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Onion Goggles and Season 5 Credits!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

2019-12-25-oniongoogles-cropHope everyone had a lovely day, whether celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, or astonishingly wintry weather.

For those of you celebrating with gifts as well as food—what is/was your favorite Christmas present/dish? (Respond below by adding a web comment, if you wish.)

Mine was the Onion Goggles my son gave me, which made making enchiladas SO much more enjoyable! (Yes, I am indeed cooking in my pajamas.)

Season 5 Credits!

And a modest gift below from Starz: The new opening credits sequence for Season Five, which premieres on February 16, 2020!

Click here to view the Starz video of Outlander (Season 5) credits above directly on Youtube, or if your device isn’t showing the video properly.

(Note that I’m not sure if this STARZ video will play in all countries.)

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  1. Dear Diana,
    I have read the 8 novels 3 times and watched the TV production 3 times (season 1-4). I have read both Outlandish Companions. I know nothing of writing but I love to read. Therefore, I know what I am about to say to you is Outlandish in it’s own right, but I’m going to say it now while I’m fortified with courage by my Oban whisky ( a holiday gift). I so strongly believe the title of your last novel should be ” What Color Is My Hair”. I feel this to my bones. Wishing you and your family a wonderful, healthy New Year,
    Andi Lee

    • Hi, Andrea,

      “Last novel?” I have plans for an Outlander prequel (about Jamie’s parents), a Master Raymond novel, and a contemporary mystery in the future, after BEES and Book Ten (the last in the Outlander series of major novels featuring Jamie and Claire).

      Thanks very much for the suggestion, but it’s just “Book Ten” for now. It’s still a secret when the issue of Claire’s hair color comes to the fore, or in which book. <g>

      Happy New Year!


  2. Dear Mrs. Diana,

    My favorite dish from our Christmas dinner is a stuffing made with cranberries. Although I confess we also have it at Thanksgiving too. My father’s sisters (two) take turns making it every year. My favorite gift at Christmas is actually the giving part and seeing joy on others faces when they open their gifts.
    Blessings to you and yours in the new year.

  3. Diana, you look very stylish in your PJs and goggles and totally appropriate for a relaxed Christmas Day.
    I also saw the adorable photo of your grandchild in the teeny kilt which makes me smile whenever I think of it.
    Here in Australia many areas are still ravaged by bushfires so we are praying for rain and relief from the oppressive heatwave.
    I am escaping into your books yet again (I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve read them all but it must be into double figures) I can dream of a Christmas on Frasers Ridge and a first footing visit for the New Year
    Many blessings to you and your family and best wishes for the year ahead

    • Hi, Leanne,

      Thank you. Nothing like Christmas day spent cooking and spending time with family!

      California and multiple other U.S. states suffered terribly over the past few years from wildfires, also. I hope and pray the New Year brings needed rain and relief to Australia.

      Many blessings to you and your family, as well.

      Happy New Year!


  4. My favorite present is The Outlandish Companion. This is a significant gift from my mother because I am relentlessly (but lovingly) teased about my love of Outlander. My family really wants nothing to do with it so I was shocked that my mom fed my so-called “problem” with another addition to my growing collection.

    • Olivia,

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION’s two volumes as much as I enjoyed writing them.

      For those who aren’t familiar with THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION, click here to read about Volume One, which is a non-fiction book that contains information, background, entertaining trivia, essays, and tidbits, plus the answers to the many questions that readers have asked me about the first four novels in my OUTLANDER series of books.

      Volume Two of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION explores my second four OUTLANDER novels. Click here for more information about Volume II.

      The first edition of THE OUTLANDISH COMPANION was published twenty years ago as one book. I wrote the new two-volume edition, which were published a few years ago, to update and expand the original COMPANION.

      Happy Holidays!


  5. My family favorite is green enchiladas. The hotter the better.

  6. I love to bake panettone over the holidays. It’s a complicated recipe because a sourdough starter is converted to a sweet starter (also referred to as an Italian starter) and it takes time and patience to make. But the results are far better than anything that can be bought! Exquisite texture and intoxicating aroma. I’m hooked! The recipe and detailed directions are on the webpages of a gifted cook, Susan, at WildYeastblog.com. Highly recommend it!

    • Dear Barbara,

      Sounds yummy.

      “Topless Granny” (my Webmistress’s friend since a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away) did a fun, chatty, holiday video review investigating her purchased Italian Panettone from a chain grocery store, for those who are curious about the purchased variety. It’s on Youtube at:


      Interesting tidbit: Topless Granny is a one-time screenwriter… she co-wrote the screenplay for the independent movie BIKINI VAMPIRE BABES. Now that’s a racy grandma! <g>

      Happy Holidays!


  7. Thank you!……the books, (I am halfway through Drums of Autumn), the series, (just finishing the 3rd season, and Starz now has a new subscriber!) and last but not least, the actors that portray all the characters.

    Your writing so vividly brings Jamie and Claire to life. Their love and the humor they share between them is so sweet and heart warming.

    The amount of research behind the books, wow!

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

  8. Any idea when Book Nine will be available on Audible?

    • Hi, Steven,

      Diana’s Webmistress here.

      The release date for BEES has not been set yet by Diana’s publishers. Likely will be some time in 2020.

      So the Audible version will be released some time after the book is finished and published. No date for that yet.

      Keep checking back for updates! It will be worth the wait, I think. :-)

      Happy New Year!


      Diana’s Webmistress

  9. Diana, I have only finished the Outlander series 3 on Netflix So if there are more series I cannot comment. As for me you could have left it at the end of season 2. With Clair saying I must go back. By that point I was so overwhelmed with the characters, their love for each other and all they had been thru.. I watched 3, and was surprised how Jamie’s character now had turned to smuggling. Maybe I missed something, in the first two seasons, he has a loyalty to his uncle and to Scotland and a deep love for Clair it did not appear that he was a highwayman or in any way dishonest. After watching 3 to the end, I was again in love with Clair and Jamie, ther relationship is what a marriage should be.. The director was excellent, Clair made it easy to fall in love with her just her facial expressions like the director said showed intelligence, humor and sensuality’. Jamie showed loyalty honor and virality. .The rest of the cast was over the top in conveying the story line. If I may ask a question, What books should I read to fill in any blank spaces in the Outlander story? I see that you are up to season 5, that means I have missed 4, and you say that the series ends in 1800. I only get Netflix not Stars, so I do not know how best to continue. It is a combination of your good writing, good direction with all that goes into production Wardrobe, Set, Camera Sound. Along with the fine acting that makes me say this is the best book to TV I have ever seen. I have looked thru your book list but could really use some direction as to what books help one understand the whole Outlander series. Even if you or your office do not reply thank you for writing such a great romantic adventure.

    • Hi, Bill,

      Nice to hear from you! This is Diana’s webmistress, Loretta. I’m answering the web comments for a few days while Diana is busy this week working on BEES (Book 9).

      As to how you watch the Outlander TV series, that depends on which country you live in. Starz is the network that created it, and Sony International distributes it (and they do not send me any information on viewing in different areas to post here). I tried to keep current lists of how to watch the series globally but it is too time consuming to do all the research myself, plus the information can change week to week.

      So, unfortunately, viewers need to do research for the country they live in.

      If you are in the U.S.A., Outlander is shown on Starz cable network and streaming service. Their main webpage is:


      or a direct link to the Outlander series on the Starz website:


      You can get an online/web/streaming Starz subscription, similar to Netflix. The website above is currently offering a free Starz streaming trial.s

      Episodes through season 4 are available on the Starz website. Season five, the new one, premieres in the U.S.A. on Starz’s network and streaming subscriptions on Sunday, February 16, 2020. Seasons one through four are also available in DVD or Blu-ray sets in many countries.

      As to plot details on the TV series, Diana’s books have MUCH more detail in them. So you may find your answers to Jamie’s behavior there. The series is not a scene by scene adaptation of her books, because they are so large the series would take 30 years to film! So her books are adapted for the Outlander TV series and condensed accordingly, and Starz has done a great job of that.

      To see an overview of Diana’s fiction, check out Diana’s Chronology of the Outlander and Lord John books and short fiction at:


      And I agree with you that the Outlander TV series is the best book to TV that I have seen!

      Happy New Year!


      Diana’s Webmistress

  10. Our favorite dish for Christmas is Boiled Custard– or what my grand children call ” Cloud Pudding” . It is n old Virginia custard that has egg whites folded in it and makes a ton, which is so much the better. No one has been able to make it as well as my Mom did.

  11. I too did Christmas in my pj’s this year – so RELAXING after the houseful of family we had on Christmas Eve.
    I am Irish (mostly) married to an Italian (100%) and my children and I have taken over my mother-in-laws tradition of making homemade Ravioli for Christmas. We have family wonderful time, with 3 generations now making them and really enjoy eating them. This years were the best so far!!

  12. Dear Diana,

    Loved the picture of you in the onion goggles — kind of a steampunk/Dr. Who look. My son also got onion goggles for Christmas, for cooking his giant batches of chili.

    My kitchen gift was a spurtle. (Obviously, my family is aware of my Outlander obsession.) According to the label the spurtle is “A traditional Scottish cooking implement for stirring porridge, breaking lobster claws, tenderizing meat… also used as a muddler and ice breaker.” Other sources contend it is only for porridge; constant stirring with the spurtle being a key to making it silky smooth. A Golden Spurtle is awarded to winners of the yearly World Porridge Making Championship in the Highland village of Carrbridge.

    My spurtle was made here in Vermont, from yellow birch (John McLeod/Vermont Bowl Co.), and it’s a simple shape, sort of like a very slender French rolling pin. I’ve seen others with fancier shapes or decoration. It’s so pretty I almost hate to use it, but will definitely put it to the test stirring porridge very soon.

    Happy New Year to all.

  13. Hello:

    Awaiting the release of Book 10 as is everyone and thank you for continuing the series. I shall be sad when the end has come for Jamie and Claire. My job takes me on the road often and the miles just slip away because of your
    books on Audible and I have come to love the story-telling of Davina Porter. She brings such life to the books. My fingers are crossed that she will be chosen and will be available for the books to come.
    As another has mentioned, I would love to hear the Lord John Grey series by Davina Porter as well. During a shopping spree on Audible, I purchased the entire Lord John series. Sadly, I cannot bear to listen to them. I do not hear Lord John’s voice at all. Lesson learned. Listen to the samples and purchase just one at a time :) I am reading them but would enjoy the Audible versions during my long road trips and on long hiking days.
    My deepest appreciation for the honesty in your books. It’s such a relief for them not to be overly politically correct or politically motivated and I very much respect that. It’s a breath of fresh air!
    Blessings to you and yours,

  14. Dear Diana,
    I am a newcomer to Outlander and have been reading, and watching, with great enjoyment. I was brought up on
    D.K. Broster’s Jacobite trilogy and later discovered her French Royalist novels set some fifty years later. Your work reminds me vividly of the world she created but with a contemporary sensibility. I wonder if you have a view on her work?

  15. I started reading the Outlander series on my Kindle and Like them so much better than the TV series. Just an FYI-at the end of season 5 book series William has gotten a broken nose and is bleeding down the back of his throat. Well- back then it may have been common to have someone with a nose bleed to tilt their head back but nowdays its common knowledge to have the person did their heads forward. I had a related family member who developed a nosebleed and they had him tilt his head backwards. BUT-this allows the blood to go into the stomach)which then follows that blood does NOT go in the stomach). If someones tilts their head backwards the stomach then becomes nausated & throws it up which then means increased chances of aspirating the blood into the lungs thereby drowning them. The relative died from this. Just thought I would let you know so this erroneous notion doesn’t get passed on to more people. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for the next that book to comes out. That would be book nine. I have gone back & reread the series and found things I had missed in the first read. I am what you call a speed reader.

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