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  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Welcome to the New Website!

WELCOME to the All-New, Completely Redesigned, and—with luck—Totally Updated Diana Gabaldon Official Website!

Many, many thanks to the very talented Jeremy Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios (www.clockpunkstudios.com), who did the new design (and guided me through the maze of learning to work with WordPress). And many thanks to the lovely Rosana Gatti, who designed (more than once {g}) the original Diana Gabaldon website, and has run it for more years than I care to count. (Thinking especially of longevity these days, as a) it’s my birthday {g}, and b) OUTLANDER (the novel) was published twenty (yes, 2_0) years ago!)

Now, there will be a few spots where I’ll add new material, links, excerpts or whatever as we go on, but I think the new site is essentially complete. (There will be a link to a Facebook page, for instance, but that’s not quite available yet.) And my blog will now be an integral feature of the website, as well.

I hope you enjoy exploring the new site! Do please let me know—there’s a place for comments, below, and on other parts of the site—if you see anything that doesn’t work, or have suggestions for things we may not have thought of that you’d like to see. (And you can use the “Follow” links to talk to me via Twitter, if you’d like.)



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  1. I love the website, and Happy Birthday! I can’t believe OUTLANDER is 20. I’ve loved Jamie for a long time. :) I look forward to reading your blog, and of course, your future novels.

    • I’m hitting reply because I screwed up my password/name at the Writer’s Community. I wanted to give a piece of info on rolled oats/ ground oats from Granny Taylor. Let them soak (now a days that doesn’t take long) when the mixture has thickened somewhat it can be spread on a hot surface, bit of fat, and cooked/fried like flatbreads. Put a spoonful on the griddle and spread. A useful thing if no bread is available….thought “Claire” should know.
      Granny has been long gone…but we still do this.

    • mrs. gabaldon, why am i having a hard or diffcult task of finding your books? the first book i read was echo in the bone , you had me hooked. felt like i was there. please if you can direct me to a source to find your books. thank you so very much. mark bennett ,7953 paschal street. jacksonville,florida,32220. again thak you.

      • Dear Mark–

        I can’t imagine why you’re having trouble finding my books, assuming you live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand. If you live in South Africa or the Seychelles…[g]. No, really; _any_ good-sized bookstore (Barnes and Noble, any large independent) will have the whole series–and so does Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk. Amazon.ca, barnesandnoble.com, iBookstore, and just about any other online retail book outlet. For that matter, if you click on the “Writing” tab on the home page of _this site_, you’ll see descriptions of all my books, each one with several “buy-links” listed.

        Best of luck, and I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the books when you get them!


        • this a reply to the fact that the books should be more available in these large book stores . I wanted to recently replace my outlander books because of a recent move and losing them. B& N dont seem to be a good carrier. Sometimes you can find a few but not a large selection and it would just be easier to just order them for myself. I found the smaller book version the last time I was at B&N after I had asked . I beleive he called it a promo. I was not aware of the small ones there but I dont read that size anyway. I read paperback novel size . I love all of the books just wish they were more available and announced when a new one came out or another story line. I feel like I dont see them when a new one comes out. I am eager to read the next story line. Hope this is a little helpful.

          • Dear Toni–

            I’ll be Really Surprised if you don’t see WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD when it comes out on June 10th. [g] As for B&N–their “model” generally calls for them to stop carrying the hardcover of a title after X weeks or months–but my books have NEVER gone out of print in hardcover, and even a Barnes and Noble store could order any of them for you at any time. If you should happen to want a signed or inscribed hardcover, though, you might want to order it from the Poisoned Pen bookstore. They’re my local independent store, they stock ALL of my books in ALL the formats, ALL the time [g], and would be happy to ship anywhere in the world.

            Here’s the link to their order page.

    • Wow, I saw all the book you have written it amazing how ever do you have the time although I have been to flagstaff and it seems that time is slower there than the rest of the known world. beautiful works of course I wanted to know more of my Scottish heritage and everyone said READ ” Diana Gabaldon” so I thought if you want information go to the front of the horse (lol) all I know is I intend to read a Scottish trilogy by you. seems as good a place to start, anyway I could not believe all your works you are amazing they say everyone has a story to tell you must has done vast research in order to write so prolifically. am working on a fiction about internet dating it’s called “Keyboard cowboy “deals with internet dating and the lost glory of young men and women and their trek through the internet dating world of today don’t mean to doddle on that though I am interested in Scotland and my trek to explorer my past I paint and for years I have painted the same mountains and have done this I suppose from as long as I can remember I was born 01-01-1949 so my memories is long the paintings as I can to find out as I grew up and saw more of the world were of Scotland I have never been there so I could not have seen the land or the mountains or the fords and yet there I was painting scenes as if I were looking at a picture crazy right , well I personally think there genetic memories and just like the preferences we have in us inherited from our ancestors I think the memories are passed on to us in our genetics. Well, I would love to know more of your works and then to read as much as possible are any of your books on audible?? I know it cheating to listen to books but I only have so much time and I lost my wife 6 years ago so I have to be the chief cook and bottle washer as it were. Thanks for all you dedication and pleasure and jot you bring to the world.

      Daniel McCampbell

      • Dear Daniel–

        No, of course it’s not cheating to listen to books! I do it all the time. Glad you’re enjoying mine, however is most convenient for you.



    • In mob, what does brianna’s p.o. box stand for?

  2. Happy B’thday Diana!
    All the best from Spain.

    • Oh, Diana, the new website is just BEAUTIFUL!!

    • Dear Diana,

      I am a huge fan of your Outlander series. They are my all time favorite series and I reread them in anticipation of every new book you put out. I am thrilled that there will be two more in the series.

      As a Christmas present to myself, I ordered the The Scottish Prisoner and The Exile from Barnes and Noble. The Scottish Prisoner is wonderful, but there is a problem with The Exile. Many of the unnumbered pages are out of order. For example, Claire repairs Jamie’s arm several pages before he dislocates it. I plan on returning the book to the store, but I know that books are printed by the thousands, and this could be a widespread error. I hope they will have a good copy for me.

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I thought you should know. Perhaps you already did know. Anyway, the artwork is fabulous and Claire is much as I imagined her to be.


      • Dear Robin–

        I’m sorry there was a problem with your copy of EXILE. I’ve heard here and there of occasional binding errors, but not many, so I think there probably aren’t a _lot_ of copies out there with that error. Thanks for telling me, though, and I hope you’ll enjoy the book when you get your new copy!


  3. It may be your birthday but it’s a gift for us! Thanks – and Happy Birthday…

  4. Dear Diana,

    Congratulations!!! Your new website looks marvelous!!!
    I’m so excited… :-)

    Moreover: Happy Birthday to you… or as we say in Germany: Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag!

    Kind regards
    Sandra (one of your German fans) :-)

  5. Yay! Love the new look and the fact that your blog is on here as well. Less clicking around. :) Happy Birthday!

  6. Congratulations! Love the new site. (I also loved Voyages of the Artemis).

  7. The new website is wonderful. Happy Birthday, Diana!

  8. Hello Diana,
    Fist I’d like to say that this website is beautiful! However I did have a question for you, I was wondering if you have considered creating pg versions of your novels? I ask because I know a ton of people who would read your books, but they don’t because of some content in them.. I also know a ton of young people too and I have recommend your novels to people who wouldn’t mind them as they are. I personally love them as they are. But I was only curious..
    Thanks a lot, bye!

  9. Happy Birthday! The new website looks great!

    I realized Outlander turned twenty a short while ago. A stress fracture in my hip had me looking for serious reading–and I decided to reread the Outlander series from the start. This was in October. I’m just starting “An Echo in the Bone.” It’s great to see the whole scope of the story and I must say they’ve held up well…and not only the writing. (which has been a delight, always)

    I’m not easy on my books–I haul them everywhere with me, tossed in backpacks and purses. I read in waiting rooms, while eating lunch, while knitting (my favorite), in the bath at night–not always book-friendly places. And I think I’ve probably read Outlander four times completely through and I’ve skimmed it here and there, too. The physical book–one of the small paperbacks–has held up wonderfully. Your printer did quality work.

    I have the first four books in this small paperback format and there are no loose pages. I do wrap the spines and corners of paperbacks with clear tape (I used to work in a library), but the covers are still all on tight–something the tape doesn’t help with if it starts to loosen. The pages are still strong and not fragile.

    I’ve also noticed, and appreciated, the care you’ve taken to balance writing for newcomers to the series and not irritating people like me who’ve read the previous book. I was a bit more aware of it this time, reading the books in such close sequence, but it was never bothersome–and in fact (given my aging memory, even in the short term), I sometimes found it welcome. Thanks!

  10. Happy birthday!! Congrats on 20 years with Jamie and Claire. Outlander is a truly awe inspiring series.

  11. Happy Birthday wishes! I like the new website, and I’m also surprised that Outlander has been out so long! It seems like only yesterday that I was wandering through the bookstore and found something wnderful to read!

  12. Wasn’t actually looking for the new website so it was a nice surprise to find it up. Have enjoyed looking around; it’s nice to look at and I like the way the blog has been integrated into it. I hate to criticize it right off the bat but one teeny little error jumped out at me (can’t help it, was an editor for years).

    At the top of the page there are the headings


    If you drop down in WRITING, you see THE OUTLANDER SERIES

    Should be GREY, not GRAY!!

    When I clicked on a link for the series, the spelling was again wrong in the heading, but then correct immediately following in the description of the book !

    It’s a nice, eye-catching site. I’m enjoying looking around.

  13. What I’ve seen so far looks fantastic! :D

  14. Congratulations on the launch of the new site! It looks fantastic, and I’m just delighted to be mentioned on the Links page. <g>

    (This is really just a test to see if posting a comment on the new blog works….)


  15. Dear Diana

    Great New website. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary to you for Outlander. Wow 20 years is a long time and it’s growing with new readers daily that’s so exciting.

    I hope you have a fantastic celebration for both occasions

    Michelle K

  16. Happy birthday Diana! Thank you for many amazing years with Claire and Jamie! I hope you have a great day!

  17. Diana, this is lovely but very hard to read on my iPad. Looks like some color problems. I am getting black type on a dark teal background?

    • Me too on the iPad. Dark teal with small, black letters. Weird.

      • Dear Peggy (and other iPad users)–

        That’s very odd, but I think it must be something to do with the iPad’s display, since no one else is mentioning visibility problems. I have a new iPad (got it for Xmas!), so will play around with it and see if I can detect a fix.


  18. I like it! The colors fit perfect and it is laid out very user friendly!

  19. Beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite books EVER! ;o)

  20. Wow! Looks great. Loves all the Christmas pictures and then the days after with you asleep on the couch…that was me only insert 1 Great Dane and 2 cats!!

  21. I wish I could be as eloquent as Diana in describing how I feel about her books, especially the Outlander series. I just finished An Echo in the Bone and so love her books, from every perspective: she’s an incredible writer – I just love how she spins tales within tales, the historical perspective really brings it alive, you just fall in love with the characters, relish the words and descriptions she uses, and she weaves in every aspect of humanity in a very tasteful yet real way. I must admit that I’m having anxiety that the series is nearing the end. Once it’s done, I’m going to miss it incredibly. I will go back and read it for the third time, I know I will. Diana, thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.

    • I can only say the exact same words as this fan has over the content of your books. I am a recentlt new comer to the Diana Galbaldon fan club but I await the next book with gusto & a litle sdan ess at the tale is coming to a close. However the books will be re read constantly & the family ignored yet again while my head is buried in the advetures & a fantastic tale that carries you away
      Thanks Diana for the hours & days of pleasure you bring thru your writing.
      Regards Andrea

  22. WHOOO HOOO I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for including The Author’s Attic site too! It’s a little birthday gift for all of us! *g*

    Happy Birthday!

  23. Just a test to see if I can post a comment or not.


  24. I know it’s late, but I’ve been gone all day and just noticed that it is your birthday. I hope it was a very happy one and that all is well with you and yours. That’s your typos are few, your blessings many and that your 8th book comes into you head so swiftly that you barely have time to type it up before Random House prints it and puts it out into the book stores! I have all of the series (signed), the Lord John books and the anthologies. Anything else I can do to hurry you along?

    Have a wonderful year,
    Mary in IL

  25. Hello Diana,

    The website is absolutely beautiful! And I can’t even begin to tell you how happy it made me to see my “Pumpkin Homage” mentioned on the Fan Art page. Thank you so much!


  26. It looks lovely, thank you for the birthday present to us!

  27. Website looks great !! Was very interesting to read about your very busy life :) I have enjoyed your books FOREVER and love the characters and the depth you give them . I am soo excited for your new books ! I usually read your books in a few days because I CANNOT put them down ! I have reread the series numerous times and have enjoyed them immensely ! Thank You :) I did want to mention that I do not blame you AT ALL for your stance on other people writing about your characters . The idea of it is just wrong . I look forward to your banter and reading about upcoming progress you make. Sincerely A Fan , Lisa Hagen

  28. Love the new site! Congrats on getting it up and running! And Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day. Was happy to hear the possibility of a 2012 date! I have always respected your writing, but having recently taken a go at doing it myself, I now totally know why one of your books would take a few years to write! lol but they have all been worth the wait as I know this one will be!

  29. Excellent! Happy Birthday!

  30. Gorgeous! Now to browse around….

  31. Diana, this new website is beautiful. The colours are rich, and it seems easy to navigate too.

  32. Congratulations on the 20 year birthday of Outlander and the NEW website
    AND Happy Birthday to you!! You really know how to celebrate!

  33. hi, diana–

    i worked as perry knowlton’s assistant for a few years after college back in the early ’80′s, and met jackie cantor through that job. i left new york and moved to san francisco, where i remember a very fun visit here with jackie, but eventually lost touch with the old gang after going to nursing school.

    two years ago a friend at work gave me “outlander” and i was hooked. imagine my delight to see that perry was your agent and jackie your editor! this has happened before with other writers, and always takes me back to 575 madison avenue (before the move downtown) and the bright orange boxes. i love your books, and i’ve been meaning to send you this message for some time. here is my one question:

    do you enjoy writing one character’s voice especially more than the others? of course they are all so distinct, but some of the lines you come up with make me imagine you grinning with pleasure as they come to you and i wonder if there is one character you especially like to “speak” for.

    thanks for the wonderful reads,


  34. Well geesh Diana, you know us die hard fans will follow you anywhere………..but, the new site looks very nice, and I thank you for sharing so much with us! I am an unofficial pusher of your books, and am patiently waiting, (you know whats coming here), for the next book. I will be good, I know the story will come about as you see it, and who am I to try to rush you along! You MUST be so TIRED of hearing us whine & plead for more. As always, I am your Number One Fan! (Now THAT should freak you out!) LOL

  35. Diana,
    I emailed you a while ago, to share a link of some fan art of mine. You told me to send it again when your website was updated, so…here it is!

    I would be honored if it could appear in the fan art section of your website.

    Keep writing for us!


    And here is a direct link:



  36. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new website!!! I check your blog daily to see what (always interesting) tidbits you have posted. I was very excited to see the new site loading. Whilst exploring said site I discovered a couple excerpts that I had yet to read (though how I missed them previously I’m not sure. (g)). The site is nicely organized and very easy to navigate.
    Hope to see more teasers soon!

  37. It looks beautiful. I love the colors and style. I like having the Recent Blog Posts and navigation links at the top, too. It all works great.

    I especially love how you stay connected with us. A lot of authors don’t take the time to do that. You Rock!

    So it’s a WordPress but it looks like your own website? Does that mean it’s hosted at WordPress but you have your own URL? Just wondering since I’m wanting to connect my own site and blog better.

    Great job Diana & clan!

    ~ Melody

  38. Wow, nice to see the new site, I will let the ladies at Goodreads know. If any of you want to join us, we are an active group and love to talk about Jamie and Claire!


    Also, it’s nice to see you have male fans (I just saw the gentleman with the Claire-inspired tattoo).

    • Dear Elizabeth–

      I have quite a number of male fans, and appreciate them quite as much as the ladies. Since the books were marketed for so long (thanks in part to desperation on the part of the publisher, who couldn’t think _how_ to market them, and then to the boneheaded behavior of Barnes and Noble) as women’s fiction, it’s taken a bit of time for the gentlemen to realize that the books are in fact safe for them to read. {g} I get mail from a lot of servicemen (and women), in particular; they identify with Jamie, love Claire, and find the books an escape–one I’m really grateful to be able to provide.


      • Weighing-in as a normal (?) hetero male who has been a fan for just about all of those 20 years, I too want to assure any man who’s not afraid show excitement over a novel… or even shed a tear when confronted by an especially poignant passage… that Diana writes gripping drama about men and women who aren’t afraid to get dirty or bloody, and often do, in a style that is both easy to read while always leaving me wanting more! That said, I’m a 70 year-old who fell in love with Claire at the first… “Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ!”. It’s somewhat of a curse to be a fast reader, for then I’ve no recourse but to wait the 2-3 years for the next installment to be published. Oh… I re-read each of the previous books (well maybe skim a few passages that have become indelibly written on the inside of my eyelids) trying to time it all with the release of the latest offering.

        Just an anecdote that may get a chuckle from some… a year ago last summer I took a road trip from my home in Oregon, with my Jack Russell Terrier, dragging a 19′ fifth-wheel trailer, to see the Carolinas and Virginia. Anyone who has gotten to “Drums of Autumn” and its next two sequels will not need any explanation as to why I would go on a mostly back-road, 8,000 mile trip to satisfy the itch those 3 books afflicted me with! ( lol) Lacey and I did the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (Spruce Pine, Boone, the original Mast General Store… (even a farm not far down the road called ‘River Run’… and yes, I know it’s the wrong location), Shenandoah Skyway, then back south through the Piedmont country, Outer Banks including Okracoke, and finally Wilmington and then Charleston before turning toward home. It’s the longest and most rewarding trip I’ve taken, among many, and I’ve now got those beautiful highlands permanently etched in my mind. (Referring back to the end of the last paragraph…I actually timed my arrival in Greensville, NC, to coincide with the September release date of ‘An Echo in the Bone’. When the doors at Costco opened I headed straight for the book tables. It wasn’t there! I finally found someone to check and see if they were still in their boxes, and 15 minutes later I was back at the trailer and getting my first peek! WHEW!)

        Thanks, Diana!!! For the wonderful ride, your vibrant prose, and the aching-pleasure… reminiscent of this child’s days leading up to Christmas mornings… of anticipating your next installment. My most fervent wish is that I live long enough to read the final installment!

        Buidheachas, mo charaid!

        “Mac” (McMillan)

        • Dear Mac–

          Many thanks for your lovely letter! And I strongly suggest you take your vitamins, {g} though you sound pretty hale and hearty. Definitely want you to be in good shape for Book Eight, though!


        • Dear Mac,

          I read a number of the blogs on Outlander and for me you are the first man in my age group. Way to go! We need a lot more men interested in Jamie and Claire.
          Thank you and I hope you come back this way again. I live in Tennessee with all of the Scottish/Irish influence around me.


  39. Happy Birthday,

    I’m one of the lucky readers. I only discovered your books last year..and spent all last winter through the summer reading one after another. Not a simple accomplishment, as the nearest well stocked “Outlander” bookstore is at least 3000 miles away from my doorstep. (I may be wrong on the distance.. I never really counted). I relied on plane crews, an assortment of visiting relatives and friends, and finally Amazon (for “The Exile”) to keep my fascination satisfied.

    So THANK YOU…for being such a prolific writer and for reminding me how wonderful it is to get absorbed in EIGHT (!) novels.

    LOVE the picture of you sleeping with dogs.


    • I was lucky, too. I discovered the first book not long before Christmas a couple of years ago, devoured it, and immediately sent my daughter back to the bookstore to buy the next one for me. Devoured that one, too. Meanwhile, my daughter had thought it would be a nice Christmas surprise to give me all the books in the series. After I finished the second book, and begged her to get me the next, she smiled wryly, went to her trunk and got it out for me. She joked that by Christmas, I would have no gifts left under the tree!

      After I finished Echo I immediately reread them all a second time! Then started patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for MOBY like the rest of the fans.

      I am now going through the Kindle versions with “immersion reading”, listening to the Audio Books as I read. What fun! Davinia is terrific.

      Also following with great dedication the evolution of the STARZ TV series.

      I preordered MOBY on Amazon the minute it was available. I was so happy to hear it is done and will come out on June 10 as scheduled.

      Thank you, Diana, for so many hours of undiluted reading pleasure.

  40. Dear Dians,
    Congrats, the New website is great. I Love the colors. But it’s weird ,sometimes the Background is totally green(then it is hard to read the Text) and sometimes it’s a Little part that is green. What would be the reason for this? Could it be my iPads’ fault? Anyway, I Love it !

    Best wishes

  41. Cool! Stayed up past my bedtime last night taking it all in. :-) Blog access is great, also! Am I first to comment? Wow! Cheers!

  42. I love it! I’m a bit adverse to change – long story!! but this is great!! So easy to find everything. So glad you have a Yorkshire connection – I was born there but emigrated with my parents and sister to Australia in 1964. Love your books – keep writing!! It is surely a gift!!

  43. It looks great, Diana!

  44. The previous design was more aesthetically pleasing, but this one seems to be more user- and reader- friendly. It is easy to navigate, and the information I am usually looking for seems to be easily accessible. Thank you.

  45. Hi Diane,

    The new web site is up-beat and bright. I’m glad that you are continuing to blog. We share a birthday, so “Happy Birthday” to you. (And Alexander Hamilton, for whom Hamilton College is named. My husband teaches here, and I am an administrator.)

    Best, Mary

  46. Wow!!! I love the new site.
    Now get in there and go write ’til your fingers fall off… well not really until they fall off cause then we wouldn’t have anymore of your marvelous work, but until they hurt REALLY bad. LOL Hope you had a great birthday.

  47. Hi Diana,

    Just noticed Lord John’s last name is written ‘Gray’ instead of ‘Grey’ in the heading. Otherwise: fantastic new website!


  48. Hallo Diana,
    I like the website so far. I will look into even more, but the layout is beautiful.
    You’ve been doing a good work.

  49. Love the new site! The only thing I really miss is the excerpts all in one place…it was an easy way to get to them. Will you possibly be adding that later?

  50. Nevermind …found the excerpts. :)

  51. Diana,

    I love the new sight. it’s easier to get to and to read. I don’t get to it as often as I would like but am going to try more now.



  52. Diana,

    Happy Birthday a day late!! I always remember your birthday as it was my birthday also yesterday!! Love the new website…..

  53. First of all: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! To you and ” Outlander”! I love you both. The new sight is great and the musical is wonderful. Can’t wait to get my CD. I also very much appreciate the “methadone”! Not that I don’t read anything else – if I’m breathin’, I’m readin’! But I do get a little itchy waiting for more Jamie and Claire! I could talk to you ffoorreevveerr but I’ll be brief this time.

    (and Jamie and Claire and Bree and Roger and Jem and Ian and Jenny, etc…)

  54. Congrats on the new website! It all looks wonderful and as I browse through it, while listening to “Voyager” on my iPod, I think it’s a pretty great day. Hope yours is just as pleasant! On a side note, Davina Porter is amazing.

  55. Very fancy! I’ll make sure to update my news feed with this one. :)

  56. Hi Diana,
    Hope you are doing well and that life is good for your and your family.
    Are you still planning on continuing the story that ended with Jemmie in a tunnel and Roger on his way back to America? I sure hope so as I must tell you what my 93 year old Mother said to me tonight-(honestly) “I hope she writes another book before I die, so I know what happens to Jemmie!” I had to laugh as she’s still in fairly good health and reading about 5 books a week. Hope you can find the humor in this and please know that we love your writing and wonderful descriptive imagination. You have a gift for storytelling.
    We’d love to hear from you and to know of your plans for the future-book wise especially!

  57. YAY! I’m so excited your site is updated and what I’ve seen so far, it’s beautiful! I’m liking the colors and the background design. Oh, and Happy Birthday! I just finished Echo in the Bone and I tried to savor every last page, knowing it will be quite some time before book eight is available. I meant to move right into the Lord John series, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to reread Outlander first. :) Happy writing…

  58. Happy Birthday Diana & congrat’s on the new site. We’ve been looking forward to it.

  59. Congratulations! Beautiful site

  60. Happy Birthday, Diana! And, I *love* the new website! Thanks for all the time you poured into it… it looks fabulous! I’m glad the blog posts are still a part of it; I love reading what you write there. The Christmas post was so much fun to read, and the New Year’s post prompted me to download Fire and Ice by Dana Stabenow to my Kindle. I sped through it and am now on So Sure of Death, but I alternate that with LISTENING to my Kindle (I love that I can download books to it via audible.com) as I go through the Outlander series for the third time (this time by listening to the lovely narration of Davina Porter).

    Thank you for how good you our to your fans!

  61. Can I just say (or squeal) how incredibly long I’ve been waiting and excited I am to finally have made it here through many problematic, yes, ISSUES with 3 computer crashes, 2 entire computers, many long months, 6 children with varying degrees of drama, a husband with a post office to run yet not capable of remembering to mail our bills on time, and a desperate need to learn of anything, but especially the due date, to do with the book that will answer what happens to Jem, etc., etc., etc. and I think you all know mostly, if not exactly, what I mean and how I feel! Thank you, Diana, for the wonderfully magical distraction of your incredible literature, which has almost kept me sane! Carolyn~

  62. Love the new site! Hope you had a wonderful birthday. Thanks for taking the time to update your (impatient) fans on the status of things. I found myself yesterday simultaneously sending you a birthday wish and imagining what Claire would say to Jamie in their first private conversation in the next book….I think I can manage to wait until next year to find out. Thanks for all that you do!

  63. Congratulations. Great start to a new year… now about the next book… lol

  64. Congratulations. The new site looks terrific. Best wishes.

  65. I don’t usually comment, but I like to read them. I can’t seem to locate the comments posted on the new site. I must be missing the link or something…..could you direct me?

  66. The new website is lovely. Happy Birthday and congratulations on the success of the Outlander novels! I just discovered the first one last autumn (thanks to my Kindle) while I was nursing my new son. They have been an absolute pleasure to read and I love that this beautiful story is continuing. If I had realized the series wasn’t complete yet, I would have read them a bit slower. I am halfway through book 7 and only allowing myself one chapter each night to prolong the enjoyment! LOL…thanks again!

  67. Wooo Hooo ! Its here ! Love the color palette… sublime! Will there be a menu bar option for excerpts?

  68. Belated Happy Birthday, (Great day too you share it with my brother). Love the new website,thank you for all your great novels,I’m am patiencely waiting for the next one.

  69. AND….you and the people who created this site did a fantastic job. It’s interesting, aesthetic and easy to navigate.

  70. Wow! I can’t believe outlander is my age! I have been a fan since I’m 14! Even tough it ruined my life by getting my expectations for men a bit too high!(There’s only one Jamie and he’s Claire’s…)
    I love the new website and I can’t wait for the next book!

  71. Hi Diana,

    personally, I am sure I would be happy with any website you put up, so long as I get my fix of Outlander !! :) Having said that, the new site is very nice – well done !.. good colours easy to read and navigate.. a winner all round.

    Now I have done the sucking up.. when can we get more from book 8 ???? please please please :)
    Have a great day.. its Friday here in sunny Australia so its a great day anyway hahaha

    Cheers Jo

    • Dear Jo–

      Did you see the excerpts from Book 8? That’s all for the time being–I’m not spposed to put up more than 10,000 words of a book, so if I put up more, I’d have to take some of these down.


      • Hi Diana,
        I have read ALL the excerpts.. more than once ! maybe you could take off the oldest and just give us a little more.. just a little more…. :)
        your books are like a drug… once you get the taste of the addiction nothing satisfies until you get more !!!
        Cheers Jo-Anne

  72. Forgot to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! I hope you had a great day :)

  73. I have to add that I’m in LOVE with these books. Read the series twice so far and as soon as my classes are done in May, I”m reading them again. Please, Diana, DON’T make a movie. It just wouldn’t fit the way I’ve imagined the characters. The books are more than enough. I just ask that you keep on writing Jamie and Claire’s story. P.S. I’ve always pictures Liam Neeson as Jamie!

    • Dear Darcy–

      If you don’t want a movie, why on earth are you envisioning Liam Neeson as Jamie? {g}


      • My, aren’t we sassy:0) When I’m reading I have always envisioned him as Jamie. Probably because of the movie he did with Jessica Lang, Rob Roy. It’s just that you never get a movie that lives up to the book. Oh well, who am I?

        • Dear Darcy–

          Well, everybody’s got their own notions, and why not? You’re entitled to yours, and I’m entitled to mine. It just struck me funny that you should be denouncing the idea of a movie, while using movies to construct your vision of Jamie. Bottom line, of course, is simple: if you don’t like the idea of a movie, don’t watch it. See? Easy!

          (I’ll take “sassy.” I’ve been called worse things.)


  74. When are we going to be able to purchase book 8 here in Australia – is it out yet – please, please want to give to mother as a gift

  75. It’s beautiful! Thanks for writing such a wonderful book series! I’m a huge fan!

  76. Dear Diana,

    This site “fits” you. Love it!

    Happy Birthday and Bright Blessings,


  77. Diana, I’m a little late, but I just wanted to say how lovely your new site is. It was very easy to navigate through, which is very helpful for the person who still has to ask her 13 year old son how to retrieve a message from her new cell phone. :)

    Hope you had a fabulous Birthday!


  78. I really like the new website, Diana. I have found things in here, like your pointers on wtiting which I found most helpful, that did not see in your previous site.
    Good going!!
    Sandra G

  79. The website looks great! Happy Birthday! Now you can focus on the book right? :)

  80. hi i was wondering if you could tell me how roger and brianna found the letters written to them by her parents in “an echo in the bone” thank you

    • Dear Mary–

      Roger found the box in the Reverend’s garage. It’s at the end of A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES.


      • It’s a wonder Rev. Wakefield hadn’t discovered the box, to show Claire and Frank when they visited.

        • It probably wasn’t there — we’ve seen the past change before, after Bree and Roger got back to the 80s. (Lots of problems with time travel!)

  81. Hi Diana,

    Congratulations on the birthday, as well as the new website.

    I’m re-reading the series (a third time for some of the books, second time for others) and enjoying it as much as the first. I’m reading it on my kindle, which is lovely because of the dictionary function. Your vocabulary is expansive and I’ve enjoyed looking up some of the more obscure words.

    Do have a question, though – I notice that sometimes you use the word “miles” and at least once (I think), “pounds.” Those terms seem at odds with the location and date of the story. I thought then that perhaps your editor included those for those of us Yanks who so love your books.

    Just an idle curiosity, nothing more. Looking very forward to the next installment!

  82. Auch von mir Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag! And many happy returns!
    This new site is great, still have to check it all out.
    Thank you so much for your Outlander series.

    Waiting patiently,
    Your German/American fan Hilde

  83. Hi Dianna,
    I love the new website.

    I just thought I’d tell you how we (Dave, my husband) got into the Outlander Series. Dave is an interstate truck driver and I used to borrow audio books from the library for him to listen too. As you might imagine, he sometime struggled with the discs, bumping over the Australian Outback roads, so I discovered ipods and Audible.com.
    Dave drives up to 14 hours per day, so I was always on the look out for long audio books. I found “Drums of Autumn” saw how long it was and just bought it, absolutely no idea what it was about. I started listening to it, quickly realised this was somewhere down the line in a series and found the first 3. Dave started at the beginning and that was is for us! Loved them.
    Our phone conversations were all about Jamie and Claire, LOL and we still refer to them often. I read the two books that aren’t in the unabridged audio, then got Echo in the Bone.

    I’m an aspiriring writer, I’d love to complete a teen novel I’ve started, but I’m not sure that I have the discipline it takes. I get about half way and get lost in my real life. Or I get stuck into the writing and forget my real life, not good when I’m trying to run a business LOL

    Anyway, enough of my ramble. I’m looking forward to the next edition, and love the Lord John series too. Though not quite so much as Jamie and Claire. :))

    • Dear Paula–

      THE FIERY CROSS and ABOSA _are_ available as unabridged audiobooks–just not from audible.com (yet). There’s a long explanation somewhere in here {g} about the licensing situation behind that. But you can certainly get both, from Recorded Books, Inc. (www.recordedbooks.com).

      Glad you and Dave are both enjoying the books!


  84. All great people are born in January…you, my grandson on the 10th and son on the 13th. If not for you there would not be a Jamie and Clair…Bless you…

  85. Love the Outlander series. Read all 7 books in about 3 months this year and now have several folks at work addicted. We have had many lively discussions of movie casting. My thought is a mini/maxi series similar to what was done with Centennial would be great. I can’t imagine getting enough of the story and the details into a 2 or 3 hour movie.

    Plan to re-read the first seven books in early 2012 so I’ll be ready for #8 when it is published.

    Thanks for hours of enjoyment.

  86. A belated happy birthday, but if you’re like me you celebrate for at least a month!
    A relatively new reader (since last June) I’ve totally adopted Jamie, Claire, Ian, Brianna & Willie into my family — can’t wait to hear what the “future” brings. I’m on the third time reading the series, (just finished Voyageur) and beginning Drums. Amazing how I pick up so many things I missed the first time around when I was so anxious about the outcome of the current crisis!!

    Have started a new group of readers in Safety Harbor and Tampa Bay, FL….and we are all anxiously awaiting #8….whenever it comes out….Will you be coming to Seattle to promote it?
    Heard a rumor today about a movie? It would have to be a series, of course, as an 8 hour movie might be too long for most people!!!!

    Oh, and the website is so appropriate — you have super great helpers and you have marvelous taste !!

    • Dear Maggie–

      Many thanks! Both for the compliments and birthday wishes, and for the new readers! As my first editor used to say, “These have to be word-of-mouth books, because they’re too weird to describe to anybody!”


  87. Outlander on Kindle for CANADIANS is HERE!!!

    Two happy coincidences: January 11th is also my birthday and I found, while looking at Kindle’s New Releases, that Outlander is available for sale to Canadians! Thank you!

  88. Diana,
    Love the new website!!!! It really looks good. Look forward to all the new writing you are doing
    Frances Lucia :)

  89. Dear Diana,

    On New Year’s Eve, while browsing in a local bookstore that was closing down, I walked past “Outlander,” read the back cover, and thought, “Hmmmmm, sounds pretty good.”

    Twenty years after its debut, you have yet another Outlander reader. I couldn’t put it down.
    These are the books that I wish I could have written. I only wish my mother in law had lived to read them with me because I know she’d have loved them as much as I do. She and I discovered Scotland together.

    I just finished “Dragonfly in Amber” today and am ready to dive into “Voyager” as soon as I wrap up this message.


    PS My late mother in law has a son named James (Jim,) who has red hair and who is “caurry handed”
    to boot – my husband of 32 years. I dinna think I can get ‘im into the kilt, tho’!

  90. PS Like other readers here, I would love to see movie versions of your novels, and boy, would it be fun to help cast them! The Twilight Saga’s got nuthin’ on Outlander!

  91. Recently fell in love with the books after a friend nagged me for years to read them. Enjoying the new website.

  92. Happy Birthday to you – many more.

    This past year you have provided me with a new addiction – The Outlander series. OMG, I love these books, the bigger the better. I have read them all and read the last one two times. You have seen me through a very difficult year and now I cannot wait for the next book to come out. You are one terrific story teller providing us with pleasure across the board.

    As for a PG version of your books – heck no! Jamie and Claire have provided my fantasy life with some fine moments – as well as those provided visually by The Exile.

    Now stop lollygaging about and get to work on #8. An addict can wait just so long and I know I am not alone in this particular scenario.

    Thanks so much,

    Reva Kelly

  93. So the story of Roger’s parents will this be a separate story in and of itself?

  94. The first books I bought for my new Kindle were the Outlander series. I’ll always have my “hard copy” books, but I want to re-read from the beginning, and it’s so much easier to carry around the Kindle than the heavy books!

    I see you’re going to be at the Tucson Festival of Books. I’m new to AZ, and planning to go. How is it setup? Will you be doing a signing? A reading? Very much looking forward to it.


    • Dear Catherine–

      Well, let’s see…the Tucson Festival (I’ve done it once before) is set up all over the U of A campus. There are vendor books, small stages, and signing venues all up and down the central Mall, and the bigger readings are held in auditoriums and lecture rooms. I’m doing _three_ events at this one. The biggest will probably be the solo talk/interview (i.e., they’ll have somebody to ask me questions, but I’ll be able to launch and riff on anything I like ), which is at 10 AM on Saturday. Then there’s a panel with a couple of other authors on Saturday afternoon at 2:30–I _think_ that one is about “genre wars”. The last one is at 11:30 AM on Sunday, and is with another author about graphic novels. Or else vice-versa on the two panels; I don’t have the schedule in front of me. But they hand out newspaper-like schedules all over the place, so you’ll be able to see where and when things are.

      Each event usually has a signing afterward–the author(s) decamp to a table/tables and sign books for some specified period of time. So I imagine I’ll do three of those, too–and in addition, I agreed to go do a signing at 2:30 PM on Friday at the Clues Unlimited (mystery bookstore) booth. May very possibly do a quick signing for Mysterious Galaxy (sf/f bookstore), too, if they have a booth there, but that’s not arranged, yet.

      See you there! It’s a HUGE book festival, and _very_ well organized and run.


  95. Hi Diana,

    The new website is beautiful! It was well worth the wait. Hope that you had a good birthday.

  96. Diana,
    Happy belated birthday! And thanks for all the enjoyment that your wonderful books have given me and ALL of your readers. I got hooked first and then got my sister and 2 neices into reading them and in turn they have gotten many, many, others to read them too. These are very definitly ‘WORD OF MOUTH” books. All of your beautifully crafted characters are like old friends. We can’t wait for the next one.

  97. Diana,
    First, Let me say Happy Birthday albeit 5 days late. I hope you had a great day.
    I was so surprised to see that Outlander has been out for 20 years. I got a kindle in
    October. After answering questions about what kind of books I like to read Amazon
    recommended Outlander. I must admit I can’t get enough of your writing. My husband says
    I am addicted, but I say I just have a “good habit of reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander Series”!
    I am currently reading The Fiery Cross, and have already purchased A Breath of Snow and Ashes so
    it will be ready for me when I finish The Fiery Cross. Thank you for having your books on Kindle. Are they on the Nook too? (My daughter has a nook )
    I am new to your writing and I so hope you will be writing this quality of book for the next 20 years to come! I am enjoying looking through your website as well. I will come back often. It’s nice you care enough of your readers to have such a site.

  98. Diana,

    I love he new website! Good job! As for a suggestion- I would really like to see a section (and forgive me if there already is one, but I have not seen what I am thinking about) where you list your favorites, such as your favorite books (other than your own), your favorite character suggestions for your books, etc. That would be cool.


    • Dear Heather–

      Check “The Methadone List” under “Resources.” {g} If by “your favorite character suggestions for your books,” you mean the constant stream of suggested actors…may the good Lord deliver me. {g}


      • Diana,

        Ha ha! Ok, thank you! And, adding to that constant stream of suggestions (please don’t hate me, but my pride has got the best of me)-I believe I have found the perfect candidate for Jamie….yes, the chaos can end, because I do not think there is a better suggestion out there. Drum roll please…..Pinter Tibor:
        In case you haven’t already heard of him, he is the actor that portrays Jack Jackson’s father in Pillars of the Earth.
        God be with you Diana…

  99. Hi Diana! I loved the outlander series, but in South Africa we are not permitted to buy all of your books. I tried with ebooks.com but still I cannot buy them. Now I don’t have all the outlander books..Do you or somebody have advise how I can get hold of the rest of the books?? Love to hear from you!

    • Dear Renette–

      Well…you could order them from the Poisoned Pen; they’ll ship anywhere in the world. The link is under the “Resources” tab. Good luck!


  100. Happy Birthday! Wishing you and your family health and happiness in this new year. I am enjoying the new website.


  101. Thanks for the updates on new books. As previous posts have said it’s addicting, your books are wonderful. My mom got both myself and my grandma, who is 85 hooked. My grandma keeps saying that she probably won’t be around for the next one’s arrival. I tell her she better, or she’ll be wondering into the hereafter what happened! I’m going tomorrow to find the new one about Roger’s parents!


  102. Love it!!!!!

  103. Diana, it’s lovely!! Awaiting the Facebook page too. :) Btw, can’t believe my friend Erika got the first comment in! Lucky girl! lol I’m sure you here this all the time, but Outlander is awesome.
    Here is my Outlander story:
    When I first got married, I was 20 years old and I had to move from MD to NC because my husband was military. I have a large tight-knit family and it was a horrible transition for me! The first place I looked for was the local public library. Once there, I realized none of my favorite authors had out anything new so I asked a librarian. She recommended you immediately and helped me find Outlander. I was sucked in and couldn’t stop reading! Your books provided an escape during a trying time and you are one of the reasons why I keep trying to write, so thank you!
    See you on Twitter!!
    p.s. now I live in southern PA, when are you coming to visit us out here?? lol

    • Dear Lara–

      Thanks! I’m glad the books could give you a little distraction when needed. {smile} As to southern PA….Random House hasn’t sent me there yet on a book-tour {g}, so your best bet would be a literary festival or conference of some kind. (I _am_ trying not to go anywhere much this year, though).


  104. I’ve just read all the Outlander series over the last 4 months (no small task I must say). I’ve truly enjoyed each of them. What an amazing writer you are, Diana. I’m researching my family history and have tracked many of my Scots family connections back to North Carolina mid-late 1700′s, so I found it just a small smile from the Universe while reading about Jamie and Claire in and around these same locations. Thank you for the excerpts of the next book that you’ve posted. I feel quite spoiled that I was able to read all the books back to back. Fortunately, that means I had 4 months of constant new Jamie and Claire at my finger tips. Unfortunately, that means I’ve not experienced the patience necessary to await the next book. Can a person actually suffer from Jamie withdrawals? YES!

  105. I just wanted to say….WOW! The new website is amazing! I visit your site often to check for any new updates on your upcoming work, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the new layout:) It’s beautiful!

    I am probably one of your biggest fans, and so in love with Jamie and Claire. I’m an avid reader, and have spent many years trying to find what I would consider, “the best love story ever written”, and finally after years of searching, I discovered “Outlander”. It is by far, beyond comparison, the best romance novel I had ever had the pleasure of setting my eyes upon! I can’t thank you enough for producing such a wonderful, well written love story. After reading about Jamie and Claire, nothing else seems worth reading. Mrs. Gabaldon, you have set the bar so high, I shutter to think of what your fellow authors must be dealing with when it comes to writing a romance novel, after reading yours.

    Congrats to you, Jamie and Claire are still at the top after 20 years! I look forward to reading about their continued journey through true love in the next sequel to Echo In the Bone! Keep up the good work! Your fans are loyal, and they love you!


    • Dear Christine–

      Well, I really appreciate your good opinion! {smile} It’s not a romance novel, though–and neither are the next six in the series. {g} For one thing, romance novels don’t have sequels; they’re courtship stories, and when the two main characters come together, the story is over. With these people, it’s _just_ beginning!


      • Whatever they are, they are great! I love every part of them, the characters, the history, and everything in between! Please keep them coming, we can’t get enough:)


  106. What good fortune! I just completed my second reading of “Drums of Autumn” and found your new web site which is great. I was refreshing my memory for the next book in the series, “The Fiery Cross”.
    One cannot do justice to your books in a single reading. There is just too much to absorb in just one reading.
    A suggestion: Please have your publisher list all your books in the Outlander series in order in each of your books.
    After reading the comments I wonder if I am the only male reader who loves your books.
    Your characters are so true to life, even the bad persons have a few good traits. A wonderful insight into human nature and foibles.
    I look forward to the next book with great anticipation, but in the meantime will continue to reread the series.

    • Dear Wayne–

      No, if you sift through this impressive mass of well-wishes, you’ll find several other gentlemen. {g} Owing to the publisher’s original marketing (and the stubborn stupidity of Barnes and Noble, who insisted on shoving the books into the Romance section for years, despite my protests), the initial readers were mostly women. I find an increasing number of male readers, though–and in fact, have a large number of male readers in the armed services, particularly. {g} Glad you’ve been enjoying the books!


  107. Diana, thank you for the new lovely website. I do have one question though, the night before this website went live I discovered the podcast section of the old website and started listening. They were really enjoyable. Unfortunately, I didn’t get through all of them, opened this site the next day and couldn’t find them! Are you going to import the podcasts from the old site over here, or are they lost to us now?

    Thanks for all your hard work in not only writing delightful, addictive books, but in interacting with your fans. It’s incredibly gracious, and very appreciated.

    Best, Karen

    • Dear Karen–

      No, I’ll definitely get the podcasts over here, too; they’ll either be under “Resources” or possibly “Videos”–not sure which would be better. {g} I’ll be adding to the site gradually (and making small tweaks to add missing links, correct typos and whatever), but as I’m doing that along with the writing (and everything else), I have limited time to work on it. It’ll get done, though. {g}


      • Diana:

        Considering that your podcasts are (so far) audio only ….if you’re going to put them under VIDEOS (which is not a bad idea — the RESOURCES section already has a lot in it) then I would suggest changing the name of that section to VIDEOS AND PODCASTS or something similar.

        As for typos and such….the most important one remaining to be fixed is the misspelling of Lord John’s surname in the menus and section headings under WRITING. Most of the other stuff seems to be pretty minor, but that one jumps out at me every time I visit the site. I’m sure it must bother you, too. Hope you can get it corrected soon!

        I said it on Compuserve, but I’ll repeat it here: the new site is a vast, vast improvement over the old one! It looks beautiful, it’s easy to navigate, and information is presented in a way that makes sense. I like the Search button, in particular.


  108. Dear Diana:

    First, I am again enjoying the Outlander series, I find that when I get tired of library books, I haul out your books and read them slowly and savor them. I don’t keep track of how many times I have read a book, but it has been many times and each time I find something new to enjoy, faulty memory helps.
    They are as good the x number of times as the first time. I am currently enjoying Brianna and Roger as much as Claire and Jamie. Praying that Roger stays whole through out the books, puleeze.

    Since you do research, how about some on linen and cotton? You are driving me NUTS, linen and cotton burn rapidly, but not wool. Firemen carry wool blankets to put out fires. Get some scraps of wool, linen and cotton that you wouldn’t mind loosing, put them in a deep kitchen sink and light them to see how they burn. I have thrown mohair and wool fluff, taken from the loom room floor, in the wood stove and the fluff just sort of rolled around on top of the coals and took 4-5 minutes before starting to burn. During the fire from the ether Claire would have been burned to a crisp in seconds from those cotton and linen petticoats unless a wool skirt was protecting her.

    A suggestion, there are Weavers and Spinners guilds now in Arizona, talk to the people who are still doing these crafts and stop reading the books written by noncraftsmen.

    Right after The Fiery Cross was published I had it with me in the hospital and my surgeon mentioned that he listened and enjoyed very much the audiotapes of your books while driving to and from work.

    Happy belated Birthday. Your website is easy on the eyes, thank you.

  109. Congrats on the new website, Happy Birthday to you, and Happy Anniversary to Jamie and Claire!

  110. Looks good! And happy belated birthday :)

  111. I wanted to mention to you that I would love to be able to get a set of your books that are leather bound for a wedding present for a friend’s daughter. She suggested some books as a wedding present since the couple love to read and they met while working at Boarder’s book store. My husband and I both agreed that Jamie and Claire (as we call your series) would be a great gift for a new couple. I could only wish them to have the same passion, respect and honesty in their marriage as Jamie and Claire.

    But, I could not find any place where I could buy all of the Jamie and Claire books in a set nor could I find them all in hardback (let alone leather).

    Just wanted to mention it to you in case it is already available and I haven’t found the right place yet.

    Thanks for bringing these characters to life!

    • Dear Charlie–

      No, they aren’t available in a leather-bound set, I’m afraid (give it time! There will be a nice slip-cased luxury edition of OUTLANDER out in June, for the 20th anniversary of publication)–but you can certainly find them all in hardcover. Even a Barnes and Noble could order them for you (the fact that a book isn’t on their shelf doesn’t mean it’s out of print)–but if you’d like them promptly, and autographed, order them from the Poisoned Pen bookstore (there’s a link and contact information under the “Resources” tab). The Pen is my local independent bookshop, and I stop by there every other week or so to sign orders; they ship worldwide, and they keep all of my books in stock all of the time, in all the formats: hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market (the smaller paperbacks), and audiobook CD sets.

      My best wishes to your friend’s daughter and her new husband!


  112. I have to tell you Diana, that I have turned one of my farms on Farm Town (via FaceBook), into my vision of Frazers Ridge………LOL, this is for those of us who have no life! Yes, its pitiful I know, but, its all in fun, and something to do while waiting……..well, you know what we are waiting for…..sigh.
    As always,
    Your Number One Fan.

    • love it !!!! maybe you could send a snapshot of your farm from Farmtown and send it to Diana, she could then put it up for all of us to enjoy.. I am sure you dont want 500,00 new FB friends just so we can look at the farm :)
      Cheers Jo-Anne

  113. oops, why this posted on here 3 times I don not know!

  114. Happy belated birthday and congrats on the lovely website redesign. A friend turned me onto your books a few years ago and the rest is history. I have never been so addicted to a modern-day author and saga.

    I am currently listening to a course on the English Novel through The Teaching Company. Very interesting that Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverly”–which centers on the battle of Culloden–is considered the first English historical novel. When I read I was amazed, but not entirely surprised, how close your details of the time were to Scott’s.

    Lastly, a 20-year anniversary. The thought that immediately struck me was: Tha’t how long Claire and Jamie were separated after Culloden!

    Thanks for helpig to enrich my semi-retirement.

    • Dear Frani–

      Err…well, given that Sir Walter and I were both dealing with a very well-documented historical event, I suppose it’s not all that remarkable that the details are similar. {g} Really glad you enjoyed the books!


  115. I am a new Outlander fan. Just finishing up the fourth book. Just love them especially on a cold rainy day. I know this is probably a dumb question but what sequence should one read your books. I have one more to read The Firery Cross. Where do I go from there? Also the one thing that stands out in your books is the research that you must have done on the history and customs of Scotland for the times. I am finding this interesting since I am of Scottish decent (Grandmother a Hackworth from Edinbourgh) and married to a Brit who’s great great g-father’s on down where in the Queens Guard. How would one start to research ones own history not so much a family tree but lives and times? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also glad to hear there may be either a movie or mini series. Look forward to that as well.

    • Dear Lynelle–

      The only dumb questions are the ones you don’t ask. {g} The next book after THE FIERY CROSS is A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, and the latest of the main OUTLANDER novels is AN ECHO IN THE BONE. For further details, you might want to check out the tab that says “WRITING” on the home page: this lists (and describes) all of the OUTLANDER and Lord John novels (and gives the sequence for them, too).


  116. I just received the CD “Outlander, the Musical” I love your choice of vocalists for the characters! I love the website.

    I do wish you had an edited version of Outlander for my 15 year old to read. She has fallen in love with the CD but there are portions of Outlander that she isn’t quite ready to read in such detail. The detail is great for me! I cannot wait for the next books!

  117. The new website is so nice! Thanks for this lovely gift, and I wish you a belated happy birthday from Quebec!

  118. Hello Diana,

    I am so looking forward to Book 8 of the Outlander Series! I just finished the entire series, through book 7, for the fifth time! You write beautifully and each time I emerge myself into the series I am even more thrilled with the adventures of these beautiful crafted characters. Jamie, Claire and family are worth waiting a bit longer.

    Patiently waiting in Elk Grove California.

  119. PS,
    Congratulations on the Blog “facelift”! Your site is delightful.
    And, wishing you a Happy Birthday to you and perfect 2011!

  120. I stumbled on the Outlander series by total accident! It was mid-October of last year and I was “out” of books at the house. (Horror of horrors, right?) I typically like epic-y, largish books and noticed a big green (my favorite color) book on the bookstore shelf. Now, I usually don’t choose a book by its color (or its size), but I didn’t have my reading glasses on me. I squinted at the back cover and saw “time travel” and “Scotland” and figured it would be up my alley. Yup…it was “An Echo in the Bone.” I got about 1/3 of the way though it and thought WOW this is a really good book, but it has to be a part of a series. : ) The rest is history. I’m now almost through with “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” but I’m going to read “Bone” again as I feel I will get a LOT more out of it. I just have to pry it from my neighbors’ hands. I gave it to her to read after I read it as she, too, was desperate for a good read at the time. But she’s a really, really s l o w reader…

    Anywho…Add me to the count of waiting patiently for the next book! I plan on starting the Lord John Grey series now that I read on your website what they are about!

    –Rhonda (A new and loyal fan)

    P.S. I find myself saying “verra” and “dinna” constantly now in normal conversation. Does anyone else do this????

    • While reading the books, the conversations in my dreams were with a Scottish accent! Well, the dreams I could remember at least :) Isn’t it amazing how this series tends to take over your life? Throughout the day, I would catch myself daydreaming of what would happen next with Jamie and Claire. The different emotions I went thru while reading the books were amazing as well! How can one get so concerned for the welfare of a character in a novel lol!

  121. Five years ago I finished Voyager and through a series of twists and turns (or just life) I haven’t had the time to commit to The Drums of Autumn. But this is MY year. I have had to review the last few chapters of #3, and I am almost finished with that…then onward!

    Thanks, Diana, for all the work that goes into your writing. That is what makes it the best read out there.

    Belated Happy Birthday. Blessing abound to you!


  122. Hello! I just read your short story and immensly enjoyed the dynamic between Jerry and Dolly and especially seeing a new side of Frank. I can’t seem to find anyone else discussing it on your blog! I’m anxious to read about Roger’s side of the encounter (hopefully) in the next book.

    The question I have for you is about Frank. In Outlander, when Frank refuses to consider adoption, does he realize who Roger is? If he does realize Roger is Jerry’s son, does that lead to guilt that he has (indirectly at least) created many orphans, thus not considering adoption? He’s always come across as a very astute individual, he’s obviously fascinated with genology, and he had close ties to Rev. Wakefield. I must admit, I have never been very interested in Frank until I read this short story, but I would definitely be interested in reading more about Frank’s years during the war.

    Anxiously awaiting Book Eight!! :)

    • Dear Katie–

      I hope you don’t mind my removing a sentence from your comment, to avoid giving away the ending of the story for those who haven’t yet read it. {smile}

      Glad you enjoyed “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”! As for Roger and Frank, I think Frank probably does know who Roger is, though I don’t know that this would influence his feeling toward adoption. I think that more likely comes from his preoccupation with genealogy and family trees–thus wanting a child “of his blood,” as he says.

  123. Diana,

    A few of my comments will not be received well by your ‘followers.’

    In 1992 I received the first two Outlander books as a gift. It was eight months later when I began reading the ‘Outlander.’ That was the beginning of my preoccupation with the Outlander series.

    Against the advice of family and friends, in 1998, on a whim, I booked a flight to Scotland and used your books as a guide and an excellent guide your books were! I travelled by train from Glasgow to the Orkneys (needed to take a ferry to the Orkneys, of course) and all points between. One of the highlights of my trip was a stay in Inverness in a 200+ yr. old home on the River Ness and then there was Culloden Muir/Field. I was awed by Culloden. A couple of years after my trip I was given an English ball shot from Culloden. One of my most precious possessions. It was given to me by a Scot from Inverness who appreciated my passion for Scotland. The ball shot was passed down in his family over the years as a ‘reminder.’ ‘Lest We Forget’ comes to mind.

    Diana, I thank you for the books that sent me on one of my most memorable adventures.

    Now, for the comments your ‘followers’ will NOT like. I doubt YOU will be bothered by my comments. I met you years ago at a conference and got the sense that any criticism where you are concerned is like water off a duck’s back and sometimes that can be a good thing.

    I will continue buying your books (hardcover) but only until you finish the Outlander series, if I live that long! :)

    My ‘preoccupation’ with the Outlander series ended after reading “The Fiery Cross.” In my opinion, for some reason, you began ‘losing it’ with “The Fiery Cross” and it was downhill from there. You hit rock bottom with “The Exile,” a truly awful book. I prefer the ‘old’ website to this one. There is something very drab about this website. As I said, ‘in my opinion.’:)

    • Dear Aya–

      Not all books are for all people. I hope you enjoy whatever you read next.


    • Aya,
      One of my favorite responses to criticism is “Until you are able to have the creativity it takes to produce one novel, please keep criticism of those that are to yourself”.

      • Dear Jennifer–

        Well, you know–it’s really true: not all books _are_ for all people. I’ve read any number of books that clearly weren’t for me {g}, even though thousands of other folk just as clearly liked them. Surely one should be allowed to discuss a book, whether one liked it or not? (Which is not to say that all criticism is well-founded or intelligent–but neither is it all narrow-minded or stupid.)


  124. Happy belated Birthday Diana! Absolutely love the new website and bookmarked it to keep updated. It is easy to navigate and organized well. Napolean (my tricolored pembroke welsh corgi) will stay connected through Goodread group (outlander fans) and your website. Thank you so much for many hours of pure pleasure and” escapism”.

  125. This is a great website . . had no problem moving around at all . . thank you!

    Love all of the books, but I am a die-hard fan of the Outlander series and I’ve kept them all. I’ve started reading the whole series again – not many books can stand that test!

    I am looking forward to the next book. Your research is so enjoyed . . the books come alive as I turn the pages.

    Have a great spring and I wish you fortitude to keep up with the touring .. your books are worth it.


  126. Hello Diana,

    I have recently become a huge fan of your writing. I purchased an Amazon Kindle for myself just before Thanksgiving. I do hope this is not a bad thing for writers. We do have to buy the downloads. Anyway, I downloaded Outlander and just couldn’t put it down. At our family Thanksgiving (U.S. holiday) get together I discovered my brother-in-law also purchased a Kindle for himself and was in fact reading Outlander as well. I recently discovered that one of my dear friends is anxiously awaiting book 8; a friend I never imagined would be interested in this type of storyline. Through the Kindle Facebook page I have discovered a whole world, with your series a favorite. I am a third of the way through Drums of Autumn. I’ve never considered myself an obsessive person, but I am in love with the majority of your characters, and in love with hating the others. My husband is of Scottish heritage, so it makes it even more fun to “live” amongst the highlanders.

    What’s nice about the Kindle is when I finish one book at midnight I can immediately download the next book. I already have books 6 & 7 downloaded. This is a series of books I would like to have on my library shelf so I am very interested in the set you mentioned coming out in June. I hope book 8 will be included.

    Thank you for giving us wonderful places to visit and adventures to live through.

    Your devoted reader,

    • Dear Marta–

      Thank you! No, it’s fine for people to read the ebook versions {g}; we do get royalties on those as well, and authors are generally pretty happy to have people read their books, in whatever form. (I have both a Kindle and an iPad, and really prefer the former for reading.)


  127. Glad to see the website is up! I look forward to browsing and checking everything out. It looks great!

  128. Diana,

    I am so excited to be writing something that you will read, I am such a big fan :-D Congrats on the website it looks beautiful! I have been reading the Outlander novels since I was 13 or 14 and they have gotten even more enjoyable as I have gotten older and now that I have a family of my own. I don’t know how you make the lives of these time-travelers so easy to relate to, but thank-you so much for all of your hard work!!
    I also wanted to let you know that I was trying to follow the link provided to the poisoned pen website by clicking the “here” button, but it wasn’t working. I’m not sure if that was because the link wasn’t working or the website wasn’t working but I wanted to let you know about it anyways. It gave me a chance to say “hi” :-)
    Thanks again from your loyal fan,
    – Ash

    • Dear Ash–

      Thanks! I’ve been out of town, but will have a little time tomorrow to work on the website (need to correct a few typos, add links, etc.), so will check the Poisoned Pen link to be sure it works.


  129. Hello, I’m not one who likes changes, hate those on my PC to get to pages I’ve been using for months. PLEASE where is the link to the discussion group! … is it calles good-reads? … or something similar, maybe.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

  130. Hello, is this going to work?

    • Dear Lotte–

      I don’t know; what were you trying to do? {g}

      • Dear Diana,

        I tried to submit a comment and could not find it anywhere, so I gave it another try. In the first place, I was looking for a link to get in contact with the ladies at Goodreads. I desperately miss it and the opporunity to discuss your fabulous books!

        • Lotte:

          I don’t know about Goodreads, but if you are looking for a place to discuss the books, why not come over to the Compuserve Books and Writers Community? (Click on the link at the top right of this page, where it says “Follow Diana Online”.) You’ll find plenty of discussion of Diana’s books in the Diana Gabaldon folder on Compuserve. We’re always happy to see new people on the forum.


          • Karen, thanks for the welcome and I’ll give it a try. By pure chance I happened to find my discussion group, though.


  131. Happy Birthday to you and a great 20 to the Fraser clan from Québec, can’t wait for the next (sniff sniff) and last book

    • Dear Ginette–

      Why do you guys keep _doing_ that?!? Assuming that whatever the next book is, is the last one, I mean. Every single book since VOYAGER, I get people writing to me (or moaning on other websites) about how sad they are that this is (or will be ) THE LAST BOOK!! Then everyone writes me in accusing droves when the next one comes out–”I heard that [X] was the last book!” yeah, they “heard” it from people jumping to conclusions and putting them online. _I’ve_ never said, “hey, this is the last book.” I didn’t say it about Book Eight! Read what I _did_ say, on the front page of this site! I don’t _know_ if it’s the last book or not–I won’t know that for a while. But I hope you’ll enjoy it, regardless. {g}

      Regards to Clan Fraser of Quebec! Je suis prest!

      • That sound you hear is my tap dance!! This is the first I’ve read suggesting that the “next” book is not necessarily the “last” book of the series!! I feel totally justified in my imaginings about what might come to pass!! Thank you, Diana, for the clarification!

  132. Happy Birthday to you and Outlander. I cannot believe it has been 20 years ago that the journey with Jamie and Claire began. I remember finding the paperback in the bookstore and thinking it would be interesting. Little did I know that it would be one of my favorite books read and reread over and over again, but that I’d be continuing to follow this story and grow up with Jamie and Claire. Thanks for all the years of entertainment and joy!

  133. Happy- belated- birthday Diana!
    Thank you for introducing me in such lovely era and characters with your Oultander series.
    Though i’ve only get to know it for the past three years it seems quite a time already! You’re responsible for making me getting another qualification in English language which is not my native, ofcourse !
    The new web site looks marvellous . I love the colours and the letter style, they are friendly to the user with just a touch of “vintage” looking !
    Best luck to you !

    Now, i’d fervently like to improve my Italian language skills, also….is there a chance you get inspired by an Italian hero ? Just teasing you ! ;-)

  134. Diana:
    The new website is easy to navigate, easy to read and I for one love the old velum background. Happy to hear that your publishers are leaving you alone to “write” instead of sending you hither, thither and yon. I do hope you have a say in the matter.

    I so admire your patience with all of us champing at the bit for “the next book”. You are such a gracious lady and really wonderful to all your fans.

    Thank you for the comment about ebooks. I can imagine authors are receptive to the new technology, as long as they still get their royalties (and why wouldn’t they, as it is intellectual property whether it is printed on a page or a digital readout on an ereader). Isn’t it easier for the publisher’s as well? I buy hardbound books and will continue to do so. There are books out there that I’ve read (for my book club as an example), that I’ll never read again, I end up donating to the library, who end up selling them at book sales to generate $$$ to buy more books and improve services in the library. That is a lot of paper and sadly some of it ends up in recycling or (Horrors) in the garbage. Consequently I love my kindle!

    Happily your books have their own shelf in one of my bookcases. A leather bound set would be lovely…I know a bookmaker that can “rebind” books and I’ll have her do that when the series is complete to leave to my yet unborn grandchildren! *G*

    Again kudos to a lovely website!

    • Dear Vicki–

      Thank you! {smile} I personally own a number of books in both paper and ebook form; I love books, but the Kindle is _so_ much easier to travel with than several pounds of paperbacks (on the road, I regularly read a book a day–in airports and airplanes–and am obliged just to discard them as I go, hoping to find replacements in airport bookshops, which are often sadly lacking in anything I truly want to read).


      • We do a “lot” of traveling as well, and it sure saves space and weight in the suitcases and carry on. My husband, Paul, is fond of saying that Amazon should “give” the ereaders away, each time I download another book. *G*

        There is nothing like opening a new book, the tactile act of turning the pages and the aroma of a new book isn’t quite up there with the smell of a clean baby…but close! *G* Can you tell I am retired from working in a library?

        Vicki B

  135. Hello Diana! Here I am emailing you as I have just finished Echo in The Bone and it’s 3am in the morning. I had to rush to find out if another book is coming so we could find out what happened to Jem, Brianna’s son, and what happened next with William, Claire and Jamie. I am happy to see you gave a reply to someone about an 8th book. I had no idea this series started twenty years ago. My sister in law suggested the series a few years ago. I must tell you that I am addicted to your story telling. I would be curious to know how many male readers feel the male characters are written like a male would think and react. I love how you show each character has a life of it’s own, even without being the main characters. While grossed out at times by the medical or battlefield details or the punished Jamie received over the years, it is only because it is so real and I am thankful I live in modern times. I love how you go into Claire’s mind when it comes to the medical details and the surgeries she has to perform. I will have to check out Lord Grey’s books. I finished this seventh book in two weeks, staying up very late and being drowsy at work the next day. Thank you for the opportunity! :) God bless all you do and looking forward to more reading. Happy Birthday!

    • Dear Lori–

      Yes, male readers so far have unanimously appreciated the male characters as much as the female ones, though I’m not sure why this should be surprising. Most authors write about characters of both sexes, don’t they? (Though I’ve certainly read unconvincing characters _of_ both sexes, _by_ both sexes–i.e., I’ve read books by male authors that had unconvincing male characters, and female, ditto. It’s just craft, I think; not identity.)

      As for Book Eight, if you look on the Home page, down at the left-hand corner, you’ll find out all about Book Eight–and there are excerpts _from_ Book Eight under the “Writing” tab, under “Outlander Series.” Hope you enjoy them!


  136. I like the new website, and have been trying to find out whether there’s a way to subscribe (RSS Feed) to the Blog as there was with the old version. Can you please post instructions on how to do this?
    Jen in Oz

    • Dear Jen–

      The box that says “Follow Diana Online” in the bottom middle of the Home page should have an icon on the left that is the RSS subscription. I think. {g}


  137. Hi Diana. I’m new to this blog and don’t know if I’m doing things right or not, but here goes. I have been a fan of your Outlander series for so many years. I’m really obsessed. I live in the mountains of western NC, which is where Fraser’s Ridge is supposed to be. It made the story so much more interesting to me.

    I was wondering if you know about some of the local legends in the area where Frazer’s Ridge is supposed to be. I live about an hour from Boone. Have lived here all my life. I think it would be really cool to write about one of them such as “The Brown Mountain Lights” in your next book. The native Americans as well as early settlers have seen this unexplained phenomena continuing into the present. I’ve seen them many times. would make for an interesting story in the book.

    • Dear Sue–

      Yes, I’ve heard about the Brown Mountain Lights. That was the spark of inspiration for the scene in DRUMS OF AUTUMN, wherein Claire meets the ghost of Otter-Tooth.

      Glad you’ve been enjoying the books!


      • That is so cool!!! I’m going to have to go back and read that part of the book. There are so many wonderful legends here in our old mountains. I just retired from teaching fourth grade here in Yancey County and loved teaching and relating some of these old stories. Dr. Lloyd R. Bailey, Sr, who is a local historian, has done a whole series on western NC called, “Heritage of the Toe River Valley”. He would make a good contact if you want to find out any local history or about some of the first settlers in our area.

        I’m so excited to talk with you. You are a genious storyteller who combines romance and history with a good dose of mystery and excitement. Keep writing about Jamie and claire and their family!

  138. Diana,

    I just wanted to know if there is still going to be a movie out soon now that there is a potential musical being talked about.

    I just ordered the cd. love the music so much.


    • Dear Jean–

      I really like the musical CD, too. {smile} As to movies, etc.–if you look under “Other Projects”, you’ll know everything I do!


  139. I am being patient, and while waiting for you, I have started reading “Into The Wilderness” by Sara Donati, and so far it’s been a good read….something others might enjoy too. This is while I am still working on my Farm Town version of Frazers Ridge, and my newest farm called Lallybroch. Too bad Face Book doesn’t offer “Heather” for me to add to my farm!!! I have had several people that I hire on my farms to work, that know right off where Frazers Ridge & Lallybroch can be found!
    As always,
    Your Number One Fan!

    • Deborah, can you please find away to upload pics for all of us to see.. I am a FB farm town fan and its great what can be done… would love to see you hard work !

  140. I am the president of the Nevada Women’s History Project a nonprofit, part of the Nevada Women’s Fund. http://www.nevadawomen.org Our mission is dissemination of Nevada Women’s History. One major accomplishment was placing a state statue of a a historic woman, Sarah Winnemucca, in Washington DC.

    We have an annual Writers’ Luncheon every fall in Reno, Nevada and I would like to know if Diana Gabaldon ever does fundraisers and would consider being the keynote speaker.

    Having her as a keynote speaker would be such a dream. We have many fans in our organization and community.

    Please reply and advise,

    • Dear Lisa-Marie–

      Congratulations on the Sarah Winnemucca statue! I do occasionally do fund-raisers (mostly for libraries), though I’m trying very hard not to go _anywhere_ this year, so that I can get a couple of books written. {g} If you’d like to check back with me toward late summer, though (and if you haven’t found another keynote speaker by then), I’ll know whether I’ll be doing any book-touring in November. If I am, it’s much easier to fold in something like your event, than to do it by itself, thus losing two days of work.

      I’m much obliged to be thought of, though–good luck with your event!


  141. Hi Diana,
    Congratulations on all your books!! We are huge fans of them, especially the Outlander Series. One of the reasons to contact you is because although we think that all your ideas about the books, art book or even the musical so far have been great. We just would like to give you some ideas about a couple of actors who would be amazing as a James Fraser like Gerarad Butler or Alexander Skarsgard.

    Thanks a million for all the good moments you´ve been given us with the books and please continue entertaining us with all your stories.

    Kind regards,

    Rosa & Rosa from Spain

    • Dear RosaRosa–

      Well, both Mr. Butler and Mr. Skarsgaard are beautiful men {g} and fine actors. I think they’re both quite a bit too old to play a 22-year-old virgin, though. Jamie would need to be played by a reasonably _young_ (hence probably not well known) actor.


  142. Happy Birthday Month Diana! :)
    So glad I found your websight. I love it! I read the Outlander when it first came out and fell in love with the characters. I had the first 3 books in hard back. Long story short,(lots of things happen in 20 yrs) I never got to read the rest of the series. Then Hurricane Ike hit my area and we lost everything. I had loads of books that I lost, yours included. Then this Christmas my sweet husband bought me a Nook Color and I found the Outlander series for the Nook and I’ve been catching up ever since! (or shall I say reading like a mad lady. I couldn’t stop reading! lol) Hope you’ve had a great birthday and have a wonderful New Year. Looking forward to book 8 and also sharing the series with my daughters when they’re old enough. My oldest is a big reader, must run in the family. :)

  143. Hi Diana,

    I am a relatively new fan… I stumbled across “Outlander” on the Amazon Kindle free books list a couple months ago, read it and was hooked from there! Actually, I’ve found many great book series that way. :-) I really enjoyed the Outlander series and am looking forward to Book Eight. However, I was wondering if your website has some sort of “e-mail update” list so the fans can receive e-mails about things like your upcoming appearances, book release notifications, etc.? I tend to get pretty absorbed in whatever series I’m currently reading, and might not remember to check back and find out when your new books are being released… e-mail updates (or something like that) would really help! I’d also love to know when you schedule your next visit the Washington, DC area so that I can stop by.

    Take care and best wishes,

  144. I have just finished An Echo in the Bone and have read all of the previous Outlander books. You are a very exciting and gifted writer and I thank you for the time I spend with one of your books.

    Le gach miann `s gach beannachd dhut.

  145. Hi Diana,

    You are one heck of a story teller! I have read the Outlander series over the years and just finished the latest two (I actually found A breath of Snow and Ashes in an airport bookstore ~lol!).
    I am half Scottish, and am lucky enough to have spent a lot of time in Scotland (Caithness county) visiting relatives, regularly. Back in the 80s, I visited my aunt and uncle in Harris and Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and got to see the stones of Callanish. I always think of that place when I read your books (especially the first one) and hope you will keep it in mind as a portal for a future book.

    Take your time with #8 and enjoy life!

  146. Hi and thank you for the website. Just thought of letting you that the link to see the gallery of fan art directs to a Russian escort service: I think you have been hacked…

  147. Happy Belated Birthday! You share a Birthday with my husband :) Love the new website.

  148. Hello Diana, your new website is lovely!
    I discovered your books through Audiobooks.com and I will now consider myself a fan of yours for life. I haven’t read your books in print (yet) :-), but have listened to all unabridged audiobooks of the Outlander series. I just finished with An Echo in the Bone this morning and I will now begin the Lord John series. I love to read, and always have, but I especially love your style and the characters in this series come alive through your words. I’m torn between buying the Lord John series in print and listening to them as audiobooks. I somehow feel that I’m not doing you justice, “just” listening to the books instead of reading them and so I plan to buy the books in print as well and read them again while I await Book 8. I began listening to audiobooks on a road trip with my daughter and granddaughter to Oregon last year to visit my Dad. After that, I found that being able to do something with my hands at the same time (e.g., cross-stitching or housework) brings me even greater joy – and my house gets cleaned much more often! Davina Porter does an excellent job, with her accents bringing each of the characters alive and into the room. I will anxiously await Book 8 (thank you for the excerpt on your website). Again, thank you so much for your dedication and your wonderful talent for writing. Your family and friends are very blessed to have such a multi-talented woman in their midst!

    Lori J.

    • Dear Lori–

      Thank you! {smile}

      I love audiobooks, for all the reasons you mention (always listen to one while walking)–but print text has some advantages. Being able to easily flip to and fro, or pause to read over a scene or page you like, for instance. And then there’s the tactile pleasure of holding books. {g}

      Glad you like them, though, in whichever form you prefer!


  149. Hello Diana,
    The website is beautiful!

    I want to follow your new blog, but can’t seem to find the “follow” link? I am following the old one, but can’t get signed up for this one? Help please? I’m probably looking right at it, but can’t see the forest for the trees…….

    I also wanted you to know that I am addicted (who isn’t that’s read them) to your series. LOVE them and am looking forward to the next book (live for the “spoilers”).
    My father-in-law reads all the time, but mostly political or mystery books. We were visiting and he had finished one of his books but couldn’t get out (weather) to get a new book. I had Dragonfly in Amber with me to finish reading, as well as the next novel. I loaned him Dragonfly, with a promise of swift & terrible retribution if I didn’t get it back. All done while giving him the stink eye, a raised eye brow and a smile. He is now addicted. For Christmas we got him a reader loaded with the entire series. He saw the picture of you, with the plate, on your blog. He said he couldn’t believe a woman who looks like you, would have such a dirty mind!

    Keep it up, your writing is incredible!
    Take care,

  150. Hi,
    20 years wow. My husband just finished “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” and it was my third read I believe. I am getting LJ for him next before Echo. So, well written. Thanks again for all the books. Love the new website.

    Susan Stark (Williams)

    Devoted Fan

  151. While reading “Into The Wilderness” by Sara Donati, I was so surprised to find Jamie, Claire & Ian there too! A great story to read while waiting for your nest book Diana!
    As always,
    Your Number One Fan

  152. Just finished the seventh book! I’m at a loss what to read now. What about “into The Wilderness”?
    When will the eighth book be out? Hurry, hurry! Never have enjoyed a series so much. Try not to finish Claire & Jamie – keep them going or Brianna & Roger for many more enjoyable reads.
    Thanks so much for the wonderful adventures.

  153. Dear Diana,

    I was wondering about the movie that I hope is finally going to be made. There was another movie recently, a syfy movie called “Outlander”. If and when your movie gets made, what would the title be? I know there are others that would probably make the final decision on this, but what do you think it should be called?

  154. Someone sent this to me and it reminded me so much of your books that I had to post. It is a bit long, but IMO very interesting. Looking forward to book 8 and thanks for spoiling us with the excerpts!!

    They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all
    pee in a pot & then once a day it was taken & sold to the
    tannery…….if you had to do this to survive you were “Piss Poor”
    But worse than that were the really poor folk who couldn’t even afford
    to buy a pot…………they “didnt have a pot to piss in” and were
    the lowest of the low.

    Most people got married in June because they took their yearly bath in
    May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. However, since they
    were starting to smell .. .. . brides carried a bouquet of flowers to
    hide the body odor. Hence the custom today of carrying a bouquet when
    getting married.

    Baths consisted of a big tub filled with hot water. The man of the
    house had the privilege of the nice clean water, then all the other
    sons and men, then the women and finally the children. Last of all the
    babies. By then the water was so dirty you could actually lose someone
    in it. Hence the saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the Bath

    Houses had thatched roofs-thick straw-piled high, with no wood
    underneath. It was the only place for animals to get warm, so all the
    cats and other small animals (mice, bugs) lived in the roof. When it
    rained it became slippery and sometimes the animals would slip and
    fall off the roof.. Hence the saying “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

    There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house. This
    posed a real problem in the bedroom where bugs and other droppings
    could mess up your nice clean bed. Hence, a bed with big posts and a
    sheet hung over the top afforded some protection. That’s how canopy
    beds came into existence.

    The floor was dirt. Only the wealthy had something other than dirt.
    Hence the saying, “Dirt poor.” The wealthy had slate floors that would
    get slippery in the winter when wet, so they spread thresh (straw) on
    floor to help keep their footing. As the winter wore on, they added
    more thresh until, when you opened the door, it would all start
    slipping outside. A piece of wood was placed in the entrance-way.
    Hence: a thresh hold.

    (Getting quite an education, aren’t you?)

    In those old days, they cooked in the kitchen with a big kettle that
    always hung over the fire. Every day they lit the fire and added
    things to the pot. They ate mostly vegetables and did not get much
    meat. They would eat the stew for dinner, leaving leftovers in the pot
    to get cold overnight and then start over the next day. Sometimes stew
    had food in it that had been there for quite a while. Hence the rhyme:
    Peas porridge hot, peas porridge cold, peas porridge in the pot nine
    days old.

    Sometimes they could obtain pork, which made them feel quite special.
    When visitors came over, they would hang up their bacon to show off.
    It was a sign of wealth that a man could, “bring home the bacon.” They
    would cut off a little to share with guests and would all sit around
    and chew the fat..

    Those with money had plates made of pewter. Food with high acid
    content caused some of the lead to leach onto the food, causing lead
    poisoning death. This happened most often with tomatoes, so for the
    next 400 years or so, tomatoes were considered poisonous.

    Bread was divided according to status. Workers got the burnt bottom of
    the loaf, the family got the middle, and guests got the top, or the
    upper crust.

    Lead cups were used to drink ale or whisky. The combination would
    sometimes knock the imbibers out for a couple of days. Someone walking
    along the road would take them for dead and prepare them for burial.
    They were laid out on the kitchen table for a couple of days and the
    family would gather around and eat and drink and wait and see if they
    would wake up. Hence the custom of holding a wake.

    England is old and small and the local folks started running out of
    places to bury people. So they would dig up coffins and would take the
    bones to a bone-house, and reuse the grave. When reopening these
    coffins, 1 out of 25 coffins were found to have scratch marks on the
    inside and they realized they had been burying people alive. So they
    would tie a string on the wrist of the corpse, lead it through the
    coffin and up through the ground and tie it to a bell. Someone would
    have to sit out in the graveyard all night (the graveyard shift.) to
    listen for the bell; thus, someone could be saved by the bell or was
    considered a dead ringer….

    And that’s the truth…Now, whoever said History was boring ! ! !

    • Dear Tracey–

      It’s entertaining, but not necessarily “the truth.” {g} I.e., some of the idioms might have come about as described–and maybe not. Some of the customs undoubtedly developed for the reasons mentioned–and others not. The one about tomatoes being poisonous, for instance–1) death by lead poisoning is _very_ slow, 2) nobody recognized lead poisoning until (I think) the early 20th century, and 3) unless you ate tomatoes several times a day (dang unlikely in the Old Days), the amount of lead ingested by any such reaction (and I think it a really low probability that the amount of acid released by the average tomato would result in any noticeable lead formation, even if it’s true about pewter–and that, I don’t know). The odds of anyone linking the eating of tomatoes with death by lead poisoning would be vanishingly small. That kind of stuff. But interesting, nonetheless–thank you!


  155. Hi Diana,
    Love the new site…i havent been on here for over 12 months…and couldnt bring myself to see what was going on since I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago (i’m well and truly over the nasty part of treatment..and have been blessed with glorious curls again!), nor could i finish reading Echo in the Bone, i stopped at the most crucial moment, when Bree’s son is kidnapped!…and couldnt pick it up again, because i’d forgotten everything!….so i’ve decided to start the series all over again…for 5th or 6th time?..i think..my memory is all over the place since treatment but getting better, oooo i get to fall in love all over again with Jamie…..and Claire!…but first i must find my copy of Crosstitch!

    I had the pleasure of meeting you in Hobart, Tasmania….I think it was 2009?

    Again great work on the new site and hope to hear from you.


  156. oh please dont laugh when you see my email…it has been mine for over 10 years,lol.
    It is ironic,,, I spent 10 months reading the Outlander series. I thank you for writing it… I look forward to the next.
    Consumed by the tale in every way. Driving down the road bursting out with OMG!!!! then having to tell my husband,lol… he became immune after a bit,,, would just look at me and say, “that good eh?”
    Laughingly I would say,,well you’re just going to have to trust me…better then tv or internet.
    In any case… Just wanted to say thanks from a slow reader. I do read painfully slow but thats ok… I truely didn’t want to put any of them down…

  157. I just finished An Echo in the Bone. All seven books were absolutely wonderful. But I feel so lost now…so many questions left unanswered, so many lives left hanging. I hope against hope that you will be writing an eighth book – and soon. Its been a very long, cold winter in New York and I could use a great book to take me away from it all.

  158. Hello Diana,
    I was fifteen when we went to live in the “far north” of Scotland. I hated my Dad for taking me away from our home in Central Scotland, my friends, the bright lights and the exciting buzz of the early seventies. What followed was the most magical, spiritual, amazing, life changing time of my life . I’m fifty-four years old now and your stories are like an old friend visiting . I’m amazed at how well you have captured the essence of Scottish folklore. Think you must have been here before!! So looking foreward to your next book.

  159. Diana, I have been meaning to ask you……..in todays diagnosis, just what is “the Morbid Sore Throat?”
    I have wondered what it is, just askin!
    Your Number One Fan ; )

  160. Love the new website!!!!!

  161. I started reading Outlander last fall after a friend’s recommendation. Since then, I’ve read the seven Outlanders and just finished the third Lord John Grey. In the process, I’ve forgotten how to ride my bike, put on 5 pounds, and fallen in love with Jamie and Claire and Lord John too. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to wait 3 years between books and never know if it was the last one until reaching the last page!

    One thing that surprised me was my husband. He’s an avid reader but has always said he doesn’t like first-person books, leans more to Stephen King and spy/mysteries. And Outlander was first-person from the point of view of a female character! He asked about it as I was obviously obsessed with it and I just said I liked it but no details. As soon as I finished, he picked it up. As he approached the end of the book he did mention that he usually didn’t like first-person books but went on to finish the series and the Lord John books before I did. We’re both impatiently awaiting the next one!

    Thank you for the hard work you put into each one. You bring the 1800s to life.

  162. Hello Diana ! I wonder : have you ever got comment from France ? I really don’t know. I’d like to thank you for your wonderful books “OUTLANDER” series. So inventive unusual amazing story ! About 10 years ago I was browsing among English books at WH SMITH’s bookstore in Paris when by a mere chance I took in hands “Dragonfly in amber” and THAT WAS IT… since I have got all the series books and I just bought “An echo in the bones” a few days ago. your new website is very good ! I have Spanish roots too from my maternal grd-mother’s side. So thanks for the good time you give us when reading (and re-reading !) your books ! Looking forward to the next one !! Many thanks. Take care, with best regards. A fan from France.

  163. Diana,

    You are my heroine! I’ve absolutely loved the series and have read the first book 4 times (totally insane, I know) but I re-read the series when a new book comes out. However, I probably have reached the point of stopping this now that there are so many books! I am anxiously awaiting the next one! I started a book club and can you guess our first book?!!!!!

    I keep wishing for a series on cable (because it’s a bit too graphic for regualar channels). Kevin McKidd is a Scottish actor who would be a great Jamie. He’s on Grey’s Anatomy. He also played a Scottish lord in the movie “Made of Honor” starring Patrick Dempsey. Please check out his website or better yet, watch the movie which shows him singing, being charming, throwing telephone poles, and being a thoroughly rugged Scotsman.

    Interestingly enough, I always pictured Claire with lighter brown hair of shoulder length, but very curly.
    I am so glad that you’ve written these books. It is sad to think that they will end…..hmmmm….perhaps a
    series based on the lives of Brianna and Roger could continue…….

    Luckily, my family found the Sara Donati/R. Lippi series which I have devoured because of the connection in Into the Wilderness. Thank you again for hours of reading pleasure and of many discussions with friends about the books.

    Sandy Cupp

  164. I’m new here, but love the new website. I hope that this gets posted.

  165. Dear Diana,

    Happy Belated Birthday. I started reading Outlander in 1992, and have read all the books at least twice. But, Dear Diana, I have been retired for 11 years and am now 77 years old, so I must beg you to finish the latest one asap. I want to read ALL of them. Please, PLEASE. You are SUCH a talent, I love your spirit, your intellectual gifts, and your incredible humor.

    Much love,

  166. Diana I love the new website!!

    Just finished “Echo In the Bone”. Have read the other books, as well as the Outlandish Companion. Was concerned that several story lines were not totally wrapped up in the “Bone”. Is there going to be another out coming book to cover these open story lines?? If so, how soon should it be out??

    I love how you research things and events in such infinite detail. It makes the story lines so much more interesting. I know the Dunbonnet lived, as you stated in the Companion. About the rest of the main characters, they lived also, correct?? I have to believe that they did.

    And what about Lallybroch?? Is it still standing today as it was 50 years ago??

    Looking forward to the “Outlander” movie. Sure hope Gerard Butler plays Jamie. To me he is the consummate actor for James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. Any idea when the movie will be out on the market in the theatres?? Or on DVD??

    My next venture is the Lord John Gray series. Looking forward to continuing the adventure.
    Belated Happy Birthday, Diana. :)))

  167. Diana!
    My mother and I have read all of the Outlander books (yummy) and are now going to walk about in Scotland on the West Highland way! Are there places we should be alerted to as part of the series? Or should we send you a list of towns, so you can understand the basic route?

  168. Hi Diana,
    Happy Birthday! I am writing to BEG you to continue the amazing Outlander Series!!! I couldn’t put it down until I had finished all of the books. WHAT A LEGACY you have created for us!!! Thanks for all of you hard work, and all of the ours you have devoted to making all of your readers so very enthralled with your characters! Donna

  169. Hi Diana,
    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books over the years. I can’t wait for the next one to come out. I have reread all of them more than 3 times. I’m just sitting here at the computer at 11 pm, I can’t sleep. So I’m looking on the computer. I saw that you well be in Surrey BC in Oct. I well be there again this year to get some of my book signed by you. I hope that you had a good summer so far. Well I quess I should go, getting sleepy now, take care. Again Thank You so much.

  170. I read all the books in french about Jimmy and Claire. I finished the last one,« Écho des coeurs lointains, volume 2 » for a long time and I would like to know if there is a new one coming soon ? I read the all books twice and I will read them another time. They are marvellous and we always want to know what will happen after. I’m sorry for my english, I’m french …
    Have a nice day and please, don’t forget the «suite» when Jimmy just come back and Claire is married with Lord John…. what happen after ???????

  171. it could be interresting if your web site could be traducted in french… Sorry, my english is so bad…

  172. my son and i have read all 7 books of the outlander series and the lord john books. we are waiting patiently for the next book(s) of the two series. we are great fans of your writings.

  173. Love your new website! I am now reading the Outlander series for the 3rd time! I am waiting on pins and needles for your next book. I am also ordering the new one “Scottish Prisoner” today.

    Diana, you are the best author. Everyone and everything come alive and feel like they are part of our family! Keep up the good work. I think I sent a message earlier that my husband is related to the Lord Loval Simon Fraser! He was his 6th great grandfather! He is now reading your series and loving your books just as much as I do.

    Forgot to mention that we also appreciate all your research and history that go into the books too! It makes it so interesting and so authentic.

    Your fan,

  174. Dear Ms Gabaldon,

    Or if I may address you as Diana, many happy returns of the day, as we Brits say. Been living in Germany for more than 35 years, so the first books I read of yours were in German – a loan from a dear friend, whilst my youngest son, then 10 or 11 years old, was away on holiday for the first time – and my did they hit me. She had only given me part one and three!!! no. 2 was long gone somewhere. I was addicted. Ordered no. 2, devoured no. 1 in three days, my husband protested about the so-called “cold kitchen” (your translator knows what I mean). So, stay as perky and on your toes as I last saw you in Hamburg-Altona presenting one of your books. And hopefully, as witty and interesting as always. Best regards from a small village near Schneverdingen. Lbnl, congratulations on 20 years of successful writing! Yvonne Fietkau

  175. I was an instant fan the moment I first read Outlander. I am curious as to how you researched the Scottish expressions. Did you have an editor from Scotland to help? Now I am plowing through the books once more on my IPod and am especially impressed with Davina Porter, whose portrayal of Scottish voices is especially masterful.

    The one thing I notice is her constant mispronunciation of “plaid”. She pronounces it “played” instead of the correct “plad”. I even went so far as to look it up in the Oxford Dictionary thinking that there might be an alternative pronunciation. How did she manage to mispronounce the word all through her wonderful narration?Did no one catch it in time to correct it?

    As you may guess, I was born in the UK. I must congratulate you on such a wonderful saga with such believable characters and accurate representation of the expressions of Scotland.

    • Dear Joan–

      No, I just read everything I could get my hands on written by a Scot {g}, and listened obsessively to Scottish bands and folk-groups. (And talked to Scots, whenever I found one.)

      Actually, Davina is also from the UK–she’s half-Scots, and married to a Scot. So I imagine the Recorded Books people took her word for the pronunciation there.


  176. I just finished An Echo in the Bone last night and felt like I was left hanging with no finality. So here I am searching the web trying to look for answers. So glad to see a continuation is upcoming, can’t wait. Love the Outlander series! You are the best!!

  177. Boy oh boy nothing less than an epic, its just fantastic the whole outlander series. What more could I say. Olive

  178. Dear Diana,

    I miss your imagination and your characters. Thank you for this wonderful epic.

    I live in Quebec City and it was really nice to follow William throughout our past. I can’t wait to read more.

    Thank you again.

    Chantal Robin

  179. Well Happy, Happy belated B Day to you and many Blessings uopn you always… So I’ve read Scottish Prisoner and now I’m reading An Echo in the Bone and Jamie make’s reference to being at Helwater… How does he get back home, to Claire?? And thank you for your imagination, it’s Awesome!!!! I Love your writings, although didn’t read the Lord John series, am really plugged into The Outlander series…… Blessed Be Sister This is the first time I’ve been on this web page, how could I have asked this before???

    • Dear Cristal–

      I’m usually talkin’ to the multitudes, not to individuals. [g] Of course you can ask anything you like here–but I’m not sure I understand your question. How did Jamie get back from Scotland to America at the end of ECHO? He and his sister found another ship. I don’t know what that has to do with a reference to Helwater, though.


  180. Diana, I am 78 years old. I have read A LOT since I was ten, everything from the bible to Harry Potter and everything in between. I never heard of the OUtlander and John Grey books untill this past September. I have now read every one of them and hope I live long enough to read the next Outlander books. By the way could you publish a little faster? All I have between books is golf grandchildren and cats. —Six at last count– Oh by the way I have never written an author untill now. You must be doing something right. My wife and I have been to all the locations you write about inSciotland, England, France and the USA. Keep it up. You are an imensely talented writer. Sincerely Peter Ellis

  181. Osiyo Diana. I have a question, I usually buy your books from Recorded Books and I have been hearing different publishing dates for Written in my Own Heart’s Blood. Select Audio Books told me that you have this latest novel in the Outlander series coming out at the end of this February 2012. Then I talke to Recorded Books and they said next year of January 2013 and plus another one in October 2013. So what is the real release date for your next book? Or do you even know?
    But I would like to tell you as many people likley have, how much I have enjoyed your Outlander series and I can’t tell you how many times I have listented to them over the years. I enjoyed The Scottish Prisoner emensely. I listened to The Leaf in the Wind. The one about what happened to Roger’s father and mother.
    I do have a little information for you just in case you would be intrested, being a Cherokee myself. I speak some of the language and I think it was in the Firey Cross. The word Jal-la-gee is not the correct pronounciation for Cherokee. It is pronounced Sal-la-gee, all the A’s are short and the “g” hard and the “ee” is long. If you have any other questions about Cherokee words, I think I can help. Keep up the wonderful writing. I keep hearing rumors that someone is going to make a movie out of your books. Is that true?
    Well, thanks for reading this note.

    • Dear Jennette–

      Pretty sure I used the pronunciation “Tsalagi,” not “Jal-la-gee,” but thank you!

      As for a pub date for WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD…there isn’t one, for the excellent reason that I haven’t finished writing the book yet. If you go to the newest blog entry here, there’s a fairly complete explanation of what-all happens to a book once it -is- written. [g] Plus notes on “Moby” (MOH-B, Moby, geddit?)


      • Osiyo, Diana. It is Davina Porter that missponunced Tsalagi by pronouncing it as Jol-la-gee. I am a big audio book fan and this is where I heard the mispronounciation. To be fair, I have not picked up the printed version of the book and seen how the was spelled there. But I love the book anyway. I went to the book store tonight and was told that The Scottish Prisoner was not going to be out until May. Funny, I have a copy and I have enjoyed the audio version very much. Publication dates get kind of messed up, don’t they? Oh well. I am now listening to Echo of the Bone for at least the third time. I always get more out of your books listening to them the second and third time. I love Davina Porter as a reader, I hope she will continue being a reader for your Outlander series. Hey, have you seen the videos on YouTube about your books? People are picking characters they would like to see in movies about your Outlander series. Some of the characters they chose were pretty good. Does Divana Porter also have a site one can leave a message? Well good night and I wish you all the happness there is and a happy Valentines day. You wrote me a letter some years ago and I still have it. I had sent you a very old news paper, I think it was about Colodin.

  182. Hi Diana.

    I began reading Outlander about a year ago. I think I’ve read everything you’ve written now with the exception of The Scottish Prisoner (which I ordered on line last week.) I’m with all your other fans…just love your books. I was surprised at how how much I enjoyed the Lord John series. I think I was so pleasantly surprised because frankly, I thought it just couldn’t be the same without Claire…but I was so wrong. I’ve really enjoyed all of them (I love a long story so for me, they just got better as I moved through each of them). I’m looking forward to the Scottish Prisoner as I am Written In My Own Hearts Blood when it comes out. Thank you for making me laugh, cry etc etc etc through your wonderful story telling!

  183. I looked at a Twitter posting and there was a small epsert called “Young Mercenaries” involving Ian, James and a blind priest. Is this part of a Lord John Grey book or part of Written in my Own Heart’s Blood? I am about to read your story in the book called Warriors 3. Do you think this book will come out in an audio? Thanks for so many hours of great enjoyment I have told many people about your books and all of them liked your Outlander series.
    Good night and wado,
    Jennette Coolidge
    P.S.-Are they going to make an audio book out of Written in my Own Heart’s Blood? I will have to buy it from someone else, because Recorded Books is no longer selling to the public. Only to teachers an libraries.

  184. I read a tweet today about a book called “The Dangerous Woman.” D0 you have an idea of when it might be published? I also herd a rumor that In My Own Heart’s Blood is supposed to be published at the end of next year. Just thought I would ask you since you are the one that wourl really know. I hope you put out some more epcerts from Written In My Own Hearts Blood.
    Thank you very much for your wonderful stories.

  185. Hi Diana
    i am one of your English fans . I just love all the Outlander series and cant wait for Written in my own hearts blood . When will it be published in England?

  186. Osiyo! I am enjoying your comic book Exile, it is a very pretty book. I am also enjoying the contents, haven’t finished it yet, but it is really making me smile. I am going to show it to my cousins in California. I only wish I was in an area where you are doing a book signing. I would love you sign you name some of my copies of you Outlander series. Most of mine are audio books though. I really love them.
    Well, good night and I am looking forward to your next book in 2013.

  187. hello diana,
    when I was 5 years old my grandfather tought me to read, his favorite authors where Karl MAY and
    Jules Verne, I have been a compulsive reader ever since, but nothing ever ever stirred my soul until
    I discovered your books, I am a german citicen but lived in Ohio for almost 40 years, your books have
    been many times a deju view and and cominbg home, your books are getting better and better, keep it up, I can hardly wait for your next edition.
    A fan heard and soul
    Anne Hall

  188. Osiyo Diana,
    I am sure you have been asked this hundreds of time, but are there going to be any more epserts on your upcomming book Written in my Own Heart’s Blood.
    Jennette Coolidge

  189. I just finished An Echo in the Bone and thought it was brilliant! I stumbled on the Outlander series not knowing what it was about, and fell in love with Jamie and Claire. Thank you! And Davina Porter brought such life to them, I cannot imagine any narrator doing the series justice. I often found myself sitting in my car just to finish a chapter. Made commuting to/from work and running errands such a pleasure. I am chomping at the bits for the next book! I have all the audiobooks and can’t wait to listen to them again.

  190. Hi
    I am almost done reading Än Echo in the Bone”. I enjoy your books so much. Especially because my husband was from Scotland(emigrated in 1963) and we were to some of the places that are mentioned in the book. Unfortunately he died a year ago today. The books help fill the void that he has left in my life.
    You are a terrific story teller. Thank you!

    What book is after this? Is it the Scottish Prisoner?


    p.s. Please list the order of the series on your website.

    • Dear Gladys–

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband! I’m glad if the books can give you a little distraction now and then.

      As to the series…um…it _is_ listed on this website, with detailed synopses, buy-links, etc. Click the tab that says “Writing” on the main bar at the top of the home page, and you’ll see it all.


  191. I only discovered you and your wonderful imagination last week! What have I done without Claire and Jamie for the past 20 years? I have a small home-based sewing business that enables me to listen to audio books as I ply my trade. For the past week I have been told an amazing story by you and Davinia Porter (LOVE her voices!)… I ‘ve found myself sewing later into the evening than usual as I find myself in the audio version of being unable to “put the book down.” And lucky me–I started with the first book, Outlander.

    I am looking forward to many delightful hours of storytelling while I stitch. Thank you from the bottom, top, and sides of my heart!!

    Oh, and interestingly enough, we share the same birthdate, though I got her five years after you.

    Best Wishes!

  192. Diana,
    I just wanted to say what a true joy your books have been over the years. I remember when Outlander first came out and how enthralled I was with it. I couldn’t wait for the next book to come out and I had no idea at that time how many there would be in the series.
    My children and I were in a terrible car accident in January of 2008. A drunk drive hit us head on and nearly ended our family. I had broken nearly every bone in my body and they said I might never walk again (Ha! I proved them wrong, as soon as they let me put my feet on the ground I was ready to walk and I did with a little help!) I was in a coma for a month and then in re-hab for 5 months before I could come home. It has been a very long road with more surgeries than I can count or care to remember. I will never be back to my normal self again and yet I have hope. I returned home just before my birthday in June of 2008. My youngest brother decided that I needed a kindle, since I couldn’t hold books very easily. I was ecstatic and the first books I ordered were your Outlander Series. There were days when I just didn’t want to go to therapy and months where I thought I would never feel “normal” again. Through it all I was able to immerse myself in your books and just let the healing process take place.
    I want to thank you for so many enjoyable hours of reading. I have never read any other series more than once and I do believe I am on my 5th time now! Please….Please…Please…don’t ever stop writing!!


    • Dear Sherry–

      Thanks so much for your kind letter! I’m _reallY_ glad if the books could give you a moment’s respite in your long recovery–best of luck in your continued healing!


  193. Dear Diana:

    I would like you to know how much pleasure I have received from reading your books. I have loved every one. However, what is this I hear about Claire remarrying?…Please end their story on a happy note. I am now 88 years old and want to die happy. …..(please hurry..I haven’t got that long to go.)

  194. I am curious to find out what blog system you’re working with? I’m having some small security issues with my latest site and I would like to find
    something more risk-free. Do you have any solutions?

  195. Dear Diana:
    I am reading The Outlander Companion and I have read the series twice. I wanted to ask if Jaime
    knew he would meet Claire because that must have been his spirit that Frank saw and she had not been drawn into the circle yet? He seems to tune into the future. I love each Novella too. You are by far the most facinating author I have read.

  196. Will there be any more Lord John books/novellas? I love him too.
    I understand you came to Capitola, California some time back. Do you think you might come there again after Book 8 is published and released? I hope so!!!!!!

  197. Thank Goodness I will know more about the Ghost. I see in the Dailies he will be explained. I cannot tell you how much I think about it.

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    that this occasion i am reading this great informative
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  199. Hi, Diana! My friend told me about your books and I have been enjoying reading them so much. I am on the last four chapters of The Fiery Cross right now and am getting sad as I am getting towards the end of your fabulous books! I wanted to tell you how I admire how brilliant you must be to be able to write about all the Scottish history and vocabulary and day to day activities of the 1700′s. My husband is 1/2 Scottish so I am fascinated about anything Scottish. Anyways I just wanted to let you know I have been enjoying your books so much and thank you for putting all your interesting words into these books! Sincerely, Judy Blanchard

  200. It’s actually a great and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  201. I am trying to acquire the Unabaridged Outlander Books on Audio and have some. I called Recorded Books and asked to buy The Fiery Cross and I was informed they can only sell to libraries. ??? I was not given a reason just that since 2011 that is a rule. I did try E Bay and some of the CD’s were damaged so I had to send them back.
    Any help out there?

  202. Never Mind the above. I found The Fiery Cross on Amazon from a good Book Seller. Thank you anyway. :)

  203. Diana,

    Please, Please, tell me the series will come out in dvd format!! Would love to have the whole collection. I have gotten many other people started reading the series, and we all rave about it!! Your character come to life like old friends we know and love.

    Thank you so much for your talent and perseverance! Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was the best!!


    Daralee Donathan

  204. Diana,

    Your short story “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows’”, you mentioned in your authors note, where to find out more about the two strangers that help Jerry back to the stones. Could you tell me what chapter in ” An Echo in The Bone” to find them? It’s been awhile since I read your last book, and don’t remember them.

    Thank You

  205. Dear Diana,

    I recently read a wonderful book, Forever Amber written by Kathleen Winsor in 1944. It’s set in the 17th century and is about a woman who eventually becomes one of the mistresses to England’s King Charles II. The ending leaves a wonderful opportunity for a sequel. I’ve been told that the author did plan to write one but never did.

    When I thought about who would be the perfect person to write one your name instantly jumped into my mind!
    I honestly think that you would be the only one that could do it well. Would you ever consider doing something like that–write the sequel to a book written by someone else?

    I’ve read all of your books and re-read most of them several times over the years. Your style of writing and the fact that you aren’t afraid to write a LONG book is what keeps me a big fan! The longer the book…the happier I am usually. The Forever Amber book is 972 pages long so that’s another reason why I think you’d be a wonderful choice.

    Anyway, if I had genie in a bottle that would be one of my wishes. Thank you for all of your hard work to keep us so happy and turning pages!!

    • Dear Sheri–

      I appreciate the vote of confidence, but no. [g] I have too many books of my own to write; I really don’t have any interest in continuing someone else’s story–though I agree, there’s plenty of room for a sequel to FOREVER AMBER! Maybe _you_ should write it? [g]

      Best wishes,


  206. Hi, after reading this awesome piece of writing i am too happy
    to share my knowledge here with friends.

  207. I am currently rereading Dragonfly in Amber (for the fifth time!) and found Claire’s initial foray into L’Hopital des Anges especially evocative, particularly with the poor woman on the floor palet, dying of diabetes. You have Claire tell the nursing sister that her illness is mortal, and that there is no treatment available. Interestingly enough, according to a 4/15/2013 online article posted in “Cancer Research Updates” by the National Cancer Institute (at the National Institutes of Health), entitled “Metformin: Can a Diabetes Drug Help Prevent Cancer?” there is a picture of the French lilac. The caption below notes that since the Middle Ages Metformin compounds derived from the French lilac have been used to “relieve the symptoms of diabetes.” Given that they are French lilacs, that the L’Hopital was in Paris, and that you write about the mid-1700s, perhaps Metformin was used to treat diabetes at that time, at least by some practitioners, and in some locations? I found the reference interesting.

    My husband and daughter are puzzled by my fascination with your books, having seen me read them all four times already in a year and a half, and having aleady started a book club of 30 some friends and family all eager to travel on a Diana Gabaldon tour to the Highlands! I’ve decided that there must be a personal affinity at work: we were both born in 1952, we were both in Flagstaff when you began Voyager (I ran the Arizona Honors Academy for the three state universities, based out of NAU), we both have Ph.D.s, but have made second or third careers distant from the origional training, we are both writers (albeit my work has mostly been classified in the international relations field, except for four public domain books), and history and science fiction, broadly gauged, appear to hold a special attraction. Cosmicl, as they used to say! I’m so glad that you are coming to the National Press Club in June. I’m not sure how to get tickets, but I’d like to be there!

  208. Reading the Outlander series ruined me for life. I have never yet managed to read another book that even comes close to what I lived through with Jamie and Claire Fraser. I don’t need to go on about it (although I happily I would, given the chance) – everyone on this site knows what I’m speaking about. Most epic story of all time.

    I see that there is a TV series that has been made. But unfortunately, I live in South Africa which is round about the outback of nowhere. Any idea where I can find out when the series will screened in our country?

  209. Someone in casting needs to take a look at Colin O’Donoghue to play Roger. He can sing also. Will also reduce the need for Brianna to be 6 feet tall.

  210. Just now got to view the Outlander, Season One. Forgive me if this is already mentioned…did you do a cameo in disc one. That sure looked like you in the hall that “shhhh” Clair when she was talking.

  211. WOW!
    Diana, your Outlander book series is epic.
    I’ve just started watching the series and I’m thrilled the series is following the books pretty closely, however; I would really love to be able to understand the Gaelic language, possibly with subtitles.
    I was wondering why they are not using the subtitles? And if they may do so in future episodes?

    I’ve read all the Outlander books, including the Lord John novels. Will they be including some of the story line from the Lord John series with the Jamie character?

    Waiting anxiously, for the next book.

    Wishing you all the best, a loyal fan, Robin Pass

    Thank you for the Outlander World.