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No BEES Publication Date Yet!

Note from Diana’s Webmistress: This blog entry from Diana is from January, 2020! It is not up to date!

Current information about the publication of BEES is always posted on her official home page as well as her official webpage for BEES:


Please bookmark and check the BEES webpage periodically for the latest!

Dear All—

BEES-no-cover-yetGeez. Spend the day in a car driving from California to Arizona, and all Hell breaks loose…

On the Amazon websites (in the U.K. and various other countries!) there is a page purporting to give a release (or publication) date of October 20th, 2020, for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE (with a rather gloomy-looking cover) and providing a link for pre-orders—

NO, IT ISN’T TRUE!!! (but I’ve certainly been getting a lot of apologetic email from publishers…)

First off:

  1. NO, the publication date for BEES of October 20th, 2020, (or the 15th, as another Amazon site had it) is NOT CORRECT!

As I told you, the U.S. publisher (who decides the pub date) tells me they aren’t even going to think about a pub date until they have the whole manuscript in hand. (Which they don’t, though it’s only a matter of weeks now…)

  2. While the Amazon page for BEES popped up on amazon.co.uk (Amazon’s website for the U.K.), amazon.fr (Amazon’s website for France) and amazon.de (Amazon’s website for Germany), and probably a few others I don’t know about, all the announcements pertain to the U.K.’s release of what’s called an “English export edition”:

The English (original) version of the book is allowed to be sold in other countries, by the U.K. (or U.S.; I think both Random Houses in the U.S.A. and U.K. get to do export editions, but maybe to different parts of the market—it’s been a long time since I read the small print in the contracts—I do read a contract before signing it, every time, but I don’t normally need to review them). So all of this kerfuffle surrounds the U.K. export edition—not the translation editions into other languages done by the German, French, etc., publishers.

  3. Not only is the pub date not correct (it can’t be, because there isn’t one yet), the cover is not the one that will be on the book. This was an early design, which I didn’t really like.

  4. Apparently, all the erroneous Amazon pages were posted accidentally—and automatically—by what’s being described as “a systems glitch.” You know how it’s possible to set up tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time, so they’ll post automatically at a set time? It works something like that. It’s common for a publishing company to set up a dummy page for a book and add information as available, then when there IS a pub date <ahem>, set the page to go live for pre-orders. You can see that the erroneous page is missing a few things—like the author’s name….

  5. I’m assured that the erroneous pages have all been taken down. So—apologies for the kerfuffle, but I repeat (again…) —

I’LL TELL YOU when the pub date is known. And it’s not been set yet.

Once a publication date is set, it will be immediately posted here on my official web pages, including on my official GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE webpage, (bookmark it, please) and on my official “home” web page. For those who use social media, of course I’ll post the news on my official accounts there right away, as well.



This blog entry was also posted by me on my official Facebook page on January 15, 2020.

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  1. Thank You! I eagarly await Bees! As I will likely go madd without Outlander in my life!


  2. Has it been decided how many novels will be in the series? I remember some discussion about this years ago and was wondering if there was any new info on it. I read that there might be a tenth novel and a prequel, too. I understand that it’s not possible to always anticipate how long it will take to properly develop and bring to an end the story lines, but I hope it’s okay to ask if there are any new thoughts on how long the Outlander series will go…Thanks!

    • Hi,

      I am working on Book Nine now, GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE.

      After BEES, there will be a Book Ten. Book Ten will (likely) be the last Outlander major novel featuring Jamie and Claire.

      After that, I have a prequel novel planned about Jamie’s parents, and a future novel about Master Raymond also. Plus a contemporary mystery set in Phoenix.



  3. Of corse Bees has not been published! Our favorite author has been to busy writing and getting to the presses Book 1 of a completely different series.
    ‘ The Best American Science Fiction Fantasy’
    Got an email from Amazon announcing its availability.
    Bees reminds me too much of Game of Thrones. Martin would Tease the heck out of us book readers about the last book. Meanwhile, HBO held him off from publishing!
    We were faithful and in returned were burned.
    So Seriously, I do not believe Bees will be published and we will be forced to watch the series.

    • Dear Grigsbe,

      Being a guest editor of an anthology work takes several days to a week to do. And yes, I do occasional anthologies and short fiction for variety.

      BEES is 700-plus pages long and obviously takes much longer to write and do the background historical research. I thimk it will be worth the wait…


  4. Diana,
    I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I have LOVED the Outlander books. It is love because everything else around me disappears as I read! I’m cast into your beloved world of Outlander.

    I know you get this type of email all the time, but I don’t reach out to authors and I felt I had to reach you somehow.
    I’ve read and reread the novels several times, as well as enjoyed Davina Porter’s portrayals of the characters in the Audio Books media. So happy to know that she will be reading “Bees” as well.

    Very much looking forward to the publication of the new novel.

    You are the best!

    Love to you and your family!

    Yvette Calhoun

  5. Dear Diana, I just finished re-reading MOBY and just want to say again how much I appreciate all the research and depth you put into your work. There is so much more quality here than in those one-every-six-months serials that some commentators seem to want. Since much of my reading (Pamela, Evelina, Kidnapped, letters of ABIGAIL Adams, etc – I particularly remember Abigail Adams pleasing with her husband to send her some more pins, as her area was blockaded and pins were not available for love or money – I didn’t realize until I tried on a replica gown from that period that some of their bodices were entirely held together with pins!) has been novels that were actually current in Jamie’s day or a little after Jamie’s day, or more recent but not current closed canons like the Hornblower series, Aubrey-Maturin, the Sharpe series, and (heehee) Discworld (and am I the ONLY one who sometimes giggles and thinks of Nac Mac Feegles when I’m reading your books? Not Jamie Himself, of course, but maybe Wee Angus…) it’s really a new experience for me to wait for a book in real time. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t discover the Outlander books until just this autumn, because then I had the ecstatic bliss of devouring twenty years of your hard work in the space of one sleepless month, and the delightful prospect of the next one perhaps coming out some time this year? Ish? Broken shoulder permitting? Anyway, this very parenthetical message is just to say again, Thank You. And Get Well Soon. (And it’s most definitely NOT to ask when the next book is coming out, because anyone who spent five minutes reading any page of your website can see that it’s #No, #No, #NO, #NotYet, #I’mworkingonit, #No, #Soon, #I’lltellyouwhenit’sdone, #Nostompingyourfeetwon’thelp, #AndwhenIsayitwillbereadyinafewweeksImeanthewritingpartnotthepublicationdate, #Justleavemealonemyshoulderisbroken, #Notyet, #Soon.)

  6. What happens if G-d forbid Diana never finishes the Outlander series? Is an outline of book 10 in a safe somewhere? Does her will appoint someone to release at least the barebones info?

  7. Hi,
    Do you have any idea yet when the “Bees” will be released?
    Sitting around due to COVID-19 lock-down or up, I would ( and I assume many others would)
    love nothing better than to immerse myself in the book, to be able to read it with no interuptions…
    how wonderful!

    I hope it will be soon, (even if it is only in e-book form first!)

    Thanks for a great read

  8. Well now its May and we are still in Limbo! LOL! I check pretty regular. No update since January is killing us die hard fans! Yes, the series on Starz is good, but nothing as good as the books. I am going to be watching the final episode of Season 5 tonight and droughtland begins again! Ah my heart, it feels like its been forever!
    Glad to hear a Book 10 is planned. I know no date has been set yet since its not on this page, so I am not asking. Just putting my 2 cents in that its been a long time since January when my hope had arisen!

  9. Good day!
    I’ve read all your books to date and recently started reading them again for the second time.
    It’s amazing what you don’t remember after you’ve finished them all (8).

    I find your stories a great relief and a ‘get a way’ from all the turmoil that we’re facing these days.
    I read outdoors when I can and I read for hours. Yes, your books are that good!

    I believe that if you can read and forget the world around you for a time, then you’ve given your heart and body a great reprieve.

    I don’t know how you can write such wonderful stories and you’ve kept your readers interested for a least 20 years now.

    I thank you and commend you for your talent!

    From someone who has a vivid imagination as well!

    Roberta C

  10. Hello,

    Just wanted to tell you there is absolutely no hurry on books nine and ten, because as long as your writing it isn’t over. That’s all that’s important.

    You can really write. I appreciate your skill and knowledge.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

    Elaine Denault

  11. As a huge fan of the series, having read it through 3 times(so far) I am amazed at some of the comments that I’ve read posted on the website; chiding the author to finish Bees; that she’s taking to long to complete it, even going as far as deciding that they wii not buy the book when it does come out because of the timeframe it’s taken and questioning the authors’ commitment! These, of course, are in the minority by a huge margin and hardly warrant a comment. My question is; is there any other author that endures this type of ‘hounding’ from the masses to complete an upcoming book? I don’t recall it if there was. The creative process is not something that can be put on a timetable, in my experience.(not writing) It’s funny, you hear about even great writers having ‘writers block ’ you never hear about readers getting ‘readers block’. I’m hopeful that when it does come out, the waiting and anticipation will be worth it and we can start hounding for #10.

  12. I sense frustration in the tone of your comments, but please take heart, as you undoubtedly know, that so many people, myself included, appreciate your writing talent because through your immersing way of telling a story, you draw the reader into the print, as if life exists there while they read. It’s like reading a score of one of Mozart’s symphonies and hearing the music in your mind and feeling its beauty in the soul. Life, as I am sure you are well aware of, is all about story telling but sadly most stories that people live sometimes seems to fall short of expectations so they enjoy reading other stories even if they are fictional. Let’s face it, you are exceptional at filling that roll by flling in those gaps. And if I may say so personally, I really enjoy your ability to weave moral issues and religious themes in on occasion just to add a bit of spice and giving challenge.

    I am sorry that the release was sent out falsely, even though I didn’t see it myself. But like so many, my mouth is watering to taste a little bit of honey…so could you go tell the bees…thanks for your wonderful stories

  13. Thank you for the Outlander series. These books have deeply influenced my life and of course am looking forward to “Bees”. It will get done alt the right time. Most important is that you take cate of yourself. Your shoulder break might have occurred because you needed a break. You have a lyre ends demanding schedule. And your body is trying to tell you something. Please don’t let yourself be pressured. All in good time. I Sam so grateful for this series and the Vedic. What a perfect cast. All the actors are perfect for the roles they play. Because of your Outlander series I took a trip to my ancestoral home of Scottland and was never more at home. It didn’t disappoint. And while in Aubury,England, I had a unique experierience with the stones. And being a holistic nurse, I really relate to Claire. So, thank you again for the authenticity and imagination you bring to your writing. Meg W.

  14. Although this response is late I wanted to let you know how poignant I found your comment and wholeheartedly agree. Ms Gabaldon’s writing ability is deeply moving and rich in visualization that we long to devour so we wait as long as it takes for that next installment.

  15. Ugh when is it gonna be published been waiting quite a long time! Getting a bit Impatient and somewhat fed up of waiting. The “oh it’s coming soon has been going on a bit to long.”
    Certainly hope it lives up to the extra long wait. We need some good news hear in the USA and your book would go a long way to that.

  16. I was presented with books 1 – 7 from my co-workers when I retired last year, as they all knew I was an avid reader – seriously I tune out the work when I have my nose in a book!!!! I couldn’t wait to run out and purchase MYOB, and am looking forward to the next “Bees”….thank you Diana for these fabulous stories & characters….and for the record I have not watched the series as its always been my experience that the books far exceed the movie/series!!!

  17. I have established a family Christmas tradition of giving my kids (now adults) a book for a Christmas Eve gift. Christmas 2019 I purchased an advance copy of Bees for my daughter; we are huge fans. With all due respect to the challenges of 2020, is there any information regarding a publish date?

    Thank you.

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