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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor


“THE CUSTOM OF THE ARMY” will be released as an e-book on MAY 21!
Click to pre-order from Amazon, barnesandnoble.com, or the iBookstore!

And see below for an explanation:

Well, now. Over the last few years, I’ve written occasional short(er) pieces for anthologies. An anthology, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a collection of short stories or novellas (a novella is shorter than a novel, but longer than a short story), written by a number of different authors.

The notion behind an anthology is that readers who tend to read only within one genre will buy an anthology that features one of their favorite authors, but then will be exposed to other fine writers whose work they may want to explore further.

From my point of view, it’s just fun—and a nice mental break—to do these occasional short bits (I always do have multiple projects on the go; it keeps me from ever having writer’s block). As a side benefit, though, I then _have_ these pieces.

See, unlike the standard contract that covers publishing a novel (which normally says that the publisher can publish the book as long as it keeps selling above a certain minimal level), editors/publishers of anthologies normally make short-term contracts with their authors; they have the exclusive right to publish the story within a particular territory, but only for a relatively short period—after which, the rights to the stories revert to the individual authors.

So. What do you _do_ with, say, a 23,000-word novella? Well, prior to the advent of e-publishing, not that much. Unless you could collect several short pieces and publish them together as a book, that is. I did this with the first three Lord John novellas (“Hell-fire Club,” “Succubus,” and “Haunted Soldier”), which I (and Random House and a number of other, foreign publishers) published as a single volume titled LORD JOHN AND THE HAND OF DEVILS.

Ah, but now we _do_ have e-publishing, which offers new and entertaining possibilities! And I have five more short pieces, sitting here glowing with potential. [g]

BUT…bear in mind that bit above, about rights. The publisher of an anthology does have an exclusive right to publish a given story, within a particular territory, for a set period of time and/or in a particular form—and you can’t publish that story elsewhere until those rights expire and “revert” to you as the author.

So this leads us to an interesting situation. As I said, I have five short pieces (besides the three in HAND OF DEVILS):

“The Custom of the Army” is set in 1759, in London and Quebec, and while it probably _was_ all the fault of the electric eel, Lord John finds himself obliged to leave London for the wilds of Canada and the dangerous proximity of James Wolfe, the British general besieging the Citadel of Quebec. (“_Melodramatic ass,” was what Hal had said, hastily briefing him before his departure. “Showy, bad judgement, terrible strategist. Has the Devil’s own luck, though, I’ll give him that. _Don’t_ follow him into anything stupid_.”)

“Plague of Zombies” takes place in 1761, on the island of Jamaica, where Lord John is sent as commander of a battalion intended to suppress what seems to be a revolt of the escaped slaves called maroons. But things are not always what they seem. (_He rubbed the rest of the blood from his hand with the hem of his banyan, and the cold horror of the last few minutes faded into a glowing coal of anger, hot in the pit of his stomach. He’d been a soldier most of his life; he’d killed. He’d seen the dead on battlefields. And one thing he knew for a fact. Dead men don’t bleed_.)

“A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” is the story of Roger MacKenzie’s parents, Jerry and Dolly, and takes place during WWII. (_It was cold in the room, and she hugged herself. She was wearing nothing but Jerry’s string vest—he thought she looked erotic in it–”lewd,” he said, approving, his Highland accent making the word sound really dirty–and the thought made her smile. The thin cotton clung to her breasts, true enough, and her nipples poked out something scandalous, if only from the chill. She wanted to go crawl in next to him, longing for his warmth, longing to keep touching him for as long as they had_.)

“The Space Between” follows the events in the novel AN ECHO IN THE BONE, is set in Paris in 1778, and concerns Michael Murray (Young Ian Murray’s elder brother), Joan MacKimmie (Marsali MacKimmie Fraser’s younger sister), Mother Hildegarde (yes, she’s still alive), the Comte St. Germain (ditto (surely you didn’t think he was really dead, did you?)), and a number of other interesting people. (“_What a waste of a wonderful arse,” Monsieur Brechin remarked in French, watching Joan’s ascent from the far side of the cabin. “And mon Dieu, those legs! Imagine those wrapped around your back, eh? Would you have her keep the striped stockings on? I would.” It hadn’t occurred to Michael to imagine that, but he was now having a hard time dismissing the image. He coughed into his handkerchief to hide the reddening of his face_.)

“Virgins” is set in 1740, and is the story of 19-year-old Jamie Fraser and his 20-year-old friend Ian Murray as young mercenaries in France. (_Ian Murray knew from the moment he saw his best friend’s face that something terrible had happened. The fact that he was seeing Jamie Fraser’s face at all was evidence enough of that, never mind the look of the man_.)

Now, some of these stories have already reverted to me, and some haven’t. Some will revert in one territory sooner than they will in another. Those that haven’t yet reverted will do so one by one, as their original contracts expire.

What this means is that while I could publish “The Custom of the Army” right now, anywhere, in any form I liked, I can’t publish “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” until this October—and “Plague of Zombies” doesn’t revert to me in North America (the US and Canada) until next April.

So. What we (my agents and I) have arranged to do is to e-publish the novellas with Random House (my usual novel publisher) in North America one at a time, as the rights to each one become available. Once all of the rights have reverted, we’ll be able to put the entire collection in the form of a printed book (and probably a larger e-book), but I didn’t want y’all to have to wait two years before getting any of these stories.

(Also, e-publishing gives you a chance to try a sample of Lord John (in case you’ve been debating whether to read that part of the series yet) easily and cheaply.)

Now, owing to differences in rights and reversions in different territories (and the generous accommodation of the publishers of one or two of the stories), we are able to publish a print volume in the UK/Australia/NewZealand later this year, including the first four of these stories. This collection, called A TRAIL OF FIRE, is scheduled for publication this October (yes! In 2012!).*

(Why A TRAIL OF FIRE? Well…as the cover copy says… “ _Trails of tracer bullets in the dark, and the fiery trail of a wounded Spitfire falling out of the sky. The trail blazed by night by the handful of heroic Highlanders who fought their way straight up a vertical cliff to stand on the Plains of Abraham in a fiery dawn. The burning of plantations in a Jamaican night, in a trail leading down from the mountains, straight toward Kingstown. And the trail of a torch burning green as it moves through the eerie surrounds of a Paris cemetery, down into the mysteries of the earth._”)

HOWEVER—“The Custom of the Army” will appear first in North America. It will be released as an e-book, on May 21st (that’s a month from now—mark your calendars )**. “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” will be published as an e-book in North America in October, “Plague of Zombies” in April, and so on. I hope you’ll enjoy all these stories, in whichever form you encounter them!

*Because of the rights issues, A TRAIL OF FIRE won’t be published in the US/Canada until all of the story rights have reverted in this territory. This doesn’t mean you can’t get the book, though; just that it will be a bigger nuisance. The book can be legally imported from the UK, so you would—for instance—be able to order it from amazon.co.uk, or the Book Depository, or to buy it from an independent book-seller who imports UK books (The Poisoned Pen does import British books regularly; if you order from them, you can also get the book signed. www.poisonedpen.com). The drawback, of course, is that it’s a lot more expensive, owing to the high price of British books and the shipping costs. The e-books—being e-books—will be pretty cheap, so you might want to just get these one at a time as they come out. If you truly can’t wait, though…you will be able to get the whole collection in print form in October.

**Since it’s very easy to include additional material in an e-book, “The Custom of the Army” will include introductory notes, Author’s Notes about the historical details of the story, and a complete “Chronology of the OUTLANDER Series,” which tells you where ALL the novels, novellas, short stories, etc. fit in relation to each other, and what time periods are covered in each one. Such a deal!

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  1. oh i so can wait was wondering if you where going to write about roger and his parents so looking forward to reading this

    • It is already out, in Songs of Love and Death.

      • Dear Kate–

        Yes, indeed–as I said, all these short pieces were originally written for anthologies. A lot of people like anthologies; a lot of them, though, only want one or two stories and don’t want to buy the anthology just for those.


    • I have been patiently waiting for the next book in the Outlander series. I heard it was supposed to be released this spring. Do you have a release date yet? I’m so very anxious. The last book left so many ends wide open, I’m so eager for the next book!! I love your writing!

      • Dear Dawn–

        Don’t know where you heard that, but I’m still writing said book. [g] With luck, I’ll finish it somewhere around the end of this year, and it’ll be out sometime in 2013 (up to the publisher to decide exactly when). It’s called WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD; hope you enjoy it!


      • You may have been hearing chatter about the Scottich Prisoner…I was thinking it was going to be an Outlander book that was coming up too, but it has Lord John and Jamie in it too. So that was a good fix to “tide me over” until the next Outlander comes out. Try it. Also, the anthology “Songs of Love and Death” has a big waiting list at our library! I had no idea Diana’s portion of it would be about Roger’s parents, I guess???!!

  2. I am absolutley in love with your books! But i don’t like ebooks. Are these books also going to be published in paperback?

    • Dear Jasmin–

      Yes, I’m sure there will eventually be a print volume (whether hardcover to start or not, I don’t know, but I’d hope so)–but as I said in the explanation, you won’t get that in the US/Canada for another two years, because of the rights issues. If you have to have a print book sooner [g], you can order the UK/Commonwealth TRAIL OF FIRE.


    • I too do not care for e-books, so glad they will be published in book form.

  3. well i live in australia so i guess im lucky i will get read the book trail of fire this year then

  4. Awesome news, Diana! And even better for a chick way down in good old Kiwiland!

  5. That is so funny – I’ve been hunting down the anthologies with your stories in them, and now I can just sit back and wait. Mind you, it is always fun to discover those new-to-me authors in the anthologies.

  6. Thank you Diana, for your prolific ways! I’ll be watching google ebooks in May for the first one! Love reading on my tablet! Love your work!

  7. Ive spent the past three days hunting down the anthologies to get the Lord John stories!!!! It took a little bit of patience to figure out what story was in which book but I finally figured it out! It will be so great to be able to get them all in one place! I have Hand of the Devil and I’m looking forward to Trail of Fire!!

    This is great news for Gabaldonians!!


  8. October!! Yes, I can wait till October. Glad to be in Australia (usually we are the last to receive anything new, so ther you go, the tables have turned !) Thanks Diana for the update :-)

    • I agree, it is great to be in Australia and that we get this one first. I am going to pre-order my copy in the morning…regardless of cost or of what hubby says

  9. I have been buying the audo anthologies so that I can keep up with Lord John and also have three of the Lord John books . I am so glad that I will get to have these pieces in reading form. Thank you Diana for your prolific work

  10. Whoa…I’m gonna need a day-planner just to keep up with what’s available on what dates in which form.

    Well worth the effort, though.

  11. Woohoo I’m in Scotland so that’s an easy Christmas present for me from my hubby lol!!! :) Can’t wait!

  12. Oooh! Goodie! We get first dibs on your collection! There IS an advantage to living all the way over here in Oz!
    Not to sound ungrateful though, could you please list for us which collections each of these stories has appeared in? I’m pretty sure I have some of these in various anthologies already and at present I’m not sure I can afford to buy another copy of your stories, much as I would love to… hmmm October is my birthday month, maybe I can hint loudly to the kids…
    As you can see I’m rather conflicted about this!
    Where did/will The Space Between appear? Same question for Virgins?

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Great news Diana! Getting these one at a time will help to fill the time before MOBY is available… and keep us tantalized. Plus leave us time to reread all of the other Outlander material. Thanks so much!

  14. That’s a really interesting tutorial on publishing as well as fantastic news about your upcoming ebooks and anthologies. Thanks for all of the great stories!

  15. You write i read, i cant wait for this, i love everything you write. I buy double the paperbacks and now i am buying the ebooks the best of both worlds.

  16. I also do not like ebooks and will patiently wait for it to be released in print form…

  17. Diana,

    Am going to London next month. Will I be able to stop into a book store there and get the book?


    • Dear Linda–

      Well, if you read the description above (she says patiently), you’ll see that the UK collection (A TRAIL OF FIRE) comes out in October. So no, alas, you won’t be able to get it next month.


  18. Thanks for all the information on the new material. I guess I will wait until October for my copy of the new stories. Am just finishing up the last of the original three Lord John books, and soon onto the Scottish Prisoner. Thanks for all the wonderful stories, Ms. Gabaldon. Hope the flight wasn’t too taxing on you. Love the FB posts, and love too that you occasionally comment on one of our posts on a string.

    Harold Crockett

  19. Well now, maybe I’ll try reading it in english this time, instead of waiting for the french translation…..
    you’ve got us really hooked, Mrs Gabaldon !! LOLO:)

  20. So when will Virgins & Space Between be available?

    • Dear Leatha–

      THE SPACE BETWEEN is for an anthology (edited by John Joseph Adams and published by Tor) called THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION. [g] The pub date is absolutely certain, but January 2013 is the latest suggested date I’ve heard. VIRGINS is for an anthology called DANGEROUS WOMEN (edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois), and while I don’t have a pub date for that one yet, it will very likely be out this fall (in 2012).


  21. Good Lord, this makes me so happy.

  22. The bookdepository would be your best bet to order online, since they do have free shipping worldwide. The book itself may be a little more expensive than at amazon.co.uk, but amazon charges a very high shipping rate for the US.

    I tend to order all my books from bookdepository (www.thebookdepository.co.uk).

  23. I, also, have not warmed up to e-books, preferring to “cuddle” on my couch with a paperback. Hopefully this will be released as a paperback. I look forward to it.

    • Dear Betty–

      Well, as I said above, _eventually_ there will be a print version released in the US/Canada. Most likely it will be like my other books, i.e., released first as a hardcover and then later as a paperback.


      P.S. We should note, btw, for those who don’t like ebooks, that _all_ these short pieces either have been or will be published in the anthologies for which they were originally commissioned, so even if you live in the US or Canada, you can get a print form of the stories. They’d just be in collections with stories by other authors.

      • I’ve been reading the anthology versions as I can get them (last one took almost 6 months on library waiting list). I’ve read all the other stories in them, which has given me ideas for other writers I might read. They’re good for exploring possible like-minded writers.

  24. Thank you for all your wonderful books,

  25. Well, I won’t be able to wait! More Diana G is always good no matter the form! I’m especially looking forward to Michael and Joan. Thanks Diana!

  26. **Since it’s very easy to include additional material in an e-book, “The Custom of the Army” will include introductory notes, Author’s Notes about the historical details of the story, and a complete “Chronology of the OUTLANDER Series,” which tells you where ALL the novels, novellas, short stories, etc. fit in relation to each other, and what time periods are covered in each one. Such a deal!

    Will the print version (the one going to be published in 2 years) contain this too?
    I bought the anthology containing “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”, because the other stories also sounded interesting (though I mostly bought it for your story), so I already have that story :)
    I don’t know how soon I’ll get an e-reader, so at the moment at least I prefer paper versions – so if I want the most complete paper version, I think it’s best to wait two years, right?

    Also, I bought “The Scottish Prisoner” last week – can’t wait to start reading it :D (after finishing homework reading, of course)

  27. Hi there,

    I’m not seeing it on Random House of Canada site yet, or Kobo. I wonder if the listing has just been delayed in Canada? You did say North American rights, so it should show up sooner or later. Maybe it’ll show up when it releases.
    Thanks, though!


  28. Thank you! I’ll get them in whatever form I can!

  29. Great news. My husband, daughter and myself are all avidly awaiting your next book in the Outlander series. This e-book will fill the gap nicely. We are all converts to Kindle and I-pad. I have all your books in both paper and e-book form.
    I am a lowland Scot and in my head I have cast Alex Kingston as Claire and Andy Murray as Jamie.
    I love every word you have written. May.

  30. I agree with Gretchen! However they come out first. Gotta have the book, but love my kindle too. It’s so convenient and I can do so much with it!

  31. Diana, I’ve already read and thoroughly enjoyed “The Custom of the Army” and “Plague of Zombies” in the respective anthologies (and fine collections they are, too). I eagerly look forward to the other three, particularly “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows”. I do have a somewhat unrelated question.

    Will these ebooks be published with or without Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

    I’ve been following a discussion in the Scottish author Charlie Stross’s blog (see http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2012/04/more-on-drm-and-ebooks.html), and he’s made what seems a closely reasoned and persuasive argument for marketing ebooks without DRM. How do you feel about this issue?

    • Dear Dave–

      I prefer not to have DRM on my ebooks, and I _think_ “Custom” is published without it–but Random House does usually make final decisions on that sort of production issue.


  32. Great! I will be in Australia showing off my new little one in October! Perfect timing!
    Really looking forward to reading all the back stories of characters.

  33. I have an iPad, with a Kindle app, but don’t like to read long books on it. Something is lost to me with that format when it comes to long novels. But with shorter pieces, I’m fine reading them on an ebook or iPad. Does anyone else have that issue with ebooks? I would much rather buy an anthology and read short bursts on my iPad that way. I have to wonder if the lengths of books makes a difference with sales on the various electronic devices; I sort of feel like I have been ‘trained’ to have a shorter attention span electronically then with the paper page.

    • I have finally converted all of my Outlander books to my Kindle and haven’t had any issues reading the longer novels on them. In fact, I find I’m prefering them… and I had my Kindle almost 2 months before I broke down and got my first DG book. I know I will never part with the hard copies, especially my newly added signed first editions, but I find my arms getting tired holding up a 1000+ pg book.

      That said, I love the anthologies that some of the shorter stories have been released in. Downloaded samples t my Kindle and now I have found several new authors to read.

      SPOILER QUESTION: In the afterward of “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” you refer the reader back to Echo for information on the “travellers” Jerry encounters…. I’m assuming one of them is Roger… but who is the “fair one” with him? Is it William? Can’t find a physical description to help me out!

      • Dear Vicki–

        Yes, that’s William Buccleigh.


      • Vicki,
        I think I just need to get a Kindle…as it is smaller then the iPad and has that anti-glare screen…I guess one can’t have too many electronic gadgets!

        • Stacie
          Got my kindle for Christmas and I am loving it! I always carried a book with me everywhere and this is so much easier to tote around. I bought a small hard sided case so I dont worry about dropping it or having it laying around in the car whenI am out. Books are ecconomical that way too. I can get Outlander for 8$ on Amazon and a used paper back will cost you nearly that much. I do also keep paper copies of all my favorite books cause a I have had enough electronics crash to be afraid I would loose them.

  34. How did you pull off including “The Space Between” before its release in the anthology?!? I might have to order the UK book after all!

  35. i have just finished reading the 7 outlander books. They were absolutley fanatastic i couldnt put them down,when is book 8 available?
    i cant wait to see what happens to Jamie and Claire.
    Please recommend other books i can read in the mean time am hooked.

    • Check out the Audible.com site for the Outlander series (does not include the Lord John ) books. They are currently$7.99 and I’m listening to one on my kindle while I quilt. You do not have to join Audible to purchase the books. Enjoy!

  36. Diana,
    As I’m sure you know, The Custom of the Army and The Scottish Prisoner have the speech enabled for the people–like me–who need/want that. Can Randomhouse somehow go back and enable the speech on all the other books they’ve released for the Kindle–none of the Outlander series has it, for example.
    Thanks, and I hope you get to feeling better!

  37. Tried Kindle. UCK. Tried Nook. UCK. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIKE eBooks. Nuisance. At least a book does not loose it’s charge. And if the power goes out I have my flashlight and replacement batteries should I have to read under the covers (not at my age)……did I mention my youngest son’s birthday is May 1 and dear Lord he and your Jamie could be twins. You must write a book about Jamie’s mom if she went through what the mind of a May 1 child can come up with and not have banished her husband to sleeping in the barn she was a woman of super strength. Got a friend in New Zealand ready to send the book as soon as it hits.

    (And since I am a May 5 “individual” I bless the ground you walk on for hours of enjoyment and education. Heading to Scotland next fall to finish up studies started in 1968……about time I got that degree)

    Invincible Grammie

  38. Yippee! This will be a good fix until book 8 comes out. Thank you. This is a great idea. And I love the ebook idea…all I gotta do is download it from Amazon. That and a cuppa cocoa…can’t wait.

  39. Awesome! Can’t wait! Nice concept!! My calendar is “marked”!! Thank you!

  40. Well, that settles it….I will buy the E-books as they come out, so I can start reading them and then when it’s out in book form, I will buy that too, to add to my collection… Yippee :D

  41. Thank you Diana, for not letting us suffer from withdrawal symptoms until your next Jamie-and-Claire goodie!

  42. It is like I got an early birthday gift! Best news I have heard in awhile. Thank you Diana!

  43. Looking forward to it! I have all of your books on paper, print and audio. Do you know if/when this collection will come out on Audible? I have the anthologies that contain them, but not the audio. I love to listen over and over as I drive to work (1 1/4 hours each way, daily). I love the narrators, especially Davina Porter!!

  44. I am so happy to hear that you are publishing a collection of the shorter pieces. I love your books and have listened to them all many times. Please keep in mind that there is a whole group of us out here who cannot read E books or hard print. While I can stand the robotic voice with which I listen to your website articles, that just won’t do for stories. I would love to be able to purchase a audiobook version of your anthology.

  45. Yay! Just pre-ordered it for my Nook. I have really enjoyed the LJG series and will certainly look forward to reading all his adventures! Thanks, Diana!

  46. Dear Diana,

    I. Am. Thrilled. You are awesome. Since a teenager I have loved the detailed, vivid, humorous, and very human adventures you write. As a very young woman I wrote to you and you took the time to write me back. Thank you. Going to pre-order the novellas now. :)


  47. Ooh, so exciting, but I can’t decide whether to get the e-books or wait until October as I’m in the UK (I do both!) However, I am going to get all the Outlander series for my Kindle, so maybe I should just go straight to the e-books.

    Loving The Scottish Prisoner…. love all your books!

  48. Hello, Diana. On St. Patrick’s Day, my friend Sue met you at a Renaissance Fair in Phoenix. She hasn’t read your books (I’m working on that), but she knows how I rave about your books and characters and that you are my favorite modern author and that the Outlander series is my favorite book series. So, she bought a book and you graciously autographed it to me and posed for a photo. Thank you so much for the autograph and photo. I wish I could have met you myself. Sue gave me the best gift ever. No, I take that back. Her friendship for almost 24 years is the best gift. The autographed book and photo are the second best gift. Isn’t it amazing how a best friend knows everything? Even my family doesn’t know how I love your books. I do have one question. If I’m reading it correctly in your autograph, what does “Le meas” mean? Is it Gaidhlig? I’m overwhelmingly curious.

    Thank you for sharing your talent. I look forward to the next book. Cheers!

  49. Awesome!
    Thanks for doing this and explaining it all.
    I look forward to adding them to my e-reader :)

  50. I am an e-reader addict, and I’ve just pre-ordered The Custom of the Army from Barnes & Noble…I’ve NEVER pre-ordered a book, always worried I’d regret it. Not this time.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  51. Hi Diana:

    Thanks for the heads up, I have all of the already published anthologies and now I will have two more to look forward to. I got the anthologies ‘Warriors’ and ‘ Down These Strange Streets’ for my ebook. It is delightful to know that two more can be added before too long

    I find the ebooks very convenient whist traveling, saves a lot of room in the suitcases, I can even read an electronic book in the car…something not be tried with a real book due to motion sickness. I have no idea why that should be so, but it makes the trip from Alberta to New Mexico go by much faster.

    One shelf of my bookcase is dedicated to your books, all in hardbound, so when the novellas come out they will join the rest. In the meantime WaHOOOO for ebooks!


  52. I am soooo excited!!! I just pre-ordered on Amazon!!! I cannot wait until May 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Looking forward to these ebooks. Do let us know when you find out if Random House Canada will make them available for Kobo please! Sure hope they will.

    Cannot get enough of these stories and characters!!!

  54. Looking forward to all these tasty tidbits, no matter when they show up! Thanks for the good news!

    Take care of yourself!

  55. Diana . . . Just wanted to say that we both love your novels, and thank you for your generous interaction here with all of us “fans”. Outlander was our Christmas present to each other in 2005 or 2006 – conceived by my husband as a result of my interest in my Scottish heritage. I had the privilege of visiting Scotland once, and was amazed at how I felt I belonged there. I hope to go back one day and visit again. These novels have made the lives of my ancestors so much more real to me, and have peaked my interest in geneology to learn more about their lives.

    Nevertheless, it took me a couple of years to actually get into Outlander – but then I was HOOKED! Have read all seven of the Outlander series, and “The Scottish Prisoner” – and now, waiting on “My Own Heart’s Blood”, we’ve both started back at the beginning to get to know Claire, Jamie and the rest of your beloved characters all over again. I actually stopped “Voyager” at the point where it felt that “Scottish Prisoner” fell into place – and read that – before going back to “Voyager” to just where Claire leaves Bri and Roger to go “home” to Jamie. Our hope/plan is to finish up Book 7 just as MOHB is released, so we can jump right in where we left off.

    I would highly recommend to anyone who’s completed the series once: go back to the beginning, and read through again in anticipation of the new novel. The read is SO much sweeter the second time through, when you have some insight into the complexities of the characters and relationships. It’s like meeting precious friends, and getting to know them more deeply after a long absence.

    Thanks, again, Diana, for sharing your heart with us in Jamie & Claire. Your gift is much appreciated.

    Warm Regards,
    R & M

    • I have to admit that I re read the whole series prior to EVERY release, lol. I absorb books, so I find re reads important because there is always something new that makes more sense with the new aspect or char point of view.

  56. Love reading your work.

    Loved even more when Claire helps deliver the horse and fixes the goats leg. Since ‘doctors’ of the time took on all different kinds of patients…two and four legged….and since I am a ‘farmer’ myself in Phoenix… I adore it when Claire does something I have done. (Go figure, I like being similar to my favorite heroine!)

    I would really enjoy seeing Claire do more veterinary work. (Hint, Hint, Nudge, Nudge.)

    Thank You for your wonderful imagination!

  57. Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting the short stories out in e-book form as the contracts expire so we don’t have to wait as long to read them! Twenty days to “The Custom of the Army”!

  58. What good news!
    Also, I live in Turkey, and the other day, I saw the outlander series advertised in one of my husband’s glossy Turkish magazines. How nice not to have to make decisions about gifts for the rest of the year!

  59. Have all of the Outlander books so far and also the Lord John ones as well as the three anthologies with the first three short stories. They also included stories by other authors that I have been reading for years as well as some new ones. Have been checking to try to find publishing dates for Dangerous Women and The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination but haven’t been able to pin down a date. I prefer a nice hard bound book to e-book or audio tapes. When I read, I hear the voices (words) in my head and someone else reading out loud doesn’t sound right. It will be nice to have all the short stories in one book. In MOHB will you go into more detail about Roger and William Buccleigh’s interaction with Roger’s Dad? I have loved all of your books and wait impatiently for #8.

    • Hello Eugenia,
      I felt exactly ths same as you about, being contented to ‘listen’ to Jamie and Claire’s voices in my head. Me and my imagination, were perfectly happy with the status quo. UNTIL ……. I listened to Davina Porter’s narration of ‘genius’ Diana’s wonderful words. if you haven’t taken the opportunity to try the Audio versions, I would urge you to ‘give it a go’ as we say here in Australia.
      Best wishes
      Antipodean Janet

  60. I’ve checked out Custom of the Army on Åmazon. They want me to pre-order for my Kindle. Well I don’t have a Kindle and plan to look into downloading the story to my Mac when it comes available. This will be my first eBook download so wish me luck. It is my understanding that “Kindle files” are available as PDFs which I can certainly read on my Mac. If anyone has any tips on where or how to download to a computer I’d appreciate hearing them. Is Barnes &Noble any better since they don’t sell Kindles?

    I’ve purchased all of Diana’s shorter pieces as they become available in print but am so anxious to see Book 8 that Custom of the Army will have to be my temporary fix. Am just finished reading A Breath of Snow and Ashes for the seventh time and am looking forward to again rereading Echo in the Bone for the seventh time as well. I “read” the novels, including Lord John books, from both audible.com and in print form simultaneously and find that Davina Porter’s masterful narrations enhance my reading of the hard copy volumes so if you haven’t tried that yet you might want to give it a shot.

    The narrator of the Lord John books is also quite good and I’m pleased that Diana’s agents have done so well in finding excellent narrators. I certainly hope that Written in my Own Heart’s Blood will be available simultaneously at audible.com with the print version (hopefully by Davina Porter!) so I can “read” the novel simultaneously in both print and audio formats. Can’t wait until 2013 when Book 8 is available!

    • Scratch my question about reading eBooks on my Mac. I’m off to find the “Kindle Mac application” so I can read on my Mac.

      • Sad to say I have learned that the Kindle Mac application requires Mac OS X 10.6. I only have version 10.5.8. So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and order the newer version for fifty bucks. Diana can you see how devoted some of your fans are? ;)

  61. I have to say, seeing all the new coming work has giving me a small giddy fit.

    Tho I know deep inside the real fit is still knowing that the cliff hangers in the last book are still hanging there waiting to be set down in their own boo.k (s) :)

    Thanks for the tips on getting our hands on other publications from different areas.

    John has such an enigmatic character. I am not surprised he keeps popping up with his own stories twisting even more depth into the other’s with little tiny tid bits that make things go click , and some twist and hint of the Series’s in total. All of a sudden long thought dead people make an appearance and blow your head off with knowledge you wish you could have shaken Jamie or any character a few books ago with, lol.

    Thanks for all your work to make these characters come even more to life.

  62. Thank you Diana, this is great news!
    I had ordered “Warriors” from B&N last month, but it’s out of print, so my order was cancelled.
    Now my problem may be solved: I just have to figure out how I can manage to get to read your book in “e-version”!
    I am a hardcover reader, so I’m not at all acquainted with e-books. I can buy all my hardcover books from the US right away (shipping is truly expensive, but, all right …. reading is my primary hobby), but I have no chance of getting a NOOK here in Uruguay (affordably I mean).
    I’ve just seen that there is a “NOOK application for PC”, so I suppose there is the possibility of reading it in my netbook. I don’t know if anybody has any experience about it?

    • I downloaded the Nook for PC fine, but when I tried to buy the e-book found that a US based credit card is required (means a card billing to a US address).
      Seems I’ll have to wait for the hardcover version… :(

      • Hi Viviana,
        I would recommend that you research everything very thoroughly before you buy/or try to buy. Here in Australia, for a while, it was impossible to buy Diana’s e books for Kindle, as international publishing and copywrite considerations prohibited one from ‘finalising’ a purchase. I empathise with you, as I would come across links to purchase from Amazon, or Barnes and Noble, etc, only to be rejected at the last click. I am lucky enough to have been able to use a United Kingdom address to access e books via an Amazon.com.uk account. Remember, where there’s a will there’s a way. Wishing you good luck with your quest.
        Best wishes
        Antipodean Janet

  63. Diana,

    All I can say is that you are simply amazing! All of the work that you do is so inspiring to me, (writing several stories at once, the manor in which you write them, the traveling that you do for book signings, still being a family woman, etc.) and makes me want to motivate myself! :-)

    God has certainly blessed us readers with You!

    • Dear Miranda–

      Thanks very much! I have two secrets: I don’t watch television, and I don’t do housework. [g]


      • I could definetly get more done without the housework! lol Will have to try that as my excuse to get back to my writing.

  64. I am SOOOO confused!!! So, is this a book of short stories??????

    • Dear Jeanette–

      Yeah, in the UK and commonwealth. In the US/Canada, the stories will be available (singly) as e-novellas.


  65. Yay for e-books! I love the short stories you publish in between full length novels. I wanted to let you know, I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED A Leaf On the of All Hallows. I bought the anthology for *that* story, not the Jim Butcher one (even though he’s one of my top authors, too!). I will definitely be pre-ordering!

  66. So glad you think of your readers who are anxiously awaiting tidbits!

  67. Diana;
    I am so looking forward to reading these stories! I can’t get enough!
    I am wondering about Master Raymond, will we see him again?


    • Dear Trina–

      Yes, actually you will. [g] Master Raymond is in “The Space Between”. That will be in an anthology titled THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION, which I _think_ will be published in the US (in print form) in January. It will also be in the UK print collection (A TRAIL OF FIRE), which will be published in the UK this October. (Won’t be available as an ebook for a year or so, owing to the rights issues mentioned.)


      • Thank-you so much, I will keep an eye out for it.
        I am looking forward to reading more about him. I can feel there is a lot more in that little man than meets the eye!
        Enjoy your weekend!

  68. Hi Diana and all,
    It looks like I’m not the only one hoping for an audio version. Even if it’s not on Audible, I really hope the text to speech feature on the Kindle is enabled. Some blind people have chosen not to use that, but I’ll use it if that’s what it comes down to. :) :)
    Using the Kindle opens up the possibility of many more books anyway.
    Any audio version would be nice–commercial or not.
    Thanks for taking the needs of the “minority” if you will into consideration.

  69. I’m just thrilled… I have been waiting anxiously for MORE, and I always seem to miss the anthologies!!!

  70. Excellent news! I will pre-order from Amazon and try to remember that I have done so – I received three copies of The Scottish Prisoner because I forgot I had already ordered it. They made great gifts for my Outlander friends!

  71. Doing happy dance!

  72. Diana-
    Like everyone else on here, I just love your books and am once again in the middle of a reread of the series, currently in The Fiery Cross. As a fellow Catholic, I have two questions. Couldn’t you have had Brianna use Natural Family Planning as she was concerned about a second pregnancy? Or was that not well known in the 60′s? I would have thought as a physician, Claire would have had that knowledge. Also, we find out Jamie is a Mason in Voyager. I was always under the impression that they were, um, not fond of Catholics? (In fact, isn’t the Knights of Columbus a response to the Masons?)
    Anyhow, thanks for your writing, they are by far my favorite books- and I love to read. :)

  73. Brilliant news – I have pre ordered the UK print already! I have an iPad but I definitely prefer to read special books – of which this is most certainly one – in the traditional fashion.

  74. OK I’ve preordered from Amazon. Can anyone tell me what happens next? Does amazon automatically post it to my list I see when I go to “manage your Kindle?” Sorry to be a nuisance as I’ve already posted to this topic but am new to eBooks and trying to decide whether or not I want to be a regular subscriber (i.e. purchase a Kindle). I presently have the Kindle application for my Mac but am not enthused about reading a story or novel from my computer so am giving serious consideration to buying a Kindle. The decision to publish Diana’s stories and novels in Kindle format may just be the thing that pushes me over into making a decision to buy one.

    • Jerry: Kindle sends it directly to your account when it becomes available…or at least that is my recollection. I have a Kindle and a Kobo, but still get the books I love in print form. I use the
      e- format for books I will only read once (like my book club’s selections). I’m also getting the anthologies that way, it is less expensive than a printed book, I get to read my favourite authors, and when the stories come out in print, I can add those to my hardbound book collection. There is only a limited number of shelf space available after all. This way I’m not cutting down more trees than I have to, then having to find homes for books I no longer want. It has worked very well for me the past two years.

      Happy Reading

  75. Hi, Diana,

    Will “A Trail of Fire” be published as an e-book in UK/Australia/NZ this year, or just as a paper volume? Although I love a physical book and still buy them, I’ve taken to reading on my iPad on long-haul flights. (Easier to carry a dozen or two dozen books that way…)

    Thanks for the updates on your travel and work!

  76. You state that the first four will be published in the UK/Australia/New Zealand in Oct. What about “Virgins” I have the others in the anthologoes already except for a space between, (I’m waiting for that to be available)( It will be nice to have them all together eventually) but I have not seen where “Virgins” is published. Please let me know so I can get it.

    • Dear Lori–

      VIRGINS was written under contract for an anthology titled DANGEROUS WOMEN, edited by George RR Martin and Gardner Dozois. That anthology doesn’t yet have a firm pub date, but prior anthologies by these editors have come out in the fall for the last few years. So my guess is that DANGEROUS WOMEN will be out (in the US at least) this fall. VIRGINS can’t be published elsewhere until the reprint rights come back to me, which will–I think–be roughly a year after first publication in the anthology.


  77. Thank You! I LOVE my ebooks and I need something to tide me over until Written in My Own Hearts Blood comes out. I’ve been re-reading the series and I’m currently on Voyager…..again. It’s great how I keep picking up more details though each time I read them :)

    Thanks again, and keep them coming!


  78. This has nothing to do with anything you’ve put here. I have read all of your stories at least 3 times each and parts of some of them more than that. I just finished “An Echo in the Bone” for the third time and what I cannot figure out is where is it that Brianna tells Lord John, as Claire puts it, “Brianna told you what we are”. I cannot find that passage no matter how many times I read the books. I don’t expect you to write me back but if anyone out there has read that would you let me know where it is. Thanks

    • Dear Fiona–

      That doesn’t take place “onstage,” so we in fact don’t know exactly _what_ Brianna told Lord John. Yet.


      • I have frequently wondered the same thing and am glad to hear that the conversation between Brianna and Lord John may “see the light of day”. I suppose I will add this to my list of things to look forward to as new books come out.

  79. Hi there,
    Thanks for the latest update on all your characters. We wait in eager anticipation and will be hitting the iBook store on the 21st.

  80. I love Lord John….(well I also love Jamie), but would it be possible to get the backstory on Hal and Minnie’s meeting? In The Scottish Prisoner, Hal indicates a bit of this history and it is tantalizing. It would be wonderful to learn about Minnie’s spy history as well.

  81. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I can hardly wait for the next book of Claire and Jamie as well as Brianna and Roger and the children.

  82. Hi there again.
    I’m having a great problems in finding the latest releases on iBooks here in the UK.
    Is there a different release date for the UK?

  83. hi Diana :)

    I’m reading An echo in the bone for the second time and loving it even more than first time( if possible) :)
    When the attac on Ticonderoga takes place, a welsh lieutenant gets the scalp of his girlfriend,wich the indians has killed. Why was she at fort Ticonderoga? Did he knew that his girlfriend was there at all ?
    Or am I missing something here? This is probably a miner detail and maybe you didn’t mean for it to be of importance, but I’m hooked on this and eager to find out :)

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful books,full of details and great characters :) Not easy to keep track of everyone, so I have to re-read the books again and again. And I’m looking foreward to it every time :)

    You’re the best author ever !!!

  84. I am a book person. I don’t get the e-reading fascination, I love books. So glad you decided to try out writing! Where would we be with out the Frasers, Mac Kenzies, Lord John and all the rest of our favorite characters…Can’t wait til it comes out, but since I just finished An Echo in the Bone about a week ago…I’m waiting along with everyone else to find out what happened to everyone that was left hanging in the end…..

    • I LOVE BOOKS TOO,…..BUT, that being said, there is something to be said for being able to carry ALL of Diana’s books in something so handy as my Kobo AND my SONY readers!! You NEVER know where you may be stuck in lineups, waiting rooms, traffic jams…etc.!!!

  85. I love the Poisoned Pen, they import a historical fiction series for me all the time (Morland Dynasty) that has 34 books so far. They will even let me know if the markup will be exorbitant and let me know that Amazon in that case may be a better choice. AND they always have all DG’s books in, signed editions etc, artwork prints. Pretty cool place.

    They all read, know books and have recommended some really great reads. I would definitely suggest using them if you do want to use an importer, or if you live local and just want to check out a great store with a really knowledgeable staff. You don’t have to worry about the blank stares when you ask a question, as you would at a B&N store.

  86. Well, damn I have a friend leaving for AU next month and at first thought about having her get me a copy. But went back and reread and realized you indicated publishing wouldn’t be until October.

    I already have tentative plans to go to AU next year so I guess I’ll have to wait and get my copy then. [patiently taping fingers on desk]

  87. Any update on USA publication, its Sept 2014 with Amazon showing Aug 29 2014 as a pub date.


    • Dear Mike–

      Er…publication of _what_, exactly? MOBY (aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD) was published June 10th, 2014. I don’t have anything else coming out that’s been announced with a pub date, so far as _I_ know.



      • Guessing you are busy, off chance I just slipped off radar, I am asking about the USA release of the Trail of Fire collection in paperback. Amazon was showing publication date of Aug 29 2014, but still nothing in the USA only UK sellers.

  88. Oops, forget to say Trail of Fire the collection of 4 short pieces.