• “The smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written by a science Ph.D. with a background in scripting 'Scrooge McDuck' comics.”—Salon.com
  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

MUST-READ for NURSES! Quite an honor!

I was Charmed to be informed that the Licensed Practical Nurse to Registered Nurse site has chosen OUTLANDER as one of its (Fiction) Must-Read books for Nurses! Thanks so much to you, and all the nursing profession!

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  1. I worked as a nurse at the jails in Phoenix for about 18 years before retiring and moving back to Georgia. Several of us were reading your books. We loved them. I didn’t dare loan one out for someone else to read for fear of not getting it back. Most of the nurses I worked with liked to read. We didn’t have time at work, but exchanged books we had read and didn’t want to keep.

  2. I am thrilled to hear about the selection of your books as a must read for nurses. As a long-time cardiac ICU nurse and an avid Outlander fan, I have found Claire’s medical descriptions, treatments, etc, to be fascinating. It is amazing how many drugs still in use today were/are derived from many of the plants so brilliantly described in your novels. When I was on a tour in Denali National Park last year, our guide stopped to point out a willow bark tree, describing its therapeutic effects on fever and pain, and how crucial it was to the early explorers and miners in that region. I stood there and thought…ahah…I know that from Outlander!!!

  3. This is awesome. My mom was a nurse & I was floored when I found out that she was reading your series.
    I of course had discovered you & devoured your books, but I always thought my mom was too prudish (shows what I know) to enjoy your books. She loved them, as I do.

  4. I discovered a very battered paperback copy of Outlander while cleaning out my parents’ home after their move to care centres. During the two years following, I was so busy both with my nursing job and my parents’ needs I didn’t have much time for reading. Then, when my dad had only a few days left, I needed something to read while I kept vigil at his bedside and rediscovered this little red book. The first (and last) night I spent listening to him breathe, with a recording of his own Dixieland jazz band playing in the background, I became hooked.
    I have read and reread the entire series countless times since then, and although the books have awakened an interest in my Scottish roots on my mother’s side, it’s my German-American dad and old-time jazz music that are the unlikely associations I make with these wonderful stories.
    Sad to say, I no longer have the original copy, as the last nurse I loaned it to had it disappear practically from under her nose (she and so many others I’ve introduced are now fans). I only hope that the person who took it will enjoy and share! My next book purchase will undoubtedly be the Anniversary Edition of Outlander.

  5. I’m an RN and have read all your books (more than once) and LOVE everything that you write! Sooooo looking forward to the next installation of Claire and Jamie’s story. Am always pleasantly surprised when I hear other Nurses talking excitedly about your books. I’m now listening to the narrated audiobooks on my ipod – Davina Porter is wonderful by the way – at the Hospital on my breaks. I love the new dimension and perspective hearing the words spoken. Can’t wait to see you again if you make another tour stop in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada.

  6. My daughter is an R.N. and is hooked on Outlander series. Congratulations Diana!

  7. I have been reading Diana’s books since the early 90′s and have loved every one of them! This was a few years before I myself became a nurse! I now have my 2 daughters hooked on them and my oldest is starting nursing school in the fall! She also agrees that Diana is the best!

  8. Congratulations Diana! Have been a fan for over 15 years, and a nurse now to 9. Your books are my annual read, and I listen to the unabridged audios while I knit, do housework, and just relax…I love them! Maybe Claire was my inspiration to go to nursing school at the age of 46! Keep them coming Diana, your fans will never tire of your gifts!

  9. I am not surprised. I have been an ER RN for 40 years and I was most impressed with the medical references and descriptions in your books. You have obviously done your research. That attention to realistic detail is one of the reasons I love this series. Can’t wait for the next one…

  10. Congratulations, Diana! Young nurses will learn much from these books. History is so important and helps us understand why we do the things we do. We are so high-tech today, most of us can hardly imagine what life was like in the 18th century (or even 75 years ago)). When I was in nursing school, “The Cry and the Covenant” was required fiction reading. This was the life story of Semmelweise (spelling?), the first physician who wanted doctors and nurses attending women in childbirth to wash their hands to prevent purpural fever (milk fever) which killed so many women. He was laughed at by most doctors, but thank goodness he persisted.

  11. I am an ER nurse and absolutely live these books!! I live how Claire try’s to explain germs to someone who has no idea what they are but still believes in her! I also like how she uses the alcohol to sterilze things and people and the response she gets because of it!!! I think we all get so caught up with all the gadgets we have that we forget how it used to be! Also that she is big on hand washing is so important! I recently loaned my little paperback outlander copy to a fellow nurse to read and she was hooked!!! I have 4 complete sets of these books, hardback, small paperback, large paperback and iBook. I also bought the 20th anniversary one!!!! I would recommend these to all nurses to read! And even to those who aren’t nurses!!! Awesome reconginition!!!

  12. I’m a registered nurse with a background in critical care. I can tel you that nurses love your book and we identity strongly with Claire. What a great job you do explaining why we do what we do! I am a nurse and I love the Outlander books!

  13. I’m so pleased (but not at all not surprised) to hear that you’ve received this honor! The medical/nursing facet of this series has always been one of the most fascinating for me. And as a nurse whose particular clinical focus is wound care, I’m ever fascinated by the detail provided in situations involving Claire’s care of wounds. It’s fitting that my first exposure to these books was from a fellow nurse. Congratulations, DG!

  14. I’m a surgical ICU nurse and I started reading these befor i went to nursing school. I’ve read them all at least a dozen times since. Can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Diana!!

  15. Just “fell into this ” blog and totally amazed. I have read all the books and I am in love with my Jamie and Claire. I once made my daughter drive to New Bern just because. I was so happy to see this reference to nursing. I have always been impressed with Claire’s ability to use her modern medicine in the 18th Century. After 20 years of nursing I love her method. Keep going Diana you sure have the right dose !!!

  16. I have read the Outlander at least 10 times. I have worked midnights in nursing for the last 18 years and discovered Diana Gabaldon that first year when I couldn’t sleep. Last Christmas I received a Fire Kindle along with all of Diana’s book from my husband. I am up to date with Jamie and Claire and am
    starting to read Lord John. I have given away so many paperback copies of the Outlander. Every RN I work with knows about how much I love Jamie and Claire. I can’t believe the absolute detail Diana gives on everything. Can’t wait for that 8th book!!!!!!

  17. I have re read several times all of The Outlander Series books, I bought the first book as soon as it came out in paperback. Reading them has given me a greater understanding about the background of my ancesters, Irish, Scot and Welsh. Although I know it is a piece of historical fiction. Whenever I think of Culloden and it’s after effects, I become overwhelmingly sad. Reading them has also given me a time to relax and not worry about whatever stress I have in my life at that moment, it is like I have been at a spa for a time. Needless to say I have enjoyed your series greatly and look forward to what awaits in the future for Claire, Jamie and their offspring. I am also an LPN and would put in my vote for this series to be a must read for nurses.
    Thank-you again

  18. My Mom wasn’t a nurse, but did work as a haematologist in a hospital. Once I got her hooked, she did pass along the recommendation to her coworkers. It’s not just nurses who benefit, my parents are both historical reenactors, and Mom loves the accuracy with the historical references. Thanks for the amazing books!!

  19. As a pharmacist, I have LOVED all the medicinal/botanical references in the series. I have to admit that the “weeds and seeds” portion of my formal education was not my favorite at the time (apologies to Dr. A Awad!), but these books, plus the upsurge in interest in “natural” remedies (a misnomer in my way of thinking…even the weeds and seeds are chemicals!) beginning waaay back when we were first gifted with Outlander, has certainly piqued my interest. I just wish the books had been around back in the day when I was first learning the stuff….but no, no pharmacy student would have time to read for pleasure….especially those mammoth tomes that we all love so much!

  20. Congrats on the nursing must read! Frankly if there is a must read list out there of any kind I think you should be on it. I know you hear this a million times a day but you really are my all time favorite author. I’m sorry to say I had never even heard of the Outlander series but luckily my mother was looking for a book for me for a Christmas gift and some random ladies told her these were good books. So she bought all the ones that were published at the time but only gave me the first three. Like two weeks later I told her I needed the other ones That Day!! She was a little surprised they hadn’t lasted me longer but when I get in to a good book I tend to neglect the important things like the children…sure you can watch 75 hours of sponge bob!…any way I thought the story was done until I happened to stop in at Barnes and noble and I saw An Echo in the Bone. I tell you I screamed out loud, it was a little embarassing after I got over the excitement. Any way now I am so patiently waiting for the next one!! I just wanted to say thank you, these are the best books ever, and I love everything about them. Ok I’m done now :0)

  21. Diana,

    I am not a nurse, but I have always appreciated the detailed descriptions of Claire’s profession and the things she did while deployed to the past!! Most interesting is their reactions to all her knowledge. So entertaining. And SO MUCH information packed into these books, too. Congratulations! All that research you have done has paid off in an amazing way!!


  22. Diana,
    I have been an emergency nurse for 25years and have worked in rural remote Australia, I know what its like to be surrounded by people who are looking for you to do some sort of medical magic when you are in the middle of nowhere and think you are in a different century. Your description of Claire trying to bring health care to people in another time is inspiring and I like to think that Nurses have that practical ability to try and make something out of very little to bring some comfort and healing. I have been reading your books for years ( over and over) and I am thrilled that they have been nominated as books for nurses in all our professional forms. Thank you again for your wonderful talent. Can’t wait for book 8. But more importantly I wish you all the happiness and health to you and your family. God Bless !!!!


  23. I’ve worked as an acute care nurse for many years and have always been fascinated by medicine in earlier ages a lot of which is making a comeback in todays climate of overuse of antibiotics and superbugs.

    Clare’s experiences make for fascinating reading.

  24. you have gathered so many of my interests in these stories! i am a RN that has worked med-surg, psych, detox, and hospice. i am semi retired now and do light energy work, crystals, herbs, reflexology, and use copper energy tools for healing. i have also this year been clearing my karma and relived lives in which i was burned at the stake, tortured, drowned and on and on. your fiction is so right on! it brings to life all the various historical items, attitudes, resources (i also do historial buckskinner reinactint). such a treat. so real i have a hard time getting out of that mode when i reread the series. anxiously awaiting the next one. i also pracise native religious ceremony.

  25. This is a long overdue honour in my humble opinion! I am an RN working in paediatric oncology and can’t tell you how many other nurses, doctors, physios, pharmacists, ward clerks, cleaners and multiple others I have recommended your books to. Just recently I recommended the series to a parent of a child in my care as a form of distraction. It can be pretty boring to sit at the bedside of a (relatively speaking) well child, with Spongebob on infinite repeat, and watch the chemo drip, drip, drip, through the IV line. The books have (not surprisingly) spread around the ward like wild fire! No advertiser of publisher will ever be able to compete with the awesome power of a network of bored parents! I still can’t (after years of reading) quite put my finger on what makes these books so damn addictive, and have decided to stop trying. Maybe if I discovered the secret the magic would be gone! So thank you for the books and congratulations on the award!


    P.S. Please don’t make us wait too long for the next one. Withdrawal is a terrible thing you know!

  26. We’ve all been waiting so long for this series come to movie form! What about HBO picking up the series?
    After all, THIS series is so much better than the Game of Thrones which is dark, dirty, muddy and violent!
    AND not much romance! What romance there is is twisted & icky. I love all the historical knowledge that Ms. G. puts in all her books. I learn so much history, geography and medical knowledge….and folk medicine. Oh, (sigh) when are we going to see all these wonderful people on the screen? Gerard Butler, years ago, was my very first pick. Terrific actor, good looking, but not too! Blue eyes and SCOTTISH. AND 6′ 4″ tall….We can always dye his hair! But now it’s taking so long all the actors I’ve loved to fill these character roles are getting too old! Please hurry! Let’s start looking at Chris Hemsworth: 6’4″ too, blue eyes (face not too pug!?) and he can learn a Scottish brrrrr…..Hopefully HE won’t get too old before this comes out…..

  27. SO I am totally changing th subject here. As I patiently wait for the next book – I am filling my time with others – soemone may have mentioned this when the hardback came out but I am a paperback girl (except for your novels). So back to the main subject – and I was reading John Sanford’s Bad Blood when on page 260 a character picks up her Diana Gabaldon novel and tries to read for 20 minutes – What a hoot for me to run across a mention of you in a crime novel!

  28. It’s killing me waiting for the next book. The romance is wonderful but I’m a huge history buff and love thinking about the US in it’s earliest days and what it must have been like to live in that era, esp. for Claire, Brianna, and Roger who traveled backward.

  29. My most treasured series! First off, I am in love with Jamie but I suppose that goes without saying. My second favorite thing about this series is all of the med-surg “scenes”. It is sooo interesting to me to read how different procedures, medicines, etc. were back in the 1700′s-1800′s before modern technology. The herbal uses and properties are particularly intriguing to me. Thanks Diana! I am so looking forward to Written in My Own Heart’s Blood!

  30. I’m a RN, and I discovered Outlander while working night shift with my best friend and book sharing buddy, also a RN. She shared Outlander with me. I’ll always associate my first reading of Outlander with the few times of quiet hospital halls, lights down low for patient comfort, and discovering a kindred spirit in Claire. Thank you so much for your work.

  31. Your books were one of the reasons I decided to become a nurse :)

  32. I am an OR nurse, herbalist, and a wanna-go-back-in-time-for-my-afterlife kinda gal. Read Outlander in 1993 and haven’t put it down since! (Actually, I wrote a similar version of the book in my head long before it came out but Diana got it on paper first! Damn! ) This is a great series for nurses-honey, maggots and herbs are really healing stuff and we actually use these things in the real world today. Will be really pissed if I peg off before Diana gets to the end…but the wait is damn well worth it! Love these books!

  33. This series has actually had a major role in saving my life. I discovered the series after my first sinus surgery at John Hopkins in 2006. Several operations and years later in 2010 when no one in medicine could find an accurate diagnosis , I was re -reading again this time about Claire’s surgery and attempts to grow her own Penicillin and I made the decision to put petri dishes out in the office where I worked and in my home. To my complete and utter suprise the dishes at my home were overflowing with positive fungal cultures and penicillium after only 3 days. Turns out I had been living in a toxic mold time bomb.All of my physicans and my physician husband were humbled that through your books I had been able to discover the cause of my illness that had eluded physicians from John Hopkins to South Carolina. What wonderful common sense insight your books provide if people just stop and take the time to read. Thank you Julie M

    • Dear Julie–

      Wow, what a story! I’m so glad you discovered the cause!


      • Diana, one more surgery to go. I am sure so many others have told you how your books enriched their lives, I have no idea why I was drawn to the bookstore on that cold Jan. day after my first surgery but your books have been my guiding light through the last 7. I had to leave all my treasured hardbacks at my house . I was not allowed to take even my Grandmothers 100 yr old bible with me. I am scotch-irish from Eastern Ky. so no giving up allowed. I am eager for my next encounter with Jamie and Claire and wish you all the best during the creative phase. Thank you for responding to my note, I have never ‘blogged’ before , you are very kind and oh so gifted. Julie

  34. Diana, as a nurse I couldn’t agree more with the decision to have Outlander as a must read for nurses. Claire being a field nurse in the book and such a good one in Scotland set back in the 18th century put nursing for me into a different perspective. We are so clinical and interventional now, and she did well with what she had. Love it!!