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Quick Question – 20th-Anniversary Edition

Well, it’s like this:  The new, snazzy, all-signing, all-dancing (well, singing, at least) 20th-anniversary edition of OUTLANDER will be released on July 5th.

On July 5th, I personally will be traveling from New York to Laramie, WY (which is one of those places that you can’t get there from here, so it will take all day, starting before dawn) in order to be the keynote speaker at the Sir Walter Scott Symposium held at the University of Wyoming. What with one thing and another (ThrillerFest, for one–it’s even more impossible to get _back_ from Laramie to New York, taking all night as well as part of the next day), I won’t be back in Arizona until sometime on the 10th.

Now, The Poisoned Pen bookstore has graciously offered to host an event for the launch of this book, if I’d like. The question, though, is really–would _you_ guys like this?

I’d be happy to spend an evening with you and sign your books (and perhaps read a few excerpts from the upcoming SCOTTISH PRISONER and the so-far-untitled Book Eight (I really must come up with a title one of these days), but I don’t know how much demand there might be for Diana Live {g}, given the nature of this particular book. I mean, it’s a _beautiful_ book, and stuffed full of entertaining extra material–but it’s not a brand-new novel, either.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll tell the bookstore in a couple of days.


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  1. Diana, the cover is beautiful.
    I wish I lived nearby [sigh]. It would be a pleasure to spend an evening at the Poisoned Pen, hearing you read excerpts and celebrating ‘Outlander’. It is a book that has brought so much to so many of us.


    • I vote that you stay home and work on book eight! You need to stay focused, chanel your energies, come up with a name and produce!

  2. All I want is book 8. I would love to meet you but I am left hanging!! A friend introduced me to the The Outlander a few months ago and I couldn’t stop reading them. Ive never been a bookseries fan or had any interest in time travel but you have me captured!!

  3. If only, if only… but sadly, I live far too far away to attend. I love the cover and have been meaning to replace my tattered paperback copy of Outlander with a HB version, so now is a good time.

  4. Diana, I have been reading both series for years and it would be a dream come true for me as a reader but most importantly as a writer to meet with you. I will be at the RWA Convention this year and I know you are one of the speakers.

    It would be lovely to meet you. I plan on buying the re-issue of Outlander as well. The cover is gorgeous.
    Because of you, I have been inspired to write my own time travel novels.

    Thank you for all the wonderful years you have provided for us, your devoted fans

    - Lizzie

  5. Diana:

    If I’m not out of town on business, I will be there! I never miss an opptny to hear / visit with you! The book is beautiful.


  6. Like Lynda, I wish I lived close enough to have the trip & meet you at Poisoned Pen. I have loaned my copies of Outlander to several friends, having created co-addicts to the series.

  7. It is indeed a beautiful book and I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since I first fell in love with Outlander. I think that I would not be remiss in speaking for other fans in saying that we would like to imagine you chained to your computer furiously writing away day and night to bring us more Jaime and Claire. Alas, you have a life outside of writing so we must content ourselves with patiently waiting and wondering what the next book will hold.
    Thank you so much for sharing part of your imagination with us for the last twenty years and here’s to the next twenty – providing you don’t get sick of all us rabid fans by then : )
    – keila

  8. If I was any where near there I would go in a heart beat. I love the series and would buy the anniversary edition just to get it signed.

  9. I would go to a launch party if you weren’t so far away! Alberta to Arizona is a bit too far, sadly! :(

  10. If you build it, they will come………your fans will come to listen to you read the Scottsdale phone book! If you want to do this, a crowd will gather. Wish I lived nearby; then I could lead the group.

  11. 20th Anniversary! OMG! I just started reading Outlander on January 1 of this year and I’m finishing #3, can’t wait to read them all. I guess I’m a late bloomer. I’ve got all my friends reading Jamie and Claire story as well. I love them!!! I’m in Oregon, and if I could be there to hear you read and sign a copy, I would. Thank you, Diane, for sharing this wonderful story and letting me escape into your writing!! A fan for life!!

  12. Wow…beautiful colors. Can’t believe it has been twenty years since I first fell head over heals. Safe traveling!

  13. I live in Mesa so would be interested in a launch party. I attended the launch for Echo and Exile and had a great time.

  14. Sadly, I could not get to Arizona.

    One of my other favorite authors (Suzanne Brockmann) does a virtual signing. She takes orders for the books (cover price plus shipping paid via paypal (or check via snail mail)), signs them, and mails them out on the release date. She has agreements with a local bookstore & let’s the post office know in advance. There’s some information here http://www.suzannebrockmann.com/btrVirtualSigning.html but not a lot of details.

    I would TOTALLY buy a copy through a virtual signing (maybe 2 :) )


    • Dear Mhari–

      I do that all the time. That is, if you (anyone) orders a book from The Poisoned Pen, all you have to do is tell them how you’d like it signed/inscribed. I go by there once or twice a month and sign all the orders–and we always sign a _huge_ number of books beforehand when there’s a new release (I signed 1800 of them when ECHO came out ), to be shipped out. (In fact, the Pen will _try_ to mail them out in time for people to _get_ them on release day, though they can’t always guarantee that, the postal services being what they are).

      But yeah, if you want a signed copy of this book and can’t come to Arizona….email Patrick@poisonedpen.com and tell him what you want. (I should maybe mention that the Pen always carries _all_ of my books, in _all_ formats–hardcover, trade paperback (the large size), mass-market paperback (small size), and unabridged audiobooks.


      • That is awesome! I know where I will order mine from then! Thanks Diana!!! What are the details on your trip to NY?! I might be able to go there to see you?

      • Speaking of all your books in all formats; who/where do the Kindle editions come from? I have seen many formatting errors and typos in them. I know they are not your doing.

      • Diana,

        This great information. While I knew that signed copies could be ordered at any time from the Poisoned Pen, I did not know they carried all formats (including trade paperbacks, my favorite). I have enjoyed reading and re-reading this series over the years. I take them everywhere with me, so from time to time my copies fall apart.

        Glad to know you are hard at work on #8 and eagerly await its release.

  15. If it wouldn’t take me an entire day to drive there from here, you bet I’d show up. :)

  16. 20 years? Has it really been that long? I wish I was closer. I would so be there. I wish there was a way to get an autographed copy of the book. Planning on coming back to Canada anytime after the book is released?

  17. What fun! I will definitely get to the Poison Pen to celebrate with you and the staff. I will bring friends!

  18. If I lived in Arizona I would so be there! I think you should do it. I would love to meet you someday (Come to the Pacific NW!) lol You sound like you are going to be insanely busy for awhile! Happy safe travels. Im always looking forward to reading anything and everything you write :-D Thank you for taking the time to blog and share with us :0)

  19. This is a big deal. Count me in.

  20. Good evening Diana,

    I met you once when you came to our National Archives in Ottawa, Canada doing a reading from your book – I believe it was “A Breath of Snow and Ashes”, but I may be wrong. That was many years ago. You looked lovelier in person as I recall

    I have several of your books in storage and had to repurchase them when I finished the latest novel “An Echo in the Bone” a while back. I was at a loss as to what to read, and my husband didn’t want me routing around at the outdoor storage locker in the middle of winter. So I decided to pick up another version of Outlander. Now I have two versions of everything, and intend to keep at least one set handy!

    I can’t tell you how your novels have helped me through so many trials and tribulations in my life. It is difficult to explain, but I seem to get rejeuvenated and relate very well with Claire and her daughters and grandchildren. I am also very drawn to Claire’s medical abilities.

    Between my daughter and step-daughters, I have three granddaughters. Lots of girls! In any case, the description of the children and their behaviour in your books is so heart warming. Remembering certain things still brings a smile to my face.

    I have just finished “An Echo in the Bone” this evening for the second time. I will follow up with Lord John series, which I have on my bookshelves. Then I guess I’ll have to wait patiently for the continuation of Jamie and Claire.

    I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination and skill with us over the years. I sincerely hope you bring us more beautiful writing and I anxiously await your next novel.

    Marlene from Ottawa, Canada

  21. I think this is greeaattt! Couldn’t you come to Oregon though? We’d love to have you…..set up a reading at my bookstore….maybe just let that percolate. ;)

  22. 20 years since I fell in love with Jamie and Claire ? Unbelievable. Diana, if I lived closer then New Jersey I’d be there in a heartbeat. Congrats on the 20 years Diana. :)
    Carol L.

  23. Extra Material? Do tell!

    In response to the question, I would love to be there but live too far away. :(

    • Dear Elizabeth–

      Maps, timelines (historical and fictional), an essay by me on how I write and what the internal shapes of the books are, and a sampler CD of OUTLANDER: The Musical {g}, featuring several songs from the production, including a bonus track not on the original CD.


  24. Congratulations Diana,

    I will deffinately be buying the 20th anniversary edition, and God help the one who touches it! I have 3-4
    dog-ear copies of all the early books, but Fiery Cross, ABOSAA, and Echo in the Bone are my good hardcover editions and those I keep to myself. I have lent all the early books to friends and family to get them hooked, and I feel that by the time they get to those, it’s time they buy their own and put a few pennies in the pot for you and yours .

    I hope to see you in person in August and I will be bringing the hard covers to get signed. Is there a limit, are 4 books too many? I’m counting the days. We live about 2 1/2 hrs away and since I don’t want to travel back and forth for 2 days we are trying to find accomedations nearby. There is NOTHING to be had in Fergus, not even a broom closet, so we are searching the surrounding areas. Wish us luck.

    ( Should have booked last January when I found out you were coming. Live and learn.)

    Have a wonderful trip, and I hope you meet lots of interesting characters that may show up in future novels.

    As Always~~~~~~~Fran

  25. Alas the Poisoned Pen is not in New Zealand. Therefore I might not make it, but great opportunity for those who can. I shall certainly be looking out for the Anniversary Outlander though.

  26. I will be on vacation in Phoenix on July 14 & 15. I would certainly set aside some time to come to a launch party if one could be arranged!!

    • Dear Jennifer–

      Would love to see you then! Alas, it’ll have to be July 11th, as Doug and I are leaving for Scotland on the 14th. (But you can call or email the Poisoned Pen and have them set aside a book for you for me to sign. Then you could pick it up when you got to town!)


      • I will do that. You are wonderful, thanks! Have a great time in Scotland!

      • I miss Scotland! Say hi to the mountains, lochs and sea for me!
        I absoutly love the way you bring them to life in the Outlander Series.
        Have a wonderful trip- hard not to that time of year, the weather is beautiful-
        Scottish Butterfli

  27. I remember being at Waldenbooks and finding Outlander in paperback. It was the last one on the shelf. That was so long ago,but I was hooked! I ordered Outlander in hardback and I have all of them in hardback.I only have 3 of signed,including the companion. If only The Poisoned Pen were closer. I enjoy seeing you and listening to you when you read excerpts of the boook(s). I have it on my calendar to get the 20th when it comes out in July. My birthday present from me to me! Regina

  28. Hey Diana
    I was thinking what you could do is hire a signing double, someone that looks like you to go and sign the books. It would be like when an actor has a stunt or butt double ;) That might help you out!

  29. I wish I lived close but from Indiana it’s a long drive. I will be buying a copy and can’t wait to have it in hand. I have all of your Outlander books, including the graphic novel. One day I will get out to hear you read or see you in person. Love the books!

  30. I would love to come. Would it be when you get back from Wyoming then? I live in San Francisco, so I could see a road trip. :)
    Twenty years, wow!! I won a box of Outlander books to give away, and in honor of your being a Professor, I gave a book to one of the university students here at my hospital. I told her it was for her summer reading when she was done with school in a few weeks.

  31. How crazy that you will be in Laramie! I was born and raised in Cheyenne (45 miles east of Laramie). I would definitely go and see you there, however, my daughter turns five on July 5th and she would freak if I wasn’t here to host her and all of her princess friends for her golden birthday! :) Safe travels and congratulations on the 20th anniversary of Outlander!

  32. I am already making travel plans!!! See you July Diana :)

  33. Hello Diana!
    First – Please tellyour husband – Happy Belated Birthday!

    I am exceited to hear about the Anniversery Edition – which I will be buying. I like the cover – but the cover to the paperback will always be my favorite.

    But I must agree with Keila above – but the joy you have brought me through the Outlander series
    minimizes my distress that book eight is yet untitiled and no new excerpts.

    Meanwhile I have many lined up – Currently on Jean M Auel’s – The Land of the Painted Caves; then Sam’s two books. I had to re- buy the first one which my son had taken to Afganistan last Sept. and did not bring home!! :p I gues the Marines there like them some Sykes because it made the rounds – never to return!

    BTW – my son does NOT believe that Sam has tasted every animal on earth as he proclaims in his book forward or website – Jon did not say where he read it – just made the off hand comment.

    Until we meet again!

  34. Coming out on June 22. Be there until the 25th. Can’t wait!! Visited my bff, last year, what a gorgeous place you live in. She lives outside Phoenix and we went into Old Town Scottsdale, will be going again. Have loved your books for years. Reading book 7. It came out on my birthday or very close to it. Best gift ever


  35. Of course I will come to the Poison Pen to celebrate, in July, with friends!

  36. Diana,

    If you were to have such a launch party I might just try to fly out for it, since I was unable to make it to the launch for EitB. I do wish you’d include Boston on your next book tour! (I know, you don’t make the schedule.)

    Let’s see, I already have my original mass market paperback of Outlander, the copy of Cross Stitch I bought in Scotland, the free copy of Outlander from the carton that I was honored to be able to distribute as part of the pre-EitB-release marketing campaign, and a digital copy of Outlander on my Kindle… but I’ll be first in line for the 20th Anniversary edition, and I’d love to have your signature on it!

    Nicole Z

  37. Yes, I would love to come, too… But I live in Sweden, so it’s a bit far, I’m afraid. And we devoted fans that live in northern Europe, is it impossible for us to get a signed copy? (Saw you mentioning to MhariDubh to email the Poison Pen.)

    Bästa hälsningar – j

    • Dear Jenny–

      The Poisoned Pen will ship autographed books anywhere in the world. {g} So all you have to do is send an email to patrick@poisonedpen.com and tell him what books you want, and how you’d like them signed. Nothing to it!


      • Just the question I was going to ask! Tack Jenny ;-)

        Even I live in Sweden, so now I’m going to order that book right away!! If I lived anywhere nere there I would most certainly be at the event!! And I think (even though I think you should be writing on book eight ;-) that it is very good for you to take a break, I think you deserve it, as long as you continue the writing aswell!!
        Have a nice weekend!

        • Dear Mervi–

          Errrr….you think spending an evening signing books is a) “taking a break” and/or b) going to delay my finishing the book? Rof,l!


          • Eeh… guess not ;-) I was more thinking about getting out of the house (or where you do your writing), but I suppose in case you need to get out, you’d probable need to be by yourself, and not among a lot of (read: hysteric fans) people… I better stop here, whatever I put in writing, gets wrong… But I’d still be there at the event if I was nereby. I wish you good luck, either way! Btw, the cover is lovely!!

  38. I would be at the Poisoned Pen on 7/11 (what a lucky date!) if I have no conflict with Mom & Dad’s 61st anniversary! Set it up and I’ll figure out how to work it in. :)
    Learning that you’ll be leaving for Scotland on 7/14 answers the question whether you’ll be in Flag for the NACHS Highland Festival. I am envious of your trip to Scotland (I hope to return soon) and sorry we’ll miss you at the Flagstaff Festival. The main attractions at the event for me are you and the Wicked Tinkers (besides the scotch, of course!)

  39. Have you thought about trying some sort of webcast? It’s difficult to make them interactive, but I’d love to hear you reading some excerpts, give some updates on other WIP(???) and perhaps you could solicit questions in advance to try to address. This would limit the need for you to travel, but give more of us a chance to see you “live” even if it is over the web.

    • Dear JaneEllen–

      If you click on “Videos” in the top bar there, you’ll see a link to my YouTube Channel, where you can hear me read excerpts, talk, etc. to no small extent. {g} In answer, though, I’ve done podcasts before and in the fullness of time, probably will do video webcasts as well–but that, too, takes time: both to figure out the technical aspects, to choose topics, and do the recording. Not as much time as a full-scale book-tour, but more than I’ve got right now, alas.


  40. I can’t believe you are going to be in Wyoming! Of course I hopped on UW’s website and the registration closed in March…too bad. Would have loved to hear you speak. You wouldn’t be planning on stopping off in Cheyenne as well? It is on the way between Denver and Laramie…unless you are planning on taking a little plane…btw great lakes airlines are never on time…

  41. Beautiful cover. I agree with Janice.

    May 4, 2011 • 12:31 am

    If you build it, they will come………your fans will come to listen to you read the Scottsdale phone book! If you want to do this, a crowd will gather. Wish I lived nearby; then I could lead the group.

    Thank you for the information on The Poisoned Pen. As soon as I have my paycheck in my hot little hand I will order a signed book. It will make me so very happy to have Outlander signed by you! If you are ever within a few of hours from me for a signing I most definitely would be there!

  42. First–that cover is AMAZING. I’m presuming that’s a hard cover? If so, I’m going to have to break down (poor poor pitiful me) and get it. I simply must possess it, that’s how classy I think that cover is.

    Second–Right, like no one wants to see youuuuuuu. She said, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Lady, if I had the money for the plane fair and a hotel, I’d be camped out at the bookstore’s doorstep. Hells yes, we want to see you. I’d be there to get my LJG books all signed and listen to the excerpts from ‘Scottish Prisoner.’ And listen to you talk about everything Jamie and Claire that your little heart wanted to share.

    If you build it, he will come. If you schedule it, so will we. Trust me, that is a fait accompli!

  43. Diana,

    Seeing this 20th Anniversary Edition makes me wonder . . . will there ever be a release of a complete box set, in hard cover? I know that can’t possibly happen till the series is complete (such mixed emotions just thinking about that prospect) but is it a possibility? Although, can you imagine the size of the box? They’re going to have to manufacture a small steamer trunk!

    Wishfully thinking . . .

    • Dear Megs–

      As my husband said, regarding the possibility of a boxed set: “What would they call it? ‘Gabaldon on Wheels’? ” {g}


      • Hello Diana:

        Funny you should say that…. I’ve been wanting the hardcover books for ages because my paperbacks have been thumbed through and lent out so many times I’m afraid they won’t last much longer, so I’ve been hunting around used booked stores. I’ve checked out my local used book store (which is huge and I love going there – they also sell new books) quite a few times, but they never seemed to have the hardcover copies. They do have a lovely display of all your paperbacks (new ones) just as you walk in the front door though {g}. I stopped in yesterday on my lunch hour just to have a poke round and there they were, six of the seven books in hardcover. I already have EitB so I eagerly scooped up the other five books, whilst the saleslady was looking over my shoulder. I looked up (I was kneeling on the floor) smiled at her and said “I’m just going to empty your Gabaldon shelf”. Long story short… I practically needed a shopping cart to get them to my car. I’ve put my name in for them to keep an eye out for DOA, the only one they didn’t have in hardcover. So, I’m smiling and thrilled and have given my upper arms a great workout. I’m also looking forward to the 20th Anniversary Edition of Outlander. One can never have too many copies!! If I bring it to Fergus, will you be signing books there? I’ve been checking the Fergus Highland Game website for a posting of your schedule, but it still says “please check back”. Any ideas what your schedule is for that weekend?


        • I’ve seen the hardcover versions available at Amazon, but what I am trying to find out is if the other books will also ger the Anniversary treatment. I’ve only read the first book (started in a loaned paperback and finished with buying the 20th Anniversary Edition) and am trying to decide how and when to get the next book.

          • Dear Marie–

            At the moment, they’re not planning to do the other books in an anniversary edition–though I’d really like to have that happen eventually!


  44. I first heard of your book Outlander as a cd going to Texas. I now have Jamie’s and Clair’s voice
    in my mind. I have loved all of the series, and am looking forward to the 8th book.
    May God keep blessing you in your writing

  45. I agree with some of the others…stay home and write (or travel and write) whatever works! lol

    Would adore meeting you someday….maybe when #8 comes out your publisher can send you south to your fans down in South Florida! ((Grin)) You have alot of fans down here!

    Have fun traveling…look forward to hearing about your trips!

  46. I cannot possibly make it to Arizona , dag nab it :( because I live in New York ( very very northern N.Y. ) BUT I will be ordering the new Outlander !!!!! I have All of them and they are my pride and joy. The new book will have suffice until # 8 finally arrives on the scene. My husband used to say that the series was attached to me because I carried one with me everywhere I went.


  47. Hmmm – Not a brand new novel? Surely the life of Jamie and Claire go on………… You have me worried now.

    That aside, it would be wonderful to have the entire series in a special reprint for the 20th – a collectors edition perhaps. The cover on this one is spectacular!

    You’ve given me countless hours of reading pleasure these past 20 years Diana. I thank ye. :)

    • Dear Marlene–

      {rolling eyes} If you look on the very first page of this website, you’ll see what-all I’m writing–including Book Eight!


      • DUH!!! for me……… Guess I should look at more than the blog, eh. lol I’m a happy woman again. Stop rolling those eyes Diana. :)

        HUGS to you for all the peace, tranquility and stress! (excitement in the lives of Claire & Jamie) you’ve given me. :)

        Hey, Happy Mother’s Day to you!!


  48. Count me in among the folks who’d be there if they could! Can’t wait for this edition — looks beautiful! If you felt like coming to San Francisco for a signing, I’d be first on line. Meanwhile, I’ll just hold my breath and keep looking forward to possible book signings for The Scottish Prisoner and #8! Thank you, Diana, for all you do!

  49. I can’t speak about The Poisoned Pen bookstore, but I can say that Loveland is right on the way from Denver to Laramie. You would be very welcomed at our local independent bookstore, Anthology Books. Heck, I would even drive you from DIA to Laramie and back myself.

    • Dear Larry–

      Appreciate the thought {g}, but I’ll be flying from Denver to Laramie–and coming back on the red-eye (I have to go from Laramie back to New York, to appear at ThrillerFest on the 8th and 9th), so being driven from Laramie to Denver in the middle of the night, alas!


      • Too bad you’re not staying a day in Laramie. The mountains in that area are lovely. Vedauwoo is a world class outdoor playground and a 15 minute drive from there, providing refreshing mountain air and renewed energy.

        Good luck with your trip, enjoy the view.

        Keep writing, we all love your work.

  50. I live in Kentucky, and can not attend, but, I am voting that you go Diana, for all your fans that love you! The book is beautiful, (the story inside the cover is the best!), and I want one for my collection!
    As always,
    Your Number One Fan!

  51. Oh, I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new edition! I started out with paperbacks for the first four (a late starter, I missed the earlier release dates), then switched to hardcover for the next bunch. They got too heavy to hold onto, so I got more paperbacks, which also got too heavy; they are now all on my Kindle. I have an entire bookshelf of your books, but I can always start a second shelf for the new arrivals. Since I’ve had the pleasure of being at several of your book signings in Surrey, I’d vote for you to keep on writing instead of a launch party, but really, so many people would love to celebrate with you and show you how much they appreciate your writing. Jamie and Claire’s world is just so comforting to be a part of. Thank you so much for the hundreds of hours of enjoyment your books have given me.

  52. I am planning on being there from Calgary Alberta – heck what’s a day of traveling to see you? Nothing!!! Road trip I say. Also will be trying to convince my crazy pal in Vancouver to come along – EXTRA FUN ROAD TRIP. I know you are writing Book 8 etc but I think you personally should celebrate this anniversary addition and if the Pen is doing a launch- celebrate with your fans!


  53. I would love to come from Mesa to YOU!

  54. I imagine there is always demand for Diana live. Though I also imagine you have very loyal and understanding fans who won’t hold it against you for not doing it – especially if you claim the reason to be that you’re working on future projects! I can’t make it either way, but I know that if I were in the area and knew you were going to be doing a signing and reading, I’d be there!

    When I was a little girl I remember my mom reading these books and she must have told me at some point in time that they were about Scotland and that I’d love reading them when I was older. I just stared at them all my years growing up thinking about the point in time when I would read them – always with Scotland on the brain (I have an obsession with Scotland, though I’ve never been there). I started reading them a couple years ago when I was 22. I love them so much! It’s crazy to think that when the first one came out I was only five.

    Your books are amazing and timeless! I am so glad you’re still writing them. You are an amazing writer and you’re incredible to your fans. I love that you write to your fans and ask us to give our opinions and that you even respond to us. As I said, you’re incredible. Thank you for all your years of hard work!

  55. I wish I could, but like others who have written here, live too far away (Israel). If you ever plan to visit this part of the world..I hope it would include some public speaking engagements which I would absolutely attend.

    On another note…does anyone else think that Prince Harry (William’s brother) cuts a close image for Jamie? The hair, the eyes…the smile!

  56. Wish I were closer to be at your signing. Recently at a restaurant in Naples,Fl I heard a customer telling the waitress to read your series of books. She said there were 5 in the series, I was happy to inform her there were now 7 and the customer was going to go straight to the bookstore after lunch. Keep up the good work. I am on my 2nd go round of the series, it is just as great reading the 2nd time as it was the first time.

  57. Diana

    My husband and I have planned our summer vacation this year to include the Fergus Scottish Highland games in August. We look forward to seeing you there and will certainly have the Outlander 20th Anniversary edition for signing. You are an absolutely “brillo” author and have provided me with so many joyful hours of reading! You are also a most generous person sharing so much of your time with your many fans!

    Wishing you happy and safe travels!

  58. Congratulations Diana…the fact that this series and book are still at the top after 20 years is a testament to you and your skill as a writer. Jamie and Claire’s story is something very special and I am so glad that I stumbled upon your books by accident. It was worth every eye strain and every cramp in my hands holding the books…and yes…sore ears from listening to the audio version! :)

    Some pain is worth the gain…

    Now to the important issue: Stay home and write!

    Bright Blessings,


  59. Diana,

    Last fall, my friend gave me a bag books to read over the winter. In the bag were about 6 or 7 Tom Clancy novels and 3 of your novels; Outlander, Voyager, and ABOSAA. Well, I read the Clancy novels first, realizing that after 3, I could pretty well predict the plots. But I persevered. Then I started on Outlander. I couldn’t put it down. I realized I needed to get a hold of books II,IV, and V. That was this February. I’m on my second read through (Fiery Cross at the moment). You are now one of my favorite authors, along with feeling like you’re my contemporary being as we were born the same year (albeit I was Dec ’52). Please, keep up the good work.


  60. I will travel to have see you in person from the San Diego area. I have done it before and it was one of the highlights of my life!

    PLEASE do a book signing in Arizona.

  61. I can remember recommending your books to my daughter some 18-20 years ago when they were first published. When she got to Voyager, she told me she thought the books were far-fetched. I asked her if she meant the time travel and was surprised when she said: “No, the fact that they’re still doing IT and they’re over 40!” She turned 40 last year, (she’s married with three lovely daughters) and you can imagine the teasing she got from the rest of the family. Love the books, and have bought all of the hardcover editions – the paperbacks have just fallen apart with re-reading. I’m from Australia, so don’t get much chance to see and hear you speak “in person” – very envious of all of those who can attend at the Poison Pen. Keep writing, I’m looking forward anxiously to the publication of Book Eight, your books are very special.


    • LOL…my daughter is in her 20′s and cannot fathom that her dad and mom still “do it” in their 50′s…if she only knew! :)

  62. I am a stay at home mom and have been since my kids were little. A friend of mine , knowing I was going a little crazy with the kids, gave me Outlander. I loved it! W would read and talk about it all the time.That started in 1994. I bought A Breath of Snow and Ashes but kept it on the book shelf it was not the same since my friend was no longer here. One day my daughter 16 was looking for something to read so I gave her Outlander. It had been a long time since I had read it. Long story short she loved it and read the whole series. I however had not finished and then I thought you know its been a long time I should read it again. This time it only took me a couple of days to read , being that my kids are older and do not require as much time. I found that I still love your books and it has inspired me to pick up reading once again. Oh how I have missed the way I live through all your characters. I am looking forward to your 8th book what ever its name will be.

  63. Yes! Yes! Would love it. I will by this signed from poisoned pen, and will come if able.

  64. Yes! Yes! Would love it. I will buy this (signed by you) from Poisoned Pen, and will come if able. Oops, hit send before I meant to. :)

  65. Why not a trip to the K.C. area? I’d love to meet you in person and wouldn’t mind traveling a bit. After all if you can go to Laramie……

  66. Diana,
    I’m sure your many fans would love to see you at a book signing. I would love to be there and meet you if I lived near. I do thank you for letting us know about the ability to order online and get a signature copy, that is a wonderful thing to do for you fans. I just discovered your wonderful series just after Christmas and have since read all 7 books of the Outlander series, all the Lord John books (and Novella’s and short stories), as well as the short story of Roger’s parents (loved that one), and all your excerpts you’ve written. I am excitedly waiting with great anticipation for book 8 (as well as the next Lord John books).
    I did have a question. I just finished reading the short story “Lord John and the Custom of the Army” and was curious about John’s gold paperweight. He describes it as Gold with a large sapphire and he wonders where Jamie Frasier could have come across this? Did Jamie send John this, why? Or was this the sapphire that Jamie found when he escaped Ardsmuir and there gave to John? Just didn’t know if I missed something.


    PS Any idea when we might have Book 8?

  67. If I promised you warm days, cool tradewinds and beautiful beaches could you be lured to Hawaii? This is why I can’t be at the Poisoned Pen, Hawaiian Air raised their HNL to PHX fares!! I will be ordering a signed copy!! Like most of the other posts – please stay home, forget your family and friends, and finish the “new” one. I still smile thinking of Jamie saying to John…”Why?” Come ON!!!

    You have made my recent retirement exactly what I had planned….reading, reading, reading. I am a late comer to the Outlander series but I tore through them all. Now I’m re-reading them again.

    Mahalo nui loa

  68. I lived in Laramie when I was a kid and would LOVE for you to do this! I can’t make it to your Kingman, AZ gig this month even though I talked both of my cousins into going (they live up there and it wasn’t hard to convince them!).

    But visiting Laramie would be awesome. Seeing you in person and listening to you read an excerpt, icing on the cake.

  69. The book looks great and I will absolutely get it to add to my collection but sadly I cannot make it across the country to Arizona. However, I will try to make it to the NY appearance. By the way, I think I found a possible Jamie — Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor in the new movie has the height, the blue eyes, is only 27, has the good looks and the incredible body. Check him out – http://www.chris-hemsworth.net/
    Happy Mother’s Day Diana.

  70. Diana – I’ve read all the Jamie and Claire books twice now and will probably read them all again when the next book is available. I read them on my e-book (Barnes and Noble Nook) and am asking for all the books in hardbound for my birthday. Since my birthday is the end of July, I would love to have the new edition of Outlander and will definitely be telling my husband or son to make sure that’s the one they get!! : )

    Thank you for all the reading enjoyment that you’ve given me over the years. I’ve read a couple of the Lord John books, not as “satisfying” (I love long books that I can almost live in the story along with the characters). I am, though, axiously awaiting the Scottish Prisoner book, probably because Jamie is in it, more than just in Lord John’s thoughts, interesting as those thoughts may be.

  71. Laramie is the wrong Middle-of-Nowhere. Please come to MY Middle-of-Nowhere and I would love to come to your book signing! Congratulations on the re-release. And I’m beside myself with excitement to read in your comments that you’re on the final frenzy stage of Scottish Prisoner…write write write!

  72. Hola, Diana solo agradecerle por escribir de la manera que lo hace. Jamie y Claire se han convertido en mis personajes favoritos. Es dificil conseguir sus libros en mi pais Argentina. Y daria cualquier cosa por poder presenciar una lectura y firma de ejemplares. Lamentablemente la distancia juega en contra para ello. Bueno, es un placer saber que el libro 8 está en marcha, para el 2012, ufff falta mucho!! me matará la espera!

  73. WOW! Twenty years….I do remember reading Outlander for the first time, the year was 1992. My Mom purchased the book for my sister as a Christmas gift in 1991 and the rest as we say in our family….is history, LOL! Each of us in our family has a special story to tell in regards to the Outlander series. I own each in hardcover, each a first edition and all but one is signed by you. They are a treasure and stand with the likes of Homer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, H.G. Wells and many others. Also, as I am a bookseller, my passion in telling someone who has NOT read your books still gives me goosebumps when I give my *talk* of introduction and I place that first book in their hands. I tell them that they are going on a literary adventure and it will be like no other they have experienced.
    Thank You Diana! And yes…I will be purchasing the 20th anniversay addition, too. :)

  74. AGGGHHHH!!! I just finished Echo in the Bone and I am already having withdrawls!!! Don’t go to NY or another book tour! Please stay home and finish your next book. Where can I send you coffee and treats to keep you writing??? You are the greatest!

  75. Hello Diana

    You mentioned above about flying to Scotland on 14 July – does that mean there could be some events in the UK – rubs hands together with glee – I live on the outskirts of London but would gladly travel to any book readings / signings – would love to grab a hardback copy of special edition. I have 3 (young) daughters and I want to keep some books for when they are older and my dog-eared paperbacks aren’t as impressive!! I know they will love the series when they are older!! And nothing more special than a signed copy!! Hope to see you soon. x

    • Dear Lisa–

      Well, yes–though the only really public thing I’m doing is Tartan Day in Aberdeen, on 30 July. See you there? {g}


      • It is such a shame if the only event is all the way up in Aberdeen!! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for something a bit futher south!! If you want taking for “high tea” in London, you only have to ask….!!!!

  76. My original copy of Outlander is so worn and tattered from so much love, I would gladly be in Arizona on the 10th to purchase a new copy.

  77. Thank you Diana for working so hard on Book 8…My mother-in-law and I cannot wait until it comes out. I have dibs since I purchased the entire series for my 40th birthday last year. I got her hooked last month (yes, she read all 7 books in one month!).
    I love your characters (who seem more like friends and family) and, like so many, if not all, of your fans, am anxiously awaiting the book’s arrival.
    Wish I could attend one of your signings…Ever think about coming to Santa Barbara? It’s beautiful and centrally located in California..hint, hint.
    Love the idea of purchasing a signed copy from the Poisioned Pen…I will contact them directly.
    Cheers, and best wishes for a great year.

  78. I am hopelessly addicted to your books. I have read them all at least 5 times over and listened to the audio versions at least 3 times or more. I know you hear a version of this all the time.
    I am a late bloomer reading them— read the first only last year. I have tried to read other books and have, on occasion, acutally finished a few! None have measured up for me to your writings of Claire and Jamie. Sorry, I’m sure you think me a pathic case—like —”that girl needs a life.” And I promise I will get counseling!
    I introduced your books to two of my daughter-in-laws who are just as in love with the books as i am—well, maybe I have them beat by a little. I literally go around asking people that I meet if they read and if they do (or don’t) I can’t stop myself from recommending your books. I go on and on until I start noticing them slowing backing away from me wearing a weary smile and nodding cautiously. Ususally my husband is with me and he assures the person that I am totally safe! (He is very understanding of my, let say— interests (?).
    I will definitely buy the anniversary edition and will get you to sign through Poison Pen. My vote— do the book signing. I won’t be able to come but I know how everyone who will be there will enjoy your company and good humor.

  79. Dear Diana,

    Congratulations! Have a marvelous adventure in Scottland. I’ll be there in spirit.
    As for book 8, I enjoy the anticipation.


  80. Guess I’ll have to read the series a third time while I wait for the 8th book…!

  81. Yes, please….I’ll be there!
    The new edititon is beautiful, by the way.

  82. I am a new fan. Friends have been recommending this series to me for years and I have all the books and am finally getting to it. I am halfway through Dragonfly and I would definitely come to see you at the Poison Pen all the way from North Phoenix! lol

  83. Your timing is so perfect. What a great gift.
    I have been trying to come up with and ideal thank you for BJ.
    She is my friend who introduced me to Jamie & Claire.
    Not a snowballs chance I’ll get to Arizona.
    How about I bring the books (I need 2) to Fergus?
    Any possibility of you having time to sign it then?
    The most important one would be getting a copy signed for my friend, BJ.
    Can’t wait for August. See you there.

    • Dear Mary–

      I’d be happy to sign anything you like at Fergus. Though it might be faster (and save you standing in line {g}) to order your books from the Poisoned Pen. They’ll mail them anywhere in the world.


  84. I vote for- keep working on book 8! and the Lord John books they are fun and fast to read!

  85. Diana,
    I love your books and have read the Outlander series multiple times, and I am so excited to hear that you will be in Laramie this summer. I live in Wyoming (near Yellowstone Park) and never thought that there would be a reason for you to visit Wyoming for something like this event! I am going to do everything I can to attend the symposium, and wanted to offer you advice on the area if you have any questions at all. While you probably do not have time to go visit Yellowstone or Grand Teton National Parks while in Wyoming, there are some beautiful things to see near Laramie as well (which is only two hours from the Denver International Airport).


  86. Diana,

    I have all your Outlander Saga books in Hardcover. I prefer hard cover because I keep them and I don’t share them with anyone.

    When I read your books I feel like I am right there with the characters. I am anxiously waiting for book (8).

    I am going to buy Scottish Prisoner as soon as it comes to the book store in town. I am on the book store list to notify when any of your books are released.

    Keep writing!

    Marilyn Ludden

  87. I grew up several hours north of Laramie, technically the real “middle of nowhere” as we had to drive 30 miles for school. I hope you find Laramie as beautiful as I do; I nearly went to college there but opted for the exotic and faraway Minneapolis instead!

    I, too, would travel to AZ for a book signing if I could. I met you in Tucson at the Book Festival in March. In fact, the newspaper took a photo of you signing a book for me. It was lovely! There is a link to the photo on my blog; I was traveling the country with my family in an RV and was so excited to have visual proof that I had met you! I made several friends jealous, by the way.

    Best of wishes for book 8. The cover for the new Outlander edition is breathtaking!

  88. I say yes, do it.

    I’d been to Scotland several times when I first read “Outlander”. When I read you’d not been there before writing it — the only conclusion I could make peace with — was that you’d channeled it.

    I’m on my third copy of that book. It’s gone with me through 7 moves, a bed rest pregnancy, sitting hospital bedside through the loss of 3 family members, plane rides, after school parking lots. It’s become a talisman guaranteed to take me back to a beloved place whenever I need it most.

    Which is not to say I haven’t read all your others and generally consume any written material that crosses my path.

    But this is a rare tale that deserves celebration.

    most sincerely,

    Catherine McLeod

  89. I read all seven books one after another and can barely wait for the un-named eighth. But I would like you to remain sane as well. I personally hate travelling, so what ever keeps you headed in the right direction is where my vote goes!
    P>S> Thank you for your stories. I love them. I know Jamie and Claire as though they were my own family.

  90. Congratulations on the release of the 20th anniversary edition. I have a copy of Cross Stitch so it feels almost like a whole new book for me. I wish I lived near the Poisoned Pen and could come along to the signing.
    I have ordered my copy from Amazon and it should arrive just before my birthday – hoorah! A nice little present for myself.
    I am looking forward to seeing you again when you make it to Brisbane, Australia.
    Best and speediest wishes for your writing!

  91. OMG has it really been 20 years since Outlander first came out? That means I was 20 when I bought my first copy and funny enough I remember where I bought my first copy – Queens Quay bookstore in Toronto.

    Congrats on the 20 years – heres to another 20 (sorry – can never get enough of Jamie & Claire) and heres hoping HBO offers to make Outlander the next major series!!!

    All the best!

  92. I have never really been a novel reader. I have always read Self Help and Motivational books. My mom introduced me to the world of Jamie and Claire over Christmas and I have swollowed them whole. I don’t think I have expierienced in a book, laughter, tears, anger, fear, anxiety, (yes lots of anxiety) and love. In order to sustain me till book 8 comes out, my husband (bless him) has agreed to read a little to me each night. This engages him into what I have been so wrapped up in and prolongs the world of Jamie and Claire thru till next year. We can only hope. I agree with so many others and would rather see book 8 finished. However, a novelists job is great in that you must continue to write and yet promote yourself. I enjoy the Poisoned Pen Bookstore and would come out to see you.

  93. I will be there July 11th!! Is it “for sure”?

    I started reading Outlander 20 years ago when it first came out. My son, now 19, is equally addicted!!!

    For his 20th birthday – he has asked for the entire series in hardbound. I have found all of the in first edition!!! How incredible to add the 20th anniversary book to the collection for HIS 20th birthday!!

    I have already ordered his personalized copy from the PP. But I will certainly be there if you have te event? When will we know it is for sure? Need to grt my plane ticket!

  94. Diana, I just read the all seven book’s this past year begining in Feb. and finished the 7th one in May . I fell in love with Claire and Jamie and just can’t wait till you publish the 8th book. I am going to order the 20th Aniversary edition as my friend loaned me her 7 book’s to read. I did buy the Outlandish Companion which I enjoyed reading. I will order my book from the Poison Pen and hope to get a signed copy from you. Again love the Outlander series , you are a wonderful writer. All the best . Marie Diehl

  95. Let me just say I will be there and several of my co-workers also. We are huge fans and always have been. Outlander is my favorite book of all time. You mentioned you wondered if there was still interest. I think you will be surprised. Out of all the authors I could have the pleasure to meet, you are at the top of my list. Looking forward to seeing you in Laramie! Wyoming welcomes you.

  96. I am thrilled that you are coming to Laramie, Wyoming. I can’t wait to meet you. We are huge fans and love all the books in the Outlander series. Thank you. We will be driving from Chyenne .
    A big Wyoming welcome.

  97. I have been wanting the hardcover copies of the Outlander series and then I saw the 20th anniversary issue of the first book.

    Will the other books be released in an anniversary edition??