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The State of the Wicket* – as of New Year’s Day, 2013

This is a quick run-down of everything I know about that y’all might possibly want to know about. [g]

1. The cable-TV series of OUTLANDER.

a) It _is_ an agreement for a cable-TV series.

i. It is NOT a mini-series.

ii. It is NOT a movie.

iii. It is not regular network TV.

iv. Yes, if it gets made, unless you already subscribe to STARZ, you will have to pay to watch it, sorry.

b) The cable-TV series is being developed by STARZ.

i. It’s being _developed_.

ii. It’s not (yet) being _produced_.

iii. There is no casting call at present.

a. If there was one, I’d have nothing to do with it.

b. Please stop sending me pictures of your male relatives that you think look like Jamie.

c. Please stop sending me photos of yourself, even if you’re _sure_ you look just like Claire.

d. _Really_ stop sending me photos of that grotesque Irish wrestler with the clown hair.

e. Yes, Kevin McKidd, Gerard (not Gerald) Butler, Kate Winslet and Alex Kingston are all wonderful actors.

f. All these people are about twenty-five years TOO OLD to play any of the main characters in OUTLANDER.

g. Jamie is 22. Claire is 27.

h. Makeup and special effects do have limits.

c) No, I don’t know when the series will air.

i. The pilot script is still being written.

ii. The pilot script is not yet approved.

iii. If it is approved, STARZ might or might not agree to confirm the whole series or they might shoot the pilot first; we don’t know.

iv. When I _do_ know, I’ll tell you.

d) Ron D. Moore is the developer, writer, and show-runner for the OUTLANDER cable-TV series.

i. Yes, I like him.

ii. He came out to my house and spent a whole weekend with me, talking over the books, characters, etc.

iii. I believe him when he says he cares about doing a faithful (but effective) adaptation.

iv. I liked his ideas and suggestions.

v. Yes, I’ve seen the outline for the (projected) first season.

vi. Yes, I think it’s good.

vii. No, I haven’t seen the pilot script. But

e) IF the series does get produced, I can pretty much guarantee that it will have a lot of sex in it.

i. If you are one of the readers who reads the books with a black marker in hand in order to cross out naughty words and scenes of intimacy, you might want to make plans to watch something else.

2. MOBY. Aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD. Aka Book 8 of the Main (Big Book) Series. Aka Yes, it’s about Jamie and Claire. (My Own Heart’s Blood = MOHB = MOH-B = MOBY. Geddit?) Also, it’s probably going to be fairly large. (Precedent, you know?)

a) No, it isn’t on bookshelves today, even though it –is- now 2013.

b) No, it won’t be on sale this month, either.


d) Yes, it _will_ (God willing and the creek don’t rise) be published this year.

e) In the Fall, OK?

f) I live in the Northern Hemisphere. I mean MY Fall. All y’all Australians and Kiwis are smart people; I have complete confidence that you can make the mental adjustment.

f) No, I don’t have a pub date.

g) The publisher sets the pub date.

h) The publisher certainly wouldn’t set a pub date without some reasonable expectation of having a manuscript in hand by said date.

i) They don’t have a manuscript in hand yet.


m) No, I can’t tell you that I will be finished writing it on X date.

n) Because it doesn’t work like that.

o) And for heaven’s sake, what possible difference could it make? (Talk about OCD…)

3. Other Stuff.

a) Novellas. There are several novellas, dealing with secondary characters from the main series. Most of these were originally written for various anthologies, but as I get the reprint rights back, are now being made available as print collections and/or standalone ebooks.

b) Which form you, personally, can get hold of easily depends where you live. Printing rights are sold and managed on a geographical basis: i.e., print rights are sold _separately_ in the US and in other English-speaking countries. In practice, it usually works out that the US and Canada have the same rights and timing, while the UK/Australia/NewZealand group of countries may have something different.

c) Now, I do urgently need to go back to writing MOBY, so I’m not writing up all the ghastly details of where/when/what about the novellas AGAIN. I’ve done it on Facebook and on my website, _and_ as a special “extra” for the UK edition of THE SCOTTISH PRISONER. You can find the complete (mind-numbing) explanation on www.DianaGabaldon.com later this week. However—

d) IF you live in the US, you can get “The Custom of the Army” as a standalone (i.e., cheap ) ebook for $1.99,


and likewise “A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows,” which is the story of Roger MacKenzie’s parents in WWII.


e) IF you live in the UK/Australia/NewZealand end of things (OR you want to go to the expense of getting an imported book), you can get A TRAIL OF FIRE, which is a print volume containing both the novellas noted above, plus two others: “Plague of Zombies,” and “The Space Between” (which deals with Michael Murray, Joan MacKimmie, the Comte St. Germain, and Mother Hildegarde, among others).

f) “The Space Between” _will be_ released in the US/Canada market IN AN ANTHOLOGY (that means you should look up the title OF THE ANTHOLOGY on Amazon.com/ca, not the title of the story) in February of This Year. Right soon now. The ANTHOLOGY is called THE MAD SCIENTIST’S GUIDE TO WORLD DOMINATION. (I’ll be doing an appearance to sign this—and anything else anybody wants signed—on Feb. 20th, at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, along with John Joseph Adams, the editor of the anthology.)

g) For information on getting autographed copies of any of my books, see



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  1. Thanks for all your information.Living on the other side of the Northern hemisphere from you, I regretfully cannot watch Starz. I do more regret though, that you´ll have to spend your time on answering all those inane questions, instead of more productive work – as well as getting some time for yourself and family. I´m sure wa all fans just long to get our hands on MOBY as soon as possible, but do take care of yourself as well during the process.

    • Just to let those of you in the UK know. I was doing my weekly check on Audible UK for ABOSAA unabridged version and I found it there this morning. At long last !!!!!!! What a great way to start a weekend.

    • Just to let those of you in the UK know. I was doing my weekly check on Audible UK for A Breath Of Snow And Ashes unabridged version and I found it there this morning. At long last !!!!!!! What a great way to start a weekend.

  2. Your updates are almost (almost!) as much fun to read as your books, LOL! Thanks for keeping us rabid fans informed!!

    • So true. You crack me up regurlarly with your sense of humor! Its just great to read your updates! I hope that your kids can appreciate your humor as much as your fans do!
      Take care of yourself and wishes for a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR!

    • lol…….I agree!

  3. As concerns MOBY , Take all the time ye need lass. Good things come to those who wait.

  4. Hello Diana, Thankyou for today’s updates ! I feel so grateful for the connection you have with us all, Outlander fans all over the world. It’s amazing that you find the time to write and post almost everyday for us. My vocabulary has grown since reading your books. We’ll be eagerly but PATIENTLY waiting for book 8 “good things come to those who wait”… Sending you all the best from France.

  5. Great post!! I love the frankness of it all.

  6. LMAO, I love your sense of humor in dealing with all of the questions fans bring. Thanks for sharing!

  7. See what happens when you open yourself up to your fans??? I suggest becoming a hermit, changing your name, and dropping all your blogs. More time to write!

  8. Thank you for these updates — Only you can make the sharing of such information both humorous and helpful at the same time. I love your wit! Enjoyed reading about the Outlander TV series. You might want to meet my cousin who looks just like… Ha! Just Joking! Have a Happy New Year, God Bless, and good luck with your writing.

  9. You’re hilarious! Obviously you get a bunch of stupid comments! Thank you for writing–I’m a naturally patient person. Enjoy your new year!

  10. YOU are TOO COOL!

  11. I can’t believe why people are so slow on the uptake to realize that you aren’t involved in the casting of the Starz series. I’ve only seen you put it in writing a dozen times. I’m glad that your Facebook followers have gotten away from discussing what actors would be best for the roles.

    I didn’t find ordering (from the U.S.) “A Trail Of Fire” all that expensive or difficult. I just ordered it from amazon.co.uk like I would order from amazon.com. They even had my shipping address and credit card info all ready to go. With shipping it’s not more expensive than one of the big books and is a great read!


  12. Excellent summary Diana – thank you for taking the time to do this! I especially love the humor you insert here and there……and I really think sometimes in the (hopefully) not too distant future, I need to subscribe to STARZ. :)

  13. It’s a DG “Do you want fries with that?” List. LOL Boggles my mind how lazy some people are and just ask you all the time. As a long time fan I just found the answers rather easily on my own. I think you need a new “most asked questions” mug. :)

  14. thank you for the update, i had to laugh that people actually send pictures of themselves and /or people they know to be cast in the outlander series.i was wondering if or where the jamie and ian virgins story will be available, i really enjoyed the lines that were published here.thank you, God bless you and your family with a happy healthy new year!!oh yeah i live in canada in case the dates differ.

  15. Ha! Lovely information and very much appreciated. Do keep your sense of humor – you made my day!

  16. But AZ doesn’t HAVE Fall! Just Summer and Not Summer! It will never be published. Ahhhh! ;)

  17. My heart just fell when I read that STARZ will be the selected medium for “Outlander”. We have HBO and Showtime, but not STARZ. Dammit. Guess I’ll have it for a few months anyway, once the series begins… :(

    • I don’t have any of those. But I have no fear that I’ll get to see it eventually, even if I have to wait for DVD or Netflix. You gotta do what you gotta do.

      • I agree here, as much as I am eagerly awaiting the series, since I don’t subscribe to STARZ, I, too will wait for Netflix or Blu-Ray releases….. : )

  18. Diana!

    You my dear are a victim of your own success….I hope you take some time for yourself and family to enjoy the new year. We are on your schedule and people will just have to get that through their thick skulls!Your loyal and understanding fans will appreciate book 8 even more when it comes out. Thank you for all that you share with us and please remember to keep that sense of humour of yours going!

  19. I had to chuckle when I read your comments. :)
    Take your time for the next book but make it good! ;)

  20. Oh Diana, you are so hilarious. You just go girl, because, like you keep saying to us, if you have to keep answering these silly questions, you can’t write the book we are waiting for!!!

    Very best to you.

  21. Dianna,
    Thanks for sharing and I am in agreement with everyone else.. your sense of humor is great and just reading your words puts a smile in the day., I am also Patiently waiting for MOBY. And I agree with the other person about getting Trail of Fire. it was a piece of cake and very good couldn’t put it down.. I love Jamey and John.. :D

  22. I thought you were going to break out into song with the chorus “Because I’m still writing it, that’s why” :-)Happy New Year to you and yours from Bonnie Scotland.

  23. Brilliant. I heart you. Xoxo.

  24. So… Does this mean you’re still writing book 8? [g]

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  25. Thanks for the update………………..everyone should subscribe to the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid!)
    As always, looking forward to the release of the book, but it won’t kill meif it takes 6mths longer than planned.
    I’m a big girl I can wait

  26. ROFL!!! Your patience is really amazing, answering again and again… I can’t even imagine HOW MANY of those kind of mails you have to receive in order to lead you into posting these answers, once more! I do hope you already have an automatic cut & paste answering system !! (g)
    Happy New Year!

  27. As a voracious and insatiable reader, I would rather wait a bit longer and have as much material to pore over as possible…Thank you for not caving to pressure and putting forth an inferior representation of our heroes/heroines!

  28. LOL>..you have SO created a huge league of mosters in us Outlander fans;) I can’t imagine any other poor author being plagued as we do you:):):) Thank you so much for the updates…they make it a LITTLE easier to bear the waits;) Happy New Year!

  29. I get a kick out of the excellent outlining skills on display here. Nice!

  30. Thanks for the update! I must tell you, I was in the UK in November after the novella book was released there and I had staff in several Waterstones branches scouring the computers to find out if they had it in and where it was and calling to other stores to hold a copy. Poor things. I was telling them a TRIAL of Fire not TRAIL! No wonder they couldn’t find it at first! I was rather miffed they didn’t have very large displays out prominently but you can’t have everything!

  31. I didn’t find your blog until after Christmas, but still enjoyed your Advent Candles stories. I am Episcopal so celebrating Advent is near and dear to my heart.

    Thank you so much for the excerpts from your next book.

    I have enjoyed the series and have learned a lot about Scotland and about the American Revolution I previously didn’t know, even though I know I studied it in school in Massachusetts.

    God Bless You for your patience.

  32. My 98 year old grandmother just finished An Echo in the Bone (audio version), that makes 4 generations of us patiently waiting for MOBY. Thanks for a great series.

  33. OK, I won’t send you pics of my daughter and her boyfriend! My daughter (who is 28!) has the hair, eyes and body type of Claire and for years I have tried to get her to read your books-she finally did 3 years ago. then last year she introduced us to her new boyfriend–as soon as I saw him I said “he is your Jamie!” He, of course did not get the reference and she had to explain it to him LOL. He is from Irish family but is a tall guy blue eyes but with more blondish red hair and he is a rugby player so most definielty has the legs for a kilt! Anyway–neither of them are interested in being actors s0 it is all moot! My own husband is more of an Ian…
    I am actually different from many of your readers–I am not in a hurry for the next book. Take your time and make it good and long is all I ask!

  34. ROFLOL!! “Makeup and special effects do have limits.” I spit coffee on my keyboard…. :)

  35. While there may not be a date for publication of MOBY set as yet, the last two Outlander books came out around September/October of 2005 and 2009 (okay, I’ve forgotten the exact dates, :P), so who knows? I’m keeping my fingers and toes (they’re a wee bit long) crossed that Diana and the publisher will be able to pull things off, if not before Halloween, at least before Christmas. BTW, Christmas is a Wednesday this year, and it seems that every time the paper or the TV news announces some author’s new book coming out, I hear it’s a Tuesday (just saying). @Diana-Please don’t yell at me for what I’ve just typed–I’m just making suppositions based on past experiences, that’s all.

  36. I can just hear the exasperation…

    I can’t WAIT for MOBY!! Super, super excited!!

  37. If we wait until fall in Australia we will be waiting forever as we do not use that awful term here. We have autumn which sounds so much better.

    • Lisa:
      I live in central Alberta, Canada. We don’t usually have fall or autumn either, we refer to it as “thud”, because our season seems to skip directly from summer to winter. *G*

      Drums of Fall, just wouldn’t sound right would it? If you ever have a chance to catch that season in Eastern Canada or the Eastern United States, you are in for a treat of glorious colour.

  38. I stumbled upon Outlander while scanning an early summer issue of People Magazine at the hair dressers this past September. The actress who played Phoebe on Friends listed it as her summer reading and gave a brief synopsis of the story, which sounded right up my alley. I’m very connected to Ireland and read a lot about it, and though I know much less about Scotland, I knew a story about 18th c. Scotland would be of interest. Not realizing it was the first of, up till now, a 7 book series, I downloaded it to my Kindle. Today I am just about to begin book 7! Had I known this was a series when I started the first book I probably would have never picked it up because I usually steer clear of book series because I just don’t like to be left hanging! In this case though, having discovered Outlander so long after it was published, I have had the immediate gratification of downloading each consecutive book right after finishing the one before. However, knowing that there will be a wait between books 7 and 8 – even a short one – has me thinking I should read this one v-e-r-y slowly!

    This series is very haunting! I have to admit that even though it is fiction, it has made the concept of linear time being an illusion, easier to grasp.

    • If you finish early: just start again with book 1 … I must have read it about 20 times in the last – omg – 30 ? years …

  39. Ms Gabaldon…I love your books and all the wonderful characters (even the bad ones), MOHB will be (I’m sure) well worth the wait. Write on…I’ll wait.

  40. You sound like you have had it, I didn’t think that people will be that unthoughtful to hound you like that…..have a healthy and a great year, leave stress behind and do your writing whenever you can….

  41. Just finished the Scottish Prisoner and absolutely loved it, couldn’t litterally put it down, neglecting all other aspects of my life… oh well its the summer holidays here (yes I’m a kiwi!). I’m sorry that people seem to be hounding you about the actors; you are the one who started the casting call on facebook posting picture of who you think would be a good idea! Can’t wait for the next book, take your time, so it’ll be just as awesome of all your other novels, my book shelf needs to be extended with my Diana Gabaldon shelf now full!

    • Dear Dale–

      Oh, no, I didn’t! I’ve always said–the truth–that I personally have NOTHING to do with casting. The Random House administrators who built my Facebook page, though, thought it would be a popular topic to get the page going with a lot of members, and it did that, for sure. [rolling eyes only slightly] But if you look at postings, if one has
      “[admin]” next to it–it’s NOT me, even if my avatar picture is showing. If it says “Diana Gabaldon” then it’s me.


  42. Thank you for all the information Diana, however I am sorry you had to write all of that up, especially since you have posted all of that on this website, on Facebook and a couple of other places as well. I remember when you told us we could get the stand alone ebooks as well and it has been on Amazon for quite awhile.Which leads me to believe that there are some really lazy people! Come on fans-do the work-it is not hard!!!!! Happy New Year Diana, and thank you so much for all the pleasure you give us with the gifts of your wonderful books!

  43. A pal of mine has just come back from Scotland with a present from Santa. I started reading a Trail of Fire tonight! Can you say goosebumps! Oh my goodness…Thank you for the gift that you share with us! Teresa x

  44. I was cracking up reading all this. We love you Diana and we will try to be patient. Happy New Year! :)

  45. Thank you for all the information. Not all creators keep this in-touch with their fans and it’s very refreshing that you do as well as very helpful to know where in the process MOBY and the TV series are. I look forward to both, but understand I’ll have to wait a bit for them. =]

  46. Having only discovered your books in the past three weeks (I have ignored my sisters insistence that I read them for many, many years) I find myself obsessed! I am currently reading Drums of Autumn, and I find each time I have put any of the first three books down, I can`t wait for another moment of peace to escape into them again.

    I can wait for MOBY because I will surely re-read the first 7 again :-)

    My gorgeous 6` 3″ husband thanks you personally, for after reading some of your love scenes, he has benefited from a great deal of attention…he thinks maybe he should have a read too! Now where is that kilt we bought him…

  47. This is absolutely marvelous!!! After all, YOU are the author here, it is YOUR story!!! How anyone thinks that they can improve on it amazes me. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to buy your books or read your blogs, etc. Your patience is amazing also and I think it was wearing a little thin with this post and I think it is about time!! Please keep sharing with all us die-hard fans and I will be the first in line to buy your new book when it comes out.

  48. Lol, Diana! I find it hard to believe that people are sending you pictures of their relatives/friends as possible cast members! As a long time reader of yours since the first Outlander with the oldish clock and tartan on the cover, I’m amazed at the constant questions you get of when will MOBY be published and/or released, questions about the cable series, etc. etc. I have to tell you-your I’ve-had-it responses like Friday’s post, is very entertaining! Since I live about 2 hours from Scottsdale, I’m very tempted to drive on down with all of my books to have you sign them. I just may do it!

    BTW, to all the others-I found Trail of Fire on Amazon as used and to be shipped from the UK. It arrived just a day after Christmas (almost a month in transit) and in like-new condition. It’ll be one of my new years’ reading. I’ve got to finish the book I”m reading now that I started last month-A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. It’s pretty good!

    Happy New Year to all!

    • Shelly,

      It is books like A Discovery of Witches that keep me going in the meantime while waiting for Diana’s next book. The second book Shadow of Night does not disappoint either. Happy reading.

  49. Thanks Diana let’s hope you can stop sifting through photos and get back to the day job! it WILL be worth the wait,we ALL know that really!!!

  50. Oh Diana,

    Thank you for the answer to all those questions, and what a lot of them too.

    I am glad you are still working on MOBY, I read book seven again its great.

    I can wait for the finish of book 8.

    Take your time and make it the best !!!!!

    Have a nice New Years !!!!

    susie O.

  51. I have been reading the history of Jamie and Claire Fraser for over 20 yrs and this is my first time on this website. Over the yrs I have only turned one sister and one close friend onto the Outlander series and subsequently the other works. I had no idea there were so many of us out there! In anticipation of the latest book (dare I say last? Just when you think it must be, there is another) I have gone back to book #1 Outlander, and started the series from the beginning. I am now on Drums of Autumn. As I have done this time and time again since the end of the third book, you can do the math and see how many times I have read Outlander and then, all the rest, up to whatever new book I had finally gotten. It can be no secret among her fans that although we know great thought and depth of heart and soul go into this story, it must be agreed upon that it is very hard to be so patient. So, I would like to say, with all due respect, PLEASE try and hurry. I am suffering with impatience to finally find out what has been happening to my beloved Fraser, Murray and MacKenzie families.

  52. Happy New Year! Sounds like you need a vacation – from all your fans! Will watch for news on MOBY.

  53. Thanks for the books you write and the great stories you have written!!
    I you have become one of my favorite writers.
    I met you in P, Arizona for a book signing you were having.
    Pleasure to meet you! :>)
    Take your time on the 8th book, no worries!
    Thanks again Janice from Montana :>)

  54. You are hilarious Diana. Take your time, it’s going to be worth the wait! Happy New Year!

  55. Ohhh just reading that made my day!!! You are brilliant! I look forward to reading the next book (I will try and be very patient) BUT in the meantime I look forward to seeing you in Fergus this summer!!!! And booooo I can’t get Starz :(

  56. hahahahahahaha! Diana – that was awesome and very very funny! :) Gee….are you saying that you get asked the same questions more than once?!?!? lol!
    I just started rereading the series at book one. I plan to pace myself so that Book 8 is on the shelves by the time I finish rereading Echo. I kept wearing out copies of book one so, I just bought a copy for my new Kobo. :)

    Happy New Year!

  57. Gosh, I WILL read anything you write and this was read in my head using the voice I have given to Lord John :) . My hubby also thanks you for your talented writing ….. all he has to do is mention putting on a kilt!!!!!!!!

  58. Thank you so much. I’m very excited and looking forward to fall 2013. Happy New Year from your Florida fans!

  59. I hate it that people just don’t get it – and continue to bug you even when you’ve told them not to. But I love the way you so plainly spell things out! Keep up the good work. Yes, I will (patiently) wait for the information on the release of MOBY!

  60. Awwww…….. Diana…..as we say Down Under….”you crack me up”! You are undoubtedly the best at telling people to “go away” every so politely. LOL :) cheers to 2013

  61. Right out of the mouth from Claire herself!

  62. Too all those who need books to pass the time in between rereading the Outlander Books and waiting for the next book(come on folks it always takes her a painstaking long time to write these books that is why they are so good), here are a couple of suggestions to help pass the time.

    A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night (Harkness)- a lot have probably already read them but if not due so very good.

    The Eight (K. Neville)- This is a old book from the late 80′s/early 90′s. I joke and say that it is a Female Indiana Jones book. It takes place during several different historical time frames and involves a historical chess set and a human chess games. There are a bunch of famous historical figures in the book as characters. I have a hard time choosing between this book and Outlander as my all time favorite books.


    I totally can not believe that people have been sending Diana pictures of their family to be cast in the tv series. No wonder her blog was soooooo funny.

  63. Happy New Year! I promise I will not send pictures of myself, or suggestions on who I would like to see play our beloved Jamie and Claire. I love your sense of humor.

  64. I’m just here to say Happy Birthing Day!

  65. Dear Ms. Gabaldon,
    I just finished the audio recording of Echo In The Bone. I love Davina Porter.What an incredible storyteller. Each character she does is exquisite . I have listened to all 7(I am addicted). Will you be writing more than the 8th book? You are a magnificent writer.Thank you so much for creating the characters,they are all fabulous. Best regards,Rosanne

    • Dear Rosanne–

      Yes, there will be a ninth book. And a prequel about Jamie’s parents (and Murtagh).


      • Dear Diana,

        Will Davina Porter be reading MOBY in an audio book version? If so, when do you expect it will become available in the U.S.? I think she should be the only one to read all of your books! She has a beautiful voice and exactly the right style for the Outlander series. Besides, we’ve come to associate only her voice with Claire. Any other reader would simply not be Claire!

        • Dear Tony–

          Yes, certainly Davina will read the new book. It should be out in audio at approximately the same time as the print edition, unless I’m terribly late with the manuscript; producing the audiobook takes some time, and they can’t start reading without the whole thing.


      • what can i say but yay?

  66. Diana,
    Just wanted to say a Big Happy Birthday to you!
    You are the most wonderful writer of all time!
    Good health and many happiness to you!

  67. Happy Happy Birthday Diana! Have a wonderful day.
    I hope today of all days you experience some of the joy that you have given all your fans.’
    Thank you for wonderful journeys with Jamie and Claire and the rest.
    Again Have a Happy Happy Birthday

  68. Oh, Happy Day. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very happy birthday Diana. May your family spoil you, and may you not have a lift a finger to do anything that you do not want to do today.
    We are of the same vintage (like fine wine, we get better with age), so hide the birthday candles and don’t let them set fire to your dessert. Unless of course it is Cherries Jubilee!
    Warm Hugs

  69. have been reading all the comments for the first time and, as i can see, i am not the only one ‘jamie&clairemaniacodependant’. i have finish reading the Oulander serie since 3 weeks and still obsessed about it. i’ll read the Scotish Prisoner to keep contact with the ambiance. sending you hello from Province of Québec, Canada.

  70. You are such a fine writer! Between your books I must tolerate others. Life is too short for love and fine art. Thank you for sharing your great gift! I have a humble suggestion for circles you influence and the cable-TV series. Actor Chris Hemsworth from Australia (movies: Thor and The Avengers). He has at least 2 brothers who are also actors and he is young enough I think.

  71. Sorry I put my original comment further up in the wrong place in my enthusiasm. Just wanted people in the UK to know that Audible UK have the unabridged version of A Breath of Snow and Ashes at long last. I have been checking the website regularly it wasn’t there Thursday but it was there today

  72. I guess that I’m one of the few men who will admit to really, really enjoying your books. I’ve read all of your books at least twice, once in hard back and once in my kindle e-reader. As a former history teacher who has ancestors who go back to the American Revolution and French and Indian war, I appreciate your attention to detail. Some of them were at Ticonderoga and Saratoga and Fort William. Thanks for your books!!!

  73. Hi Diana,
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your books, everytime I finished one I felt I lost a best friend , I loved all of them. Thank you and I wish you all the best and can’t for the latest book, you’re unequaled!

  74. Funniest update ever — I chuckled through the whole thing! Hopefully Ms. G understands that our excitement about ANYTHING that’s done in terms of the series comes from a good place :D Have a great new year Diana, and all fans!

  75. Okay, I am just browsing in a hurry and came across some nice antique looking art posters. There were some with old ballads and music scores as a back ground and one with lovely red octopus holding a bagpipe. I instantly thought of your up coming book. I know you have expressed intrest (sp?) for an octopus on the cover and don’t know if the finished product will reflect that. It gave me a giggle (as you and your books often do as thought of them infiltrates my life) and was inspired to share the moment.

  76. Thank you for all your information about the proposed film type version of the Outlander series. I wouldn’t presume to suggest a male lead for Jamie but I will presume to suggest who is not suitable! Just make sure it’s not Tom Cruise! Producers need to take note of the fact that he is not tall. In fact he is short. (what was Lee Child thinking?)

  77. If I see how many questions you reply, I think you get this questions many times.
    If I get so many questions to my work it will paralyzes my entire energy (like my boss rushed in my office shouting: did you get the current data)

    It would paralyze my entire energy.

    I wish you the rest to write…., I dont need TV-series …they never show story so like the film in my hat

    and I know no one who looks like my Claire and Jamie and Fergus and so on !

  78. If I see how many questions you reply, I think you get this questions many times.
    If I get so many questions to my work it will paralyzes my entire energy (like my boss rushed in my office shouting: did you get the current data)

    It would paralyze my entire energy.

    I wish you the rest to write…., I dont need TV-series …they never show story so like the film in my head

    and I know no one who looks like my Claire and Jamie and Fergus and so on !

  79. My husband was impressed with your mention of kiwis
    so many people don’t even realise new zealand exists, let alone know the people are nicknamed kiwis. i’ve lived here 8 years myself. although i’ll never be a real kiwi; i might be considered an honourable one by now. they’ve got me trained to drive on the left and write the date their way, but realise still looks funny with an s instead of a z. i do use most of their vocabulary instead of american english just so they can understand me. and i must admit the metric system makes a lot more sense than imperial :-)
    tangent finished. lately, i’ve been rereading your books starting with outlander and very much look forward to the new one


    • Dear Sacha–

      I’ve been to New Zealand two (or maybe three, I forget) times on book tours. Beautiful place! Would love to go back. [smile]


  80. Diana, thank you for the comprehenive chronology! I’ve read/listened to everything except the newest novellas more than once, and I *still* can’t keep them straight by title!

    On a different topic, I made myself stop reacting to this after the second book, but did you ever have any luck getting the copy editor to stop changing “an” (= if) to “and” in dialect passages? That makes me crazy!

    Your characters have been good company through some bad times. Thanks for all the hard work (and don’t cave to anybody about finishing MOBY–so what if it’s 2014…or later!).

  81. You are the best! Have just wiped away all tears of laughter after reading your New Year greeting. I absolutely love your books and wait patiently for the next one. Wishing you a wonderful new year and that you’ll take good care of yourself.

  82. Diana,

    You are AWESOME!! :-)

    Do what you do and be blessed! I love your talent and will patiently (maybe not patiently but i wont bug you) wait for MOBY! :-)

    Love ya!

  83. My husband who is an avid reader but only his macho man books, Flynn, Baldacci (I also like these in moderation so not busting on them or anything) etc. finally broke down and read Outlander after my incessant nagging. He quietly burned thru the whole series without me asking him if he wanted to read the next one. Your work is impressive and is not limited to a select group of readers, it captivates all. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

  84. LOL. This sounds like answers to questions David Gerrold answers all the time about his Chtorr series. I guess that is the problem with authors who write popular books! I’ve been waiting for the next Chtorr for years, and I will patiently wait for MOBY as well.

  85. dear diana, I want to thank you for the gift of your outlander books . i feel that I should know jamie and claire. I know its probably not your vision of them , but its mine and I can see them so clearly . I am so happy that you will soon be publishing the new one this year(we hope!) because poor jemmy has been left in the dark entirely too long ! every time I Hear that you are about to give us another one, I read them all over again . uh, the fiery cross just fell apart into 3 pieces this time. I am kinda rough on books!by the way. you are right about all those people being too old to play those parts ! I know because I’m too old too ! with the greatest admiration, I will goodnight. bonnie

  86. Thanks for your great Advent blogs Diana – knowing that we have to wait another 6-9 months for MOBY to come out – the excerpts make it more bearable!

    I really enjoyed Trail of Fire and in particular The Space Between. I’m hoping to see more written about Joan and Michael!

  87. I LOVE the Happy New Year post! OMG, Diana–you clearly get interrogated by fans! Though I can see why! Your Outlander series is awesome! I’ve read all the books, but listening to Davina Porter is amazing! She is the perfect narrator for your books. Cant wait for 8 :-)

    P.S- I wonder if people really do the black marker thing???? YIKES :-)

  88. Diana, you are so funny. But waiting is wonderful, it whets the appetite. In fact, when An Echo In The Bone came out I didn’t read it for months, just looked at it on my bookkcase with thrilled anticipation and re-read all the others first.

  89. Re: the black marker thing, to quote my elderly mother: “Sarah, that book you recommended had far too much sex in it. I read it twice.” :-)

  90. Wanted to pass on that I have loved the books from the moment my grandmother and mother got me interested in Outlander in the early 90′s. You had 3 generations of fans from the first book, in our family! (I am close to your age.) I do want to read some of the spin-off series, as well (so many books, so little time…) I want to commend you on your top-notch writing skills. Very articulate, detailed descriptions of historical and cultural information. You know so much about so many things, and I have learned a lot, as well! So many feelings can be provoked from relationships of the characters. Thought I would pass on a comment, even though from your blog comments, you are tired of getting suggestions for actors to play Jamie. I just wanted to share my recent thought when watching the new Tom Cruise movie Oblivion. I really was intrigued by the actor named Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who was working along side Morgan Freeman in the movie.

  91. Sam Heughan…. good choice! Must grow his hair…..image complete, cant wait until I speak to my sister, I really hope we can get the series in the UK!! Cant wait for the new book, I dont care when you finish it, I can wait to read it. I think I will start all over again while I wait. thank you so much Diana

  92. Ms. Gabaldon -

    Can you at least ask your future Movie Directors to hire Gerard Butler as Jamie gets OLDER?

    Most of the projected male stars look like the boy next door, without the edge of darkness that OUTLANDER Jamie possesses.

    Also, Dougal needs to be REALLY handsome to highlight his betrayals;
    we gotta fall in love with him first, then get faced with the challenge of working that through.

    Thanks, I hope, M.Jackson

  93. Hola, me encanta la saga de la forastera y me gustaría mucho que la serie o película si llegara a salir llegase a España. Enorabuena!!!