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  • A time-hopping, continent-spanning salmagundi of genres.”
  • “These books have to be word-of-mouth books because they're too weird to describe to anybody.”
    —Jackie Cantor, Diana's first editor

Octopus/Octothorpe….there’re eight legs, what else do you want?

EW.com (ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s electronic edition) reveals the official cover for MOBY (aka WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD). Here’s the link to their piece, which has a few questions and answers (such as they are [cough]).

While I originally wanted an octopus on the cover–both because I really like octopuses and because of the symbolism (there are eight major characters whose stories I’m telling through this book–and it _is_ the eighth book, after all), there were certain technical issues that made that difficult. My husband–never a big fan of the octopus concept–asked whether I could think laterally; surely there were other ways to get an “8″ onto the cover.

So I thought. And almost at once, the word “octothorpe” sprang to mind. I’ve always liked the word, and it certainly was appropriate (you may or may not recognize it in its Very Artistic form here–but it’s the lowly hashtag, or pound sign), as it not only has eight points (and eight “fields” of empty space surrounding it; one explanation of its origin is that it was a symbol on old English land documents for a farm surrounded by eight fields), but is a printing character–and the content of the book does indeed have a certain amount about the printer’s trade in colonial America during the Revolution.

So I went at once to Google and typed in “octothorpe”–and pretty much the first thing I saw was this. I was so ravished by Conrad Altmann’s beautiful octothorpe that I emailed it at once to my editor, with the suggestion that we use _this_ for the central icon of the new cover design.

Now, frankly, the Art Department was so relieved not to have to deal with any more octopuses that I’m sure they would have fallen on any alternate suggestion with cries of gladness. However, they were as pleased with this lovely octothorpe as I was, and came up with this elegant and striking concept, which I Really Like. Hope you will, too!

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  1. It’s a lovely symbol and looks beautiful on the cover!

  2. This is GENIUS, while be quite lovely at the same time.

  3. Beautiful cover!

  4. Brilliant! Possibly the best symbolic design. Love the look of the seal. Like an important document, sealed with wax and a ring.

  5. I loved! Congratulations, Diana!!

  6. I love the look, it fits with the other books more than an octopus would too. Just sad I have to wait until December, I will be off maternity leave by then!

  7. I also love that it looks like two intertwined or overlapping lemniscates (eternity symbols) which seem beautifully symbol of Jamie and Claire. Lovely!

    • I didn’t know the word for eternity symbols :) I love that element to the design. It’s really just very elegant and fitting. It’s so many things in one…. eternity, hashtag, 8′s…perfect!

  8. Only eight major characters? Jamie, Claire, Roger, Bree, Lord John, Ian, Fergus. What about Wiliam, Jenny, Rebecca, Marsili, Germaine, Amanda, Jemmy. Are these guys not going to have major roles? They certainly influence a lot of what goes on.

    • She said eight storylines–some of these are pairs… or trios, even… so that does not disclude them from the storytelling

    • Come on, guys…. It’s not OUR book, it’s hers. Don’t tell her how to write it!!!

  9. I love the symbolism! Another beautiful cover, but I can hardly stand the wait for the release of the book!

  10. I love the cover design! All the elements come together to represent what I imagine the book will be.

  11. I just completed a quilt top titled “Octothorpe.”

  12. Thanks for this comment Diana. I love both, the octothorpe -its meaning – and the cover!!

  13. It’s great! Extraordinarily elegant and extraordinarily creative.

  14. Love it!!!

  15. It’s a beautiful cover! It manages to look ‘new’ while still fitting in with the overall design scheme for the other covers. Can’t wait to see it in person! :)

  16. Oh Diana!!! Please get this book published this year…….I’ve been looking forward to it SOOOOO long!

  17. Love the idea of using it as the seal…Of course it would be Jamie’s Ruby Ring, yes?!!!

  18. I can just see a group of people huddling together trying to figure out how to put an Ocotopus on the cover, “She wants what?”

    Of course, that’s the nice version. :)

  19. It is a beautiful – but please, please, please, let the soft cover version not be a neon colour. I still can’t get over the green!

  20. It is a beautiful cover. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  21. Love this. Very Celtic, eternal, modern – it’s got it all. I love octopuses too, but I’m very glad you didn’t use one on the cover. (g)


  22. Once again, I’m learning a new word, compliments of Dr. Gabaldon. There are other aspects of this cover that are striking to me. It seems as if there is a “line” across the page, perhaps symbolic of a line that is to be crossed (or not) in some of the story lines. The Octothorpe itself seems to be contained within a drop of blood, with a small droplet splashing outward. Given the use of “blood” within the title, the presence of it on the graphic design of the cover is not surprising.

    Every other cover, of the recent issues that is, have been in jewel tone colors, for reasons that relate to the use of jems and what they do, throughout the series. This cover appears to be flesh toned or sand toned to me, with the lettering done in a blood red color. Is this in keeping with the previous book title, “An Echo in the Bone”?

    Thank you for more to speculate about in the months before we hold this in our own hands.

    • Dear Soon–

      Um….it’s meant to be a blob (and drop) of red sealing wax, and the line is the fold of paper that it’s sealing. [g] And it’s sort of white/parchment colored, because it’s paper.


    • The tan part of the cover of WIMOH shows a one-page letter with a wax seal, imprinted with the octothrope over the fold line, to make it into an envelope.

  23. Absolutely perfect! Love it. Amazing how things just fall into place isn’t it?

  24. Beautiful, I cannot wait to read this book. I am currently re-reading the previous seven. It has been a long time since I read them. I will look for you next time I am in AZ visiting my family! :-)

  25. Diana, you have managed to make this book remind me of outlander, the look of the front cover is so plain but yet so exquisite. You have made me right from the very beginning of this series to good in search of my Scottish heritage. thank you for all you have done and continue to do……

  26. I love it! However, Almost as enigmatic as the first of your books to beckon me from my library shelf….”Dragonfly in Amber” Can’t wait till December!

  27. I love the cover, Diana. The symbol is beautiful and accomplishes all you had in mind. The wax seal speaks of many attributes of the story as well. Congratulations and looking forward to reading!


  28. Octothorpe idea is great! Just teasing about your giving in on the octopus. This is really a classy cover. Can’t wait for the book.

  29. PERFECTO!!! , indiscutiblemente perfecto!!

    I read on the EW.com piece that MOBY is coming out in December, is this a fact.

  30. Love the cover!! Do you have a release date yet??

  31. Love the cover…then again, in my eyes you can do no wrong! I DO have a question however…and I’m not sure if it’s ever been asked, and if so, answered..but what happened to the “painting” like covers…as in the first 4 books in the series?

  32. It’s perfect! Simple yet not! I’m looking forward to reading the continuing saga and to meeting you in Virginia on April 12th.

  33. An absolutely lovely cover, and the symbolism is great. Besides the “8″ there is also the red color and the similarity to a Celtic love knot showing Jamie & Claire’s never ending love. Great job!

  34. Absolutely love it Diana

  35. Love the cover!!! Can’t wait to hold it in my hands. I have read the entire series through several times and have just finished listening to the audio versions – wonderful. I always pick up details that I missed in previous readings. I read “Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows” last night. What is Paul Rococsky (aka the Comte St. Germain) doing in this book – the 1940s?? Have I missed something along the way? I hope someone out there can clear this up for me.

    Thanks again, Diana, for these wonderful books. Every time I try to read something else, I can’t wait to get through it and back to the Outlander series.

  36. “8″ is one of my favorite numbers and my home is designed with octagons and 45 degree angles. Can’t wait for the next adventure. We’re rereading all the previous to keep the rhythm just right.

  37. Fabulous cover and I can hardly wait for Christmas now LOL!

  38. Funny, I thought it was octopi …clearly, I was wrong! Congrats on the 8th installment on this saga that has honestly held my attention for months. I am excited to get to the next book. Thank you for being the prolific writer that you are!

  39. oh sad…i had so looked forward to reading it on my honeymoon in October when the release date was Fall 2013 =(

  40. LOVE it!
    and I CANNOT wait to get my hands on it!!

  41. It’s very original. Cannot wait to get my hands on it. Am currently re-reading the books. Can’t wait.

  42. It is absolutely lovely! Congratulations Diana on another fantastic cover!

  43. Diana,
    Your books are some of the best I’ve ever read, and I’ve been a bibliophile for 50 years. I just ordered your graphic novel out of a semi-frantic need for a new Jamie/Clair story. Eagerly awaiting our (your fans) early Christmas present.
    God bless you and keep you

  44. I really LOVE the octothorpe and the symbolism of it. I love your explanation of it as well. Just the thought you put into it explains your popularity. You write for the thinking individual. Thanks!!

  45. Awesome job achieved by all those involved!!!


  47. Husbands can be SO helpful sometimes, can’t they? I have to say I agree with your husband in not ever being too excited by the octopus concept. You have come up with a beautiful, not to mention genius, alternative. Even knowing what an octothorpe is, I had trouble at first picking up the stylized pound sign. When I finally saw it, I smiled a huge smile, as I so often do when I read a genius turn of phrase or description in your books. It’s so cool that my favorite author is one smart cookie, too!

  48. Neat and formal. Timeless! Can’t wait to read it! Thank you :-)

  49. Great cover! Your use of a octothorpe is a great selection!

  50. I can’t stop wondering why there are so few comments from guys on these blog and Facebook pages. I just finished reading the entire Outlander corpus, including all the SLINs and Bulges, and can’t wait for MOBY. This is great storytelling, engaging characters, and a fascinating mix of sci-fi, history, war, politics, science, medicine, etc., etc. These books have everything. Surely they don’t just appeal to the ladies. C’mon guys. Let’s hear more of us admit that we love a good story, too.

  51. In one of the books, Jamie voices the opinion that he believes Claire is one of the “Auld Ones”. Does he mean one of the “Fae”….Karen Marie Moning (along with several other authors) have written books about the Fae in Scotland….Is this the same myth?

    I appreciate all of your work….thanks

    • Dear Tammy–

      To the best of my knowledge, the “Fae” are largely made up by people who write urban fantasy; I’ve never encountered that term in researching Scottish folklore.


  52. Love it, it’s perfect!

  53. You are a remarkable person…lucky to have support of family and awesome staff. The cover is lovely and powerful. Your books have brought me and will always bring me joy…solace..laughter…anticipation

  54. Beautiful cover! Love the wax seal design and the symbolism.

  55. Hello Diana ! Thankyou so much for your explanations. Since yesterday I have been looking…looking and looking at the cover ! So beautiful, elegant, love it (much much more than the octopus..) and love the symbolism too. Best greetings from France, Christiane

  56. Wonderful use of my design! I’m glad you like it, and the cover looks great. Thanks for the spot, and I look forward to reading the series.

    Check out my friend’s blog at http://www.shadycharacters.co.uk, it’s a great resource for type fanatics and historians.

    • Conrad!

      How lovely to see you here! [g] And I’m just delighted that you like the cover design. The minute I saw your wonderful octothorpe, I was smitten.


  57. Diana, I think it is a perfect combination of all the elements you wanted for this new book into one neat package. I love the blood red wax blob of the octothorpe signifiying one’s own blood sealing the letter.

    Well done!

  58. As always Diana, very symbolically clever and thought provoking. You never disappoint.

  59. Very nice, Diana! Love the octothorpe and the symbolism, can’t wait for the book to be out.

  60. Oh I can’t wait for this to be finished. I have so very much enjoyed your books.

  61. Diana, someone commented on your Facebook page that the lines of the symbol had eight intersecting points, like the intersecting story lines…I thought that was a lovely and apt observation!

  62. A wonderful cover! Kudos for using the “octothorpe” as a seal in the red wax on parchment. Letters have always played a huge part in the books, and I am looking forward to the rest of the letters from the past that are in Brianna’s possession. (among so many other things)

    I work with fabric and the black octothorpe pictured on your link, made my fingers itch to pull the two outer loops to make a macrame knot.

    Thanks too for the snippets, teasers and daily lines, they keep the interest level high and ease the tension of waiting.

    Continuing working your magic, we know the wait will be worth it.
    Vicki B

    • Vicky, now that I think about it, pulling those threads would make a beautiful knot.

      Diana, beautiful cover. Now, I have a strong urge to crack open that seal and see what’s in that note.


  63. Reading “A trail of Fire” at the moment, filling the so called black hole till the 8th book will be available in a Dutch translation. That will be next year I assume.
    Curious how that is done. Do you have a translator working on the first part(s) of the book while finishing it? And is there only one translator or more than one?
    Hope to start doing some translating myself professionally very soon; ultimate job would be working on translating this book!

    • Dear Cora–

      Well, see, I don’t write in a straight line. So usually, a translator can’t begin work on one of my books until the whole thing is finished.


      • Bonjour,

        J’attends avec impatience que le dernier livre soit traduit en francais. Philippe SAFAVI a traduit les précedent. Pareille pour The Scottish prisoner!!!!!

        Pourquoi tant de décalage entre la sortie du livre en Anglais et en Francais. J’espere que pour la nouvelle série on l’aura rapidement en France

        En tout cas, j’adore………………..

  64. It reminds me of the letters in the box that Jamie and Claire sent down through the centuries. Some still unread. The wax seal cracked with age. I am so curious to find out what is in those letters. They could have given away too much though. Diana you sure know how to keep our interest!

  65. I LOVE IT!!!! It also reminds me of an infinity symbol which could symbolize Jamie & Clair’s love for each other. Can’t wait till December!!

  66. How long will it take to come out on kindle?

  67. That’s very interesting how that came about. I really enjoy reading extra fun tidbits about the series. May I ask what is the word count for each book in the Outlander series?

    • Dear Elle–

      OH, let’s see…

      OUTLANDER – 305,000

      DRAGONFLY IN AMBER – 350,000

      VOYAGER – 385,000

      DRUMS OF AUTUMN – 425,000

      THE FIERY CROSS – 508,000 [cough]

      A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES – 500,000

      And I don’t think I ever did a formal word-count for ECHO; it’s around the same size as VOYAGER, though.


      • When it is spelled out like that, it is staggering! I read a lot, so the longer the book, the better. I want it to take me more than a day to get through, and your books always do that. I am eagerly anticipating MOBY!

  68. That’s marvelous! I just finished The Outlander a couple weeks ago and I loved it. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series but at the same time I don’t want to finish it. I think I’ll take it nice and slow. ☺

  69. It’s really a nice symbol and cover, but what I am really looking forward is to meet Jamie again!
    I am absolutely in love!
    Please, do not forget your Brazillian fans!
    Ruth Carolina, from São Paulo.

  70. Vey nicely done. I love the cover!
    Seems that a lot of symbols are hidden in it.

    Cannot wait for this book…is there a release date for this book?

    One more question though. Is it going to be an early Christmas gift? :)

  71. Wonderful! Can’t wait for December to break the seal. Thanks so much for good, interesting, thought-provoking reads.

  72. Impatiently waiting to read this! Boy oh Boy, it is only Spring!!

  73. I love the design; it’s thought provoking. Just a thought, more of an afterthought, about that little drop of blood below the octothorpe. If it were in the shape of an asterisk * (the symbol about the number 8 on the keyboard), that would be pretty cool. Just a thought.

  74. I love the design; it’s thought provoking. Just a thought, more of an afterthought, about that little drop of blood below the octothorpe. If it were in the shape of an asterisk * (the symbol above the number 8 on the keyboard), that would be pretty cool. Just a thought.

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  76. Oh, I am beside myself with anticipation! Re-reading all the books now (on Voyager presently). It’s so nice to have all my friends back :)

  77. Dear Diana

    Just keep writing. I’ve read all your books several times and can understand just how much work goes into each tome. While I’m waiting for MOBY to be published, I have picked up Dorothy Dunnett’s book Niccolo Rising to re-read and enjoy for about the fourth time. Fortunately there are 8 books in this series so this should keep me going until the end of the year. Be warned – her books are not an easy read, but the plotting and characters are wonderful, and each reading brings out more detail in the story. Sadly Dorothy Dunnett died a few years ago, so there will be no more gems from her. The suspense and anticipation are building …..

    • Dear Norma – You did not mention Dunnett’s other series, about Francis Crawford of Lymond & Sevigny, all the titles refer to chess in some way (Game of Kings, Queen’ s Play, etc. ) I began these in the late 60′s, early 70′s as I recall. Am now rereading for about the 15th time. Until Outlander this was my favorite book series, but Jamie and Claire have pretty much caught up. If you haven’t read it, and you do like the Niccolo series, do try this one!


      • Thanks you for mentioning the Francis Lymond Series. I have read these as well – they’re my stop gap if I finish the 8 Niccolo books before MOBY publication date. There’s also King Hereafter, which is the historically accurate story of Macbeth. Nice to get some input from a fellow “good-read” fanatic.

  78. Dear Diana, The cover for MOBY is lovely. I have all ready pre-ordered it at Barnes and Noble .com, and I can’t wait to get it! Please accept my thanks that the wait is almost over, I know you worked very hard on this book, just as you did with the others, and I know number eight will be worth the wait!!! Regards, Pat Harris

  79. The cover of the new book is stunning! Fits right in with the rest of the series. Thank you for what you do Diana. Had a pretty rough week, my mum had breast cancer surgery. During her surgery I was re-reading Dragonfly in Amber for the umpteenth time to take my mind off things. It’s amazing how you can take our imagination away!
    Blessings to you Diana and all your fans!

  80. Currently planning a trip to Scotland to walk the same paths of my ancestors. The Outlander series has truly inspired my interest in discovering my roots. Thank you for awakening this desire in me (and in so many others), but mostly thank you, Dr Diana, for entertaining me for hours on end. Can’t wait for MOBY!

  81. Great Cover! I love the octothorpe. My library patrons are already asking me to put holds on MOBY for them….they don’t seem to understand the book needs to be published first to be able to do that! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  82. Haha! You think so far OUT of the box, that is why we love your books!

  83. The symbol for eight turned sideways is for eternity and is my very favorite number, which coincides with you being my most favorite author. Lovely!

  84. cool work love visiting your blog as well as this site http://www.thejetstream.com

  85. Cover – good concept. Looking forward to contents within!

  86. Diana – have you by chance seen the article in Smithsonian Magazine on the Lilliputian coffins discovered around 1836 by a group of boys at a rock formation known as Arthur’s Seat? There were 17 of these tiny coffins with miniature wooden figures all dressed in different garb. They are only around 3 inches long. When they were discovered they ended up in a collection of a local Edinburg jeweler named Robert Frazier. They are presently in the Edinburg Museum. There are several interesting explanations of what they are and why they were buried. Thought you might find it interesting. Especially since they could be from the 1780′s.

    Can’t wait for the new book!

  87. I just finished reading ALL seven (7) of the Outlander series books back to back. I can’t wait until WIMOHB comes out and I have already pre-ordered through Amazon. I know that all will be revealed and all the questions from the end of An Echo In the Bone will be answered – I have faith, although my eyes are now worse for wear! Thanks for such a great series. I find myself wandering around wanting to read more of Jamie and Claire, etc… Guess I’ll have to wait.

  88. Love the “notice to fan-fiction writers”. You go girl. You are extraordinary! I should say I am not a writer and can hardly put two words together, but I think you are the cat’s meow. I am amazed at your gift.

  89. I was just on the Goodreads site, looking at their giveaways in Historical Fiction. There’s a book there, release date is May 1st, called The Roots of Betrayal by James Forrester. The cover of the book looks very similar to MOBY.

  90. Hi Diana,
    Congratulations with your latest cover. It’s beautiful.

    I’ve also just read an article published in the Scottish Medical Journal about how wearing a kilt has a positive influence on reproductive potential;) Thought you might find it interesting if you haven’t seen it yet.These are the links; http://smj.rsmjournals.com/content/58/1/e1.abstract?sid=8dd4085a-d740-4ac5-a210-67e3d5c21b96 or http://erwinkompanje.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/smj-2013.pdf
    & wish you all a nice weekend.

  91. Hi Diana,

    Just wanted to say a big Thank you for working so hard on MOBY, keeping everyone informed as to what is happening on Facebook (which I always look forward to reading every morning), and also for letting your radiant sunshine come through with the wonderful pictures you share. All I have to do is read a little bit everynight – it doesn’t matter which book you have written – as long as I can touch base in the Outlander Series, I am good to go. There are so many strange things happening in the world today and so much technology that it is so nice to go back in time and see just how it was before all the modern conveniences came about. That seems so strange to say, although, that is what it boils down to. Thank you again for sharing such a great story.

  92. Dr. Gabaldon: Such a treat to hear the new book has a wrapper! Loving all the symbolism and the elegant wax seal with the octothorpe. I’ve gifted my very best friends with copies of Outlander to get them addicted to Jamie and Claire in the last year, so they can wait and suffer with me for the Eighth! Thank you for what you do in such an elegant way. Your audiotapes got me and my husband through 13 long medical journeys to have eye surgeries, corrections to same, and then a very risky series of fixes to a collapsed lens that ended well, Thank Jesus, but your words made those approximately 10,000 miles of anxious travel go so much more quickly and well. Your narrator/storyteller is enchanting, we enjoy her so much, and pick up so many small delicious details that we may have missed upon first reading.

    Incidentally, though a voracious reader all my life, I only heard of your books through a cyber group of Crazy Quilters International, who are exceptionally well read and started a round robin of quilt blocks on the theme of “Outlander”. There was some pretty nice Crazy Quilt Art made in your characters honor.

    Thank you for all the pleasure you bring so many. Will have my book preordered long before fall. A truly addicted reader, Amy Britt, Louisiana

  93. I love all your “Outlander” series. So glad you are writing an eithth book. There was a lot of loose end left. You are a great story teller.

  94. Diana,

    Love your “Outlander” series. Looking forward to the 8th book.
    Echo In The Bone left a lot of loose ends. Can’t wait to read it.

  95. My very close friend, Erika is a HUGE fan of your work. She is DYING of 4 brain tumors. She was very tearful to learn the next outlander book is due out in Dec 2013. She will not be here by then. My heartfelt HOPE is that you could send us the book early. She is an amazing strong women, mother, wife and friend. This small favor would mean a whole lot. I feel so sad to think that when the book hits the sheelves we will not have her. Please consider… Thanks – I’m a fan also becuase of Erika!!

    • Dear Angie–

      I’m so sorry to hear about your friend’s illness. I’m afraid it’s not a matter of my consideration, though; I’m not finished writing the book; it doesn’t exist yet. I’ll add Erika to my prayers; she’s lucky to have a caring friend like you.


  96. Love the cover. I think this one is better than your octopus was. I am chomping at the bit. I learned more about my own U.S. History than I did whenI was in High School. Probably because I was young and just wanted out of school. being half irish and half scottish, it made me understand just how much they gave for freedom, even after their slaughter and being forced to the colonies.

  97. Oh gosh! I can’t wait for this book, but am frankly a bit nervous! I started reading the Outlander series on a family vacation during Spring Break in March. I have devoured each book, unable to stop reading. My family thinks I am obsessed! Book seven, An Echo in the Bone, however, was so disappointing. I found the book too complicated, with excessive story lines to follow. I cannot begin to express my devastation that Claire and Lord John slept together. No!! Having them marry was somewhat understandable, although I think a forced point in the plot. How will Claire and Jamie ever get past that?! I’m hopeful that book eight will return to the heart of the series, and make things right for Claire and Jamie.

    • Dear MLM–

      Well, readers’ responses to a book are all different, because the readers are all different. I think you’ll enjoy WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART’S BLOOD, though.


  98. I am one of those who have anxiously awaited any information (via blog, twitter, etc.) and an avid reader of all. I have never been entranced by stalking anyone, but I suppose now that I describe it, I have been a quiet net-stalker (in a totally non-creepy way) for over a year now.

    I am incredibly excited about the new cover, the thought behind it, the symbolism, and the meaning. I have always appreciated your work due to the fact that it can never be considered shallow because of all the depth, the hidden messages, and the social and historical conundrums it reveals if your readers really take it all in.

    I appreciate your hard work! As all of your readers, I am disappointed to have to wait until DECEMBER *gasp*. I am currently pregnant and home-bound after a much-needed surgery that they couldn’t wait for until the birth of my 2nd son… and I thought, “Wow, maybe the 8th one will be out during my confinement!” Alas, it will not be, but it will not deter me from confining myself to my bed at some point during December (probably winter break, as I am a school teacher) and barring the doors until I finish this installment.

    Can’t wait for all the betrayal…



  99. Dear Diana,

    Thank you SO much for this lovely series of books. Jamie and Claire are like friends to me. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve introduced to your Outlander series! They’re hooked! It is so enjoyable to read and re-read your books. Thanks for the joy, laughter, and tears.


  100. Octopus is better. I too love them – tremendously smart creatures. Perhaps your husband doesn’t know enough about them. Elsewise how could he not love them? If all else fails get new husband. Or maybe a new time.

    Impatiently waiting for new book.


  101. I have begun to read the series for the 2nd time, as I am sure many of your followers do. I can’t wait for MOBY, and hopefully many more after. And also, I am looking forward to the Outlander series on STARZ. Thank you so much for allowing my imagination to travel with your books.

    Can’t wait for #8,


  102. I don’t care what it’s called or what the cover looks like (althought the thought that has gone into it is appreciated) I just want the book…..think I may have a tantrum like my two year old…stamps feet..

  103. Hello.
    Thanks for explaining the original cover :)
    Because I work in a German Bookstore (and couldn’t find any Information on the meaning of the Symbol on the german Version of your book) – could you please explain the German-Version-cover-Symbol as well?
    Have a nice day!

    • Dear tpasche–

      So far as I know, it’s just a meaningless symbol the German cover designer thought up. I don’t know why the German publishers almost always change the titles of my books (usually to something meaningless, if not worse), but it’s common for foreign publishers to make their own book designs, which they feel will be attractive to their own markets. Sometimes they’re right, and sometimes they’re _not_…but they’re not obliged to ask me about it.