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Signed Books in Time for Christmas!

Thank you VERY much! Thanks to all of you who’ve bought and been enjoying THE SCOTTISH PRISONER—I’ve just been told that the book has hit the New York Times Bestseller List, after only one week on sale! We’ll be #8 on the list (not the Dec. 8th list, but the one that appears on Dec. 15th; they compile the lists a week ahead), and I couldn’t be more pleased. Moran Taing! means “Thank You!” in Gaelic, and so Moran Taing to all of you!

Speaking of Gaelic, one of the Author’s Notes in THE SCOTTISH PRISONER tells you that there are sound files of the Gaelic bits from the book on this website, so you can hear what it really sounds like, spoken by native speakers. Those Gaelic bits _will_ be up here very shortly, but the wonderful Cathy MacGregor, who did the recording and is doing the phonetic pronunciation guide to go along with them, discovered several more bits in the book that hadn’t been recorded yet. She’s doing those with the aid of Catherine-Ann MacPhee and Kevin Dooley (the native speakers who helped with all the translations), and the whole thing will be up within just a few days. Thanks for your patience, too!

Now—if I may—a few administrative details, for those of you who might want signed books (THE SCOTTISH PRISONER, the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition, THE EXILE, or any of the other books) for Christmas:

CHANGING HANDS Event – December 12th, 7 PM

For those of you in the Phoenix area–I’ll be doing the last “live” signing event of 2011 at The Changing Hands Bookstore, an independent bookseller in Tempe, AZ.

Here is their link to the event, with directions.

For Those of You NOT in the Area:

The Poisoned Pen is my local independent bookstore, who kindly handle autographed sales for me all year (I don’t have any financial stake in the bookstore; I just approve of independent bookstores {g}). They’ll ship any of my books, any format (hardcover, trade paperback, mass-market paperback, audiobook CDs) anywhere in the world. It does, however, take some _time_ to ship books places, especially at this time of year.

So the people at the Pen would like me to tell you that December 16th is their cutoff date for ordering autographed books to be delivered in time for Christmas (in the US; the situation may be different for foreign shipments, but it depends where the shipment is going). If you order books after that, you’ll certainly still get them signed or inscribed (I go by the Pen every week to sign orders and stock), but they may not arrive by Dec. 25th.

Here is the link for autographed SCOTTISH PRISONER books,

And here is the link for the backlist,

And here is the link for the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition!

The Poisoned Pen wanted me also to include this request: “When placing the online order, please write your desired inscription in the Instructions field.” That will make it easier for them to track your book and make sure you get the right inscription.

Nollaig Chridheil! (That’s Gaelic for Merry Christmas!)

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  1. What a marvel it will be to here the recorded Gaelic. I’ve often wondered how accurate Davina Porter is.

    • Dear Jerry–

      I have reason to think she’s pretty accurate; the gentleman who helped with the translations from VOYAGER through ABOSA, Iain MacKinnon Taylor, actually drove from his home in New Hampshire to New York, to coach her in the Gaelic. (Granted, the result would have a strong Isle of Harris/North Uist accent , but would be accurate.)


      • Diana That’s great to know. I’m in the middle of Echo in the Bone, my sixth reread of the Big Seven and I always enjoy the Gaelic. Am pleased to be able to know that Davina Porter had such good instruction. All I can hope for now is that she will do Book 8! — Jerry

        PS The Scottish Prisoner was fantastic. It fits so well into the Seven and I strongly recommend to anyone who doesn’t have it that they do so pronto!

      • I am halfway through the Scottish Prisoner and am thoroughly enjoying it! I’m so excited to be a part of Jamie and Lord John’s lives again. I can actually understand some of the Gaelic now. Since my late teens, I’ve wanted to learn Gaelic. My father once asked me why. I thank my Great-Grandfather for the desire to continue our family history. I tried learning Irish Gaelic in my 20′s and had a difficult time sticking with it because it was all on audio tape. At age 42, I purchased DVD’s of “Speaking Our Language” with Rhoda MacDonald from Scotland. Best purchase yet!
        I can’t wait to read “Written In My Own Heart’s Blood” and the novella, “The Space Between.” Thank you for the sneak peaks in your blog.

  2. I received my copy of the “Scottish Prisoner” from the Poisoned Pen earlier this week. I’ve ordered from them before and they always do a marvelous job of packing and shipping. They even covered the dust jacket in mylar! I’m savoring the reading of it and just loving it, Diana!

  3. Does the bestseller list include the sales of e-books? And a Moran Taing to you too! Your daily lines probably help boost sales… not that we wouldn’t be purchasing your books anyway, but getting those little teasers (okay, BIG teasers) on a regular basis is like the proverbial carrot. Please continue to give us those carrots… they are good for the eyes, you know! ;)

  4. I finished “The Scottish Prisoner” last night and loved it!!! Diana: you certainly know how to grab the attention of reader and keep them hooked. Thank you for another amazing book!!!

  5. Really Diana did you ever doubt that it would be a hit…….as a loyal reader I am not surprised….your books are the greatest and you deserve all the recognition that you get and more! Congratulations and Merry Christmas!

  6. I’m so happy for you Diana! It seems everyone is now catching on to what many of us have known for years :)
    There’s just one problem, although I pre-ordered two signed copies of Scottish Prisoner from the Poisoned Pen in early November, they just mailed them today. So it seems the rest of the world has their hand on a copy, and I still don’t. I’m sure it will be worth the wait (especially for my personally autographed copy), but I sure am jealous of all the other people who’ve been able to read it before me.
    Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season, Diana. You deserve all this success and more.

    • Hello Kelly,
      Do what I did.
      I have ordered two copies of SP from the ‘Poisoned Pen’ but also purchased an electronic copy which arrived from Amazon.com.UK on the 1st December on my Ipad2 Kindle app here in Australia.
      Instant and delayed gratification and no wonder our wonderful Diana is on the New York best seller list.

  7. I’ve been savoring reading The Scottish Prisoner. I don’t want it to end! I’ve read the Outlander series 4 times – 3 times back-to-back and once many years ago. It is my favorite read of all time, and I read alot!

  8. I think it is wonderful that Ms. Gabaldon is still writing. At the age of 17 I went to Germany and was given Outlander as my first book. My foster parents were huge fans and had all the printed copies. I learned German and was caught up in the fever. The series quickly became my favorite and now that I have returned to the USA, when someone is looking for a great book I am quick to ask if they have ever read the series and most haven’t. Many tell me after getting started how great the books are and how unique the story line is. I found the books amazing!

    • Hi Amanda,

      did you as American really read the books first in german language? Did I understand this right? It´s an amazing and funny story! I´m from Germany and on this way Viele Grüße und fröhliche Weihnachten! From fan to fan. Hope I wrote it all right;-)


  9. What great news about The Scottish Prisoner! However…you keep thanking us and its really the other way around…WE must thank you for writing a wonderful story that keeps us wanting more…I fairly recently discovered Outlander, I actually had the books for 2 years in my library stash before I read them…I know! What was I thinking? Ever since that moment I opened the first book and read the first paragraph I was hooked. So…THANK YOU!

  10. Diana, my daughter and I began reading your books together years ago when she lived in California and I (still) live in Minnesota. We gobbled them up like starving urchins until…. John showed up featured in his own book and you left Jamie and his family leaning over the proverbial cliff. When are you going to continue the original series.

    Our family and friends found Lord John’s character to elicit, from us, an interesting blend of repugnace and pity. So, sorry to say, we haven’t bought any of the Lord John series… and won’t. Please let me know if, and when, you’ll let us “off the cliff.”

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

  11. So glad to be part of the joy. Thank you for having so many voices in your head and the willingness to listen and tell their stories. Truly decadent to crawl into one of your books and live for awhile in a different time, a different place. Books that give us that escape are a gift.


  12. Can’t wait for the Gaelic sound bites to arrive! I have SP but haven’t read it just yet. I have surgery coming up for a naughty gall bladder so I’m saving SP for recuperation time! I”m glad the book hit the best-seller list and that I helped!

    I had just spent the last 7 months re-reading the entire Outlander series and have to say that, after reading EOTB much slower, I’m looking forward to book 8.

    Have a great weekend, and Merry Christmas to you and all!

  13. I am nearly finished Scottish Prisoner and I have just been enjoying it so much! I’m so glad you hit the best seller list so quickly, this book has filled in a lot of the gaps in the timeline for me, and it’s just such a good read.
    Thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. Hi Diana.

    Big Congratulations on making Da List !

    I finished the book and it was wondeful! “A Bonnie Lad” made me cry too.

    I don’t have a signed Poisoned Pen copy but I’m hoping there’s going to be an occasion to get it signed in person


  15. Congratulations and THANK YOU so much Diana! Just finished THE SCOTTISH PRISONER earlier today. I was so teary and sad to arrive at the end, I went straight to VOYAGER! Diana, you’ve done it again! It’s wonderful to learn more about some of the characters and fill in the time line a little more too. And also to get a little Jamie fix until the next BIG BOOK comes out!

  16. Congratulations on the NY Times Bestseller status. I just finished it and loved it. I love Jamie and Lord John and you really brought them to life in this book. They are two wonderful men – warts and all. But it did just leave me wanting more. Alas, I’ll have to wait till the next one comes out. Thank you for continuing to write.

  17. I can’t wait to read the SP, my treat for Christmas. A good book, chocolates etc. I have just finished Lord John and the Zombies and having to restrain myself for SP. Just thank for stories that make me laugh, cry and care about the characters.

  18. I find that reading your books are like eating a brownie after 20 years of dieting. You stuff the first one into your mouth, then you eat the second one slow and enjoy it more. Looking forward to my SECOND more leisurely read of the Scottish Prisoner.

  19. Diana,
    Congrats on yet another wonderful book and a well-deserved spot on the NY Times Bestseller List! My mother and aunt have been fans of the Outlander series since the very beginning (which is longer than I’ve been alive!), and once I reached adulthood the very “well-loved” paperbacks were handed down to me to read. From the first page of Outlander I was captivated, and tore through all seven books in three months! Now that I’ve devoured the last of EITB, I was very anxious to read Scottish Prisoner even though I’ve never read the Lord John novels and honestly didn’t find him as spellbinding as Jamie and Claire – but after finishing it in 36 hours I’m a convert! For me it not only gave great insight into Jamie’s life without Claire, as well as developed a portrait of his relationship with William, but all the intricacies of his tumultuous friendship with Lord John as well, and I’ve finally had a taste of his true importance to the Outlander series. While I (like everyone else) anxiously await book eight, I’ll be reading the Lord John novels and rereading the first seven books. Also, I can’t wait for the Gaelic to be posted as I’ve always wondered how it sounds off paper; being Scotch-Irish with a Gaelic name has bred the curiosity in me since the beginning. Thanks Diana for sharing your talents and for challenging yourself to write a novel all those years ago!!

  20. I am half way through the “Scottish Prisoner” and it has captured my full attention like the first three books of the Outlander series. I had wondered if Jamie could stand alone and be of interest with out Claire. He does. I almost like him better and John Grey too. Thanks Diana for getting me through the winter blues with Jamie and all that he can get entangled into.

  21. Loved the Scottish Prisoner. Noticed that it was longer than the other Lord John books. Do all of your books keep getting a little longer? I am not complaining, the more pages, the better. It came one day and I was finished reading it by the next. I did sleep, fix meals, do dishes, etc., but not too much else. I’m always a little disappointed when I finish one of your books that it didn’t last a little longer, but they are hard to put down. Thank you. It should be #1 on the list by next week with all of your fans rushing to buy their copies. Am looking forward to Book eight and the Michael and Joan story. Had thought there might be a romance between them , but the more teasers you give us, the less likely it seems.

  22. Just finished the Scottish Prisioner….fabulous! Really gives you insight into Jamie and Lord John Grey’s relationship and how it was mended and grew. I truly loved it. Can not wait for the next installment in the Outlander series. Thank you Diana for being so imaginative! You captured my attention from the very first book and keep me coming back for more every time! Happy Holidays.

  23. I was determined NOT to like The Scottish Prisoner, as I am peeved it is taking so long for Book Eight to come out (I know….that sounds soooooo childish). Anyway, I read it last week, and as much as it pains me to say it…. I loved it !!!!! It was fascinating to learn a small bit of what Jamie had done during those twenty years apart from Claire.
    Diana …Congratulations on the best seller list!!! We all know that would be a no-brainer.

  24. Diana, two years ago I pull a fat book from the library shelf it was “dragonfly in amber.. and my addiction began. Since I read and re-read all you books and stories twice. My family cannot recognize me – from rational, pragmatic and very skeptical person I become addictive to everything written by you. Every day I start buy checking your notes online. That helps me with waiting for your next book, even I continue to read other books and a lot. Thank you very much for all you have done and continue to do: for your work, creativity and knowledge, your stories and heroes, your energy and enthusiasm. Please do not stop, do not quit. Whatever you are doing you are doing it right. My best wishes to you and your family. Please be healthy.

  25. Poor John Grey….the way he describes Jamie in several scenes of TSP — I would also have a hard time keeping my hands off of him. In fact, I think John represents all of us girls out here who know we’ll never have a wack at dear Jamie and can only imagine the possibilities from afar. Oh well.

    • Aha! Kimbre, I think you’ve put your finger on a major aspect of Lord John’s appeal. Never mind that he’s also gorgeously unattainable himself…

  26. Hi from Australia. Just finished reading The Scottish Prisoner. Like all of the other books, I couldn’t put it down. Will have to start the series again (for the 3rd time) while waiting for My Own Hearts Blood. I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland so I find the story very interesting. I think I have learned more about that period of Scottish history from the books than I ever did at school. (They didn’t teach much Scottish history in Australian schools.)

  27. Is the Poison Pen in Scottsdale or Phoenix…going to be in Scottsdale first 2 weeks of Feb…are you making any appearances during those weeks in that area?

    • Dear Darlene–

      Scottsdale, but it’s essentially the same thing. {g} I.e., Scottsdale is in the Phoenix Metro area. No, I’m not making any formal appearances until March–but I go by the Poisoned Pen every week or so to sign books, so if you want something, you can order it and they’ll let you know when it’s ready to pick up.


  28. You are very, very welcome. I have got my copy and devoured it and though it’s a huge call, it’s possible that it’s the best book you’ve written so far. I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you continue to get the recognition you deserve.

  29. Hi Diana, I’m a big fan from Toronto, Canada. My sister-in-law got me hooked on Jamie and Claire and now I’ve gotten one of my girlfriends hooked as well. Unfortunately, she’s a couple of books behind me so it’s hard to talk about my two favourite characters with her without giving something away. However, we both do agree that you certainly know how to make the love scenes in your books so real ~ it leaves us breathless! Whether it’s Jamie and Claire or Jamie and John, wow! I wasn’t so sure I would be happy about a book without Claire, but so far so good. Do you have a ballpark publishing date for My Own Hearts Blood? You know, the next good thing to look forward to…
    Congratulations on making the list, truly no surprise there!

    • Dear Donna–

      Well, let’s not leave folk who haven’t read THE SCOTTISH PRISONER with the notion that it involved Jamie having sex with Lord John! Nooooot happening. {g} Glad you’re enjoying the book(s), though, thank you!


  30. I enjoyed the book very much, specially chapter 32 which kept me biting my nails . Betty is interesting…
    Thank you again Diana for yet another wonderful book !!

  31. Diana,

    I had to send you a link to this comic. It is great!

  32. Enjoying my time with Scottish Prisoner…reading your books feels like coming home…thanks so much for another great read~

  33. I just finished reading The Scottish Prisoner and it was a most welcome addition to the Outlander series. I often wondered just what went on in all the time that Jamie spent as a prisoner until he went back to Lallybroch. I especially liked learning more about Minnie. She isn’t just a little House Frau at all is she? It was also very clever how you wound what we already knew about Wille and Isobel and Lord John with the storyline.

    I did think you portrayed the Irish in a less than admirable light. This may have been unavoidable since the characters that were Irish were involved in rebellion from the English. No small wonder since they have spent centuries trying to remove the English rule from Ireland as well. The wonderful qualities of honor and integrity that you have built into the Scottish characters are also in the Irish who settled the Scottish highlands centuries ago. It is a special fealty born in the clan way of governance and what drew me to your books since my background is both Scottish and Irish.

    This is for you Diana although you may repeat it if you wish—–

    On another note I just love your description of a dachsund puppie. I have had both a red male (now deceased) and a black and tan female pup who have grown into the best pets I ever had. I understand your love for the breed after seeing pictures of Homer and JJ. They spoil you for life don’t they?

  34. Hello Diana ! That’s great to be able to contact you through your site. Thanks a lot for your wonderful books with such a unique story line ! My addiction began with “Cross Stitch”-UK title- about 12 years ago, afterwards I was caught up in the fever and “gobbled up” the 7 books of the Outlander series and of course I’m looking forward to the next one, nr 8… can’t wait ! I just bought The Scottish Prisoner to day, awaiting next year for WMOHB. Thanks once more. Merry Christmas to you, your family and loved ones. Take care from a fan from PARIS, France

  35. In two months time, last year, a friend and I raced through all of your Outlander and Lord John books, texting one another throughout them all. I’ve searched for another series that can compare to yours and I just cannot find one. Like giddy teenagers, we jumped for joy (literally) when The Scottish Prisoner was released. It was almost a year between the last time we left Jamie and The Scottish Prisoner. It was like reuniting with an old friend…no time was lost. The only thing that got lost was my imagination…running through London once again, caught up in the whirlwind of Jamie’s adventures. Thank you for the escape from the excitment of life into another lifetime. Peace.

  36. Dear Diana,

    First off, thank you for this wonderful addition to my Diana Gabaldon library.

    I really enjoyed The Scottish Prisoner. I just recently purchased “Songs of Love and Death” and can’t wait to get lost in this book, as well. Will you publish any more of the graphic novels? I really enjoyed the Outlander Graphic Novel, as well.

    Did you put up the link to the gaelic sound files yet? Did I miss anything? I have tried ot find them but maybe I am looking in the wrong place.

    Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us,


  37. February 3rd.
    Just love everything Outlander. Couldn’t believe I’d never heard of it before last fall.
    I’ve ready almost everything now and I’m drooling for more!!!
    Still no Phonetic Pronunciation?
    Moran Taing


  38. Dear Diana,

    I have recently come across your books through a blog called The Outlander Kitchen. The blog owner makes recipes from foods mentioned in your books. One of the recipes she made was Salt Rising Bread, because you wrote about some of your characters who ate “rising salt-bread.” I am a huge enthusiast of Salt Rising Bread and wondered if you could tell me if this is a bread you made up for the book or do you actually know that this “rising salt bread” was once eaten in Scotland? I would be most interested to know if you know anything more about the history of this bread

    Thank you so very much!
    Susan Brown

    (my website, that is all about Salt Rising Bread, is at this address, in case you are interested: http://home.comcast.net/~petsonk/ )

  39. Dear Diana,

    I have recently come across your books through a blog called The Outlander Kitchen. The blog owner makes recipes from foods mentioned in your books. One of the recipes she made was Salt Rising Bread, because you wrote about some of your characters who ate “rising salt-bread.” I am a huge enthusiast of Salt Rising Bread and wondered if you could tell me if this is a bread you made up for the book or do you actually know that this “rising salt bread” was once eaten in Scotland? I would be most interested to know if you know anything more about the history of this bread

    Thank you so very much!

    Susan Brown

    (my website, that is all about Salt Rising Bread, is at this address, in case you are interested: http://home.comcast.net/~petsonk/ )

    • Dear Susan–

      No, I didn’t make it up. I’ll have to find my collection of antique cookbooks, though, to look up the salt-rising bread. (It’s out in the garage at the moment…)


  40. please tell me where the sound file is, I can’t find it and just finished all your published books for outlander and lord john grey… think i’ll have to reread to wait until 2013.

    • Dear cg–

      Writing the pronunciation guide to go _with_ the sound files proved to be a much bigger challenge than my Gaelic translator thought to begin with–she apologizes for the delay. We _will_ get it up as soon as it’s done, though.


  41. Ciamar a ha sibh?
    Still waiting for the Gaelic recordings. I also use the Scot’s Gaelic in my novels and have the opportunity to have Gaelic speakers on the Isle of Barra (where I visit friends every year) help me. I once spent over two hours in the Historical Museum on Barra while the clerk (a Gaelic speaker) went through countless dictionaries to find a particular phrase I wanted to use. Interesting about your friend from Harris. The Outer Hebrides is my favorite destination in Scotland. The folk are so hardy, friendly, and tied to the land, that it humbles me. I agree with them when they say that there is no finer place to live than in the Western Isles surrounded by the ocean, with an endless sky above.

    Tapadh leat,

  42. I’ve been trying for ages to find a link to the spoken (recorded) Gaelic promised in 2011. Was it ever done and posted? How can I find it? I’m eager to hear what all the words and phrases from the books sound like. I am on the verge of purchasing one of the audio books recorded by Davina, if there is no other way, but they are sooooo expensive! We do have the one lesson in Sassenach from Sam/Jamie, and for that I am grateful, but we need more, please…

    • Dear Marli–

      No, alas. I’m afraid our Gaelic sources encountered technical problems in trying to produce adequate sound files, and we haven’t yet managed. I have hopes that we may eventually get Gaelic sound files for _all_ the bits in _all_ the books, but for now, the best I can do is refer you to this: http://tinyurl.com/SpeakOutlander