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No BEES Publication Date Yet!

Dear All—

BEES-no-cover-yetGeez. Spend the day in a car driving from California to Arizona, and all Hell breaks loose…

On the Amazon websites (in the U.K. and various other countries!) there is a page purporting to give a release (or publication) date of October 20th, 2020, for GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE (with a rather gloomy-looking cover) and providing a link for pre-orders—

NO, IT ISN’T TRUE!!! (but I’ve certainly been getting a lot of apologetic email from publishers…)

First off:

  1. NO, the publication date for BEES of October 20th, 2020, (or the 15th, as another Amazon site had it) is NOT CORRECT!

As I told you, the U.S. publisher (who decides the pub date) tells me they aren’t even going to think about a pub date until they have the whole manuscript in hand. (Which they don’t, though it’s only a matter of weeks now…)

  2. While the Amazon page for BEES popped up on amazon.co.uk (Amazon’s website for the U.K.), amazon.fr (Amazon’s website for France) and amazon.de (Amazon’s website for Germany), and probably a few others I don’t know about, all the announcements pertain to the U.K.’s release of what’s called an “English export edition”:

The English (original) version of the book is allowed to be sold in other countries, by the U.K. (or U.S.; I think both Random Houses in the U.S.A. and U.K. get to do export editions, but maybe to different parts of the market—it’s been a long time since I read the small print in the contracts—I do read a contract before signing it, every time, but I don’t normally need to review them). So all of this kerfuffle surrounds the U.K. export edition—not the translation editions into other languages done by the German, French, etc., publishers.

  3. Not only is the pub date not correct (it can’t be, because there isn’t one yet), the cover is not the one that will be on the book. This was an early design, which I didn’t really like.

  4. Apparently, all the erroneous Amazon pages were posted accidentally—and automatically—by what’s being described as “a systems glitch.” You know how it’s possible to set up tweets and Facebook posts ahead of time, so they’ll post automatically at a set time? It works something like that. It’s common for a publishing company to set up a dummy page for a book and add information as available, then when there IS a pub date <ahem>, set the page to go live for pre-orders. You can see that the erroneous page is missing a few things—like the author’s name….

  5. I’m assured that the erroneous pages have all been taken down. So—apologies for the kerfuffle, but I repeat (again…) —

I’LL TELL YOU when the pub date is known. And it’s not been set yet.

Once a publication date is set, it will be immediately posted here on my official web pages, including on my official GO TELL THE BEES THAT I AM GONE webpage, (bookmark it, please) and on my official “home” web page. For those who use social media, of course I’ll post the news on my official accounts there right away, as well.



This blog entry was also posted by me on my official Facebook page on January 15, 2020.

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  1. Thank you for this. I do appreciate it, even though I haven’t seen nor heard of the erroneous publication dates until now. It’s good to hear “a matter of weeks.” I’ve been waiting for this publication date ever since reading of Claire and Jamie flying down the hillside …

  2. I think you’re incredible. Thank you for enriching my life with your work. I’ll bee waiting patiently :)

  3. Can’t wait until seasons 4 & 5 of Outlander are sold to Netflix.
    Rewatching season 1 for the 3rd time. Truly magical.

  4. I am so tired of waiting for any indication of a publication date for BEES, that I will not wait any longer and will not buy the book.

    Sorry, Ms. Gabaldon but it seems as though you have had more than enough time to finish the book, if you had concentrated on it. Seems you have many other things that are more important.

  5. Je sui pres ! Just finished my 3rd reading of the epic! It remains incredible! I would go back to join Jamie and Claire if you can erase 50 years from my span.

  6. Hi
    I have read all your books from Cross Stitch to In my own hearts blood. Loved them,so after a year or so,read them again. Superb!!
    Stayed with my daughter for a few weeks and she had the series as films. Again loads of enjoyment. I don’t usually like films that are based on books,often don’t bear resemblance to my book reading,but this series did the trick. Well acted,bit explicit at times,but on the whole a good interpretation. Sadly I didn’t stay long enough to finish the series.
    I am really looking forward to your new book. Roll on publishing day.

  7. I just want to say thankyou for writing such wonderful books. I am currently reading An Echo In The Bone. I have also read all the Lord John books.
    You are such an inspiration and i thankyou again from the absoloute bottom of my heart.
    Yours Joanne xxx

  8. Well…..at least Outlander will begin in one week on Starz!!! The wait is almost over!

  9. Please Please Help ❤️ My 85 year old mom loves your books , She is going blind and has been waiting for your book. Is there going to be a release date soon ?

    • Hi, Claudia,

      Um, Diana said in the very article you are commenting about:

      “I’LL TELL YOU when the pub date is known. And it’s not been set yet.”

      Still hasn’t been set yet. Once announced, the publication date will be prominently posted here on Diana’s website. The only way around the wait is to take your Mom through the stones and get sucked into the future. :-)

      Tell your Mom hello for me. Maybe you could watch season five of the Outlander TV series on Starz with her? The first episode debuts on STARZ in the U.S.A. on February 16, Sunday. :-)

      Or promise your Mom a first-edition copy of BEES autographed by Diana (when it is published and released). For some readers, that is the ultimate Outlander gift! The Poisoned Pen is Diana’s local independent bookstore, and they provide signed copies for folks who want them. You pay the list price of the book and shipping; Diana’s autograph is free, and the Pen ships anywhere in the world. You can order when it’s published, or pre-order BEES from the Pen and reserve an autographed, first-edition hardcover copy now; the Pen will charge your card only when the book is published, signed by Diana and shipped to you.

      Click here to visit the Pen’s order webpage to reserve an autographed edition of BEES, or for more information..

      Diana’s Webmistress

    • Also Audible is an option your mom could enjoy! Davina Porter does an awesome job with Diana’s master pieces!

  10. I am so happy to hear that there will be another book about Jamie and Claire. I am a late comer to your Outlander Series, however, I can honestly tell you have have never read a series of books I have enjoyed more and recommended to so many people. I am so excited for another book about Claire, Jamie, Bree, Roger and the children and all the residence of Fraser Ridge.
    You are truly an amazing author. Thank you for continuing the series.
    Sincerely, Julie

  11. hi can you please tell me when the next outland series will be shown on uk tv, love the series and the books, waiting impatiently for the last book go tell the bees, please please finish asap thanks

    • Hello,

      The answer to your question is on Diana’s webpage: http://www.dianagabaldon.com/other-projects/outlander-tv-series/where-to-watch/

      And Diana’s “Where To Watch” webpage says (for the U.K.):

      Episodes of the new series 5 (aka season 5) became available from Amazon Prime Video (U.K.) service on Monday, February 17. New episodes will appear on Mondays, a day after they debut in the U.S.A. You may purchase episodes individually or a season pass.

      Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk

      “After clicking on the above Amazon (U.K.) link, search for “Outlander Season 5.”

      And if you read Diana’s webpages further, you’ll find that BEES is not the “last book” in her Outlander series of novels. There will be a Book Ten.

      Diana’s Webmistress

  12. First I would like to thank you for your incredible stories, and to say you take all the time you need to finish. While reading your books I never feel that they are rushed through. The show on Starz helps us get through. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU again Every book takes me through all the emotions I laugh, I cry I get mad but best of all I Love. Looking forward to all yet to come.

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