz! Keep writing, Diana, I need the new book!

  212. would like to know if the mini series will be available to view for Canadian audiences ?

  213. I was a little unsure until I saw Sam in a kilt with the red (very natural looking!) hair! Very swoon worthy!!! I like the fact that he is not too muscle bound. Just right! Will definitely have to subscribe to Starz before the spring. Can’t wait!!!

  214. Wow! He looks exactly the way you have described him for all these years in all these pages. And the reality is every bit as good as the writing!

  215. Well Diana, you have written a male character that women the world over have fallen in love with.

    I think they are all afraid that they won’t see “their Jamie” on the screen. Since Jamie is essentially you, none of us are going to get the real thing. So, we will just have to trust that you know the feel of Jamie better than any of your readers. If you say Sam is Jamie then, he will be Jamie.

  216. i am not going to see the show. that man looks less like jamie (in my mind ) than anyone except maybe flip wilson. glad i saw a picture so i wont ruin all the years in my mind. the only that could be worse is if phyllis diller played claire

  217. Hi Diana
    I’m so glad an unknown was chosen for the part of Jamie, and if you think he embodies Jamie, who are we to say different?. Eagerly anticipating the series release, and impatiently awaiting MOBY.
    I hope you’ve already started book 9, don’t think i could waite this long fro the next ;-)
    Love your work.

  218. You’re the boss. If you say this IS Jamie, I’m good with it. However–isn’t there always one–a writer’s words are filtered through the readers vision. The beauty of books is that we, the readers, get to imbue characters with our own minds eye view.

    For the last 12 years I have had a mental photo album of Jamie aging like fine wine with each book. It is difficult for me now to remember how I saw him as a beautiful boy, but it was certainly a tad more rugged. I can only base my opinion on the one still picture, and like you the first time, I am going “huh?”

    You have seen him do the character morph and blessed the interpretation. Ergo, whatever shows up on screen must now become the new likeness. I

    I am looking forward to buying the videos when they go on the market. As much as I want to see the books on screen, I can’t see paying top dollar for a premium channel for one series.

  219. Oh Diana, I hope they do this justice. I have waiting along time for this. Don’t even know yet if we can get in UK but I will try. Outlander et all are just the best books I have read ever. You have a unique talent. I have been thrown back in to the past so many times reading them, almost obsessed.

    As for the actor playing Jamie, mmmm, not sure. Ron Moore, now he’s a Jamie, pity not an actor too.

    Anyway, filming a couple of weeks ago in Falkland (close to where I stay), unfortunately was not there on the day, that would have been spooky. My friend was and I could not believe it was for Outlander.

    I cannot wait to see it.

    Well done you – massive fan.

    regards Lorraine T

  220. Love your response and your description and completely trust that if you like him, I will.
    Now I just need to get Starz on our line up. :)
    Best wishes!

  221. This reminds me of the uproar for casting Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. (Well, actually I just heard about the uproar, I wasn’t even born yet). Clark Gable did not want to do the part because of the pressure of expectation. I truly hope this young man gets to enjoy his work, I know I will, and ladies, lets just let everyone do their jobs. I am looking forward to the completed project, surprises and all.

  222. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,

    I am so grateful for your involvement with the TV series which is vital to its success. I don’t think you should have to apologize for any delay in finishing MOBY. I would wait forever for your next book.

    Thank you.

  223. Well, you wouldn’t love us if we didn’t care. I have decided that if he is good for you, he will be good for me. We already have a viewing party in the makings … hubbies kicked out once a week for girls night. Shall be so fun.

  224. I have to admit that after reading the Outlander series, every time I see a tall athletic man, I compare him to “my” version of Jamie. I have three I would have recommended, but alas,…….no one asked. I am sure this Sam person will do justice to the role. I look forward to seeing Jamie and Claire on the screen.

  225. This series is going to be amazing and when it airs all the naysayers will feel silly and jump on the bandwagon! Everything will come alive and Diana’s amazing dialogue for Jamie and Claire will make us fall in love. How anyone can be against the actors before they have even seen them act is beyond me. I know it will be incredible! I feel giddy as a school girl and am counting down the days :-)

  226. i loved reading this. i was worried at first, but knowing this guy has your endorsement makes me truly excited. and here i am, envisioning jamie to some degree like sheamus the wrestler. lol. embarrassing but true. but still i can’t wait to see Sam turn into jamie. knowing the attention you give to detail in your writing, you wouldn’t be off when telling us he’s right for the part.

  227. Diana,

    Sorry to hear you won’t have things set for the Portland event in April. A few of my chorus friends, who have read through #7, were at the event a few years ago in Beaverton. What a crowd! :o) We’ve been anxiously awaiting for #8, near like an expectant parent in the 9th month of pregnancy but will wait until the timing is right. Take all the time you need to; as my “mum-’n-law” once said, “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!” So carry m’dear. :o)

    I’ve been reading some of the replies regarding Sam Heughan (Jamie). We all have our own ideas of what someone looks like in our heads and I have to say, Sam isn’t the Jamie in m’head, but it’s whho’s in your Jamie that counts.

    Although, I personally haven’t seen a “Jamie” (not to be confused with looking for Waldo) in any TV show, I did run across a Roger Mac, a year or two ago while watching movie. I kept looking at the male actor and bingo! I said to m’self, “There’s Roger!” It was Jake Gyllenhaal. Check out his photo: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0350453/

    Again, what I think doesn’t matter and I defer to their “creator” as to who the characters will be, and I’m quite confident that the cast will be a smashing success. We’re looking forward to it.

    I do remember in Portland you mentioning something about you didn’t want to give up the rights to your books to some director/producer who might change its content or not put in the detail as it should have. Is that still the case? So many movies are not as good as the book from whence they came. I surely hope this one will.

    An eternity of Thanks to you for your literary genius, for sharing your tales of Jamie and Claire all these years and for keeping my heart and mind distracted during some personally tough times these last 3-4 years. Jamie and Claire are not characters in my mind’s eye, but family!

    Kind Regards, Thanks and Good Luck.

  228. I’m wondering why no-one seems as concerned about the frizzy nature of Claire’s hair!

    As someone with hair that sounds remarkably like Claire’s (I certainly connected with Claire’s frustration with her hair in the novel), I’m more concerned that this detail will be overlooked in the search for the perfect shade of Jamie’s hair ; )

    • Dear Toni–

      It hasn’t been overlooked, believe me. [g] Claire’s hair is fine; I’ve seen it.


      • Hi Diana,

        Wonderful! I should have known the Mistress of Details wouldn’t overlook a thing ; )

        I have just read The Space Between and LOVED it, by the way (but then, I haven’t read anything of yours that I haven’t loved). I can’t wait to read more! When it’s good and ready that is; I admire you for pushing out the date of the next book so that you can be fully satisfied with it before releasing it, even though there must be a great deal of pressure to finish it as soon as possible.

        Thanks for your reassurances about more minor (although major in their own way) details of the TV series,

  229. I am extremely happy with the cast of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. When I learned the news I thought ‘Of course, he IS Jamie Fraser.’ Sam could not look more like the Jamie Fraser I had in my mind while reading the books.

  230. Well, when I get real bored, I come here and read comments. Such a hoot!!

    You can please some women, some of the time,
    But you cannot please all women, all of the time.

    If you doubt it, come read Diana’s blog.


    • Dear Melisa–

      Ha, you should see the bitching, um, discussions on my Facebook page! [g] (Though fairness obliges me to point out that I do have quite a large numbers of male readers, and the gentlemen are a lot more gentlemanly–or perhaps just less inclined to a sense of entitlement–about things. Haven’t yet run into one who expected me to write the books to his expectations.)


  231. Diana, Diana.

    Like me, you’re a mother and a teacher. Surely, you remember the game of first listing the worst possible scenario, and then surprising them all by “making it better.” Go ahead. The “bad news – good news” approach always works. Tell everyone the book will definitely be released by December, 2015. (It IS the truth.) Imagine all the accolades and expressions of devotion and loyalty when, then you say, Surprise! It will be released in June, 2014. Shoot, you could build in some breathing room. You could release in August and give yourself a much deserved vacation. Ah, well. Too late for MOBY but, you know, recall this advise for the finish.

    I’m three years older than you. Dying before the last release crosses my mind. I’ll just have to concentrate on a lot of preventive care. YOU TOO!

    • Dear Karen–

      Good suggestion. [g] Unfortunately, the pub date of a book is not actually in my power to set. The publisher really does set the pub date, contingent on all sorts of factors, only a few of which have anything directly to do with me.


  232. Hi – Haven’t written since you autographed my hard copy of “Voyager”. At that time I was sure I was going to be going right along with the Frasers (My family is a Sept of the Fraser clan). Since eBooks came out, I repurchased the 1st 5 & have added others as they became available. So, with a lot of other people I am waiting (with bated breath) for MYOB. Unfortunately, at this rate I may be dead before I get to read it (just kidding, altho’ I just celebrated my 80th b’day.
    Is MYOB the last book of the series, or will there be another & another? If so, if my health gets worse than it already is, if I let you know, would you send me a synopsis of the remaining story? ONLY if I am really in bad heath.
    Thank you for all the entertainment I have received from the series. When new one comes out, I go back to OUTLANDER & re-read the entire series.
    Again, I thank you. Oh, may I ask a question? If you don’t want to answer that is OK with me, but I have no hope of ever getting to Scotland & everyone who has I’ve asked about my paternal great-grandfather’s manor: He was Sir William Henry Syme of Clydesdale Manor, Dumfries county. I have tried researching but I guess I am not good at it as I have been unable to find.
    God bless you & yours & hope your Thanksgiving & the Christmas holidays will bring you & your family great joy.
    LaVon (Syme) Ritter

    • Dear LaVon–

      I’m always touched and honored that people think I know every person who ever lived in Scotland (you would certainly not be the only one [g]), but I’m afraid I’ve never run across Sir William or Clydesdale Manor. (Though a moment’s quick Google turns up a property with that name in Sheerness: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/clydesdale-manor/warden-road/eastchurch/sheerness/me12-4et/14571485 .)

      I hope you’ll live long enough in good health to accompany me and the Frasers to the end of the journey–but I’m afraid I don’t plan the books out ahead of time, so I haven’t the slightest idea what might happen to them in the ninth book. Get plenty of rest and exercise, and take your vitamins, that’s my advice…

      Very best wishes!


  233. Dear Diana:

    I am very excited about the series and can’t wait to see it finally on t.v., but more important I am waiting for you book to come out. I started reading them many years ago when you first published the first book and read each one when they first came out. Since the last books have been released about every 3 years I have reread the series many times. I was very disappointed when you postponed the date of your new book. Since I am 67 years old I hope I live long enough to get to the end of this series.

    Last year my husband got me the beautiful gold ring from the book and I wear it daily. My son also got me the musical from the outlander play. We went to Scotland 2 years ago and visted some of the places in the book, eating lunch at the World’s End. We are going back again this summer as we love Scotland and the people are so friendly. I thank you for your books and helping our family discover Scotland.

  234. Dear Diana,

    I was absolutely surprised to hear there was any kerfuffle going on about casting Sam. And I don’t say that only so I can use the word kerfuffle in a sentence, which is really not often enough. From my point of view anyway, I feel that somehow the casting folks did in fact manage to telepathically extract an image of Jamie from my brain. So I am a happy camper (as I was enthusiastically explaining to my slightly bewildered husband just yesterday).

    The production looks like it’s going to be fantastic… and I can’t wait to see it. My ONLY reservation about the whole thing is my worry that there’ll be a delay in getting access to it here in Australia (as shows are sometimes delayed due to licensing). I’m quite the cyber goody two shoes but if anything is ever to prompt nefarious downloading, a delay in seeing Outlander will.

    Thank you for your wonderful, beautifully written adventures.


  235. kidding about the downloading btw ;)
    but do tell them to hurry up and release the series in Oz!


  236. I have no opinion on the casting because I trust Mr Moore to interpret Dr Gabaldon’s vision appropriately for the screen.

    Why? He’s done this before and that time he didn’t even have the benefit of books as resources.

    Have you watched all four seasons of the reboot of _Battlestar Galactica_? You must. It will reassure you. He made a best-selling novel on screen from an outline of elements from a dated 1970s SF show. The plot is laid out perfectly over the four seasons within Freytag’s dramatic structure:
    • rising action
    • climax or crisis
    • falling action
    • dénouement, resolution, or catastrophe

    The casting as well, and his interpretation of Dr Baltar is nothing less than brilliant. It’s available in streaming, no ads, at Netflix. (And probably other places as well, but Netflix is where I watch it.) This will also give you something by Mr Moore to watch while you’re waiting for _Outlander_ to begin.

    When will that be, by the way? I know it’s filming now, but when is the first episode scheduled to air?

    Personally, the image of Claire that has lived in my head for more than two decades is of my college roommate, but that’s more charisma, personality, and dark curly hair than anything else. And Jamie has always been an amalgam of the body of my Gaelic teacher Jamie, who’s 6-3 and muscled, with the head of the fiddler Alasdair Fraser. But that’s just me. Tobias Menzies, who I remember well from _Rome_ is perfect for the Randalls.

  237. Starz head man Chris Albrecht confirmed a few days ago that Outlander will debut “Q3″ (July, August, or September). Given how premium-channel tent pole series are scheduled (in sequence), we can use a bit of deductive reasoning: Black Sails later this month, followed by DaVinci’s Demons’ second season (March 22), followed by Power, in “late spring,” followed by Outlander. Assuming l0 episodes for Power, which apparently is a contemporary crime drama, I’m thinking Outlander will debut July 29. That will give Diana all of June and half of July to promote MOBY and be ready to promote Outlander pretty intensively the week or two before the premiere date.

    I’m also taking into account ComiCon, which has become a command performance for all fantasy/time travel series (GOT, True Blood, etc.)—I can’t imagine Sony/Ron/Starz won’t have a major presence in San Diego July 24-27. That would dovetail perfectly with a late-July premiere date for Outlander. The cast would be in the LA area anyway for red-carpet walks, interviews, etc. and close to 2/3 of the 16 episodes would be in the can.

    So July 29, give or take a week or two, is my guess. (Disclaimer: I also bet the horses) :)

  238. Pooh on all the nay-sayers. Leave the casting to the experts. Claire and Jamie are very complex individuals and to portray them as such takes special actors who can make us fall in love with them all over again on the screen. Thank you Diana for giving them to us! I am an avid reader and never have I been so captivated as I have been with the continuing story of Claire and Jamie. Can’t wait for Outlander to begin on STARZ and looking so forward to the long awaited In My Heart’s Own Blood!!!

  239. I have never had a complaint about this casting. Sam is perfect, ruddy complexion, hair color, eye color , even the right height. ( From your books he’s about 6″3 or 6″4 and that is exactly how tall Sam is) I realize this post/comment is a bit belated, but it’s the casting of Claire that has me in an uproar and has for quite sometime. Sam looks short because Catroina is so tall. I’ve read the series twice and am now currently re-reading it because I want it to be fresh in my mind before the series is released. (Which I am unsure I will even watch) I get authors have artistic vision and license, but she is so far from the image you created in the books that I am a bit put off. I know as readers we create our own versions of the characters in our minds, but I did not make up the fact that she is supposed to be 5″6 (she is supposed to and I am looking directly at the book fit directly in the hollow center of his chest)voluptuous/curvy (Jamie is always talking about her rack and plump heart shaped bum) with light brown hair and eyes. (Again Jamie’s description says her eyes are the color of warm whiskey or sherry) she’s supposed to be the epitome of woman, strong and feisty, but nurturing and compassionate. Sensual, but almost matronly. Balfe is 5″10,tall and supermodel thin, almost black hair and green eyes. All very lovely, but not compact,sassy Claire. I can only assume she is an amazing actress because I can’t understand otherwise why she was chosen.

    • Dear Julianna–

      She is an amazing actress. (Her eyes are blue, btw. [g] Though given the 18th century lighting, it’s rare for the color of _anyone’s_ eyes to be noticeable.) Just wait; you’ll see.



      • That’s true, often you cannot even detect eye color in close-up shots. Special colored contacts or CGI would have been a waste of production monies.

  240. Diana says ‘just wait’ and we are both for Caitriona’s Claire and August 9. Most have decided that Sam will do. Now soon we will be certain that Cait will be perfection. Both will become their characters. Of course, I am speaking for myself. I believe they will transform the beautiful Caitriona into the Claire of our imagination. Patience is soooo hard. Impatient being that I am I can not wait.

  241. Okay, I’m going to bite the bullet here and say that, although Sam is gorgeous, his being gay has really affected me negatively. I like gay people–please don’t misunderstand–but for a gay man to play Jamie Fraser just seems wrong in my gut. I will have great difficulty suspending my disbelief while watching romantic scenes between the actors.

    Is anyone else in this situation?

    • Dear Cynthia–

      Errr…..what on _earth_ makes you think that Sam is gay?


      • http://www.whosdatedwho.com indicates on the rather lengthy bio data that Sam’s sexuality is “Gay”.

        I was pretty much flummoxed by that news, I can tell you. A gay man playing Jamie and a straight man playing Jonathan/Black Jack….too much cognitive dissonance!

        • Dear Cynthia–

          You _have_ to be kidding! You’d take a silly rumor hashed up by a site with less substance than a supermarket tabloid and spread its nonsense around in public?

          Sam’s a very versatile actor, and he’s done amazing performances _as_ a gay man, both onstage and in a British television movie–but that has absolutely nothing to do with his personal life.


          • Thank you Diana… I have seen the first 2 episodes of Outlander and absoutely love them !! Prior to seeing the Starz series I had no idea what to expect since I had never read the Outlander books (I know shame on me). The minute Sam Heughan appeared on screen I was riveted. The first thing I thought after watching the 2nd episode was Geez where did they find this guy? Besides being an excellent actor he was so charismatic and interesting. He always looks different. Sometimes boyish and other times extremely rugged. The one physical trait that never wavers is his extreme masculinity !!! I just don’t get people making assumptions regarding someones sexual orientation when they have never met this person . Who the heck cares if he’s played gay men ???? He’s an actor …Isnt that what he’s sopose to do? There’s an old saying Never assume and just because you read something somewhere doesn’t necessarly make it true. Anyway, Bravo for such wonderful casting !!! I love the show so much that I just started reading the 1st of your amazing books. I practically read the whole book in one sitting. For me I cannot imagine any other actor fitting the role of Jamie so perfectly !! Sam Heughan has that special something . .. So many actors work all there lives to attain what comes to Mr. Heughan effortlessly.

          • Thank you, Diana. I came to your site as your fan as I loved the books and I am SO loving the show. Then I found this discussion and, unfortunately, got sucked into it out of pure disbelief. The one point I absolutely want to respond to is the factor of an actor’s personal life in whether a character portrayal is good or not. The ability of any actor to put aside their personal life and become who the character is supposed to be is testament to the quality of acting training, skill, and ability. And this actor portrays Jamie exceptionally well. I could care less about his personal life or the personal life of any actor. I care only about the portrayal of the character.

          • Dear Patty–

            Not sure which discussion you mean, though I assume it’s some reference to Sam Heughan’s sexual orientation? I haven’t the faintest idea how anyone got the notion that he’s gay (I have excellent reason to think otherwise), but his private life is entirely his own business.



  242. My apologies to everyone if I offended. I presumed that Sam would sue the pants off any website that incorrectly portrayed him. Anyway, the feelings expressed were only my own.

  243. Ms. G, Not that you have to worry about what we say because they’re YOUR books, your brain children, and from that, your TV series but I, for one, trust the casting crew to come up with the best actors they can to bring your stories to life. If someone is SO caught up in the fact that the actress cast to play Claire is a couple of inches taller than the books portrayed her rather than the fact that she’s the best actress to portray the part then they really aren’t serious fans of the story after all.

    That being said, the Outlander Series fan group on Facebook HAS been having an absolute BALL positing potential actors for different parts, all in good fun. My hope is that everyone takes the time until the August 9th premiere to converse with other fans, build up excitement and anticipation and enjoy sharing our love of the characters you’ve made so real for all of us. If you have a chance, I highly suggest you drop by the Facebook fan site. Besides positing possible actors for parts there’s some really intelligent discourse going on based on the storyline.

    Best wishes!!

  244. I personally love the casting, especially Claire…. It is like the director/casting plucked her out of my head!!! My sister and I have been following the casting and we both felt like the imagery you portrayed in the books and the images we conjured in our head are well represented. You are amazing and I can’t wait for the next book to be delivered this month :-)

  245. Just a wee note to tell you that your dollar bills can remain safely in your pocketbook, lol. Sam IS Jamie, Cait IS Claire and I haven’t seen a single mis-step imho in casting in either episode.

    I for one am a happy, thrilled and very contented fan!

    • I can’t wait for Jenny to start in on her brother, so far she has had three minutes of screen time, but I feel like Black Brian’s daughter is about to kick some butt!

  246. I’ve rewatched all three episodes several times, and tonight, re-reading Outlander to refresh my memory of “on the road” events, realized … My mental “image” has shifted to picturing Sam. Poor guy … Hope he’s good with being objectified. #jaimepersonified

    • Dear Stephanie–

      He’s an actor. Being objectified is kind of a job requirement. [g] But Sam Heughan is a lovely guy in personal terms, even when he’s not being Jamie, and I mean that in the non-physical sense, as well as the fleshly one.



  247. Hello Diana. Has the role of “Brianna” been cast yet?
    If not, where would one inquire/contact?

    P.S- love the chosen cast so far especially Caitirona, bang on for Clair. I am part way through the book series and I can’t wait to see what else is revealed!

    • Dear Brianna–

      Nope. And I’m afraid I have no idea at all about casting; if you (or anyone else interested) is an actor, you’d likely be best served by finding an agent, whose business it would be to find out such things and arrange casting auditions. Best of luck!


  248. I am a new fan of only a year but have read all the Outlander & Lord John novels/novellas. They are my very favorite. You are brilliant my dear woman! Thank you for being you & sharing it!

    Yes, I had a picture in my mind’s eye of all the characters. Yes, they are different from what the actors look like chosen for the series. No, I did not miss the fact that appears to escape many… they will be different for each of us. I also am not narrow-minded as to care about the sexual orientation of the actors. It makes no difference as their personal life is their own. I only care about them portraying the characters of your beloved novels to the best of their ability.

    I watched many of the video interviews with the cast before the series aired & found it was easy to imagine them fitting very well with characters from the novels. The actors themselves were intelligent, witty & very down to earth. James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser portrayed by Chris Hemsworth? Pfft! He is Sam Heughan hands down!

    Now that the series has aired I am even more satisfied with all the actors chosen. Well done! Along with the story I am also enjoying the ‘eye candy’ provided by “the boys” as Caitriona Balfe calls them! (be still my heart)

    Now… to all of you complaining about the actors chosen for the Starz Outlander series? This is not just about you! Scotland is the same as the books for God’s sake! (double eye blink with a grin)

    Gentle Breezes to All!

    • Yeah, Chris Hemsworth doesn’t even really do it for me as Thor, much less Jamie! Sam Heughan just nails it as Jamie! The casting in Outlander is just amazing!

  249. I just have a few things to say about the whole casting that everyone is complaining about:

    As for Sam Heughan playing someone gay in another role. Michael C. Hall played a gay man in Six Feet Under and some people said they could never see him in another role and he went on BE Dexter Morgan. Now no one can see him as anyone else.

    The age issue: Sally Fields is only 10 years older than Tom Hanks and she played his mother in Forrest Gump. Their real age doesn’t matter “on the big screen”

    And as for Sam’s appearance. I personally have no idea who everyone else was envisioning but I think he is perfect. Jamie’s appearance is described over and over again. When you are a woman under 6’0 (which most of us are) the difference between 6’3 and 6’4 doesn’t matter. And I am a natural redhead and I think the salon did a fine job making him redheaded too. And if anyone needs a refresher. Page 407 of Dragonfly in Amber. “He was wide at the shoulder and narrow at the hip, with long, powerful haunches slightly dented by muscles held taut eveven as he relaxed.”

    So that’s my unasked for defense of the casting.

    • I agree that the casting is fantastic! I have read all 8 books – (and excited to read the 9th when it comes out) and I have been thrilled with the casting, especially of Jamie and Claire. They are both absolutely perfect. I also have heard other fans say that he is too short, that his hair is not red enough – although looking carefully at his hair, I realized that it’s often because of the lighting that you don’t always see much red in his hair.
      We were in Scotland for a few weeks in May, and we had a tour of the Highlands and Skye with a tour guide who was also doing Outlander tours, (the tourism industry in the Highlands has jumped because of the series) and she said that she won’t watch the show because she’s heard that the Jamie character doesn’t have blue eyes and is not red haired enough. (Sam’s eyes are blue, aren’t they? Not that it matters a whole lot to me). I agree that it is ridiculous that people are expecting to see exactly who they picture in their mind on the screen. This is also due to the fantastic job that you’ve done, Diana, in your writing such detailed descriptions of the characters in the books. It was a bit difficult to see the characters on screen at first, after so many years of picturing them for myself, but Jamie and Claire are amazingly perfect. I saw that from very early on in the series.
      Thank-you so much, Diana! You are a brilliant writer – I am amazed with your detail and the research that you put into each aspect of your books! I particularly love reading the medical situations, since I am a nurse myself.
      Can’t wait to see season 2!!

  250. I’ve been reading the books for a month now and have one word for the casting of Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and everyone else involved – FANTABULOUS!

  251. We’ll I must say Sam is exactly as I imagined !!!! After seeing the first few episodes it was like I was “in the book” all over again. Casting is superb…….can’t wait to relive the Jamie and Claire story.

  252. Diana, it seems that I had read once that when you were first writing ‘outlander’ and hashing out the characters, that the ‘Claire’ character literally ‘insisted’ on herself being drawn as she appears now. I’m trying to recall how you said this…I am interested in how you process and create your characters. Name selection, characteristics, flaws and strengths, personal history etc…if you could shed some light on a bit of this process (for you), it would be a lovely bonus to those of us who are voracious readers, your fans and non-writers.
    Thank you for taking the plunge and writing a novel to learn how to write a book this birthing ‘Outlander’!

    • Dear Sandee–

      Well…I was asked something like this for a blog interview last year. Let me show you what I said then:

      Q: It’s hard for readers to imagine characters in their embryonic state, when we experience them as fully-developed, complicated human beings. But characters don’t spring to life that way. Can you talk a bit about how you go about growing characters from stick figures into people?

      A: But I _don’t_ do that. I know there are a lot of popular assumptions about how writers work, and the notion that one decides that a specific character is needed, equips him or her with a name, and then sets to work collecting pictures of actors and drawing up index cards with the character’s taste in peanut-butter is certainly one of them. It’s possible that some writers really do do that, and God help them, if so—whatever works, you know?

      For me, characters are pretty organic. I don’t plot a story and insert characters; the story exists because these particular people have needs and desires and motivations, and finding themselves in a particular situation, act upon them.

      You hear about “plot-driven” stories vs. “character-driven” stories (and why always “versus,” I wonder? There’s nothing antithetical between plot and character)—but in fact, the plot is simply what the characters do. They may do what they do in part because of the situation and circumstances in which they find themselves—but they do what they do mostly because they are who they are.

      For me, characters tend to fall into one of three main types: mushrooms, onions, and hard nuts. (That’s not a description of their personalities, btw, but rather of the way in which I work with them, and them with me.)

      Mushrooms are the delightful people who spring into life unexpectedly and walk right off with any scene they’re in. Lord John Grey is a mushroom, as is Mr. mushroomWilloughby, the Chinese poet with a notable foot fetish, and Mrs. Figg, Lord John’s redoubtable housekeeper (“Mrs. Figg was smoothly spherical, gleamingly black, and inclined to glide silently up behind one like a menacing ball-bearing.”). They talk to me freely, and I never have to stop and wonder what they’d do in any given situation—they just do it.

      onionOnions are the ones whose innermost essence I apprehend immediately—but the longer I work with them, the more layers they develop, and thus the more well-rounded and pungent they become. Jamie Fraser and Claire Beauchamp Randall are both onions.

      Hard nuts are pretty much what they sound like. These are the people who “come with” a story by default, rather than developing organically by popping out of the mental compost. Historical figures, for instance, who were necessarily there, and have to be animated in a satisfying way, or people who exist only because another character was pregnant, leaving me with an unknown child to deal with. These, I just research (for the historical people) or live with (for the unknowns), and gradually, I begin to have a sense of them. But as with everyone else, they truly “develop” only in the context of their own situation and circumstance.

      [NB: For those interested in the rest of the interview, you can find it here, on Barbara Rogan’s excellent blog, IN COLD INK.]



  253. I decided to give Sam a chance before I started criticizing his appearance, or anything else. I LOVE him as Jamie. He IS Jamie. Personally, he fits my visual description of the character, but that would mean nothing if he couldn’t act. It’s as though Jamie has come to life! LOVE him!

  254. This is, by far, my favorite series. I’ve read them all and am now listening to them on audio books for the 2nd time. I was skeptical of the casting…. didn’t want it to ruin my own mental images I had. Now that we are several weeks in, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the parts. Claire, Jamie, Frank/Black Jack… all great. Im going to miss Dougal when he’s not around, I love the guy who plays him!

  255. Until S’Heug said the name, I have been mispronouncing Fraser in my head for 23 years… I thought it was like fray-zhure, but apparently it’s actually like eraser…but with an “F”. sorry! ditto “gaelic”, “culloden”…

  256. I LOVE Sam. He is totally nailing Jamie. The nose is off and I pictured him a bit bigger but I like that he is in his 30′s but can pull off the 23ish looks. He will need to age well as the story dictates and clearly this young man is doing just that.
    NOW, I have STRICT standards for my beloved Roger and hope that they do him justice. Wholesome but manly, tall, dark and he must must must have those beautiful leaf green eyes. I picture “Tom Welling”. If the casting directors can find anything close to that in a Scottish actor….I would be thrilled. I can’t wait.

  257. Diana
    I am thrilled to get to see Jamie and Claire on the screen it is so exciting!
    I stumbled on outlander 6 years ago in the book store I worked in. The book was on our “staff faves” shelf and I gave it a try…my my my…I read and read and couldn’t stop!!!I’ve recommended the hell out of your series after that…every customer who came looking for something we sent it with them!
    I’m loving the show and I am very pleased with ALL the actors!

    P.s. This has got to be the time of your life to watch this all come together!!

  258. Sam is just perfect as Jamie. Seeing him bring Jamie to life is amazing. What a great choice. He makes us all melt!

  259. BEST



    “and…enough sex to drop anyone with functioning ovaries in their tracks.”

    You have hit the nail RIGHT on the head, Diana! Sam is perfectly perfect!!! As perfect words go! While I am doing my re-read of the series, I can totally picture Jamie (Sam) as my reference. Claire is also perfect for the role! I commend the casting crew for doing a job well done with bringing your beloved characters to life!

  260. Ms. Gabaldon,

    I met you in Philadelphia when you spoke at the Philadelphia Free Library. My husband was one of the eight men that ventured out with their partners. I have wanted to thank you for the attention you gave when I approached you. I understood you were trying to get through the long line of people that were waiting patiently but I must say when I stepped up I felt like it was just the two of us talking. You made me feel very much welcomed and appreciated that I enjoyed your work.

    I got on Facebook this morning to see what was new. Why does Sam’s sexuality seem to be a main tropic of conversation? I really feel this an American thing, I grew up with 2 European parents and somebodies sexuality was never in question. I don’t see a person and start judging their sexuality, this just seems odd to me. If a person is kind and has no ill towards me or my family then I want to get to know them better.

    I have a daughter in high school, we raised her to be a free thinking and judge people by what they hold in their hearts not on their face or sexuality.

    Anyway, it seems that others can really get fixated on different things when there is so many other important things to gain.

    Hoping that your may find time to rest during this hectic time.

    • Dear Valerie–

      I hadn’t noticed anyone talking about that–but then, I don’t go anywhere on Facebook other than my own page.

      It was lovely to meet you in Philadelphia! [smile] I had a great evening.



  261. Been a huge Outlander fan for over 20 years….I, like most readers, had a Jamie in my mind…
    After watching the first eight episodes, I am entranced. Sam Heughan IS Jamie Fraser. Better than my imagination… (and I have a great one! LOL)

    Cheers to Diana and Sam.

  262. Diana, I am Canadian fan who is so enjoying the TV series. The casting of the characters is spot on. There is such wonderful chemistry between Sam and Catriona – Oh my that Wedding episode which just aired this weekend in Canada. WoW!! Be still my beating heart ( This is from a grandmother!)

    I must commend everyone involved for letting the story unfold in a natural and unhurried way. Everything from the use of the Scottish scenery, the sets, food and costumes is so well done. It was very much worth the wait. Looking forward to many more episodes.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved and mostly to you Diana for creating something magical for all of us to enjoy.

  263. Hi!
    I want to tell you that I have loved reading your books, going so far at 4.
    Regarding the TV series and the casting’m totally under the acting of Sam and Cait, I think you all!
    View as faithfully portrayed Jamie is the screen is a dream come true for many of your fans. I recently was part of them but no, I’m less thankful for the creation of this man who in his great humanity imperfecion’ve won my heart dethroned Mr Darcy of Pemberley was number 1 on my list of loves literary.

    Happy Thursday to you Diana.

    PS: Ever can see the video of the Casting of Sam, would be a dream, I have a couple of friends who would go crazy with it!

  264. I think he is PERFECT! I’ve never been partial to red heads….wow…he looks better red!!

  265. I read “Outlander” and had to have the next book immediately upon finishing the next one, and even pre-ordered “Written in My Own Heart’s Blood”. You are such an excellent writer! I am a voracious reader, usually historical fiction, and this series is that and so much more. I lose consciousness of myself in your novels and am transported to the Outlander world of characters and times that you’ve created so well. The Starz series is wonderful, Sam Heughan as Jamie, mesmerizing as he should be. At first, Catriona was not as I envisioned physically, more voluptous in my imagination, however her characterization grew on me and she’s terrific, as is all the cast. I am in awe of your talent and just wanted to express by gratitude for these extraordinary books and the television series.

  266. I watched Outlander with my sister and was truly entertained. The story was rich and vivid that I immediately bought the first book. Your stories are so wonderful that I find myself staying up half the night reading and have a difficult time putting them down. I am on your second novel I just can’t wait to see what comes next. Thank you so much for writing such an incredible and engaging story. I must that Sam Heughan is Jamie personified.

  267. I’ll throw in my two cents and if you don’t like it you can go ahead and keep the change. I love Sam Heughan as Jamie. But I have a suggestion for Roger. How about singer Josh Krajcik? After all we need someone with a voice. Curly dark hair. Look him up.

  268. Well what can I say………… Fanbloodytastic! I was not sure the first episode re Jamie and Clare BUT by the end of that episode I was sold. He is just too Yummy for words and she is a delight. I’m 61 will I live long enough to see this series to the end? going to take a while……cant wait for next series……. Thanks.

  269. “I don’t know … It seems like … too much of a pandering to viewers’ expectations. I didn’t find the episode as good as I had expected.”

    “Well, men in that time had to wield very heavy weapons. And all that horse riding is actually a strenuous workout, too, you know. So it is quite possible they had such bulging muscles – they needed them.”

    “Oh, the weapons and the horses, yes – but it’s only Jamie that seems to be made solely of muscles. All the other men look more real, didn’t you notice?”

    “It was a bit of ‘Look! At! Me!’, yes, but possibly less unrealistic than you think.”

    “Hmm.” I tell my husband, “Don’t know. I do like Sam Heughan a lot, but the Wedding episode seemed to be built around his muscles. Don’t know why that disturbed me so much, but it did. Nice ass though.”

  270. Having read all eight books and having seen the first eight episodes of Outlander, I can say that I believe this is the best casted adaptation I’ve ever seen, bar none! Caitriona Balfe & Sam Heughan ARE Claire & Jamie!

  271. Sooooo, at the risk of becoming FanGirl at my (rather advanced) age, just wanted to say that I could not agree more that this is absolutely the best casted adaptation, EVER … I truly thought nothing could or would ever equal the 1995 Pride and Prejudice miniseries, but to my astonishment, this is even better … Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are utterly breathtaking as Claire and Jamie … absolute perfection, really, and I’m not just talking about Sam’s derriere, although that is pretty spectacular, I have to say, along with the rest of his anatomy … series is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on any screen, big or small, and it just keeps getting better … gorgeously filmed, thoughtfully scripted, brilliantly directed (The Wedding could not have been more sensitively or beautifully done), luxuriantly textured … and the music — completely enchanting … seriously can’t say enough good things about it … All of the cast and crew (and Ms. Gabaldon, of course!) deserve kudos for their incredible work; can hardly wait for the rest of Season 1, am overjoyed there will be more to come … and thank God for DVR, so we can keep watching it during Droughtlander (love that term!) … In the meantime, am reading (and rereading) all the books!!

  272. I love the description above and when I watched the show on Starz, I thought Sam did a fine job of ‘being Jamie!’ I think he does a superb job with the subtle parts of building the relationship with Claire and it certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous to look at. Though honestly, I find myself most enthralled with the way he demonstrates Jamie’s wit, humor, intelligence and strength. I read an article about how Sam went out and read the book and delivered a powerful audition (as you mentioned above) and I have to say…anyone dedicated enough to go 27 hours in a salon chair to achieve ‘Jamie Red” AND give a powerful and believable performance after reading the book for the first time is not only serious about getting it right but is definitely the right person in my humble opinion.

  273. Diana, I read the excerpt from #9 that you posted regarding William talking about Manoke, his father’s friend/helper/ ? and I wondered if William is going to find out that Lord John is homosexual. I’ve read (several times) all of the books. Also, I love the fact that there are no subtitles in the TV show, but I was wondering what it is that Leticia says to Colum at the start of the Gathering?

  274. Interesting casting. I hope I can access the TV show in Alaska. If I can, I may turn on my TV for the first time in 2 years. I suspect my computer is not getting the coloring right, because Sam’s hair is not red on my screen. I am familiar with red hair since I am redheaded. His body is good (like you, Diana, my husband was a very powerful man and my “body image” for Jamie) his face is a bit “pretty”, but I think I can get used to it. Even though I’m almost 80, Sam as Jamie does set my hormones to rattling. (If it’s any comfort, only our bodies age. Our minds seem to stay young – some younger than others, though :-))

    I first began reading the series many years ago when I realized it was set in the very area of Scotland where my ancestors came from. It got me started doing genealogy (a fun hobby) and I appreciate the research that has gone into making the history so accurate. I have regretted the series’ occasional lapses into ultra descriptive sex scenes, especially those connecting sex and violence. It has usually kept me from recommending this series, and especially from sharing it with my grandchildren.

    I admire your writing skill, and have enjoyed trying to keep the threads of your timelines unraveled. I look forward to resuming my journey through time with Claire and Jamie.

    • Linda,
      Just don’t want you to worry too much about Jamie’s hair color on screen, as it is pretty dark red. They don’t seem to have it as described in the book–with a lot of gold, etc. it seems reddish with a lot of brown.

      I have seen pictures of Sam Heughan with several different colors of hair, and sometimes it looks like that beautiful red in a random picture, but it doesn’t seem to on the show. I think they are missing out on an opportunity to make us all go nuts over his hair by making it more natural looking and REDDER!

  275. I just realized Jenny is Claire’s pseudo-mom-in-law. She really goes too far in Voyager. If I were Claire,b I would have really given a piece of my mind. I would also have a few words with the 2nd Mrs. Fraser and the words would not have been kind. Talk about marrying below one’s station in life…

  276. I for one took a chance on the tv series out of boredom and knew nothing about the books. along the way i found myself attracted to jamies character because he was a real gentlemen a funny one too, very respectful and mysterious in his own way. And became very intrigued with each character and how they all connect. But i thank you diana i am on my way to reading the books while i await for season 2 and get myself up to date with everyone else. If some of you are complaining about sam not fitting the role we all have our own vision when we conjure up jamie fraser when you read the books but by the looks of it sam did a fine job bringing out his character.

  277. Dear Diana

    Thank you for your creative and thoroughly researched novels. I read the first in this series in the first week of January this year at the instigation of my daughter. I have just finished book 8. I have loved every minute of this world, especially the Scottish history and locations as I travelled in the Scottish highlands last summer. Your characters glow and are so thoroughly drawn that their responses are predictable, eg Jamie and Lord John Grey’s confrontation over Claire is hilarious, a short scene with little spoken but huge sub-text. Even their physicality is clear.

    I take your point about casting for the Tv series, but I shall not see that unless I buy a DVD set later. It is not shown in Australia except on pay TV, owned by an unconscionable manipulator called Murdoch. Most Aussies do not pay for that connection.

    As for the film, I am a big Hemsworth fan but there are others, including the fabulous Kevin McKidd (who at 42 May not get away with the young Jamie but looks just right). Brianna and Roger, all the bairns and Jennie will also be big decisions.

    What a great adventure. Thank you.

  278. Please put forth for consideration as Roger…..Matthew Goode, currently on the Good Wife.
    Thank you

  279. I am disappointed by the sex scenes; too graphic/verging on the porno and too many of them. Claire seems to bare her breasts very 10 minutes. Enough! I would have liked to see more on Claire’s adaptation to her circumstances i.e., handling living in a 1700′s castle, reaction to the food she had to eat, bathing, the cold/damp of the castles, etc. More to your book on identifying things to use as medicine. Also it is ridiculous having her run around with her breasts hanging out all the time as that is not the way they dressed then. Bossum (sp?) exposure was more for parties. It is damned cold up there in those castles and they didn’t dress that way (yeah I’ve spent some time in Scotland). Otherwise casting is perfect and story adaptation has been very good. So rare for books to get this good treatment. I can still remember reading your first book when it first came out…couldn’t put it down. Congratulations on keeping some control on what they did with it.

  280. I remember we were going camping many years ago and I ran into the library 5 minutes before closing and found a book with an interesting cover titled Outlander. Ever since I’ve been a huge fan and have read all the books, some more than once. I was sure that it would never be possible to make a film version because to find Jamie seemed impossible. I also had doubts about Sam (from stills), but when I watched the first episode I knew he was right and perfect as Jamie. I am so thrilled to be able to watch the books come to life and that Diana is so involved as a consultant! I am sure they value her opinion immensely. I hope the show is on for several years!

  281. Read the series and loved it. Started the show and am 8 episodes in. I can’t believe how well done the casting agents did. Like many before the series could not think of one well know actor to capture Jamie’s character. Sam has nailed it. Hope the series runs thru the whole adventures of Jamie and Claire.

  282. Just stumbled across this…
    Having read the Books and having seen the TV Series I cannot agree more:
    Sam was born to play Jamie!
    And he does an awesome job at it!
    I personally do not approve to slag off someone before he even got a chance to proof himself.
    Jamie is a very powerful character, dominating the pages of the books, yet in a comforting way. He stands out, hes something special. But Sam Heughan manages to bring it across.
    Also the rest of the Cast was very well chosen, I have to say.

    Since I write books myself and I know how involved one can get with her own creation I can only assume the nerve wrecking process the casting proved for you, Mrs Gabaldon.
    I do love the fact you are an consultant for the TV Show. Just a shame dear old Granddad Fraser’s wonderful red undergarment did not make it into the show. Nevertheless said scene at the mill was hilarious even without it.

    Thank’s for creating such a wonderful world for us all. You make us fell, as if we would have traveled through the stones of Craigh na dun ourselves and dived headlong into a new yet fascinating world.

    Tapadh leibh

  283. Think the casting and acting have been spot on. Love the actors both that play Clair and Jamie. Also the rest of the cast. Loving the series.

  284. I have been reading that an Irish actress by the name of Maeve Foley has been cast as Brianna Randall. I think that is a huge mistake, I believe an American actress should be cast (why are there no Americans actors in the Series?). First you describe Brianna in your books as having been born and grown up in Boston, MA. You are well aware of the accent Bostonians have, that is not easily emulated. Sam Heughan’s version of a Scott’s accent is extremely poor and not believable. However, many of us like him so we accept him as Jamie. But that same would not be true if we have an Irish actress trying to emulate a Bostonian accent and the show would loose credibility. I sure hope that Mr. Moore selects the right actress. As it is I have to wonder why he is discriminating against having any North American actors/actresses in the show.

    • Dear Maria–

      Maeve Foley works on the production; she’s not part of the cast. (Fwiw, ONLY Starz, Sony, the producers (Ron Moore and Maril Davis), or–occasionally–me will post casting announcements. Anything else you see on the internet is just people amusing themselves with speculation). As for your opinion of Mr. Heughan’s accent….he, um, _is_ Scottish. As for Irish actresses trying to emulate American accents…you, um, do realize that Caitriona Balfe is Irish? She seems to do all right with Claire’s English accent. As for Ron “discriminating against having any North American actors/actresses in the show,” neither he nor anyone else with sense would discriminate against any actor on the basis of nationality. It’s called “acting” because the person can appear to be something or someone they’re not, aye?

      That said, the show is _made_ in Scotland and _set_ in Scotland. Naturally, British actors have some advantage, if only proximity and familiarity with the necessary accents.

      Best wishes,


  285. I agree that the casting and the acting are absolutely wonderful! Sam and Cait truly bring Jamie and Claire to life. The rest of the cast is amazing also. And the whole team! I am getting endless hours of enjoyment from watching/listening to all that is out there on how this wonderful show has been brought to life. Your writings on your writings, Diana, Ron and Terry’s take on what they do and and their parts and all the actors’ influences and viewpoints on their characters.

    I am totally obsessed with your books and the show and have been turning on my friends to it. Thanks for writing a story that is loved by both men and women as the bulk of the people that I’ve turned onto it are male and they love it!

  286. Oh and a female need not have functioning ovaries for Jamie, as portrayed by Sam Heughan, to drop them in their tracks!

  287. Oh my. I thought the love scenes were beautiful, sensual and very well directed. I don’t watch porn so I couldn’t compare.

    The rape scenes were not pleasant to watch but none the less extremely well acted and directed. And all of these scenes begin with words in the books…so……porn? Please.